What Myers-Briggs Personality Type is she?

What Myers-Briggs Personality Type is she?

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ISTP, obviously.

First post, best post

I miss Misaka. I really do.

She's CUTE

Touma is INTP
Accel is INTP
Misaki is INFJ
Aleister is INTJ


Haha, absolutely not


He is friendly, but I wouldn't say he is E
He is good with all the abstract shit the magic side throws at him, so N, though I could see him as S too
He actually thinks when he has time, even his moralfag speeches are purely for distraction, and not about his feelings
Las one is obviously P


Touma is ESFP
Mikoto is ISTP

INTJ because she's intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor. just like me

I love Misaka!

>Touma is ESFP
Actually, it really does fit.

>Mikoto is ISTP

Join the club.

S3 never

I don't see Misaka as a T, though; wouldn't she be an F, since most of the time she lets her emotions control her actions?

>most of the time she lets her emotions control her actions
She does?

Well, in the Anime, I guess - or she probably only does that around her friends. Like, the things with Kuroko, getting angry at Accelerator because the Sister was killed and attacking him regardless of what she saw, and other things like that, although at certain other points in time when lives aren't in too much danger she uses her brain.

Still, though, I think most of the brains come from Uiharu.

said no INTJ ever

ISFP, she's Fi driven as fuck.

Is it true that every single person on Cred Forums is either INTP or INTJ?


Also, T/F is less about logic/emotions so much as logic/values and a lot of F's mistype themselves as T's because of this.

>logic vs values
So T's just value logic?

neato someone who knows functions

any other casts you wanna type?

Cred Forums is one person and I am INTP so I guess so.

Are you smarter than the majority of the people who have ever lived?

If you were to rank yourself against all of humanity, where would yourself? Assuming 0 is smarter than 0%, and 100 is smarter than 100%.

T's don't necessarily value logic, they're compulsively logical.

Strongly valuing logic as a part of a belief system could actually be an indication of a feeler than a thinker.

My IQ is around 130-135 so 98-99 I guess.


I hope Misaka is alright

>Are you smarter than the majority of the people who have ever lived?
Not that user, but it's actually more probable than you would think, thanks to the Flynn efect. Someone with average intelligence now, is probably more intelligent than someone average from a few dacades ago.

She's going to go full edgelord soon.

You mean like other shows?

Screwed up IxTJ

I won't be here long

Everyone on Cred Forums likes to think that.

You say that as if it's untrue. What makes you think that Cred Forums isn't 80+% intp/intj?

My turn:


Yuuko: ENFP
Nano: ISFJ
Hakase: ENTP
Sakamoto: ISTJ

They're statistically uncommon types. They'll be more common on a place full of weirdos like Cred Forums but I suspect a lot are mistyped ISTJs or ISTPs.

Cred Forums is 100% IxFP. Those who watch moe and "deep" anime are INFP and those who watch shounen and manime are ISFP.

Nah. Plenty of it is IxTx types wallowing in their lesser functions (I've studied the functions and taken enough function quizzes to know that I'm an *actual* INTJ, albeit a depressed one, whose outer personality is totally different from my moeshit consumption).

I'm not here for the anime. 90% of the time the anime is either shit, or had potential but wastes it.

I'm here for you, anons. Being lonely isn't so bad when I can talk to dozens and dozens of different people all over the world each and every day.

Agree with these typings. Only ones I'm not sure about are Mio/Mai and that's only because I don't remember them clearly enough.

Bretty sure 8man is an INTP

Nah, I'm an INFP
But online communities in general have a lot of INTPs

Under what reasoning

Looking back I'm now uncertain, but

When faced with a request he would find a solution that would fulfill the request without regarding how anyone involved would feel

Touma is obviously INFP.

>he would find a solution that would fulfill the request without regarding how anyone involved would feel
Well within Fi.

What would shirou Emiya be? I think he would fall under INFP

Nah, he is DRGN

Are there any ISFPs in Index?

So I took the online test and came back INTP, only to read the description and get a fairly vague description that reminded me of astrological signs.

Furthermore the website wanted me to join their program and pay them.

This whole personality type spiel is just another scam, isn't it?

Misaka, possibly Touma

No, but a lot of personality descriptions online are butchered. Especially INxx's.


I miss Liberal Arts city.

