Scanlation Thread

What are you working on?
What do you wish got picked up?
What do you need help with?

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Working on shit but I don't think anyone cares

>pick up a manga
>Kirei Cake is scanlating it

>What do you need help with?
Finishing all the shit I want to read so I can get back to actually translating.

>What do you wish got picked up?
I hope that someone pick up Aiki-S and any other of the untranslated Isutoshi's work

Bump for interest.

People don't translate/work in this during the week it seems.

I'm sick of redraws. I've done like 15 pages of redraw in a 30 page chapter because the artist loves to use bubbleless narration and THIS IRKS ME.

This reminds me, why don't we just upload manga like this

Stop being lazy, faggot.

I remember Daiz working on something like that but it never happened. As a translator I would kill for a mangabooru but it would definitely kill scanlation as we know it.

You know, that's actually a great idea, if only there was a platform or new format you could do that easily, it could become a new standard in scanlations.

Because it encourages laziness and pandering to the lowest common denominator with speed translations even more than scanlation already does.

Looking for:

redrawer with deep masochism streak for Baki series

We need a redrawer who can manage some pretty unfair redraws, and we need them sooner rather than later. If you're looking for an irrational challenge to put on your scanlation resume, this would be it.

Sample of what you could be up against: there's often more than one of these per chapter. Try your hand if interested. If uninterested, oh god please help me anyway make it stop

Laziness is good user. It's what made humans invent the internet, to encourage the laziness of postmen.

That's the point, redrawing is a waste of time

My translator left for uni this week. I might need to find a new group.

What do you work on?

Searching for Typesetter (mainly) and Translator and Cleaner (additionally). We do Cred Forums /o/ stuff (Bakuon, Car Grafitti JK etc).

#[email protected]

Are you a typesetter by any chance? See above.

Actually yes, I'll hit you up in a little bit.

Translators for what?

See, this is why we need a mangabooru

>wanting Great Teacher Onidzuka back

ill tentatively agree with you in hopes that said opinion will motivate someone to work with us or kill me

Does he think that will get people to gib shekels to a tip fund or something? It's obvious there's way more than just 1-2 staff to do all the releases they do.

I wanted to pick up a dropped series, but the author introduced a new character who ruined the story for me the second he appeared.

Bakuon, Kanojo no Carrera and generally branching out. At the moment we're a 2 1/2 man op doing 3-4 things with the option for more, but you can only stretch your resources so thin.

Cool! I'm looking forward to it!

Unfortunately, that's what the 'consumer' wants. The vast vast majority just snap up whoever releases first, no matter what. Why do you think MangaStream does their faggotry?

Hell, I've had numerous people flat-out tell me they don't care if the translation is accurate as long as it flows well in English. You could literally write anything you wanted for them, as long as it sounded well-written, essentially.


I can't keep up with weekly releases of Backstreet Girls, anyone want to help out?

I think we need a thread theme:

TL or TS?

Or they excuse absolute horseshit releases like the last few Slime-datta Ken chapters, because they took the "effort" to do it. I shouldn't be ungrateful if I won't do it myself, etc. Fuck those idiots.

Either helps, but I generally translate/do everything myself in the end.

I can only TL, but if you don't mind that I can help out a bit.

I can help out with TS stuff.

>my group's never had any drama in the several years since inception

Feels good man.

Really? That would be a great help. I've been working 40 hours a week irl and it really dampens my mood when I want to work on anything.


Hit me up on my email.

Have the same problem. Been trying to work on the next chapter of a series since last Wed and been either feeling meh or tired. Think I'll finally get to it this Wed.

Or hit me up on irc or something. I just made #[email protected]

If you like Orimoto, do you want to scanlate Maid in Japan?

I have no idea how to use irc. Email or even bato should suffice

As our name says, we only do /ao/ stuff

>I have no idea how to use irc
Jesus Christ, Cred Forums.

It's not hard and you can probably contact a lot more people through irc

By the way, volumes 1-4 are out, are you using those?

I'll look into it

Yeah, I already took apart volume 1 and scanned the entire thing.

Just checking

Anyways, I'm going afk for a bit so I won't respond if you get in the channel

Alright I sent you an email, but lemme know if you set up an irc.

Yeah there isn't raws that isn't magazine raws so I had to buy them, prefer doing anyway.

Won't get any set up tonight as I've got a night shift.

Yeah I saw it

All right lemme know when you set one up too. I'll send you an email later

Quick question about leveling:
If in doubt, is better to get lines closest as black as possible or try to maintain the most detail?

(Images are NSFW, I guess)
Original image, source is supposedly digital:
Low leveling, the max I could do without seeing detail loss (B 15, W 250):
Hard leveling, achieved black lines, but with detail loss (B 60, W 250):

I think that the middle one looks better, but I'm fairly new at cleaning, so I want some advice.

