Anime of the year Cred Forums ??

Don't think there has been any other anime this year that can compete with Mobu.

Its either between this or boku no hero academia this year without a doubt.

Do you agree /asp/ ??

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I meant Cred Forums not /asp/. Fucking auto-correct on the phone.

Best of the season for sure

Hatsukoi Monster is objectively AOTS.


Dumb phoneposter

non sense. Animelist has it rated at 6.2.

animelist- faggot

Excluding sequels and spin-offs, it's Heybot.

AOTY will obviously be Hibike Euphonium!!

thats just K-on 2.0 with all the same faces


Konosuba or hero academia to be quite desu


Its only between Rakugo, JoJo and Mob. For me its Mob Psycho but the others are great too. Otakus would want Re Zero but i think even the dumb ones notcied that it wasnt really all that good after it finished.

The cool sensei that almost single-handedly carries to show gives his life to save his pupil?

Wow, I've never seen this before.

I bet there will be some asspull and sensei isn't dead.

Wow, I've never seen this before.

Only underage b& and memelords praise re zero


- Anime & Sports?

But he doesn't die, he wrecks some serious shit.


Uncommon is when they do stay dead for good.

Kill yourself, get the fuck out of Cred Forums.

It's just One Piece Man with psychic powers and less cute girl characters.

That's Cred Forums

So you want him to die or not

Mob gets the shit beat out of him too much to be compared to Saitama.

I mean exactly what i said, those that lurk at MAL and Reddit and call themselves the greatest otakus ever. They loved Re Zero but even they noticed it wasnt all that.

Not really, apart from them both being almost the strongest in their universe there is not much overlap. Mob is quite the different story and thats also one of the reasons why people disliked the first 3 episodes. They didnt like it being different from OPM.

God no, or at least I hope not. There's enough promising stuff that hasn't come out yet to fill out a best of the year list, assuming few disappointments.

Reminder that you should report false flagging.

Re:zero was better. Kabaneri was just as good. Boku no hero is fine too, but definitely not aoty.

It's basically the same story except with minor details swapped around. This is the Hibike Euphonium to K-ON.

>basically the same story except with minor details swapped around
>Hibike Euphonium to K-ON

I didnt watch either of those shows except for 1 ep or so, so i cant talk about them. But no they totally are not the same. Mob is trying to tell a story, OPM is just 0 fucks given nonsensical parody of tropes. They feel too different.

>main character is an ordinary apathetic japanese male
>granted god-like powers for apparently no reason
>monsters and other super-powered people challenge him once per episode
>he beats them all without breaking a sweat

Both OPM and MPO (Mob Psycho One-hundred) follow this exact same formula. It's not like it's a very common formula, though, even in action anime. Name literally any other anime that you like and compare its story and characters to either of these.

Thats only on the surface level, and even quite the faulty statements. Like i said all those things you listed stem from both of these dudes being op as fuck but thats where it stops with the comparisons and cause of that they arent really the same. There is more to both than what you listed there. Saitama didnt get his powers granted to him like Mob did, he worked hard for them for example.

That's got fuck all to do with your clueless Hibikek and K-On comparison so why did you even reply to me

>story about high school girls joining a music club
>learning to play music
>making other music club friends
>overcoming their emotional issues as coming of age girls

Right, because Hibike and K-ON are not similar at all, you stupid ass.

>Kabaneri was just as good

>Thats only on the surface level, and even quite the faulty statements.
No, it's a deep level description - the differences are on the surface level - and if you think there is something "faulty" about my statements, then point it out.

>Saitama didnt get his powers granted to him like Mob did, he worked hard for them for example.
Riiiigggghhhhtttt..... because being a super-human who can blast a hole in the Moon is a normal, perfectly natural result of doing 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and running running 6.2 miles every day.

i can't believe reigen is fucking dead


It's my #2 right now. Behind Rakugo. Not only are the visuals great, I enjoy the coming of age story and the themes of self improvement.

Don't you go on about the visuals carrying the show.

I just watched Xam'd

That shit is a show where the visuals carry it.

Literally the only similarity besides the studio is that they're in music related clubs. Stop pretending you watched either.

>LITERALLY the only similarity is that they have exactly the same premise
>you don't know anything!!!!

How many other anime about high school music clubs with lesbian tension are there out there? Almost none.

>exactly the same premise
But they don't, you clueless memetexting shitposter.

Then point out how you think I'm wrong. Interesting that you've posted a dozen times already without being able to do this.