I tried to take a personality test using answers I'd think Misaka would use and got ENFP-T.

Depending on which series she's in her personality differs slightly, so it's hard to answer some questions when Index Misaka and Railgun Misaka would have different answers.

I'm actually reading this one and it sorta fits Misaka.

>Campaigners go all-in with their relationships, and if they fall apart despite their efforts, they can end up plagued with questions about why the relationship failed and what they could have done differently – without a buoy, these thoughts can crush Campaigners’ self-esteem as they sink into depression.

That doesn't fit at all. Did you get the right quote?

You can be as dumb as a rock and still be an INTP/INTJ

Have you not read the last couple novels? Or her stalkerish fixation on Touma?

She goes all in and when it fails she gets depressed. That fits.

I miss Liberal Arts City too.

Soon deer



16personalities is a scam aimed at normalfags. The Turbulent-Assertive axis is fucking shoved in. Do this:


NT17 cover and more info in about 2 weeks. We get it a few days early this time because October has an earlier release date

Black wings soon

Can't wait. I'm guessing Mikoto/Yuiitsu will be the main feature on the cover, but there's always that chance that meme magic pulls through and Mie is there instead.

I want to fuck Mikoto and her clones in front of Etzali

Its gonna be Fran and Yuiitsu

nice desu

Solid INFJ girl

It goes without saying she's N and J. I can see why there are conflicts between whether she is I vs E and T vs. F. I'm pretty sure she's more F dominant. While she turns to a lot of logical thinking and is level-headed when she gets into dangerous situations, on a day-to-day basis, I see a girl who mostly acts on her feelings without really thinking through much. She wears her heart on her sleeve, particularly when Touma or the clones are involved. Also, while she is friendly and easy-going with her friends, the fact is she's a loner and very much self-exploring. Kuroko herself noted Mikoto is the type to attract lots of people without trying, but she can't mingle with them. INFJ's are good at being chameleons- they can seem very extroverted to other people, but they need to recharge with alone time. They're also very susceptible to guilt-trips on themselves (and I see a shit load of that in Mikoto) when something bad happens around them. They can also be very logical, practical and "closed-off" when they really need to be in certain situations, switching to T rather than their usual F.

Mikoto may be a major character in the volume (in fact I hope she is) but I don't think she'll be on the cover

Not to mention her clingyness and stalker tendencies are classic (unbalanced) INFJ traits

INFJs are the sort to avoid relationships until they think they've met their "soulmate"

Good thing, Touma will never be her "soulmate" as he already has one in his heart already.

Mikoto's depression seems more like a result of her lvl 5 insanity

Like Misaki

>"Everyone has to look out for themselves. That's the way it works."

>I vs E and T vs. F
Cognitive functions m8, read em. Your character description is right, you just need a better typing method.

she has literally Iroha's face on the left

Misaki is more like

>Be conscious of your position, don't think this place is a pink colored world, don't pretend one thing going wrong is the exception to the rule.

That's why she doesn't finds a friend on Mikoto. She is the opposite of her view on life.

Blame Nagai. If it wasnt for his filler it could have been animated

Fucking already? I'm still stuck on NT14

What happened to the cute tomboy girl-next-door who liked frog cartoons, kicking cans, reading manga, stuffed animals, arcade games, and playing the violin?

NT killed her with empty promises of character development.

NT was a mistake.

She got obsessed with the T.

>Somewhere in AC
>A certain masochistic vending machine ponders what's wrong?

Wicked sense of humor

She's still there. She's just a tiny bit crazy right now.

best girls

She turned into a woman to protect her man.

>You did not answer 5 questions. Answer all items so you can enjoy accurate results. Use the 'Back' button to complete the questionnaire.

I did and this shit still showed up, not to mention being mandatory
If the UX is bad people won't even start using it.

Not that guy but keys2cognition is wonky too. Best way to type yourself is to suck it up, read up the cognitive functions(or get someone else who does), and hope to god that you're(or they're) honest/fully aware about yourself.

>a man that's not even interested on her
Creepy as fuck man, what happened?


If Mikoto's obsession is creepy, what do you call Mugino's?

Crazy obssesed bitch.

It would be fine if she at least mad her stance clear to him, until then, it's a problem.

