Macross Delta (マクロスΔ)

Freyja will die

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I love Ranka Lee

shit taste

Kawamori is essentially defunct and may even be on the verge of collapse.



Mimini a cute, A CUTE

is he a cuck?


Bogue is a shoujo bishounen.

Delta isn't really the first series to apply the concept of mind control. It already happened during the time of Sharon Apple.

>Frayja will die
I like it


I want to fuck a
> three years old

My dick..
Sherly and Mikumo are sexy


Mikumo is best girl of this show

>This is an odd wrinkle because here, it’s reversed: my friend who worked for GG (who, as I said, contacted me after my rant) revealed that she stopped working on the Delta subs a couple of episodes ago, and that there wasn’t anyone left in the translation group who really knew or cared anything about Macross.

This is sad.

And they often do.


The stone age did not come to an end because of a lack of stones, but because of the invention of bronze.

>Aquarion Evol
This is one of the few occasions on which best girl didn't win bowl.

When they didn't even have the guts to kill off Makina?

I dont want Freyja to die

but they killed Messer.

watching this really brings back memories!


Messer isn't a cute girl. Makina has waifu armor.

Makina is part of Walküre, and thus part of the face of Delta.



Would the Aerial Knights (or even Windermere in general) have benefited from having one or two significant females in its cast? Or is it important that they're all-male (either because they want to highlight a patriarchal society, or just to pander to fujoshi)

The only knight I actually liked is kill, so I generally don't care about them rest of them. Maybe I might have felt differently if there were some women on their side? Or would I still not care.

They're dudes because they needed to pander to fujoshits

That's why they are untouchable at the expense of the protagonists

Oh shit. I forgot it's already Hayate's birthday in Japan.

Happy birthday, bro. Hoina is the best present.

things wrong with macross delta

too many "literally who" characters
too many characters in general
negligible romantic interactions
not enough spess plane action
not enough action in general
throwaway songs
terrible antagonists
no tension
awful birthday episode

Some of their haters would fap to them if they were hot girls.

Yes. Look at Mirage's popularity, or Makina and Reina, there's even that guy who says Reina is one of his favorite Macross characters ever and she's just a cardboard cutout. Waifufags will like any character with a vagina not matter how bland they are. Also the retards who are triggered by the Knights being pretty boys would totally be fine with them being pretty girls instead.

Today is Hayate's VA's birthday too.

If Tv Grace was absolutely despicable and irredeemable and a lot of people here liked her and fapped to her, of course they would do the same with female Knights.

I mean, I'm pretty sure we would have lots of anons fantasizing about female Bogue beating the crap out of Hayate and "she should have been in the triangle instead of Mirage".

his neesan is going to rape him

And let me add

Would Walkure have benefited from having one or two significant male members? Would Delta squad have benefited from having another female pilot other than Mirage, the token female for the forced love triage? Why are Bridge Bunnies always female? Where is my female Macross captain? Why are ace pilots always male? Why are Zentradi always ugly big guys but Meltrandi are hot chicks? Is gender a social construct?

>Why are ace pilots always male?
Milia was an ace pilot and she was female. Klang was an amazing pilot and she was female as well. And Mirage... Well...


user....that's a lot of error in one pic
From the top left are Reina, Freyja and Makina

The fuck. most of these are fucking wrong.

Minori sporting them HayaFre nails

Nao also painted her nails with MakiRei color. HNGGGGGG


Nemoto can't even make a proper two-handed \x/ sign. How could anyone expect him to write a decent plot with those hands?

Happy birthday, Hayate.

kumamon animated your macross.

are they westside gangsters?
but they're not black.

i want to let kumamon sleep

Predictions for last episode?
Mine are:

1- Walkure's "Ai, Oboete Imasuka" will break "Rudanjal Rom Mayan" spell and Mikumo will return to Walkure.
2- First it'll be Hayate Vs Keith, but then it'll be Keith Vs Roid.
3- Aerial Knights will side with Chaos and will fight against Roid and his hidden plan.
4- Mikumo will solve Freyja and Heinz premature aging, but Windermerean lifespan won't be fixed.
5- No Triangle Resolution.
6- Makina will appear again to sing the very last song of Walkure in the OP outfits.



Ranka already lost once. It'd beyond cruel to have Freyja win but ends up dying in the end. Don't fucking do it, Kawamori.

Freyja will live!

She better

I seriously just do not give a single fuck about the Windermeres and their plight.

Yes, and one of them should be delicious brownie.

I wasn't around for when Frontier aired. Were people mad over Sheryl getting her lifespan fixed?

1- Mirage notices Freyja's hand
2- Keith vs Hayate and Mirage vs Herman
3- Keith BTFO, Herman dies, but Freyja's runes are visibly depleting, Mirage finally tells Hayate about Freyja's condition. The trio have a moment.
4- Suddenly, eldritch abominations appear. Windies should never have tampered with the unknown. Both windies and Xaos fleets are getting obliterated, with the windies taking the most damage.
5- Both sides team up to repel the monsters. Freyja still chooses to sing, DYRL happens, cures Mikumo, here Makina and even the past walkures are present, and so is Lady M if she happens to be Minmay. Everyone sing to destroy the ruins and close the gate the monsters came from.
6- Roid dies in the process, not killed by Keith. Heinz may or may not survive.
7- the happy merchant gets out of this mess alive, unless he's dealt with by Lady M in the end.
8- The sector is finally liberated, Marianne is alive. Peace negotiations happen and Keith takes charge of his country. Walkure sings. The end.

I have no idea how they'll solve the lifespan issue though.

>lifespan fixed
Her lifespan is normal, the problem was space AIDS and Ranka cured it. Don't know about Rankafags but everyone was happy for her.

You can't fit all that in one episode, user.

I love Freyja Wion!

Yeah, after seeing the wall of text, I think so too.

Yeah that. I meant her lifespan because of the space Aids.

I guess Rankafags weren't too happy.

I wonder what would Freyja give him as a present. Something that isn't related to songs.

I expect a "Lady M is The Patriots" revelation, so basically an AI that tries in an odd way to achieve the will of someone.
I don't see an old character reappearing in the last episode just like that.

Also Master Herman will die like a bitch to Mirage

>Master Herman will die like a bitch to Mirage

>Freyja = Ranka Lee
>Freyjafags = Rankafags

We cannot refute what is true.

But she's got the crystal skin aids user.

it's crystal skin cancer and not crystal skin aids


Nice 8s

You have best my thread. Might as well put this up.


wasted quints

what is this shityy anime

vary nice movi



t. Hayate

I hear this Zessica character was pretty much destined to lose from the beginning. After Freyja wins and Delta ends, I'm actually planning on watching Evol. I want to be as pissed off as those who saw it when it first aired. I want to understand how it's like when best girl loses.

>I want to be as pissed off as those who saw it when it first aired. I want to understand how it's like when best girl loses.

