Kimi no Na wa

>Makoto Shinkai's Latest Film Is Poised to Be 1st Non-Miyazaki Anime to Top 10 Billion Yen


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keitai finds a way


As expected of traced normie shit.

It's largely because of the huge domestic advertising campaign in Japan for KnNw (like how Disney had for TFA worldwide.).

Honestly compared to his other stuff the plot doesn't stand up too well since Shinkai's predilections for a bittersweet end works against him here. Also they skip a lot of the development of the romance which is honestly the centerpiece of the movie.

I'm happy for him.

is there a decent place to watch this?
honestly it doesn't seem that good. It's probably due to the fact that anime and anime movies have been so shit for so long that people are desperate to watch something decent for once.



1. Yes, it's called buying a plane ticket to Japan and going to a Japanese movie theater.
2. You haven't even seen the movie so you can't make that judgment.

how long is it? I like his short movies better

Feature length. About 90 minutes.

I saw She and Her Cat last night. Them feels, man.

It's not Kyoani or Shaft so Cred Forums won't care


>It's largely because of the huge domestic advertising campaign in Japan for KnNw (like how Disney had for TFA worldwide.).

Can you explain why this movie in particular got a huge domestic advertising campaign and the rest of Shinkai's movies didn't?

It's on YouTube.

Part 1:
Part 2:

They didn't have Toho.

Are you honestly suggesting that if any movie had the advertising budget that Kimi no na wa had then it'd rake in as much money as Kimi no na wa did?

Because a quick look at the other movies playing in Japan and their marketing budgets would prove you wrong.

Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子

No, I said Kimi no Na wa had a huge domestic advertising campaign because it's distributed by Toho.
Can't you read the replies chain?

>huge domestic advertising campaign
>trailers and a commercial

It's no better than the usual advertising campaign a Shinkai movie gets.

You obviously haven't been on Cred Forums for the past 4 weeks now have you?


For now until it gets flagged by Toho and taken down.


Oh man people must be beyond ass mad now.

>Keit愛 OST


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>Keit愛 TVアニメ

EP 1:
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>Keit愛: 君の名は。



inb4 melanin-rich moderators


mfw I only just now realized this is literally keitai

Ghostbusters 2016 had like double the theaters this movie had and Sony marketing advertising and tanked just as an example. Anthem of The Heart also had a fuck ton of marketing and even organized Nogizaka46 stage greetings and repeat viewer benefits to inflate ticket sales and still struggled mightily to make it over the 1 billion yen mark. This movie doesn't have any sort of benefits campaign and has already obliterated it's projected box office margin so it's obviously more than just marketing though it did have a robust campaign. It still feels like nothing compared to Anthem of The Heart where I swear I heard some grandiose marketing statement about how it was going to push A-1 Pictures into the successor spot for Miyazaki and Hosoda. Like that was supposed to be THE big anime movie and instant classic for 2015 according to the marketing campaign for it.


Nope. In the weeks prior to Kimi no Na wa you couldn't open any station for two hours without hearing about the movie. Even Asahi had ads for it.

see Ghostbusters arguably had a bigger marketing campaign.

Seriously? Anthem of the Heart was alright, but there's NO FUCKING WAY an A1 Pictures movie written by Mari Okada of all people could possibly be revolutionary.

[citation needed]

When i posted in KnK's sticky i thought i was being a part of history...

You bet on the wrong horse.

Never bet against meme magic.



The movie was pre screened at LAX, retard. And due to reaction of Weeaboos, the advertising committee shilled hard for it. You can see it in any japanese entertainment news

Seriously, what the fudgsicle does this traced meme mean?

It's just buzzword shitposting. Ignore it.

Ghostbusters was obnoxiously bad. Kimi no Na wa was good or great depending on who you ask. You can't market a literal turd but you can market the shit out of something that is good enough to a level never seen before. Toho had faith in ComixWave and they got their investment return already.
Watch jap TV in the period leading to Kimi no Na wa's opening. I'm sure there are vods available somewhere.

>The movie was pre screened at LAX, retard. And due to reaction of Weeaboos
>people actually caring about weeaboo reaction

Next you'll tell me Keit-ai was responsible for Kimi no na wa becoming profitable.

>Ghostbusters was obnoxiously bad. Kimi no Na wa was good or great depending on who you ask.

So it wasn't just the marketing. Thank you for proving my point.

I think you mean AX user-kun. It's unlikely that Shinkai would debut his latest film at one of the world's busiest and shittiest airports.

To be fair Aniplex always hypes their projects to be bigger than Jesus basically. They fucking said Aldonah Zero was going to dethrone Gundam. Fucking Gundam.

>is now projected to possibly earn over 10 billion yen
What careful language. It's not like it's a unstoppable train with no signs of slowing down, aiming for at least twice the number.

