Would you watch an anime about cute pregnant girls doing cute things?

Would you watch an anime about cute pregnant girls doing cute things?

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Pregnant anime girls can be pretty adorable.

What kind of anime would it be? just pregnant mums to be going through their daily lives with the usual slice of life shenanigans along side the experience of being pregnant.

Don't try to force your weird fetishes Upon CGDCT

Absolutely but just if they were not impregnated by their husbands

> Hormone insanity
So just like any other "KYAA *SLAP*" comedy on the air?

you mean like Spotted Flower?

dude that's the whole point of the genre

Fuck no, western comedy plays off retarded memes and wives tales surrounding pregnancy all the time and I don't care to see an anime stoop that low.

Cute girls doing cute things is pretty lame, but I'd watch if she had a cute tummy.

only if there was a pregnant loli in the show, among the main characters.

Only if they all have miscarriages

I want my anime about cute moms doing cute things in general, wouldn't mind a couple of pregnant moms in the cast.

>first time it's a tragedy
>5th time it's a Mr. Show sketch

How about a Spotted Flower adaptation?

Oreimo sequel?

Human pregnancy is fucked up. Compared to other mammals, humans have it the worst.

Standing on hind legs really fucks it up.

Only if it's a heartwarming tale of a single office lady in her early thirties that got pumped and dumped after a blind deito and had to move back from Tokyo to live in the sticks with her parents and adjust to this new-old environment and deal with all the other villagers looking down on her as a shameful slut while trying to find new love to help raise her child.

If you should make anime about cute pregnant girls, you'd have to remove the man to make it interesting for otaku.

So I guess yuri cute girls who'd just done a one night stand to get pregnant would be the best story.

That already exists. It's called America.

>cute pregnant
nice oxymoron

Okusan is the cutest shit ever made and it got lots of husbands in it.


She's never going to get knocked up, is she?

Why not? I think every fetish should get at least a yonkoma serialization in one of the Kiraras.

Only if it's /ss/ bait

I am just sick of the cute High School girl doing cute things, give me a Office Lady doing cute things or a MILF doing cute things like Okusan, i am fucking sick of High School SOLs.

How about cute high school girls that happen to be pregnant?

why doesn't her tidds get bigger :(

A high school girl that got pregnant and has to deal with the consequences of her actions?

Her friends show her support but the people around her dont. Her parents no longer trust her. Her teachers talk about her behind her back. The bullies of the school think she's a slut. etc etc etc.

It can work.

If it's a post-harem end harem and the MC is the father. Bonus points for at least one loli included.

Fuck off cuck

Sounds interesting, but it would never sell, japs need to pretend they're the character's girlfriends, otherwise they get offended.

See: Idols.

Case in point:


It should be fine as long as the guy who knocked the main girl up is self insertable.

That would sell about 3 BDs

Make it about a cute succubus who happened to get pregnant but continues to try to live the succubus life as she progresses and we'll talk.

Actually yeah, pregnancy + monster girls sounds like it could be viable, more so than regular human pregnancy.

Can I force my weird fetishes into an anime?
How's about cute limbless girls doing cute limbless things?


Probably not, if I'm being honest.

My favorite type of humor is hilariously detailed specificity.

More like they just happened to get pregnant. It's a mystery to everyone, including them.

>More like they just happened to get pregnant. It's a mystery to everyone, including them.
So make Virgin Marry a cute anime girl too, since they've done cthulu and cockroaches and arthropods?

It has already been done, but I don't know if it has also been done where she is pregnant.

This is my fetish

>find an adorable woman

>insert sperm
>fertilize that egg
>get her pregnant
>live with her and my child happily for the rest of our lives

Is this too much to ask? Too fucking niche? I can never find it can I?
It hurts just find out that its not happening to me right now.

I don't get why people fetishize pregnancy so much. You're nauseous for months, feel like your carring a huge sack of sand for nearly a year, you get back problems, your feet grow like 2 sizea, you have to pee often, and there are no cute or stylish maternity clothes out there that suits your taste. Plus you have a kid that keeps moving around often and kicking you whenever even when you're trying to rest.


I get you, man, nowadays I can't get off to eromanga unless it features a panel with a sperm cell penetrating an egg.

>weird fetish

People who fetishize it have not always experienced living with a pregnant lady. It's like the old joke about how the only people into imouto incest don't have imoutos.

I think you might have autism

>Immaculate Conception: The Animation
We can theological arguments as to whether Jesus was God at birth or after his Baptism, whether Mary is pure, and whether Joseph got NTR'd.

