Flop no Katachi

3-days opening weekend (including Monday since it was a holiday) and it cannot even break the 500m mark, how will KyoAni recover from this?

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It's doing better than Kizu did though

Nobody gives a shit about kizu. Kimi no na wa is the big thing in nip land.

it flopped because it couldn't break the 600m mark, it flopped because it couldn't break the 700m mark, etc

It's on its way to beat all 3 kizu movies. Nice

Kizu had like no budget though

It was supposed to be the top selling anime movie. It isn't.

What did you expect?
At this point it could make 10 billion and we'll still say that it was a flop because it was made by KyoAni and everything KyoAni have to sell 10 times more than the competition in order to be a hit.

[citation needed]

Cred Forums

KnN wasn't supposed to sell more than 500 million, though. At this point we can say the nips are boycotting KnK in favor of KnN

Source on that? It had definitely more publicity, and they hired quite a few renowned animators for the project.

Will it surpass Keion?

Keep your sales wanking in stalker threads or Cred Forums.

>movie isn't the top seller
>so it's a flop
Kindly, kill yourself

It might.

Wrong, Kizu was made by students that didn't get any pay at all, their only payment was their name appearing in the credits. So, Kizu by no means is a flop, since they didn't spent almost anything on it.

Unlikely, total gross for K-on was 2 billion yen.

Kyoani are finished

Poor Umetsu, degraded to mere student.

it seems like Cred Forums loves to hate kyoani just because its kyoani.

No wonder it looked like shit

Yes if it's like Girl und Panzer, opening with only ¥120 million and 77 screens to finish at ¥2.3B and almost 200 screens.

Cred Forums is tsundere for KyoAni. There's lots of anons that came to talk shit about them but secretly they love KyoAni. They mostly are insecure faggots that doesn't know how to behave in front of manime fags.

GuP seems to have more rewatch value to be honest.

>no plot
>just awesome tank fights
I'm wondering why

As expected from traced shit

>traced shit

The traced shit is actually making tens of billions

Or that Antichristplex is bribing theaters to not carry Katachi.

I don't care how much it sold
Was it a good adaptation

What is "traced shit"? Isn't tracing a basic part of cell animation?

They removed the shittiest parts of the manga (ie. the stuff I din't like, like the movie subplot, etc), so in my opinion is a good adaptation.


Are we in need of another straw poll? Should it be Kyoani/Shaft or Kyoani/Shinkai?

>inb4 shenanigans cheating reeeeeee

Why the heck do so many people like Kimi no na wa?

KyoAni/Shaft vs Shitkai.

who knows, already watched it and it's nothing amazing just ok

maybe because it's quite good? and it looks great?

Right? Like I have no doubt it's more mainstream / commercially appealing than Koe no Katachi, but these sales are really surprising.

Many movies are quite good and look great, many likely more so than this if Shinkai's past works are representative of this one's quality.

>Many movies are quite good and look great
so what? what is the point of your posts?

What, besides "being good", made this movie such a big phenomenon? It's baffling, this movie's crazy successful.

No one here saw it.
From the promotion material it looks like they are adapting more or less all of it faithfully. Will probably be rushed.

I'll say it again. Cred Forums is slowly becoming Cred Forums. Studio wars is exactly like console wars

so what that it made shitload of money? does it make it less good?

Yes, this is Cred Forums isn't it?

No, I didn't imply that.

oh yeah, I forgot about that

>if Shinkai's past works are representative of this one's quality.
>i haven't seen the movie and am just asking stupid questions

good one m8


Good thing it's actually distributed by Toho in theaters. By the way I'm the one that the geniuses here love to refer to as Aniplex-Kun and who should be ignored so maybe people will listen to you instead then

The marketing was good. It gets you hyped.


You've been downgraded to Aniplexcchi

Don't use words you don't understand.


What was it's budget?
As long as a film makes it's money back, it's not a flop.

Sick of this meme.

This is much better than Dan's review.

It flopped because it didn't break the 1 billion mark, it flopped because it didn't beat Kimi no na wa etc.

Branduil is a NeoFAG cuck/.

>sell more than 500 million

It's also by a SJW NeoFAG regular.

Sssh. No words. Only tears now.

>implying KyoAni and Keit-ai didn't both find a way

Whatever that means, I don't give a fuck.

¥1,900,000,000 K-ON! Movie
._¥850,000,000 Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
._¥680,000,000 HighSpeed!: Free! Starting Days
._¥411,000,000 Koe no Katachi

It's really pathetic, makes me sick.

Same as Kizu. They didn't spent on the movie, since most of the work was done by their students from KyoAni animation school. So, by now we can say for sure that the movie has already made enough to pay Yamada, Yoshida and Nishiya's wages.


>gonna pass Free movie


what does that even mean, samefag boy?

>already passed Hibike, Kyoukai no Kanata, Tamako Love Story
>people will still say it's a flop

I believe he said "I'm from Cred Forums and I loooove cock in my ass"

>koe no katachi is doing well
>violet evergarden already has a massive growing fanbase
KyoAni has a bright future

There was plot. It was actually a good twist plot. Simple yes, but effective and we got a perfect 25 mins of setup and 95 mins of wtf awesome tank battles.

I found this funny.

It's projected at 1.5 billion now.

They're right.

