Girls und Panzer, GuP and /ak/


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I want to go on the date with Mika, with purest of intentions.

What is her endgame?

Erwin ist my wife

>? ? ?

A similar reaction to Erika, maybe?

I've always been indiferent to doujins, but I'd really want to know what they're saying in this one. Literally more interested in the comedy than in the porn.

I don't know and i don't care but i want her to play her cards already because i can't wait to see Rosehip and Pekoe in rinvision

I want to breed with Erwin and make her a mother fox

Too late, I already did.

>Erwinfags already starting internal conflict

You can't help yourselves can you?

Da-dang is a miracle of the universe

No one can be impure about their intentions with Mika, user.
Unless you actually don't want to have sex with her, you sick, sick fuck.


Good try but as much I enjoy you being a cuck and raising my son I won't allow it


I will love Itsumi-dono

Erika had nothing to do with Shiho being a mega bitch and disowning Miho

Why do I find this so funny? I think it's just because of the little scoot lines behind the Miho head.

Wouldn't it be nice if the new manga showed Erika trying to hardball Miho after the events of the last battle by telling her to change schools if she can't take it and then Miho actually transfers school contrary to Erika's expectations

Post lewd hats

I want to as Katyusha out on a date.

She is just a pawn to the real mastermind.

Someone need to write a book about this.
"Once upon a time, there was a community filled with poor souls blindly devoted to their non-existing ladies. These poor souls were constantly fighting each other to prove which lady was the purest, the prettiest or the smelliest of them. Sometimes, fights were breaking even amongst souls loving the same lady. However, not every lady had a souls devoted to her. One of these ladies was called Saori. Not only was she alone, other souls would sometimes stop fighting just to mock her. "Fat seal!" - they shouted. Seeing this a young, shy soul who was always feeling love towards Saori felt that he needs to intervene. But how can he defend Saori from all this mockery? He wasn't strong - in fact he was drunkard and he had no hope in defeating all these unfriendly souls. Then he felt a brillaint idea coming to his mind. He would offer Saori the only thing he had. An unconditional and pure love towards her. Other souls seeing the way he confess his feelings to Saori felt ashamed of themselves and scattered away - never to mock Saori ever again."

purest Sodoko
the prettiest Erika
the smelliest Oreo

The only thing she masterminds is getting ambushed.

>anons will never fight over Hana

>real mastermind.
Who? Noriko?


Because they're just as refined and dignified as she is. A fight over her would probably be the equivalent of a well-functioning think tank.

No one really loves her here. She's only good at as fap material, that's just how bland she is as a character.


Just watched der film. Holy shit, it was great.

Why would I fight for my waifu? She is already mine.
Are no other anons Hanafags?

Don't bully poor Erika.

why though

A master of turning the ambushers into amushees

stay mad

Erika is for loving, not bullying.

My african brother.

By the way, any news about the Erika manga's story?



It's out on Monday, you can read it online.

I hope it will be translated.

Time for some Erika-loving.

You go home to your wife Erika who's already finished cooking for you. She'll ask you what you want: dinner, a bath, or her. Famished, you decide on dinner first. When you say this, you notice a small pout on Erika's face, which quickly disappears. After eating the delicious hamburger steak that Erika so lovingly made, the both of you move to the bath. She washes your back, and then follows up with a massage. It feels so damn good. The fatigue from the day of work immediately disappears.

"Does it feel good?" you nod your head, praising her for her gentle, yet sensual touch. She smiles back, and then pecks you on your left cheek. You both finish up and move to the bedroom. You decide to start on some foreplay and turn around to suck on her ample breasts. As you keep yourself busy licking and rubbing on her hard nipples, Erika says "Ich will es dort unten!". You don't understand a word of what she says, but you now what she wants. You move your hand to caress her pussy, but notice that it's already sopping wet.

