Mirai Athletes or Zetsubou Cowtits?

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Zetsubou because Mikan.

Would you?

>Mirai Athletes or Zetsubou Cowtits?
Pecs of Loyalty

why do i wanna fuck komaeda

The culprit is someone who is not in the killing game

The culprit is someone who wanted to save Class 77 from the Future Foundation

The culprit was working with Tengan

Give up and admit you're the Mastermind, 13th Branch Head!

I want to impregnate Mikan. It would be a shame if such fine genes went to waste.

Why wouldn't you?


Why doesn't Cred Forums like boats?

How can he be so lewd and so pure at the same time?

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.


Because he's SHSL twink

Anyone does user.
So back off and get in the fucking line, thank you.


Good afternoon, my friends!


Why don't you give up, Kaede?

The protagonist position, that is.

That happens after you die, kirigiri

Too much quality between both, it's impossible to choose

>"If the butterfly has teeth like the tiger, he'd never make it out of the hanger."

Kyoko will be alive?
Tell me, why Kyoko can be alive.
I big Kyoko-fag. I wat arguments about my hope!

post Hajime/Izuru

Cowtits for me.

Always cowtits.

>you will never protect Nanami's smile
>you will never solve mysteries with Kirigiri
why even live?

Munakata, it seems my panties are wet.


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Both sides have their strong points!

>Not wanting to give Komaeda your HOPE

what are you, gay?

So in the end how much we can blame Munakata? I honestly feel sorry for the guy if anything

Don't be foolish, Robohope. You aren't 'normal' enough to be a DR protagonist.


Step up your pasta, brother, our boy wears trunks!

Munakata stopped juzo
he is directly and single handedly responsible for juzo's death

Unexpectedly that's a really hard choice for me.

Well in that case, hold on to your ass




I'm gonna miss the shitty memes when this is over.
You (boys) are okay

We can blame him for not being very observant, but honestly not much else.

I will protect you, anonymous.

Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute?

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else with the same talent was doing the same thing in the Final Killing Game?

We won't let you ruin yourself Kyoko-chan, your precious hopeful friends will always be there. Whenever the urge comes think of usHifumi

I want to see Komaru manhandle her older brother.

SHSL Secret Spy is already dead

So sappy, I like it

Mirai athletes, Asahina is a miracle of genetics and Kyouko filled out really nicely ever since DR1

It's his lifestyle

Go home juzoboys


>"If your socks are not in your shoes, don't look for them in Heaven."

Who said anything about him?

Well, how good could he possibly be if Fedoraman found out who he is and was able to get an address to send him a letter

That's his power.

>in that case... I'll sent lots of boats to you

Who wants to bet that Tengan isn't the mastermind and that it's just another cliffhanger fake out?

You do realize that, as the Kamukura project showed, talents can be implanted.

You could say the same about the Ultimate Impostor. The dude said it himself that he doesn't have a name. I'd be surprised if he even went to an actual school.

>Hinata visits Hopeman knowing he has lying disorder
>Hopeman tells Hinata to fuck off. He REALLY wants Hinata to go the fuck away.
>Hinata is like, "W-Well f-fuck you too..."
>Leaves saying hmph how dare he

Was he purposely being obtuse?

According to Tengan this is the Ultimate Lifeform


That's also what I believe in, user.

Robot is going to end up either forced to self destruct or will be controlled by the mastermind. If any guy is MC, then it's cap-kun.

I don't. I really want to hug him.

I hated that part, it was almost as bullshit as webm related

Tengan's a lying sack of shit then.

What kind of boats?

>Someone saved my OC
That's nice to see!
Now Kaede there are two of us, give us the MC spot right now

Look at how much she stood up for HOPE, even with a lowly talent like gamer and no way of enforcing it like Naegi's luck! Somebody like that would be perfect for creating an even greater hope!

Is that a racing driver shota?


Why is dis pair the only one in Danganronpa that doesn't gave me an erection? Is it because I hate her so much?

This is your date for tonight.

Tengan's talking about the post-death rape baby that Izuru put in her

They lose value because when he can see them all the time.

Is that Gozu son

boats filled with Hope

Boats, you say?

>yfw the nigga in the mask is Izuru


Who will be Kaede's gay rival?

The call was made before the killing game began but he didn't receive it until then due to the lack of reception.
It will give us a clue as to what animanlet's true role in the story is.


But where are the cute girls that are actually cute?

You know, Regular Mikan is pretty lame, but Despair Mikan is great. I'd let her stab me with that needle.

Why is he so smug?

Nah, it's the ninth Madarai brother.

the rabbit knew how to treat Hiyoko properly

Petal is already looking like the superior moled-sailor-twin tail

writer anons, please. give them a happy ending.

He probably just didn't think too hard about it. Komaeda has always been someone he had difficulties to firgure out



Why that one guy doesn't wear shoes

Everyone fell for the stupid monitor trick and are trying to kill each other.

juzo or our boy jin
which one is more responsible for the despair incident

Cute Shortcake.

Jin did nothing and solve nothing.

We might have to accept that Kodaka lied to us.
>tfw next episode is our last hope

>Gendo Pose
This grandpa must be a nice guy.


The motive behind Juzo's actions made more sense and had way less of an impact. Jin was just retarded.

That fucker KNEW Juzo's NG


More like Swiss cheese now.

No. The only happy ending Juzo deserves is seeing Munakata one last time instead.

He doesn't belong in any of the mainline titles. His shounen bullshit is too much even for Future arc.

Do you like them?


I need paizuri from each one to reach a nice conclusion.

So Aoi won the bowl?

How could you be so mean to Chiaki?

that fringe, I wanna ruffle it soo bad

Even if he gets hijacked by Junko somehow there's no doubt he set all this up. There's no other explanation.

Hell, he even gave himself the "can't lie" bangle especifically so he could mindfuck Munakata into killing everyone.

Honestly he wasn't wrong at all. He had poor foresight, but this is all thanks to the people he trusted more than anybody stabbing him in the back in a way they knew he'd fuck up in. The odds of him suspecting Tengan were extremely low, and Tengan was the only one besides him who could have set that mess up. He would NEVER suspect Chisa unless she outright told him she was a Despair (which she did, and far too late at that). And when he realized he was betrayed by Chisa, with Tengan's "truth" ringing through his head, how could he trust anybody?

