One piece

Will Zoro be the one to take down Kaido?
Possibly with Law's or minks help.

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little pirate scum? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Marines Academy, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Revolutionaries, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in magu magu warfare and I’m the top killer in the entire World Government armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with thoroughness the likes of which has never been seen before on this watery planet, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Den Den Mushi? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the Grand Line and your Log Pose is being traced right now so you better prepare for the lava storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, rookie. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare Akuma no Mi. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Marine Headquarters and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the sea, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” call was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Even the real life actors like each other.
SanjixNami confirmed

No, stop it Zolofag.

If Zoro defeats Kaido, who will definitely be Wano's villain, who will Luffy defeat?

Zoro will fight a calamity or the Shogun

I really hope Carrot and Pedro will go to Wano as well.

Man your more delusional then I originally thought

better picture

Sanjifags are trannies?

So Oda is a Sanjifag?


>one piece
>ever breaking the "MC fights big bad"-formula

sanji is their self insert

That's Oda self insert.

Spoilers (Possibly fake)




「同じ人間…!? まさか…!」


「こいつらは、いくらでも造り出すことができるクローン 世界でも俺たちしか持ってない技術さ」

「これこそが俺達の科学力だ、サンジ!! もはやテメェの想像のはるか上を行く」



「おはようございます ヨンジ様」「おはようございます」



「いったい何のためにこれだけの兵士を作ってるんだ 戦争でもしてェのか?」

ヨンジ「何のためだと? 『ジェルマ』という国のために決まってんだろうが」

「資源も国土も資産もない 俺たちにあるのは科学力だけだ」

「手持ちのカードを最大限活用するのは当たり前だろうが 海賊なんぞに身を落としたテメェには理解できねェだろうがな」

サンジ「理解する気もねェよ 好きにやってろ」


レイジュ「まだこんな所にいたの!? そろそろ時間よ」



ヨンジ「さっさと行くぞ! 俺達の役に立てるんだ感謝しな…」


レイジュ「もうニジも城へ向かったわ 何か用事かしら?」



ヨンジ「はぁ!? 馬鹿かテメェは!」












translate it weeb







ビッグマム「知らないのか? お前の"元"船長がこの島へお前を迎えに来てるんだ…」

「もっとも 今ごろくたばってる頃だが…」














ワンピース(Onepiece) 841話 ネタバレへ続く!!

The way you can tell if it's fake or not is to read it and if it sounds like an amazing chapter, then 99%chance it's fake. If nothing happens then it's 100% real

Fuck. That means it's real.

Basically what happens is yonji explains about the clones and gives a reference to Kuma. Reiju comes to get them to bring them to the dinner. BM and the others are waiting for them. Sanji comes in while carrying the knocked out chef demanding BM to give her medical help. Sooo yeah it sounds pretty real

Great, another shit chapter.

with google translate, I got that Yonji and Sanji talk about the clones, then they go the lunch with big mom and pudding. Even Ichiji and Niji are lecherous towards Pudding. end of chapter

Something like that

>They all leech for pudding
Makes its even more believable

yeah zoro will beat kaido, luffy will beat big mom, urouge will beat blackbeard and bonney will beat akainu

One Piece ends in 4 weeks.


>bonney turns akainu into a widdle babby
>luffy king kong punches him into space

nice, hopefully powermanga will pick it up

>carrying the knocked out chef demanding BM to give her medical help
BM is going to be pissed when she finds out how Vinsmokes treat their meal.

im pretty sure big mom eats people too

Thank you user, I've been wondering if they just stop putting it in color after vol. 72

I would love to eat Reiju

No now knowing BM powers and going to reread, you can tell she was eating one of those many desserts she brings to life

still pretty sure she ate a dude by accident once

I'm really pissed that sugar never got the shit beat out of her. I wasn't expecting it since she was a child but it still angers me

Life must suck for all the edible logia users that live on Mom's islands.

>Another Vinsmoke chapter

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I'm captain of my own pirate crew, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Marine bases, and I have over 8 hundred followers. I am known as the "Wicked Devil King" and I’m the top sniper in the entire world. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will slingshot you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on the Grand Line, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Den Den Mushi? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of 8 thousand followers across the four blues and your aura is being kenbunshoku'd right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over a hundred ways, and that’s just with my old slingshot. Not only do I have 8 million followers, but I'm also allies with the Usoland Pirates, the Curlyhat Pirates, and Sogeking himself and I will use them to their full extent to wipe your miserable ass off this side of the sea, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn baka. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking sniped, kiddo.

They can get all the pussy they want on demand so either this is wanting things they can't have or Oda just loves his gags

exactly what I wanted

Year of Sanji

>they want things they can't have or oda loves this gag
Hmmm I wonder which one it could be...of course he just loves this gag as they had no reaction to the head chef who was a cutie. And as you said they have maids who will do anything and I'm sure they're not ugly. Oda probably just wants to show they all have the same attributes as brothers

Ok everyone lets all calm down. I'm sure this one is a fake and the real one will show what happened to luffy and his fight. Or show jinbe and him planning to leave

I doubt it but I wouldn't mind it.
Yeah, I wouldn't mind this either.

jinbe is the entree

Makes more sense to me that while they rescue Sanji both sides inevitably fail at taking out an Emperor. Its too soon for that. Timetable wise, the 3 and now 4 post-timeskip arcs happen one after the other back to back.

>two threads

Both Emperors will be taken down by ZEHAHAHA

at least we'll get some explanation about the clone soldiers

I don’t give a fuck who you are or where you live. You can count on me to be there to bring your fucking life to a hellish end. I’ll put you in so much fucking pain that it’ll make Inuarashi being nailed to a cross in Claw City look like a fucking back massage on Amazon Lily. I don’t give a fuck how many followers you have or how tough you are face to face, how well you can fight, or how many fucking flintlocks you own to protect yourself. I’ll fucking show up at your ship when you aren’t aboard. I’ll turn all the candles on in your house, leave all the water running, open your fridge door and not close it, and turn your gas stove burners on and let them waste gas. You’re going to start stressing the fuck out, your blood pressure will triple, even if you aren’t using Gear 2nd, and you’ll have a fucking heart attack. You’ll go to the hospital for a heart operation, and the last thing you’ll see when you’re being put under in the operating room is me hovering above you, dressed like a doctor. When you wake up after being operated on, wondering what ticking time bomb is in your chest waiting to go off. You’ll recover fully from your heart surgery. And when you walk out the front door of the hospital to go home I’ll run you over with my fucking magma punches out of no where and kill you. I just want you to know how easily I could fucking destroy your pathetic excuse of a life, but how I’d rather go to a great fuckng length to make sure your last remaining days are spent in a living, breathing fucking hell. It’s too late to save yourself, but don’t bother committing suicide either… I’ll fucking resuscitate you and kill you again myself you bitch-faced phaggot. Welcome to the 6th level of Impel Down, population: you

Zorofag please go. Damn they are starting to infest Cred Forums as well.

ussop will take kaido down using a special tobasco star

meh them swooping in and stealing devil fruit would legit make me drop One Piece again

Kaido is Zoros father.
See in your heart you know it's true.

what made you drop it first

Reminder the strawhats are dirty faggots except for Sanji,Nami and Robin.