Is there a ripper for Renta? It looks easy, but I don't know how to rip it myself.

Anyone have any 4komas they want picked up? We just picked up one and might do another.

>try to maintain the most detail
Always this. You should find a middle ground between low and hard leveling. Hard is too much but light isn't there yet. Good taste.

I'm not an expert either, but I just do black gets black and white pure white.
Are you using Photoshop? This is a B45 S0.9 W255 setting.
Usually the black level goes at the first topmost curve, this usually gets you close to the pure black with the exception of some noise areas.
Then I only play with gray/shadows to reduce these, and I did until the black of the panel lines were a pure 0/0/0 RGB black.

I think it's pretty close to your 3rd one, except it has a tiny bit of details left since I didn't forced the black too much.

Now, this might be personal preference, but I prefer this kind of look (like your 3rd, heavy black and strong distinction from white) because it looks more clean than the other ones.

>but light
but low obviously. I was distracted.

I wasn't on Cred Forums for a while, so is this some kind of new meme

Nah. We just picked up a 4koma to do daily on the side of our other projects. We have room for another maybe so we're looking around for one.

I was talking about this kind of turbo autistic tripfagging.

Can I beg for SCATTER by Arai Hideki again?
I swear this'll be the last time

Two of Arai Hideki's works The World is Mine and Kiichi have been scanlated and are really great.

Habanero scans did one volume of SCATTER and have asked for help, so far it has seven volumes Hideki

How new are you

Never saw any other group do this, to be completely honest.

If it were easier to determine a 4koma's value from the raws, I think you'd have more responses than you do.

Since you're here - what do you consider proofreading to be? It seems unusual to have proofreaders be a 'dire need'.

If nobody here offers help for me by the time this thread ends - does anyone at least know where I might *find* someone who could help with this?

I seriously cannot keep doing these pages without having an aneurysm. Somebody has to take the reins soon.

Alright, I ain't got shit the last time, so I'm bumming for an editor once more.

I need someone who speaks English natively to proof read my ESL scribbles and tweak just a dozen of lines of this thing. The fucks at Yen Press won't be releasing it for half a year, so it's got to be done.

The volume is 99% type-set, all you have to do is tell me which lines are shit and how you'd improve them. I'll be grateful for any help.

This manga is cute. I like the depiction of /ss/ in this manga and the author's previous such work very much.

Yeah, you sound like a man after my own heart. Hopefully I'll be able to get this shit out, since my sperg sensibilities won't allow me to release it unedited.

Sorry man, but redrawing is complicated. I did give it a try on the dinossaur one, but really, no way.

You probably know this but I'll post something I've found out recently anyway, you select the letters (magic wand, shift and spam click on it) then expand selection to get the stroked area too, and Fill -> Content Aware.

I used to do every part with the Patch/H.Brush tool and it took centuries each page, now it does quite a chunk by filling with something close to what it's supposed to be and I just have to fine-adjust it, so now it only takes decades each page.

But seriously, my condolences.

>leaves his email in the post
>doesn't check his email
and you call yourself a sperg

I wholeheartedly await your work, man.

I'm replying to you, dog. I wouldn't be a sperg if I didn't have to rack my brain for 5 minutes trying to replay to a simple email.

Well, I do deeply appreciate your efforts in trying. I haven't tried what you suggest; I tend to just go the absurd long route of just drawing like 3/4ths of it for accuracy's sake. I'll see what that method can do.

Just set it to grayscale and curve that shit. It ain't hard.

Unfortunately on that dino pic, it didn't work that well, just like any other Content-Aware thing, it's kinda hit or miss.

Everything ends sorta messed up, I think the more chaotic the lines, the worse the result.

I don't know why you'd content aware for large portions, to be honest.

Sorry, I'm at work. Proofreading is basically just making sure sentences flow properly in english, have no errors, and keep accuracy though all changes.

I think there's a little explanation of it on our site, but you can probably find some online explanations elsewhere that go further into detail.

pick up 14 sai no koi and i'll suck your balls

Unless you're

I can look at it if nobody's approached you yet. I can also check TLs

Thanks for the input, I'll do some more tests before releasing it.

I was just curious about what you specifically needed. I can probably do that, but I'll make sure I have the time before applying.

Proofreaders for some random 4koma and Kings' Viking. We already have some, but we're looking for another to ease the amount of work they have to do.

Are your translators all ESL or something? I can't see why you'd need more than one proofreader for everything in total.

Most of our proofreaders work on two projects at once. Say John Smith is working on manga X and Y. We're looking for a proofreader to take over John's work on X so he can focus on Y instead.

Likewise, it's not tragic if we can't find anyone, but it's really helpful to allow us to pick up more manga.

>Are your translators all ESL or something?
Like 90% of translators are.

>Say John Smith is working on manga X and Y. We're looking for a proofreader to take over John's work on X so he can focus on Y instead.
Wew lad