What next? Will Kyoani haters call K-On a flop too? Or Haruhi? Free! Starting Days is the third highest grossing movie from the KyoAni library and they're calling that a flop as well.

It's not fucking fair why do they always win

Fuck KyoAnus

K-ON had more than just movie tickets. Did anyone else forget the live events where there were more than 30k attendees? Not to mention raking mad cash with multiple singles hitting #1 in oricon charts.

Meanwhile Koe no katachi just has the manga and the movie sales.

Of course it's a flop. I'm not even a KyoAni hater.

Ueno's VA being enthuastic about the film is kinda cute

Nip nong ching ping. This an english image board.

>Of course it's a flop. I'm not even a KyoAni hater.
You're not fooling anyone.

>K-ON had more than just movie tickets. Did anyone else forget the live events where there were more than 30k attendees? Not to mention raking mad cash with multiple singles hitting #1 in oricon charts.
>Meanwhile Koe no katachi just has the manga and the movie sales.


If the film is even half as good as this guy describes then it must be a legitimate masterpiece

>Keion : Kyoani just in charge of animation production
>KnK : KyoAni bought out the animation rights from Kodansha
KyoAni is literally swimming in dosh right now. This is going to outsell Anthem of the Heart and the AnoHana movies without the attached media blitz those two had.
KyoAni made it in the big leagues for limited releases.

>Meanwhile Koe no katachi just has the manga and the movie sales.
>Of course it's a flop
>just has the manga
This makes it more impressive, you non-KyoAni hater

If you tap Koe no Katachi into japenese google you'll find every single movie reviewer circlejerking Yamada as this unkown talent that had a masterpiece debut. It's kinda funny actually to read.

>wait for anime adaptation announcement
>wait for development
>wait for new details
>wait for release
>wait for physical release
>wait for subs
>wait for download
i just want to see this already

m-me too, senpai.

Can KyoAni just adapt every manga already?

I kinda understand it, this is her first standalone anime film after all. I doubt most movie critics even pay attention to films attached to TV series

Now she is on their radar it's going to be interesting to see what she does next

Our Yamada is going mainstream.
They're going to make me hate her.

I read the manga strictly because I didn't want to have to wait for subs. It was actually pretty good, people are often too harsh on it.

TLS won an award at the Japan Media Arts festival, so she's not totally off their radar. I do hope this success means a bigger focus on feature films though.

I can't hate her.

What do you think Yamada has for us next?

How can Shaft fags be so desperate, I ask? It baffles me truly and sincerely.

Keit-ai the Animated Series when?

Kyoani Solanin movie when?

Now that it's confirmed that Euphonium 2 is only 1 cour, we might get the final part of the series as a movie.

K-on! has The Who references.
Koe no Katachi literally has My Generation in ti.

Ballroom e youkoso by Fujita when? I want to see an actual autist direct this. Also Kondasha should be happy with KyoAni now after Koe no Katachi is as big of a success as it is right now.

Why is Yamada's taste so perfect?

Based. More Kodansha adaptations by them are very likely.

Why they went to London? I can't remember.

Graduation trip. IIRC it was a Ritsu idea.

Where are you getting these numbers from? I haven't been able to find any weekend actuals for Koe no Katachi. All I know is it was projected at ¥250,000,000.

Ritsu is best girl as usual

That's funny cause from everything I heard it was getting scathing to mixed reviews.

It was Mio's idea.
Yui wanted to go to Europoor since she thought it was across the river.
Ritsu wanted to go to Dubai or some sandnigger country
Mugi wanted to go to the onsen
Mio said London

Maybe you should stop listening to shitposters.

Nah, Cred Forums is just a hardcore SHAFT masturbator.

2 days: 280m

3 days: 411m

Blame Shaftinos and Triggercucks, they always start this and falseflag.

Long live Madhouse and Kyoani!

Most of the people talking shit about the movie are gaijin that probably are still learning Japanese .

I hate KyoAni and Shaft equally. KyoAni because they have skill and potential but squander them on garbage adaptations and lowbrow pandering, Shaft because I never liked their aesthetic and ""artsy"" reinterpretations of the source material. Shinbo's futuristic architecture and random words in the background makes me want to gouge out his eyes.

suprised it flopped desu

it's the type of garbage tripe japanese normalfags eat up on tv

>OPM and Parasyte studio
You're not fooling anyone, Cred Forums.

Yui is based. A rewatch is in order I guess. I can't wait for the Koe no Katachi BD to drop so that I can do a Yamada movie marathon like they did in Picadilly.
You heard from english speaking gaijins. Read the jap media and you'll see how hard they're circlejerking both Yamada and the OST.


It didn't flop.

xD le epic studio wars are so fanny !

>Kimi no na wa

>Koe no Katachi


Neither did kizu if it made its money back.

Just like how phantom sales technically wasn't a flop.

Better than Anthem of The Heart in 3 days with less advertising, theaters and vacation time and zero bragging about surpassing Ghibli. Honestly Kyoani can still pull off some decent stuff when they're clearly trying to give a shit. Also having Saori Hayami and Miyu Irino chemistry probably helps a ton and it looks like it'll be a solid vehicle for them.