I already did.
>granted god-like powers for apparently no reason
1. Saitama still didnt get them powers granted to him. The reason might be stupid but it is what it is, he worked hard for them. Also that training regime is quite fucking hard and no one would be able to pull that off in reality that easily.
>he beats them all without breaking a sweat
2. Mob doesnt beat everyone without breaking a sweat he is able to lose and does so. Saitama isnt able to do that.
>monsters and other super-powered people challenge him once per episode
3. Mob doesnt get challenged once per episode thats a faulty statement too. 3 major villians that challenged Mob over the course of 12 episodes seems quite decent really. His part time Job shouldnt count.
>main character is an ordinary apathetic japanese male
To your first point, i can agree with that but then again the reason why they are like that and how that changes the direction of the show is totally different.

Quit simplifying things just so you seem right, just makes you seem desperate for attention and quite pathetic.

These are minor details. The major plot points are identical.

When someone equates a show with focus on drama and romance to a purely comedic slice of life, I assume their stupidity is blatant enough.

Both are dramas. One is just a little more light-hearted. Minor details.

>Do you agree /asp/?
Well you're technically not wrong since half of Cred Forums browses this board.

animelist is pretty reliable. I started my anime journey with Animelist.

>Both are dramas
It's time to stop trying, user.

K-ON had more crying scenes. You can not debate this.

You really need to stop simplifying things. I dont even like Moe and these anime but i dont think they are totally the same. I think Hibike tries to tell a story while K-on isnt. Could be wrong though.

>Saitama's training regime


You know it.

why do people like this shit cartoon with even shittier character design

OPM clone from the same author with shittier animation, characters, story and artstyle.

OPM was horrible but this is just garbage

Because people can enjoy things even if they aren't things that are pretty?

>making broad-stroke, big picture comparisons to show similarities in the premise and plot direction
>"My favorite anime character has a bowl cut. Your favorite anime character is bald. They are TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Period."

How can one man be so best.

It also had 3x as many episodes so far and a movie. Not to mention cute girls crying is an integral part of school SoL anime.
You could argue that a SoL is still telling a story, but yes, Hibike is actually plot focused unlike K-On.

Why do people complain about more unique art but never generic ones? I've never seen any complaints about Fate/Zero's art or Re:Zero's character designs but when something like Ping Pong, Kemonozume or Mob comes, tons of people claim it's bad for not having the cliche anime look.

Because people like the generic ones seems to be the obvious answer.

I like the part where its animated and has animations.

they're just poor and don't have the budget for a better animation LUL

You need some nuance, you are all over the place. If you need someone to talk to, pls make more sense.

Its different so it draws attention, which is the point. If you don't like it, its a negative and those people will complain the loudest as they might like everything else but can't get on board with the style used.
Its like asking 'why doesn't Cred Forums enjoy Cred Forums stuff?' This is why every industry usually has a 'standard' and you can't deviate too much from the standard if you want money.

Interesting, mind sharing your favourite this year? For me its still Mob.

If you can't follow the conversation, then don't participate.

Thunderbolt Fantasy

>shittier animation
You people know that most of the team that worked on OPM were from BONES, right?
>shittier characters
Prove it. How exactly are Saitama and Genos more fleshed out characters than Mob and Reigen? I'm assuming you haven't read the manga.

Only episodes 5-8 were good, the rest has been quite boring.

OPM side characters are better.

You're retarded kid. There is not a single good episode at all. Even Re:Zero's dumb episodes were way better.

Which OPM side characters are better than which MP100 side characters?

The problem with the Hero Academia adaption that it was too damn short, in the end it felt like shit barely even happened.

Mumen rider, S class heroes, Sonic and even Snek and other heroes got character development.

I heard good things from it, reminds me of cheesy old school chinese movies. Dont think i would really enjoy it though.

So did Teru, Ritsu, Dimple, Shou, Serizawa..

Neither of those characters really get character development, you just see the characters act out their quirks. They dont change. See, thats why people are full of shit on here, they use words and phrases they know shit about. Just pathetic.

>1. Saitama still didnt get them powers granted to him. The reason might be stupid but it is what it is, he worked hard for them. Also that training regime is quite fucking hard and no one would be able to pull that off in reality that easily.
Are you fucking kidding me? 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups might be a little hard the first few days you try it, but if you have any latent musculature in your body, it's not even that hard. After a month of training, any average person can do this. 10 km isn't that far for a daily run, either.

Not to say that your premise is at all on-target. If you can't see Saitama's powers being unnatural, then you don't understand superpower anime at all.

Yea boku and Re Zero were quite bad. Mob Psycho was the only best of the Year.

Shou barely have screentime at all. I don't know who is Serizawa. All in all OPM have more good characters than MP100

>making broad-stroke comparisons

What part of "generalization" don't you understand?

Are you retarded? The point of the training was it was impossible.
No fucking human can do that routine without dying or breaking his shit.
> but muh athletes

They are conditioned to do that. Get a an average joe that haven't worked out at all and tell him to do that routine everyday and his body would give up before him.

I don't get why people compare Mob to Saitama. Yes, they're both ridiculously OP (Saitama more than Mob, that's what OPM is about), but other than that, there's no more similarities.

