Danganronpa 3

Hope or Despair?

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Does Cred Forums like boats?


That's one girly hand.

Pay your respects to our boy Juzo




He's not Despair

He's pure TALENT


>"it's the perfect way to have everything happen without being inside the building"
>Weedman is outside

When did junko get the technology to upload AI's into real bodies,and how sure was she that's its going to work, unless they tested it on a certain someone

Remember that time Weedman was the original mastermind?

Let's say Future side WAS an anime that Mitarai made, with the FF watching it in that cinema.

What in-universe complaints would there be of the show, from their perspective?

It's the 13th Branch Head

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

>nagito is a yugioh protagonist
>draws exodia in his starting hand every episode

She never had that. She planned on using the NWP that could do that.

>Junko always tests things before trying them for real (see: multiple killing games and executions before she does DR1)
>We've never seen her test the AI uploading strategy even though it's something that demands testing in advance
Fuck, you're right.


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


I side with hope, brother!


What happened to the gun?

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending.



>no more Juzo copypasta
>no more waifu wars
>no more tinfoil hat theories
>no more Kirigirifags
>no more Chiakifags
>no more Seikofags
>no more edglord Raiden memes

Im gonna miss these threads and im gonna miss you all.

The same time she built bullshit like torture dungeon in school underground

Hope. More inviting color scheme and she won't kill me for a retarded reason.

Kyoko is a poorly written character

Panties don't get wet in the afterlife

Good morning, my friends!


T-there might still be OVAs!

I'll miss you too.

reporting in brother.
i started out hating him but turned into one of my favorite characters.

Is he ever going to do anything?

Dr3 fucked her up.
She was perfectly good before.


She was worse in DR1

>Sayaka who tried to frame sweetest boy for murder.
>Goes to heaven
Get out.

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.


What? You didn't cry enough yesterday you say?

Why even live?


Is Naegi becoming Komaeda?

>threesome with Chiaki and Junko
Oh man.

It was a pleasure to meme with you all.
Except the Wet Kirigiri Panties meme, fuck that guy.


I just finished the episode, I can't believe I feel this sad and crushed for a character I didn't care about at all for a long time. I hope Juzo finds all the happiness in the fan arts.
>you can't FTE him

She wasn't real to begin with user.


The loss of these threads will be the true despair.

And the NWP is owned by by the Future Foundation which is owned founded by Tengan
The same Tengan who allowed Junko to enter HPA

>you will never save Nanami when she's on the brink of death
>you will never tend to her
>you will never see the light resurge in her eyes as her wounds heal and she regains her former physical condition
>you will never force her to sleep for extended periods of time "For the sake of her recovery" while you secretly operate on her body, pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
>you will never see the smile on her face slowly die as she realizes what you're doing to her, too helpless to fight back, assuming the absolute worst intentions of you
>you will never continue adding in more and more talents to her, doing it ever so carefully so that her personality doesn't end up suppressed, ensuring that she can continue to enjoy talents
>you will never see her regain her smile as she realizes she was wrong to doubt you but asks you if she can be let go anyway
>you will never promise her that you will let her go soon and see her smile and give you a hug, letting you feel up those soft, squishy Nanamis right against your chest
>you will never discreetly hook her up to a personality rewriting machine when she's sleeping one night and force her awake just as it turns on
>you will never explain to her that you're going to overwrite her personality with your own, so that you can enjoy her body, and see the light in her eyes flare up one last time as she struggles to resist
>you will never listen with delight in the cries and moans she makes as she helplessly attempts to resist your assault, her mind in utter shambles as you force her personality to the back of her own mind and allow a superior personality, one of your own choosing, to take its place
>you will never let 'Nanami', the full, complete, Kamukura Izuru 2.0, out of the brainwashing machine and see her give you a big smile for helping her out so much all this time

What is there even to HOPE for anymore?

Are your panties wet user?

You forgot someone.

Does Kirigiri's death count as Makoto's fault? Kirigiri died because of her decision, Makoto did nothing wrong.

But she tried to save him at the last minute. That totally makes her worthy of redemption, despite trying to murder a cool guy and then frame the one who trusted her the most for his murder!

Mukuro is best girl


You're still mad because you got caught out in the last thread?

Post Juzos


No. Just Naegi's Chronic Hero Syndrome.

Kyoko tried to sacrifice him for her own life.

M-maybe when V3 comes out we can have fun threads again, right?

Did you know that Chiaki and Junko are the only two heroines to have canonically suffered multiple executions over the course of the series?

Furthermore, that they are both the heroines with the greatest physical endurance shown? Interestingly, there's also a bit of an odd parallel between their virtual and their real world selves.

AI Chiaki and Real Junko died in relative peace, satisfied that they were able to achieve their goals even if they weren't quite able to overcome their trials.

Meanwhile, Real Chiaki and AI Junko died in misery, cursing their fortune and dying in regret after being just about as completely destroyed as they could be.

Could it mean anything for the grand finale?
Maybe not, but it is food for thought.

Why not both? Double paizuri.

Suddenly her smug all makes sense

Uuu I knew it no one likes me.

>helicopter shoots a gatling gun at him multiple time
>not a single shot hits

Their was an attempt at atonement, too try and fix what had been done. It still condemned Leon though, a messy situation all round :(

>not mentioning Hopeposting
Anyway, I'll miss these threads too.


drv3 is still coming

>Chisa's VA didn't like the episode because Chisa was kinda NTRed

NTR'd how?

Funny thing is the panties guy is doomed to stick around here all day to make it seem like it's more than one guy after he got called out.

Nah, must've been another user, missed the last few threads because of work.

My eyes are wet everytime I remember Juzo is gone.

Gunfags will live forever though, right?

Imagine Juzo meets Kirigiri in heaven

Juzo: So how did you go?

Kirigiri: My NG code made me choose between me or Naegi, so I chose Naegi.