To me it seems she read too much manga and thinks that her meeting with Touma makes her "deserve him" like a typical heroine, like let's say Shana who met Yuuji and they got paired right away, the problem is Shana wasn't awareof what is love while Mikoto is and Shana did work to be with Yuuji while Mikoto acts opposite to her feelings on the outside and acts retarded, then gets mad over how Touma talks to a girl no named Misaka Mikoto.

The board is running amok, where is Stiyl to save the day?

>Etzali going out with Uiharu and Saten on 0:22
What a pimp

Next raildex stream when? I could've sworn clonefag said he'd do it again.

Mikoto is acutely aware of how not special she is to Touma though. She just wants to support him in whatever way she can.

INTP has Fi as well

No it doesn't.


My bad

He's as feeler as they get. His moralfaggotry has nothing to do with consistency or logic and is always an absolute "I don't like what you're doing" reaction from an emotional place.

She's always been somewhat of an awkward creep

But she's so publicly charming most people don't notice

i'd pin her down by her back while thrusting deep in her ass if you catch my drift

Being aware of one thing doesn't makes her overcome the problem, she literally acted like your shonen jump character thinking defeating a magician will make her power up or something like when she got AAA.

She thinks she's a shoujo heroine

ESFJ definitely.

No, she thinks she is a shonen heroine.

Misaka is introverted, she's just a level 5 so people naturally flock to her. If she wasn't level 5 would she even have any friends? I'm not saying she's shy (which she isn't) but shy and introverted aren't the same things. She just naturally keeps to herself unless someone else bridges the gap.

>If she wasn't level 5 would she even have any friends?
I think so. Even though she is naturally introverted, she's still a very kind and admirable person. If she wasn't a level 5 she would probably be able to focus more on her studies. She'd be an ace student with her intelligence, one of those friendly senpai that Kuroko and others would still look up to.

>Misaka makes her own STUDY

No difference at all, except her ego wouldn't be as inflated as it is now.

Her ego has been pretty thoroughly beaten into the ground. Considering she's using massive weaponry that she basically stole from a Kihara, I doubt she has much pride left.

In general that holds true due to the nature of online forums such as this one, however there are obviously exceptions. I'm an INFJ, for example.

She is compensating.

What she needs to do is accept she has her limits and that her life isn't a self insert fantasy shonen book, Touma isn't her Prince/hero and that live moves on.

Valid point

She only made friends with Kuroko at the start of the summer

And if her cynical monologue before meeting Touma was any indication, she's quite the lone wolf

NT16 pdf where?

If she doesn't have any pride left, why hasn't she raped Touma yet? Checkmate, atheists.


Apparently, there's a Toaru Manatsu no Genten Kaiki SS thing?

>he forced Uiharu and Saten to wear shorter skirts
Fucking mexicans.

Will Raildex ever recover?


She's a mentally ill 14 year old girl in love for the first time with a selfless hero who rescued her from the depths of despair and changed her life before swearing to protect her and her world

It's not like she just thinks he's cute

You think too much like a guy

>use raildex to promote and announce heavy object anime
>later: make fun of readers who thought magic gods would be more relevant
Gee, I hope not.

Translations fucking where?

No? She is just projecting. It doesn't helps tlin this very series there are younger people than her and don't fall for the same issues she does.

You forgot the part where he unironically compared OT16 and Aqua to NT16.


Pretty sure INFPs are more like Uiharu, Kaname Madoka, or Totsuka type of people. 8man is most probably ISTJ.

Well, the HO announcement wasn't Kamachi's fault.

I think it's very clear that she's moved on from her blatant hero worship of Touma. He's no longer this image of a prince that drew her to him in the first place after the Sisters incident. It hasn't been like that for a long time, actually. It's very obvious through the events of WWIII, NT10 and NT14 and recent volumes that she sees him less as a savior and more as a goal. A role model, someone to be respected admired and ever since she has been trying to improve herself so as to stand next to him. In fact it's become all she can think about, to the point of raw obsession. But for better or worse he's definitely a "positive" influence in the most straightforward sense of the term

>not purityfags
I wonder why user.

They never announce shit that doesn't have a stage do they?

