Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 12

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>gyaru lions


Is this another Illya spin-off?

So seeing King going all out for his love of the Impala, Jin is finally considering Lanka as a love interest.
>King getting turn down because their mating seasons doesn't match
Poor King.

>Jin is finally considering Lanka as a love interest.
That's a bit of a stretch from that one line.

Left is best lion.

Also, it seem that Lanka stole Jin's indoor shoes and smell it whenever he's not around.
Well atleast the idea of a romantic relationship between species is planted in his head now.

What's with the title though? Is 髪の毛の話 an idiom or something?

Isn't it just refering to the fact that lions put great pride in their hair(mane)?

Nevermind seems to be some 2ch meme I don't getまた髪の話してる

>gyaru lions
What a wonderful idea.

antelope a cute

She's an impala

Have most of us accepted the koala chapter by now?

I thought she was a gazelle.

>t. skimreader

Impala are a type of antelope though, so he's not wrong.

But why would a predator fall for a prey animal?

It's like falling in love with your own food or something...

But why are they gyarus anyway?

Because they're sluts who switch from one male to the other based on the darkness of the male's mane?

But gyaru are pure in the 2D

Well not these lioness, though you can't blame them since it's their instinct.


Jin should become their new alpha.

>Fat lazy lion
Shit memes.

God those girls are sexy.






>Lanka stole Jin's indoor shoes and smell it whenever he's not around.

That's my fetish. I love stealing the socks of hot guys I met at the gym and sniff them while I masturbate.

what animal is she supposed to be?

Isn't it that fucking chimpanzee?

a pupper

I thought she was a dog, but since we can't see her tail I'm not so sure.

no, its a pupper

probably will be babysitted by Jin, She doesn't even have a school uniform.

Good, i hate that chimp

Is that another cat and a... mouse? a shrew?


>>gyaru lions

>gyaru lions
I mean it fits, but still...


What did she mean by this?

I suppose we'll have a chapter about the middle's gyaru lion trying to win the King's heart, even if he's not the leader anymore.

I don't think that will happen, the entire harem just abandon him the moment he cut off his hair. If anything, I expect a chapter that will revisit King and the Impala again and see if their relationship progress at all.

>hating on gyaru
there's a treshold for how gay you can be, user

>the entire harem just abandon him the moment he cut off his hair

And exactly that's why I believe they will play it like that. I find it more probable than them fixing their mating seasons.

Really? I think that the fixing their mating seasons is more likely, King sacrificed his status and harem for his love, I can't believe the author would just leave him heart broken like that. Plus, if his relationship with Impala fail then Jin would be proven right when he said that different species can't get together.

any more pantsu shots


>pure sex

Muh dick


I wanna mate with the loli wolfu.

Lanka's 33-60 mediafire link

Is that you, Jin repressed urges?

Help me Cred Forums I can't choose

I'll be waiting, Rapeman.
Use AWOO kicking the Twin Towers for the credits page.

Rapeman when?

Afaik he usually translate in weekends.

>gyaru lions

Would you get barbed implants just to mate with one, Cred Forums?

I wonder what happened after this

Some anons said that that the leopard didn't kill the calf right away because sometimes the mothers come back or something.

AS fucked as it sounds, it's easier to make another one. Nature is brutal.

When Animal Man?

Is there a link for 1-32?



The lion is confusing Hunger with Love.

What the fuck.

Sometimes you want more than a piece of the pie.

But they can't get together.

Humans are already an endangered species in this manga.

Lion should kill himself
Fucking degenerate

If 2 nukes weren't enough I think it's time for a kinetic bombardment

It worked in Sodom and Gomorrah

where does it say that?

Pretty certain it's in the first chapter.



I want Lanka to lick my face when I come home~


I think I should do the cooking.

do they eat herbibores?

They eat faggot apes like yourself.

Fantastic idea, the right one is the best one.

Maybe a wombat.

This manga it's the gift that keeps on giving. I can't believe I almost dropped this because the it just looked like another To Love Ru with monster musume combined

Who knows, maybe human genes will dominate any animals genes and the resulting children would be more human.

This fucking manga

already been done

I wanna mate with Lanka

here's a line, and I'm up front.

You'll have to get past AWOO first!

it's ok, i'm married to her and we consent

I know how to please the ladies.

Wolves are huge, they look like bigger husky. Infact, Siberian Husky girl when.

I want a husky wolf mix. I had a friend that had one. Beautiful dogs.

My dad had one when I was a kid. He was a darling, but apparently, he'd act dominant over my dad's other dogs, and would be violent towards them for seemingly no reason every so often.

So apparently the mangaka was an assistant of Shun Matsuena. He called himself his padawan

Well dunno if assistant but his student

Wolf and husky looks pretty similiar already, are the mix just a bigger version of normal husky?

Lion Bro is a bro

My friend told me to only have one at a time for that reason. He also says to have a huge yard, so a wolf mix, or any dog for that matter is out of the question for me right now.
Yep. At two years he was already huge. My brother had a husky and from what I remembered, the wolf pup may have already shot past it.

there goes my hope for a bishounen male lion.