You madman. I salute you.

She isn't best girl, she's isn't even good. People overrate her because main heroine was fucking shit, but Zessica was pretty bad too. She was based and awesome during the first episodes but she goes to shit and turns into a whining suicidal mess just because the boy she has a crush on doesn't love her back.

>I wonder what would Freyja give him as a present. Something that isn't related to songs.
her virginity

>She was based and awesome during the first episodes but she goes to shit and turns into a whining suicidal mess just because the boy she has a crush on doesn't love her back.

So a Mirage then?

>After Freyja wins

So never?

Nice vintage meme. I saw a lot of them die out after episode 16.

The bigger meme is Freyja "winning" when all that happens is a little blush and there.


The hills are alive with the sound of butthurt.

Mix best girl
>when all that happens is a little blush and there.
It's a pure from of love you faggot.

>people think Hayate is going to choose a girl instead of choosing KAZE

Indeed. Freyja will die.

but her soul will chose to go back in time, the the time when she was happiest, and she will be at season 1 first episode.

Freyja who loves Hayate want to be with him too and want to be in a time when Hayate'd love her, but since he already loves Mirage she'll go back in time before Hayate is born, and became his mother.

I'm not worried about Hayate not choosing Freyja because at this point we know Freyja is the obvious winner. What concerns me is what if we get a repeat of Frontier where there was a clear winner but shit didn't get resolved until the movies. That'd be fucked up.

Freyja is KAZE. Hayate says flying doesn't feel right without her. We might get a sky ending afterall, but it'll really be a Freyja ending.


And just imagine, she wasn't best girl, she was lame and stuff, but main heroine was fucking worse!

freyja is flat


Mix got her BIGBANGU back in OVA.

Freyja is really important to him, he even gave up on flying so she can sing.


It's very simple, the main heroine (Mikono) is a retarded cunt. "I'M COMPLETELY USELESS"

This happens when the staff loses interest in a show, which coincidentally only happens when the show's quality tanks. I can't blame them, since they are one of the last legitimate fansubber outfits in the Crunchy era.

>freyja is flat
boobs - AA

You do realize the entire point of Windermere is to mock Japanese right wing conservative efforts to restore power to the imperial throne and pursue imperial ambitions, right? That would be lost if they tossed evil titty monsters into the mix.

It's almost like her character was sabotaged to favor another pairing.

Good joke.

What the fuck are you all even talking about?

Is it just a poor bait that gg dropped Delta or am I missing something? In case it's former isn't Vale (a guy) translates it?

You can just tweet them yourself and ask for clarification.

But he loves her songs. Maybe she can sing while they fuck. She could wear Wright's old pilot suit while she's at it.

You do realize GG just released the new episode yesterday? And said nothing about dropping it on their official page. And we only have 1 episode left.

They're not dropping it.

> Maybe she can sing while they fuck. She could wear Wright's old pilot suit while she's at it.
Like cruel angel thesis?

are you blind?

>We are dealing with an enemy that brainwashes our soldiers and have already lost several fleets to this. So lets just send in another. What could possible go wrong?
And this is why you don't let stupid apes like NUNShits play with dangerous weapons.

I haven't seen you being active in these threads since episode 16 or 17. But now you're posting in every single thread. It's like you were keeping some severe butthurt all this time.

>Yuuma bought Hayate's necklace
>They asked Minori to sing
>They resonated

Why don't they just send drones equipped with dimensional weapon?

The implication wasn't that they dropped it. The implication was that the staff who were originally assigned to Delta dropped it, so there have been some scrubs doing the subs for the past few episodes who don't know fuck all about Macross. Good luck getting acknowledgements for any Macross references in the last episode.

It's not butthurt, it's joy. All I wanted from this show was a NUNS genocide and based Delta delivered. My precious Hoina will win the bowl, NUNShits are dead and everything is right with the world.

Because nobody wants to lose a dimensional nuke. Send out 10 drones, 1 drone malfunctions and gets lost in space, thats 1 nuke out in the galaxy that some asshole can find and turn into one planet's bad day.

Are you?

>mfw Chuck's sister will show up out of nowhere in the final episode and somehow deliver a critical blow to one of the Knights

The funniest part of that video was Minori going "Bogue and Bogue... happiness".

Surely they should have the technology to prevent drones malfunction, shouldn't they?

>gets lost in space
Just fold near Windermere atmosphere and let gravity do the rest.


Because they are retarded,

I laughed so hard when Seto failed and Minori said sorry to everyone for cheating.

Minori's dedication to her husbando rivals Hayate's to Freyja. I'm proud of her.

Seriously, it's the same stupid questions in every thread.

>Just fold near Windermere atmosphere and let gravity do the rest.
Watch the fucking show. They can't.

Oh fuck, it summoned ace combat shitposter.
You asked the same retarded question and you were fucking told several fucking times.

I was wondering the same thing. The NUNS are portrayed as this super duper EVIL so much that I can't give a damn if anything happened to them, good or not, and yet this faggot is acting like they raped his mother and always roleplays with the NUNSfags. It' spretty cringy.

>Hayate's VA: Sing for me Heinz-sama!

Happy birthday, Hayate.

>They can't
Right. Forgot about that. But surely they can at least infiltrate other planets that have protoculture ruins and destroy them, right? If even a small company like Chaos could do it, then a group of spy backed up by NUNS should be able to do it easily.

Don't bully, we're just having fun.


>2 good episodes in 2nd cour - 18 and 25


NUNS aren't even portrayed as super evil. The NUNS cat guys were shown to have families to go back to after they were freed from their mind control. That one NUNS guy that Hayate saved also expressed disgust for Wright's actions.

I recognize that butt.


NUNS already tried to destroy them with a nuke, it didn't work. Chaos used Mikumo to destroy ruins. I'm not sure even if other Walkure members can do anything without her.

And NUNS don't have their own singer at all. Otherwise they would use them to suppress star song instead of fold jammers in episode 25.

Someone teach this poor guy some anatomy.

Minori is retarded like Freyja and freyjafags

Don't be stupid. Good episodes were 15 (unless you're a NUNSfag), 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, and 25. 26 is most likely going to be good because we'll get some mech combat again.

They could try a DE. It's not like they give a fuck about killing millions of civilians.


>If you don't like episode 15 the you must be a NUNSfag.
I agree with the rest though.

It seems they did care and that's why NUNS went with that plan only in episode 25.

Frontier movie is canon

Sasuga user-sempai

Ah. The sweet smell of desperation.

That's a bait user, don't fall for him.

I didn't like them because they lacked the vibe of first episodes of first c.

Name a good memorable second cour action scene. You can't.


>diong something relevant

The director already spoiled the story plot will be resolved by Heinz and Keith. Delta is completely pointless.

Why is Delta manga so lewd?

I know. But it's fun answering to them.

