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今日も一日ask your questionsぞい

> no problem remembering stuff like 放課後, 事務室, 消防署
> 運転、転勤、運動、転勤 are giving me hell



What does it mean when くって is used instead of くて?
e.g. 気持ち悪くって汚らわしい
Is it just used for emphasis?

>tfw number of anki reviews is growing

(reposting from last thread)
Could someone please mirror this and add it to the CoR? It's KKLC (Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course) with a Table of Contents added.

no idea but I think the くって is used as a quotatory

like, "the way you say 気持ち悪い is 汚らわしい"

I can say with some certainty that that's not correct


How fluent will I be once I've mastered core2k?

About 2000 fluents

3k is plenty if you only read manga and modern literature that isn't trying to be chuuni

4k is pretty much impossible without mining 旧字体 (which you usually don't need to mine to understand) or like learning from lists of obscure words, or reading tons of pre-war literature

Hello /djt/
I have a question about the grammar in this sentence:
>どころじゃ + 済まない
Does this mean "not the time for"? So the sentence means something like "Even though my even to myself unknown fetish was exposed, it's not the time to feel sorry for myself"? I feel like I am off somewhere so I'd appreciate it if you could help me.


Is there a way to reselect text that you've already selected in the IME?

Like if I go to type 射精, but accidentally type 写生, is there a way that I can change it without having to retype it?


No, it's "it won't be over with just being embarassed". He's saying just being embarassed isn't enough as a reacting to what happened.

Xどころではない = far worse than just X
Xどころじゃすまない = will end up far worse than just X

This actually makes me hyped for Persona 5, even though I hated all other entries in the series.
Maybe I'll buy it one day if I ever clear my backlog.

Perfect, thank you.

>you will NEVER reach Kanken 1 level
Why even bother, lads?

Quick someone pass me the そういえばソース

As long as I can reach the level where I can finish a porn game a week I'm happy.

Can someone help me out with this 宿場タラ?
I'm working on understanding a Map and it makes literally no sense to me, especially the タラ. Would be really appreciated if someone could guide me here.

neither will 99% of native japanese speakers, why would you even think of taking that test?

>tfw 松岡修造 will never be your 兄貴

>not wanting to be the best at everything you do

That's the type of thing where it is actually possible to be the best just because most people don't give a shit. It's like trying to find the most obscure sport possible so that you can qualify for the olympics.

Rekt that kid hard mate, good jobbu

That settles it

I'm going to be the worlds best imouto wrangler

So a guy asks if someone has free time.
Which the response is this:
I can tell that it is an affirmation that he does have time because the other guy says this and invites him somewhere:

But I can't figure out the grammar of this sentence:
Can anyone help me?

>4k is pretty much impossible without mining 旧字体
I mine them whenever I find one just to boost my grid.
It's probably not healthy

polite form of 仕様が無い...

The first guy should call the second guy an おかま

>That feeling of despair when you've been reading for one and a half years but still barely understand grammar above school SoL level

The results of not challenging yourself and being happy with staying mediocre.

I'm playing it right now and it's pretty good.
Not sure if you like it if you didn't like 3 but it fixed a lot of bad shit the series had.

So it's like even if he didn't have time he would still go? I tried looking up the grammar but was unsuccessful.
The first guy outranks him by a large degree.

That's probably true since I only find moe shit compelling, I rarely care about plot and action shit

I still do try and challenge myself though, it just feels like I've been reading this entire time without actually having a grasp of grammar, somehow

I want to convert the first RTK to an Anki deck. Would you guys be interested in it?

The guy's really bored but doesn't have any ginger to spice it up.

been done

Why? That already exists, and KD is better anyway

In the lesson about "Expressing non-feasibility", there's this example sentence:


From what I've learned, when using ので, the verb before it should be in the dictionary form since の, in this case, acts as a nominalizer and makes the verb into a noun. But, in this example, the construction ~ますので is used, which, I believe, doesn't exist.

Aren't you just changing the 悪い from an adjective to a adverb.

It can’t be helped
There is nothing I can do
I have no idea
nothing can be done

仕様(しよう)がない・仕様もない = 仕方(しかた)がない
どうしようもない > short form > しようもない・しようがない

暇で暇でしょうがない mean is 私は時間を余らせています。

I read nothing but plotge and still don't know my way around grammar.
Just relax and enjoy whatever you're reading.