The same people who shit on this movie shit on KnN in other threads, I don't think that image will sway them

The only anime movies that flop are those who have ridiculous budgets like Kaguyahime

So Koe no Katachi did better during the opening weekend than Your Name (1 month since the film was released) last week?

I used to really dislike Kyoani and it's fanboys but these days I'd take their actual effort when they clearly give a shit over Shaft and it's soulless produced on the cheap commercialism for Aniplex and Nisioisin any day of the week and apparently so might Japan at least this season.

The way things are going this month with staff clearly giving a shit films like Kimi no Na Wa and Koe no Katachi the anime industry may just finish the year on a somewhat more positive note and not entirely discouraging note after an absolutely horrible 2016 for the most part, but not holding my breath just yet.

Well considering TV animation is about $400-500k/hr, and the movie has grossed $4m so far, it probably hasn't lost money even with marketing costs.

No Kimi no Na Wa still did substantially better than everything else even in it's 4th weekend.

Not even close

3 days weekend:
Kimi no Na wa: ¥1.7 billion (week 4)
Koe no Katachi: ¥411 million (opening)

It sounds like Koe no Katachi lives up to the lofty expectations fans have of KyoAni. We will see.

Kaguya hime made a fuckton of money though. I don't know if it flopped.
Kizu didn't flop for Shaft because they don't care about the sales. But it could be counted as a flop for Aniplex because they brought in top tier freelancers on the project and they don't come cheap. The people working on Kizu were on the same caliber of big Sunrise or IG productions of the gone years.

yeah why cant they do le epic manime? wtf i hate kyoanus now

Yeah but they're working with terrible material is the problem.

I'd rather have unironic manime by KyoAni than another LN-based snoozefest.

You're a Cred Forumsedditor, of course you do.

Kaguyahime made 2.5 billion on a 5 billion yen budget was the last I heard.

I can't deduce the number but Koe no Katachi is cheaper than a full season of KyoAni's TV show for sure.

Just don't be stupid and go through Cred Forums posting rituals. Problem solved.

Hoping it'll get to #2

Haven't been this excited about KyAn anmu since K-On. And believe me I pick each and every one of them in hopes of something good.

Will they change the outcome?
"Taki-sensei, I love you!"
"I love you too, Reina."
Fade to black.

That's all, folks!

Yui is love

>6+ months of "le flop xdd" until the BDs are out and something resembling actual discussion can take place

Why does shitposting have to be the status quo?

>because it isn't breaking records it's a flop xD

That's how it works in real life, kid. You're either winner or a loser.

That's why you're on Cred Forums right ?

This scene looks too melodramatic.

Sahara is best girl.

What's suicide supposed to look like?

Supposedly the movie toned down the histrionic tendency the manga has when it comes to depict that kind of scenes.

>KyoAnuslickers thinking those figures are good

Yeah goodluck with getting those expenses back.

There's already footage of the scene and it's damn good.

It's very well marketed. The film itself is about as good as Beyond the Clouds or 5cm/s, except it has a happy ending.

All the expenses are already covered by the government money. From here on, all the money from box office, merchandise, blurays, etc. goes directly to KyoAni's bank account.

>and it's damn over dramatic.

No need to respond to shitposters, they already know they've lost.

It is not, period.

It's perfectly dramatic.

>All the expenses are already covered by the government money.
Not him but there's not really a decent source to back this up, all we know is that they'll show the movie on schools and that's it, not that they paid the movie expenses.

lol yeah man she's just killing herself like chill lmao


it is

Kimi no na Wa has better

Koe no Katachi seems to have better
>Voice acting
>Shot composition and editing


I'm specially liking Shouya's VA, he sounds pretty good. Kimi no na Wa's male MC had a very amateurish sounding voice, and all characters in the movie were very flat. The PVs for KnK alone show more emotion and depth in their characters.

Kimi no na Wa has better
Does not compute
Add plot and sound direction to Koe no Katachi.

>Koe no Katachi
>good plot

Kimi no na wa's plot was excelent.

Koe no Katachi seems to have better everything.

If you're blind, it might have better animation and art.
If you're deaf, it might have better soundtrack
If you're retarded, it might have better plot.

Kimi no na wa is prettier fuck you

Wrong link

Kimi looks crisper but I like Koe's art style more.

The only flop is Red Turtle


Shouya is a better MC and the secondary characters are interesting too (specially Ueno, a rather complex character to understand), however Mitsuha is much better than the boring Shouko.

Glad. Fucking rotoscoping garbage.

No, not at all.

KnK has QUALITY teebeeheich

So basically Kimi no Na wa only has animation going for it.

If you're a shitposter you'll write all this bullshit

>If you're blind, it might have better animation and art.
>If you're deaf, it might have better soundtrack
>If you're retarded, it might have better plot.

This movie will never surpass Kimi no na Wa in popularity or sales. Shinkai is now leagues ahead of Yamada in appeal with the mainstream fanbase. He's the next big thing after Miyazaki. It's kind of pointless comparing KnK to that. At least KyoAni beat SHAFT kek.

[citation needed]

Kimi no Na wa has a better ending too. KnK final is completely different of manga and we don't have the feeling Shoko and Shoya end up together

When did Cred Forums suddenly start caring about how popular things were with the mainstream? Seriously, this is fucking bizarre coming from a board focused on a niche foreign product made for obsessives.