Episode 19 when Freyja got sucked in by the ruins power and Hayate went apeshit.

Now that I think about it... Why DID Freyja get sucked in but not Kaname, and the Yuri duo?

Don't need to destroy it completely. Just get into the ruins and rigged some of the devices so that it won't function properly.

>but they have no idea how protoculture ruins work
Just pay large amount of shekels to the merchant. Surely he knows one thing or two.

>NUNS don't have their own singer at all
Why would they need that? It's an infiltrating mission, not a large scale invasion like in episode 25. You won't get VAR'ed if they don't notice. Just send a small team of good spies and infiltrate the ruins a la James Bond/Solid Snake.

Wait a minute. She's the one who fell and he ran to catch her, yet he's on top. I don't get it.

They didn't sing.

because always draw lewd thing:



Does anyone have raws of the first volume?

So this Macross E thing is like a bridge manga between Frontier and Delta?


Delta doesn't revolve around Hayate, faggot.


Hm, I guess so. But they were singing before so it still doesn't 100% doesn't explain why just Freyja. It could be that the protocolture ruins reached out to Freyja and Mikumo via mind rape.

I still wonder if Freyja is a Wind Singer or not. A few threads ago someone posted that Wind singers exist to stop the Star singer from activating the ruins by themselves. If by some chance Mikumo were to lose herself in grief over killing NUNS, she could lose control and Heinz and Freyja would have to stop her.

The preview with Freyja naked is reminiscent of when the Aerial Knights were mind raped by Heinz' song in episode 19 so perhaps that's a scene where she's in a "link" trying to reach Mikumo.

So when will Minori sing Tenshi no Enogu? I heard it's her favorite Minmay song.

pls stupid copypasta shitposter go back to

What were they doing at 36:45?
Also did Minori eat that apple?


Anime logic desu. In novel he seized her arm and they tripped.
>And the girl swayed a bit and then tripped and fell, and then Hayate collapsed on top of her.
>Hayate generally had an excellent sense of balance, so he didn’t do this kind of falling very often. It was entirely involuntary.

Scan user abandoned us and I can't find any from chinks.

>no rune licking
shit doujin


I think the ruins reached out to her because she's Windermerean, and maybe a Wind Singer too since they can be born outside the royal family too. Also, the scene with the Knights feeling something entering their runes and the preview of the next ep make me think that they are indeed living weapons and one of the system's uses is controlling these super soldiers through the Star and Wind Singers.

>grandfather's big dick
freyja love it

I'm interested because some people on twitter were drooling over a page with Bogue and it could be lewd fanservice of Bogue and I swear I'm not Minori.

>3 year old

>Also, the scene with the Knights feeling something entering their runes and the preview of the next ep make me think that they are indeed living weapons and one of the system's uses is controlling these super soldiers through the Star and Wind Singers.

It was mentioned in one of the threads from an interview that the Windermere are actually a defensive countermeasure against the Zentradi. But that the Windies were given "limiters" aka their short lifespans. Which ties in with them being OP living weapons created by the protocolture for defensive measures.

(In Advisor Exedore's voice)


Just messing around, Minori said she want to eat it but I think she didn't.


I only remember 16 and 18 episodes which means that I don't like the rest episodes: they have been boring, the things that should have happened earlier are happening now, the writing is bad (the recent things: Windermeareans haven't checked the black box, repairing VF - 22).

The Windies may have been a defensive weapon against the Zentradi and their 30 year lifespans are their limiters.
The wind singers are the activation device for the ruins and a safety mechanism to prevent them from being activated by the star singers alone.
Some other lore about cloning and info about the inertia control technology.
Dr. Chiba attended a lecture by Mao in his college years and completed the fold wave theory after Macross 7.
There really should have been 7 Walkure to match the seven notes of the musical scale and that there are Walkure in Norse mythology.
I think we might get a final song with Minmay, Basara, Sheryl, and Ranka joining in to complete Walkure.

So the anons who theorized that at the beginning were right.

The interesting thing about the Windies is that they developed more or less into a normal society, unlike the zentradi. In a way they have proved the Protoculture that they are more than weapons.

>I think we might get a final song with Minmay, Basara, Sheryl, and Ranka joining in to complete Walkure.
The blondie and that Ragna girl with a nice design are going to sing again.

Anyone got the updated version?

Here you go.

I missed her smug face.

Windies were shown to be peaceful people until NUNS fucked them up and invaded their planet because of the treaty. Before that, they kept to themselves and enjoyed their country-styled life.

They were forced to go to war against their will, then when they got fed up they fought for their independence and in the end, had a bomb dropped on their planet. So they went from peaceful to resentful.

That's what I meant. They have their own culture and all that. Herman himself said their white wings turned black after the war. If it weren't for NUNS Heinz would be the king of a peaceful planet, Keith would be a loving brother flying in order to protect his planet and Heinz, Roid would be studying the Protoculture without going crazy with ambition and feeling like he has to prove something, Bogue would be chilling with his five sisters, Cassim taking care of his apples, the twins working as merchants, Herman teaching how to ride the wind, etc. Overall even if they are living weapons who are waging war right now unlike with the Zentradi who knew nothing else all these people have lives beyond the war.


I'd like to see Mirage leave Delta to find herself by joining with Herman so he can teach her how to fly like the wind.

If there's UNDERSTANDING and Herman can go back to teaching I'd like to see that too.

>Windermeareans haven't checked the black box, repairing VF - 22
And what exactly would they hear? That NUNS dropped the nuke just like they already thought?
Also it's military plane, recording was probably encrypted. And Reina could hack NUNS to get decryption keys.


>let's make Delta even more jobbers and geeks by letting more useless Aerial Knights live

I cannot envisage any ending which will resolve this series.

Why was it so bad?

No Messer.

Xaos vs windermerians
Mikumo vs Walkure
It's not hard.

Because you probably only have genocide in mind.

But Herman is actually cool and relatable. He's a respectful family man.

He's way better than Arad.

Because it was supposed to be 13 episodes.

>Heinz would be the king of a peaceful planet
Heinz still could be a king of peaceful planet, but Gramia decided to decalre the war

>Keith would be a loving brother flying in order to protect his planet and Heinz
He could. But he decided to go with war of aggression instead.

Etc, etc, etc. They all had a chance for a peaceful life after their war of independence. Except for
>Roid would be studying the Protoculture without going crazy with ambition and feeling like he has to prove something
No. Roid was butthurt about windermerian lifespan so he would probably go crazy anyway.

Holy shit, what part of NUNS being shit and Windies feeling threatened by them and angry that they were unjustly blamed for a genocide they didn't commit do you not understand?


>Roid was butthurt about windermerian lifespan so he would probably go crazy anyway.

Didn't Roid lose his path after he received Gramia's will? I remember him clearly not wanting to use Heinz for "war" and such.

