So why the hell does The Witch/Satella love Subaru in the first place?

So why the hell does The Witch/Satella love Subaru in the first place?

Why did the villagers love Subaru?
Why did Felix love Subaru?
Why did the witches cult love Subaru?
Why did Julius Love Subrau?
Why did everyone suddenly love Subaru just because he told them about the whale?

Because Subaru is the archbishop of love.

Because Subaru is the reincarnation of her husbando

because Subaru taught them Sweatin to the Oldies exercises, but also saved them from wolves and cultists

because felix is a gay

because Betelgeuse smells the stink of the Witch all over him

because Julius is a gay


MC dick

dont question animekino you fucking pleb

Because he is a cute girl in a parallel world.

We'll never know.
Unless you into moon runes and read the LN.

because he is the reincarnation of his husbando Flugel

> Plot twist: the witch love subaru's father and thinks Subaru is his father.

I mean

Satella is Emilia's mother

>Satella wants to possess Emilia
So Re:Zero is just a Dragon Age ripoff?

He is the Chosen One.

Satella is Emilia.

After becoming more versed in magic, she somehow found herself transported back to the past, where Puck went on a rampage and almost destroyed the world.
She was sealed away, but she can influence things beyond time and space, as we can see when she manually implants Subaru's memories into an earlier body.

We will never know since we will never get a season 2.

why do you wonder? this anime had more holes than my body pillow

Subaru will die. But his soul will choose to go back in time, the time when he was happiest, and he will be at season 1 first episode. Rem who loves Subaru wants to be with him too and wants to be in a time when Subaru'd love her, but since he already loves Emilia she'll go back in time before Subaru is born, and become his mother

Satella is Emilia's lost elder sister

Satella doujins when?

What would it entail, heartjobs?

Never friend :(

I want a heartjob doujin.

Really? Have you not watched/read enough time travel fiction?

Emilia IS Satella! Albeit a young Satella. It is foreshadowed very early on when Emilia tells Subaru to call her Satella, because that is really her name in that time-line. This is the first time-line. Satella falls in love with Subaru the first time, but because he died she never truly gains true happiness and becomes bitter and twisted - constantly searching for a way to bring him back.

Well she succeeds, although not exactly as planned. In the next time-line Satella has changed her name to Emilia because the name Satella is anathema. The time-line has been changed by future events.

Satella still loves Subaru, but Subaru hasn't developed his feelings for Emilia yet, so Satella contrives events to develop his relationship with her young self - which backfires - and he is revived again - each time more of her mark seeps into him. And so it goes on, every time Subaru fucks up his relationship with Emilia he dies and gets a chance to reset - facilitated by Satella/Emilia.

Now, Satella is under a curse and she can't be with Subaru because she was defeated long ago (this is where the backstory sets up the future story). Her secondary objective is get Emilia in a position of power to undo the curse. Roswaal is Satella's pupil, that is why he is so powerful in magic and why he is making such a great effort to help Emilia.

It's just a time-loop focused on Subaru and Satella's first meeting and her one sided love for him. That is the purpose of the juxtaposition of the Archbishop of Sloth and how he goes on about love, then Subaru says 'Your love is one-sided'. It's a comparison to Satella's own love (as reflected in her cultists) to Subaru and his contrived love for Emilia.

I can only speculate on an ending, but I have a strong suspicion that it will involve Emilia facing down Satella and sacrificing herself to kill her future self.

Dubs deliver again.

Are they setting up for a second season?
How can they even fail to mention her?

its like high school English all over again

Isekai reasons

>Rem confessed to Subaru
>suddenly became potato
>Emilia other competitor got BTFO as well
>Subaru save point conveniently set after both said event
Coincidence? I think not. Satella has been shipping SubaruxEMT hard. The only conclusion that you can draw from this is EMT = Satella.

because it's a fucking light novel

He's the main character?

Pretty sure that story is older than recorded history and a bunch of sweaty cocksucking fat hog women writing a shallow gay-love fantasy didn't come up with it.

So why Puck call Emilia 'daughter' all the time?