Sanji would make a passable girl.

>counting Monet thread as a real one piece thread

yes, she's called Reiju but she's a bitch

>Chopper prefers men

A Monetfag OP and a Zorofag OP. Truly the dark times. Chapter can't come soon enough.

How is she a bitch? She did nothing wrong.

>She's a bitch
Shitty headcanon there faggot.
You do know she will help Sanji right? Kill yourself

Why is Nami looking at Sanji like that?

Because she will kiss him on the lips this arc.

How bad Fishman was. Very slow and the whole motivation behind everything was awful. Dropped it until a month ago, so I dropped it for several years

>dat brook
goddamn does it look amazing, overall one of the best colored covers Oda has made

Eugh these leaks. The only reasonable idea is Law dying to save Luffy. All the rest seems a bit out there. Unless the collapse of the Celestial Dragons is tied to Blackbeards final move I doubt we'll have a big marineford arc it we have celestials and BB to get through

I would too, even if her pussy juices are poisonous

>Couldn't even injure some underage rabbit mink slut
>Defeating a Yonko

Zoro, Sanji, And luffy are all Hacks and i'm glad they're being rekt in the new world. Fucking glib fucks.

>Pirates being dirty
wow, what a shocker

>and I have over 300 confirmed kills
More like 300, 000 desu.

M8 you know it's going to happen. it fits the theme of OP as well.

No joke that's dirty

Sanji,Nami and Robin are also pirates.
But I guess Sanji is understandable since he is a PRINCE and the rest are low class pirates.

Emperors are too big of a jump. Their top commanders sure.

I can see Luffy beating Cracker but not much else. He is going to awaken his Devil Fruit this arc but need to retreat

>s-she isn't a bitch
Sure she isn't. Next time I need someone to put some explosive cuffs on someone I'll call her

That's miss Sunday 2.0 faggot. Do you even read the series?
She will help Sanji and you will cry like a little bitch

When was her age confirmed?

Sure she is yonjifag. And what does her helping them have anything to do with her being a bitch?

You sound jealous. Are you a jealous landwhale mad Reiju is best girl of this arc?

>are you mad that reiju is the best girl this arc
1)Why would I be mad? Definitely when we have better females like praline, carrot, and pudding. All reiju has done is smile, say some compliments and put sanji in a even worst situation. As far as I see she's just another vinsmokes with a bit more class equal to sanji and doesn't have Oda signature "you're royal so you must obviously think you're better then everyone who isn't"
2) and stop changing the topic. you have yet to answer how does her helping sanji out still not make her a bitch?

Stopped reading there. Shit taste confirmed.

>I-I won't answer you
Yeah my point proven


This is true, or if it says break next week it's probably real

HA amateurs i have gone 3 months without taking a bath (right now i dont remember when it was the last time i have taken a shower)

>Taking baths

Fucking normalfags, I bet you don't even have a shit bucket.

>not using poopsocks

I believe you.

>Nami takes down Kaido.
>Entire rest of bishonenkai quits out of shame
>World Government collapses
>Strawhats get handed all the pony-glyphs
>get told: "j-just leave us alone, you bullies!"
>Luffy is defeated through the power of capitulating and refusing to give him anything to fight against
>with no more challenges in his path for him to overcome, he never achieves his dream of becoming the prius king
>nami and sanji get married and their children become the pirate king through their parents connections

>People actually like more the Viz translation to the Mangastream one

>mfw patiently waiting for Bonney to join

>SANAfag delusions at full power
The autism from this fanfic is off the charts

Friendly reminder that cedar the pharmacist will will join by the end of this arc

Not gonna happen.

there is room for both

>not happening
>BB has ten fleet captains and kuzan as a ally
I'm sure there's enough room


Stop posting someone else's meme. You are ruin it.

>Not being a SANAFAG after knowing it will be canon soon
Are you retarded faggot?

Why would Kaido be on Wano? He's probably looking for Jack/Zou right now. The Wano arc won't end with Kaidou. Luffy's struggling with Cracker; Zoro and Sanji wouldn't stand a chance.

Next chapter is 840, not 841.

Hina is bae and her bondage potential is high. Forget lassos, she can cage me any day.

Is funny because you are not joking.

Pretty accurate

>it will be canon
Wow there you're delusions are running wild again. Are you off your meds again SANAfag


>personal hygiene

lol i hope you brush your teeth at least degenerate

That's really accurate for Luffyfags.


She got revenge for her beloved Sanji-kun that arc and she will do the same this arc.

NO. IMPOSSIBLE. Luffy is the protagonist and the one who will take down every great boss.

Will Oda ever bring Enel back or will he forever explore space? I could honestly see him being disappointed and coming back all depressed.

Zoro taking Kaidou down would be a great establishment of him being second-in-command. But it's not likely.

Why is long-haired Nami so much better than short-haired Nami?

Because now she wears what her beloved Sanji-kun loves.

reminder that this will be canon soon

As long as I get Jinbe, I don't care who else tags along.

jinbro is a guarantee, don't fall for the dying meme

Not once have I fell for it. Oda more or less confirmed he'll be okay.

I'm pretty sure he got the mark on the spinner that had a picture of crown removal, which I assume means loss of status via slander, like what appeared in the newspaper saying he pussed out
am I right?

>Rebecca will never join
Why even live...

Or maybe it's because he is the fucking chef who would obviously be at least washing his hands all the time.

Is Bonney thicc?

big mom is though ;)

What kind of logic is this?
You do know you suppose to take a shower everyday right?
The point is that Sanji is clean. He doesn't have to wash his hands just like the others faggots doesn't have to take a shower. They make the decision to be clean or dirty.

Don't remind me, she had a lot of potential.