"Hurry, I want it now!" She pushes you down and mounts you, and then slips in your rock hard dick inside of her. The tight wet flesh wrapped around your member feels like heaven to you. It feels hot, almost like the engine of a Tiger. Erika starts to hump up and down on top of you. Despite her generous chest and toned muscles, she feels light on top of you. You try to tell Erika to slow down but she doesn't listen and instead, speeds up. Erika is riding you so hard and so fast and your dick is feeling so good but your body can't take it.

You both finally cum, and Erika just lays on top of you, silent. You love her so much, but you can't help but feel that she should be with someone better. "Erika, I'm sorry I can't be like Maho." She looks back at you and frowns, "It's okay. I don't regret being with you one bit." She then smiles and lays her head back on your shoulder.

"I love you, Erika."

"I love you too, Yukari."

I want to go swimming with Momo! I bet she very adorably doggy paddles!



unprotected copulation with a mother!

You have something to tell us user?

with two mothers


What the fuck is it with Mika?



Darjeeling is my wife!

but pekoe you can't marry other girls

Just being the best girl.



>panzer vor means panzer vor!
Yeah, shouldn't have picked that.

The freckles are nice

>more than one english sub
>pick commie
You have no one to blame but yourself, user.

Momo is my wife!

I'm so sorry.

Katyusha is my wife

erika a cute A CUTE!

>tfw the anteaters would probably look hideous irl
I don't want to marry Nekonya despite she being the best girl

I want to ride that crocodile

>Nor wanting to ride Erika

I don't understand. She's perfect.

I want Erika to ride me

Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

Kay, keep me posted

Too late I won cunt

Erwin is mine until the thread ends, don't worry I will clean her after I cum inside

I want to snuggle with Mika desu.

Is that all you want to do? Be honest, user.

The Garupans are not for lewd. Snuggling is standard procedure.

Well, to be specific, I want to snuggle with her while she wears nothing but a loose sweater on a cold winter evening in front of the fireplace.

Maybe make some babies afterwards but that is not my main concern right now.


I wanna fuck Kay!

Mika is for smuggling, not snuggling

This is my Erika, there are many like her but this one is mine.


Say one nice thing about the Garupan you like the least!

Mika has a cute wink.

Hana makes pretty good flower arrangements

Momo has a lewd body

MU-4 is still the cutest.

It's Czech tank museum.
14th. Tank Day in Lešany.

We knew she likes animals, but a pet crocodile?


Where were you when the wani memes were happening

Rosehip have nice hips

Perfect body.

Only good to pleases old men


Does Momo please old men for money for her tank?

>Liking the least the Rose of the hip



No, she does it for fun

Don't bully the girls. Anzu works the funding. Don't spread ugly misinformation.

That's how Oorai gets funds

So you're saying Anzu does it? Perhaps that's how she pays for those potatoes.

Anzu pimps Momo and Yuzu


Anzu probably steals money from the school funds. But she does not lewd for funds.


She doesn't show it, but she has fun being with everyone. She just wants to graduate with her friends. That's why she was so affected in the movie.

>Anzu probably steals money from the school funds

No, that would be the principal, considering that he had a fancy car.

I mean doing that for fun, but oh well


Silly anons, why steal when you can write it off as "expenses"?

Anzu pls go

I hope we get to see more of this pair in the Erika spinoff.

Being marry to Momo must be hell


If it's Hell then I don't want to go to Heaven!



To be absolutely truthful, holding hands with Mika is fine too.

But I don't want to go too far.

>this stupid わに meme killed dog erika

Battle brother, there appears to be something wrong with your Land Raider. Is that a unsanctioned pattern? You should take it to the Mechanicus before they declare you to be a Heretek!

Why, you don't like croc Erika?

>Me and my wife Katyusha on our honeymoon

crocs aren't cute


I pet the Fukuda.



not cute at all





Before and after I ask her hand in marriage!

I hope those are happy tears.


Fukuda is a little yamato nadeshiko in training, her pubes show her wife power is increasing really fast.

