Is it justified?

is it justified?

Cowboy Bebop might just be the most overrated anime in existence. It's not bad, but it's just average, not the masterpiece everyone makes it out to be.

Real talk, it's actually the only anime I would consider perfect. Everything was flawlessly coordinated. The writing, direction, animation, music, tone, and pacing were all incredible. Even the low-key episodes are masterpieces in their own right. Hell, I fucking hate CG in most anime and it utilized it in a way that works in 1999.

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I ejnoyed the tone, tha animation and the music. But i too found it overall boring.

it's funny because while CB is a really good show and it deserve the credit it gets, it's not a very influential show like Super Robots from the 70s, Sol of 80s and 2000s, Gundam or Eva were.

It's probably loved more in the West than in Japan

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I enjoyed the music and animation but ultimately it shined most in the whacky adventures parts and felt totally flat when it tried to be serious.

It's hardly average. Calling it a masterwork would depend on a lot of things, but it's undeniably competent. Something the majority of anime can't seem to manage.

It's not bad but it's not nearly as good as many people put it.

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could someone actually tell me why bebop doesn't count as an anime?

CB does, some stupid moron's blog does not.
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I would only call it overrated because it's consistently called an 15/10 when it's only an 11/10.

If you want to talk about Bebop, talk about Bebop, specifically by starting with discussions on the episodes, characters etc. Don't bring stupid ecelebs or blog sites into the discussion, because THAT is off-topic and will get your thread deleted.

Advertising Kotaku or whatever the fuck that site is isn't anime.
If it was an interview by an actual director sure, but no one gives a shit about what Mr. Sam American thinks about anime.

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I pretty much came here to post this. It's just okay. Not amazing, not bad, just moderately entertaining. Way overrated. I've thought seen the series at least 4 times over (Adult Swim fag, I know) and it never changes my view. Being episodic is not a mark of quality. A preference for actual plot oriented storytelling over episodic meandering is a big part of why I became an anime fan in the first place. If I wanted that episodic, disjointed nonsense, I'd be watching capeshit.

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No, its not just ok. The ost, plot, characters are all top tier. Sure, its not the best anime of all animes and its certainly overrated, but to say is bad or mediocre is just plain bullshit.

The animation and ost alone makes it high tier.

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>the most overrated anime in existence
Thats not Akira (both manga and film versions)

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(also, why do people believe that Cowboy Bebop is worshiped by "anime fans"? It's the quintessential anime for people who don't watch anime.)

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