>this gives you permission to mind control the galaxy

Because Kawamori is immature and a hack.

It will be rushed and forced.

Worst Macross of all time.

Most punchable face ever.

Don't worry, I fully understand you're that retarded "NUNShit" shitposter.


Roid killed Gramia so he can proceed with his plans. He had pretty crazy talks even before Gramia's death.

I'm rooting for the GILF. He'll survive and die a year later, but he'll survive the show.


I am asking for one thing only - please no Hayate teaming up with Keith. Any other bullshit is fine: full UNDERSTANDING, Keith vs Roid, Mirage vs Herman, even Chaos vs NUNS. Just not Hayate fighting together with Keith against Roid/Sigur Valen/Birdman/NUNS/Chaos/Lady M/whatever.
>You killed Messer and tried to kill my waifu like 5 times, but there is a bigger threat right now
Nothing like that. I beg you.

Am I asking too much?

Nice straw man argument, retard.

They already went with the low road by making Hayate a cuck.

It's going to be cringy and your scenario will happen.

That's exactly what happened with the two Aquarions. Enjoy your Kawamori end.

Perfect way to end Delta: Hayate killing Bogue for all those times he attacked Freyja.

Do it, Kawamori.

>>They all had a chance for a peaceful life after their war of independence.

>You killed Messer and tried to kill my waifu like 5 times, but there is a bigger threat right now
>Oh, thanks for helping. I guess we're even now
>Actually to show my gratitude you can fuck this little Hoina
>Bogue, don't be shy, you can join too!

Kaname's virginity, who'll have it?

Pretty sure she already lost it.

the male staff at the talent agency she was attached too when she was trying to be an idol

in a gangbang


He never really cared when Messer died and gave more attention to Cassim who was trying to kill him.

He also spared Bogue twice even though he was trying to kill Walkure.

He's one of the worst no-kill offenders in mecha anime.

At least Jesus and Kio had that drastic change that made them that way, he did not and was just pulling out a writer's excuse.

>He also spared Bogue twice
First time was in episode 8.
When was the second time?

He didn't want to kill because it disgusted him after episode 6. He also doesn't want to taint Freyja's songs. It's like Basara except Hayate isn't afraid to use his weapons.

>He also doesn't want to taint Freyja's songs
Walkure's song you mean.

Well yes but he said Freyja specifically. He resonates with her and her alone.

What is the best Fire Bomber song?

That's just a lame writer's excuse to keep his hand's clean and the enemy plot armor working in full force.

If he is so averted to killing an enemy trying to kill him and his friends he should have quit Delta squadron and watched from the sidelines.

No kill pilots like him are the cancer killing mecha anime.


>cancer killing mecha anime.
Watch Macross 7 before talking about Macross series or the whole mecha anime, newfag.

Macross 7 is one of the worse Macross, no shit.

Most of the Macross MCs were never edgelords who are trying to be sanctimonious in a show about war and conflict.

They flew and did their job, none of that bleeding heart shit.

>in a show about war and conflict.

I would've loved it if the Aerial Knights were treated like the Yellow Squadron.

Basara >>>>>>>>>>>>> Freyja

Because hoin a shit.


I can't wait for the interviews where Kawamori will talk about Delta's failure.


The director or TV network executive

Even in our world it's possible to restore hymen with a simple operation.
And it's future with overtech and shit. I bet she can restore her virginity by taking a single pill.

Why did most of the male windies have long hair?

I want to make Mikumo into a MikuMILF!

Because Bishounens

What kind of logic is that? Men look better with short hair.

You gotta show off those runes.

When are the new albums coming out?


The show is so bad, the Chinese decided to not leak it.

Is it biologically possible to be a 3-year-old mother?

Anime logic. Bishounens are usually portrayed with long hair.

it is if you're a protoculture clone

I thought Bogue would be important and not be a Joke character. I thought they were prepping a forgiveness arc and even paralleling him with Freyja with the Rune thing. I though Bogue and Hayate would be rivals.

It was clear since 6 that he was being set up to be Gavil user.

>Delta characters other than Haya and Freyja and Roid
>character arcs
Choose one.

Frontier > Delta

We never got Hayate fighting with his Freyja waifu in the backseat singing to buff him. Smh. What a disappointment.

were they afraid to make Walkure do dangerous things in the battlefield like episode 1 again?

was looking for this post. Somehow Cred Forums didn't disappoint

Too bad they're fujobait. Cassim died and not-Yellow 13 is doing absolutely nothing.

That makes you really-really dead. Writer or director were probably reminded it was not Symphogear.

How is this anime? I skimmed through the first two episodes and decided it was shit.

>How is this anime?
It's made in Japan so it's definitely anime.

It doesn't have this face.

It's shit. Everyone hates it and it is regarded as being the biggest disappointment of the decade.

Short hair is civilized, long hair is wilder, they both have their own appeal.

It's great. Everyone loves it and it is regarded as being the biggest masterpiece of the decade.

Why does she have such dead eyes ?

>everybody hates it
>disappointment of the decade

Calm the fuck down. Jesus christ.

If anything we got Freyja sitting on Mirage's backseat buffing Hayate. Stupid triangle prevented Freyja from being with Hayate as he flies.

Hermann will live because it seems he has embraced and accepted all his deathflags. Someone that ready to die will not die.

I remember I thought the same about this cute girl.
In later episodes she was basically swimming in those death flags. And then she had to survive the very last one, she didn't manage to.

Rest in peace.

Pls animesuki shit get out


Who do you think will sing DYRL? Let's vote on it.


Macross Scramble officially pairs Freyja with Sheryl, though, as 'counterpart'.

I can't find the clip of Minoringo singing DYRL on yt. Did it get taken down?

He'll live because the staff loves him.

This is an amazingly awesome headcanon!

Imagine if we didn't get a triangle and we instead got a stronger OTP relationship. All those halfassed moments Mirage had with Hayate would have been given to Freyja. We would have gotten Freyja comforting Hayate while he's out cold in episode 19, we would have only seen her appear when Hayate snaps out of the VAR in episode 22, hell the two could have had even sweeter moments when they were together in Windermere in episode 23. I can't imagine how things would have gone in episode 14 if it was Hayate and Freyja that were locked in together.

Is Delta shit?




Poll is shit, desu.

The only difference between Ranka Lee and Freyja is the color hair.

And that Freyja won.

genki girls are the worst anime character stereotypes ever

>genki girls are the worst anime character stereotypes ever
Don't forget the Moeblob and CGDCT girls.
they really attract the cancer.

On our sound

>comparing Freyja to Ranka

All this Miragefag salt tastes so good

why would you do that to your heart? crazy

if you fucking need to name them you are a scrub


Minmay Lynn is also part of the Ranka and Freyja team

I simply want to understand the pain and suffering of Zessicafags. The only way to do that is to become one.

Hikaru had a magic bicycle.