>that look
>that lick
this author is great
>implying these lions arent bonafide pussy slayers

>Wolf pup growing bigger than a husky
That's cool. Now I want one, though I heard that any sort of wolf-mix breed are hard to train like actual wolves.

I feel you. I always lived in apartments with my mom, and now on my own. I considered getting a small dog, but I work 60+ hours a week, so I wouldn't have the time to take care of it.

why do you work 60+ hours a week? what do you do?

Yeah they are. Your are not as domesticated and have trouble reading your gestures, unlike dogs who evolved to do so. You have to act like a alpha male in order to get them to do things.
I want a dog but I'm going to settle for a bird. Cats are dickheads. Apartment life is suffering. I wish I was in the woods.

It's better to not get pet if you know you won't have time for it, espically a dog. Beside, having any sort of dog in an apartment is a bad idea, they need space to run around and play.
I see, aslong as it's possible to train them to not be agressive toward other dogs then there shouldn't be a probelm.

My dad always said his wolfdog, Aquila, was a handful. He would always roam far off, and go around killing small animals like foxes, rabbits, and like I said previously, would sometimes attack other of my dad's dogs. He lived in the country, so he had a huge piece of land, so he never had any major incident of Aquila harming others or their property. And while I never saw him being violent, my dad would always be nearby whenever me or my sister were playing with Aquila, and would never let us get too rough with him.

I'm an A/C technician in a major city, which means I'm working as long as there's work to be done. While it can be long hours, I like the job because I'm always on my own, and don't have to answer to anyone, unless I majorly fuck up. Plus, weekends are guaranteed, and it's a pretty thick paycheck, so I don't complain.

What the fuck I didn't even know I wanted to see gyaru lions, how the hell does the author come up with this shit?

The cat adopted the deer and they lived happily ever after :3

Consider a parrotlet because they are smart birds and you can care for them easily just by spending an hour with them daily.

So I should only get wolfdog if I move into the countryside, got it. The hunting small animals sound like a massive problem though.
Oh wow, this is too adorable.

My brother had a rescued one. Loving little bastard, but he liked to attack my headset, so I couldn't have him in my room with me to play with. I hear you have to have two in order for them to not to go completely insane.
I'm sure if you trained it early enough, it'll be fine. I hear female dogs of any breed get jealous of other females though. I had a seargnt who had a lab that fought with his wife. The dog thought she was his wife. I think he fucks it when his wife was away not sure.

>I had a seargnt who had a lab that fought with his wife. The dog thought she was his wife.
Sound just like Lanka. The mangaka really do present accurate animal behaviors.

They are adorable smart little bastards.
You might have heard advice for a lovebird. While it's good for parrotlet to have company, they function fine alone with some toys. Lovebirds are kinda troublesome and company is usually recommended if you do not have someone to accompany it.

My family had love birds while I was growing up. I taught them to blow kisses at me and they would fly to me. Cutest little guys. They died of old age. They were older than me.

Lovebirds are fun, I have them too. But parrotlets have their own charm specially when you teach them to mimic human words. It's not perfect but it's close.

AWOO, user, not awoo.
I would post the image if the captcha wasn't fucking with me so go here

>mfw author gonna put one of these gyarus to sleep because hes too lazy to draw 3 of them

>Meat eating gyarus


Lioness gyarus left King because he willingly shed his glorious black mane.

Guess who has the meanest head of black hair in school now? That's right, you know what's going to happen.

But Kuromori is devoted

>no parrots, parrotlets or cockatiels available for adaption in my area
Fuck ;__;

When are we going to relative of Jin's, or another human who attends the school, but is a big game hunter who wants to ruin Lanka's dreams of a united pack and flaunt human superiority in a negative way?

Cockatiels and parrots are not easy to care for. Both of them are insane and a bit loony.

I dealt with them before. I know how to train cockatielss. I my mom had one that liked to beg food from me and ate of my spoon. She was cute. Sadly she passed away last year.

It's weird that Rapeman hasn't posted here already

too busy raping for justice

Same, I would think he wouldn't miss a Murenase chapter and/or thread.

Rapeman has been raped by Rapewoman and is trying to rape his way back to the top of rape by raping her. He'll get back in here when he gets better from the rape.

>Rapeman has been raped by Rapewoman
>implying he hasnt been raped by an even rapier rapeman

These chapters come out at 1 AM my time, and then I often have work the next day m8.

Will write the script tonight and hopefully have time to edit tomorrow, if not tonight.

i was translating this in a (.txt) but gave up on page 5 the fuckin boxes take mi fucking time and its gettin late

Nice to know. Keep up the good work.

Fuuuck she's too deer like, I might just jerk off to doing bad things to her

Wasn't that the Chimpansee's role? She was pretty similiar to Jin in her superiority stance but she's spreading it in a negative way.

Well wombats crush dingo's skulls to the top of their burrows using their asses
Can she do that?