She's an INFJ

Pretty unhealthy


Her undying passion for her chosen one is a bonus

Mugi: ENFJ
Ritsu: ESTP
Azusa: INFJ

Sawako: ENTP
Nodoka: ISTJ

Next year might have something unless they're drunk again and they make a surprise announcement for Index this year. Nothing would really surprise me at this point.


you just described me and my affinity for Donald Trump

>Misaka doesn't love Touma anymore
Kamikoto is truly ded. ;_;

Don't worry friend, something better will take it's place.

>Misaki is a better friend to Misaka than Kuroko
>Frenda is a better friend to Saten than Uiharu
>Othinus is a better partner to Touma than Index
Why are blond girls the best?

Misaka loving Misaki?

So what are their MBTI?

Oh no she definitely loves him. Just in a more mature and constructive way than the naive "Eh? The Boy I Flirted With Is Actually Magical James Bond Meets Prince Charming??" manner it began as, that people like to claim is still a thing

Uiharu is busy soldiering and having meme romances that Kamachi is seriously fucking with us about.

Our meme magic saved sniper-chan, surely it can make Kakine/Uiharu confirmed too.

He's a noble. He should take her as a mistress when he gets married to that royal girl.

>that royal girl
AKA the girl in the dress

What's supposed to be happening here?

Offering to help bandage her up because she got shot in HO12.

I want to bully Uiharu and her lookalikes

Can't catch a break no matter the world.

Doesn't sound like a very enjoyable evening

>Pretty sure INFPs are more like Uiharu, Kaname Madoka, or Totsuka type of people.
Nah, that's the healthy, idealized segment of xNFPs. You're forgetting the more unhealthier portion of angstlords, 2deep4u's, bad guys with sob stories shoved in, etc.

Is that Touma on a date with Index? No wonder Stylfag killed himself.


What happens in the story exactly?

>Touma on a date with Index
Oh, gosh.

A healthy INFP is a cute, shy, sensitive flower full of dreams & love

Unhealthy INFPs are the sort to cut themselves in a dark room during a rainstorm while reciting emo poetry about paaaiiin

>there will never be a remake of Railgun without Kuroko
>we will never see Mikoto & Misaki become roommates
>we will never watch them go from mean spirited rivals to tsundere best friends
>we will never see them get into homoerotic situations causing everyone to think they're gay

At least get us a chapter where they take 10032 to the beach as promised, then Misaki dotes on 10032 while Mikoto becomes jealous over her being called "onee-sama" by the clone

Her passion for Touma has matured

He's not her superhero romance novel adonis anymore

Touma is the one she can't imagine life without

Damnit, now I feel like re-reading railgun. It's unlikely but I wouldn't mind a yuri end in the novel since neither are winning the T.

>That one NT SS where Index looks for a present for Touma.
Are all the NT Index appearances only going to be in side material?

>we will never watch them go from mean spirited rivals to tsundere best friends

Mitori a cute.

Can we all agree that Claire is the absolute worst girl?

>can't make Index relevant in the LNs anymore
>just put her in side stories where she does cute shit with Touma

SS where Index goes full lewd for Touma when?

Not so fast.

You think Mikoto turns into a sex fiend when she's drunk like her parents?

Kamachi a best

Index a cute.

>yfw Laura knew Index was top-tier lewd cutie without the habit
>had her wear the baggy Walking Church habit to hide it

>not for sale
Well, fuck you too, Dengeki.

>Index on a date with Touma
>Previous SS about Index getting him a present

Index end confirmed?


Might as well confirm it Mikoto sure isn't winning

Mikoto BELONGS to Misaki

Drills-chan please, you shouldn't be on a site like this you'll see terrible things.


Dat Smugdex!

So they're pretty much trying to cover-up the original way Accelerator attacked the Windowless Building, aren't they? First the anime and now the manga changed it.

It's just not good to show without an explanation that would be rather annoying in a visual medium.

Are they at that 0930 in the manga already? I hope the art is finally bearable, this is when the good stuff starts.
Also how did the anime change it from the original? I never went back and read the volumes that were animated, aside from OT13's epilogue

It's just more visually impressive. Not like the change had a different effect.

It's entirely different levels of ability usage. One has him controlling the rotation of the Earth itself while the other just has him throwing a building.

It is a clusterfuck of an attack to explain though, so I understand why the anime cut it. The manga though has the ability to go into long explanations.

Look at that, it's as if she knows she has won already.