I'll be waiting user

Listening to the first ED literally got me into this show. I watched DYRL so I could jump right into watching Delta. This proved to be plenty, and I thoroughly enjoyed the show for a while. Then JUNJOU happened and everything after that was basically shit.

fuck off mikonofag, Mikono is part of the Newtype rank of the worst mecha characters of all times.

WOWOWO is so much better than JUNJOU, it's not even funny.

What's so special about the Yellow Squadron? Is there a play through I can watch?

>a magic bicycle.

I think I may have given the wrong impression. I like WOWOWO and JUNJOU on near equal levels. What I meant was that following the "shit gets fucked" episode when they sing JUNJOU, everything after was boring and shit.

>even in the game ad
Mikumo is the Ranka. The idol used the bad guys against her will. While Freyja is the idol who used to be from the enemy homeland and is dying aka Sheryl.

As is Sheryl, you mean? You realize she's a Minmay clone right?

>Sheryl is not a stupid genki girl.
You're playing the stupid role.

Sheryl is a clone of Minmay?
I mean, she was already a horrible character on her own, but this is just like Worst Girl Ever Extra Credit.

And a happy birthday to Uchida as well. It's cute that he shares his birthday with Hayate.

Everyone agrees with you. Why did it have to come to this? :(

Birthday boys. Uchida and Hayate.

I don't know. I've been waiting for a good anime-original to watch with Cred Forums for a while, and this was such a letdown.


I haven't even seen Evol yet. See my original post here

I want that Freyja notebook or whatever the fuck it is.

>that piano DYRL when Hayate and Freyja are going over his dad's letters

D'aw that was cute.


>Lady M wasn't Mylene
Fucking dropped

No, Phsyica is though.
Frontier did it also. That was Grace's entire plan

They're an antagonist ace squad in Ace Combat 04. You could watch a playthrough, or if you have a decent CPU you could set up PCSX2 and play it yourself, which I'd recommend.
This is the PS2 bios files, you can probably get the rest yourself.!I5kSjaiZ!-Y6EJo7xoLmCe1WkltmY5Tn8gpVndTBal423MdBKsFc

>Frontier did it also. That was Grace's entire plan
Presuming Macross Galaxy departed from planet eden, there is a possibility that Grace had some connections in the development of Sharon Apple since the guy who was behind the Sharon Apple incident is a scientist? But Sharon Apple has nothing to do with Protoculture because Grace is another Protoculture fanatic like Roid.

Maybe for the final battle, Mikumo will grant the windies an extended lifespan which will cause all of them to rethink their lives. When they all want to surrender to go home to their families, Roid will be the only one who wants to carry out his crazy plans, so the windy army will turn on him and destroy the Sigur Valens. I also like the idea of Roid escaping on a Draken and being forced to face Keith in a final dogfight.

So does anyone still believe that we are getting a movie? There seems to be a lot that still need to be answered.

If I recall it did depart from planet Eden (if I remember right, that was referenced in episode 10). We know the crew of the galaxy are technophiles, so it would make sense that there were people close to the Sharon Apple project who were on the Galaxy.

What else needs to be answered after all the exposition we've gotten? Only thing left to be answered is what is Roid really wanting to do. And I guess "who is Lady M?", but that latter one isn't important.

There isn't much left to be answered actually. As for the movie, I think it'll only get one movie unlike Frontier which got two. That's good enough for me. Best bet is it'll be announced after the last episode airs like with Frontier's last episode.

>We know the crew of the galaxy are technophiles, so it would make sense that there were people close to the Sharon Apple project who were on the Galaxy.
I remember an user said that the Pink Monsoon by Sheryl Nome had references of Sharon Apple and of course being a civilian on board the Macross Galaxy no doubt makes her a fan of Sharon Apple.

>read the lyrics
>it's raunchy as fuck

What a slut

In just one episode? It's harder than you think.

Well that's sheryl for you

Did we discuss this already?

I'd be pretty awesome if he really is from Eden. Would explain his love for flying.

She was a genki girl when she was younger. Are you stupid or do you not know her character at all?

She's also plenty dumb. That's why she trusted Galaxy and Leon.

Ranka = SDM Minmay
Sheryl = DYRL Minmay

Kawamori said so.


For one episode? I'll say Freyja is smarter than Ranka and Sheryl, considering both of them were stupid as fuck and trusted shady people who weaponized them for a while. I'm not seeing anything of Sheryl that's admirable besides her tits. Walkure are smarter than them, including Freyja.

The album got leaked one week ago:

How did we not know about this? Did the shitposters drive everyone off?

can you download from there?

>Tfw want Frejya to lose purely because she's a filthy Windnigger

you need to pay, just wait a few day, maybe someone will put it online.

Yes we did.

You can't use a reason with them user, they just want to shitting on Freyja because butthurt and vice versa.

>not a shady organization weaponizing them

How dare you inslut muh perfect mary sue waifu Sherypoo.

>Lady M orders Delta Squad to head to Ragna to prevent Windniggers' invasion
>Berger be like sasuga lady M
>NUNS reporting to duty, infiltrating to the Birsingr Cluster with an amarda of space ships carrying MDE weapons.
>Roid heard the report and be like, Berger you're too late.

What the fuck man. Is this some cat and mouse game that the writers are trying to pull it out without letting us know what's happening behind the scenes?

>Ranka = SDM Minmay
>Sheryl = DYRL Minmay
This makes even more sense because they were both horrible characters.
Minmay is a horrible character REGARDLESS of SDM or DYRL source. Characters based on her are, therefore, also horrible.
Thanks for clearing this up for me. I really was kind of confused as to how Frontier had created two love interests that were horrible in their own ways. This has been a wonderful, enlightening discovery for me.

Minmay sucks. Sheryl sucks. Ranka sucks. The End.

>So does anyone still believe that we are getting a movie? There seems to be a lot that still need to be answered.
The only thing that is left is the final battle that no on e wants to fight, everything else is already answered.

>Mikumo a NUNS fleet

Yeah, they're not gonna let her live at the end of the series, aren't they.

I don't speak chinese but from google translate it seems some guy just gathers money to buy the real album or some shit. That thread is full of 10-20 yean/yuan donations.
It wasn't leaked yet, otherwise someone would definitely upload it already.

>She was a genki girl when she was younger.

I'm a Chinese speaking user, from the post they are just gathering money to buy the album.
And when the album is released, everyone who took part in this project will get access to Hi-Res files of all 6 albums (2 albums+2 singles+2ost)

As opposed of trusting Galaxy which murdered your parents and experimented with you or Leon who is obviously evil as Sheryl did? She was really fucking dumb, wasn't she? Maybe Grace didn't educate her since her street rat days to keep her obedient.

pls t.animesuki get out

Go away Shadow Hearts.

I now understand how the pilots and singers were paired.

