Are neet protagonist the new standard in anime? Implying neet pritagonist aren't the best

Are neet protagonist the new standard in anime? Implying neet pritagonist aren't the best

Poorfag MCs are the best. Richfag MCs are a close second. Middle income MCs are the absolute worst.

Subaru had valuable metia

What if we got like a 70 year old senile guy instead? Just have an old guy running around, yelling at people.

Not outside isekai.

NEET Isekai needs to become a genre.

ISEKAIS are generally about ESCAPISM, so it kinda makes sense that the MCs are NEETs.

I hope not, they make for terrible MCs

I actually liked the konosuba MC in a lot of ways and could at least relate to some of his choices, i dropped Re;zero after 16 episodes becasue the choices the MC was making had me clenching my fists in anger.

Also Megumin best waifu.

Subaru is pretty hard to understand. Konosuba MC (I can't even remember his name) was kinda like Simon the Sorverer.

> neet pritagonist aren't the best

Do you meean it has to be some loser so most of the otaku audience can insert themselves into the MC and feel at home?

self inserts have been the standard for a while

Most NEET protag series is all about talking bad about said NEETs and calling them scum of the Earth


It's like saying Oedipus makes incestfags fell right at home.

It would be kind of cool to have an anime with an older protagonist, reacting to the normal sci-fi/fantasy plots and cliches. And not a joke old man, just a regular older guy who got caught up in some crazy shit.

It would be especially funny if he's like a retired construction worker or other blue-collar worker and has zero patience for the magical world bullshit going on around him.

NEET characters are more relatable than straight-up otaku, certainly, but I'm ready for that salaryman turned loli witch isekai adaptation and would love to see other stereotypical archetypes in such situations. Like a bitchy queen bee/gyaru type reborn as a male goblin/orc/kobold

What brainfucks me the most is that for the majority of the show you can't even tell Subaru is a neet. You might as well have said he was a college graduate about to start his life as a salaryman.

But Subaru and other NEET protagonists are themselves also kind of fantasies.

Like Subaru, despite being broke, is otherwise a pretty outgoing, friendly, interesting guy in good shape and quick to adapt to new situations.

He's what NEETs think of themselves as rather than what they really are.

self inserts have been the standard for most fiction for forever

No, the standard is still high school students.

Scumzuma was great and i could at least partially identify with him, or rather his decisions and motives.
Suzuki or whatever... I could not do the same. Droped at duel with this knight guy. Not Reinchart, he was cool, the second one.
Megumin best waifu

He's not a big failure. He just stopped going to school.

You are clueless to how self-deprecating anime is. A character can be bashed, called a lolicon and all sorts of stuff, but it won't stop him from attracting pussy.

Otaku, NEETs, etc. don't care. When you're the lowest of the low, you don't get hurt by shit like that. You might even take a sort of pride in it.

Can gintoki be considered a neet protagonist?.
Always on debt

Katsuragi Keima and Satou are the only successful one


Neet protags are ok, but this one is the worst


>i dropped Re;zero after 16 episodes
I have no idea why you wouldn't have dropped it earlier but episode 16 was pretty rough so it could have been a straw that broke the camel's back sort of situation so that's fair.

He technically has a job and is also technically a veteran so it doesn't really count.


op what are you on

Eh, the only anime with neet protags that I liked was pic related.

The popularity of that thing was something else.
Fujoshi dollar is stronk.

I'm glad that more people liked it. Better chance for a season 2.

It's kind of odd we haven't seen anything yet, though it's a good sign if they're spending this time on writing

>dropped because mc made bad choices

wow, it's like mary sues are shit archetypes, who'd have thought? the reason you think you relate to kazuma is that you believe you're some alpha who can actually take charge whereas funnily enough you're closer to subaru since you'd probably manage to make shittier decisions.

I liked him at the start, but the guys more suitable for comic relief than anything else really.
>not choosing Rem

Are you sure that he a neet I swear they don't look like that

Thing is though, Subaru doesn't just make bad decisions; his decisions make zero rational sense. Like why the hell did he throw that autistic tantrum at Emilia after his duel with Julius? It literally sets up the entire plot of the second season and is possibly the most out-of-character moment in the show

>Kazuma is "alpha" because he's not a complete pussy loser
You're the type of pathetic faggot who perpetuates this binary thinking (MC is either "Gary Stu" or "Beta loser"). This idiotic mindset and projecting insecurites defines the re:dditzero fanboy.

How bout this?

Isekai about delinquent with zero RPG KNOWLEDGE in a NEET FANTASY WORLD?
The twist?

NEET Isekai is at this point a saturated genre in Light/Web novels. It's taking a lot time to trickle into anime it seems. And yet we are still getting school battle harems.