After all, there's a distinct possibility that a comet will fall down tomorrow and destroy Japan, decisively ending its run before it reaches 10 billion. You can't discount that.

I wasn't the original poster in the comment thread but there is no doubt that marketing played a big part in this astonishing success. I watched the movie and honestly if any of his other movies didn't have a bitter ending they would have the same success as this if they had the same blitz.

I remember that. Fucking hell that shit was awful.


>The movie was pre screened at LAX, retard.

Mexi magic confirmed.

Yeah Aniplex is like that dog in the retard comic. They keep saying big things when it comes to their originals and they keep under delivering. It's fun to see them crash and burn so many times.

It was marketing AND the fact that it's great.

Warner Bros. marketed the shit out of Batman vs. Superman, scratch that... Batman vs. Superman is a title that literally markets itself, and it still did horribly in the box office because it was an absolute piece of shit.

Any production company can market the shit out of a movie and get a bunch of people to go see it in its premier week.

It takes real creative talent and a fuckton of effort to make a movie so good that people wanna see it over and over again.

THAT is why Kimi no Na wa. is such a hit.

Looks accurate

That's is what I'm saying. This was good and they marketed the shit out of it. Shinkai's previous films were also good but they had limited releases and no media marketing so they flopped badly. But in my mind this doesn't come close the artistic value the Ghibli films that this competes with. Kaguya hime was an artistic vision that was awesome to take a part in. This was just a good movie. That's is what I'm saying.

It's getting nowhere near Spirited Away, fanboy.

>flick at best

Did BVS bomb in Japan? Because it made huge bank everywhere else. Granted it couldn't break $1 billion and made less than Deadpool and Civil War. Japan always had a MCU and Spider-Man bias.

Batman vs Superman was too smart for its audience. That's why it didn't do so well. And it didn't flop, it just underperformed.

Please take your Cred Forums stale memes and leave.

The characters in BVS were so smart they could follow the plot better than critics!
Seriously, everybody magically knew Bruce and Clark's secret identities with no logic. Lex was so smart he had three different plans for taking down Superman. Supes was also so smart he knew where Lois was at all times right when she was about to die.

It's usually a hit or miss with lots of Aniplex shows. I love Fate/Zero and UBW as well as the Monogatari series, but Aniplex has also dished out crap like Aldnoah.Zero/10 and Mekakushitty Actors.

>opinions that don't fit in with mine are memes

We shall see. A possibility exists, if it continues not dropping at all.

But it'll sure as hell beat Ponyo, and has a good shot at Howl and Mononoke-hime. Unless, of course, a comet falls.

Ghibli and ComixWave are too different to compare in the first place. Shinkai, Miyazaki, and Takahata are all so radically different that comparing each of them to each other is ludicrous.

Only Aniplex originals are guaranteed to be bad, and only if they take themselves seriously. Haifuri was a fun watch.

After 4 weeks
$87,493,934 Spirited Away
$82,500,000 Kimi no Na wa

It will not do better than spirited away but Kimi no Na wa can definitely finish in the top 5 best selling movies of all time in Japan.

Aniplex handling of established franchises can be fine. Although Key adaptations before Aniplex chimed in were better but their originals are all pantsu on head retarded(there are a couple of exceptions).

Yeah. Takahata+Miyazaki are the reason I went back into anime in 2013. Shinkai can be compared with Hosoda and even then he'll compare unfavorably technically.

Talk about a marketing success.
Shinkai isn't a very big name compared to Miyazaki, so they must have really pushed the advertising, especially when you look at the number of screens.

>10+bi yen
>#1 on normie sites, nips and non-nips alike

Thank god they're showing this in the Uk

Shinkai you dumb cuck. The only thing you needed all these years was a straight happy ending. That's what sells to normies.

This is proving that the Disney formula is working. This was a very Disney-like film. There were 4 musical montages throughout. The only thing lacking is the characters themselves singing, and it would have been an anime aping post Little Mermaid Disney.

Except it was the marketing since this wasn't significantly better than Shinkai's other films. About as well made as 5cm/s. The difference is, someone at Toho took notice of his talent, and advertised hard this time around. All his previous films had limited releases for example. This was pushed for a wide released from the get go.

They were always banking on it, hence the prominent marketing campaign. Business 101.

> Batman vs. Superman is a title that literally markets itself, and it still did horribly in the box office
>Batman vs. Superman
>did horribly in the box office

That film was crap, but you're retarded.

>muh aesthetic relativism

In Japan it made like $20M at best.

>$20M at best.

What is anime?

Fuck off.

They projected it would make more than a billion and a half in the box office. It made $800+ million. It's not a flop, but the numbers are still disappointing for Warner Bros.

Japan is not that into capeshit. They have their own genre film garbage.