Juzo: Dude you totally could have just cut off your hand I did it worked just fine

Kirigiri: But you died from your wounds!

Juzo: No I died because Munakata stabbed a sword through my abdomen.

I'll never forget these threads

see waifuwars, Mikanfriend


Stop saying Uuu, or I'll make you stop

So this is true despair

He is in a better place now



It wont be the same when V3 comes out because we'll have to go to /v
Fuck i had so much fun in these threads,i love you all.
Stay safe anons

Thank you all for the art, brothers! The amount of Juzoart indeed skyrocketed, which is great! And yet most of them hurt. But alas, we stay strong!

If anyone's wondering, I believe it says: "What I held on to in the end", according to an user, brothers!

Happy ones


>cool guy
>wouldn't fuck his own cousin
Leon a shit

But it's a game, so not for Cred Forums. I don't go to Cred Forums. Plus, I don't want to get spoiled.

Drop it.

It was very "knife" to meet your daughter Nee-chan

Fuck you too user.

>when love makes you handsomer

>I won't be able to despairfag anymore

Describe how Class 74 met.

>Chisa x Juzo
>Chisa x Munakata
>Munakata x Juzo

Getting real tired of this back and forth, I got more then enough for the two of you

>Cred Forums sadly.
Is Cred Forums really that bad?

So what are they going to do?

>implying he could get prime pussy if it's revealed he's a cousinfucker

Man I can't believe we will return to teenagers and pink blood in V3, I loved the adult charcters setting in Miria-hen much more.

You have no idea.


Hajizuru fights Chiakizuru with firing support from their kickass boat


And I'm a crossposter from it.

Free time event. You know, if DR3 was a game.

I won't miss these threads at all

No, it's worse.

approx. when are we gonna get the game? like, a year later when the JP version drops? fuck, i really don't wanna get spoiled



This. As much as I'll miss you guys, when the anime ends that's it for me. I won't go to Cred Forums and soil the memories of the magical three months we had here.

Hope to see you all again when V3 gets an anime adaptation.

>Implying Juzo doesn't need to fight waves of Reserve course normies in purgatory to earn his place in paradise

These CGs were just made for Gunposting.

Eek gomenasai!

How did he get called out?
It was just one mad user who kept samefagging and saying it was just one guy and it was a new meme despite it being posted ever since the show started airing.

Most of the time, yes.



Chisa got a super-happy ending!
A super despair inducing ending!

Fuck, now I want an OAV about their school life and how they met

>inb4 Hijirihara steps out of that boat

TFW the sole survivor of the Rokkenjima Massacre was a MILF with a shotgun

You people should stop treating the "cut hand" option as something that is natural

Not only boodloss would kill you eventually but it would be extremely painful

She also lacked anything to cut her hand with

>Inb4 the knife

That knife is weak as fuck, Juzo broke it pretty easily, I doubt you would be able to cut through bone with that

Same here. All good things must come to an end, and I'd rather move on from these threads.


They're going to be riding boats. That's all that matters

>Danganronpa 3, you say?
>People wanted a whole new cast of characters they don't care about and die quickly to end the series, right?
>They didn't?
>Fuck, quickly, kill an original character to make sure people are still engaged!
>The fuck do you mean, 'you only have three episodes left'?
And so Danganronpa 3 Future was born.

Why are people hoping capboy is a girl?

Japan gets it in January 2017 so I suspect anywhere between summer 2017 to early 2018.

Hopefully something meaningful.

Post characters immune to Junko's bullshit / despair in general.

Despair Naegi is a miracle

I'm glad Kodaka didn't make him even more special by giving him special jope plot armor instead of the usual luck one

>he thinks Kirigiri is dead.


>Umineko Day comes just after DR3 ends
Maybe I'll do a reread and take my mind off the pain.

I remember people thinking that this week would be a Jabberwok episode.

I made little OC

Rate or hate

You're literally the center though.

Holy Shit that boxart looks cool

Kyoko is alive, fool

It's actually a rifle, specifically a weird sawed-off Winchester model that Kinzo has 4 of due to his love of cowboys movies.

What will you lot do when V3 comes out? Considering my options

>Hide as much as possible in vain attempt of reaching English release relatively unspoiled
>Dive right in reading translated bits/watching Japanese streams with Cred Forums
>Wait until there is a subbed playthrough on youtube

as soon as possible would be great. its getting really hard to avoid all kinds of game spoilers.

fuck. why didn't they just do a ZTD and release it WW on the same day

It looks almost the same as the SDR2 cover box. What are u talking about?

Life is simply unfair.

>mind hacked twice

Starting DR3 I expected nothing. Now Class 74 are some of my favorite fictional characters.

> Dive right in reading translated bits/watching Japanese streams with Cred Forums
>Cred Forums

Never ever

Hey, Mikan had the same thing happen.


thanks user


I like it

I didn't even finish the second game and get into these threads until episode 10 came out. Wish I had blasted through the game quicker.

Going to hope to god SC doesn't put a one-chapter-only policy on it like 1 and 2 so I can watch silent nip LPs past act 1.

Filled with Juzo's internal angst and sadness about Chisa taking Munakata and him pretending that he's just their best friend?

I'll just stay away from DR threads until the English release.

You could argue Sephiroth got DESPAIRED after finding out his "origins".

>i love you all.
>Stay safe anons
You too user and I love you.

>with Cred Forums

You mean Cred Forums?

I bought DR2 during the steam sale so I'd have enough time to finish before the anime started. I finished with about a week to spare, enough for it all to sink in and still feel fresh in my mind. Felt good.

Juzo looks so peacefully while sleeping. He must be really tired.

Mahiru, stop being so cute.

>implying people wont post thread on full caps without spoilers

THE KILLER IS ____ etc

His plan was stupid to the core.

Everything that occurred here, helped create Junko and myself.

I rewatched all his scenes with Chisa yesterday when I was making the titanic video and his jealousy really is obviously directed at her for Munakata. I still can't believe people thought he liked Chisa.