This. Shinkai is now acknowledged nationwide. Yamada is known only by perverted NEET and otaku. It's actually funny how some KyoAnus lickers believe she'll ever be at the same tier as the greats.

He's popular yes, but he'll never have even an ounce of Miyazaki's artistry.

She's the best director working right now.

>Miyazaki's artistry

>we don't have the feeling Shoko and Shoya end up together

They are definitely not a couple at the end of the movie. Kimi no Na wa is a love story, Koe no Katachi is not one.

>She's the best director working right now.


As expected of Shinkai fans!

Best Page in the Manga.

>Studio wars is exactly like console wars
>Studio wars is exactly like console wars
>Studio wars is exactly like console wars


Why is Cred Forums trying so hard to hate this movie?

>KnK has 4.3 rating and only 78 reviews
>KnnW has 4.2 rating and 819 reviews

Yeah, very representative for KnK

Yahoo Japan is a better tool.

KnnW has 4.46 with 15000 reviews
KnK has 4.14 with 1000 reviews.


This whole sequence is amazing. The author's panelling or framing or whatever you call it (what do you call it?) is immaculate.

KyoAni btfo

What stood out to me the most about KnK was the paneling/storytelling. The author just needs to hone her writing.

Is her new manga out yet?

If Nishimiya jumped 1 second earlier we would have been able to protect her smile.

>2nd best selling anime movie this month
>b-but its not doing good

Top Tier:
Isao Takahata, Mamoru Oshii, Satoshi Kon, Hayao Miyazaki

High Tier:
Osamu Dezaki, Masaaki Yuasa, Hideaki Anno, Kunihiko Ikuhara, Naoko Yamada, Takashi Nakamura, Keiichi Hara, Yasuhiro Imagawa

Good Tier:
Tatsuya Oishi, Katsuhiro Otomo, Koji Morimoto, Mitsuo Iso, Hiroyuki Okiura, Noboru Ishiguro, Gisaburo Sugii, Mamoru Hosoda, Hiroyuki Imaishi, Akiyuki Shinbo, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Takeshi Koike, Yoh Yoshinari, Takuya Igarashi

OK Tier:
Kenji Nakamura, Junichi Sato, Rintaro, Shinichiro Watanabe, Ryutaro Nakamura, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Rie Matsumoto, Yasuhiro Takemoto, Tsutomu Mizushima, Yasuhiro Yoshiura

Medicore Tier:
Seiji Mizushima, Junji Nishimura, Makoto Shinkai, Ei Aoki, Tatsuya Ishihara, Yutaka Yamamoto, Tatsuyuki Nagai, Goro Taniguchi, Shoji Kawamori

I hate this list so much because there are too many problems to address at once and it's frustrating

Just how powerful is meme magic?

She's good but she's not great. Let's see her take the industry by storm with her own original work rather than piggybacking off of someone else's. Shinkai got where he is on his own without some manga backed by the government and he did with his own ability.

this is basically the state of Cred Forums right now if you edit Nichijou into the Titanic.

Sales threads are retarded anyway since nobody knows what they're talking about. At least on Cred Forums people actually are part of the sales number, on Cred Forums you're just shitflinging about what otaku show has the most event tickets.

She's great and are you seriously telling me her success is piggybacked off of K-On?

>The author's panelling or framing or whatever you call it is immaculate
True, it is the only manga that surpassed Prison School panelling-wise in my opinion.
I know Prison School is not at its peak atm but love the Author anyways

It's over, Cred Forums won

Top Tier:
Isao Takahata, Mamoru Oshii, Satoshi Kon, Hayao Miyazaki

High Tier:
Osamu Dezaki, Masaaki Yuasa, Hideaki Anno, Kunihiko Ikuhara, Naoko Yamada, Takashi Nakamura, Yasuhiro Imagawa, Mamoru Hosoda

Good Tier:
Tatsuya Oishi, Katsuhiro Otomo, Koji Morimoto, Mitsuo Iso, Noboru Ishiguro, Gisaburo Sugii, Akiyuki Shinbo, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Takeshi Koike, Yoh Yoshinari, Takuya Igarashi, Keiichi Hara, Shinichiro Watanabe, Sayo Yamamoto

OK Tier:
Kenji Nakamura, Junichi Sato, Rintaro, Ryutaro Nakamura, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Rie Matsumoto, Yasuhiro Takemoto, Tsutomu Mizushima, Yasuhiro Yoshiura, Hiroyuki Okiura, Hiroyuki Imaishi

Medicore Tier:
Seiji Mizushima, Junji Nishimura, Makoto Shinkai, Ei Aoki, Tatsuya Ishihara, Yutaka Yamamoto, Tatsuyuki Nagai, Goro Taniguchi, Shoji Kawamori

switch yamada and shinkai

>you will never cuddle Yamada and kiss her forehead and tell her it's okay her movie only came in 2nd

You have fucking awful reading comprehension.

one guy literally watched the movie without watching koe no katachi nor knowing Japanese and wrote a bad review on twitter based on what his friend said, it was retarded

Shinkai is probably doing that already.

>tfw Yamada leaves KyoAni
>goes to work for Shinkai
>both of them co-direct his next movie
>becomes best selling movie of all time and receives universal praise
>Yamada and Shinkai status cemented as greatest anime directors that ever lived
>get married afterwards

It's the perfect love story.

