Is Ippo punch drunk?

guys, what the fuck is going on, seriously.
Can you give me something about this?

I don't think he is, or very slightly, just enough to recover with some months of rest.

>more than 1000chapter
>ippo is still shit

i got really worried about it, ippo has so much potential, but doenst really make sense, right? the main character getting fucked up....

Wasn't there an arc about how someone's retinas were detaching but ended up being fucking nothing?

If he loses his virginity he'd be able to cross the line with ease and one punch everything in his way.

i think that was happening in one of takamuras title fights. eagle probably.

takamura, even the anime touched on it a bit

Oh,please. As if Mori would have the balls to retire his MC. Japs would lynch him.

>Ippo starting his boxer carrer.
>Kid, this is your next opponent, and he says he is ready to kick you ass
>Coach Im so scareeeeeed yamete kudasai!!~

>Ippo years after starting his boxer carrer, wining a belt, defending it succefully and beat word ranking boxers.
>Kid, this is your next opponent, and he says he is ready to kick you ass
>Coach Im so scareeeeeed yamete kudasai!!~

>Ippo and Kumi relationship when the just met
>Umm. hi... [awkward silence]

>Ippo and Kumi relationship after years and they both like each ohter.
>Umm. hi... [awkward silence]

Good God is Ippo the cousin of Ash or what, he never grow up or anything, he is the same as always.


Would Itagaki beat Ippo?
I dropped it because I really hate Itagaki.

never forget

Ippo is literally filler the show, if you thought one piece or inuyasha were bad at filler, ippo is a new world of pain

I dropped it at chapter 1031 before I wanted to kill Kamogawa.
I sort of liked it before the fight with wally or wathever.
This would be better if Sendou or Volg were the MC

I actually did the anime first then after it's run I dropped the fucking shit out of it since nothing ever fucking happens

I also started with the anime and read 500 chapters before dropping it.
I regret it

i've never read the manga, i've watched the first season and it's bretty good.
Does it stay that good ?

Show is good, manga is plagued with typical problems. Nothing happens outside of maybe 2 volumes out of each arc.

He's mentally broken, I think.
The last defeat was so overwhelming for his spirit that now his body don't react the same out of fear

This always gets me.

yep, he's taken too many hits from hard punchers and walked onto too many counters.

takamura, and there's still subtle little hints here and there

So I've just started the anime (I'm only 15 episodes in) does it get worse? so far i'm really enjoying it, should I watch the other seasons aswell?

Nigga has Parkinson's

Season 4 when?

finished all seasons of hajime no ippo a month ago and i have to say, from all the 120 anime i've watched this one is my new favorite

So I guess people are just talking smack about the manga because of snail pacing.


The first season (76 or so episodes I think) are the fucking best, seriously so many fucking hype fights.

Every Ippo vs Sendo fight is fucking awesome, also watch the movies (OVAs)

Has anyone here played the hajime no ippo game?

>top10 in the world


the PS2 and PSP ones were fun.

Haven't played the PS3 game yet.

I wouldn't call him complete shit, but he could be doing a lot better. Like, half the time he can't figure out what to do without Kamogawa's help.

Plus his mindset needs a lot of work. he needs to stop being so damn humble all the time.

another red harring, like takamura being blind in one eye