Help me Cred Forums, I'm in love with Sayaka !

Help me Cred Forums, I'm in love with Sayaka !

why's that?

This is not something you need help with.

This means that you are a baka too.

I want to punch her in her stubborn head.

because she's perfect

Nice choice !

She deserves it. She was being too stubborn.

> rude
But she likes it.

she is pretty edgy

I wish all the girls had their witch animated

Just look up some hentai for her. Problem solved. But why do you love a tsundere.

if your name doesn't start with Kyo- I think you're shit outta luck

Kyoanifags won even here?

Do not lewd megucas.

You can't tell me what to do

Did you just say lewd the megucas?

You're living life correctly.

I like it this way

stop posting this blue chink on Cred Forums dutch user


Don't fight it, embrace it.

Suffering moe

But she's cute and my wife

I love her too user.