I can't really say Munakata did anything that wasn't entirely justified, considering there were two Remnants within FF and BOTH of them were in his top 3 "Most trusted bestest buddies" list. The only thing we can really say he did outright incorrectly was remain so dead-set that it was Naegi's fault, rather than suspect people who had any power in that situation.

Yes, and here is the leaked ending

at this point i wouldn't mind an anime adaption of killer killer

goddammit and the next chapter in the manga is due next month

Reverse Trap Cap

I don't just like them, I fucking LOVE boats


Even motherhood does nothing to the girl: There is only one right answer

Both Kaede and cap-kun are at the center of their rows. Clearly MC material.

how the fuck did juzo suddenly become cute as soon as the gay reveal happened

twintails in the red uniform

People keep saying this? Is there proof?

I hope Fukawa at least got the D before she died. Maybe Li'l Togami is even hers and she died in childbirth.

>So in the end how much we can blame Munakata?
He fell for Tengan's stupid wordplay.

Everyone is technically the attacker (true) + Chisa fell into Despair (true) != Everyone fell into Despair (false)

>His fucking plan was actually killing everyone

Where did the Hopelet-spawn and Mini-Tellemnaegi get clothes from?


Seriously i thought itd be a nice send off to seiko to have her cure save giri but they just fucking ignore it.

I guess my thread didn't have enough boat hope. Maybe someday it will

> Became a fucking champion in boxing
> Beat Hajime so hard he went Izuru
> Got his ass kicked by Junko and hides the fact that Junko was the mastermind the entire time just so he can still be with Bro
> Survived the fucking Disaster
> Juzo got pierced by a fucking lance
> Resisted candy temptation
> Survived Blackmail
> Got stabbed by the one he loved most
> Cut his own hand off
> Was ready to kick some fucking Ass
> Turned off the power while he was bleeding the fuck out
> Munakata was there.


If monokuma is entirely prerecorded, how did monokuma speak to naegi and mention that someone was already dead?

I'm pretty sure she didn't die, and they are holding up her picture because she's shy around cameras, but they want her in the group shot.

Like Junko said, he's a pure maiden

Everything he did was out of a fervent love.

he's a cute girls in love

He loves the great outdoors. Looks like he's a bug collector.

>buff man
pick one

That's a Japanese funeral portrait.

Gap moe. He's a dickhead but unexpectedly soft when it comes to Munakata.

loli of mobility

Maybe she took the picture

Can you get married during the apocalpyse?

That's what I thought too until juzo, user

What game will this little boy be the protagonist of?

You left out the part of him bending the knee to Junko.

What's your favourite picture of Seiko?

Lost my shit when I got that ending. Especially since it's the future weedman predicted.

don't remind me of her

The DR world is more or less functional already.

I'm not going to pretend what that user said is canon at all, but I can believe that there'd probably be a signal jammer somewhere in the building that functioned at full-force until Juzo shut the HQ down.

>that tiny ahoge

>the batshit insane theory I posted just to shitpost after the first episode of Future now has a small chance of turning out to be true.

Kyoko's grandfather (pic related)and Tengan are one and the same, and he and Kyoko have been rusing the fuck out of both Hopefags and Despairfags from the start for COMPLEX MOTIVES. Possibly to mutually destroy both Hope and Despair in the name of FUTURE/TALENT

If I turn out to be right I would be too impressed to be disgusted.

He's Hopebot, isn't he.

>what is gap moe

Hello, friends.

Did you know Juzo's eyes are the same color as blood? That's why they're pink in Zetsubou and red in Mirai.

That's a Juzofact for you.

The world apparently isnt as fucked as Junko claimed.

I actually dont know why the bottle was there. It feels kind of pointless

So what's his endgame?

>Hey Mitarai it's Tengan here. I just want to tell you that this was all a test and all the bodies are fake and Munakata killed my very realistic robot double. Oh yeah, the poison was take too, so everyone should be waking up around now. Everyone else is waiting at the movie theater for you guys.

I hope that brown dick isn't supposed to belong to Juzo, my friend.

When the world resurfaces after the ruins of society when the drones destroyed everything, a new hope will have to show itself.

White Glint has an ahoge too

He's the definition of gap moe, my man.


do you remember when everyone hated juzo

Juzo is so pure, he's adorable.

And he's also a retarded punching idiot.
It's wonderful.

She just loves the BBC, probably.

Even if the poison was fake, the suicides were real.

Gee Naegi how come Kodaka let's you have two waifus?

Seiko carried the wrong drug, again.
We all know what Kirigiri actually took, why else would she be laying on her back in an open position?

Red herring i guess. Unless giri is behind the phone call.

So we said last week that Chiaki had to be dead since Chisa was the Mastermind and Class 77 was coming to rescue Chisa

...That theory don't really hold up now, does it?

Juzo deserves to be happy.

real and living Miaya never

He's probably trying to demolish both ends of this fanatical Hope VS Despair tug-o-war. At this point, most of the most insanely powerful Despair members are either dead, comatose, or rehabilitated, but the organization that's ridiculously focused on wiping them out is liable to start despairing up again and causing problems for everybody when things pull in the opposite direction as expected.

He may just have realized that Hope is just as fanatical and destructive as Despair and wants them both to die. He's probably just going for the Neutral Ending with the devastation of FF.

If any type of "nobody actually died" twist happens we will have start thinking about Kodaka's execution.

I'm putting it all on destroying both Hope and Despair because they both produce fanatics.

Im betting on tengan saving her life but turning her into izuru 2.0

>You can live on as yourself. Do not fear normalcy
>Violence is wrong. Violence creates despair
>Munakata is a strong man. But a hope that is too strong can sometimes approach despair
>The young convince themselves that fanaticism is the only way to face reality
>You cannot extinguish despair with war alone
Try to make something out of that

It's nowhere near dark enough.

no wonder her panties are wet

I'm ashamed of my dark past

what if our girl kyoko-chan deceived the counter too
i don't know how it works
but she can do it for sure

The suicides were only shown as what Naegi imagined happened to everyone. Otherwise Killer Killer fake bodies.