Oh, thanks

I finished both games back to back in august while I was on vacation. Was pretty sweet to wake up and just play 16 hours straight.

Take a break from Cred Forums until the game is released in English. I want to play it without knowing anything about the murder cases.

Not on Cred Forums they won't.

Then you don't get to experience it with us. Lose-lose.

If Juzo reported about Junko, could they have stopped her? She already had a pretty strong following at that point, what could they have done? They would've needed to outright kill her, because I doubt she'll stay in a prison for too long.

Also if Juzo and Chisa reported different thing, I wonder who Kyosuke would've believed more.

How would Mitarai even redeem himself? He's practically the mastermind since everything hinged on his cooperation followed by his silence.

>stay safe
Make me. 0

>16 hours straight
Was this the greatest meme of the summer?

A part of me doesn't want this to happen
But the other part does so i can see all of the salt on one of these threads

Now that the cover is confirmed.
We can all agree Hopebot is the main character?

why is kaedo so shit

Nah, Kaede is the biggest on there, Hopebot might just be bait and become the new Nagito Komaeda


>i am not a remnant
>I am true elder Despair


Chisa was shoving Juzo and Munakata's hands together so often that I have to wonder if she was trying for a 3P

Isnt it suspicious how capboy has an ahoge under his hat?

Kaede will be the last chapter killer and he'll turn MC.

I mean Chisa was probably waiting near a monitor with abated breath so she could feel the pleasure of being mind hacked by Junko again

If even one person out of Juzo and Chisa reported Junko's guilt Munakata would have started sharpening his katana.

Assuming Izuru gave Junko the middle finger after his waifu died and Junko wasn't sponsored by Tengan, Munakatana + HPA would have fucked her easy.

Yes, we can indeed.

All of us except for Kaede.

When will you face facts and give me the protagonist spot, girl?

Why are the threads so full of delusion and denial?
>Izuru is going to SHSL Mcguiver medical tools and bring Chiaki back to life!
>Kyouko isn't dead, muh cure W!
>Hopebot is the protagonist!

No she wasnt, user. She wanted him all to herself. Then she got despaired and just wanted despair.

Such a shitty character with shitty resolution. It's sad what happened to her.

Clever, but not clever enough

A proper amount of exercise brings a peaceful slumber, after all.

Mind telling me what episodes these were? I don't want to rewatch whole thing, just Juzo moments

The looks are way zanier than before.

Juzo survived that wound after passing out, the first two on that list are more plausible because of that.

Is this the third "Heroines and love interests"?
You all know who is who.

Capguy seems pretty MC-ish to me. I'll believe Kaede is the MC until proven wrong, though.

Is the blue haired girl doing Nagito pose or are my eyes just shit?


That's actually a really good point. He'd probably be more likely to believe his girlfriend, especially if she used her feminine charms on him.
>Chisa presses her tits against Munakata's back
>"Please believe me, Kyousuke-kuuun~"

It was pretty high up there, but I think that The Gun has surpassed it.

I REALLY hope twintails is related to Mikan.

> despair video is the sole reason for the remnants in Zetsubou
> despair video is also the modus operandi in mirai

I'm mad. I mean, if Junko wanted to make despair happen why didn't she just air the fucking video in the events of danganronpa 1. Or why didn't she upload it along with that AI of hers in danganronpa 2?

The one and only reason this makes sense is that she was bored it worked so well. And since she killed herself in the end, she was literally bored to death.

The Heroine is you, Juzo

>Implying Munakatana cares about women
Bros before hoes bro.

Yes, that and beetlejuice.

I only started to play the game just after the 3rd episode of Despair, played it non-stop and got it done before just before the 4th episode aired.
I'm glad I didn't get spoiled by coming here apart from Chiaki being an AI.

Because people don't want to see such a terrible show making canon changes to an otherwise much better franchise.

He's not the new Nagito, either.


Bug-catcher seems nice, I hope he lives.
>gentle giant
Well, fuck.

>I'm mad. I mean, if Junko wanted to make despair happen why didn't she just air the fucking video in the events of danganronpa 1. Or why didn't she upload it along with that AI of hers in danganronpa 2?
>she was literally bored to death.
I think this is the explanation, she got bored of mindhacking peopl into despair and decided to do it oldschool

Play UDG bros


Me too.
Her desing is already my favourite but being related to Mikan would be instant best girl.

so brown girl asahina lives again
is she a kodaka's waifu or something

Doujins when?

>Female protagonist

Of course it's shit

There's no need to Mcguyver up medical tools when Chiaki is literally in the Kamukura Izuru facilities. Do you really think they didn't have every medicine known to man to account for any sort of issue Izuru might have faced, like accidentally breaking every bone in his body from testing out SHSL Martial Artist?

If the theme of this game is going to be Truth vs Lies, this asshole is going to be a compulsively lying cunt.

That part about the air purifier is stupid.

Truly best DR2 ship


Pig sluts get out

>doesn't change after showering and just sleeps in his underwear

>why didn't she just air the fucking video in the events of danganronpa 1.
What do you think the Monokuma theaters were for?
What do you think the videos for the first motive were all about?

V3 cast has nothing do do with the old cast fucking retards

I don't remember off the top of my head, but they were all before episode 7 when it became The Junko Show.

Bowels tend to release themselves when a person expires. Don't worry, it's totally normal, Kirigiri.

nothing. The boat will just move away to wherever.

What the fuck happened to checkered boy's design?

>those eyelashes

Is he really a boy ?

>mfw none of these characters are related to previous DR characters and shipper/waifu fags get BTFO

From my point of view Future Foundation is evil

Are you Mitarai trying to take pieces of both mirai and Zetsubou to make a JUZOBOYS anime?

I wish I was a big tall gay anime guy so I could wear a coat like that.