Arad/Mikumo the "leaders" of Walkure and Delta Platoon

Messer/Kaname the actual leaders and the ones who made sure things worked

Chuck/Reina the technical guys of their groups

Mirage/Makina the walking pair of tits of their respective groups

Hayate/Freyja the shiny new aces who buff each other and actually show pilot/singer teamwork

So will we have DYRL this weekend?

Isn't this cutting it too close?

That's not Physica.

She will become the Legend.

Care to translate?

The CG team is just about finished.
From his other tweets, it looks like they went through hell.

meaning we can have high expectations regarding the final episode?

It means we get something more than talking heads at least.

>It means we get something more than talking heads at least.
Lets hope we will get all new CG animations in this episode rather than 50/50 where the other half consists of recycle CG animations.



I want a chibi Hoina too

I just want to see Hayate dance the White Knight to death.

This outfit is a pure abomination.


It's his outfit for his apple picking dates with Freyja.


Mikumo needs to be adopted.

Kaname is probably completely ruined down there, she can't hold in a dick and her asshole is gaping from a last attempt to keep guys interested. And that was all years ago when she was remotely relevant, she still hasn't had sex in years because no one wants to get close to the constant smell of anal leakage.

I remember the last time we got a tweet about production hell and tight schedule was before episode 20. That episode had 10 animation directors, but almost zero animation and shitton of QUALITY. Animation director was even apologizing for poor quality.

So production hell for CG team doesn't necessarily mean we will get lots of CG action in last episode. It just means that Satelight is a shitty small studio with very little resources which outsources everything to even smaller and shittier companies.

For example this is "office building" of unknownCASE which handles CG for Delta: You can see some granny drying her clothes on balcony.

Freyja will be great at cowgirl position


More lewd





What does it say, senpai? I'm ready to cry.

>"Even if I could live to 60, sing songs, love apples, and get into Walkure"
>"If I could love once in my life I would give it to you Hayate"
>"Hayate, I love you"
>If I love only once
>"That goes a lot more for me"
>God Bless You
>"That I could love someone this much"





Delta might be a huge mess, but these two are perfect. They better get their happy ending.

So cringy. Don't be a sore loser. We won, you lost, deal with it.

I got Kimonozo vibes from this.

>projecting this hard

you sucks as well.

We as in the ones who wanted a NUNS genocide vs the the ones who wanted a Wind genocide.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Thank you user

For how many generations are the glassess in her family?


Well, if she didn't tell Hayate to go for
Freyja she would get a chance to spend
time with him.

it'd be like episode 16 all over again.

>it'd be like episode 16 all over again.
But without Mirage brooding in the picture

I actually feel sorry for you guys.

I have a feeling the final battle won't be a space battle. I really hope Delta catches the Windies right before they enter Ragna, I want to see super packs again.

>no space battles


Remember those times when side characters actually sing along a did something great?


>Why are Zentradi always ugly big guys but Meltrandi are hot chicks?

>facebook image
Says it all.

>We as in the ones who wanted a NUNS genocide
I'm pretty sure you're the only one who cares about it.


I want to see more Mirage edits.

Freyjafag here, /r/ loli Mirage with Immeldad.

« Delta 2! »


I just realized something.. this whole crystals disease in the Windermerians

is Freyja going to have an Inori ending?

please hold me Cred Forums

Why so salty? It's bad for your health

>asking for a Guilty Crown type ending

Come here, let me punch you in the tits

Is mylene a better pilot than mirage?

>just finished it

Holy fuck, all those death flags.

Lets face it they don't have the budget and even if they did, it would literally be 2v8 fighter jets twisting in the air for a total of 6 minutes of screentime while the rest of the episode is singing or butt naked singing followed by a quick 90 second conclusion involving an all-you-can-eat buffet of fried fish and apples on Windemere.

>death flags
>last episode

They could have blown Arad earlier yet he is spared even though he is useless

>They could have blown Arad earlier yet he is spared
Because he is the all knowing guy when it comes to secrets and a potential dick for kaname once the war is over

>and a potential dick for kaname once the war is over

Which is why he'll die. Kaname was born to suffer.

>all knowing guy
He knows jack shit

He was just a lone survivor from the previous war and does nothing substantial in the show

Episode 17, Mirage singing Rune Pika to Hayate while Freyja looks depressed in the background.

Kaname is immune to death flags though. And if one dares get near her, she'll just sing AXIA to repel it.

Shes immune to death flags because shes absorbing all the death flags. She has no future in Walkure (assuming it will still exist after the war) and her retirement will either be as Arad's bitch or as a lonely Christmas cake.

Tell that to Messer.

Well Frontier final battle was filled with reused animation so I'm not expecting 100% new animation for Delta either.

>He was just a lone survivor from the previous war and does nothing substantial in the show
Because he is not given enough screentime and relevance in Delta. Ozma at least is way better than him in almost everything.

Why are cakes so good?

I don't get why Cred Forums doesn't like them so much.

Cakes are awesome usually.

At least show us some decent fights which i believe will never happen in Delta because Papa Kawamori hates wars and this show is idol focused, basically most of the screentime will be centered at Frejya singing DYRL and wake Mikumo up from her senses. I couldnt expect much out from this final episode to be honest. I could reconsider if the final episode is animated in a 40mins format which other animes had done before in the past.

I don't know, Kaname is fappable but she ultimately chose Arad, who can barely hold a conversation with her or look at her past 90 seconds, over Messer. She chose to be a cake, and I can't really respect that.

Arad is a redundant character

Even the cat ace is more relevant than him and he actually killed Windermemes

Messer got the teacher and ace role and was killed, his death had zero effects to the characters he left

Mirage got the initial teacher role and dropped off

Arad fought Windermemes before but they only showed him being a geek like the rest of Delta platoon

To be honest, the most developed character in Delta is kaname. She could have easily been the main heroine of the series. She is anywhere and everywhere around the episodes.

>At least show us some decent fights which i believe will never happen in Delta because Papa Kawamori hates wars

What? Frontier was constant war. Zero was constant war. 7 was one battle after another. The reason why Delta has been so shitty is because of sponsor demands influencing the development and priorities of the show. Kawamori is obligated to sell the bishounen knights to the fujos with this joke of a show budget, and hes doing just that.

If anything, you should fault Kawamori for not doing everything in his power to make the best Delta could be with the resources at his disposal and his contacts list of talented writers and animators in the industry. You can tell he gave up in cour 2 and wanted Delta shoveled out while he is making new business deals in China.

Everyone are immune to death flags except Messer. Even Chuck can get away from Kakizaki flag because he's too irrelevant.

Thats because a lot of support roles are outsourced to Kaname, and the only justification for it is that Kaname wants to ride that Arad dick but he won't let her.

Strangely enough, the only ones without deathflags after episode 25 are Keith, Mirage and the yuri duo.