This is my fetish so yes

Fetishes aren't rational.
You see a cute girl and your instinct tells you to inseminate her to get her cute genes in your children.
Even though you know in your brain having children might be a bad idea your dick agrees with your monkey instinct more.
Good thing you can't actually knock up 2D so you can jerk it to preggo art fantasizing about spreading your sticky DNA all over the planet without any repercussions.

>pregnant friends do silly slice of life, childish adult things while hefting those fat bellies around
>always mention their anatas and is used as premise for some parts of different episode's plots, but we never actually see their husbands
>each girl is gentle and kind, entire show is pure
>final episode has reveal of their DAHLINGS
>each one is either a gangster nigger, a fat, sweaty blob, an ugly, useless otaku, or other forms of faceless NTR men
>pregnant characters make out with them lewdly in public with tongue sucking and drool as their husbands grope their asses, each one of them making an ahegao going from pure straight to lusty sluts as they carry the faceless men's degenerate babies in those bulbous tummies

I'd dig it

>cute young waifus who were friends in high school all go preggo
>cute girls shopping for baby clothes
>cute girls joking about arranging marriages between their kids
>cute girls doing ultra sounds
>cute girls vomiting in the morning
>cute husbandos running all over the city to find their weird craving snacks
>cute girls throwing baby showers
>cute girls singing and talking to their unborn children while resting by the window
>cute girls having hormonal mood swings
>cute girl and husbando relaxing as he touches her belly, meekly withdrawing when he feels a kick
>cute girls dreaming about what their babies will grow up into
>cute girls being doted on by their own okaa-sans and given advice
>cute girls visiting shrines and praying for healthy beautiful children
>cute girls taking baby care classes


>demon queen is vanquished by our pure hearted hero...who thinks she's pretty cute actually
>1 1/2 years later
Demon queen tending to her rambunctious son while hubby is out adventuring

>who do wolves think about meat?
>why do ducks think about swimming?

>a chorus of squeaky voices shouting "papa!" will never greet you when you get home from work

I did, and now I'm sad forever.

Only if there's ntr involved.


Why hasn't there been one already?

But you posted a girl who over ate to the point she has a distended full food baby belly!

I probably wouldn't mind it. But it'd probably sell like shit since the main characters aren't pure, and the Japanese are weirdly obsessed with that shit. It'd have to target a very specific fanbase.

This is the only true answer.

It would probably do better as a manga, and even then it could work if it acts as a pseudo guide for moms-to-be and shows them some of the things you need to be prepared for in motherhood.

That might be nice, but had to see that in high and even middle school. Cute isn't usually an operative word here. If it can be, I'd be interested.

>not liking slim girl with a preggo belly

Nigga, when you can very clearly tell it's not them being fat, you have no idea what a boner it makes.

>no breast swelling


Japanese animators are afraid to show school kids breaking bicycle riding rules in night time anime, you can't expect them to depict underage girls getting knocked up.

t. A faggot.

I'm sure we can invent some kind of "I was home sick for 3 years and now I'm 20 years old in highschool" excuse

Have it take place in college then

Could an anime about pregnancy raise the birth rate in japan?

I think the real question is if it is possible to make a pregnancy anime so bad that it lowered the birth rate even further.

What the fuck?

>he never fucked her while she was pregnant even after she did all the shit that turns him on

Fucking faggot.

I remember watching a show a while back where one of the girls took a year off because she was raped and had a kid or something?

I don't think trips to Mexico are cute.

I have never understood the origin or amusement with the mexico half-breed meme.

imagine captcha showing the words "cuck meme"

Now imagine Patrick "inner machinations of my mind" scene but with milk replaced with that captcha

That would be me.

cute pregnant girls having cute morning sickness.

half of Cred Forums is mexican.


pick one

Didn't they retcon that?

Why sad? Be happy for them.

My wife is 6 months in and she's loved it so far.

Pregnancy has recently become a massive fetish of mine, so yes.

I wouldn't be able to stand the wait for the doujinshi either.


Eromanga that ends like that is the best.
Years later I still fap to that sweet ass ending of Shonen Teikoku from time to time.

The second half of Ame to Yuki

Not if they went to Mexico

>Used goods the anime
No I'm good thanks


This actually exists

Oreimo was always on thin ice, an incest preg LN would never fly with a publisher.
But there's always hentai, along with the VNs.

There's Kodomo no Kodomo for pregnant loli but she was ugly

Half of what you just said happens in Bitter Virgin, around halfway through.

>I'll start telling everyone Kyosuke did this to me!
Every time.

Sounds unsavory, honestly.