Imagine if Kohacka did this in episode 11. Juzo back from the grave for a second time, laid out on a stretcher outside headquarters with Munakata holding his hand while he gets emergency medical attention. There's a whole new future lying out in front of them, to be spent together.

Total asspull, totally worth it.

Mikan is my wife

I'd like it if the gentle giant is a monster this time, just to subvert our expectations. Like the guy who killed Pikachu.

Who is the green haired guy?

To be fair he didn't knew what he was dealing with

And if anyone had a chance of surviving that video it was him due to his luck

More like victim.

while the pic is cute you're objectively wrong

post more Hajimemes.

T-That's enough despair for one night.

I would feel like an extreme hypocrite but I'd be perfectly okay with that.

>class trial box
Well we know he's not the first one to die.

Your waifu is a rotten orange

>that cape and hat
Almost looks like he could be an antagonist or something

Nigger, even persona 5 ending was spoiled here.

I'm already missing Chisa no longer being of any relevance.

How so? The FF's been making steps to remove despair. Haven't seen any other organisation have near as much success as the FF



Why would any man marry garbage?

>loved juzo ironically
>loves juzo unironically now
am i the only one

Please stop, it hurts
Source, please?

>mfw I was in that thread
>I was that Pac-Man
It was fucking magical, especially when that 16 roll happened

>But she tried to save him at the last minute
>implying she just wasn't analbuttmad at Leon for fucking her and her plan up

Sayaka was the queen of petty.

Mikan is cute! Cute!

Pick up the phone, Mitarai-kun.

I don't think he would have touched my heart if he didn't die, honestly. I'm glad he went out like he did and it's one of the only things about DR3 that I wouldn't change.

...well, I do wish he could have seen Munakata one last time, smiled at him, and said "I did it" or something before dying.

Mikan haters leave


>Hajime, become the Ultimate Hope

If Tengan really is dead, and someone else is using his phone to text Mitarai, who is it?

Junko's plan was never to make them kill themselves with the mind hack video

She gave them a fighting chance to make things interesting

In DR2 she was bound by the NWP rules and couldn't directly interfere


She was a great character. Everything she did was from the bottom of her heart. After her introduction, she could have had more going for her than MUH KYOUSUKE.

Mikanfags make hating Mikan SO easy.

So who was phone?

I mean, its obviously a message that had been rigged to send after the game ended. Presumably its going to expose Mitairai's role in everything, as well as Tengans reasons for the killing game.

But what then? I think I know: when they discover that there are no exits, the only way out will be to break the window in the hidden room.

Asahina could swim to the surface, but she can't carry everyone with her. Munakata and Mitairai will tell her to take Naegi and leave them behind, then break the glass while Naegi is protesting that plan.

The series will end without a clear decision on the matter of if Naegi eventually hooks up with Asahina, or gets cucked by Weedman.

Oh no, I didn't mean "why" as in "why miss her", I meant "why" as in "Why did they do that to her?".


How can juzo be so effeminate when he's the token buff

>yfw Mitarai's phone explodes and he dies crying like the bitch ass fuckup he was because he failed his holy mission

I'm playing DR2 now and already miss Junko-sama

Nah, let the fag die

Juzo screwed up and paid for it, he deserved to go out like that

He should have been a man and admitted his mistake and his feelings for Munakata before even if it led to rejection

Everyone has been memeing about ZTD all this time, but I'd die laughing if we get an Ever17 end instead.

Go away smelly

>light-pinkish hair
>big tits (only 2cm shorter than Junkos)
>really nice figure (about the same as Asahina, actually, though she doesn't show it off like she does)
You know, she'd be a little on the short side, but Chiaki could probably do a decent Junko impression. Maybe even convincing, depending on her behavior, although the only way I think Chiaki could act like Junko is if her personality was rewritten.

twitter.com/0cantarella/media right here

"At least I got to feel something of your's inside me..."

She hasn't shown a sign of pettiness in any of the dangan media she's appeared in. Can only assume she had come to her senses and tried to bail out Makoto before she succumbed to her injury

RoD please leave



I still don't believe Chisa isn't the mastermind. Everything about the progression of both Despair and Future havve been screaming that she's the final boss since episode one and then suddenly they're just like "no actually it's that Tengan guy who had almost no relevance or involvement in the plot and died"

Tengan's got to be a false flag.

>implying buff men can't be maidens

Oh. Of course too good for this world.

On rewatch, I realize that Despair Chisa is pretty different than actual Chisa. She acts like a vapid airhead with a creepy stepford wife smile on her face. I wonder how the boys didn't notice she started acting this way.

>witch girl even has a staff
>glasses girl has her vest off and holding something?
>ninja/kite girl is in a martial arts pose
>maid girl is holding some rapier?
>mask guy is holding another mask
>checkered boy looks completely different

We all know it's happening by Mirai 12, so we might as well start placing our bets now.
How will Junko come back?

Juzo may be a hero this time, but if he hadn't been so insecure with his feelings then none of this would've happened. Sacrifice is his repentance for partially being responsible for the world falling into Despair.

The true mastermind has yet to be revealed, there is an extra person in the building

-Unpunished Raiden
-Boxerfag(don't know if he counts because he didn't had a bangle)/???

Why is she such a bitch?

>i posted this 3 weeks ago


Your plan failed, Chisa.


>has problems wearing a school swimsuit
>being naked is fine
what the fuck

Simpsons Did It!

Maybe, but since NEET in space I would think it entirely possible that Tengan is a false flag, but not because its actually Chisa, but because the mastermind is some truly random fuck nobody knows.

It's Junko. However she's doing it is irrelevant, if it's not Tengan, it's Junko.

>the only way out will be to break the window in the hidden room.
>Asahina could swim to the surface
I wonder. How deep down below surface level are they, anyway? Think of the water pressure. And good luck trying to get out of the window in the first place. That thing has to be quite tough to not break from the ambient pressure alone. And what about getting out as you have broken it, and water streams in with the force of a thousand suns? It's like trying to swim up a waterfall.
Oh wait, right. Nevermind.



