I know we have already decided that Mob is AOTS...

I know we have already decided that Mob is AOTS, but does anyone else think that it's the best coming-of-age story since Punpun?

There are people on Cred Forums right now that would actually fall for this half-assed bait.

Who are we?

But Pun Pun is self masturbatory woe is me garbage while Mob is actually good.


>Mob is AOTS

Not when RE:Zero exists.

Re:Zero is Spring AOTS.

I agree


Double this.



Punpun is life-affirming

AOTS is actually Saiki

People make such a big deal out of this, what makes it different than any other harem?

Edge and gore

Yeah this and Saiki are my favorite two shows this season

nice thumbnail

I guess IRC got bored of RE:Zero now.

Isn't Discord is new hot shit for retards?

I love Mob Psycho but for every "Mob Psycho is AOTS" or "MB is masterpiece" shit I hear, I will never fail post that Re:Zero is AOTS.

Isn't Discord IRC software?


Its not as deep as Punpun
The runaway arc was kinda shitty too

>muh IRC boogeyman

Punpun has substance. Mob has fancy visuals.

Heroaca is spring AOTS.

I don't know. I liked the anime, but I think it lacks more interesting conflicts. For now feels like OPM, but with a teenager and shy protagonist.


I'm not sure if even qualifies.

>people still think the IRC shitposting brigade is or has ever been a real thing

danganronpa is a masterpiece

i love how they always keep you guessing who will die next

RE:Zero is bad though.

So is Mob. AOTS is JOJO

I unironiclly think it's the best coming-out-of-autism story since Zeta Gundam.


Cancer, kill yourself.


What's your point

But Re Zero is total garbage? Everyone dislikes it now after that fail of a finale. The last few episodes were boring as fuck.

How the fuck is Mob is coming of age?

He grows up learning not to be an autist

I'm yet to figure out the point of my existence browsing a place like this.