No quirk

>No quirk
>Dishing out street justice
This what Deku is should've been

I just want more Popstep x Gentleman

I enjoyed this, I liked how it mirrors BNHA chapter 1 in some aspects with different twists of course.

But the drawing needs to improve A LOT.

that dude wouldn't stand against actual villains that deku has to fight.

It didn't bother me. I found the traielr to be annoying artistically in some parts but here, not so much. Maybe the first few pages? It's ok.

>But the drawing needs to improve A LOT.

No it doesn't.

If Deku goes rogue following Stain's ideals this will be the manga of a generation.

It's too early to say he has no quirk. He might have one but didn't need to use it on some shitters.

>slut that enjoys indecent exposure
>wonder why she's getting raped

I'm pretty fucking sure she's not wondering why she's being raped.

>that Dekumom cameo

>"rape culture doesn't exist", they say

You know if gentle-man actually exercised and took up a fighting style like capoeira or another fight style that stays low to the ground he'd actually be stupidly effective. Kinda a shame he just assumed he had a useless quirk and gave up.

he could be a pro hockey player

2 legs + the stick and he's golden

Would be funnier if he had a quirk that is not intended for battle; It would allow some tricky battle shenanigans later.

t. Ahmed

Thank god Hori don't add any of those fuckers in.

Espero is never okay user

Boku no Hero Academia = The Avengers
Vigilante: Boku no Hero Illegals = Netflix's Daredevil

So wich are the chances of AFO´s subordinates appearing in this spin-off? The guy with the drugs seems promising in that aspect. Also, those are some things that I would like to see happening:
-More characters from Bnha making flash cameos.
-Stain seeing Gentle-man and Knucles, then leaving them alone because he thinks that they are truly heroic
-The first Noumu appearing as a normal thug, fighting against these guys with only his original quirk (shock absortion or hyper regeneration, who knows) and getting defeated, then he will awake tied to a table, with AFO and his doctors saying what a good specimen he is.
-The third ranked hero.
-Todoroki´s sister.
-Snake girl

Who want to bet that knuckle duster is a police officer in daytime?

He's probably All Might friend's right hand man

>implying it's a Muslim and not another godforsaken white perma virgin

prototype disguises for Deku and Iida were an evil bunny and a hell hound.

I could see Deku going rogue and Iida personally hunting him down.

No way, he's too different.
All Might's cop friend.
The Pussycats (but i doubt it)
Children from other UA classes.

So Iida would get back the costume of his original art concept, neat.

I just hope they flesh out Stain and his motives a bit more.
The character is so obviously a criticism of the manga's world, I'd be extremely disappointed if they did nothing with it.

Read more manga.

what? I've read the manga
did I miss something?

Stain just exists to prop up Deku as the best hero ever like 90% of the rest of the manga,.

He meant for you to read more manga besides BnHA.

okay then

I think he actually could fuck up Stain. I mean, his quirk was just paralyse by contact with blood? Ok, strong, but nothing really op. Knucklepops would prodably suckerpunch him during one of stain babble

>implying this guy is a hero
He's as much a hero as the Punisher is.

How new are you? That's a common damn admonishment.

I misread it. Move on.

hero we need

Frank is objectively not a hero, he's an insane vigilante.


From what we've seen from Stain, Knuckle would get fucking murdered in a second. Stain kept up with Deku, Iida and Todoroki, when two of them have superspeed/agility and one has huge aoe attacks, and that was while he held back hardcore because they were kids. His physical ability is actually nuts for someone that doesn't have a quirk that enhances his stats.

>nothing really op
Combined with his acrobatics and weapon skills that's really gross. And if you failed the blood roulette you're done for.

Well, im not saying you are wrong. Yet, Knuckle seems quite capable physically, and, more important, he give a vibe of combat pragmatism. Don't forget that it's quite uncommon in this universe, all that screaming your attacks, sunday punches and shit. He just punch you in the face. Hard. During your villainous monologue.

god punisher max is so good
compare 2004 marvel to disney tumblr marvel of 2016 and you'll see the fucking difference
no wonder DC is outselling their garbage for the past 3 months since Rebirth happened

So what do you guys think slider's going to be able to do? I don't expect the quirk to be useless.

