Masou Gakuen HxH Episode 12

So they ended with Grace and a To be continued? You can't be serious. This might actually have a season 2 in the works? WE MIGHT FUCKING SEE REIRI SUCKING OFF KIZUNA.

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Glad im not the only one with hope still

Holy shit. They actually might do it.

fuck no.... please

Who stream this? cd12 and neet were off today

Post webms

Still waiting on streams


neet did on one of his other streams. I think he's quit vaughn.

Hoping for some OVAs instead of a new season.


Ok tanks

Raw is out

Yea. Episode 12 was pretty weak, but atleast the first BD comes out next friday. Something to look forward to atleast.


Hard to predict what did they mean by this
Also for some reason BDs don't rank on stalker, only DVDs
>---,---位/---,---位 (---,--- pt) [*,**5予約] 2016/09/30 魔装学園H×H 第1巻 [Blu-ray]

People who are reading the light novels what are the chances of this getting a harem end?

Weak episode in terms of service. Hoping that the BDs add to this scene whenever they come out. At least we got a slight indication that season 2 might be in the works.

Can't wait for the Himekawa scene extension in BD3. They might add in all the stuff they cut.

live stream glitched out for me at this part. I saw her sit down but the video skipped past the pee.

Pretty high honestly. Aine is the main girl, but Kizuna just sorta does whatever he wants.

Doubt it. If we didn't get the Sylvia BJ scene we're not getting this one either. There are just some things you don't air, even in Japan.

The BD5 pv stated that they were going to add the scene back. BD2, 3, 5 are going to feature scene extensions, while BD1 is the only thing fully confirmed to being an original special.

Yurishia a best. A BEST.

Pretty tame compared to the LN

>Scarlet a best. A BEST.



Why did she pee herself?

Scarlet is second hand Yurishia sorry user

Redheads > Blonde Bimbos

True fact.

Novel explains it better (and is much lewder), but she had to pee after her time in the classroom. Kizuna instead took her to an auditorium, where he fingered her directly. This stimulation lead her to climaxing along with peeing herself. She wasn't wearing underwear in the LNs.

Those clothes on the right

I really hope we get to see Aine's Batlantis outfit.









Is the LN good? How does it compare to Magika?




Thats too lewd user

wow dude, my boss just saw this and gave me a promotion.


We have typic ending "and now dear watchers if you want know what was next please buy and read Light Novel"
How many times we hear that "second season depends on BD/DVD sales"

On 99.99% this will never get second season like all battle harem animes. Cliffhanger was only to boost more light novel sales.

I will belive in second season when I see announcement and for now to me second season never.

>this trash will get a 2nd season while your favorite anime did not
2 nukes were not enough.

I want more scenes like this in the second season.

Most likely this, but it's on IMS's mind. The director and author haven't said anything overt, but the director did say preorders were looking good. Now whether or not this is PR speak will be found out in the next few weeks. I do hope this atleast makes some profit so IMS can make more borderline H shows in the future.



"If you aren’t watching the anime, then by all means please watch it through the net transmission or from the DVD package. However, the battle from there will be where this work shows its real ability, so by any means please realize its second season!"

At least the author himself confirmed that second season depends on sales of first season.


>second season depends on sales of first season.
How many times we hear this

>implying they can faithfully follow the LN without having to label it hentai

So we aren't getting a season 2 huh? The sales seem like they're gonna be shit from Stalker.

>So we aren't getting a season 2

I doubt any other series will ever try to be as lewd as this. Once the last BD comes out, ecchi will pretty much be a dead genre.

>where this work shows its real ability
What ability? Did you mean "depravity"?

The stalker points of one BD and 2 DVD entries should be 2k total. One BD entry's is unknown but it should be over 1k. So first BD/DVD volume should sell at least 3k.

That's not too bad. Does this include other sellers like toranoana?


>The only scene with a girl wounded is an illusion.
Fuck this show

Do storefronts like toranoana even ever get included in the stalker points ranking? I thought that was only for amazon.

Stalker points predict sales from all places including storefronts based on Anazon rankings.

>Searching bloody ryona in a ecchi/bordeline hentai anime.

holy mother

I KNEW someone would say this.