Best new design, and it was utterly wasted.

So who initially pitched the idea of a threesome during their time at hopes peak?

That's definitely some big brown cock my man

If anyone would find a way, it'd be Munakata. Wouldn't want to be living in sin, after all.

They definitely drew him way more handsome in ep 11.

If anything juzo fooled the counter by chopping his hand off. Giri either is in a coma or dead

Killer Killer will never be relevant, user. It's time to let go.

Juzo losing to Junko was a warm up match. He had to gauge her strength to fully realize how strong she was so he could use the amount so he could apprehend her and put into custody.

Who doesn't?

She's dead, Jim. She's playing video games with Nanami-senpai in the afterlife.

He wants a hard reset by killing absolutely everyone with a modicum of relevance to the FF/anyone into the despair vs hope fight.

This killing game could have been settled with only Yukizome dying who was already brainwashed anyway.
So it was a test.

>Look, look!
>We have matching hair now!

>utterly wasted.
sad but true

I'll carry that weight forever.

Kirigiri better be dead.

Running the world

It looks like he hates both sides.

Is it wrong I'm glad that the anime is ending soon? I really just want to play V3 since I think the series could use a fresh start at this point.

I'm too soft hearted for this shit

GaMiaya Q is a lot better



Fucking hot.

So you are telling me... the final boss is a normie who desires normalcy?


>prefering yander despair sluts

Sounds like a bullshit VR game to me.

Kirigiri better be alive and faking her death to ruse the mastermind
Otherwise Kohacka is just a massive hack for having one of the top three dumbest character in the series figure out the culprit while the SHSL detective was unable to since she had no reason not to tell everyone

oh shit
>no transmision, all monokumas messages are pre-recorded
no one is even monitoring the game

Because while making the game he got bored with you.

Yes. V3 is capable of taking place in the same universe as the previous games without involving HPA at all because Tengan nuked it all to hell so nobody has to deal with that shit anymore.

That would make sense, considering the MCs usually are normies.

I was hoping everyone would just kill themselves at that point. They still should. They don't deserve to love Juzo.

But he didn't get an invite, he simply took others. He was Byakuya before he took on Anime-mans role.

Here, friends.

Have a character no one cares about.

It's not that I don't care about him so much as I don't know who he is.

Anyway, at this point I'm convinced that the 16th participant really is Izuru 2.0 like some people have theorized. You wouldn't just show this part off just to show Izuru's talent, it's also foreshadowing for what happens later on.

They can be Chiaki, they can be a smurf, that part doesn't really matter here. The point is that the 16th participant is just so good at hiding their presence that nobody has ever bothered to point them out even though they've been there since the start, observing what everybody else has been doing.

ultimate teenage wizzard

Why did AI Chiaki look like a normal human while Chihiro AI is just pixels and Junko is inside a cellphone?


>Maybe Li'l Togami is even hers and she died in childbirth.
And she even raises another woman's kid!
I am done, best breeding and motherhood material confirmed.

Im just throwing around a baseless theory. Dont get your hopes up its too late in the series to reveal her alive. It had to be this episode

They're probably gonna confront Mitarai next episode but he'll catch them all in a trap Tengan set up. Just when all is lost Juzo saves the world with that punch he's been saving since the game started.

Fuck off cancerous gamer. He belongs to Junko now.


I've thoroughly enjoyed this anime, but I'm glad it's ending as well. I am excited for what new horizons V3 will give us, and I don't want this one to wear out its welcome.

Get the hell out of here, Naegi.

wait a minute [hope] didn't sub it like that did it?

Souda back before he decided to be a punk.

>it's been foreshadowed for years who Naegi was gonna end up with
>mu-mu-muh bad ending


I want an actual answer to this. What actual proof was there that the bottle meant fucking anything and wasnt just trash from their dinner

>Tengan did it because "muh hope can be despair if too strong xd"

I swear to God if this is yet another fucking piece of Japanese media based on the premise that getting revenge on evildoers is a moral failing on the part of their victims I'm going to fucking nuke that nation of cowards a third time by myself

Wasn't AI Chiaki specifically programmed to be identical to the players so that they wouldn't find out?

>Breaking people's souls in half with questions.

Nigga best be the SHSL Philosopher, because that was some Socrates level of Rekt he perpetrated there.

AI Chiaki was made by Izuru so of course it's the best one produced.

What if Mitarai MINDHACCed Tengan into setting up the game so he could survive it and be called the Ultimate Hope just like his idol Naegi?

It was just some dumb red herring in the end to mess with Kirigirifags like those anime sketch easter eggs for the "it's an anime" fags


What the fuck are you getting angry about? The last episode hasn't even aired.

There was none. I bet you it wasnt even an intentional red herring.

How much art is boyband-kun going to get with Kaede, considering he looks like the stereotypical abusive bad boy otome fans go wet over?

The only proof people found is that it kinda looks like the cure W bottle.

Sorry m8, all those innocents just had to die because Tengan thought they were a bit TOO kind.

>Fukawa and Juzu start of hating each other
>find out both want a man they can't get
>Slowly start bonding over it and become friends

*subscribes to Juzofacts

>delayed to January
>English will even be further behind, since no Jap company has the sense to send a completed/mostly done script ahead
at least it isn't p5 tier

that would be rather funny, so I guess it's not it


>Kazuo Tengan
>Fate Unknown
>Status Unknown

Mikanfriends report in!

I'm gonna miss you guys once these threads are over. Let's keep on standing by our girl til the very end!

Trivia time!

Did you know that Chiaki and Junko are the only two heroines to have canonically suffered multiple executions over the course of the series?

Furthermore, that they are both the heroines with the greatest physical endurance shown? Interestingly, there's also a bit of an odd parallel between their virtual and their real world selves.

AI Chiaki and Real Junko died in relative peace, satisfied that they were able to achieve their goals even if they weren't quite able to overcome their trials.

Meanwhile, Real Chiaki and AI Junko died in misery, cursing their fortune and dying in regret after being just about as completely destroyed as they could be.

Could it mean anything for the grand finale?
Maybe not, but it is food for thought.

If you truly loved boats, you wouldn't use some boring-ass military ones.