Honestly, his quirk is good, but not good enough to fight against most villians. It'll most likely be Knuckle using Slider as the bait, then coming in to mop the floor with them.

I think it depends on the mechanics. How fast does he hit top speed? Bikes are pretty fast, with a pipe he could do respectable damage.

No, the protagonist have to be a worthless shit for the audience to self insert into

I guess, but I doubt going 25kph is going to do anything against someone with a bit of combat experience.

>>implying it's a Muslim and not another godforsaken white perma virgin
Are we supposed to be white knight betas or cynical rapists? Make up your mind

so when is Gentle Man gonna slide into dat Pop Step pussy

Why not both?

Do we know how Japan like this chapter?

25 kph isnt that fast for a bike depending on how far they stretch that comparison. I can hit almost 50 without an incline and I'm not that fast. That kind of speed plus a pipe plus a swing is a lot of force. Grand scheme of things it's still small-time, but if you're handling thugs? Yeesh.

Acceleration is probably the thing, though 25 kph still isn't bad.

That refusal was pure gold.

Do we know how much involvement Hori has in this?

you're paralyzed for a long while. A minute minimum. As he showed with Iida he's quick to kill off people.

>physically capable.

That's cool but you're paralyzed. Swords and knives>him as far as we know.

>villainous monologue

Stein doesn't monologue unless you're paralyzed then he'd kill you.

I'm expecting his quirk for hisquirk to be that his "brass knuckles' are his actual knuckles, although a quirkless vigilante would be just as cool.

Iron Fist?

>That's cool but you're paralyzed.
He have to draw your blood first.
But ok, i admit, Stain would win 8/10. He is cape killer after all, Knuckle is street level janitor.
Actually, wouldn't Stain recognise him as a hero?


No. WildCat.

stain would win 10/10. He just has to take a drop of blood and he wins.

Stain would not see him as a hero because you have to be strong to be a hero. That's why he took down iidas brother.

What happens next? Frank rape'n tape them?

No one cares whore.

Deku with no quirk would have been asspull central.

Ah yea, time for Cloak and Dagger meet the Punisher: Boku no Hero version

Deku is pretty based though.

We still don't know how capable is knuckle. Also, you are overestimate Stain a little just now. He did take blood of everyone in fight with deku & co, yet he loose.
And i though he took Ida bro because he become more like a celebrity than a hero.

Man, i didn't remember Marvel shit looking that good. I'm tempted to jump back in after like 15 years


This is a favorite memory of mine from Cred Forums.

> Also, you are overestimate Stain a little just now. He did take blood of everyone in fight with deku & co, yet he loose.

Lol are you serious? He was giving them all a real hard time 1v3 and this is also him holding back on killing deku. 1 v 1 he was destroying them but 1 of them would save the other from getting btfo.

>And i though he took Ida bro because he become more like a celebrity than a hero.

He said that ingenium and iida were weak and not worthy of having the title hero.

Why are you guys already discussing hypothetical death matches for a character just introduced?

Aren't you supposed to be somewhere labeling the earth's rotation some kind of oppression?

>Stain would not see him as a hero because you have to be strong to be a hero. That's why he took down iidas brother.
You don't have to be strong to be a hero in Stain's book. You need to have the will to be a true hero, and being a quirkless jobber seems pretty heroish imo.

Stop your villainous conduct right now, you fiends!

Knuckle Duster is cool as fuck

Is his name actually knuckle duster or is it the japanese phrase for knuckle duster?

Where did it say he was quirkless? I think that'd be interesting but it's better to assume characters in this setting have a quirk unless stated otherwise.

I think Stain would have respect for Knuckle Duster considering how his quirk isn't that strong to begin with.

I hope it's just something completely irrelevant so he might as well be quirkless.