That could be true. I also think he won the roulette and was slandered to cover the fact that he didn't lose anything.

user but the profession that he is in demands cleanliness if you're going to be a great chef. Plus he's seeking bitches love which he won't get being dirty. Him being a prince has nothing to do with it as he doesn't even want to be associated with them

Is the chapter release still set for Wednesday this week, or was that a rumor?

Have we already discussed the "Sanji and siblings may be clones" thing or what?

>Year of Sanji
>Only half the half-year is Sanji
>"Why aren't we getting more Sanji!"
>Now we are getting more Sanji that has ever been gotten in over a decade

They won't be though.

I would add that the "fake spoiler" says that luffy deactivates gear 4th out of exhaustion and is surrounded by biscuit soldiers and pedro and brook succeed in infiltrating, but tamago finds them or knows where they are going or something like that. This spoiler is getting more and more likely, typically there are a lot of stupid and incredible things in fake spoilers.

we want sanji and the wedding. Not him losing and all vimsmoke

I hope it's real so we can laugh more at the butt blasted Luffyfags

No this will be.

user that's not what the spoilers earlier said. It's a all vinsmoke, nothing happens chapter. Sanji doesn't even attack niji but gives him death stares instead

What's your take on this?

Saudi prince loves One Piece.

>believing regularly scheduled fake spoiler

So you just want to know if you will be BTFO?
Well I'm telling you right now that the wedding will not happen.
There, stop complaining now

Sanji's not gonna rejoin the crew

Those were fake. If they changed them is because they were fake dumbass.

I'm not believing it, I'm saying that it is believable. For example, before Jack official entrance, the fake spoilers from the same site said that in reality Jack was Axehand Morgan, and after some time they changed it to Don Krieg.

>(probably fake) spoilers say Yonji goes heart eyes for pudding

>the wedding won't happen
>water Is wet
Of course the wedding isn't happening. But the wedding is were all the real action will happen. So calm down SANAfag.

So they posted a new spoiler.

Please don't have Jimbei join the crew, anyone but him, he's so boring. He's all about honor and being an adult, it's like having my dad on the crew

they don't sound belieavable at all
>already skipping to the lunch when they just had breakfast
>sanji bringing cosette to big mom's castle despite doctors arriving to her last chapter
>niji and ichiji going heart eyes over pudding

It is the same spoiler, I forgot to post the part about Luffy and Pedro because it was a single line.

>Niji and Ichiji
That's not what it says you dumb fuck. Learn to read moonspeak.
It says only Yonji goes heart eyes for pudding.

calm down user

it seems like they've changed it. look the version posted here

Oh I see my bad. Ichiji and Niji going hearts doesn't sound believable at all.
Yonji going hearts eyes does though.
They are most likely fake but I do think Yonji will go heart eyes for pudding when he sees her.

Shes totally the person who smacked the head chef up, bitches are evil

>niji and ichiji goes heart eyes over Pudding
I honestly don't see how this sounds fake

Why are you arguing over spoilers that you don't know are real?

Because they doesn't sound like retards. Those 2 obviously down in pussy plus the 10 maids they have.
Niji literally was going to beat and beat the fuck out of that maid.
That's why they sounds fake.

Yonji in the other hand is different since we saw him react to Nami.

The last part that wasn't added, confirms they're fake

I would point out that last week's "fake spoilers" ended up being real. The early spoilers aren't always fake. Might as well discuss them.

Chapter was supposed to be early. Those are most likely fake but something like that will happen.

no they didn't. onepiece-naruto posted fakes first like they always do.

if the spoilers don't get posted to forums by sandman etc. you can bet they're fake as fuck.

>Chapter was supposed to be early.
you got rused.

Sandman translate them though. Onepiece-naruto gets them before sandman. They post them and then sandman translates them. After confirming they are real from 2ch

The faggot said the text were delayed but the chapter was still coming early. Who knows.
If we are getting the chapter early and if those are not the real spoilers then the real ones will come out in a few hours. It's morning in japan.

Jinbe is NOT joining

>boring as fuck fighting style (zoro already does the projectile attack, sanji already does martial arts and can even swim really well now with blue walk, only other gimmick is seawater to negate DF which is really boring/unfun way to win fights)
>no haki and his only potential noncombat uses are "can swim well" which sanji can do and "Is pretty good at steering ships" which is such a non issue in one piece
>only contributions to group chemistry/dynamic are "the straight man" which is already taken by zoro, sanji, ussop, robin and "older and wiser" which is already taken by robin, franky and brook. While the rest of these characters have other potential roles based on the scene jinbe only has these two
>Has been a character for nearly a decade and yet still hasn't joined, instead of "wow cool a new strawhat" it would just be "oh, finally" which is not the kind of feeling you want
>Is tripping in deathflags

Oda might be a bit of a hackfraud post time skip but one thing he still really gets is character dynamics and group chemistry, jinbe completely falls to have any kind of niche the way all the strawhats do

Just because he was about to hit a maid doesn't mean anything. Yonji was about to fight the whole crew girls included for the antidote to luffy. Yonji clearly didn't care about the maid getting her ass whoop and even said she deserved. That reaction doesn't show how they will treat girls that just mean they lust for them. Oda could make them have a reaction just the same

2ch is the original source if they're from a legit leaker then sandman translates and posts them.

onepiece-naruto copypastes fake shit from 2ch before the real spoilers are out, they've done it for all the chapters in recent memory.

But last week the first one was real

Going crazy about girls means you have to whiteknight them.
You are thinking about Sanji not Yonji.
Again. Believe what you want, we will get our answer soon and one of us will be wrong. I'm pretty sure Yonji is the only one that goes crazy like Sanji does.

Are we on break again this week

no they weren't

The first one I remember last week was the one that ended up being the chapter. Everyone joked they had to be real because nothing happened besides Vinsmoke shit. Then the next day, more elaborate spoilers came out confirming them.



I'm gonna' be honest with you: I couldn't tell what the fuck that was supposed to mean last week and still can't now. All I see is, "Vinsmoke drama."

temporary is ichiji

They look like they are capable of keeping their composure around girls, unlike those clowns of their brothers

go away dad I wanna be a COOL pirate

if one piece a better series like hxh then yes zoro would actually fight kaido, but no it's of course going to be luffy. Oda never strays from this formula, how have you not realized this after all this time?