>>OPM and Parasyte studio
>i know literally nothing about anime at all.

If that happens, Yamada will no longer be pure and Shinkai will have no more romantic angst to make movies about. That's the worst possible ending.

Below fanfic tier.

Even mods can't stop it.

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.


2016 is the year when Cred Forums meme'd so hard they made the number 1 non-Miyazaki movie in years come to fruition.

Stop posting Keit-ai because it's already an anime.


why did people say the Free movie flopped?

Because shitposting.


As long as Gintama is not number 1 I'm cool with it.

Yamada is married.

It's ancient magic seen across time. And dimensions.

Isn't Shinkai married too?

>dat forbidden romance

To whom?

her job

Don't tell me that, man.

>you will never stop by Tamako's market, then stroll down the Kamogawa riverbank with Yamada on a sunny fall day in Kyoto


Reminds me of how The Dark Knight ended up in no. 1 at IMDB until the hype died and it went to no. 4.


Make it so that they're actually contacting the AU versions of each other.

Threadly reminder that Keit-ai is already a fanfic, so stop posting this.


Don't care. I'm going to watch both and probably enjoy both. Sales numbers are irrelevant.

You don't belong on Cred Forums.

>Kimi no Na wa is a love story
But that's wrong you fucking retard

I really wish I could steal this Kumiko cutout

>Kimi no Na wa
literally one of the only reasonable complaints about the movie was how hamfisted the romance was in the end

I want to buy an Euphonium for Yamada and Ishihara to sign it, do you think they would if one day I showed to their studio uninvited?


You don't belong on Cred Forums.

What if I donated 1 million dollars to KyoAni?

You probably could do more than getting autographs at that rate.

Why is everyone calling it a flop when all the Japanese articles I see about it are talking about how it's a massive success?

Because Cred Forums autism.

something something keitai something

on a side note, does anyone even care about Okada anymore? She seems like her career just imploded at this point if Kiznaiver failed and KnK blew past Anthem of the Heart

Will KyoANUS shitters ever recover from this?

Shouldn't it be 11th?

>judging anything by MAL ratings

love this gif

Even MAL has better taste than Cred Forums since Cred Forums praises garbage like K-ON and Monogarbage Series

>5 fucking Gintamas in top 10
>New Hunter x Hunter

I don't believe your claim.

All of these shows still miles better than any trash Kyoanus and Shaft produces

You mean these kind of dollars?

If MAL is that important to you, then go back to your shithole, faggot.

Tsutomu Mizushima deserves to be on Good or High Tier now.

Hideaki Anno is Crap Tier. Have you seen 3.33333CRAP

Hayao Miyazaki is Miyazaki Tier or GOD Tier.

Shoji Kawamori is OK Tier or Good Tier.

Mamoru Oshii, Satoshi Kon should be only High or Good Tier. Mamoru Oshii especially is over-rated. He only has 1 good movie and 1 series. Shoji Kawamori is better than Oshii.

Expected to make 2 billion. Will make more than K-On. Kyoani is saved!! Kyoani found a way!!!

>Tsutomu Mizushima deserves to be on Good or High Tier now.
For what reason? I don't think Shirobako or Garupan are anything above "ok" tier.
>Hideaki Anno is Crap Tier. Have you seen 3.33333CRAP
Neon Genesis Evangelion and Karekano are enough.
>Hayao Miyazaki is Miyazaki Tier or GOD Tier.
>Shoji Kawamori is OK Tier or Good Tier.
>Mamoru Oshii, Satoshi Kon should be only High or Good Tier.
Thank you.
>Mamoru Oshii especially is over-rated. He only has 1 good movie and 1 series. Shoji Kawamori is better than Oshii.
Really bad reasoning though.

It wont be like GuP cause GuP was weird. Look at the graph. But it will make 2 billion most likely. Probably be in theaters for 4-5 months tops.

That's Tsurumaki. Rebuilds don't have the Anno touch that cemented him as one of the greats.

>Oshii is overrated
You're retarded. Oshii is the only anime director as highbrow as arthouse cinema.

>the only director as highbrow as arthouse cinema
Not that guy but that's also retarded.

Why? He's the most educated in world cinema and academic film analysis is the only kind suitable for his works.

But Koe got 1/3 of the theater Kimo no na wa did. Isn't it pointless to compare sales if one didn't even have half the venues to sell as the other?

>He's the most educated in world cinema
What's your proof of that statement?
>academic film analysis is the only kind suitable for his works.
Academic film analysis is suitable for many anime directors, some I'd argue more so than he.

Everyone's finding a way!

Lol Mizushima is the best director right now.

Meme magic will make the both of them prosper.

No I don't think so

well nips think so. so there's that.

Only dumb nips

If KnK is really popular then they increase the number of theaters in the coming days as what happened with Love Live, Idolmaster, Girl und Panzer, K-On...

Did anyone not find a way this year?

EVERYONE is finding a way in 2016.


Still collective opinion is stronger than single opinion. He has the audience pulling power. Not a lot of director can do that.

Mob Psycho will be a hit so yeah.


Audience pulling power is pretty meaningless in art. Pokemon and Digimon pull greater audiences than most other anime films.