Forgot to quote dem trips. See , my nigga

Thanks, I'll try, I hate getting stuck in demotivation loops

ます itself is a verb in the dictionary form


Nah, lad


If I want to do RTK, do I have to do all three books?

>construction ~ますので is used, which, I believe, doesn't exist.
And you would be wrong. There is no more to this conversation.

the ます itself is, in fact, the dictionary form of ます

Oh my god I just realized I read it as でしょう and not しょうがありません by itself. Everything makes sense now. Thanks everyone.

どうしようもないイモウトですね ナデナデ( ^^)/(・・、)


Then explain why I'm wrong

You don't really want to do it.

No. You'll know more than enough to break down any unfamiliar kanji by the time you finish RTK 1. Half the new kanji I see aren't in even RTK 3 anyway.

don't bother, read instead

>Then explain why I'm wrong
You're wrong because the construction exists and you just saw it.

Oh, each book is self-contained? I thought they complemented each other.
I've never heard of that book, though. Why should I do that and not RTK?

>it fixed a lot of bad shit the series had.
Can you expand on that a little.

I wonder if they'll ever have a sale or if there's a trick to get the game cheaper, because right now it's a bit too expensive to me for a game I might not like.


Not him and I know what the sentence means, but what exactly is this? Why is it repeated? Is this a grammar point I can look up somewhere?

Eh, whatever. I'll just ignore it.

暇 + 連用形 of だ + 暇 + 連用形 of だ + 仕方がない

>連用形 of だ


Starting third year class next monday, but I think I'll have to drop out, there was too great a gap between when I took 203 and now and I've forgotten a lot. I regret not studying. Don't make the same mistake.


>learning japanese slower than the pace of classes
i'm so sorry

Ok and why can't you just write it once

Idiot, your entire premise is wrong.


Just read some eromanga and you'll be up to date.

Brought back most of the good shit from 1-2 (demon negotiation, more elements, shadows are demons instead of shitty copypaste blobs)
Better setting, writing and characters than 4.
Battles aren't too slow.
Bosses have proper dungeons that aren't shitty random generated corridors.
怪盗団 gimmick is fun.
Only problem for me so far is how the soundtrack is weaker than the previous games.

>if there's a trick to get the game cheaper
Modding your PS3 to get it for free is one of them.
Or sharing a PSN account with a friend who bought it.


What does the もいいところ at the end of this mean?


Can't you just do some thinking about this stuff. It's a way of saying "very 暇" and repetition has the effect of emphasizing in like in english (it's the opposite in chinese for some reason)

50 hours in google

>Battles aren't too slow.
>Bosses have proper dungeons that aren't shitty random generated corridors.
That's what mattered most to me, thanks.

Freetime is'ing freetime is'ing so it can't be helped

Yeah sounds good man thanks.


So it would also be completely fine to say something like "日本語を習いますことが出来ません"
Sounds a bit awkward to me desu

Why do you have to be such an asshole?

yea ますこと is perfectly fine

That's not what continuative form means

Show me your leeches, djt.

I can't tell you grammar point.
It's an especial idiom. I can't remember similar words.
It mean is "I have so far time."

What is this?

My leach setting is set to like 999 so I don't get any

Sucks because I'd like to see which ones they would be

What is a leech?

Doesn't happen thanks to mnemonics.

Leeches, man

I set them to tag only, so I get the badge of shame but they don't get suspended.
You still can order your cards by lapse count to see your most failed cards.



Sweet 6k, man, but your mnemonics won't save you out in the real world.

Just started today with Anki. Thanks to the anons who created the guide.

I'll hit 10K in a few days.


How long have you been doing anki?

Remember, NEVER skip even a single day.

335 days.

Give me your mnemonic for がめつい, then.


your face will never look like that

eyes in the tree see all

I.. I'll do it.

I have almost 300 leeches. 超恥ずかしい

I looked up みぞ but didn't find anything that would make that sentence mean what it means

神のみ ぞ 知る

What does the ぞ do there?

pretty sure it's 神 + のみ (only) + ぞ (?) + 知る

I see, brother.
The time is near.