I wonder if they'd ever wear each other's clothes as boyfriends

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make a satisfying ending and twist out of the remaining episode for Mirai-hen.

Calm down deplorable. Japan just has different values.



To the point where AI Chiaki even has the same birthday and everything with Chihiro?

>robot in the middle


They dont have enough time to bring her up. Unless tengan uses her as a barganing chip to naegi.

Which honestly be kind of cool

Why is the protagonist on the far right and not in the middle... or is he

>ahoge on the left
>ahoge in the middle
>ahoge on the right
Wait a minute that ahoge...

S-Subarashii... my friend

How the fuck does the anime feel like it's at a plodding pace while also feeling rushed?

Like, how does that even happen?

Plenty, but not as much as BoybandxBugcatcher, BoybandCapboy or CapboyKaede.

Who else cried/was sad during the ending of last episode?

These moments when music from ed/op plays during the actuall scenes always gets me, fucking trick

There is no satisfying ending left. I just hope they go full retard so I can at least enjoy the fallout on these threads.


Kidhi seiji. Trust me any other director would of done better

Right here. I have been done with this bleh anime and it's garbage story for weeks. I just want to jump into the game and start something new and not this beaten to death Hope vs Despair nonsense

They would never be boyfriends, brother.

Reporting forevermore my friend!

I'll miss you too.

>Chiaki with Junko's mind is the mastermind just so both can die a third time


It's a western value too. It's in Genesis

Or maybe Tengan is the only person around sane enough to realize how ridiculous the world has become.

Please. He's not gonna get that much with him. It's the ninth Madarai brother you should be focusing on there.


Don't worry friend, we will probably get V3 The animation or some shit and then the fun can start all over again.

Reminder, do not reply to Kaedefags and robofags. Jotaro will be the real protagonist.

A shame really.
Purple Weedman x Bugcatcher are a better pair.

>Chiaki implanted whichever Junko arm Nagito didnt cut and gets possessed by it

All she has to do is show up and tell Naegi "lol cureW, kissu?". That doesn't take much time.

This pretty much is the proof that theres no ruise cruise going on and shes actually dead. There just isnt enough time to bring her back it HAD to be ep 11.

What about in Juzo's dreams?

>implying he's not the kirigiri of v3

He's the kirigiri of the game
the covered up eye reflects his mysterious nature

>blonde boy holding his chin up with his palm

I don't trust him.

But really, why was the camera focusing on Chiakers again?

not giving time to things that need it
Waste time on unimportant stuff
Need to rush in the end tie things up

He better be packing some serious ahoge, if that's the case

Tengan was looking at the whole ordeal

Yeah and you're the heroes, we get it.

He did great with Yuuki Yuuna.

Unless she is the one trapping mitarai with that text its not that simple.

Explain the ahoge.

He's the Kirigiri/Chiaki of the game as the cover shows

For the last time this white nigga's gonna be the first to die. It's all a ruse and you people are biting the bait hard.

reporting in

There's one thing I still don't get. Why did Tengan constantly accuse Munakata of sacrificing Chisa? What did he even do at that point?

Dat box design

I really hope this means different characters in each chapter.

If you truly loved boats, you would love all boats, no matter what kind they are

Remember all that time wasted on the 76th trio that was ultimately for nothing considering that they all died without contributing anything of worth to the plot?

He's trying to fuck up Munakata, which worked.

Now I just need a pic of Fukawa and Juzo in a bar.
Drinking their sadness away and crying for failing to get anywhere with their boys

>implying munakata wouldn't do it just to make everything up to him and help him adjust to life without his hand

>white nigga
Dat's racist

>purple weedman
>better anything
I hate his design. Gentle giant x bitchy boyfriend is always the superior pair.

You're not supposed to.

Post your faces when Future 12 OP doesn't have the bracelets

Komaeda got kicked out of the school.
If that didn't happen, how were we supposed to get the waterfall shower scene?

You have great taste, but double paizuri from each pair would be even better.

Look at this face and tell me this guy isn't evil. Everyone wanted to believe in based old man but it was not meant to be.

Juzo wouldn't want that.


He has an ahoge, You can see it in the trailer.

Nothing says that he will be important. How can it be a ruse?

>Future 12 OP
There's not gonna be an opening then.

>you play as one ahoge character (naegi)

>you play as two ahoge characters (hinata and komaeda)

>there are 3 ahoge characters
>no single prominent character on the box art

They killed each other out of unfounded fear of despair. It's none of that retarded "W-we'll become just like them too!", it's more that on the opposite end of that spectrum of relentless, reckless murder and destruction, you have paranoid mania and delusions brought by fanatical hatred towards the others. You can't go too far in either direction or you become a raving loon who will destroy more than you save.

Killer Killer(Takumi Hijihara) is the 16th participant.
The offsite mastermind is not Kazuo Tengan, but in fact Haiji Towa, who was assisted by Tengan and Yasuhiro Hagakure under the threatening of the life of Kanon Nakajima, who died trying to escape. But not without escorting the DR2 crew to Towa City for a last confrontation.

Fund it. Fuck secondaries.

And don't forgot that he also got The Gun because of that.

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending.

Komaeda was just a minigame though.

>Killer Killer

>believing this
Hopeden and Kaede are going to die, and Jotaro's taking over.

Doesn't make the point invalid

What are they holding?
Redtwintals is holding something thin and long
LoliWitch is holding a staff
Joke character is holding a racket?
Mask-kun is holding another mask
Blueglasses is holding plier or some kind of scissors?
Cap is flipping is had Jotaro-style
Bugboy is using some kind a sword
Gyaru is using a roller paintbrush, and in her outfit she has more burshes
Meido is holding something
Checkersscarf is using a black scarf that also works as a cape and his facial expression became spooky. Maybe a split personality?

Here is another Juzofact!

Did you know Juzo is canonically 6' 3", making him 2 inches taller than Munakata and an another foot taller than Chisa?


I'm pretty sure they were just pandering to the hateship fujo crowd there. That entire scene was weird.

>Redtwintals is holding something thin and long
She's holding her leg.

Did the best I could.

user time to drop the retarded theories and just accept facts.


Now in metrics, please.

>hateship fujo
There's no such thing, not that I know off.

i wish

Tearfully reporting in

Alter Ego was made on a fucking laptop.

