ITT: Anime that was ahead of their time

ITT: Anime that was ahead of their time.

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i watched this on adult swim

You could technically watch it twice and essentially get two different shows: the american and japanese scripts are completely different iirc.

Which is expected, because the humor and wordplay in Japanese wouldn't really translate. I can't say which voices I like more.

The only real casualty is the fun OP for the show.

I loved it. The weird skits with the actors is like a strange relic of "dubbing studio does whatever the fuck they want," but it's all fun.

It looks like there's another dub out there with worse voices. I can't imagine that baby-bottle robot thing without the raspy old lady's voice.

Actually I think I did see the other version you're talking about because the one I watched the robot's voice was different and sounded more goofier.

That girl in the suit is a qt.

Foreign dubs are usually shit (Spaniard and LA are the only decent dubbers) but this is pretty good.

I hated this show so much when it was on AS. I wanted to kill her.

I think considering the comedy short format, the dubbing crew was given a lot of leeway to localize the show how they wanted.

I mean it's no masterpiece, but it's fun to watch.

Nice trips you baka face

Aku no Hana and Ping-Pong.

no matter when this came out it would still be shit

I thought Cred Forums loved "cute girls doing cute things" shows. Milk-chan's cute things involve shaking people down for cash and playing hentai games.

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I just watched some episodes.
Is this shitposting in cartoon form

You know, that's a good way to describe. Pure shitposting:

So did the dub change everything? Because the dub makes the show sound ridiculously dull.

This looks incredibly silly. Anime is noted, may watch in the future.

Good, user. Good, spread the word.


The dub retains the basic plot structure and some of the larger gags, but the dialog and smaller jokes/adlib between the cast members is usually its own thing. I mean, calling someone "Oban-gelion" doesn't work in English as a pun.

There are two dubs, and one is worse than the other. I think the original is by ADV, and I prefer its voices.
(cartoon starts about 1:00 in)

That was actually better than the one I saw. I'm guessing this one was the one that they rewrote the script, because the one I saw was clean as fuck.

Just going by this, Milk-chan's English voice is better.

One more bump to spread my love of all things Milk-Chan.

It's confusing; I don't know when they redubbed fucking Milk-Chan, of all things. Watching a few clips of the new(er?) dub today though definitely left a bad impression. Very dull and lifeless. it's almost like a straight dub of the Japanese.

I agree, but I like her Japanese voice too. Something about its constant downward intonation...

Wasn't Milk-chan's Japanese voice literally 8 years old?

which episode is the one with the KFC and Galaxy Express 999 styled character?

Master of Martial Hearts

youtube has it on "Episode 7," but I don't know the real numbering for any of them.

If you want the ADV dub (the superior dub), you have to look up the videos of Super Milk Chan 100% Whole. Apparently the DVDs are incredibly rare, of all things.

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Ah that Bush era. So good for adlib jokes.

Does anyone know where to get the ADV dub of Oh! Super Milk Chan? Other than the incomplete YouTube uploads.

Have a shitty torrent of it but it ran out of seeders so I'm perpetually stuck at 36.7% and have been for like a year.

tough to find. Maaan, the fourth volume is reallly expensive. Of course people wouldn't be kind enough to share it online. It looks as if the Bakabt torrent (maybe the one you downloaded?) isn't complete.

I should order the first 3 DVDs when I get paid on Friday.

Wait, so the ADV dub is the one that aired on adult swim?

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Welp, to be honest I watched all this en mi idioma, and I'm not sure what it was about, it wasn't funny that i'm sure of. Or the fact that I watched it dubbed have anything to do with the fun?

No, the Adult Swim one was a more direct translation. The ADV dub messes with the script, Ghost Stories style, and has live action sketches set in the ADV offices (which are probably the best part).

It's awesome, but it's an absolute ball-ache to find anywhere online.

but spaniard dub sucks ass with very few exceptions

Thanks. Im watching the adv ver right now, this is a riot.
Is the AS ver worth watching?
Also is the ADV ver the one thats not all uploaded?

If you're watching the YouTube upload called "Super Milk Chan 100% Whole", then that's the incomplete ADV one.

The AS version is ok, always much preferred the ADV dub though.

Alrighty, thanks again. I looked up the prices just now and
>vol 4 jewing
You werent fucking kidding

>live action sketches set in the ADV offices (which are probably the best part)

Like, the only explanation for this has to be that AS mandated that they needed a full 30 minutes to get the show out. Even cobbling together the 1998 "vintage" shorts didn't cut it, so they said "well let's just film ourselves doing weird shit in our offices." It's so... bizarre.

How is it bizarre?

Hoodlum High School Rock and Roll is stuck in my head forever.


panty & stocking

I think I had the first 2 DVDs of this and definitely recall there being 2 dub options included. It was really neat because each dub really was a different experience.

>I think the original is by ADV

Both are by ADV, and came on the DVDs.

those skits set in the ADV studios are my ultimate guilty pleasure.


I disagree.
I'm not even fro Spain myself and while I do notice that they tend to do quantity over quality (as they are stubborn and refuse to watch anything that isn't translated to their language) and suck ass at localization, but their voice actors do turn out really good performances, even at their worst (like the shitty japanese->French->Spaniard translation) you end up buying it:
tl;dr: They have really good voice actors. Even when they suck they are better than most other countries at dubbing.

>Like, the only explanation for this has to be that AS mandated that they needed a full 30 minutes to get the show out.
Except AS didn't even air the live action skits and to add insult to injury they aired the bad dub instead of the good dub.