Saitama is OP because he worked hard for his powers, even though his training is hard to believe. His problem is that he gets bored because he never has any real challenges.

Mob is OP because he was born that way. His problem is that he's awkward with people, can't control his emotions, nor his powers, and is afraid of causing accidents with them. His problems are much deeper than Saitama's, who's just "bored".

What does being unnatural mean? And what would natural powers be? Also i am /fit, so i do know how hard or not that training regime is. And no a person wouldnt be able to pull it off everyday for 3 years with no breaks and no motivation other than trying to be a hero or whatever, thats the magic about it. The excercise as it is is not impressive at all. I could do it for a week and would get bored by it except for the run, that shit is time consuming.

So you haven't read the manga. Then we can't have a discussion about this.

>No fucking human can do that routine without dying or breaking his shit.
>100 pushups a day
>running 6.2 miles a day
You're rusing me right now, right?

What comparisons? I said the dude needs some nuance, you are mistaken me for the other user.

The way you articulate yourself does imply that you are not on the bright side of the spectrum. Take his comments not too seriously.

We are comparing both season 1, dumbass.
Why are you including the manga?

>carries the show
>"gives" his life to "save" his pupil
Did you watch MP100 or are you baiting

>i am /fit
I totally believe you.
>I know how hard or not that training regime is
"Or not"? Which is it, fatboi?
>I could do it if I wanted to
Shut up, faggot. You are not /fit/.

Doing 100 pushups, 100 situps and running 6.2 miles a day is not that hard and can not give you superpowers. It's amazing that I even have to point this out.

It is impossible retard. Go find an average joe who haven't worked out before to do that routine and I'm telling you as a guy who goes to gym that you will break before you survive a week.

"X and Y are very similar, except for the minor details."
That's a comparison, you mong. You don't reply to a comparison saying that "yeah, but the details are a little different, so that means they aren't similar at all!"

Someone who didnt train a day in his life wouldnt actually be able to pull it off. Your body would give up and break down after a week or two and one mistake would destroy the trainings regime cause you have to do it for 3 years, every single day. Take into account that you dont know that you would get Saitama powers and the number of people pulling it off diminishes.

You did not specify that. Even so, the development characters like Ritsu, Dimple and Teru have had is far greater than the characters in One Punch Man.

>Someone who didnt train a day in his life
>average joe who hasn't worked out before

Granted, most people will need to ease into the workout routine, but a) it's not hard to work up to these very modest goals, and b) Japanese people are not the same as your imagined "average Joe" lardass who sits on his computer all day playing video games and gets out of breath from climbing a flight of stairs.


In Saitama's scenario, he did not have a single rest day. A normal person would actually have to go to the hospital if they had never really worked out before and had been doing that for only a few days.

That's the point. You have to start the training with lower reps. Saitama started at 100 and broke his bones and still keeps doing it which is impossible. It's the willpower that gave him strength because he surpassed God's will.

This is a retarded detail to get hung up on. Just saying. You're an idiot.

Yea i agreed the training is easy, 100 sit ups and push ups are no big deal. The 6.2miles run is only time consuming but also possible. I am probably more ripped than you though, no idea where that fatboi came from. Want to head over to FB or something if you got the balls? /fit people dont put other people down for no reason. You strike me as too obsessed and angry about such a trivial topic to be really /fit.

>It's the willpower that gave him strength because he surpassed God's will.

That's not exactly his reasoning for telling Mob not to fight. He just realized this was a life or death situation, and to fight those who intended to kill you would mean someone would end up dead. He didn't want middle schoolers having to live with murdering people.

In what regard? Retarded to criticize the plot for it? Yeah, obviously. OPM is farce. Retarded to point out that the training regimen is actually impossible in real life to someone claiming it's easy? No, in that case it's a valid point.

People compare them because their faces look alike, they're both OP and were made by the same author. That's about it.

Plus the reviews are very helpful.

Okay, about what are you even talking about? Whats the point? And why are you getting so butthurt over it? Like damn, chill a bit artiuclate yourself well and move on, its just cartoons my friend.

>Doing 100 pushups, 100 situps and running 6.2 miles a day

It's sad that this is the state of physical fitness in American society that people think a few pushups will kill them.

Read the thread before embarrassing yourself this badly again.


That's not what anyone has been saying. You have worse reading comprehension than a child. It is impossible for someone who has never worked out before to pull off that training regimen without proper rest. Saitama never took a day off.

>all Japanese men are as out of shape as I am
You're an idiot. Most Japanese people can run a mile without breaking a sweat, regardless of whether they go to the gym regularly or nto.

You are really retarded and have never worked out in your life if you think a beginner could pull of 100 reps of those with no breaks. Not to mention you have to do it again the next day when you're muscles are sore and you even saw Saitama breaking his bones because he still did it.