>better series

I agree that I'm not really excited about jinbe possibly joining, it really does seem like your dad joining like said

Only reiju and ichiji seem mature. Niji reactions for the last two chapters showed me Hess just as immature and wouldn't be able to keep his composure

>Going crazy about girls means you have to whiteknight them

dont compare hxh to one piece, they are completely different,
the formula works, also
>Kamina a best
who would win, killua or luffy?
>nen acts like haki
>no weakness cheap shots
>killua has unlimited supply of electricity to recharge on whenever he needs it

That was my point

haitus x haitus is genuinely one of the worst shounen ever made

>gay shotas doing gay things in the naruto chunin exam but without the somewhat interesting setting (yes I'm aware HxH did it first) where the MC's win for bullshit reasons like "I don't feel like killing you MC" over and over
>2 billion chapters later it becomes generic brooding angstfest just like naruto but again without the potentially interesting setting that gets ruined
>plot that never goes anywhere and will never end because lol haitus, full of some of the stupidest shit in the entire genre like gon-san or rubben nen revive

togash had a stroke sometime after dark tournament in YYH and his broke brain forgot how to make shounen thats compelling

keep trolling out of Cred Forums

the "I don't feel like killing you MC" happened so many times in one piece

>complaining about rubber nen revive
>enel used electricity to revive himself which is literally impossible

Enel has an elemental logia body, no point pretending he's human

Just checking in. Is the fandom still as retarded as it was a few months ago?

that doesn't matter, the point is that he died/his heart stopped and somehow used magic electricity to revive himself. Hisoka's revival actually makes more sense since his rubber gum pumped his heart which is the actual way to get the blood flowing, electricity only regulates the pumps.

Kaidou is obviously going to be taken down by a team effort. Here's roughly how the rest of the major fights will play out:

>Kaidou, the strongest living character, will be beaten by a team effort involving Luffy, Marco, some of the Supernovas, and maybe another character(s) we haven't met yet

>Akainu, who is weaker than Kaidou but still plenty strong, will fight Luffy 1-on-1, and be an overall more challenging opponent since Luffy is fighting alone.

>End of series Blackbeard will have gained enough power to make him at least as strong as Kaidou was, and be Luffy's ultimate challenge.

Luffy would destroy every non Meruem being in HxH m8.

Also the formula worked for a bit, but it's been tired for a long time now. It really makes it seem like the world only revolves around Luffy, another contemporary of his (not even necessarily zoro) should take down a yonkou. But yes Luffy always beating the main villain, and zoro beating the second, sanji 3rd has been tired for a long time now.

do you have any evidence or reason to believe the kaidou fight will play out like that?

i love that formula, it works great in a world where it works, i love that hes the center of everything too, its fit for a pirate king,

this manga is aimed at babies, it's not going to stray from the formula because it'll confuse them. OP is similar to Dragon Ball Super in that it's always the MC who fights the arc main villain.

I probably got the allies wrong, but the general idea of Oars 2.0 is how it'll end up.

Kaidou has been clearly stated in story to be the strongest character in a 1-on-1 fight. If Luffy beat him on his own that would make every future either tension-less, or dumb ("why is he struggling against an admiral?")

I remember when Luffy fought Blackbeard at Marineford too.

It's worse.

Blackbeard will take out Shanks and Dragon; Luffy will take out Akainu, Big Mom and Kaidou. Then they'll fight for Pirate King status.

I agree with the general gist of this and that BB is definitely going to be the final villain, but I could see Sabo or whoever else beating Akainu actually? Also do you really think Kaidou is the undisputed strongest character, stronger than Shanks, Mihawk, Akainu (he beat another admiral and is fleet admiral), and Dragon?

>you got rused.
The guy who posted the spoilers is a verified source who's given us correct info every time before this, if the chapter's not here by tomorrow morning he wasn't rusing but something happened with it getting to the stores.

the entire redhaired pirates will fall, as will Mihawk (to Shiryu).

>I remember when Luffy fought Blackbeard at Marineford too.
don't worry, kid. Luffy is going to finish the job.

It's almost as if Luffy is the strongest SH and the future PK in the making. Weird.

I love this

I don't I'm will to bet it will be the WG. Once luffy is about to get to the OP then I think that's when BB is going to fight. The WG will have to be changed and that's when the biggest war of the world will break out. I can't see luffy vs BB being bigger then the SH vs the government

yeah remember when he had to fight kuma at the end of thriller bark and then kizaru in sabaody
so fucking formulaic, ugh
don't forget magellan too and akainu in marine ford
why is oda so unoriginal?

Kaidou definitely is the defensively strongest character in the series, but I doubt he has the strongest offense

>but I could see Sabo or whoever else beating Akainu actually
At most we'll get a tag team similar to Luffy and Law vs. Doflamingo.

>Also do you really think Kaidou is the undisputed strongest character
Can't see any other way to interpret pic. Unless the narrator it lying.

I know. It would be bad writing if he didn't.

why would you put Mihawk in the same tier as those others?
he's a fucking shichibukai

cuz you have shit taste. thats her best outfit post timeskip, but pre timsekip Nami is way better looking.

that pic tho

Is Buggy shown yet?

are you a speedreader or just a retard? mihawk is legitimately almost yonko tier

We saw him in the post-dressrosa pre-zou chapters.

>he's a fucking shichibukai
warlords have different powerlevel you idiot.

No he is not. You are delusional

lol no, he's a fucking shichibukai, he can't lie a finger on admirals and yonkous

if he was as strong as those others he wouldn't settle for such a lowly position

Theory: Kaidou has a tardigrade zoan.

It explains why he's unkillable, why he can't drown, and it fits that the king of all beasts would have a zoan

plus, you know, it's fucking hilarious that his animal would be microscopic

he's had duels with shanks pre dismemberment you fucking retard
do you think that they wouldn't fight seriously in a duel just because they are friends or something?

I don't know why people disagree with you, he was on par with Shanks and I don't see why he would suddenly be weaker than him present day.

of course, why would they go all out in a friendly duel?

because that's what REAL men do

>people don't get stronger
Shanks got stronger than Mihawk faggot. Why do you think Mihawk pussied out when Shanks asked him if he was there to fight?

saying he's on par with Shanks ecause of some friendly clashes is like saying Sanji is on par with Zoro because of their occasional skirmishes

why wouldn't they? it's not like they can't fucking take it

Shanks is beneath him

That's a shit comparison.
More like Luffy fighting smoker.
Smoker is way weaker than Luffy

it said way back that they had epic duels, sanji and zoro haven't had anything close to a duel

if they went all out the loser would definitely die

sanji is on par with zoro though, zorofag

literally no

have you been watching this series at all you fucking faggots?
zoro preferred getting slashed in his chest because of honor, do you seriously think that two of the most powerful people in the one piece world would like to be seen as pussies not using their full power?

