DIO's death and stands confusion

What it be dudes. Just finished Stardust Crusaders, and DIO is dead, yeh, who could have thought. But something doesn't let me sleep at night - what's up with all the stands after his death? I may be missing something, but JoJo's gang decided to kill DIO to destroy the stand that was making Jotaro's mom feel all bad, because it was said that after killing him all the stands would go away So, yeah, he's dead, the curse is broken, Holly doesn't have a stand anymore, but aren't all the stands, at least Joestars', supposed to disappear as well? Jotaro could still use Star Platinum long after, and Joseph still made spiritual photographs. I am probably stupid and can't see simple things, but I would really appreciate it if someone explained this oddity to me.

>expecting Araki to maintain a canon

Don't you remember how Dio's coffin was stolen from him at the end of S1?
Why did he still have it at the start of part 3?

Holy shit, I never noticed. So, is it just another case of 'Araki-forgets-shit'?

Holly's stand never disappeared. She never had the fighting sprint to control/awaken her stand, and Dio's presence caused her stand to overwhelm her. Same shit happened to Josuke.

That was actual bullshit, but it was retconned into "he had two coffins".

Does this mean that she still had the stand, even after DIO's death, but she just couldn't control it?

Yes, now get to watching/reading Part 4 before someone spoils you

Already have, on the 2nd episode.

>because it was said that after killing him all the stands would go away
No. It was never stated this way.

>but aren't all the stands

>at least Joestars', supposed to disappear as well?
Maybe. Joseph got his stand training with Avdol, possibly before DIO was awakened or atleast before DIO learned to control his stand. This makes Joseph's stand independent from DIO.

Jotaro and Holly are a different story. They both developed stands because of DIO. Jotaro managed to retain his stand, because why not. It was his, just like every stand belongs to their user.

Either the stand vanished or it's still within Holly. It just isn't pressured out because DIO's magnum life force isn't doing it's tricks.

Another theory is that there was a secret hatch below the first coffin where DIO crawled into. Then he took a nap, Erina was rescued and the coffin dropped into the ocean.

You might as well read the part 4 instead. The anime adaption fails to catch the atmosphere of part 4.

>read the part 4 instead
Thanks, will consider that.
Overall, thank you for the reply, that seems to have covered all of my confusions.
>Another theory is that there was a secret hatch below the first coffin where DIO crawled into.
I dunno, it honestly sounds really stretched to me.

I'm reading Part 7. "Man's world" fight is fucking shit. Does it get better?

It's better to just assume there were 2 coffins marked DIO.

People here will crucify you for saying that, though imo it's an alright fight. People just hype Ringo up too much with the whole 'muh man's world' bullshit and completely misinterpret the character. And do you mean the Man's World arc or Part 7 in general? For the former it depends on taste as to if it gets better, for Part 7 as a whole the answer is yes. It gets good at around Tubular Bells and becomes god tier at Civil War.

>because it was said that after killing him all the stands would go away
I took it to mean that DIO being alive with a Joestar body was amplifying the Stands. While Jotaro and Joseph had the willpower to keep them under control, Holly didn't have the strength to force her Stand under control. Without DIO, it just kind of faded and she didn't manifest it again, while Joseph and Jotaro kept their Stands because, again, will and "strength of soul" keeping the Stands from dissipating.

That depends on what exactly you're looking for out of the story. Man's World is made to be a classic western standoff. But you have more intense action-y parts coming up like Scary Monsters.

>the anime adaption fails to catch the atmosphere of part 4.
Explain further

I'm still bothered to this day that star platinum can stop time instead of moving so fast time doesn't matter too it.

All Joestar Stands belong to Jonathan

I'm more curious at how Dio exploded because his leg got punched hard enough.

Unless I'm missing something wouldn't any other way of killing him be more believable? Like one last time an exchange of punches and then a chop that splits his head or something?

Part 3 is shit, more news at 11.

It doesn't, the anime is alright, and help a lot with some awkward fights to read like Echoes and the "sound" thing.

Gyro dies

>"Man's world" fight is fucking shit.

Star Platinum punches The World in the same leg that he also broke on DIO. The transferred damage resulted in DIO getting broken twice.

The anime mirrored the scene, so it's a bit inconsistent.

Still sounds stupid. Dio survived being only a head and there is no way an exlpoding leg would crack up until his head.

>The anime adaption fails to catch the atmosphere of part 4.

Nice meme. I but you got assblasted when the OP changed from Crazy Fruity Bizarre Town

It's bullshit no matter how you look at it, stands are just a physical manifestation of willpower, if Holly was so weak she simply wouldn't have a stand. Araki is a fucking hack.

Of you're shot by the arrow or are just a normal person yes, but keep in mind hw bloodlines work in Jojo. They're treated as a semi-spiritual thing, so when Dio got shot by the arrow while he had Jonathan's body, it sorta sent a ripple throughout the family, Joseph got a stand and was fine because he was strong willed, as was Jotaro. Holly, and as we see in Part 4 Josuke when he was a kid were too weak willed to survive, but when Josuke was helped by the delinquent kid, that gave him the will to keep his stand when Dio died.
tl;dr : Dio was a special case of how people would get a stand.