Dumb momoposter.

I want to lick Shizuka!


This is a BULLY FREE zone!



Same, I want to lick Shizuka everywhere, especially her feet after a long day.



But Erika is.

>Not the WebM

I want this dog.

I want to marry Taka-chan


I thought Yukari was pregnant from the thumbnail, what a letdown.

This one's optimistic

What about this one?


>When she invites me to her room.

Does anyone have that mako cap where she's smug as fuck? I lost mine.

This one went to market

I want to lick Kay!

>Erika and Yukari
>I thought Yukari was pregnant
Learn form Erika:


>tfw no genderswaped Erika with Yukari doujin

Naomi is so disgusting

Naomi really ruins it.


terrible taste

I hate that disgusting dyke


Do you just bully all girls who are posted?

she doesn't care about you whatsoever

which is weird because normally she's into massive pussies amirite

No I just hate three girls and only three girls
I found Fakuda disgusting, I think it's her hair tails and the helmet

Rosehip after something some fag wrote about her being so fast to the point she never wipes her ass and has bits of shit on

And Naomi for being a dyke



>Katyusha's threat towards Nonna

I think I'll heed this 2D's words instead.


>hating Rosehip because of shitposting
Then you must hate the Hippo team too, and Fukuda is super cute.

>that Erikas
That's not how breasts work...


I love the hippo team

Also there's a big line between scat and smell


Starring Taeko Kondo

Both are disgusting.


>hating any garupan bacause shitposting

>Yukari, Saori, Erika, Nishi, Darjeeling, Pekoe, Shizuka, Rin, Sodoko, Oryou and many more say hi.
So just like whoever you want and don't care about the crap some people are posting, i'd suggest.

I kinda want to see Pekoe snap at Darjeeling, and murder her with a tea kettle.


But i don't hate any character.

Scat is degenerate and disgusting

Smell is lewd and adorable

I wanna see Erika and Yukari hatefuck each other.

I don't have a Garupan I hate the least.


Both are degenerate and disgusting.

>Not wanting to see her and Maho spending the last night together before Maho graduates, with Maho telling her that she has faith Erika will do good when she's not around any more to lead the team.

Where are the tanks? :D



Me on the left.

How can the MC be such an undesirable waifu?

/ak/ Cred Forumsmandoes yesterday was lots of fun. We'd love to see anyone in here contributing /k/ or Cred Forums related YT videos.

Pic has the link if you want to join us.


Miho is perfect you piece of shit.

Shit taste.

So is the ship being invaded by pirates in the new movie or something?
Perfect for Takashi

She's boring just like Hana. At least Maho has autism moe, Miho is just so average.

Takashi is a faggot.

>even a secondary character like Anchovy has more doujins than Miho

Mihofags should kill in mass

Takashi did the right thing by dumping that slag.


They didn't even get together, it's Yuuki who got dumped by a even bigger faggot.

Takashi and Yuuki bf are not real

Can you pull off Alisa's twintails like Akari? Will she gain super saiyan powers?

is this what you need?

Thank you user, I'm touched.

Is she the tallest garupan?

What did she mean by this?




Going for a spin amirite?

>C'mon Erika lets get stupid drunk
>But you get all depressed and self harming when you're drunk
>I know.

Where's the rest of that Erwin picture?

But maybe Maho lets her close to her when she's also drunk
>And suddenly Erika likes Oktoberfest

it time snusnu

Hey user. What'cha lookin at?



I bet every time Maho is passed out drunk Erika is slurping on her smooth, tight, adolescent pussy.....

>Now i just tried to speak "snusnu" with french accent in my head
>I won't get that out of my head the whole evening

N-nothing Kaichou, I was just thinking how lovely you're looking today.


I-i'm done the plumbing you requested my guys to d-do.

>tfw no frenchie doujins

Who's invading the Oorai carrier? Or is it a Sodocoup?