It has jumped up the rank in amazon and animate (other volumes too) since last episode so yeah. Fujos are going crazy over Reigen episode.

Shirobako also won anime of the year prize last year. So obviously industry veterans evaluate his work highly.

thats whats probably gonna happen


Yes, and film of the year was Love Live, does that mean its director is also valued?



For TV anime, he is in high demand. He has more hits than misses. And is good with original series which is hard to do. Its not like he can magically make original hits (look at Hippopotamus Bus) but he has 3 high sellers under his belt in last 6 years (2 of them originals) and GuP movie on top and several solid average sellers.

Yes, it is unfair to compare a "late night" anime movie to a "mainstream" anime movie. It's like comparing a made for TV movie to a real movie. But its anime and no one cares what is fair.

It's funny because she actually had a masterpiece debut but that was 7 years ago.

This is Oshii's work:
Urusei Yatsura

Eva is Anno. Anno is Eva. He still gets credit or lambasted. It might not be fair, but that is life in anime.

Keit-Ai the movie was better

I'm a KyoAnifag btw

Most of the otaku in Japan would disagree with you on Shirobako and GuP being just ok tier. Just looking at sales figures they are popular. And he did pretty good job on manga adaptations like Ika Musume S1 and Okiku Furikabutte. Prison School wasn't bad either even though that manga isn't really my cup of tea. Most of the stuff he does is watchable at least. He definitely is a good tier director now. WCW and Another didn't really flop but did ok also. Mayoiga and Blood-C were probably his worst ones but no one really cared I think about them in the first place.

>Angel's Egg is boring
>GITS TV better than film
>first two rebuilds were great
Three strikes, you're out.

Otaku also think Love Live and Re Zero are god tier anime, who gives a fuck on what they think?

>GuP seems to have more rewatch value to be honest.

The movie is structured like an action blockbuster

Props on Mizushima on nailing the 3-act structure

He has no directorial voice, he's not an artist, he's not an auteur.

>predicted to break the 1.5Bil mark
How can they keep finding a way?

>¥1.7 billion (week 4)
Nah it is ¥1.07 billion

Not with Monday.

oh I got it wrong it is around 1,3b with monday holiday

Kimi no ni wa revenue for Monday is 630 million yen and 1.076 billion for Saturday and Sunday.

Still not reach that


source? it higher than Saturday or Sunday number?

>Well considering TV animation is about $400-500k/hr,
That sounds way too high for tv animation costs. A single episode would be lucky to get 100k these days and KyoAni's got the in-house animator thing going for them to cheapen the costs.

Ticket sales

*1 217237 519533 1410 218 *85.2% 君の名は。
*1 320703 529535 1414 217 107.8% 君の名は。
*1 329026 524250 1402 219 257.0% 君の名は。

but Shouko is a cute, super cute

Yes, Monday was the biggest day for the film since the release.

He produces the exact opposite of it, art film is mostly not profit driven and devoid of mainstream appeal yet Miyazaki only produces plain lowest denominator mainstream shit with money as main objective.

Based on that graph, it won't make 1.5b yen.

>Top Tier:
>Isao Takahata, Mamoru Oshii, Satoshi Kon, Hayao Miyazaki
Literal dead people and hacks

>>Hayao Miyazaki is Miyazaki Tier or GOD Tier.
Stupid casualfaggots

I need a source said it earned 630m in that day, based on that ticket sales it is still does not reach that much

If the manga would've actually acknowledged that Ueno was the real protagonist of the story and that everybody else was a stupid fuck mired in failure before Ueno helped them it would've sold. Ueno deserved a better mango.


¥9.1 billion after Monday
And here the weekend box office that does not include Monday

09/17-18: ¥1.075 billion ($10.5 million), -05%, ¥8.48 billion

9.5 million people are going to watch this movie come next year. Mark my word. This is Ghibli level shit.

>KnK final is completely different of manga
Good. The manga ending is awful.

How the movie end?

The masks dropping scene. A very fitting end.

>64k EOPs from MAL live in Japan and watched it to give it a rating
Wow sure is believable!


You have literally no fucking idea what you're talking about. Miyazaki in particular is not a deft filmmaker. He is an animator first and that's what his films thrive on, imaginative imagery.

Satoshi Kon, Mamoru Oshii and Isao Takahata are the single best animation directors.

>t. moron

>Urusei Yatsura the TV series was better.
Absolute pleb.

>Ghost in the Shell 2 < Disappointing sequel
I guess a broken clock is right about time twice a day.

>The Sky Crawlers< Have no idea what he was thinking making this.
Of course you don't. You're retarded.

>I am not really bashing Hideaki Anno but seriously 3.33 was crap. First two were great
>First two were great
>Rebuild 1.0 and 2.0

Off yourself pleb.

Consider giving up on animation.

If it keeps going like this I bet they will make a TV anime from it, just to keep the cash coming. I doubt Shinkai will have another movie with the success like this one.

Nice buzzword

Pokemon and Digimon do that because of brand name. Mizushima has his own fanbase.

>After stuffing its pockets
He actually wanted to be film director, and partners says he hates anime more than you can imagine.

Those are the same things, and even if you come up with some empty distinction between them I don't see how it validates Mizushima as "the best director right now"

Even if that were true, which it's likely not, it doesn't invalidate him as a genius, nor does it make you any less tasteless.