At approximately what time did this anime turn into zero escape?

Was it when the mind hacking happened?
Or when junko showed up with delta's glasses?
Or was it right from the start when the sleeping bangurus were introduced?

>no new meme from munakata this episode

Would that bring despair Chisa more despair? I bet she loves being NTRed.

Junko should've let Matsuda fuck Mukuro for the same reason.

>"Munakata, tie me up so I can't kill myself!"
>Naegi thrashes free of the rope in two seconds

Can Munakata do anything right?

Fuck off, Junko. Usami's infinitely better.

Danganronpa hasn't even come close to the twists that were in VLR/ZTD.

We'll talk if/when timetravel is introduced in V3.


At least it stalled enough time for Juzo to make his way over. But no, Muhkatana can't actually do anything right.

Even so!

She had a bad up bringing and was raised in the streets.
Considering what she's been through she could've been a lot worse.

Thanks mate

Heart of maiden, user

>mfw the mastermind is Sayaka, who also had an evil twin


Wait, you can turn on Japanese text in the PC port?

Why is the guy with the hat so prominent?

To be fair, thats only a question of sci-fi scope, not a matter of how big the twists are.

I mean a longly built up main antagonist fucked up into space after having 3 episodes dedicated to her and her related characters.


>sleeping bracelets with poison
>they were in a duplicate location all along
>tragedy that 'ended' the world
>mind hacks
>extra participant they're unaware of

Time travel's literally the only thing left for kodaka to copy

Also didn't kodaka say something about how V3 uses time travel and other more scifi things?

>main antagonist


What if Tengan was the original Ultimate Luck of HPA and Komaeda and Naegi were his clones and that was the other project he was talking about?

Not exactly, he only said he considered trying time travel.
I dunno, do time travel and murder mystery mix well? Know any works that do that?

>V3 uses time travel
pls no

>Raised in poverty
>Abandoned by own mother and father and passed between step-parents
>Molested by stepathers and her mother's boyfriends
>Forced to look after a bunch of younger siblings because her parents are fuck ups
>Worked somewhere where she was ogled and groped by perverts just to make some money and put food on the table
>Even sold her used panties to make a few bucks
Probably killed all her siblings after falling into despair

Akane had it rough.


It's not even his death itself is so sad, it's that he was absolutely sure that he was abandoned by his love. If he saw Munakata coming and died right away even without telling anything it would've been lighter

Hope is boring, indeed.

>do time travel and murder mystery mix well?

ZE has murder mystery elements but you're just a passive observer rather than solving the case like DR or AA

Yes, thanks to 5 aug patch

You know why.

>using waifu2x with noise reduction
looks like someone smeared vaseline all over this shit

Tsumiki had it much worse... One of the official magazines actually made me feel like shit after reading it.

>Forced to strip
>Burned by cigarettes
>Beaten extensively
>Forced to eat insects
>Possibly raped or at least abused when naked; molested
>Stuff involving the toilets
>Extreme emotional abuse
>Hair being cut and ripped out
>Drawing on her body
>Smeared with mud and water
>Forced to make animal sounds
>Being used as a target for darts
>Held responsible for debts
>Family abused and neglected her
>Cut with blades

= Still turns out able to function and kind.
Then once life finally starts looking better for her, Enoshima comes along, brainwashes and mindhacks her fucking TWICE, turning her into a broken masochist puppet, wasn't even treated nicely, and fucks her up completely when all her normal-self wanted is to be treated kindly.
The reason her being there in the first place was helping others yet again.
Then in DR2, makes her experience some fun times again as her normal-self (despite being in a killing game), only for her to gain her brainwashed memories and catch the Despair disease on top it due to caring for the others AGAIN, then finally dies/in a coma, and even if she awakens from the comatose, will be a puppet...

After reading that. No wonder Fukawa stayed in Towa with Komaru instead of going back to FF with Togami

W-What is this? Is this the power of his Stand?

>people saying baconhands faked death in the last episode


oh shit that's cool
Did they patch DR1 too?

While I was playing 2 I saw some random comment on youtube about how Sonia made her subjects commit mass-suicide. I thought it would come up in the game but nope. Then I thought it would be in the anime but nope. Was this mentioned anywhere or was it bullshit?

She's literally the only person who could do it. SHSL Swimmer and all that.

Like I said though, she can clearly carry Naegi out, since she's been doing that for the whole series.

Umineko, sorta. Not really time travel but from a writing perspective worked along the same lines.

>Still turns out able to function

Damn, Hiyoko was a bitch.

Yeah. She is definitely dead now, since Juzo makes up for the inflated Survivor count.

is munakata retarded
tengan said he isn't and he cannnot lie

Wonder if people would be less in denial if she got a satisfying death scene instead of just "yep, dead".

How does it work? Can you switch languages whenever or only when outside of the game? Surely you can't just switch whenever since there'd be a different number of text screens in each dialog in jap compared to english

a) Didn't know any of that
b) Had a pretty shitty upbringing of her own

Fuck you guys. They all had good, decent lives and lived happily ever after.

considering her brother's crazy swimming in AE
I'm sure she could defy logic and do it

It's not a random. Kodaka doesn't do that.

>Still turns out able to function and kind.
She's not all that kind. She likes to take care of people because it makes her feel superior to them.
And she sure as hell doesn't function well.


His "answer" to the questions was "If so I must answer it". He then proceeded to lie in the next sentence he speaks, since he had already answered the question

That's not what I find sadder. It's the fact that Juzo would have done what he did even if Naegi hadn't told him anything. In the end, he stopped caring what Munakata thought of him, even though that used to be the thing he most cared about, and concentrated all his efforts on getting Munakata out of here.

I hate how Junko just abused her in the anime and she got off on it because fanservice. I figured that the main reason she fell for the Junko meme was that Junko was (fake) nice to her, like she was to the AE kids. But I guess that wasn't necessary anymore once we no longer needed actual manipulation because MINDHACK VIDEO

Wouldn't the pressure kill them?