Munakata would tell him to want it, because that's honestly all Munakata knows.

Im delusional and still think itll come back.

Hinata just doesn't give a single fuck about Komaeda.

Also, fujo pandering.

This , please.

>hating his design
>when he wears slippers

Half the doujins featuring those two revolves around a hateship-y type scenaio
please don't ask how I know this, just leave me alone

Even in AE
With both Komaru and Fukawa / Syo sprouting ahoge

Black painter girl is going Super Sayan.

>Fuck secondaries
If they really wanted to do that they'd start tying DR:Togami and DR:Kirigiri into this

I was a Sayakafag and believed her.

No, you stay quiet. Raiden and Jotaro will milk those titties once you get executed

Maybe I shouldn't have said ruse, but I think people are getting their hopes up with who will be the Chiaki/Kirigiri of this game. There is some hints that he might be, but I'm positive Kodaka's doing this to get us thinking in the wrong direction about who has what role.

Juzo: 190cm
Munakata: 186cm
Chisa: 161cm

Dick? Yeah it's obvious. But it's either him or the makeup bitch Juzo knew, and I'd rather have the former than the latter.

Actually it totally does

I like your theory, except for Haiji. Kanon is more believable as a mastermind.

Reporting! It's been fun talking to Western Mikanfriends and reading the crazy theories posted here. Still not over just yet though!
And I will! I'll always love her the most, despite what anyone says.
I pre-ordered the Blu-rays just so I can get the tapestry with Tsumiki on it too

Sorry, let's be realistic then. Hopeden gets to live and Kaede dies.

The cast actually looks pretty fucking colorful when you group them altogether like this

Because Kirigiri realized there was more to the game than just ending it. Being the ultimate detective, she noticed there was -something else- that she needed to pay attention to and that the bracelets, the paranoia, none of it meant much at all except to prove a point. She's going off the grid hard to find the 16th player, and being all alone might be the only way she can get it done.

Way better, thank you, brother!

>cap boy is the love interest


>DRv3 has a twink AND a shota

is this... hope?

Oh yeah, now that you mention it, I did read one of those. It's heavily implied Komaeda is lying about hating Hinata though.
>that doujin where Komaeda tells Hinata to shut up and take the corpse of the version of him who loved filthy talentless Hinata while shooting his cum deep in Hinata's entrails

It took him 3 days since he already laid most of the groundwork during those 2 years. If anything, those 3 days were him simply regaining access of his own debilitated laptop.

Probably Sayaka.

but hey if all this was just an anime then the manlet could have his threesome after the movie ends

Kyouko and Sayaka did at the same time.

I am still waiting for the long trollish move in DR4, where they tease a detective boy with an ahoge as protagonist, ends up being a fake-out and in the end we get another female protagonist, except this time it's a shortstacked athletic tanned girl full of optimism and with a very thick ahoge.
Also, we never get to find out what her last name is.

Seriously Makoto
You had so many chances

Kaede's still larger than the others. Still the protagonist. Sorry robofags.

That's retarded, he would have found a clue that they've been there already. He made it from scratch.

I'll admit, I really wanted Persona to make it to Juzo in time

>a shota
What the fuck? There are no shotas, only fujobait twinks.

I swear Chisa looks taller than that in the anime

Why do you engage in it user?

>Kaedefags on damage control
yare yare daze

Yeah I noticed that too. I was getting hot from him before but in ep 11 I was literally dripping wet. I also find him very handsome in Despair Arc.

I hope he survives.

Id be ok with this but doubtful given how little time is left

Why is Chisa such a waste of a character?


Sayaka likely fucked him first unless Kyoko was into him then like she was in DR1 since DR0 she was mostly doing her detective work for her dad.

But man if only Makoto hadn't been such a pussy. He'd have banged both of them. Now they're both dead

But she was a pretty good red herring. I thought for sure that she was going to be a third Junko.

What is this?

They probably do draw her taller than that, but that's her real height.

I want a dr3 height chart now.


Do they still even exist at this point after getting BTFO this hard?


She stole screentime from her students for a character arc that had no pay off.

Pure cinnamon roll in Heaven joined by larger, browner cinnamon roll also too good for this world ;_;

There's not-Hopeman, shorty magician, and cap-kun who people thought looked so effeminate that they thought he was a girl in disguise.

>a third Junko.
That's retarded. If it's anyone I'd rather it be Cyborg Chiaki cause why not.

She's gonna die or be the mastermind.

Don't worry. As many pacing problems as the show has, it's pretty good when it wants to be, like flashing through everyone's suicides quickly but taking just enough time that you understand what they're doing and can fill in the blanks yourself easily.

Go away pincushion

Makoto and them could of had some fun times together

A cute boy, shotas are underage.

I also hope he survives, user.
I wouldn't even care if it was an asspull, or VR, or if nobody died at all.
I just want Juzo to be happy.

This. I was wishing that there would be more to her but nope, just making Munakata go crazy.


He looks younger than the rest though
Since it's prisoners and not a class, isn't there a possibility that there's some age deviance between participants?

She was a red herring that people would think she was the mastermind.

Oh like you get to make fun of people's death scenes, you raped yourself.

What'd just say?

AI Chiaki was in a VR program, there is no screen for pixels to be on. Alter Ego was mostly the same when speaking with the added bonus of being able to become anyone whose data was input. Junko AI was giant 3D Junko who used the cellphone to communicate at eye level with everyone.

Sorry, I meant prepubescent.

Killer Killer shows that the world is mostly functional and fine, just with far more terrorist attacks. Even then, 40 per month worldwide as they said in the first episode isnt even that bad.

>Anti Kaedefags being this incredibly delusional

And people rag on Kirigirifags all the time for being delusional....

pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=59089742 just look at this pure

>Only in despair did candy realize how much of a bitch she was and made herself suffer as much as possible

DR:Kirigiri maybe. Hell I'm pretty sure Kodaka DOES want to use some of the ideas present.
But DR:Togami was so unpopular it got canceled before it was even finished.
>Kanon is more believable as a mastermind.
True. But I picked Haiji simply for the irony of Monaca helping his plan without knowledge, as she likely helped Chisa up the chandelier, kept Makoto safe for some time, and helped to drive Munakata further off the groove by having a murderbot that attacks on autopilot.
It's rather fitting and helps with her ending a bit.
Although she became the most relate-able character in DR3 for it.