Best lips in an anime ever?

Ryona is a type of fanservice

Nice plastic teeth.

Realistic lips in anime freak me out for reasons I can't truly explain.

You're just not used to that tasty meat being shown.

Maybe becasue the rest of the time all you see is a slit for the mouth.

Subs soon.

I will never understand ryona appeal

Think of it this way, the only way this shit could redeem itself is if the MC gets beaten the shit out of him and then cucked in front of his eyes.

Isn't ryona beaten up the girls?

Just an analogy. I'm saying I can understand the appeal.

Why don't you like seeing cute girls gasping in pain, bleeding by a big wound and coughing blood?
Are you stupid?

What he does in the LN? he's fingering her right there

>implying this is somehow different from hentai
This scene could be straight out of one. The only difference is that it doesn't go further.

Not to mention
>public display

She's not wearing any underwear in the LN. It also talks more about her being wet, with Kizuna touching a wet spot on her panties after removing them.

Kagaku na Yatsura is an OVA that's as lewd as the source. Going the OVA route opens more freedoms for the animators, so it would be great if the next part of this series is just a bunch of OVAs.

I'm guessing this is as far as they can go without causing an uproar. They also didn't animate shit on the loli scene so there you have it.

I don't know the details of what can be shown on AT-X, it's going to be censored on normal TV anyway, I don't know what other considerations they could have regarding where the line is drawn.

I know that every seiyuu that agreed to play in this is a slut though.

>there are people who will spend money on tame softcore porn with forced battle plot

>there are people who will spend money

Err, how is the plot in HxH? I know Ecchi battle harems don't have the best plot but some are better than others in this regard.

Don't watch the plot, skip to lewd scenes

A great fap material doesn't deserve this shit of anime.


Na she is right where she belongs

I heard some huge rumors that Netflix in interested on doing ecchi shows like HxH. Don't know anyone heard this as of right now.

This is why I hate haremshit.


Go and suck a big black cock then

Most of them are newish talent anyways.

>watching on kissanime

>go basically full hentai
>but completely cut loli's scene
Anime fanservice in a nutshell, 2016

>watching on anything website except Jessamine, especially crunchyroll.
Something wrong with watching FREE anime?


So far, this is one of the most lewd scene in a tv series?
Other Tv series with almost H scenes
Seikon no Qwaser
Yosuga no Sora

I've only watched the first two episodes. Now that it's all done and over with, what is the most fappable ep?

The ones with the lesbians.

Episodes 4, 6-9

Oretaichi ni Tsubasa wa Nai had paizuri


>Paizuri with cum
How the fuck they allowed that scene in the Tv?

It was whited out on TV. cleared up on BD.

His jizz was still seeable in the TV version.

Is this seriously not hentai? This is actually taking it pretty far...
I mean I'm not complaining but whoa!

Nope. Still just ecchi.

I generally don't live watch shows anymore, this just finished airing; and I want to watch it now that I can binge if I find it enjoyable.

For that reason, I haven't really gone into any HxH threads since it started airing.

Is this one of those where HS is censored and there's a different release? Or is this just censored till BD or uncensored across the board?

Different release, but you might as well wait for the BD

I mean, just calling it ecchi, and it actually BEING just eechi are two different things.

This is a stone's throw away from being porn.

Anime industry can go further than ever.
You know, as long as it's no loli, everything is fine.
Yes, even shota rape incest (Grisaia).

He's fingering her, actually fingering her. It's not a "oops I slipped and my nose landed in-between your pussy lol sorry", this is sexual intercourse.

Picked up.

Hentai is when you see the vagoo getting penetrated.

Thanks famlan

Does anyone actually know where did this image came from? As in, the actual doujin, etc of that gif.

the artist looks like hirame


>Make a hentai
>Call it an anime to avoid shit hentai sales

Brilliant, really. And I'm sure this sold like hotcakes?

The name of the artist maybe is Hirame, search his doujins

No idea yet.

They are just playing a role though.


It's selling 1-2k category.
Crap like this won't ever sell better.

I'm just guessing we can expect to see more styled of this anime soon

We have this, testament, maybe that robot anime if you want to count it

What else?