Emilia merges into Stella in multiple timelines where Subaru dies. Since there is one satella and Stella can apparently control time and space, multiple Emilias merge into Satella giving her Emilias emotions multiplied by a lot
... Is head canon

Because she's Emilia from the future.

At some point in the future Subaru died. Emilia became super yandere tier edgy and developed dark powers (2000 shadows for every thing Subaru loved about her)

She found a way to travel through time and space and summonded Subaru into her world creating a paradox. Now she wants to possess the current Emilia to be with him again.

The same reason random girls unrelated to the MC call the MC oniichan

Soooo it's like a mix between All You Zombies and Madoka?

I strongly suspect Madoka was an influence.

Though time travel themes are not uncommon.


That's cool, but here's where your theory goes wrong:
>Roswaal is Satella's pupil, that is why he is so powerful in magic and why he is making such a great effort to help Emilia.

And I believe Puck said something about "taste" when Emilia said her name is Satella.

Still cool though, if the author can pull something like that this series would get a higher score than Steins;Gate


>Satella influencing Subaru to fall in love with the body she wants to posses
Holy shit user, you're a fucking detective

If Emilia is a young Satella then why do the witch stories go back 400+ years?

Don't you think she just told him that name so that she could put him off and be able to focus on her objective more efficiently?

On a whim I guess.

Because Emilia is Satella and Emilia loves him but when she gets sent back in time after Subaru dies for real she goes insane, absorbing Puck's power and becoming the Witch in order to open a portal back to when Subaru was alive so she can be with him again. Which brings Subaru back to the point where he first met her instead of meeting her when she tried summoning him the first place.

Subaru is the Japanese name for Pleiades
Pleiades is a star cluster
All archbishops are named after stars

One memeboy to rule them all.

Because Rem is Satella

Hola shit
Dark Lord ending confirmed
Memelord x Satella OTP

Subauron x Satella

Most likely answer. She's probably the reason why their world keeps getting japanese imports too. Repeated attempts to land herself the right car until she hits jackpot and the price ended up being half the world. Story's probably going to end right after Satella dies for real and Subaru dying in Emilia's arm which somehow sends her back centuries into the past to restart her life from zero

She's probably an incarnation of Emilia, she did'nt get called the ''jealous'' witch for nothing, she is very envious that Rem takes her place later on.

Is this real?

No. Re:Zero is a fantasy story, none of the events depicted actually happen.

>How can they even fail to mention her?
She was forgotten

Dubs don't lie

well he gains the ability to use hands at the very least

Does Subaru really become edgy at some point or is this a meme?

For someone getting loaded with edgy witch shit he does a good job at not being edgy. Well except that one time but that was miasma.

Does Subaru become the strongest?

Because he is very cute.

satella = future emilia

Have you watched ep 16? He gets a little worse than that permanently

bullshit 2
Satella is Emilia's vachina

Satella is Emilia, Emilia is Satella. What's not to understand?

Not by Subaru though.

I don't buy the theory that Satela is Emilia for a second.

The witch has very clearly been warping events around so that Subaru saves Emilia. That creates a time paradox if that theory is true. If she never went back to guide Subaru into saving Emilia, Emilia wouldn't have changed things.

It makes much more sense that Satela decided Emilia is the proper vessel and is trying to control things from the background

It's a cool theory, but it loses its spark pretty quick.

>Why did the villagers love Subaru?
He saved their children and was generally a pretty cool dude from the mansion up on the hill that interacted with the common folk.

>Why did Felix love Subaru?
He's gay.

>Why did the witches cult love Subaru?
He smells like witches.

>Why did Julius Love Subrau?
Opposites attract and the whale was a big deal.

>Why did everyone suddenly love Subaru just because he told them about the whale?
The whale is a big deal.

no it's not

your whale was a big deal last night

She doesn't, she tricks him so he can bring her back.

That's pretty gay

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The previous poster using the term "recorded history" is kind of a red herring as it's literally unknowable to us, but myths about possession like that are part of almost every culture; possession by other humans usually falls under necromancy myths. (there are lots of spirit possession myths about non-human entities possessing humans all the damn time, of course)

The oldest "modern" example I can think of is HP Lovecraft's "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward", which is similar to Flemeth in DAO as it's about an ancestor performing a hostile takeover of their descendent.