>Jobhawkfags are being delusional again

Luffy and Smoker are enemies, Shanks and Mihawk are friends. Definitely not a good comparison

>most powerful men
Jesus you are retarded. You do know they fought when they were on their 20s right?
They are both over 40 now.
They both got stronger but Shanks got stronger than Mihawk

What a shit argument. It's been clear since the first chapter that Shanks doesn't care about people's opinion

he has never lost a fight, learn what jobber means, 3D posting fag

Kaidou is a Dragon zoan, specifically an Orochi (mythical eight headed dragon)

>Wano characters hate dragons
>Japanese monster is appropriate for a Japanese island
>Kaidou's flag has a 八 (eight) on it
>Orochi was slain after all of it's heads became drunk. Kaidou is a drinker.

yeah, sure thing buddy. Mihawk knows shanks is weak as fuck with only one arm. shanks realizes this and acts all tough since he knows Mihawk would find no honour in defeating a one armed man, and thus would never actually agree to fight him.

shanks is the real pussy.

I have the right to call him a jobber when his ONLY purpose in the series is to job to Zolo.
There's nothing you can say or do that can change him jobbing to Zoro.
Unless he jobs to shilliew first

Again, learn what fucking jobber means, mr.newfag. holy fucking shit

why isn't Shanks known as the strongest swordsman then

Meanwhile, in the world of One Piece, Shanks is a motherfucking Yonkou while Mihawk is just a government's dog, a mere Shichibukai, on par with fucking Buggy

my sides

Oda you the guy that gives out the power levels to his characters?
You know what he said?
He said Shanks didn't lose any of his power by losing an arm.
So Mihawk pussied out.

I can think of a lot more evidence off the top of my head but the biggest question is "was the yamata no orochi indestructible"

if not, it fails to explain what weve seen

don't make fun of buggy senchou you worthless piece of shit

He is more than that, he is one of the four strongest pirates

>He thinks Shanks only fights with his sword
This is not bleach. There's more super powers here. Only because he uses a sword doesn't mean he is a swordsman.
Kizaru also used a sword. Does that make him a swordsman?

yet he still isn't known as the strongest swordsman


he's probably stronger than every yonkou that isn't shanks (definitely stronger than BB at this point in time at least, though BB will obviously be the strongest yonkou endgame).

As for retards who ask why would Mihawk settle for a warlord position if he's so strong, it's about as dumb as dismissing Whitebeard (who's clearly stated to be equal to Roger) for not wanting to be the pirate king even if he was the most qualified pirate after Roger's death. He doesn't care about forming crews, he likes to do things alone. Not even getting into the fact that there are vast disparities in power between someone like Crocodile and Doflamingo even.

No he didn't. That's a meme that has been parroted by Shanksfags for years and has absolutely zero sources to back it up .

Is in the SBS you fucking retard.

Means shit, Mihawk may be better with the sword but Shanks is stronger overall. You do realize that swordsmanship isn't the only way of fighting in OP, right?

so then what other power does shanks fight with, Oda?


what is he going to do? send a CoC breeze at him?

lol at this whole post

No pirate in the world is on par with the Yonkos, let alone stronger

>want your grandson to be a marine
>have him live with bandits and the son of the pirate king

No it isn't. You fell for the meme. It has zero sources to back it up.


Kaidou's power is not going to be indestructibility, otherwise he will never be truly beaten. He's merely "the strongest."

then what makes shanks stronger "overall"? Do tell, retard.

>I'll act like a retard so he can spoonfeed xDDD

We don't know yet, it could be Haki, a DF, or just physical strenght + fighting skill. Hope we'll find out soon

>defending your argument
ironically, that's the response every time since there's no actual SBS with that statement.

but by all means keep making a fool of yourself.

Haki. Simple as that. Zoro proved in dressrosa that "I beat you Cuz my haki is stronger xd"
Blame Oda not me Jobhawkfags

Search it in Google and post screenshot.
If you don't find it I'll post it.

I totally agree, friend. It's rare I say that to anyone in these threads.

reminder mihawk fought rayleigh for the title of strongest swordsman and won

>Will Zoro be the one to take down Kaido?
Usually Oda arrange it as captain vs captain.

Zoro will deal with the super swordsman of Wano, and I doubt that's Kaido.

Shanks was the greatest swordsman until he lost an arm. That will be proven as fact eventually.

not complete indestructibility. he'd have same weakness, but from what we've seen he's almost completely immortal. He can'd be hung, he can't be drowned, he can't be beheaded, and he survived jumping off a sky island

honestly, it might not be a devil fruit since seastone or the ocean would negate said powers

Idk, I always took "creature" to mean non human living thing (whatever kaidou is). Do you think his title holds more weight than WB's if the latter was still alive? It's a nice title but I always found it more in line with something like Dragon's most dangerous man alive title. It isn't as straightforward as it implies.

Shanks is most likely the strongest yonkou (you know cause narrative reasons), BB is the weakest atm but will obv end up being the strongest endgame. Kaidou seems the most impressive at the moment, but he's going to be defeated long before Shanks kicks the bucket.

And like I said yonkou is more than just pure powerlevel, you need a strong crew and certain charisma which Mihawk doesn't care for and lacks. The fact that his bounty hasn't been revealed is obviously hyping him up a lot.

Yup, and I was right. It's all the same shit, the same meme being parroted yet no one has ever provided an actual source.

I'll be waiting for this SBS since you evidently have it. :)

So who the fuck is going to be the 10th?

Oda needs to stop draw this shit out any longer than this arc.

Zoro will fight that Shogun that is working with Kidou.

What color were they?


The colour of hara hara hara~


Shanks will absolutely not have a Devil Fruit. And haki isn't a fighting style, it's a supplement to your fighting style.

Post screenshot.

on a scale from 1 to 10
how credible is that spoiler forum post
i haven't read it because there's always that one autistic guy that writes fanfiction but everyone seems to like this one

>D: If Zoro and Sanji had a big fight, who would emerge victorious? Zoro beat Mr. 1, so I guess... Zoro would be the winner, right...?

>O: Whoa! You scared me... for a second it looked like "If Zoro and Sanji had a dick fight" (in Japanese, at least). Hey man, learn to punctuate better or something. You know what I mean. ...okay, see you next time!


I'm still mad that she didn't end up going back to Moriah

She could have been the tenth

Jinebi unless Big Mom kills him, in which case it will be Carrot.