I'm sorry bud, but you have fallen for the hollywood propaganda.
Now for some blogging, my sister in law was pretty cool while she was pregnant, of course my brother was the one that had to deal with her 24/7 but still, is nothing like in the TV, the only real problem is how much money you have, and is not THAT much money.
And everything is cute on 2D, so also fuck off.


That artist doesn't almost exclusively weight gain/stuffing/gluttony works, not pregnancy stuff.


Between Spotted Flower and Genshiken part II, I've grown to dislike Madarame quite a bit.

>an entire series to piss off purityfags
fund it




I'm gonna need you to remember the name of that show user.

>Girl starts turning into an Ara Ara type milf as she gets further along
>After giving birth she goes from girl to mom werewolf style

If the girls are faithful to guys that knocked them up it would be fine.
Like, what could be more pure than bearing children of the first and only guy you love?

>Tomboys womaning up
Does things to my dick

This is great too

>make thread this morning
>leave for work
>come back 10 hours later and the thread is still up

thanks you guys

This, which leads to suicide

Make it about a cute fertility goddess deciding to be proactive about raising the birthrate in the area around her Shinto shrine and blessing more and more couples in the local town with children [spoilers]and accidentally/intentionally herself as well?[/spoilers]

YES Please

Wasn't there an eroge with that premise?

The closest one I can think of with literally that plot is Harakami, by CONCEPT.

Haramiko by Swanmania is kinda like that, but a bit different.

That's what happens when a stupid man writes a story from a woman's perspective. She ends up not being happy and it ends up being a fantasy of the man being able to ignore his wife and still have a good life.

Pregnant idols.

pregnancy is disgusting

Muh nigga


Pregnancy is a disease.

If you want sluts, watch western media or read porn.

I could go for a show themed on an impregnation high school, where kids are forced to find partners and repeatedly breed. Maybe because it's set in a dystopian future or something. Would make for some cute stories, great drama, and fantastic fap material.

Ideally, we'd also get to SEE them being impregnated (even if heavily censored,) or at least some nice moment-of-impregnation ahegao and cutaway shots of the sperm burrowing into the egg, but I'm not counting on it.

Impregnation High School WHEN?!


It isn't the pregnancy itself that it bad, it's the next 18+ years of having to foot the bill of another person, as if it wasn't already physically and emotionally draining having to support the lifestyle of the cunt you accidentally knocked up.

kill yourself purity fag

So she grows a penis? I guess that could be interesting to watch a few episodes of.

But pregnant isn't cute.

This sounds like a hentai.

>all those milk swollen udders
My favourite would be pregnancy ecchi high school serie but I could go with SoL too.

you mean ex-boy

No. I only enjoy pregnant girls if they are doing lewd things

Nikubenkei Gakuen

literally a school for cute girls to become cute pregnant meat toilets for public use.
Cute SoL episodes like: "Who do you think the daddy is?" or "Is my belly to big for this bikini" beach episode. "Helping the hikineet class otaku by getting him laid by secondhand goods and making him a normal functioning member of society." It has so much potential.

I have always loved series like DNA^2, Yomeiro Choice, and similar anime/ manga for how they approach this subject.

But guys, let's talk honestly for a second.

Why don't you take your fetish into your own hands? You know, there are plenty of ways to meet with women who are looking to get knocked up. You could be out helping to save the white race at this very moment! At least, that's what I'm planning to do, anyway-- an "impregnation tour" of Asia.

The only problem is that I really want to have multiple women that I've impregnated servicing me at the same time, which would require a lot of prior arrangement and/or a lot of money. But if anime has taught us anything, it should be that a real man can't give up on his dreams!


Warning: first few images in the third set include scat.

>This nigga doesn't know about hyena pregnancies


>none of them are virgin

Wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for tyrannical governments forcing parents to send their kids to school so you can't put them to work or make them useful, and they have the cheek to take half of your income at the same time.

Only if they are virgins.

I'd watch it, but I feel like as a hentai it'd be too heavily weighted towards sex scenes rather than cute SOL type stuff and character interactions.

>Not a single one was done by mayonnaise.
for shame

user, that would require him to study and actually know things instead of spewing shit and pretending he's above the gene pool

World's End Harem could have been this but it fucked that up too.

>Pregnant idols
>Idolizing second hand goods


that could be the plot of the show. The idols strive to overcome the purityfags.

>where kids are forced to find partners and repeatedly breed. Maybe because it's set in a dystopian future or something
I would prefer an eroge in that setting, honestly, it would be wasted on anime.
Would fap my dick out if something like that comes out.

I agree, but you've got to admit that, especially in a zombie setting where the men are regularly fighting, that it wouldn't make for a bad anime either. There's plenty of potential for action in that kind of scenario.

Action and impregnation.

What more could you possibly want from an anime?