>this is a 10/10 in britain


My wife, Kaicho. I'm here to drop her off her lunch!

top kek

fast work user


Hell yeah!

Mussolini did literally nothing wrong

Have you been able to think of any others user?


Is that canon?
Is that picture relatively accurate?

Any picture with them near anime characters for comparison?


i need more Erika


Erika is bad.
Bad to the bone.


She loves Maho, and someone who likes Maho can't be totally bad.


Mika misses her little sister.

Speaking of which, did we ever get a reason why Mika was kicked out of the Shimada household?

No, those are all the main -fags in these threads right now.

Fair enough

Because she was molesting Alice

Youjo Senki adaptation when?

Indy joke?


Why is she scowling? Even Noriko enjoys it

do you have to ask?

She doesn't want to admit that she likes to please Me__

Man that uniform really looks like the Hungarian WW2 uniform.

But sexy bullshit.

Disgustingly attractive sure.

maybe she's embarrassed

I wish it was part of her normal getup. At least she has that really cool jacket.


The girls in this show are too hot and there are too many outrageously good tits.

I'm mad.

What did you do to Alice to piss off Mika like this!?

>steal things, act all weird around younger girls, be lazy and hedonistic
>expect to stay the heiress apparent to a prestigious name

She got the boot instead and, as is the fate of all disowned girls in the GuPverse, completed her transformation into a Finn.

Gonna preorder this. Would anyone wanna see me hot glue her?


What is she saying?

u sick fuck

"What did you do to my daughter?"

Whenever Momofag looks away, i hold hands with Momo.

>Walk in
>See this

What do?

>tfw family was force to left Italy because of a guy on who the girl I fapped to is based on
>tfw now I have to fucking suffer the >white and Falklands batnz from the two bongs
I was made to suffer, I didn't ask for this fuck you real life Duce

she's a dumb ass, low life, no good onee-san

Is kinda tragic, Mika could steal any loli she wanted but not her sister, for that she would have to win her heart

How did Mika kidnap Aki and Mikko anyways?

>his family was a bunch of partisian fucking faggots
>gets mad that he is a wog

Falklands belongs to the British

Allah save the queen

Remember to convert so you can get your 27 virgin waufis

kill yourself

kys momofag

>not wanting to choose your favorite girls to see in the after life
no, YOU

Remember brothers, Allah awaits and with him our panzer maidens

Bad shitpost, didn't even make me laugh.

do we like /gsg/ guys?

"So he thinks about me in that way huh, maybe I should pay him a vist..."

why the fuck did she only take a picture with Ooarai when all those other schools contributed to the match just as much?
what a dickhead

No, they should stay there.

What are these angels dreaming about, Cred Forums?

I don't believe it, really? Who would want to hold hands with Momo?



What kind of fucking fanfiction are you guys reading where Mika and Alice are sisters? It's not even mentioned in the movies


Alice looks so sad.

Her family
Food and flower arrangements
How much of an 88mm tank shell she can fit inside her pussy

I'd make her forget about Takashi, if you know what I mean.


Those anteaters.

why is the anteater team so fucking shit?
i hope they die

Saori is a slut.

Shut up, no gains manlet.

this desu, they're fucking boring i bet they play EU4 too

No, she's not.

I'm going to crack your neck kid


You can't reach my neck.

why do they have an old lady anyway

Are they all schlicking to each other?



They're schlicking to our threads

No, to me.


Nobody agrees with you and we all think you're a loser.

GuP sleeping friends and Yukari.jpg

>happy Saki


The butterfly just brought her good news.

It's true, bullying is prohibited.


Reminder that Darjeeling is pure and not for lewd.


I want to help spread Saki's influence over this reality.

wow, this general is really white and based

I want to summon ancient gods with Saki

thanks bud

all I know is

two anglos
one irish
one spaniard
one mexican
one brazilian Yukarifag
one colombian
two argies
atleast a pair of germans
and a lot of americans
and one manlet jap

The momofag is an allah praising arab don't forget that.