Let's see:
Mikumo has a deathflag because she's the Star Singer and because she's being mind raped to do bad things, making her "the final boss"

Heinz is the king that was supposed to lead his country into a peaceful life but failed miserably because he was manipulated and burned out his lifespan singing.

Roid because he's the "mastermind" pulling the strings, the true bad guy.

Kaname and Arad because of the conversation they had about wanting to make it back out alive and what they wanted to do in the future with their team mates.

Chuck because of his promise to get back his sister and Ragna.

Freyja because she's literally burning her lifespan out to continue singing and might go out in a blaze of glory to make her songs reach everyone. Childhood flashback to Immeldad and how she's "connected" to Hayate since before things even started.

Hayate because he once again confirmed he wanted to protect Freyja, her planet, Ragna and the galaxy. Pretty bold move and one that will come to bite him in the ass. Also, that childhood photo of his dad.

Hayate and Freyja though are the ones that are really neck deep in death flags after that bonding scene and how they're so connected with a "past" that binds them together. I wouldn't be surprised if the both of them didn't make it out alive after this.

Also remember OP2 when Hayate and Freyja are shown resonating, that particular lyrics says "We burn our lives for this fusion"

Kawamori felt like Oprah.

>You get a death flag! And you get a death flag! And YOU get a death flag!!

If Chuck doesn't die after that whole 'i want my idols to sing and my pilots to fly freely' speech the writers are megahacks.

Mirage has a deathflag by virtue of being one of the only surviving pilots able to face the Windemere knights. Lets face it, she can't kill any of those guys.

Mirage won't die because she has no impact on the storyline or a character plot/position that would imply it.

Mikumo is the final boss.
Heinz is the pitiful king
Roid is the true bad guy
Kaname and Arad team leaders
Chuck because of his family
Hayate and Freyja because they're the MCs

What if writers give an asspull victory for Mirage to defeat/ disable one of the aerial knights since they are short of time to intergrate so many things in the final episode?

I could see her distracting the Knights, leading them away from Hayate so he can do whatever the hell he needs to do.

>it's the Cred Forums shitposter again
Please kill yourself. Please.

>Messer's death had no effect on Hayate
Whenever I read this I think what people mean is that it didn't have the effect they expected, that Hayate would get over his "no kill" attitude. But actually what happened is that Messer's death cimented Hayate's dislike of wars in general. And since one of Delta's theme is that war often brings more war when the victimes retaliate later on, it makes sense that Hayate, being our protagonist, would decide to break the chain of hate and destruction and tell Keith that he would exceed him instead of an "I'll kill you an avenge Messer". I mean, look at what happened to Windermere and its Knights, they went from honorable guys who wear white and only fly for the protection of their planet to not caring about honor and accepting that war is shit but what can you do when the world you live in is shit to begin with and wearing black in the process. In a way Hayate is setting an example when he told Keith that and before that I remember they way he said "the shinigami" felt like there was a lot of implications there, in the vein of "he was similar to you and you could have got along well if only you weren't trying to kill each other". And Keith probably regrets killing Messer (which brings me to how Messer's death affected also Keith).

So in short, what I meant is that in Delta one of the messages is that war is bad, and in the long term it only brings more war as seen with Windermere's example who were peaceful and honorable until NUNS dropping that DE changed them. And ultimately our protagonists supposedly have decided to break that chain (unless Hayate and Delta start killing people next ep) of death and destruction and Windermere and its Knights should remember that they are supposed to be better than NUNS and that until not long ago they were honorable and fought for the protection of their planet, just like Delta and Walkure fly and sing to protect people.

>all this mental gymnastics defending a shitty main character who never advanced his character and keeps pissing on Messer's grave

If he hated war and killing he should have quit.

No, you should be watching a different show.

No, you should imagine Hikaru hesitating shooting down Zentradis or Alto with bugs.

AS much as I wanted Mirage to win, I can't help but agree that HayaFrey is too cute. It's moments like this and in the earlier episods when they are just happy around eachother.

Hayate is neither Hikaru nor Alto. Besides, Alto didn't have to kill fellow humanoids, but space bugs that to him for most of the tv series were completely dehumanized until he with the rest of Frontier realized that after all they do have feelings. In the movies he hates the idea of killing them once SMS and Ranka explain that Vajra do have feelings like humans.

Really, all Macross try to spread the message that war is bad. I feel that all instances of a father figure dying in the seried was supposed to drive the MC into believing war is bad, not to "git gud". I don't remember Hikaru getting good after Roys death. He was already a good pilot and a good commander before he died. Alto was already miraculously good before Michael's death. Only thing that changed afterwards is that Alto started hating the Vajra even more and he was more determined to protect Sheryl. No MC got into training montages or any of that crap after losing that important wingman.

He couldn't quit. He loves Freyja too much to let some other pilot protect her.

[citation needed]

Even though I ship the fuck out of them, love does not have to be romantic. Fact is he does love her, which is why he's willing to fly into a hellish battle for her. Just not romantically, yet.

I'd like Mirage to be happy but she really has little chemistry with Hayate.

You forgot the Twins, Herman, and Bogue. I think they are safe. Herman has avoided every death flag like a chum.

Alto stops killing bugs when he realize they are sentient. He saw them as random space monsters.

Movie wise, he even strips himself out his gear and guns to dance and bond with the Vajra Queen. The one killing Galaxy was Brera because he couldn't sully his hands.

And eventually Alto had to get over his hate of the Vajra. If you look at Windermere they are reacting like Alto and like people expected Hayate to react after Messer's death. All anger, sadness, bitterness and desire for revenge. But I think one of the messages of the series is that since nothing can bring back the dead, nor songs nor getting your revenge, then why bring more suffering to innocent people? Granted, they are in a difficult position but I think the Windies' character arc is about them turning into proper white knights again.

And it will be rushed as fuck. 20 minutes to solve the lifespan problem, Roid, Mikumo brainwahsing and the understanding end.

They're by far the best thing about Delta. They're almost great enough to redeem the anime by themselves. Kawamori better not kill Freyja off.

I fear that and I'm pretty sure it will be a rushed last episode. Fuck, it should have been a double-lenght ep.

How can you at the same time waste 10 episodes on pointless bullshit and still not have enough time to properly wrap up every poorly made plotpoint.
Fuck, I admit, that Frontier was my first and only Macross and I´m a shitter but this shit is atrocious

Lifespan would be solved with Mikumo magic (1min), Mikumo would be save byd Walkure (5min.), knights already don't wont do what Roid and Heinz say (10min. battle).

Delta is far worse than seven.

It's nearing Macross II in terms of how bad it is. At least that had three interesting characters.

Why did the latest GG sub have TL note saying Lady M=Lynn Minmey? Has it been confirmed? He even said there was a transmission after Frontier from the Megaroad-1 apparently.

Arad despite being an official commander isn't a commander. Messer acted as a commander, an ace and a teacher.