You can't swim up from that deep without diving gear.

He said "I'm not one of the Remnants."

That doesn't mean he isn't a Despair.

Be quiet, Hiyoko or it's the washing machine again for you.

Ruruka wouldn't like her portrayal.

fuck off slut faggot

Ultimate Despairs are Junko and Mukuro. Everyone else is a remnant.

You can only do it outside of the game. Right click on a game and change the language to Japanese or Chinese.

>Hiyoko was a bitch.
Has there ever been any doubt?

Maybe he was telling the truth, and he's simply a genuine bad guy without any despair involved?

That's wrong. Stop replying on NISA translation (I am a native). She is very kind. She has no ill will, it only makes her feel useful and wanted, not because she feels superior, but she certainly does not--to anyone.

That you have shit taste?

If it happens this way, Asahina will probably have no problem to do that.
Not sure why I tried to inject realism into DR after Chiaki's death and juzo surviving his wounds as long as he did. And everything else that happened before in this series.

So who the fuck faked Aoi's death with the fake knife and ketchup?


Yeah and Chisa's the mastermind too, am I right?
Retards should shut up, watch, and wait.

Monacabot for the keks


Fucking speedwatcher.

>I didn't watch the show

Even Hajimeme considered her a bitch.

>Unifags thinking they got some kind of worth

Move outta the way cucks, someone who knows the person hiring for whatever job you'll be applying will get the job instead of you


It's the fucking bottle.

Depends on whether or not Juzo was still in the closet

No, remnants was the name they received after Junko died

Before it, they were UD

there are reasons why kodaka is called kohacka here

True but unifags have more standards than applying a job that makes you work 16 hours aday.

Just went back and rewatched episode 7. Guess I missed that scene.


Fuck off speedwatcher

top kek

>juuzo never laughed like this once in 24 episodes

Juzo is the cutest


after everyone left, why is the camera zooming into chiaki as if junko wasn't sure that she's dead
Is junko still watching the conversation between hajime and chiaki

or maybe...It's Tengan observing her corpse for it to be a suitable candidate for the Izuru 2.0 project

Why does tengan say "so the door is open now" twice within the same scene at the start of mirai 11?

You're literally the only one who ever says that, and you just so happen to be a Mikanfag. You are in no way worth taking seriously.

I couldn't even see it as 'fanservice' to be honest...
I think the reason she seemingly enjoyed it was because all she ever wanted is to be treated kindly. But now as a Despair, it's what she ' feeds' on -- despair. What better way to make her despair then to treat her the complete opposite of how she wanted to be treated?
Kodaka did say Despair Tsumiki was meant to surprise the players, because she is very different from her normal-self.

Anyone got the mexican Juzo pasta saved?

Kaede and cap-kun are likely going to be important, since they're so prominent on the cover. I bet his cap is hiding an ahoge.

>Tfw we will never have a comfy FF SOL series


Google it up, shitlord.

Monaca literally says she did it. Do you people not actually watch the show you're complaining about?

wait then why he didn't kill himself already

>I bet his cap is hiding an ahoge.
yes, and green fuck boy has 2 ahoges

It is, he has a sprite without a hat and there's an ahoge.

He is

There's a single shot in the trailer where he's missing from the class trial

you do realize the same guy posted sources from magazines before and even corrected the mistake with Izuru too?
And he clearly is japanese.


Then why isn't there a portrait in that empty space?

And what about the talk of being able to remove people from class trials? Or has that been a hoax/troll?

Being a dishwasher in general is like shooting yourself in the foot

Not that I can't talk anyway I'm 24/7 duty since I joined the military but I'm let you a secret, a lot of people here don't do shit and just collect a paycheck


>DRV3 actually has zero deaths
>It's a competition to decide who the MC of the 4th game is going to be
>Everyone has at least one ahoge
>Losing a trial means your ahoge is sliced off and you're dumped into the manga/anime extras bin

You should set yourself on fire spergkid

okay but what if I hope for despair
is it hope or despair


So why did Tengan do it? I get the impression he honestly didn't like the Kamukura Project, so all these chiakizuru memers are way off the mark. And he's obviously more than just another dumb despair pawn, too. So what is his deal? What's the other project he strongly implied?

>the only time he laughed was a bitter laugh because they've been killing each other for nothing

Because a snail walked by his wife and she died.

>Losing a trial means your ahoge is sliced off and you're dumped into the manga/anime extras bin

what a cruel fate

trailers are not accurate in DR1 weedman died first and sayaka was still alive in case 6

>flustered juzo
How cute

Whether or not it's true this should still be a thing


Danganheaven probably only has like 5 people in it


What if everyone with an ahoge is a victim/a culprit?
I can see Kohacka trying to pull this off

People suspect it because he has an effeminate appearance and Kodaka could have a Naoto expy planned.

You forgot Oogami.

the mind hacc project duh

When Sato couldn't control her one-sided /u/ lust. If Natsumi didn't die, Hajime wouldn't have gotten mad at hpa for sweeping the incident under the rug, and wouldn't become Izuru. If he didn't become Izuru, Junko wouldn't have met Mitarai at the hospital, where she learn to mind hack. She also wouldn't have taken in interest in class 77 if she didn't meet him either, so Chisa, Mikan, Chiaki, and everyone else would've been fine. She also wouldn't have control over the normies and wouldn't be able to beat Juzo.

/u/ was the snail of this series. It ruined everything like it always does.

Because he's Junko's dad.

you're gonna protect me, right user-kun?

Sakura was my fifth, forgot to put her I guess.

The world has gone to shit, and despair is a means to purge it. Then hope will rebuild it better than before. However, FF are shitters and not a true hope unlike Naegi.

He's Junko's ojii-san.