Accel uses his vector powers to move an entire building toward the Windowless Building instead of just using one wall and using his vector powers and slowing down the Earth's rotational velocity to attack the Windowless Building.

NT17 predictions?

>Kamikoto interactions that are meaningless in the most objective sense but will still be the main topic of discussion because people can't leave that discussion alone
>Touma's roar at the end of NT16 will amount to nothing and he will fail his goal

Myers-Briggs is popular in college psychology classes and some job hiring places ( to help with figuring out where you'd work the best)


If it was any other girl, you'd say it was endearing. Fuck off.

Did ARGGH KANZAKI ever finish summarizing that short volume that was just released?


Wait, how people know what is this about?
Was it translated?Where is Styil to confirm?

What causes Mikoto's mass appeal?

Electra complex.

I just watched the first 16 episodes of Railgun.

God damn it's such a shame Mikoto had to intervene in the fight against Accelerator. He was so close, so fucking close to ascending to level 6 and making all of those sister's sacrifices worth something.

Instead she threw it all away and held science and progress back another 50+ years.

Accelerator is a piece of shit who deserves to die, of course, but the progress that was about to be made was worth everything they had to do to achieve it.

>thinking Accel was close to achieving Level 6 because he discovered a new trick

Generic archetype that appeals wide number of otaku type public.

She's a well written character with a great character design who's in a massively popular series and has her own spinoff.

This should be obvious.

He'd never achieve level 6. Failing was just part of the keikaku.

What was the plan if Touma broken his spine and couldn't stop Accel from destroying the entire city?

Answer please.

Have to keep people from forgetting her somehow.

What type of personality type is Hamazura?

>genius intellect
>girly tomboy (best kind)
>talented violinist
>DFC with confirmed titcow future
>has a three dimensional personality
>self sacrificing
>shy around love interest
>proper onee-sama for her imouto
>can weave Persian carpets and mend gold plating
>cute innocent childish tastes like Gekota & stuffed animals
>not a complete girlscout, chaotic good
>basically a superhero already
>cute physical tics like hair flipping
>enjoys a good fight

You tell me

>meme answer

...theme music powerup?

I can't wait till Index ends up with Touma and all the Mikotoshitters get BTFO.

Not an argument

Intelligent , nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.


Why not? Mikoto is a character good enough for bad or bittersweet end to make sense. We really will get BTFO if Railgun gets cancelled or doesn't adapt NT events the way it adapted Sisters' arc.


How do we even know if it's a summer date?
We have no translators right now.


Who cares though, it's 3 pages long.

Psychology is used in human resources

新約 とある魔術の禁書目録
Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Dengeki Bunko Super Thank You Leaflet

(物語のテーマは (夏のデート)
(Story theme is summer date)

Toaru Manatsu no Genten Kaiki
A Certain Midsummer Starting Point Recursion

ENFP is Shounen Hero: The MBTI type

INFP is Shoujo Heroine: The MBTI type

Once she dies off, will she become one with electrons?

Stiyl please...

Stiyl died. He saw it in a thread someone made for it and hasn't been seen since.

Kanzaki couldnt save him after he saw the cover

Retards, the Myers-Briggs types are pure bullshit. Horoscope-tier bullshit in fact, but it's sold as science so people who like to feel smart still eat it up.

>Styil translating Index date
Thats like asking Biribiri to translate a love letter by Cendrillion to Touma

Mikoto BTFO

Speaking as an INTP, Touma is definitely not this type. The "architect" type?

He is relatively outgoing, always introducing himself to people and trying to help them.
He is generally intuitive, so N is right.
He is definitely F, all his decisions are based emotionally, he is impuslsive and very rarely thinks things through before acting.
Finally he is probably P, he is very accepting.

>The fucking titular character of the series

Her presence in the title stopped meaning anything years ago bud.

That reminds me.
What happened to her?

More importantly, how much of each letter is she? Is she turbulent or assertive?

Is he actually extroverted or just friendly?
The bullshit comes in when people act like it's the gospel. It's just an incredibly general outline for the basics, like saying all pizza must be deep dish.

Kamachi said this in NT6 afterword.
>I get the feeling Cendrillon will be easy to use in a lot of different ways.
She's probably stuck in some kamachi fapfics or Haimura doujins we will never see.