Satella and Emilia are seperate entities, otherwise there would be no reason for her being the "jealous witch".

wait so then who is the vessel if the witch killed emilia when subaru told her that he can revive from death that one episode

Satella and the "Witch of envy" are separate personalities.

Come to think of it, why was Pete happy to see that Emilia was dead if she was supposed to be a vessel for the witch?

Betelgeuse's head isn't exactly in working order
What I'd rather know is what exactly is Satella going to do once she gets her hands on Subaru

why should he want her to be alive when all he needs is her body?

>Now she wants to possess the current Emilia to be with him again.

This isn't exactly stated, she even tells him she wants him to kill her althought it stated more as a "i'm so unhappy with myself that I want you to just end it". She's unhappy with herself because she knows that she's making his life hard and is unhappy with it.

However that changes when he tells her, this time in person, that he'll save her for sure.

From that point all she cares about is getting to him

so wait kirito's VA played betelgeuse?

guess i cant hate him anymore

Is Al really Subaru? How the fuck does that make sense?

you hated a voice actor for the character he played?

theres no proof of that, and even Al's power is different, plus he finds Rem disgusting so he's 100% not subaru

Nice. I like it.

Pick one, lads:

1. Satella is Subaru's childhood friend
2. Satella actually never loves Subaru and it's just bullshit made up by fags
3. Satella loves random people and then give them power/summon them into her world, but then the loves disappear after she got bored. Al, Betelguese, or maybe everyone in the witch cult were loved by the witch, but only Subaru that apparently made her fall in love for real

>he witch has very clearly been warping events around so that Subaru saves Emilia. That creates a time paradox if that theory is true. If she never went back to guide Subaru into saving Emilia, Emilia wouldn't have changed things.
It doesn't create a paradox if we consider an original timeline in which Subaru got there through some different circumstances, and in that story whatever happened that ended with Emilia becoming Satella, who is now trying to change the past to accomplish X goal.

Wrong! This testimony doesn't match with the Prosecution's assertion!

>[Satella : I love you, because you gave me light, because you took my hand and taught me of the outside world. Because in the night I was trembling in loneliness, you stayed by my side and held my hand. Because you kissed the lonely me, telling me I wasn't alone. I received a lot of things from you. So, I love you, because you gave me everything.]

In the first loop, Subaru didn't "hold" Emilia, and he sure as hell didn't "kiss" her! He simply MET her!

Because he cheated. He found out exactly what he needed to do and say to make them like him, then he reset and did those things.

Subaru is a generally likable guy, and a lot of the characters become friends with him easily on their first meeting, but he never would have wound up being a hero of the kingdom, beloved by all, if he didn't have his save points.

Where the fuck did you get that words

Er... LN spoilers. Just searched through the archive.

Anyways, the point still stands.

It does create one because subaru can't get there in the first place without being teleported there.
And it's stated that the only person who can do that is Satella who only can get strong enough by becoming the jealous witch.
And she apparently only becomes that because of subaru.
Else why would she go back in time to try and change things through subaru.

The reason subaru is there and death by rebirth has to be something that has nothing to do with the witches or the entire theory doesn't work.

Ferris doesn't love Subaru ffs. That's what everyone with priviledge of cuteness do: tease others. And IIRC Ferris and Crusch love each other

I choose #1, satella could have be his childhood friend but die from an accident/illness. That could be the reason Subaru turn into a Hikikomori

let me explain easily so that you would understand what does it mean the no "who's rem" ending

Look up Emilia age, mate

is the joke with "Where's Rem" being omitted that the anime itself forgot she exsited?

>Satella can choose to pull anyone she wants to her world
>Picks a worthless NEET shitstain
Can production companies please fuck off with this NEET enabling fantasy bullshit.

i change it in this way

subaru and emilia will then be brought back in the time, a way more primitive world, they will encounter these young girls and subaru will teach them his magecraft while becoming a better mage , these girls will become like sister to Emilia, and subaru becoming Fluegel will become a better and better magician , in the end emilia become satella , subaru dies after having her sealed when she become the witch of envy , and he reincarnate with his great Checkpoint when he is born again in isekai, aka our world.