Flat chest nor oly are wonderfull but also an endless source of comedy

Flat chest nor oly are wonderfull but also an endless source of comedy.

Botan a best.

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>nor oly
I apologize for my little sister's spelling mistakes. She means well, she's just a klutz.

It should be "not only", of course.

>not wearing a bra
A slut and her fault.

>has no tits
>wearing bra

That's Botan?

I don't recall her being such a devilish whore.

>wearing a bra with flat chest
That would be a waste, user. a waste of flat chest, I mean. Not of money

Google says this is line art.

I just want her to be happy.

I sure hope this author pulls a Kansai. Botan is so incredibly set up to be best girl right now.

I'm liking this story. botan a cute.

Do it for her

>It's about dressing dudes up as girls




>its a crossdressing manga
>girl falls in love with crossdressor because shes afraid of guys
>hes probably going to get cucked after he helps her overcome her fear of men
I've read the first chapter and now im done

Its a wild ride user

>not staying for the Botan

It's like you hate fun, user. It comes at a price though.

Oh no. I guess we'll just have to get an ending with her friend who is infinitely better.

Botan is incredibly cute.

How come MC does not realize it.

Wait, is this the crossdressing manga? I don't recognize the characters but I haven't read it in a long time.

Yeah. Our MC has half-convinced the main girl that she's a lesbian.


So what do you guys think is gonna happen after the big reveal? It's gonna be drama, isn't it? They're not gonna forgive him that easily, are they?

You do realize that his sister is actually his brother?


I didn't even think of that. God damn.

I didn't even think about it, but it makes perfect sense.

I can't see Botan holding it against him for too long. She might be pissed for a bit, but she will probably feel more awkward than anything. Whatserface might have her world shattered though.

No that's bullshit

I don't believe it


>trap meme is becoming mainstrain in Cred Forums, Cred Forums and Cred Forums

is this new generation full of faggots?

>crossdressing to pull girls is gay
That's just a dumb plot device/going the extra mile.

Nothing makes sense

Pray tell, how was Ranma 1/2?

Oh shit nigga
>would fug anyway

Lurk more.

How the fuck did he pull that off?

Makeup magic.

Yeah, Botan will probably spaz some because she confessed to Keitarou without knowing it was him.

How can one girl be this beautiful?

Botan is as cute as a button.

Don't die on me yet, I'm almost done.

I didn't see the last chapter, what happened?

My daughter is flat as a board. Girls just like to have bras it makes them feel grown up.

Tell her scientific research has shown that bras are bad for breasts.
You wouldn't even be lying.


Hurry up!

You try telling an 11 y/o that.

Filename. He spilled the beans.

I don't speak to people below the age of 15 as a general rule.


No wonder your daughteru hates you.

Already? I guess Volume 4 will be the last then?

It's for the best.





And done.

Sorry about the slow dump.
Lost pages 5 and 6 as I started posting.

Gayest thing I've seen all day.

Reworded slightly.

If Botan hates MC after pic related I'll be miserable.

Fuck meant to spoiler the image

She's gonna hate him. She said to him that the only thing he should never do is lie.

If Botan doesn't end up with MC I'll lose what little faith remains

Oh initially, yeah, sure. But I mean will she be mad at him forever/not forgive him.

She's not the main girl and the MC already likes the main girl. As much as I like her, she's gonna lose, you should accept it.

Eh? Seriously? How does Keitarou not even know? It's impossible for her to have hidden this since the time they were kids.

I don't remember Keitarou ever acting in a way that means he really thinks Yuuichirou is a girl and isn't just trying to be nice to his "sister."

Why is HE the one that's crying?

Horrible guilt over deceiving people who genuinely trusted and cared for him.

Because he just took of his contacts.

thinkgen of crossdressing

Why would he do that in the open?

Actually, that's rain.

How can you still have any faith at this point?

Didn't you read the chapter? He revealed himself since his heart was breaking over deceiving them. It's the thing they've been warning about since the start of the story, he was too pure to keep it up when his roosters come home to nest. Botany purity broke him down, so he cry.

>no love for the main girl

It's easy to overlook an ant when it's standing next to a giant.

source my dude?

Is it normal for a young girl to dress like this for sportswear in Japan?

It's pretty standard sportswear for track and field type events. Did you not see many images from the Olympics?

This has been set up to where the MC could realize that Botan likes him for who he is and not something he was pretending to be which is the case for the thorn queen. But doubt the author had that much tact.

Aoi isn't bad, but she just doesn't compare to Botan. I have a bad feeling she's just going to write off the MC for lying to her, when she is essentially the reason he continually lied in the first place.

It would be a perfectly good end to her arc if Aoi is able to talk to boys later. She doesn't need Itsuki to have a satisfying end to her character development, while Botan does. The author at least had the knowledge to not keep up the lying shenanigans until the MC became completely unlikable.

Its how these stories work

Trap meets girl --> Girl wonders if she's gay, really she's just falling for traps hidden manliness or some shit ---> Trap gets found out somehow ---> Drama happens --> I can't forgive you ---> Something allows them to make up again, girl realizes that trap saved her ass a dozen times and it would be shitty to write them off, girl is okay with it now ---> Trap ends up dating someone

Closest I've ever seen to a bad ending in this type of story is "I, me, my, strawberry eggs", and even then they accepted the trap before the end and realized that he saved all of them. But the trap still was fired and had to leave town. Yet it was on good terms at least


>general rule.

We're all anonymous here man. You can say "court order." No one will judge you.

think the only different one is akb
where the guy forgets about his goal of dicking girls and might as well be a woman

I wonder what namo's going to do with Micchan. He's been a fun supporting character and I want to see what happens to him.

Fuck Botan, this is the guy who's getting hurt the most out of this ordeal.
>fell in love with a girl
>got rejected
>changed entire personality for her
>found out she's a lesbian
>she wasn't actually a lesbian, or even a girl
>you fell in love with a creepy-looking stalker crossdressing
True suffering.

Pretty sure he's going to be with Aoi in the end. Like Itsuki, he doesn't give up, and the whole endless optimism is a nice contrast to her.

>This captcha
It's what I want to happen, too. It'd be great character growth to see the violent delinquent and the thorn princess end up as a happy couple in the final chapter and it also allows for a Botan Victory end

Nah, its basically the same, but it was never going to be a romance. He was always the type of trap that doesn't look like a trap at all without a lot of makeup and dressing the part, kinda manly.

They all find out he's a trap, drama happens, they eventually accept it two or three chapters later. However it never had the potential to be romance for certain obvious reasons. You can't be in love when you're in AKB group, and the manga is titled rules against love.

You can't have the premise of the manga happen, Main girl becoming AKB super girl, and have them get together.

>Botan is so incredibly set up to be best girl right now.
She's already best.

She's fine, but she can't compete with Botan.

bras are not only for breast support, but also for suppressing erect nipples

>Micchan ends with Aoi
>Keitarou ends with Botan
I wouldn't mind.

well, that's because it is.

Best of two worlds.

Do it

And then the jankee decvides to crossdress to win the "girls" heart again.