Fucking /k/ why am I not surprised.

>Wasn't that the Chimpansee's role?

Someone has to be worst girl.

Can I request a drawfag to draw this situation with Jin doing this to any of the girls in the cooking club? Please!

Husky are even the large breed, they are the medium.

A Husky is a small Malamute, which is a small Wolf

aren't even*

Does the Trump face come in colour?

Yeah. Orange.

Like a glorious sun.

Well guess I can fix it myself, just looks weird with the hats being coloured and the face B/W.

The sun's yellow, just saying.

Was wondering how to translate this, seems to just be something they say when someone is talking about hair, often about their balding. I guess Japs on the internet whine about balding or stuff a lot so it became a meme like that with ASCII art too. So TL note it is.

Orange as it rises above the horizon to bring light after the dark, dark night.

>Orange as it rises
Depends on the latitude. The dirt in the atmosphere and the angle of refraction makes it red where I'm at.

I wonder if this'll ever be serialized.

Either a raccoon, dog, or some kind of lemur.

Small Panda loli or skunk.

Not a panda bear; the ears are too angular.
It might be a red panda though, but then I find it hard to believe he wouldn't draw their tail.

It has to be something with angular ears and no (or a short) tail.

I'm betting she's a black Shiba inu.

Here's the transparent of the middle lioness.

>jumps 12 meters, then says it was a pretty mediocre jump to her friends
>then author says on the same page impalas can jump only up to 10 meters

Maybe she's just humble.

humblebrag is not humility

Wait or are her friends saying she's average? Hard to tell if those are lines point to different speakers or just extended sounds.

I think it'd be まぁー in the sense of:


I.e. they think 12m is super cool. Least that's what I'm rolling with.

Stalker can you color ?

But left is best.

I could give it a go, any specific colour scheme you want? Brown and blonde like typical gyaru?

Git gud, onii-chan.

I'll leave it to you



I can't into art, and tried your request. Results was impossible.

Just have Lanka sketch? instead.

Great eyebrows and very puffy.

Adaption when?

Holy moly, I didn't expect anything to come from that request. You a bro!

yfw next time we see King he sets with Kurumi.

How's this?

Amazing gao.

Not that user but wow, I like it. She feels so feline with this.

Remember, harem ending is guaranteed because all the cooking club is in Lanka's pack.

Delicious if a bit too dark, left gaoru is still best though.

How about now?

Just a tad darker would probably look better.

That's the shit right there



Perfect. Now her hair and skin tone doesn't blend into each other.

I'm normally into brown girls but not brown gyarus.
Though she does look hot here.
Can you make her white?


She look like a bully.

White is right.

Step on my throat please.

>Phoneposting from a fucking windows phone
Neck yourself

>looks like
She is an alfa female, that means she bullied at least eight other lioness into submission.

With the way they catch and kidnap people, she probably is a bully.

I-I want her to bully me.

This one isn't too bad either.


We can, but should we.


Straight out of Africa. Oh.... wait.

user, we're reaching Argentinian level here, it's not safe.


>Implying Argnetina isn't white


dog+ no visible tail

Pug ears doesn't stand up though.

I know we can go even deeper.

french bulldog maybe?

She can't go any further cap'n.
That could work, though their ears are more rounded than the triangular shape we see on teh girl.

Okay, we reached the limit.

sometimes when you stare into the void, the void stares back

Pure girl gyaru lion when

So you made her a martian

She became so dark her mouth looks like a nose and reminds me of shitty koala.


She's not totally black yet, just Argentinian level of white.

keep going Scotty

I want a lioness gyaru to stalk me across the savannahs and chase me and devour me.

Now it's just a chameleon.

ron jeremy sure knows his way around the bitches

AWOO and her pack go to a different school

Did they not check to see if it gained heart pupils?

>Sloth has 100 ton grip strength
>Alpha wolf hierarchy
This mango was always based on the meme version of animals.

Why did the lion have to be a fats

He could at least have a bishie's hot bod

actual-fag furfag pls die

Yeah editing isn't going to be done tonight, I'm out. Expect it within 20 hours or so probably though.

Looks more like a fox than an awoo though.

I swear I've seen this character somewhere before, or that face/hair combo.

Enoshima Junko

There are a ton of girls with this sort of hairstyle.

She kinda looks like Hayasaka from Kaguya.

So if I'm getting this right, in this world predators "eat" their prey instead of eating them, but King just wants a pure, fluffy relationship?


Sry, I forgot to post it.

MC or the monkeys?

If Jin knew giving the dog food would attach it to him, why did he do it?

Ima need the source for that pic.

They love getting petted, don't they?

Where's the mossy moeblob?

On pg 1 and 3, she stole the show last chapter she needs a break.

ooga booga

This looks perfect, but then again I'm a Scandinavian guy who loves slav porn.


>slav porn
I'm Hispanic and I find them the hottest.

Nice sketch and all but that's not Lanka.

The maid from Kaguya.