>Even MAL has better taste than Cred Forums since Cred Forums praises garbage like K-ON and Monogarbage Series
Confirmed Cred Forumsermin anime hater that thinks Miyazaki movies are anime while Miyazaki himself its not, it takes a cancerous casualfag to not understand that.

>genius, nor does it make you any less tasteles
Genius of animation maybe, not anime also not art movie like some retards claim.

>not anime not art movie
I'm willing to wager you know nothing of either.

Members only mean that they have it on their list, most of them obviously has it as Plan to Watch.

Has 恋をしたのは been uploaded yet?

You're assuming that if it was shown in 3 times as many theaters it would make 3 times as much money, which is just exactly the same retarded logic as claiming that every person who pirates something is a lost sale.

It probably would. I followed nips reactions on premiere day and there were many complaints about tickets selling out/not enough screenings.

And the opposite is also true, a movie that is shown in less theatres will never make as much as one that is shown in more, if assuming both are as equally popular. This is clearly a case where the two shouldn't really be compared to each other in raw sales, but yet here people are, arguing that it should be.

Was this scene included?

If the girl was ugly there would be no story.

This is why Koe no Katachi is a shit.

this retard is still trying to push this nonsense?

Not all the handicapped people are like your mother.

In 2d-world, all the girls are beautiful, and only those who aren't beautiful are noteworthy, for they must be drawn as ugly or at least average-looking people on purpose.

Thus, they are unique.

And because they are unique, they do not fit in with society, and must be shunned. Shun the ugly ones. Shun them

Found the salty landwhale.

>grasping at straws THIS HARD
You're quite possibly the most pathetic poster I've seen on Cred Forums this month. And that's quite an achievement.

Kyoanifags are truly something else.

>grasping at straws THIS HARD
You're quite possibly the most pathetic poster I've seen on Cred Forums this month. And that's quite an achievement.

I don't see your point, nor how the conclusion follows from the premise.


No I don't. Seeing K-on like character designs always make me feel nauseous.

You must be happy about Horiguchi leaving the industry then.

>I don't see your point,
Of course you don't, otherwise you wouldn't have liked this contrived piece of shit in the first place.

You sound like an ugly girl.

If a girl is ugly in real life she's ignored as well, you know this right? Are you by any chance an ugly girl?

I'm conflicted. The manga of KnK is a masterpiece that deserves all the success it can get, but on the other hand, it's adapted by Kyoanus, so I kinda wanna see it fail. Man, I'm torn

You sound like a butthurt fanboy.

If seeing K-on-like characters makes you nauseous, I cannot imagine what happens to you when you look on the mirror.

>manga of KnK is a masterpiec
I hope this is a joke, I really hope.

wew, salty landwhale confirmed

>The manga of KnK is a masterpiece

It's a poor bait post.

You're supposed to be over 18 years old to browse this site.


What a brilliant counter, fag. Beautiful. Please kill yourself.

Why are you so mad?

Nice buzzword

Considering how mad you got, I'd say that counter was right on target.

Because I have to share the same planet with a failed abortion like you.

She was probably rejected for a cute deaf girl.

Looks like someone's mad.

Whew, so catty.

Why do people hate KyoAni again? They've done good anime adaptations, and sometimes making the anime better than the source material itself. Their level of quality pretty good and doesn't drop too.

Do any of their adaptations have a better source?

Cred Forums, please go and stay go.

Shaft vs KyoAni. Now and forever.

Nah, fujoshit just mad cuz their favourite shota didn't get animated.

>Why do people hate KyoAni again?

You're just nitpicking.

Vive la K-Onlution!

Miyazaki: "I am free to do whatever [work] I wish to, I wont say uncool things like 'I can't do', [my work] is not anime "
>Denying one of great points of anime due technical difficulty or playingly hating it
" I hate the abbreviation anime because I can't help but think that the word symbolizes the desolation (of Japanese animation).
"I don't feel like defending, speaking for, or analyzing Japanese anime."
Huge eyes had seven-colored highlights. More and more shadows were painted in different colors, and hair was painted in bright colors of every possible shade. It makes animators suffer, by increasing the workload of those who are paid by the quantity of animation they drew. The pattern has become prevalent to a frightening degree."
>Art film is basically hipster shit and being mainstrean as Miyazaki movies are already denies the tittle of Art Film
"intended to be a serious artistic work, often experimental and not designed for mass appeal";[2] they are "made primarily for aesthetic reasons rather than commercial profit"

What's your point in all this? Miyazaki is still a director of anime art films.

The love for cuteness is core element from modern Japanese society, lacking it makes the work less characteristic and thus less anime-like, yes moe is main element from anime, if you don't know that you are either newfaggot or casualfaggot.

>anime art films
His style focuses in not being like anime as clearly stated, of course his works are still anime solely because that's the place its being made and due the fact his movies are mainstream pieces of entertainment it can't be Art Movie, it goes against the definition.

Anime isn't an art style, and a work need not conform to popular styles or techniques to be considered anime. The fact that his movies are mainstream does not mean they were designed to be money makers. It's pretty apparent that his films are made for artistic, not monetary purposes.

Are you implying that he's a special kind of moeblob?

