Thoughts on Inazuma Eleven?

Thoughts on Inazuma Eleven?

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Best waifus of any football/soccer anime.

Is it subbed?

Once again anime for kids is the best

Seems like it

Surprisingly fun. Original was the best because it had the least power level bullshit, but Go had best girl. Kariya

It's amazing how the "bad" girls are better than the "good" girls in this anime.

It's on the very end of one side of the "realistic V supernatural" sports shounen scale, with Giant Killing being on the opposite end.

I think is funny that the series has a lot of great female characters cast.

But you knoe what was even better?
Shotas and traps.
But in all seriousness I love this show to death.
Go may not be as good as the OG series, but I will always love it for how fucking ridiculous got even more so than the original series.
>That episode where they go back to the prehistoric era and subdue dinosaurs using soccer.
Shit was so cash.

inazuma eleven is captain tsubasa on steroids

I truly thought Fei and Kirino were girls.
God-tier traps right there.

>God-tier traps right there.
There is only one god-tier trap in this series

Who is best boy and why is it this magnificent bastard?

One of my favorite series, I hope the new series is not a full restart on the powers and we can still see some fancy shit.

Can someone explain to be why this kiddie soccer shit has some amazing sakuga for a lot of the shots?

Great shotas. Tatsumaki is my waifu.

Which football series is more fun - Tsubasa or Inazuma?

Stock footage, Most of the animations are stock footage, so you have to animate them really good because you are going to see them over and over, this makes them to save more money, thats why the series doesn't have too much quality.

I like both, Tsubasa fucked me really bad when I was younger, because I started to play soccer wrong.

There was not much to animate honestly.
Like 60% of the animation are stock footage super moves ans outside the matches there isn't really anything that needs to be animated well.
Tatsumaki otoshi is great

I understand, even though some of the people turning non-moves non-stock footages look good from what I've seen.

From that, the looks of the things seem a little too smooth from time to time and looks to incorporate 3D models. Are my eyes being deceived?

I never watched captain tsubasa, but I can say with confidence that Inazuma eleven is the crazier of the two.
I firmly believe that Inazuma eleven GO is the samurai flamenco of sports anime.

Nice for a kids' anime, game was kind of fun as well.
Dropped the series after 19 episodes, though. May return to it one day.

You should watch it one day it got fucking balls of the walls crazy.
Like evil time traveling orginization from the future trying to erase soccer from history crazy.

Tsubasa almost felt like a normal sport series compared to IE

Tsubasa has that old school feel.
IE is like a modern DBZ with fusions and powerlevels

I like both

I also want to point out the OST is god-tier.

Have a thread to see it for yourself

Had my fun with tit. I think I dropped it after the first season of GO. Kinda got tired of it.

I'm excited for the new one though.

So the series got crazy in later seasons or it's like that from the start?

It gets better at the end of the first tournament,
also, aylmaos.

Reminder that these two are still best boys.I don't know how they came to be shipped but I'm not complaining.

Also the amount of porn Handa got is shocking, considering he's a minor character.

It starts out fairly subdued it is still, but as it goes on it gets crazier and crazier.
the first season of the second series go is literally Tenma's bizarre soccer game.

I can understand max because he's cute. But Handa's just kinda generic. But maybe that's what makes him stand out from all the unique designs.

>Reminder that these two are still best boys.
>Irrelevant jobbers best boys
I can only laugh at you.

Super Zanark was easily the best part of Chrono stone. The worst being Kariya not being part of the final team.

Come on user, there are hundreds of cute boys in this series, I can't believe you picked that guy. He looks like the chorizo I left in the toilet last night.

>Super Zanark was easily the best part of Chrono stone.
>Mfw he punched a sabertooth tiger in the face
>Mfw he dropkicked bigfoot
>Mfw he wrestled a giant octopus underwater.

That guy had no right to be that based.

Get out of here with your shit taste Zanark is one of the best things to come out of the series.

Fujoshit anime with more absurd than normal soccer premise and somehow ok animation.

Like the first trilogy, the first GO was good but Chrono Stone and Galaxy went way too far on the Tenma praising as he is the one who gets all the special upgrade powers while the others are left in the dust.

Speaking of Inazuma, what do guys think about the new Inazuma Eleven Ares trailer.

