So Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon recently got an anime greenlit

So Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon recently got an anime greenlit.

whats your opinion on it Cred Forums

I like it.

I am happy, COOL stuff is nice and comfy, he is probably drowing in money seeing how this is his third animated serie, and he still have Ojojojo and the youkai roomates(forgot name)

>Cool's getting another anime greenlit
>we may eventally get an anime adaption of Metsuku Ni Yoroshiku

And that's bad, why?

>Draw a boy
>Call it a girl

Why is this allowed? Isome boderline rape jokes would be fine.

>He doesn't know about THICC

Most of it is freaking amazing but the last four or so chapters have all been pretty bad.

I'd like it if the anime covered the best of the first 30 or so chapters and ended on chapter 32.

It's a fun and silly manga that you should never expect to actually turn serious.

I guess you haven't read the series. Dragon wants to mate with the OL anyways and attempts to rape her/him in a genderbender chapter.

c'mon the cow tits dragon needed a way to join the group since she was highly hostile since the start.

the best way to keep supernatural beings from raping you is with a well placed fork on the head.

Fucking Ojojojo when?

I think the male MC put off any executive that see Ojojojo

Two straight manga by the author have already had their anime adaptations. One even got two seasons.

the otaku husband should get a third one.

>I want to die

In that chapter the best defense was haveing a maid fetish and developing sudden erectile dysfunction the second Tooru took off the maid outfit.

She really loves maids.

>read dragon maid
>draw boy
>call it girl

>read Ojojo
>draw girl
>call it boy

>Series by Cool gets anime

So it will probably just be 5 minute shorts?

Cowtits imouto from Ojojojo a cute!

>draws best lolis
>find h-manga of his
>nothing by cow-tits

not cool COOL

If you haven't actually read any of his stuff, it's really blatantly obvious he loves cowtits. Complaining about Cool drawing cowtits it like complaining about Dr.P drawing asses.

yeah but Dr. P draws good asses

COOL's cowtits are all wrong, it'd probably be good if he had restraint but he doesn't

I know it'll probably be shorts again, but I'd like some full-length episodes.

When someone has a fetish, what do expect to find when they make porn?

I think it's COOL

Is the anime going to be a bunch of shorts or full featured? It's kinda hard for me to picture this being full fledged considering it's not a really "detailed" story.