Actually, was it ever explained how carrot could float in the air?

i want to fuck her

I want Carrot to join over Jinbe

she's a fucking rabbit

It seems really unlikely that Kaidou is on Wano. They'll probably defeat the Shogun, and then get news that Zunisha has been killed and no one knows what's happened to the Minks, but Kaidou will flaunt that he has Momonosuke.

Then they'll fight Kaidou's crew, with Luffy and the New Monster Trio against Kaidou and the 3 Disasters; or maybe there'll be another, smaller arc in the middle of the chaos before the inevitable fight.

People thinking Luffy's about to bop Big Mom and then go to Wano and bop Kaidou are delusional. A Yonkou isn't going down for a few more arcs.

that explains jumping, but she hovered

Post two year arc or pre?

that's just a shitty anime/manga tier thing that happens a lot and you assume it only happened so she could finish her sentence while in the air

advanced geppo

I liked both but for me the new one is much better

Jinbe and Carrot look like the best bets at the moment, but all Oda has to do is introduce a bunny ears lawyer on Wano and everyone will change their minds. They both fit pretty well, though, but not perfectly.

Oda doesn't want to be upfront about the obvious combat hierarchies, because then it makes the series look stiff and predictable. He's never going to come out and say, "Luffy is stronger than Zoro, who's stronger than Sanji, who's stronger than their next crew mate, etc."

nah she hovered when fighting against zoro

>thighhighs instead of tights

Even if you took out their crew, I'm pretty sure that any Yonkou > any other pirate
BB and Shanks don't even seem to have such overwhelmingly powerful crews like Kaido and BM do, so I would be careful with that argument
Kaido in particular was presented as the strongest living being in a 1vs1, therefore saying that someone (be it Shanks, Mihawk, or whoever) is stronger than him doesn't seem true, does it?

Anybody have a picture of that one black lady in heart of gold?

You don't seem to understand what he's talking about. Carrot dove straight at Zoro and then, mid-air, somersaulted above his attack and over his head, and Oda even added Zoro's reaction and a FLOAT sound effect. She later has it appear around her when she lands safely on the alligator.

No, not anime hovering. Zoro point out that she literally hovered in battle. it wasn't a gag either

you haven't seen bunnies hover before???? lmao go outside for once in your life

It's kinda obvious Zoro has slightly higher theoretical stats, if you will.

But in an actual fight, Oda wants it to end up as the Giants in Little Garden, that shit is never going to settle.

>He will never show
Except he does show they are equal.
He proved it on Zou when Oda made Nami make fun of Zoro telling him "Sure you are" when Zoro said he was stronger than Sanji

I am not the user you think I am


also their EL opponents, jabra and kaku, were deliberately set up as about equal

of what? it's all plebbit and forumshit saying the exact same thing you're saying with no source.

you evidently don't have it, but I already knew that since it doesn't exist exist.

Sorry croc

They're on the same tier, but Zoro's stronger. None of the Straw Hats are perfectly equal, but they all share tiers.

Luffy is breaking away from Zoro, and their next strong crew mater (I guess Jinbe) will be the 4th strongest in the crew, forming a new Monster Trio with Zoro and Sanji. This mirrors the Marines and the Yonkou.

what a shitty drawing

That too. And the fact that Mr 2 is a 1 man team, while the Mr 1 team was a pair.

Mr. 2 is a lot closer to Mr. 1's strength than one thinks.

lucky 7 check'd

Its the only one i have that has her leggings like that

the anatomy is super fucked up in almost all of these drawings

Any crew who has an elite fishman on the team will have awesome advantages in naval fights.

I want it to be a funky sort of Logia, but Jinbei will be cool too.

BB and Shanks crew mirror the strawhats (and roger's) they're not numerous in number but they make up for it in sheer quality of members. Luffy endgame is going to have a yonkou level first mate, and Sanji will probably be admiral level at least.

As for Shanks vs Kaidou, it's tough. I just feel narratively Shanks has the most hype (the whole mentor to protagonist, and carrying Roger's will), but yeah it seems like Oda is trying to flat out say that Kaidou is dangerous and really hype him up.

roger had a full ship


>I want a funky logia type
Cedar the pharmacist is here

user that was just Nami being a protective girlfriend...
Of course she thinks her man is stronger than Zoro.

u mad miss fatty?


Delete this

I bet you both Sabo and Ace had childhood crush on Makino.

The question is, did Luffy....? probably not.

>I want it to be a funky sort of Logia

Cesar is the most unlikely. Lol

The Logia isn't particularly super special, but it's actually has high versatility from what we've seen so far. He is using it well for science too.

And Caesar is a huge fucking coward which will benefit Oda a lot when he needs excuses to write off fights with Caesar.


most logias are basically just "shoot element" or "augment attack with element" but caesar's is really versatile. oda could keep coming up with unique uses for it.

the only crush he'd have is on her cooking

>goes into spooky skelly gas form
>enters somebody's lungs

is there a character that could even beat Master Caesar "Cuck" Clown?

tl;dr I don't like Jinbe, so he can't join.

>he wants his dad hanging with his super cool friends on his excellent pirate ship

Here's your (You), without giving you one.

no japanese man has that good a jawline, has to be photoshopped


luffy didn't really fight anyone there he just watched some jobber die

holy shit manga is ridiculously cheap in chinkland.

Physical copies are cheaper. ¥400 per tank for OP, these days. And that's a price hike compared to earlier volumes.

If any login type do that it's almost instant kill

The world government is a fucking rotten corpse to the core.

Pretty much all the the top, including the Fleet admiral, the Admirals, the Vice-admirals, they all turn the blind eye to shady businesses, kidnappings and slavery and indirectly support all of that shit.

It's a fucking useless organisation.


Werent we getting spoilers a day early this week too? This time last week they were out.

They are real. They are out.

Can fuck right back off to Cred Forums.


Real spoilers are out..
Sanji is the only real human. His brothers are not.