Takes place in a alternative timeline after the first game (where Fubuki's brother and possibly parents as well are still alive)

I'm excited. The designs don't seem especially appealing and they didn't show much soccer in the PV, but it's apparently going to be much more grounded than the past few seasons, which I've been wanting.

What I wonder is what the new power gimmick will be since they said that there will not be any SUTANDO POWA, Saint seiya armor, fusion or spirit animal transformation.

>it's apparently going to be much more grounded than the past few seasons, which I've been wanting.
They said the same thing about Galaxy, but we all know how that turned out.

This stud was the only good thing in Galaxy.

Apparently it's back to basics, sure there's going to be the same special moves and super dimensional soccer.

But the story is much more grounded with the protagonist's mom looking like she's about to kick the bucket. And the cast don't look like shotas anymore with the art-style change.

What I hated about Chrono Stone and Galaxy were the lack of returning characters.

Hardly anyone but the main trio returned for Chrono Stone and only Fudou showed up in Galaxy.

Well to be fair, galaxy was a lot less power level focused than Chrono stone since they threw out stands, armor, and mixi maxes. Ares seems like it will only have hissatsu. Hopefully.

>And the cast don't look like shotas anymore

Sounds like Pixiv won't give a shit.

I feel it. I hope the whole team will get development.

Pixiv has a entire separate tag declared to yaoi shota shit of Inazuma, I'm pretty sure they find a way.

Watching the PV, I still see some obvious shota designs. Though overall they do look a bit older than the OG team. Pixiv always finds a way.

>the cast don't look like shotas anymore with the art-style change.
I don't thinl that will be a problem because judging from the art and the trailer it seems a bit more fujobaitish.
Also is it confirmed where the fuck endou, gouenji and Kidou are?
I saw some art for an older gouenji and Endou, but nothing specific.

has some amazing rape /sm/ doujins

>amazing rape /sm/ doujins
Speaking of rape remember when some creepy looking background character became first in the popularity poll and number 2 and 3 were his supposed harem members?

Don't remember that at all given I haven't watched it, I just like the /sm/ doujins, especially the rape themed ones.

Why every time that I search for "Inazuma Eleven" and "rape" this poor kid shows up?

Because rape is the purest form of love that can be shown to a shota

Tell me Cred Forums what is your favorite waza?
Keshins and souls are allowed.

Such a shame she didn't appear after the Aliea arc.
What a goddess.
GREAT MAX NO ORE and White Hurricane for me.

>but I can say with confidence that Inazuma eleven is the crazier of the two.
Captain Tsubasa has its own kind of crazy, but the appeal of the series is that it straddles the line between realism and bullshit.

Realism = Actual football, actual tactics, actual clubs, actual real life players, all appearing in the latest sequels

Bullshit = Pic related.

I think people who only watch Inazuma Eleven should give CT a try. The series greatest achievement is not the actual manga or anime themselves, but the influence it had on young 80s Japanese kids who led the sport to professional standings. Before CT, all nips cared about was baseball.

It became such a problem at one point, because every Japanese footballer went on to become a midfielder because of Tsubasa, leading to a drought in defenders and forwards.

Is CT anime good adaptation of manga?

Damn I really despise the manga art

The original anime and the sequel OVAs are a pretty faithful adaptation of the original manga. If you want to go beyond, then you're out of luck because the sequels never got properly adapted due to them being remakes and half sequels.

With that said, CT is far from a perfect series. It has so many problems due to the time it was created. Not even the author knew much about football, other than really liking it after watching the 1978 World Cup). The anime itself suffers from DBZ syndrome.

Personally, I have very fond memories of the anime since I grew up with it in the early 90s. My best experience of the series remain the famicom game however.

All I know is it's a children's series abut a soccer team of young boys and it has an absolutely absurd amount of fanart and pornogrpahy

Looks good to me.

The manga became a meme on Cred Forums lately due to that famous picture. The criticism is not entirely unwarranted but while Takahashi really can't be bothered with proportions, he gets a lot of other things right.

Chrono Stone needed to stop sucking this guy's dick

Isn't it a kids show?

S-tier shotabait that I've fapped to a million times. Never actually watched it though.

How did you manage to have favorite boys if you didn't watch it, then?

you are not the only one who has fapped to this a million times though