I don't know about you, but if I had a choice between voicing this anime for money and avoid starving another day, or be called a slut by some random internet pervert...well, let's just say it'll be a very very tough decision.

To be expected. It's basically softcore hentai. Regular anime fans would probably be turned off by how far it goes, the ecchi is not even funny in this one. It's literally borderline porn.

>And I'm sure this sold like hotcakes?

Yeah, a role of a slut. Fitting considering they have no inhibitions for it.

>I don't know about you, but if I had a choice between voicing this anime for money and avoid starving another day,
Probably shouldn't have quit your normal job for it then. A rookie seiyuu is not a full time job, nor does it pay like one.

so why wasn't this outfit in the anime? was it skipped or is it from a later volume?

Shinmai was borderline hentai and sold reasonable well. 5k+ with S1 and 3.7k with S2. Why is this series predicted to sell like shit?

Because it is

The production values can't even stand up to shinmai. The story is somehow worse. The actual lewd scenes are garbage in comparison

Please don't talk down to me like that while using smug images.
I get turned on.

And Sylvia. I still hold a tiny sliver of hope that they'll have a scene with her wearing this on the BDs.

shinmai was shit though. everything about it was generic and forgettable, aside from how porny it was. the main character was such a faggot that even the almost sex scenes weren't even enjoyable.

dicks out

real question is. how bad is this show

It has it's ups and downs, but over all it's a fun watch.

I'm 6 episodes behind, did Shinji got in the vagina already?

Oh fuck yes, IMS you absolute madstudio.

Was the man ass jiggle really needed? Muscle really shouldn't do that.

Not as bad as I thought it would be

Technically panty and stocking had multiple actual full out sex scenes. Even a big defloration scene.

Wasn't shown but he did get Sylvia's. The BD may show it though.

yeah but P&S wasn't a real anime.

>BD may show it though
I don't understand why people would think like that. Are you from retard land?

Where are the BDpvs? Not seeming to find them easily.

Because not everyone is as pessimistic as a certain guy who's known as an acronym.

I didn't mean actually showing her vagina. I meant the BD may actually show the scene where it's implied he gets in her vagina.

It was honestly the peak of this episode
I laugh loudly when Kizuna gasped a little when his suit got tight on his scrrotch, it was so fuckin smooth

In general I put 7/10 maybe 8 for this anime, it was dumb at least it's full blown delirous plot
Maybe a little disappointed that Kizuna VS Batlantis vaptain wasn't a full blown sexual domination battle
I mean, she make everyone wet by lookin at them and kizuna is a sex machine, when she put out the whip, i was like oh yeah do it but it was just a fist battle, too bad

Stop being retarded trying to fit in.

You know that ass jiggle was on purpose and it was pretty funny.

It was dumb, but it was great.
>that moan

>no incest
FUCK I thought there would be some onee chan loving. Oh well. What a waste

buy the BDs if you really want it

wasn't planning on watching this but all these webms and finding out that fucking hisasi did the character designs changed all of that. Thank you my fellow anons for opening my eyes and zipper today.

So who's the composer for this series? It had a surprisingly good soundtrack.

Now to wait for the extended scenes in the BD, particularly Himekawa's Climax Hybrid in Ep 6 and Sylvia's install scene in Ep 10,

The last bit of fanservice is manservice.

You might better off waiting for the BD's to all come out and watching it.

The BDs will have some animation corrections, along with the specials/scene extensions. Better off waiting till Februrary when BD6 comes out.

Wait for the BD.

will the scene in episode 8 be different?

We don't know for sure yet. BD2, 3, and 5 are the only ones with confirmed scene extensions. Episode 8 is part of BD4, so we may get a Scarlet special.

when will the BD's come out?

You might wait until next year for all BD's will come out and get the extended scenes like what they did on Shinmai Maou.

I think the last friday of each month
BD4-12/23 or 12/30

I want to CUM in Yurishia's ASS with my face BURIED in her TITS.

We will never see her volume 9 scene animated.

did you even see ?

Apparently he didn't.

So why not just go all the way, then?

Then it would earn less than it already is.

Would she even go for anal? Only one has really shown any kind of anal fetish so far.