No you deserved to die for being a dumbass

It seems more like an accidental spoiler rather than an intentional one but it could just have no meaning and be a trailer error

someone post the mindhacc dance webm

HAHA! no

>Like I said though, she can clearly carry Naegi out, since she's been doing that for the whole series

>Oh no, this place is collapsing!
>We need to get out of here fast
>What is it, Naegi Makoto?! Hurry!
>... I can't swim
>*everyone looks at Asahina
>*Cuts to Weedman and Togami looking surprised at the beach, as Asahina emerges from the water downright princess-carrying the manlet
>*He later has to make it up to her by taking her to eat Donuts

i havent checked with the threads for over a week since i didnt have time for last despair ep, but im glad someone saved the gif, i thought nobody liked it

Next episode of Mirai we get to watch Chiaki die all over again.

Are you hyped?

How can I protect someone who's already dead

Actually that makes sense and Tengen knew about FF being corrupt and decided to create the killing game to end it.

I'm sorry.

i'm new to gay people
so please explain it to me
when juzo has lewd thoughts about munakata what is his role
i mean which one put it in it

Depends how deep hey are. Even a hundred feet would be impossible for a normal person- they would black out and drown. That said, the record free dive is 800 feet. The guy nearly died and suffered brain damage though.

The generally agreed upon limit for experienced freedivers is about 300 feet.

Asahina could almost certainly survive that. Naegi would black out and need to be resuscitated, but he could live.

no because it was also confirmed in tokyo game show that green fuck boy has a excepensive VA and that Mask guy talks alot

third time's the charm


Not all gay guys are interested in bum sex.

But honestly? Munataka was definitely taking it in the ass. The worlds best boxer would be pretty good at fisting.

Im gonna miss you guys

>Expensive VA
So a veteran? Who would they get that hasn't been used already?

Juzo wants to be dominated because he's a gay slut

Izuru's coming for you.

I'm gonna miss gunposting

Bandai had an expensive VA, too.

You'd have to ask our boy, brother, all gay men have their own preferences! Most of them switch too.

I wish it could be Miyano Mamoru

Chika is too fat to pull it off.

Juzo is a delicate uke. He would receive.

Juzo's love is pure.

Kirigiri, she's baiting Mitarai.

He'll prob voice hat boy

Drop it now.

Well, I'm not sure which Chika you're talking about, but as I said there, Chiaki has a really nice figure and isn't fat.

He's so submissive to Munakata in daily life though.


I'll always protect you!

>some rich retards swipe money using the name brand of the school his kamukuran founded
>this very money is gained through abusing the hopes and aspirations of the youth, a spit in the face of the purpose of hope's peak
>they have the nerve to make a copy of his precious izuru-kun, and have to have it be a emotionless black hole at that
>they even treat their false izuru kamukura like even more of a lab rat, and would have kept him caged when he wasn't needed
Is it really any wonder why he did this?



This. The "I'll support you!" line is something women say to their husband too.

Oh man, it'll be like Cross Ange all over again.

>Monaca went to space
>next game take place at the moon
I wonder who the new mastermind is



Of course.

if tomoko kawakami had been alive when dr1 was being recorded, who would she have voiced?

>AE motives
>council members

and you've got yourself a good list. I think Hifumi and Taeko could slip in too

I hope Kirigiri gave her senpai a nice hug when she arrived in the afterlife.

nice trigger discipline hope fag

Juzo is tough IRL but was submissive to Munataka. He'd be the sub in the relationship. Hell, with how well he took Munataka's sword inside him, you know he could take a dick.

So Junko won. Yes, she did. She won. She proved that not even he was immune to despair, though it meant resorting to the despair video to do it.

Hope lost to Despair in that moment. If this were being broadcast, thay would have been the moment that all the people of the world watching this would have lost their last hope.

But then another force that was neither hope nor despair appeared and defeated that despair.

It was love.

Hope lost to despair, but despair lost, in the end, to love.

Be proud, Juzoboys. Our boy came through.

That's Mikan, Chiaki is 46 kg.

>implying Izuru wasn't a part of the plan to destroy the world
It's not a coincidence his creation was completed on the same day Junko came to the academy.

Yet when Munakata asked him about it, he mentioned that and implied he wanted to 'protect it'.


A better question is.

Will we ever have a character as wonderful as Izayoi for anime again?

Nah, he stayed pure for Munakata.

Tried to sacrifice everyone so she could leave the Killing Game

Killed someone

Killed someone

Sorry user, god doesn't like gays.

>that Jin
I think I'll miss jinposting most of all.

If he's SHSL Magician then his outfit makes sense.


Mondo did still kill someone, even if it was spur of the moment
And Sayaka had every of intention of killing Leon, and he didn't back off after stopping her.

Dangan is known for giving boys effeminate eyelashes

Don't lose hope user, I really want them to meet each other at least once.

But - no offense - your personality could use a little work. Don't worry, the details don't matter! Just close your eyes for a little bit, okay? I promise, when you wake up you'll feel a lot better.

>SC members

>In heaven

Nice joke

I just love how he always get away with it

They've probably already met in heaven.

I think he said he wouldn't let it go to waste, but that doesn't mean he was in favor of it. Just that, shit happened, it'd be stupid to throw that progress away without making Hinata's trauma worth something.

I have eyelashes like that, and I'm a boy.

>the juzo tag on pixiv got one entire page of new art since last episode
I'm glad

The video isn't even "despair", it's an unfair brainwashing that messes with your brain

I want to see it in the anime.

It's like inverse Nagito
He despairs for hope

Given how even Junko got a ladyboner for Chiaki because of her HOPE, how do you think Kirigiri would feel?


looks pretty fat to me

didn't stick it up the ass tho', so he's good

can be forgiven if truly repentful with all their heart before death

Why? I don't get the joke.

He never acted on his desires and tried his best to suppress them. He might have gotten a pass.