>two anglos
>one irish
>a pair of germans
>a lot of americans

I want to take Saki on a date.

>one brazilian

at least there is not a swedish

Three actually, i'm not a Yukarifag though.

I'm argentinian and white too

one flip coming through

sos el de la patagonia?
yo soy porteño

n-no, yo vivo en La Plata

Don't tell me she possesses a behelit!

I hope a kako enters his home and rapes her Yukari figurine, he deserve it for not being an Erika fag

who build that city? Maho? fucking autism

hola Hitler mod guy

Who's Irish?

the Irish team when?fag

I think he's a northern one too

You left out the jew, though I americapost more often than I jewpost


Whenever he shows up just remind him his nation decided to sit out WWII so NEVER!


two strayans

This is my favorite Maho picture.

I agree, Mapo is so cute.

patagonia represent

Why are we calling her Mapo?

mapo is cute!

It's Maporin.

make it two flip flops

which Island my senpai

>this is a 10/10 in britain

Its cute.

Operation tacos when


"Is that you, Phil?"

>tfw a drunk guy against the whole world singlehandedly redeemed his waifu
Pure love

Tfw your country did all the industrial heavy lifting for both wws and gets very little credit

I only accept bullying Saori for being a fatty, also sealposting.

This is now canon

>Any picture with them near anime characters for comparison?
You did that on purpose didn't you

Soft sadist Miho is best Miho.

but user, america gets a lot of credit

would bang tho

this guy is a great artist

When we get proof of more sensha-do legal tanks that have operated in Mexico that are not Stuarts nor the retarded Shermans.

Latinamerican team even more divided than BC Freedom when?

Do not bully the Sherman

Comrades! Your fellow /ka/tboys need you! Join us and revel in the spoils of watching stupid shit.

Look at pic if you wanna join. Need more suggestions for emotes too.

Noriko rapes the other ducks with his corkscrew dick every night.

>gets very little credit

Are you defecating me?! We literally CANNOT SHUT UP about our contribution to the war effort! Hell, to hear us talk, you'd think we were the ONLY ones fighting the Axis!

>She may not be your favorite GuP, but I'll always love her, She'll always have a place in my heart

>inb4 he was talking about Canada

He could be russian, in which case he'd be entirely correct. Unless Cred Forums added flags recently and I haven't refreshed.

>all the industrial heavy lifting



Huh, I missed the whole "industrial" part. Carry on, then.

I want to become a father


source senpai? or it's only one image?

Just this one.

You got it the wrong way around.

>scans never

So this is the GuP thread TLs
Do you just look at the picture and try to guess what it says?

Stuart a cute

The rabbits have failed their task, and now all of the gupverse will pay the price.


How did this crocodile Erika thing start?


Erika saying "wani wani" plus jap autism

Italian American

Anyone got that pic where they're tallying the number of loads she's taken while they're still running a train on her?

Manga author fucked up something other than faces.

>Erika saying "wani wani"


Italo-Argentine here

Since we got no school, I love and fap to duce

The GuP mangaka made a typo , and "wani wani" can be translated as "crocodile".

lick 'er

What was it supposed to be?

>wani wani
What are you doing?

She says "wani"(croc) instead of "wane" at the end of her sentence

>one mexican
Pretty sure there are more.

I've never seen anyone besides myself.

Pasen lista pendejos

The Italians are up there for me. This is an old list though. Rosehip should be lower.

Are north Italians autistic and south italians dumb?

All I can tell you is that both are lazy.

Aside me... I've seen a few guys spanishposting every now and then with some es-mx speech patterns.

And pretty much all of Center-South America ends up posting in the occasional /añ/ thread before it's axed by jannies, haha...


I could have sworn most of the spanishposters were those actual grandsons of actual nazis who fled to Argentina, which is why they love Erika so much

>when your own creation turns against you

Where do you think you're going nerd?