Oh yea Grace. Totally forgot about that forced sequel bait.

Would Kizuna go so far to stick his penis in her butt?

I remember Sekirei's to be continued... That turned out well.

Kizuna would do anything so long as it makes them cum. Have you not seen how seriously he takes his "job"

If you have fun at your job, you never work a day in your life.

Wish I had his job

Wasn't that because they had run out of source material at the time.


Oh, so that's was the reason

Shame, the mangaka had great potential to make Sekirei a franchise hit.

I miss muh Pokemon harem.

The best anime this year and studio 99/100

HxH masou gakuen is eccher than shinmai.i actually surprised no anime has takes this further before except hentai.

>So who's the composer for this series? It had a surprisingly good soundtrack.
I'm not sure you replied to the right person.

what do you expect from harem series a ahojo esque ecchi and story?


why your picture looks cutted is that because of your weird resolution.

you are very wrong because the bd has not yet even released in japan.

Princess lover is a hebtai not an ova .

How was the MC in this one? Was he oblivious to what he was doing, or was he actually kinda alpha about fingering girl and getting blowjobs?

he was hesitant at first but eventually became alpha about it.

I am okay with that. Thanks user.

a complete madman who gives a presentation on his harem's erogenous zones for the school fair

>a complete madman
More like an annoying smug cunt.

Do the other guys in his school all finger and grope girls too?

Kill yourself.

sadly no, their power suits are not compatible.

It had an anime first, but then it got a Hentai ova.


That scene was anime only I think.

The data proves it. This isn't porn.

Don't know about that, he's acting like an annoying smug cunt in general though.

Man. That must've sucked if you liked one of these girls and weren't the mc than, espically aine getting fingered right in front of you.

That's pretty much the story in every harem.

What's the volume 9 scene I keep hearing about? I don't see it translated yet.

I think they're either talking about how MC makes the blonde cowtits his submissive or how he makes a goddess cheat on her husband.

Every dude would act smug about it if they were in his position

I know. Still a little sad though.

Typical Harem lead at first. Scared of the girls, etc. Then found out that if he didn't grope, finger, etc the girls, they would all die, so since then he's In Like Finn, and went full hog with it.

Maybe. But that does not make him any less shit.

>or how he makes a goddess cheat on her husband.

This was one of the few shows where I found the generic titty blond slut to be actually one of the best girls, Aine improved a lot as the series went on but her terrible first impression left a huge mark.
Sylvia was the absolute best though.

>Agreed. Though you have to forgive her for this. She heard that he had sexually assaulted one of her comrades right in the middle of battle. Not the best of first impressions you know.

Fucking hell my spelling is shit today.

>Buy the LN, user!

Frankly muh dick find 2RoveU more interesting.

I heard male actors in JAV live sick sad lives, user.

Don't worry, politicians will fix that before the Olympics.

>Mild nudity

Why? It's not like they are the ones being manhandled. And they don't need to be good looking either.

What makes their lives sick and sad? They get to have sex with pretty girls.

Just like male VAs, male porn actors are in low demand and get paid less.

I think japanese business refuse to do service with them

hubba bubba, this LN is lewd, someone needs to compile and tl;dr the lewd scenes

if only we had an /ag/ board

Goddamn dude that's fucked up.
Like places outright refuse to serve them or something?

here's one thing I could find:

>Shimiken found himself unable to rent an apartment. Landlord after landlord judged his occupation objectionable, even when he showed them a full bank account. He was able to sign a lease only when one real-estate agent revealed she was a fan. She offered to get him a place to live if he'd come to dinner with fans from her office.

Just like in the US, if you do porn you are pretty much blacklisted from any kind of job. Not to get Cred Forums here, but it's usually the lefties doing the judging to begin with from what I have noticed.

Well that's fucked.
The men get their lives ruined and the ladies go on to become high paid escorts, actresses, and retire as millionaires.
Is it safer to sling cock on the sly as a male escort then a pro performer?

Slavemancer is lewder. Hentai OVA never.