Skipping days is absolutely fine. Sometimes you need a vacation.

The world god only knows
The world God only knows

The same as ぞい

more like
The world only god knows
The world God only knows


In the GAME of cocks, TSUIdish people are very greedy

Are you the guy who made Kanjidamage?

You mean it doesn't happen because you've only learned common words that are reinforced through reading/anime

Show the top ones.

If that was the case no one else who read would have leeches either. It's mainly due to mnemonics.

How much time do you spend on Anki a day? If you're coming up with mnemonics for every new word, surely it takes you forever


Okay, fuck this shit, I'm done with core9k. I'm not learning anything this way.

Minefags, how do I mine? Do I just go "俺 -> おれ -> I/me" and just call it a day? Originally I wanted to put there a whole sentence with the encountered word, but when I'm thinking about how it would look like (rewriting everything I read, ten minutes for one page, and doing reps after all of this shit) I don't believe I'm gonna learn Japanese, because I'm gonna kill myself first.

So, any advice?

If you're in America a gun's probably your best bet

>can't even make it through core
>time to mine guys!

After you get past like 2k core cards mining's easier than core

Set up rikai realtime import

Really? It's the opposite for me. The only reason I'm still doing Core after over 3000 cards is because it's all but trivial. 90% of "new" words can be deduced from the kanji (which I already know because I learned them from the first 2000 words). Meanwhile I get 70-80% retention on my mining deck.

Ideally you'll want your cards looking something like this.
Always put an image to remind you of where you encountered the word.

Damn. I used up all my knowledge to phrase this thing. How cool is it? I hope there's no grammar mistakes in there

wtf i hate japanese now


Instead of doing a lot of work searching for sentences just put some buttons on your card layout that link to several example sites.

Thanks, mate.

Finding 10000+ images for every fucking thing sounds like a major pain in the ass that would take too much time from your reading.

>doing a lot of work searching for sentences
Or just save the fucking sentence you found the word in instead of making buttons you're never ever going to click.

Someone's a grumpy pants

>Finding 10000+ images
Or you know, just using the one where you found the word at, like I said?


Does this get easier, mentally? I'm like a week into learning, and everything is so new and overwhelming. After 2 hours of continuous study I feel mentally exhausted.I figure once I get to the point where I can sort of read, it will be easier because it wont be such dry textbook shit constantly.

Well, it kind of does

But because you always have to read stuff above your level to improve, no matter how far you get you're always going to be getting that mental exhaustion


I tried to put a screenshot of whatever I was reading into cards back when I started,
dropped after realizing it took me like 15 minutes to make 30 cards and they all had the same VN screenshot attached.

I just think anything but one button press to create a card is too much if you need to mine thousands of words, and thankfully it's already possible.

I just draw a rectangle on my screen and press ctrl+v, if it took effort I wouldn't do it.

I think windows has something called snipping tool that might be similar to what I use.


This shit's hitting way too close to home

Some free reading practice I guess, not that I ever read any of the huge walls of text people post in here


is knowing all the on and kun readings necessary for the n4?

I'll ask again, what are the funny 2ch boards?

>studying readings individually

Honestly, why bother?

Someone has the Sou Matome N1 Dokkai in English/Jap?
Can you please scan or make a photo of the first page of the Week 6 Day 1 lesson? Or all the 4 pages if you can. I'm having troubles with the long articles so that would be very helpful, thanks.

what should I do senpai?
college apps

At first I went "fuck this N1 shit looks really hard"
Then I realized it's in chink.


I'm confused, does 尾けてる mean he's stalking or being stalked? Context seems to suggest he's being stalked, but why isn't it 尾けられる?

Why doesn't that picture have 陸 漆 捌 玖?

He has been stalking me vs. I was being stalked.

Jesus talking to random japs is just too stressful

How long before there's a Japanese AI with perfect intelligence that I can practice on instead


I tried it, all I remember is learning 飛行機 really really early on. It was shit.

How would he say it if he were the one doing the stalking?

What about for learning just conversational Japanese?
I think it's easier to have something responsive, rather than just doing Anki laps.
In addition to Anki, obviously.

It would be faster if you didn't think of them as real people. You know, like how you talk to anons.

