One Piece

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Monet is cute.

But not as cute as Pudding.

Even the real life actors like each other.
SanjixNami confirmed

I like her real form better

Very true.

will any of the vinsmoke siblings turn out decent?

Yonji and Reiju will help Sanji.

Not really but if I were a betting man I'd say the odds are on Raiju being the best of the bunch

It's English but yet somehow it's not

You keep thinking that SANAfag.


Reminder to sage monetfags thread.
Fuck off newfags.

Real thread

reminder that fighting strength worth 300 million will be joining the straw hats by the end of the arc

Stop posting this shit already user

We need another Caesar chapter soon

You seem agitated user.

Relax, drink a cup of tea.

So how strong is Reiju?

above yonji and niji

below ichiji and judge

fake spoilers out on onepiece-naruto

>you will never EVER lick Perona's sweaty dirty sour lolita feet after a hot summer day


>Already in the castle Biggumamu, Judge, a temporary and a rainbow was around the table.

She's a woman in One Piece. That should give you a good idea.


I don't understand why dadji told sanji to use a sword

all the siblings seem to use kick-based fighting styles

master caesar "cuck" clown

was it nazis?

Even if she weren't a woman she'd never be toptier but there's plenty of women who aren't the weakest in their crew

Compare their kicks against Yonji. Now we didn't see Sani vs Yonji but we know Yonji went for him and Sanji wasn't in the best of moods. Yonji was completely unprepared for the power difference and got completely stomped. Now against Reiju he reacted to it and put up his guard plus she probably wasn't very serious about hurting him but he still got blown away whilst fully armoured

This to me suggests she's stronger than Yonji but by how much and whether when serious she can give Sanji any difficulty is up in the air

He clearly wanted them to be all round fighters why any of them but Sanji use kicks as their first resort is unknown

yonji is a complete jobber so of course she's stronger than him

Maybe he cant hit girls either since he dog-tongues at hot chicks

Dadji thinks he's strong and he was stronger than Sanji in their youth based on how he thought it'd be just like old times if he attacked him

sanji will cook his family and serve it to big mom
screencap this


but I doubt it, he doesn't give a shit about cosette after all

They were all greatly underestimating Sanji.

For some reason I want Dadji and Jinbei to meet. Jinbei (to me) represents a peak of honor and servitude while Dadji seems dishonorable and sees people as expendable. They are almost opposite in my mind. How Jinbei would react to Dadji seems interesting to me.

What do you think would b e every Straw Hats bathing times?

>germa is literally nazis
>meet OP verse blacks

usually in day sometimes at night haha

>luffy and zoro
>once a week
t-they at least take showers right?


jinbei and sanji already tag teamed
maybe BM tries to gift him to the Vinsmokes (it was his fate from the roullette thing) and Sanji and him team up again and fight their way to Luffy

>chopper gets invited to bathe with the ladies a lot
>prefers the men's bath parties
this fucking reindeer

How long's it been since we saw jinbe, anyway?

like 10 chapters?

more like queerdeer am I right

Nah, they both can't hit girls because Reiju has been kicking their asses since they were kids.

Chopper just prefers his bitches more reindeery

i'll laugh so hard if this really is the case

jinbe's dead mate

you need to let it go

Where is Momji?

>has antlers

female reindeers have antlers

What would've happened if Sanji stayed?

>Beaten/harassed into a good Vinsmoke
>a broken shell of a man
>become the worst of them all

doesn't exist, they're clones

but then where did Reiju come from

reminder that he's the main course at the dinner with BM

She transitioned.


punished nami




who's number 5? Either it's their mom or there's a dead sibling somewhere

>people still think that Reiju wasn't the one who beat up the lady chef
she's literally the secret bitch

why would judge be 6?

The number is on his outfit in the pages that show them all as kids wearing numbered outfits as seen here

that's the 66

Theory blown then.

Still want to see Momji. We've already had one flashback. Let's just get to the big one that tells of he escaped, what broke him, his mom and why he doesn't hit women. Knowing Oda he'll save it for when Luffy or Sanji is fighting Dadji

This is pretty much the only time I've ever wanted Luffy to NOT fight anyone. Sanji must solo the Vinsmokes.

would you watch a school spinoff of one piece?

Goji. Duh.

>tfw no imouto vinsmoke

No, Yonji two.

Yeah but i want him to also kick the ass of a chief executive of Big Mom. That's a lot of fight in a single arc.

I laughed.

>you will never have a pet goji
>you will never give him belly pats when you come home and little chin scritchies
>you will never feed him Mothra brand mealworms
>you will never take Goji out to the park, and have him skeet shoot frisbees with his fireballs
>you will never let Goji chase after geese at the park
>you will never snuggle with Goji on a quiet summer afternoon on the patio

what's his connection to pedro?


there won't be that many fights with the BM pirates

Yeah there will be. Or Big Mom become an ally or Luffy take her down this arc. Nothing less.

they'll depart on amicable terms

Where are the spoilers I want to see who gets BTFO this chapter

there's only fake ones out

nah, Carrot will be the one with the eyepatch.

carrot will lose her lucky rabbit's foot

nope, she is the Miss All Sunday of the arc

so a bitch?

>nah, Carrot will be the one with the eyepatch.
Come on now, you can't be serious.

a naive innocent bunny grill that can actually fight and has an eyepatch would be a nice combo

the one cold bitch with dark sense of humor that will change sides

>a naive innocent bunny grill that can actually fight and has an eyepatch would be a nice combo

Actually it sounds very far-fetched. Not something Oda would do.

so close user

>naive and innocent

it would be a good character development for her. someone fucks her up in a fight to the point she loses an eye so she will see the "bad side" of adventuring. then again at the end her spirit will recover and she decides to take the risk and join the Strawhats. also, she would look more pirate-y

oda would never ever do this

Why does nami look so much better with short hair?

That's cute, but to be honest I don't think she will join. At least not formally.

i miss croc

Crocodile will be the 10th 'Giant' yet unaccounted for in Blackbeard's crew.

Screencap this.

that's aokiji

Both Kaido and Big Mom seem to have a pretty piss-poor opinion of the Worst Generation in general, particularly regarding the Supernovas as nothing but all talk.

But how do you think they feel about Blackbeard, the one member of the Worst Generation who managed to achieve the same ranking of pirate as them? Think they have a higher view of him since he spent decades as a pirate under Whitebeard first?

didn't chinjao talk shit about worst generation but praised blackbeard? yonkos might feel the same way

i don't know but she does look better with short hair. skypiea Nami was the hottest.


>Both Kaido and Big Mom seem to have a pretty piss-poor opinion of the Worst Generation in general, particularly regarding the Supernovas as nothing but all talk.

Because that's what they are, the only ones that have done anything at all are BB and luffy who were introduced before the concept was.

The rest of them are just the jobber squad showing how bad the new world and/or the marines can be and have been for 8 goddamn years. Even law just needed the strawhats to do literally every part of his plan besides kidnapping ceasar

talkin' shit about the MAD MONK, are you?

I genuinely forgot who this character was when he showed up to see kaido off for his latest suicide, that's how little he appears

nah thats how bad your memory is
i bet you couldn't name 5 side characters

>tfw 20 animal covers before we get a new cover story

The last two digits of this post will be Carrot's ranking in the next popularity poll Oda does


rollin for Big Mam's ranking


spoilers when

less vulgar