Megaroad-1 = Hikaru, Misa, Minmay.

gg have stopped giving a shit because delta is so bad

Keith, Heinz, Messer, Qassim, Kaname.

Keith is Windie Alto. He even had daddy issues.

GG watched The SDF: Flash Back 2012 30-min oav musics.

Mínimo too, and Bogue too if he gets understanding in the last ep.

Mikumo, I meant. Fuck.

Translator is Freyjafag, so no.

>Implying 7 is bad

Delta has Hayate, Freyja, Kaname, Mikumo, Keith, Roid, and Heinz. They're interesting characters. Don't make Delta out to be the worst possible just for the sake of fitting in with shitters.

People shit on II too much when it was much better than Frontier.

>Start watching throught the Macross series as a result of Delta
>Up to 7 now
>Watched 2 because I wanted to be a completionist

Are the guys who made this pissed at the idea of music being used to control people, and why does everyone look like they're from a Tenshi Muyo anime?

A huge portion of the female cast of the Macross universe have names that being with M. Misa would have a greater reason to have an interest than Minmei and the power to back it up. Misa is a military officer charged with spreading human culture. Minmei is a pop idol. Even Myung would have a greater interest.

They're just being fags.

Mari Iijima was in Japan recently doing "acting".

She posted pictures of herself with some Macross producers.

It's Minmay.


It's Misa and Minmay will have lines as well.

Zessica by herself wasn't all that good, Mikono just happened to be the worst.

All of this is true, but the fault lies less in Zessica's character and more in Okada for overplaying the melodrama and Kawamori for not letting her character go anywhere because he didn't want her to win.

I mean, Zessica from the second half is so different from the first half that it's hard to believe they're the same character. This is obviously poor writing/direction rather than poor characterization.

>Mix got her BIGBANGU back in OVA.
She got them back in the last episode, with no explanation whatsoever because everything related to Altair was swept under the rug. Thanks Kawamori!

>Interviewer: Could you give us some hints about future plot developments to the final episode?
>Yasuda: What will be crucial is Roid of the aerial knights gradually becoming suspicious or rather revealing his ambitions.
>It might be good to focus on what Roid's ultimate goals are and how Keith and Heintz will react to that when it is revealed.
>In that sense, there might be some new discoveries in the story if you look back from episode 1.

Is Keith the real main character?

>It's Misa and Minmay will have lines as well.
Misa's Seiyuu is dead. And Kawamori doesn't give a shit about her.

Because originally, Zessica was the one who was going to turn permanently into a guy. And Kagura was actually a reverse trap.

I think he's not talking about the last episode per se (even though the interviewer asked about that). I think he's talking about the recent developments. Roid is already acting suspicious, and Heinz and Keith have already reacted to that (both are butthurt but chose to follow Roid anyway).

Last episode is gonna be about Walkure and Freyja.

Those were only drafts though, it never made it to actual production. Kagura being a girl was ditched because the female staff thought it was a bad idea, and male Zessica only happened in the manga, and wasn't permanent either. Those are on the same lines as military otaku Mikono.

>the female staff thought it was a bad idea
That's why you should never listen to the female staff.

>And Kagura was actually a reverse trap.
Was reverse trap Kagura a dyke?

>Misa's Seiyuu is dead

no she isn't

The draft plan for Zessica was a permanent change. It just seemed to me they were planning to pair them up since the draft, but never actually developed until the last moment.

Kagura was mean to be the yang to Amata's Yin, that's why he had to be female.

Also the Zessica/Kagura shit was obviously in existence since the beginning but they never bothered to develop it.

Nah, Kagura and Zessica was pretty much a last minute thing. They couldn't kill off Kagura because he was popular, and neither could kill Zessica because she was popular too. And after the fuckup with Jin, it seemed like they didn't want to piss off fans even further by killing more popular characters. In fact, Okada was planning for Zessica to win, but Kawamori didn't let her.

>Also the Zessica/Kagura shit was obviously in existence since the beginning
> nothing ever mentioned in interviews prior
> no interactions whatsoever
No, it wasn't. It's literally a cop out because they wanted to pair off everyone and Kagura and Zessica had been both rejected, this is literally what they said in ZRW.

Why did Kawamori prevent her from winning?

You know the only reason Zessica was paired with Kagura was because Kawamori didn't want her to be with Amata? Okada was writing her to win in the end.

And most of the second half, if not everything, was made on the go, barely anything but Mikono and Amata ending up together and the MIXY arc was planned.

Because he was a Mikono fanboy and was displeased that fans hated her. He was awfully biased and kept insisting Zessica only felt lust towards Amata and wasn't true love, unlike Mikono.

Okada only said she was CONSIDERING a Zessica route but decided against it because it was "more refreshing" this way. Stop spreading misinformation. She never wrote her to win shit.

It was said on an interview though. She proposed Kawamori to let Zessica win and she actually felt bad for her when writing her scenes, but Kawamori declined.

The whole "fresh" thing was about Mikono's character, because usually the action girl (like Zessica) is the main heroine in mecha shows, they thought Mikono would bring something different. This is why military otaku Mikono never came to be, they considered it too cliche.

I wonder how Kawamori feels about fans responding positively to both Freyja and Mikumo?

Because Mikono DESTINED to be with Amata.

>It was said on an interview though. She proposed Kawamori to let Zessica win and she actually felt bad for her when writing her scenes, but Kawamori declined.
No, source is your ass.
Okada wanted Zessica to lose.

This shit happens with every fucking anime. Some time passes and anons start pulling absolute bullshit from their asses about original plans, intentions and production issues. I bet in 2 or 3 years people will be saying that Kawamori wanted Mirage to be the main character and win Hayatebowl while Freyja was supposed to die in episode 4 from cancer.


Mitsu a shit.

>Okada wanted Zessica to lose.
Lurk in the archives. This was the interview that came out shortly after the final episode. If you weren't around when the show was airing, that's another thing.

Nobody wanted Zessica to lose but Kawamori himself. Even Amata's VA liked her better, and she was one of the most popular female characters among with Yunoha and MIX.

He won the world though.

>Delta thread so dead that anons are discussing EVOL
>let's make a new Delta thread!

To be fair, I didn't thought the salt about EVOL was still alive.


Here it is, retard:

The "more refreshing" was one of the biggest memes in EVOL discussions when it finished airing. It was impossible to had a single thread without at least one mention of it. I'm laughing my ass from your attempt to accuse me of being newfag when you clearly has never been in those threads.

I know what interview you're talking about, but there's still another one where it says Kawamori didn't want her to win. I'm not going to bother to convince you though.

>but there's still another mysterious interview I won't link because it actually doesn't exist

Well Delta's down to one episode and we have a clear winner.

I don't care enough to try to convince you, that's all. It doesn't change EVOL is a shit show brought down by its own writers. The whole thing about Kagura and Zessica is bullshit, though.