Would you rather have a daughter, or a son, Cred Forums?

Would you rather have a daughter, or a son, Cred Forums?

A son, I always dreamed to fuck a trap.

I'd rather have not watched Aim for the Ace because it's garbage.

A daughter, so that she can be a tomboy.

Best of both worlds!

Reminder that the Queen was worst girl.

A daughter they seem to be a little more calm as kids. Plus can buy cute shit for them.

Seems you didn't watched it though.

I'd rather raise my daughter as my son.



I'd raher be blind and dead than have children.

I'd rather raise my son as my daughter.

I do not respect your life decisions.

Fuck you, she ruined everything.

It's not as if she planned on doing that.

A daughter that I can turn into a tomboy, just like said.

I'm gonna teach her how to fend off any potential attackers, teach her good habits, and eventually keep her away from boyfriends I don't approve of.

In her early childhood, I'm gonna do my best to give her memories that would last for her entire life - not bad, mind you, but good. I will take her all across the country, hike together with her and her mother, cycle, go on a beach, go to a foreign country..
I won't push any computers, tablets or smartphones on her - I'll let her make her own decisions. If she observes me, and wonders what are those things I'm playing with, I won't chase her away and prevent her from ever touching them - I'll show her the Internet if she wants to learn about it.

When she becomes about 9 year old, I'm gonna give her gradually more control, more freedom, but around her teenage years I will tighten control, and make her rebel a bit against me. Yes, I know this could have terrible consequences if done wrong, but it's gonna give her life experience.

Oh, and I'll pick slightly lewd outfits when she's in that "loli' age, just for my satisfaction, nothing else. Hopefully her mother won't object much.

>Oh, and I'll pick slightly lewd outfits when she's in that "loli' age, just for my satisfaction

It was good until then

No, actually it became great at that exact point.

A son so I wouldn't have to deal with trying to prevent my daughter from becoming a cockslut.

Came here to post this. She will ultimately succumb to the cock either way.


Rather my wife have a son.so I could care less about

Daughter, so I could join the "The Fathers who Love Daughters" club.

Honestly? I'd like both but if I had to choose I'd rather have a son.

Every father loved a daughter at least once user

She was an spoiled brat that acted like she was 15 her whole life.

Wait, wouldn't that be your son? Why would you word it so confusingly?

Yes, and?

Everyone saying daughter just wants to fulfill their sexual fantasies through them.

That's exactly why she fucked up everything.

Everyone saying son just wants to make a trap out of them.

don't ever talk to me or my wife's son ever again

I'd rather not.

I disagree, that's what makes it a tragedy and not karma.