Here here friend. It's really a shame. I'm sure he loved both of his waifus very much and vice versa. Too bad it was too late.

Huh, the midget is actually wearing a prison uniform underneath that leather jacket and it's not just really goofy pants that he's wearing

>Who are Komaru, Toko and Monaca
UDG was basically dedicated to showing that hope in the wrong places can still be bad and in DR3 Monaca outright gets sick of this shit and leaves the story altogether

Chiaki is supposed to have tits as big as Aoi though
And if we're basing it on tits then Despair wins
Akane, Junko, Mikan, and Chisa are fucking insane

>DR:Togami was so unpopular it got canceled before it was even finished.
Really? didn't know that

I wonder what kind of things she saw when she was hallucinating like Makoto did. It had to have been Izayoi and Seiko tormenting her like Sayaka and Kyoko did.

Ehehe thank you!

You should know I didn't make these though.

It's alright Kaedefag, she'll have a good execution theme.

So why are they leaving if Chisa is dead and Naegi is safe?

Did you forget the pictures saved in that shitty laptop? It was his, no doubt about it.

Did you miss the shackle on his ankle?

They want burgers.

Dont give me false hope user. Im gaving a hard time accepting shes dead as is.

Forgive and accept user

They just wanted to ride a boat

Not him but she ain't dead user. Have you forgotten Cure W?

It's not her, it's not Tengan

It's Chiaki. I don't get how there's even any debate
>S-she died last episode
She talked for like fifteen fucking minutes after being made into swiss cheese
>The dead stay dead
Not when they're right next to Mad Scientist Inc.

>Too bad it was too late.
it is now. Well done Makoto

>It had to have been Izayoi and Seiko tormenting her like Sayaka and Kyoko did.

it had to have been. she had to suffer for what she did to them

They were locked and Chihiro didnt just open the laptop and say "hey, here is data from this AI I might have built". He literally just says he made an AI.

Either to stop Junko, save Chiaki, or both.

Seiko kept insisting that she just wanted to be friends. She eats a candy and then starts sweating blood as she slowly dies.
Izayoi calls her out for all the bullshit she had inflicted on them both, questioned why she was still alive while they were dead, and goes on to tell her how horrible a person she is. He then commits sudoku in front of her so that she can't mess with him anymore.

He literally died before Alter Ego was discovered. You're forgetting the game details user.

the blonde fuccboi looks sketchy

Reporting in! It's been an honor serving with you but it's not over yet!
That is a quality Mika

>his junkohand will never be relevant
I'm mad

Maybe, multiple protagonists?

The way the kid with the black and white scarf is drawn and positioned make him look threatening. I bet he is the mastermind.


>hated him at first for being a fucking dickhead
>started to laugh at how bad of an antagonist he was
>OUR BOY copypasta comes around
>start to enjoy his screentime
>Despair 10 and Future 10,11 comes around
>start to feel bad for him
>dies without ever confessing his love but died trying to save Munakata

They reverted to RoD. They want to fuck them up as much as possible. Kazuichi probably made his own cellphone and Nagito or Izuru used their luck to text Ryota.

I'm going to miss these threads.

I don't really care what the major twist is gonna be, I just want to be able to look back and smile at all the laughs I got out of reading about Juzoboys, Weedman theories, "My panties are wet" and so on.

It all comes to an end. How despairing.

Wasn't there talk of not every character being at every trial? We might get perspective switches.

I'm pretty sure it was Izayoi and Seiko that she saw. The people closest to him dying and blaming her for it and picking at her flaws.

Basically what Kyoko and Sayaka were doing to Makoto but worse.

TFW the Izuru 2.0 foreshadowing has been there from the start

I still think Chisa is connected to the mastermind.

>They reverted to RoD

I was so sad when I saw her dead body and then I didn't want to believe she framed Naegi in the trial.

Why'd you do that Sayaka? Were your idol friends important enough to kill an innocent man and frame another that loved you?

user i appreciate the resurance but i just think its too late. Ive lost hope in cure w after the survivor count and VA confirmation

Same. Juzo was the biggest redemption story.

In stark contrast to Ruruka who I thought was a bitch from the start but turned out ot be an even bigger bitch.

Yep. Unless orenoren was being dishonest months ago, or a miracle happened, then it's done and done.

He's a typical showy stage magician.

What do you mea..
>See Chiaki in the upperleft

This ends and something else begins.

It's the nature of life user.

>Kirigirifags this delusional
>Even after Future ends they'll try to argue she'll be revealed to be alive in Despair Arc's bonus episode
>Even after DR3 ends they'll try to argue she'll be alive in V3 as a plot twist
Because Kirigiri just got up and chugged down the Cure W right? Just rose from the dead to cure herself of the poison? Or did Tengan do it as part of his COMPLEX MOTIVES? Kirigiri's been shitting death flags this entire time, they need some kind of martyr from the original cast for Naegi to be hurt by. Only reason she'd return is if Kirijunko is a thing

This picture mean nothing.
In the game, Junko says they turned Hinata into Izuru 1.0.
They had plan to make others.


But then what's the point of Cure W?

Until that's explained I refuse to give up.

It's similar to the DR1 boxcover.

Meaning caps kun is the Kirigiri of V3

>3:24 kicks in

>Starts out the most hated character in DR history
>Ends with being the fan favorite
Kodaka can sure change minds about characters. Togami was a prick but converted bro. I feel like Ruruka was only there to cause conflict

If my Despair Chiaki is mastermind theory is right (slim chances, but that's still possible for Kohacka), then Hajizuru is going to Hope the hell out of his waifu.


Everyone woke up. Might as well take a ride and leave since Munakata was kind enough to send some to fetch them.

Mind posting it?

>Izuru in an inner fucking monologue proclaims he will live as Hajime
>"Oh, they actually reverted lol"
You're an idiot.

>implying she isn't the mastermind
She's literally eating popcorn and enjoying the future foundation sudoku itself.

Also, do you have the screencap of when he was talking about his impression of episode 5/

>retards will believe this

Considering Junko's track record of predicting miracles, I'd say if anything that just proves what will happen later on.