Kirigiri , Sayaka and Chiaki meeting in the afterlife.
Could lead to an interesting conversation

Well that's against the grain. What makes you think that?

juzo nearly made me gay



Why are Fujos always the best artists?

Except that the nuance of the conversation is a little bit different in Japanese, which is something funisubs don't quite get across. By 'that', he implies that it's something related to the Kamukura project but it isn't specifically the one who became Kamukura Izuru.

Tsumiki had a hard life.The reason for all this just cause she stands out and not following what normal in the society of Nippon? Christ.

Did not-Hina punch a hole in the wall?

>imlplying god isn't a faggot



Cool brown guy I guess.

>didn't stick it up the ass tho', so he's good
ahh yes, in that case it's ok
but man that pic

Same VA


Same voice actor


Actually, it's because she's a very pretty girl who's the ideal standard of a Yamato Nadeshiko (think about what her hair would look like being even) and kind too. Basically, bullied incredibly harshly for being a good person.


Ooooh oh yeah. I forgot. Thanks user.

Not fat thats PHAT.

it will be incredibly qt. Chiaki convincing the 2 to play her games. Idolmaster and AA for specialised fun

Kirigiri is not in heaven yet

Mind translating the whole dialogue between them, then? I feel like there's an important clue in there, but maybe it was lost in translation. Makes me wish we had [HOPE] for the whole series.


The protruding nail gets hammered in


She would probably think Chiaki is cute. Kirigiri thinks short people with a lot of hope are adorable.

Delet this
And migrate here

They'd make out and make the Cap guy from DR V3.

What are the odds that his cap hides an ahoge? Kodaka gave plenty of the cast this time hats just so you wouldn't be able to guess what his cap hides.

In my country, you are more likely to be bullied if you're good-looking and stand out, than say being a "geek" or whatever, if you're a Japanese school girl.
Tsumiki was described as being 『人形のような可愛らしい少女』and Ibuki and Hinata find her really cute, so probably the bullying, at least at school, was pure jealously and led by females.

Yes, Japanese society is shit and I'm not going to defend it. I hate it; especially Ōsaka.

>Chiaki convincing the 2 to play her games. Idolmaster and AA for specialised fun

Sayaka joins chiaki and gets really into it. Kyoko keeps getting annoyed how unrealistic AA is.

I'm not going to go that effort. Look through the archive, there's a screencap of orenronen (the SA LPer who translated DR1) talking about his impression of the scene. That said, you can kind of get it even with the current subs by noting how Tengan reacts to the question "Are you talking about the Kamukura project?" and says "Yes, there's -that-. I won't let that go to waste.". You know later on that he's a big fan of dodging questions and giving pseudo-true answers, so the implication is that he's talking about something, or someone, related to the Kamukura project but is not necessarily Hinata Hajime.

rip handsome manliest boxer

They do. They literally think it's mindhacking despite the fact it was established to be a mix of brainwashing/subliminal messaging.

My guess is that Kodaka is just making it harder to tell who the MC and bad guys are going to be.

As much I like Japanese culture that philosophy is retarded.
That's even more petty but, expected if females who were likely her bullies.I even bet they're the ones sexually abuse her going by how much damage danganropa lesbos have done.

how will it conclude?

No. That one has cuties while all yours has is Komaeda.

Just thinking of how nice this would be is pissing me off. No class 77 and 78 interaction is Kodaka's worst DR3 crime


Why do people think she faked her death? If she is alive, she's In a coma.

>No class 77 and 78 interaction is Kodaka's worst DR3 crime

It's a shame. Could of just been turned into a fun spin-off with them just interacting and messing around

>okay but what if I hope for despair
Literally Junko.

What I really find the most puzzling is that people in DR2 are randomly hostile to Mikan for no reason. Her being overly fragile is a part of it, but people scream at her or treat her harshly while she explains her autopsy or when she tries to speak mid-trial even.
Even Mahiru, who stands for the girls 100% of the time, barely says anything when people scream at the poor girl. The only times I remember her "defending" Mikan were Fuyuhiko's "whorehouse" line and when she tells the boys to stop looking when she makes her ecchi-manga fall. In general, she defends Hiyoko more than Mikan, and Hiyoko is a cunt.
The only one who reacts consistently to when people scream at her or the like is Hajime, and even then it's at mostly just his thoughts or doing his "dude... not cool" sprite

Sure. Your SDR2 counterpart, that is.

How many Hinata-kuns does Chiaki have in her class?

1 for each "Hinata-kun" spoken by her while alive on Earth

>Asahina and Sakura joining Nidai and Akane to morning training of EVERYTHING
>Asahina freaking out trying to make Akane wear a swimsuit when swimming in the pool
>Nidai pestering Leon constantly about going back to baseball
>Celes becoming annoyed over not managing to beat Nagito in Mahjong
>Hiyoko and Touko insulting each other non-stop and then breaking down over the abuse
>Sakura beating up Teruteru after making Asahina blush herself half to death with innuendos
>Chihiro and Chiaki enthusiastically talking about games
>Chihiro and Mikan getting into self-pity apologizing contests
>Mondo and Peko getting along while talking about dogs
>Fuyuhiko and Mondo entering dick-measuring contests
>Togami and Twogami constantly telling Naegi to tell people stuff
Really, the scenarios are infinite.

I can't stop smiling, thanks for this user

You would think Japan of all countries would praise beauty.I wonder how her home life was like outside of neglect?
While the DR2 case mostly act close they're just watching out for themselves in the end of the day it's understandable thinking in a killing game.
Hajime being the only one to react makes sense since he's a insecure person as well and he's the most normal of them.

I just realized I did none with my favorite DR2 girl while doing 3 with my favorite DR1 and Dr in general girl.
Let me try to fix that.
>Sayaka and Ibuki awkwardly trying to tell Leon he has no talent for music
>Ibuki and Aoi dragging people to do stuff with their boundless energy

Ahh those long runs together, Ibuki might've found herself a new bandmate