A twisted part of me wants to see Kamachi write an ero LN. Seeing what absurd shit he would come up with as the "plot" makes me curious.

Her type is SSSS Super Shitty Sucking Slut

Count me in.

Not when Kamachi keeps bringing her up when it's about Touma.

It absolutely was not worth it though.

Level 6 is not worth it.

>Accelerator is a piece of shit
Reminder that any clones not named Last Order or WORST are not people.

Stop bullying the clones.

Maybe I will if the clones stop acting like drones.

I want Misaka to step on my dick

It's worth if it's Accelerator, any other besides him and Kekine like Mikoto would explode before reaching Level 6.

I want her to shock my dick and balls.

I want her to slowly increase pressure squeezing my balls in one hand at the same rate she increases voltage zapping my urethra with the other

I just want her to sterilize me by shocking my balls violently and painfully. With her feet.

Not sure if I should be surprised that Etzali is a masochist or not.

You wot m8

If Index has Kamasutra in her head, what kind of things would Touma do to her?

>mfw don't know the contents of kamasutra ;_;

Touma's ENFJ


You're not living your life correctly.png

I want to friendzone Mikoto

I want Mikoto to accept defeat in the Toumabowl and move on to the real prize.

Touma pls you already have

I want to do lewd things to Drills-chan that she's too pure to understand.

Rejoyce feetfags.

One more for KyoAni:

Haruhi: ENFP
Kyon: ISTJ
Mikuru: ISFJ
Yuki: INTP
Koizumi: INFJ

Kamachi please not again.

Delete this post or I will delete you.

I want to dress her up in all sorts of lewd outfits. Miniskirt maid, showy China dress, swimsuits, loose yukata, miniskirt yukata, and many more, all while she innocently smiles as I tell her she looks good in them. I'll slowly increase the lewdness as she remains unaware and untainted by the darker desires in my heart. Finally, after I've gained her trust I'll make love to her in the missionary position while holding her hands and gazing into her eyes the entire time. After that I'll properly take responsibility and marry her.

I want to kill Mikoto

I want to gangbang Mikoto

If Drills is taken then I claim this pure girl.

There's a doujinshi where Mikoto was having sex with Touma and she used her power to excite his dick while riding him. I like how every doujin that has to do with Mikoto and Touma involves sentimental and happy sex. Non-h are superior though.

A shame it is just a doujin.

where's my Yuiitsu frech kiss doujin nips.

>fall festival in less than two weeks
Have the people that have given up overtaken the ones that still have hope yet?

I want to be Mikoto


So is this anime worth watching or do people only like it cause of the waifus? If not is the manga any good?

Read the Railgun manga, the Sisters arc is great and the rest is good, although your enjoyment of the later arcs would increase if you read the Index LN. The anime adaptations for both are up and down, the highlight being Railgun S.

I want to imoutozone Misaka. I want to make her my imouto, by force if necessary.

So, I should read the manga first then the anime?

Without a doubt! Maybe next year.

LNs for Index first, doesn't make sense to read a spinoff before the main series.

In Railgun's case, yeah. Just be wary that the first season is heavy on filler along with the last 8 episodes of the second.

I want to be oberly protective to Misaka then get into a fight with Touma through some misunderstanding and get a harem after I get my illusions broken

So it this a series a case where the spinoff is better than the real thing?

Debateable for NT, for OT14-22 no way

That's what secondaries will tell you. Index LN really picks up around volume 14 and is better than the Railgun manga, which is limited because it has to work with Index' timeline.

>Kakine could have fucked the Dark Matter Misakas
Thats one hell of a way to go fuck yourself

Will Js06 translate this?
Is he alive right?

I will keep hoping until the day I die.

Not sure how he prioritizes side stories. He's definitely alive though, HO was updated just the other day.

Didn't he said Raildex was priority?

Only the main novels, he hasn't gotten to several side stories yet.

He didn't do them because he doesn't owns every scan in existence. Call him and tell him you have one and he'll jump to translate them, like he did with SP.

He hasn't done the crossover that was posted online yet, though it only partially is Index. He's working on a shitload of series now.

>It's literally three pages
Why are we even wondering what it might be? It seems like a waste.

It's literally just a 3 pages magazine bonus that probably has fuck all relevance. Even if he planned to translate it, I doubt it'd be anywhere near top priority.