Why would Izuru with Hajime's memories be an RoD?

>Because Kirigiri just got up and chugged down the Cure W right?
Kirigiri chugged Cure W before sleepy time to counteract the poison.

It worked but she ended up in a death like state and her face got messed up.

She will awaken in the finale to help Naegi defeat the mastermind.

Prove me wrong. (You kan't)

>Ruruka, Izayoi, Tengan, Munakata, Kizakura, Seiko, Chisa, Juzo, Bandai, Mitarai, Gekkougahara, Great Gozu.

>implying it was even cure w
>and not some irrelevant bottle that was just tossed out like trash

Togami. That boat was the crew Togami send, as he mentioned in ep6 or 7. Munakata's fleet was going to blow Jabberwock to smithereens regardless.
So you're right in that they all woke up. Or all but the survivors are good and dead for real.

Well, whatever; at least it was a fun ride.

Here's one.

>being this retarded

Sure user

You know there's such a thing as multiple pieces of evidence, right?

>Tengan's height is unknown
Why would THAT be a secret?

What are you on about?

Thats the thing. There was none. They caught us in a cruel red herring

If she were alive shed of been the one to save naegi in ep 11. We were played for fools

Dunno but I don't think we should think hard about it.

If she's alive this is the most likely outcome.

I dont know why people said she was faking her death or that if she doesnt show up in mirai-11, then she's dead.

Juzo not dying after passing out is already the biggest bullshit.

From Hope's Peak Academy, two Izurus were born...

>finale next week

>Killer Killer is important they said
>kodaka wasn't shilling his shitty manga and you should take his word!

Hahaha where are you kodaka dick sucking fags now?

That's a special edition.

Kirigiri recovered Cure W from Seiko right? What else could it be?

Seiko died wishing she could save people. Kirigiri found her drug. Kirigiri died. Nobody else found her drug again.

Mark my words, Seiko's Cure W will save Kirigiri and it will be poetically beautiful.

>Seiko shorter than Ruruka
Well, the animators certainly didn't do a great job conveying that.

what did naegiri had that made so many people invested in the ship? at the start of the game i would have dismissed it as another forced pairing

I notice that DR covers draw you to the MC through colors and angles.

Hence why you end up looking towards Kaede even if she's at the right of the box - the lighting, angle, and size of her catch your attention

>more Juzo
>not important

>Dead person is the mastermind
Just give me the snail Kodaka, I don't want any of this garbage to happen.

Because world proved to be too boring to him. Again.

Saw translator jinjojess post that the final DRT installment should be out soon two weeks ago.

So I didn't expect to hear about it being cancelled

>Using the English cover

Almost like... brainwashing.

Many characters suffer from that.
Chisa is always drawn taller than Chiaki even though they are the same height and Bandai is drawn smaller than Munakata.

You'll eat those words when she comes back.

Better get ready now.


She's dead. Get over it. This is just sad

kek, never change kaedefags
You mean 1.2 reload?

It's symbolic.

He can't stand upright.

> after being a useless retard the entire series, Juzo saves Naegi, outsmarts the game, and shuts the whole thing down with his final breath, all while thinking his BFF hates him

Finally, he warrants that statue

Maybe she had a growth spurt after high school. Those are their heights in Future arc correct?


>continuing on with the delusional theories

And this is why Kirigirifags are a laughing stock of Cred Forums

My sides.

How about I take Asahina and Chiaki and you can take Dead Bacon Hands and Slutty Despair Nurse and fuck off

Juzo survived. Nothing is off limits now.

Antidotes do not work like a fucking condom. You can't drink an antidote and be protected from poison, antidotes seek amd destroy the poison in your body

Tsumiki "Swiss Cheesaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Gamer Girl Grater" Mikan
Tsumiki "Every Drop Counts, Give Blood Today" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki's Dead, I'm Giving Hinata Head" Mikan
Tsumiki "I Hope You Like Really Big Needles, Chiaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill the Gamer, Win the Game" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill his hope with despair to get his hope into your despair" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki Got Penetrated, Hajime Penetrates Me" Mikan
Tsumiki "Overwriting Chiaki's save file" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki got Bored and I Scored" Mikan
Tsumiki "While Nanami naps, I empty his sack" Mikan
Tsumiki "Dungeon Master" Mikan
Tsumiki "Taking your extra man to make him her man" Mikan
Tsumiki "Game over for you, New Start for her" Mikan
Tsumiki "Cheating Chiaki for Hitting that Hinata" Mikan
Tsumiki "Healing your man's heart while you bleed out of yours" Mikan
Tsumiki "Keeping him warm while you go cold" Mikan
Tsumiki "Your hope is defiled so she could bear his child" Mikan
Tsumiki "Stealing Chiaki's levels in love" Mikan
Tsumiki "Capture the Flags" Mikan
Tsumiki "Tripping onto Hajime while Chiaki trips on traps" Mikan
Tsumiki "Giving your man life while you face death" Mikan
Tsumiki "Pierce you with despair while he Pierces her with hope" Mikan
Tsumiki "Leveling up" Mikan
Tsumiki "No Revives for you" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hajime's new white mage" Mikan
Tsumiki "New #1 in being your man's new Player 2" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hijacking Hajime" Mikan
Tsumiki "Plays doctor with your man while you play video games all day" Mikan
Tsumiki "Make Chiaki despair to get into Hinata's underwear" Mikan

Yeah I didn't want it to be true. I couldn't sacrifice anyone for my most precious people, at least I hope I won't. I'd like to know what was in her mind that lead too her choice. Being so scared you're willing to betray the trust of friends. Then Leon with his trial and execution. As much as his "AHOHOHOHO|" was strange it's depressing as fuck in hindsight.. Such a waste, if only she waited a couple of days Makato's hope might've got through to her

>I can fuck Mikan on Baconhands' corpse
Truly this despair is all I've wanted in my life

Jokes on you user. I'm still waiting for the writers to say fuck it, and use the time machine to just reset everything. Then Kirigiri and everyone else can live happily ever after.

No, fuck Juzo.

Kek, Makoto's ahoge is covered on the cover of the PSP version just like cap-kun's is.