Erm, back on topic...
Upotte #73 - Archive!LlsUTawR!K3kZ_RVoAxdYF6NzvEuXsew8hK6Ug1-b4rkXsqdGaSw


que chinguen a su madre los Momoputos

If either had a penis, which one would you suck? That's how you solve these.

And to completely copy you, because I'm that bored right now:

Groundless series archive (updated with Ch. 14)!UAgWBa7Y!ABnHzYepWh2KQnNs2fRKng

Both of them
Also, one of them does have a penis.

A toda madre cabrón

la puta que los pario Momoputos

Post it nigga



I just wanna say i hovered over this right as Love & Money started to play and it synced up really well. Was a very hypnotic experience.

W-Where can I f-find more?

you mean both?

How many lurkers?
I literally come here for Duce pics then leave

Kayfags representin'

The Erikaputos are bullying momofags now, what a new low


Sounds more like a shipper to me.

Momofags were only in the clear because saorifags were easier to bully. Now that sawreehfag has redeemed her, they're next in the list.

I missed this meme.

hacete cojer como la puta que sos Yukariputo

la reconcha de tu madre puto

I love Darjeeling's great figure and disappointing brain!


Reminder that Darjeeling is heterosexual and has no relation to Kay.

I'm glad Erika likes the best boy so much.

Vete a dormir erikaputo, ya es de madrugada

>best boy
But that's not Uncle Karl

>disappointing brain

take that back

I think Maho was already making that face before Erika said anything, they should call an ambulance.

Two gremlins are laughing amongst themselves in the world's ugliest language.

Literally nothing to worry or care about.

Just because that dumb momoposter is so insufferable

>1 am
chupala boludo

She knew Erika was going to run her tongue and fuck up, it was just a matter of time.


Who's interested?

I think she is dying, someone should do something.

Kay knows that Darjeeling is heterosexual and actively ignores it to get what she wants.

>Only character to beat Miho
>Understands proverbs
>Saves Ōarai in the movie more than once
>Is the team captain of a school with very strict selection processes
>Drinks tea


I love Momo and GUP too much to stay away.

I'm sorry.


how did rosehip get in then?

Why are Momofags so insufferable?

Scholarship, nepotism, bribery?

You post the wrong girl

Erwin is my wife AND ONLY MY WIFE


Rosehip is probably poor though

Nishi may be a baka, but the Drama CD showed her being quite intelligent.

Yukari's don't look bad but dear god that Mako.

Then i will keep bullying you

She has 6 gorillion siblings, that's why she goes so fast, otherwise there'd be no food left by the time she got to the table.

I'm fairly certain Miho's a guy.

And I will be there everytime to give your life purpose.

What's wrong with Saori's eyes?

Why are Momofags so gay with each other?

Good night friends

Thanks, I guess

That right leg is awful. Looks like an underdeveloped limb.

why is she in the bath though

Why do people take baths?

>that Mako
>that Saori
>that Miho
>that Yukari
who is the last one tho? I don't recognize her

I only have eyes for Momo.



Tyrannosaurus Hana.ō

>he believes all the spicies are Erikafags
chingas a tu madre tu y tu pinche waifu, todas las GuPs son fregonas menos Momo

I want to hide Erika in my comfy cabin in the woods

she did stuff they are consider bad

Nice try, erikaputo

This onahole doesn't work very well

Erika deserves better than you.

Who is that and why did they suddenly appeared in the movie?

Dirty hobos, the wind bring them

I know, she deserves Maho for all her sacrifice

Continuation high got namedropped in an OVA iirc

>Extremely polarized country on the verge of going commie

>Reform the economy
>Economy booms, money available to reform army
>Meanwhile hitler is taking shit for free because stupid anglos appeasement policies
>British ultimatum on poland.webm
>Write a kindly worded letter to the Furher of Germany

>Hitler makes a deal with russia
>Invades poland
>Invades France
>Germany might actually one man army the world
>Decide to help because if Germany did win Italy would be next for not helping.