>Summer date with Touma and Index pictured
People just want to see shippers burn I guess.

T/F is mostly the motivation for the type. Do they think they need to do something or do they feel like it...

What type would the rest of the level fives be?


>has fuck all relevance.
All these side materials have been relevant at some point.

>It's a 'Kamachi shits on Kamikoto again' chapter
Light Novels and side material.

Haven't taken a psychology course before but are you maybe thinking of socionics?

I really love her smile in that pic.

Coincidentally just looked at the front page of Cred Forums and saw your response. Yeah I was thinking of the wrong one, when I was in college we took the tests but it was in one of the sociology/human communication courses and not psychology.

Alright I'm getting a little afraid, where the fuck is our secret club? Don't link it directly, but can someone give me a hint on what thread we're in right now.

>Big update. Chapter 4, epilogue and afterword complete.

Thanks user

It's like she's asking to be impregnated.

She's not allowed to. Unless Kuroko teleports Touma's semen into her womb.

I want Kuroko to teleport my semen into her own womb


Shippers deserve to burn. It's obvious Index will win in the end (assuming there is romance) regardless of whether or not she's in the spotlight of novels or not.

>inb4 hurr durr delusional Indexfag

No, fuck off

seeing where someyhing is obviously going =/= preferring it/having any investment in it

I suppose that's that's one reason I'm not overly invested in Touma's love life. It didn't spark my interest and I've felt no mystery surrounding who he'll end up with.

She just wants T's D

>love letter by Cendrillion to Touma
Wait I don't remember this are you talking about that love letter SS where literally everyone wanted to read it?

Nevermind I'm dumb and forgot about what happened at the festival


Implying poors are people, the ancients were based as fuck

Why does this remind me of touhou?

Accelerator is ISTP, he is inconsistent as fuck to be J and got can't really deal with emotions to be F.

Clear case of ENTP
E - active, leader type
N - borderline autistic
T - never relies on people
P - chaotic and impulsive

s3 when

Sid Kuroko mobile trollposter hot banned?

When manga gets 10 year anniversary in April and finally goes past where anime cut off

>mangaka announces that the manga adaptation is gonna end and instead a manga adaptation of New Testament will take its place in order to quickly catch up with the light novels

>Reports of mass suicides appear across the world for next few days

I hope Yuiitsu does something to Takisubo

>a man that's not even interested on her
where are the proofs

Actually, Myers-Briggs isn't bullshit. It's just that most people do the test online and online personality tests are bullshit.

It's because the tests are based around the idea that people are honest, but people never are. Instead of being honest about themselves, people metagame the test, going "Oh, I'm an introvert, out of the 4 answers here this one is the one for introverts, therefore I'll pick this" and then the test just shows whatever they told the test to show.

If you made a program that asks "are you awesome Y/N?" and if you reply Y it says "Yeah, you're the greatest person around!", that's about as scientifically accurate as online personality tests.

You can still figure out what other people would get from the tests because you aren't as biased then. So talking about the Meyer-Briggs result of an anime character can, in fact, be scientifically valid.

I hope she fucking dies already so we can go on with the goddamn plot instead of this shitty game of chess that only Laura is playing.

infp here, can confirm

Laura is playing 4D chess.

I hope she fucks off already.
It's sad how Raildexfans had to lower their standards for antagonists to be able to "enjoy" a retard like her.
Take Yuitshit and give Enshu instead.

NT17 will make or break her. The shitty revenge thing is out of the way so she's free to begin whatever real plans she has.

>Kamachi thinks the current novel is equivalent volume 16
So next volume has the story goes back to England, right?

Possibly not England but I am sure Kamachi will send Touma on a trip somewhere outside of AC to save Kamisato's worthless ass.

What is Haimura's latest artwork from the Raildex franchise? Index wearing a wet t-shirt while holding a super soaker?

Probably that or the cover from the short story

The date one? The cover from the short story is the same one used in the Index BD Box, and that was years ago.

>NT18 opens up with an illustration of 8 dragons to mirror OT18s


>Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of 'crack-pot' than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost.
Yep, we got a dead ringer here.

I hope Misaka kills Yuiitsu or atleats tries to

We all want more raildex user. We just gotta deal with the slow updates