The moment he resisted Ruruka's candy bullshit was the moment I started believing in him.

>Tengan was/is the mastermind
oh god don't tell me they're really going full ZTD

I read it on an SA thread, likely the one they have for the games, but I'm not certain, sorry.
And I don't have the latter, but I can look it up.

How bad is Mirai 12 going to be?

Was ZTD more or less of a disappointement?

How would the FTE events work?

Only way I can see the trio Protag happening is if they have branching paths and each of the three have different FTEs with each character, unlocking different skills and uncovering different sides to them.

Had the va not said she was dead then id buy this. But now its just making me sad. Shes gone, cure w was a red herring, koichi died for nothing, my fav ship never came true.

I believe that she's dead, but you can't use the "It's not realistic" when Juzo was bleeding out for hours from three different injuries.

I sometimes think of stats sheets are just for show and don't mean anything.

He was just startled and saw a chance to be a hero.
>Despairs have infiltrated the building at the same time as "ULTIMATE HOPE"
>Coincidence? I think not!
>Time to impress Munakata and hopefully get praise and respect for my efforts!
And then he bumbled about trying to fight a ghost that simply didn't exist, which is the same thing everybody else was shocked by. The guy did what he could.

We don't know how Seiko's drugs work. If you claim to know, explain how she hulks out.


I dont care what her VA said. That's retarded.

It'd be a red herring if Cure W was brought up.

No shit her VA is saying she's dead. Let's assume that the bottle was really something and she's alive, do you really think she's gonna spoil it and say in the radio show that she's alive? Of course not.

Juzo surviving means shes dead though, the survivor count hasnt lied yet.

>the survivor count counted her as dead because her poison went off and assumed she was dead.

There is anyway they can spin this. Kirigiri had a retarded death that could have been easily avoided.

Ah, sorry. "Canned" might have been a better term. Because I explicitly read they had more planned volumes than out now, and it ending as is is likely a rushjob. See DR:Kirigiri's volumes for a comparison of what I mean.

>opened the door

Anons please im trying to move on from the denial phase. If kirigiri were coming back they just would avoid talking about the death alltogether. Shes dead guys. Cure w just doesnt have enough time to be explained anyway.

I want her to be alive especially if it allows seiko to of saved someone. But its just not fucking happening as of now. Its too late. Its too solidified to retcon now

Pigbarf and all the other comatose students are never waking up and you'll just have to accept that.

It's fine if you want to move on, but don't use stupid shit like the VA's.

>retarded death that could have been easily avoided.
Yeah, shoulda just killed Naegi.

Please do, that'd be appreciated.

You can move on but statements from a VA dont mean shit to me and not one as professional as Hikasa who would be sure not to spoil anything.

Or flip the power off.

>knew they were killing via suicide but had to confirm or something but assumes that the secret exit is fake just because without actually reaffirming.

so kirigiri is kill? i have fallen victim of despair

She's as dead as she was two weeks ago.

She'll always be dead user. Get over it.

Your HOPE is weak, user.

>reset ending

We will never get:
>Asahina and Sakura joining Nidai and Akane to morning training of EVERYTHING
>Asahina freaking out trying to make Akane wear a swimsuit when swimming in the pool
>Nidai pestering Leon constantly about going back to baseball
>Celes becoming annoyed over not managing to beat Nagito in Mahjong
>Hiyoko and Touko insulting each other non-stop and then breaking down over the abuse
>Sakura beating up Teruteru after making Asahina blush herself half to death with innuendos
>Chihiro and Chiaki enthusiastically talking about games
>Chihiro and Mikan getting into self-pity apologizing contests
>Mondo and Peko getting along while talking about dogs
>Fuyuhiko and Mondo entering dick-measuring contests
>Togami and Twogami constantly telling Naegi to tell people stuff
>Sayaka and Ibuki awkwardly trying to tell Leon he has no talent for music
>Ibuki and Aoi dragging people to do stuff with their boundless energy

i like the idea that the game set up the typical trio with robo naegi, dark haired girl and komaeda looking guy but they behave like smug 2smartforyou douchebags and blonde girl is the one who actually solves everything

user stop... I can't handle this.

We MIGHT eventually get
>>Asahina freaking out trying to make Akane wear a swimsuit when swimming in the pool
But the rest of that is a combination of
So sadly no. That's what fanfiction writers are for.

>>Chihiro and Mikan getting into self-pity apologizing contests
>implying Chihiro wouldn't tear that pussy up and make it his

Wh-what do you mean user?

>>>Chihiro and Mikan getting into self-pity apologizing contests
>>implying Chihiro wouldn't tear that pussy up and make it his
> Implying Chihiro even has the balls to do it.

>not one as professional as Hikasa who would be sure not to spoil anything.
could that have been the ultimate red herring?

>Even freaking Chihiro bullies Mikan
Is she actually the SHSL bully-magnet?

>implying he doesn't


He didn't have balls to splat a fucking mosquito, how the fuck do you expect him to make Mikan his?

Mikan is a beta anomaly. Her level of patheticness can give even Chihiro a massive confidence boost

>Why is she saying sorry to me...
> Did I do something wrong...
It'll probably be like to the point Chihiro starts saying Sorry to her as well.

user you don't give a man hopes of seeing the two brown big-chests playing together in the water.

Oh man give me that shit!

Why did they put that cute girl on top along with the males, 2nd from the left?

Precisely what I thought was going to happen too.
Chihiro would say a completely harmless statement, Mikan would freak out, Chihiro would wonder what he did wrong, he'd aplogize, Mikan would wonder what she did wrong, and they'd be caught in an endless loop.
Eventually, Mondo would show up and end up asking Mikan rudely what happened, she'd apologize to him, Chihiro would apologize to both of them because he'd think he began the misunderstanding, Mikan would do the same and this would go on endlessly.

So far ZTD is more of a disappointment
At least DR3 has pandering

I see. And sooner than planned rushed ending because of poor sales. I guess it isn't surprising

robot is probably the security guard of the prison that doesnt want to cooperate in the trials

>my job is to keep all of you away from civilization
>and if all of you start killing each other that just makes my job easier

What are the words they use for super high school level in japanese?

Chou Koukou Kyuu

Ultimate tmk