>Anime isn't an art style
Of course not, its just animation made in Japan but Anime has distinct art style and that's what Miyazaki himself says and what he hates with passion.
> It's pretty apparent that his films are made for artistic, not monetary purposes
You as artisr don't quit the job you love solely because you are not making big money like did before case your main motivation is making art, he also made the same plain style of movie full of mainstream appeal clearly made to profit by comparison late night anime has much lower mainstream appeal and are much less profit driven.

when will this flop meme die?

When Cred Forumsermin stops hating KyoAni, i.e. never

Inb4 "they film anime".

I just don't understand how you could make a claim like this. Have you even seen one of his films? Go watch Ponyo. It's meticulously detailed, a love letter to hand drawn animation. No corners were cut in making it beautiful. It's deeply personal as well, nothing was compromised in bringing his vision to life. Yes, he makes a lot of money. Not because he's making commercial blockbusters, but because he's been around forever and has earned his status as a household name worldwide.


>It's meticulously detailed
You are equating perfectionism and old-fashioned with art, those aren't the same and art is most likely a non thing.

>but because he's been around forever and has earned his status
That's the opposite of art movie also several people now considered artists worked their entire lives with little to no recognition, your whole argument is against definitions and meaningless.

That wasn't my intent, but I don't care so long as you're backing down on your original claim.

More like they search for it on Instagram and slap some filters on it.

This. They search for anime on instagram and slap some filters on it.

>you're backing down
No, Miyazaki may think of himself as artist whatever it may actually mean in his head, still, his works aren't art movies due divergences with its definition, he actually has money as main motivation as he said he may quit because his big hit wasn't big as he wished along with just producing mainstream shit. People watching anime for several decades may not recognize his movies as anime just like me due his style and yet able to not hate his works.

This happens to all interest boards now. It's all going to shit. Cred Forums is the same, they just post rotten tomatoes, reviews and ticket sales to argue about their Cred Forumsshit.

loving this meme

They should have waited a little.
Right now people will have to choose between
>body switching romcom
>mute girl bullying
one of them does sound more appealing.



>old is bad because new things are always better
>didn't understad so is bad
>something similar was more popular so it was better
>more people watched the series so it was clearly better
>sequels are always bad
>didn't like it so it was bad

Hope this post is full of irony.
Only thing I can agree with you is that Millennium Actress is good.

Is this what you people actually believe?
When is Cred Forums going to get over its budget meme

>Kimi no na Wa's male MC had a very amateurish sounding voice
I thought both of the leads voice actors did well for being just regular actors (Lady Layton being one example of atrocious voice acting from regular actors), especially with how believable he was Mitsuha in Taki's body. Otherwise yeah, he was rather flat as Taki himself.

You might be able to as they are leaving at closing hours


Kinda stalkerish

It's only stalking if they catch you

did the movie change the ending though?
the manga ending sucked hard.

Yes. It removed all the parts from the manga that are considered as shit by the majority.

>Those shitty ticket sales

Keep deluding yourselves KyoAnus lickers.

>those good ticket sales
Based GodAni.

>tickets selling out in the first hours
Truly, KyoAni will never recover

Yes, they will never recover from being stupid. They could've sell even more but rather they decided to do 'limited screenings'

They can add more screenings.

>"see you later" isn't the same in ASL and JSL

Are there any similarities? My sister knows ASL and I asked her about a bunch, like that or "friends" and whatever else was in the manga. All different in ASL.


I don't think screenings are entirely up to KyoAni. They're not that big yet.

Don't know. I was thinking about learning it.

7 [/spoliler]


Yeah, but who will bring back the people that couldn't watch it during its premiere and went to watch Shigatsu?

It's not like watching movies is a zero-sum game

If Kimi no Na wa didn't exist this would be a huge financial success and everyone would be sucking KyoAni's dick right now.
Actually, it still is a very big success, considering that it's made a good amount of money just on its opening weekend.
Kimi no Na wa is an unstoppable force at the moment. it isn't flopping just because it isn't beating out that.
In fact, being 2nd is a pretty huge accomplishment when you think about it.
It really is just a case of an unfortunate release date. It's overshadowed right now when at literally any other moment it would be #1 easily

I know I'm responding to an endless barrage of bait but seriously the mindset of 'it's not #1 so it's a flop' needs to die.

The movie is also boosting the manga:

42 A Silent Voice #01 (19,885 / 517,351)
45 A Silent Voice #02 (19,296 / 474,904)
49 A Silent Voice #04 (17,169 / 419,072)
50 A Silent Voice #03 (17,047 / 440,028)


gup had a ridiculous amount of positive word of mouth and reviews. knk is a far heavier movie and it's not really something people will go watch several times even if they like it.

Should help her new manga when it comes out too.

>your name. 1 30,090 61,057
I didn't know it had a manga as well.

I usually don't bump dead threads but when I do I always do it in high-style shitposting.jpg

This thread wasn't dead, though?

Sorry, my mistake.
Can't wait for BD rip!

It's hard to beat pomf tho

KnK should be around the 700m by the end of this first week and the start of the second

People are praising this again why?

It's >melodrama bullshit.


Fuck you too

That's kind of the genre of this story, though.


>could hit ¥2 billion over the course of the screenings

It has to double KnN's numbers in order to be considered as a hit.

movie ends during the festival where all the Xs fall off