ヨンジ「サンジ 人間は…”作れるんだ”!!」



「海外の無法な研究チームに所属し かのDrペガパングとともに兵器の研究をしていた」

「その時ペガパングが成した偉業こそ 生物の『血統因子』の発見…!!」

「こいつは一歩間違うと神の領域に達する いわば『生命の設計図』の発見だった」

「『世界政府』はこれを危険視してペガパングを逮捕…!! 研究チームは解散…!! いや…政府に買収された」

「──だが父は政府の手から逃れ 一人この『ジェルマ』で研究を続けた」



「こいつらは全員…!! たった数名の優れた兵士たちの”コピー”!! “複製(クローン)兵”だ…!!」






ニジ「お前が海賊をやってると聞いて あの出来損ないも少しはマシに成長したかと思ったが」






>Still stuck with Shitsmoke crap



nothing happens nothing happens
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ワンピース(Onepiece) 841話 ネタバレへ続く!!
100% real

So a flashback.
Well at least the "Sanji is a clone fags got BTFO

These Vinsmoke chapters will make this arc FI/middle part Dressrosa tiers of shit

I don't care about Sanji or his boring ass family, why Oda would think cutting away from and skipping a day past Luffy vs Cracker is a good idea i'll never understand but he's lost it as a writer.

U mad Luffyfag?

Now we just need the yonjifag(aka SANAfag) and the "sanji will die"fag to be BTFO.

U a faggot Sanjifag?

yeah u a faggot for liking Sanji and these shitty chapters

Why did you post spoiler of the next 5 weeks?

Is better than liking a manlet spic

Luffy and Boa is pretty much OTP at this point. Even the minor characters knows of this fact.

What is it with you and shipping?

Chapter title is "Iron Mask".

Judge and Vegapunk used to be illegal researchers. Vegapunk got arrested since he found blueprint of life (DNA?).

Judge managed to run away and continued researching.

Ichiji and Niji appear. Sanji kicks Niji in his face, but Niji says. "Stealth" , appears from behind and beats Sanji wit electric attack.

Ichiji says he is going to confirm their hierarchy and calls Sanji clunker.

Flashback starts. Judge says that now that he gave his sons talent they should traom hard.

Judge is worried why only Sanji is weak. According to doctor, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji developed their exoskeletons greatly, but Sanji is just a human. Judge is disappointed.

Judge tells Germa66 soldiers that Sanji suffered a shipwreck.
Sanji gets imprisoned with iron mask. He can't even eat and asks for help.

Judge says that Sanji is not supposed to be born.
Sanji sheds tears and apologizes again and again to Judge.

Fake. Sanji would not apologize to judge.

>Sanji is weak
Yeah this is a Sanji power boost arc for sure.

That's in the flashback when he was little.

Oh shit I'm a dumbass. Then it makes sense.

>Well at least the "Sanji is a clone fags got BTFO
If I understand Sandman correctly then they were all supposed to be made in Judge's image but Sanji was just shitty.

But Sandman posts shitty translations sometimes. I think he originally called Capone's baby his little brother.

This is some nurutu Backstory. This hack will shit on Sanji for the next 20 chapters just to make him more powerful.

Nope, they are not clones. They got enhancements. Sanji is just a regular human as the doctor said.

So do the brothers not have a momji at all or were they just modified after birth?

What about Reiju nee-chan?



Oh, so they received an operation then?

They can't possibly be Dadji clones because they don't have ballchins.

>This faggot added some new stuff
Dadji is on the level of vegapunk. Well there goes that. No wonder big mom wants his technology

Germa has been a "country of science" traditionally.
Judge and Vegapunk used to be illegal researchers. Vegapunk got arrested since he found blueprint of life (DNA?).

Judge managed to run away and continued researching.

Germa soldiers are programmed not to betray their boss and don't fear death.

Ichiji and Niji appear. Niji expected Sanji a bit when he heard that Sanji is pirate, but now he is disappointed.

Sanji yells, "How dare you hurt Cosette-chan!!"

Sanji kicks Niji in his face, but his kick doesn't hurt him at all. Niji says. "Stealth" , appears from behind and beats Sanji wit electric attack.
Ichiji says he is going to confirm their hierarchy and calls Sanji clunker.

Nvm, this faggot doesn't know how to translate.
Now he is saying the world government bought the science team and judge ran away.

>Sanji and his brothers all are not nature human but made by his father in the laboratory
>However,Sanji is a failed one who still contains humanity!

>All soldiers in Germa 66 are clone human!

>Sanji and his brothers are unique who contains the "lineage gene“!

Looks like they're all clones but they had special ingredients mixed in.

At first people complain that there wasn't enough Sanji in the Year of Sanji

Now people complain that there is too much Sanji in the Year of Sanji.

>there are only Sanji fans here
Are you dumb? The people that complained when there was not Sanji were the Sanji fans. The pope complaining now are the other fags.
Is not rocket science

I think it says they are real humans. But their dad gave them enhancements. But Sanji's failed.


The arc flashback already? bring on Vegapunk

I want to cum inside the bunny

Please, Iva. Please.

>The 4 brothers are beings that Judge created

I'm not sure if this is a literal copypaste of what's said in the chapter or if someone is summarizing awkwardly. I wish Aohige was still doing the translations instead of being a bitch about it.

They are 5 though.


>Sanji loves ladies so much because he never had a momji at all

There aren't 5 brothers, there are 5 siblings.

>Sanji's brothers don't care about Sanji at all, but only Reiju seems to be worried about him.


But the chapter's script exclusively mentions the 4 brothers.

Perhaps Reiju is au naturel.

You're setting yourself up to be hurt, user.

Reiju is bad fags BLOWN THE FUCK OUT

>The first step is denial.
Pic related is you.

But Monet joined already

I just want to protect you. I love you.

Sanji is going to die and Cosette is going to replace him. Discuss.

Just admit you got BTFO and I won't bother you.
>R-Reiju is bad g-guise

No doubt Niggerstream's "translation" won't make the clones vs. modified after birth debate any easier

Net gain

I'm going to bed. If sandman is not a lying faggot then threads will be good tomorrow

This is by far the worst general on Cred Forums

I will not.


>gets BTFO
>I-Im not wrong
So you are a little girl

I want to touch Carrot's fluffy tail

CARROT IS FOR __________

>its a Sanji gets BTFO Chapter


me to

I don't mind. This whole arc/flashback about Sanji being weak can only mean he will get a power boost this arc. Maybe the enhancement his dad gave him will kick in now.




Biorobo please don't do this.

>sanji jobs again
Jobji does it again huh?fuck oda, it's like he wants us not to like sanji. I'll willing to beat sanji goes down on the next popularity poll

Is Carrot an Hime?



Why sanjifags ate so insecure?

>Why is Oda hyping up the Vinsmokes? We all know Sanji's gonna solo that family of jobbers
>Whaaat Sanji got jobbed again?!

>reiju isn't a bitch
user where has she ever shown to be worried about sanji?

Fuck my life

So was it Niji who beat up Cosette after all?

Fuck I was just reading about the man in the iron mask today and thought it would be a cool plot point to use in a story. Fits right in with the royalty theme since many theorizes the man was royalty.