I don't work in the porn industry, I wouldn't know. But even as a more conservative man I wouldn't discriminate someone working for me if they also did porn. I'd probably have an issue if they did some extreme shit and they personally blasted in my face, but that's an improbably instance. As long as I know they showed others who the boss of the gym was i'd be k.

Lefties and jews control LA, which produces films and shit including porno. Why would they make their own employees homeless?
Back to

hey man you the one saying lefties and jews

I just wanna talk about Masou Gakuen again, so this thread doesn't 404.

Discuss this

You started it, poltard. You get .

>Only virgin autists and feminists hate porn.
>An autist:" Just take a look at the pictures. Women are degraded as vulgar sex objects. That’s not what human beings are. I don’t see anything to discuss."

I'm surprised it has netori. No one can beat MC's dick.

Oh fuck, I've discussed this extensively already...

is the mc inserting his penis now? is he inserting it into brown girls? brown girls are best girls

>only when one real-estate agent revealed she was a fan. She offered to get him a place to live if he'd come to dinner with fans from her office.
What a slut. At least he won't have to worry about a house, or about running out of pussies any time soon.

>Shimiken earns up to 2,800,000 yen ($23,573) a week.

What the fuckk

Yes, Yes!!!!!

Good taste.

Well fuck I tried. We already discussed everything we could.

nope he just fingers her

I wish there was more lore to the within the 12 episodes.

>While other boys were in class, Shimiken would sneak onto the school roof and jack off over the side of the building, hearing the screams of the girls below as his semen splattered on their classroom windows.
what a champ

>he hasn't discussed the real best girl.
fuck that yuri shit and let kizuna finger her already.

Slavenancwr literally dicks underage people and isn't afraid of anything.

is his real name Rance?

Is there a mega link for the stitches of this and previous episodes?

IMS told us to go read the LNs. Just read those.

Slavemancer is even better than the moralfag of Rance that refuses to dick lolis.

i kinda don't feel like spoiling myself too much and would prefer to wait long for the season 2. dose she make a later appearance again in light novels.

should I just download the webms and stitches or should I binge it, Cred Forums?

just fap to the additional camera shot albums from


Interesting show but I thought the ED was catchy. The Aine scenes this episode were great.

I wanna see Kizuna vs Aine animated, but I know it would turn out rushed and butchered.

Who wins?

Why are they fighting?

Tits of the season

Worth it

What's the best sub group for this? I was trying to wait for BD, but fuck it. I'm starved for harems and it looks like there are none next season.

Does he do her? Any more pics?

Why did they give him a girl ass and not dude butt?

he finger blasts her and then connects a device into her cunt and onto his dick and proceeds to fuck the device which in turn fucks her

The one you would expect to win, considering the type of story this is.

Why cant he just stick his dick in them? It's not like anyone will stop him.

Aine resolved to kill him from being pressured by Grace and Zelsione/cyone.

cuz he has to use that device to fill the milf with magic power. The milf multiplies that amount of magic power, and Nayuta uses it to revitalize the milf's world.

Wait, that brown egyptian bitch is a milf? What happened to her husband?

>husband brings sun rock thing from another world collision that sucks life power from humans
>husband's body decomposed, soul gets preserved in pyramid along with everyone else
>husband's body is implied to be restored after Kizuna fucks the milf and Nayuta revitalizes the world

So is he cucked or something and she wants Kizuna's D now?

yes he did get cucked because milf had to fuck Kizuna to save herself and her world





Totally worth
Worst case get someone you know to sign the lease. give them some cash or whatever. Not to mention you know, fucking jav girls for a living.

So what will be next the harem series to be adapted in anime user?

>Why would they make their own employees homeless?
Because there are just too damn many useless people on the planet.

Thankfully no more magical academy garbage. In fact barely any chuuni LNshit on the horizon.

This show was fun at the beginning but it became more and more dull each episode.

The lewd scenes were devoid of any sould, each time were more meanless and faster.

Now that's some anime physics.

So now that it's confirmed, season 2 when?

don't mention that shit show to me no more

That To Be Continued card was mostly a placholder. It's meaningless.

Fuck you.
I Want to believe.

The author said that if we want more, to go out and buy the BDs. Sales are looking slightly above average at best, so who knows?

>So now that it's confirmed, season 2 when?