>Germany actually can't one man it
>meanwhile your army is still shit.

Hitler screwed Mussolini over. DUCE actually did nothing wrong

So who's the Nishuzumu male heir??

Italian here. Can't make all the threads but ill always post Duce.

Also the translated one

No, I was just making a joke

Post this one too.

ok name dropped, but still they suddenly got inserted in the movie out of nowhere and miho is like "yeah I know who you are" Continuation high scenes were fantastic, but I felt like they needed more scenes like with Chi-Ha-Tan Academy.

Listen the drama CD if you want to know more about them, is not pretty

Two OVAs, once right before Nekonyaa tries to ask Miho to join the Senshado team, and the other one during the talent show.

Sure, why not

If my mom looked like I might fuck her, but she doesn't so I don't.

But she knows them. Kuromorimine almost lost to them.

That's pretty much how I feel about Mika. Her popularity too bothers me. She's this weird eccentric tanker from nowhere. We don't know anything about her going into the movie, we don't know anything about her coming out. Compared to the dozens of fleshed out/ established characters, I don't know why everyone flocks to her.


She's cute and everything, but Oryou is better. Caesar is cute too.

Seriously though, how does Erwin hide her awesome rack? Is it the jacket?

She used her screentime better than some original characters in the show.

Continuation are an enigma. That's all.

Yes, but that's because she got to debut in a big budget movie.

>ywn be Darjeeling's bf
>ywn have her dress up as a 90's AV star for you

Why live?

Where is that little TL note?

People initially liked her because she was the wise old sage + Mamiko Noto type of character.

Then when the Drama CD came out, people started liking her even more because of the reveal of how she's secretly kind of a bitch and a hobo who steals shit. Can't say she's not interesting.

>she's secretly kind of a bitch


She kind of uses her wise sage persona to manipulate Aki and Mikko to get what she wants or to deny accusations against her.

I really like Mika now.

>She's this weird eccentric tanker from nowhere. We don't know anything about her going into the movie, we don't know anything about her coming out.
That's the point. We were impressed with what we saw and we want to learn more about her.

I guess that creates a desire to learn more. But we really never got to. I guess I just like my characters to not be a mysterious but crazy enigma.

Mika tricks Aki and Mikko to get food for her. She lets them drink her lactation. Fair trade.

I must've forgotten to put it in.

What kind of senshado is this?

The way of endless ejaculations.

Time for sleep.

Any good GuP doujin with Pepperoni or Mika?

>GuP doujin
Pick one


something something monogatari.

I want Kay to sexually assault me

Jap puns

千(sen) Thousand

射(sha) Ejaculate 射精-shasei

道(dou) Way

Okay, Immoral Tea Party and that recent Saunders one are good, but you can count the amount of fappable GuP doujins on one hand.

Last for YukariKay

> Immoral Tea Party

nigga wat


You must have a very narrow selection of "fappable" doujins then.
You can't argue that the art's technically good, even if the story's grade Z tier unimaginative garbage.

They need the money for a better tank
In wot

can agree with the art, but damn the story just ruined the boner for me

(((Saunders))) is the best (((schoolship)))

last for Assam


Last for Katyusha

Last for DUCE

We don't sexualize her enough

Kayfags [email protected]?



We really need to, we MUST sexualize her more often.

Let's make a pact to sexualize Assam more, starting next thread

First i need to prepare ASSam lewds.

Last for Darjeeling

No, Katyusha

Saori is not a slut.
Even the least talented sluts manage to get laid once in a while

>need to prepare
I'm just waiting for the next thread.

no, DarjxPekoe

No, Katyusha X Me


I want to carry Katyusha on my shoulders and her to grind her crotch against the back of my neck

She has a rape fetish, user

I'm going to marry Katyusha