I am wheightlifitng for a few years already but pulling off 100 push ups without a break is quite fucking hard, if you dont specifically train to achieve that. I think i can maybe do 50-60reps in one go at most.

Alright well, this turned into a poor troll. I'm sure you started out with the intention of actually arguing your point, but after proving yourself to be an idiot, you decided to play it up in hopes of us shrugging you off as you pretending the whole time.

Just thought you should know it didn't work. Just in case though, I'd like to add that I never mentioned dying, another user did, but you would sustain a serious injury.


Re:Zero has a clean character design that stays true to the original art and is unique to that series.
Fate/Zero looks better than the shitty art that was in the VN, the style isn't anything special but it's clean and nice to look at.
There's no reason to complain about these.

If anything, more people should complain about hideous shit like Konosuba. That's real bad design.

Stop being a weeb, Japanese are not some kind of Super race, they are just as out of shape as we are when it comes to strength, speaking as a european here. They just look thinner due to diet/culture and a bit more movement.

>claims to be a weightlifter
>can't even spell "weightlifting"
Opinion discarded.
>"all Japanese people are fitness newbies and fat slobs like me"
Did you not pay attention during all those sports festival episodes?
>he's right and I have no counter-argument
>better call him a troll and hope no one notices my lack of argument :^)

you are retarded. Saitama even broke his bones so he is definitely not fit enough to do the routine.

This is pathetic. The best part is that you're still hoping we believe that this was merely an act the whole time.

>they are just as out of shape as we are
You know this isn't true, yet you still type it.

t. anime expert

What would I know, though. I only live here.

>they aren't fat that means they aren't out of shape
Great logic here

I dont know why you psoted those. I already said they are thinner thats true everyone knows that. Take an average Joe form both countries with the same BMI and they will both suck. The Western dude might even be stronger.

>obesity is unrelated to overall health and fitness

Are you the kind of people who thinks you can be "healthy at any weight"?

retard detected

Nice argument!

Mob is like shounentards Pingpong

You're pretty stupid if you think one nation is magically more fit than another just because they're thinner due to different traditions, more expensive food and some walking.
They might not be obese and can move around normally, but being fit implies regularly working out. Which also implies having enough free time next to work and drinking after work to do that.
And I kinda doubt those workaholics have that free time.

>100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups might be a little hard the first few days you try it, but if you have any latent musculature in your body, it's not even that hard. After a month of training
Wew, maybe in one day. I'd love to see you pump out 100 pushups in a single set after a month user.

>just because
>muh traditions
>"some walking"
>all that free time

I don't expect you to have a good understanding of what it means to be healthy, but you can be very healthy if you eat right, don't spend most of the day sitting down, and commute by foot or by bike. Regularly hitting the gym is not even required if you just get off your fat ass.

When did Saitama say he does them in a single set? He didn't.

TVAOTY contestants: Yuri on Ice or Hibike Euphonium
MAOTY contestants: Kono Sekai or Koe no Katachi
OVAOTY : Gundam Thunderbolt 3

Healthy does not equal to fit though. You won't be able to run even 20km at once just because you bike 20min to work and back every day. Not even speaking of fucking push-ups.
And well, many workers do spend their time sitting on their ass the whole fucking day. That's kinda their job.

Who said 20 km? Saitama does 10 km running for training. Stop changing the goalposts. Just because you couldn't work up to this kind of moderate training regimen in 100 years doesn't mean that most people in Japan couldn't get there in well under a month of easing themselves into it.

I thought this was a shitposting thread, but it became a /fit/ thread instead


The whole fucking point is that Saitama did it without any 'easing in'.
Of course it's possible if you start out slow, but it is simply not without that period.

Is there a season 2 of Mob? can anyone confirm? I'm really worried mob won't make it to a season 2 unlike OPM which is basically a given.

OPM will never have season 2 not until 2019 at least. Stop believing rumors.

Mob Psycho isn't even the best anime of the season, pic related exists.

>Flop Psycho 100 Sales

Wrong pic my friend.

No, DanganRonpa 3 easly beats Mob

Wrong. This is the everyday life of a special forces soldier. Actually, they do 200 pushups.

sorry but Danganronpa made me cry, so it wins

Bad animation though.

Boku no hero had the best animation this year.

>The point of the training was it was impossible.
no, the point was it wasn't meant to be feasible by Saitama's body. his mental and physical states had him RESTRICTED, but he wanted to be a hero so bad he broke through his own mental and physical restrictions, resulting in OPM. think about the jogger's high; right as you're about to collapse and vision blurs in a fade of black, suddenly a portion of your energy returns and you can breathe normally again. it's like that but you do it every single day for years, and not just for running.

Saitama wasn't supposed to be able to do 100 push-ups etc. even for a single set, but did them anyway each day.

That's what I just fucking said. What the hell is your problem?