Either he just develops more diable jambe techniques or he get 'activated' or some shit and can use all the vinsmokes powers.

good girl

Why does she look so nervous?

>laughing her ass off at Sanji's suffering like a month ago
>suddenly she's the good onee-chan



But oda Is hyping them. They're not strong at all, oda just making sanji job for the hell of it. He has made sanji into a bitch since the TS, I'm sure none of them could even come close to zoro or luffy


>Luffy and Sanji can't stop being jobbers

When will Oda stop doing that? It's getting boring.

lineage gene lul

Can't wait for these Sanji knockoffs to get their shit pushed in hard.

This whole germa shit is boring as fuck.

I wouldn't say boring but it really does feel like the B plot, maybe the flashbacks will help.



stop with this dragon bullshit

The ability to kill himself.

>Sanji couldn't even scratch Niji
Sanji hasn't won a 1v1 since Enies Lobby, and no, it doesn't count against Yonji since it was off screen

Oh hey it's that shit Law talked about

>Dressrosa began 3 years ago

What about his tattoo?

If you post the pic where Sanji gets beaten, you should also post the other one where Sanji injures Niji

Then this shouldn't count either since Sanji has those cuffs on

rip Sanji's balls
they never stood a chance

>where he injures niji
>didn't read the spoilers where it said niji wasn't even hurt by it
Nobody cares about a baby tap. It's official, sanji is a job

It's the weakest link to the Oni theory, but the other ones are super strong

He has an iron mace, a pair of horns, is apparently invincible, drinks sake from the traditional gourd, has iron pointy shackles, his fortress has the same exact shape of the portrayals of the Oni king castle, and his enemy is Momotaro (Momonosuke in One Piece, peach boy). Plus Momotaro is helped in his fight by a dog (Inuarashi) a monkey (Luffy) and a pheasant (Marco). Inb4 those are the 3 old admirals codenames, they were reused, but this time not only in name but the whole Momotaro story. And all his underlings look like demons, Oni in Japanese folklore are Ogres or Demons.

The tattoo could mean the nature of the Oni, who is a mix up of various Beasts, so it would explain the name Kaido of the 100 Beasts

>Sanji being BTFO again, so much so that he's also confirmed to be a Failed laboratory experiment.

Not trolling, But what the fuck does Oda have against sanji?

Thrice weekly a best to be desu

Ok, it didn't hurt him but he destroyed his face

>this shouldn't count either since he has cuffs
user the cuffs doesn't hinder his fighting ability in anyway. He just lost, stop making up excuses

I see peeps are starting to draw more Carrot. Can't wait till the anime gets to post Zou and she gets more time to shine. Should hopefully see even more delicious art.

>he destroyed his face
user that would be like saying judge destroyed sanji face when he kicked him in the face. If there is no damage done then the attack Is useless and no point in even noting

His VA fucked Oda's wife
Remember this wasn't going to be Sanji's backstory since forever, his original name was Naruto

Those pictures are old as fuck.

why oda hates sanji so much ?

Sanji the cuck.

DNA? Wolf and a dinosaur?

Sanji a pitifully cute.

Sanji... had a hard life.

5 children on front of the King

Judge: “You are my best masterpiece.”

Judge: “You are a existence that exceeds human being that was born from a science operation that compiles the research essence.”

Judge: “Someday each one will lead the army and rule the Germa 66 that evolves with science.

Judge: “I gave you the talent! You just need to train.”

Children: “Yes! Father!”

Oda being really vague with whether there's a momji or not.

Who needs women when you can make people with SCIENCE?

>people aren't allowed to change

Real world cloning still requires an egg with mitochondrial DNA but I guess Oda makes the rues.

Obviously Judgi had Iva turn him into a woman for the egg.

Not within such a small timespan and with no development shown nigga

>there will never be a MILF version of Reiju


Why is Yonji so shocked? is he actually the weakest of the sibling?

Did Oda literally just ctrl+c that Ichiji panel from the last chapter?

>there will never be a flat-chested carrot

I hate this whole asspull story about sanji sorry but it comes out from nowhere and this whole cyborg clone doesnt fit Sanji AT ALL that's more a plotline you would expect being developed with Franky.

It's a good feel.

They're not cyborgs, they're augmented humans, except Sanji

Yeah, it's the most meme-tier backstory yet.

I swear ichiji is the most calm, collected mature one out of them besides maybe reiju.

>another sanji jobbing fillershit chapter
Not this again

I don't which is worst, this spoilers or the fakes.

The fake one was at least a tiny bit interesting.

What's with the dog?

please delete this it's really disgusting

Reading back through Dressrosa, picking up on little things here and there. Still don't know what was in Barto's briefcase, but picked up Kaidou's jolly roger on X Drake's headband.

I'd be nervous if my shirt had 0 on it
literally loser tier

she obviously is some weird half and half bitch since she saved luffy

When will the chapter be released?

pedos out

>people said a month ago that Sanji feeding rats was just a derogatory term for commoners
>he literally has a pet mouse

Fuck you guys I knew the cuter option was right.

>Sanji was the most adorable child on the planet
>Zeff turned him into tryhard bad boy smoker

Was it worth what we lost?

man I know it'll never happen but I really wish ivankov would come over and turn angry dad into a female and skedaddle away

it was better than him growing up to be a bitter angry jealous shell of his former self

I see what you're doing Oda

That is the best outcome. The only way to settle this arc cleanly is for the strawhats to set the Vinsmokes against Big Mom, so that it becomes a Vinsmoke arc. That way she will retract her aid to that family, eliminating the danger to Zeff and allowing Sanji to act freely.

The alternative is for major shenanigans leading to half the strawhats defeating the entire Big Mom army somehow. I doubt you want that.


>judge worked with vegapunk
caesar won't be happy once he hears of this

caesar will BTFO judge confirmed

I hope this happens

>pretty girl will be the obligatory one to betray the villain group again

Oda pls

pretty girls can't do wrong and also always have giant boobs and never get hurt!!!!!!!!!

>never get hurt!!!!!!!!!
press F

anons we just have a pretty girl as the main antagonist this arc

link when?

new thread


>character nobody cares about gets beaten up
Wow it's fucking nothing.


shut up niji

eat your potatoes


>Still don't know what was in Barto's briefcase
Space for the Mera Mera No Mi to gift to his beloved Luffy Senpai

Is dadji tearing up in the top right panel?

It's sweat


my uncle works for oda

viva la france