Witcher S2 when?

Witcher S2 when?


Never thank god.

It's too late, but I can still dream.

What is Yagi-sensei doing right now?

Claymore anime was an utter disappointment.

Never, and for good reason. This trash worked counter-productively to advertise the manga with how awful it was.

I still don't think there's been news on his next series?

Nope, the voice acting and music were great.

The phantom bitch was best girl.

He's secretly drawing Idolmaster manga and sending them to Miura.

"You can be free too..."

God, no.

I enjoyed the anime. Never got around to finishing the manga. I got to when their leader went and solo-suicide rushed the instiution and I just stopped reading. I should pick it back up and finish it at some point.

she met the actual best warriors, she knew that she could beat them without even trying - but the Organization had some hidden aces.

I would love to see Claymore x Witcher OVA.

I never liked the way fights were drawn out in claymore's manga though. Too much power level bullshit and too much *teleports right behind you* crap. They should just be inhuman swordswomen like pic related with a few tricks/powers up their sleeve.


and Jean best girl

Manga gets progressively worse until the end where it's utter shit. An enjoyable read nevertheless.

Claymore is a perfect example of a manga that starts out amazing, then as they reveal more and more shit it gets worse and worse, and just dies with a whimper at the end

Can I continue reading the manga from where the anime left off, or is it like berserk where you should really just read the entire manga?

Anime had original ending but up until the second from last episode it's a 1:1 adaptation of the manga, you don't need to read it. I read it because I couldn't remember shit but if you do then by all means skip it.

Masterpiece of the anime industry, that worthiet my time. Ophelia is the best girl.

>tfw a Claymore won't ever take you around with her to "relieve stress"

This. Claymore's manga takes a serious turn for the worse after Pieta. It was nice seeing Riful again after the time skip, but things quickly turn to shit after that.

We laughed at the anime original ending, but god damn the manga got dumb.

I'd say Ophelia was best if she wasn't such a fucking psychopath. Also best awakened girl.

Later half felt like I was reading Bleach. Only good thing that came out of the manga(besides the girls) was the monster designs.