Think the problem's more that I can't think of them as real people, all the one's I'm talking to are ultra normies, 別の人種そうでしょう

I think anki is just as responsive as rosetta stone, but instead of having 4 answers to choose from you have none.

Why is this thread called the Daily Japanese Thread if we have more than 1 a day?

Because you touch yourself at night.

In the word scent, is the s or the c silent?

It's daily but that doesn't mean there has to only be one every 24 hours.

it's daily because we come here every day

Dear Daily Diary Thread,

Today I finished reading 聲の形, it was good.
I listened to this mild 右翼 faggot as well:
And I understood 100% of it, feels good

in my dialect sc indicates a syllabic consonant

pls respond

What's the best kind of passive listening practice for absolute beginners?

I have headphones at work but can't concentrate on listening because I have to work

News, the banter can be strong. But that's not for everyone

You already got an answer, there are none


none of them are funny, it's pure cancer.


Japanese ASMR

As a wise man once said
"Having lolis lick your ears is the best way to learn japanese"

Although you would probably end up falling asleep and getting fired

There's no passive listening practice.

yeah i want pure cancer, thats why i post here and browse Cred Forums.

N5 pop quiz, round 4
The subject wants a:
a) nocturnal lifestyle
b) diurnal lifestyle

Today I did Anki for 36 minutes and then I read a visual novel for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

now drop anki and you have your self a wonderful and fun learning envoriment

Neither, they just want to have a go at it.

Is learning the radicals worth my time in the long-run?

its pretty fast and could help you out several times so why not

You'll get over it. Just imagine all the qt nip girls who'd love to talk to you just because you are a gaijin and know english.

kanji check


>Just imagine all the 3DPD


How much do you read a day?

50kb here

How many words should one know before attempting to read SoL/drama LNs?

Enough of the right ones.

zero if you want to learn Japanese
40k if you want to read for pleasure

couldn't read 夜型 so I guess I need to grind more anki vocab

The word is very infrequently used. Don't worry.

That much I know, but just how many? 6k, 10k, 20k?

T-thanks for reminding me of how many words for near complete fluency.

Why aren't you faggots translating anything?

Doesn't help me with my studies, takes a lot of time and no one is willing to pay for it.

Why would I translate anything when those faggots can just learn Japanese instead?

I try to but it's pretty not worth, would rather spend the time studying

Would be more willing if it didn't involve editing too

The answer is (b)
>I want to do something about my nocturnal lifestyle.
なんとかする = do something about it

I wanted to do some random oneshots just for "fun" but I'm fairly certain neither my Japanese nor my English are good enough.

Some company put up instead of a regular job advertisement, an advertisement with a task. Going to be busy with that for a week.

also why translate if you can just read and understand the meaning if you won't get anything of monetary value back

I once translated a small non-h doujin for a series I liked and thank fuck I did it anonymously, now that I look at it the translation is fucking terrible.

What's N1 like?

It's a horrible place where only the few elite survive

>thank fuck

It would take me a lot of time. From time to time I give plot summary in anime livestream threads if the episode is interesting but that's about it.

Is there a problem?

If you can read a novel/essay with decent speed and good understanding, you can pass it.

That's about it

I'm sure there's loads of uncute girls talking about useless shit if you look around.

E.g., youtube.com/watch?v=rt7CO7uPFmA

Although this one might be a little too fast for an "absolute beginner".

There are some VN and anime drama cds on youtube. They're a good listen for beginners if you know the source material.

Hundreds of megabytes
I read LN scans

If I'm N3, how long would it take to get to N2? I practice with my Japanese wife every day and practice kanji every day, but I still read really slowly.

I thought fuck it and wanted to buy it, but it seems like the Japanese PS store will neither accept my credit card nor my paypal account, even though it works fine if I try to log in on PC.


Don't know if you're into lp's, but I've been watching this guy a bunch lately, some of the games he plays are fairly text heavy, but he also plays stuff like Pokemon Snap where his commentary is a lot easier to follow along.

He recently uploaded a bunch of Mega Man videos that are all around 3 hours each.

I recommend his マッドファーザー playthrough.

The only way to get your dirty gaijin money on nip PSN account is to buy gift card codes.

Is she a qt?

To read fast you need to read more.
"Practicing" kanji and whatever you're doing with you're wife isn't going to help that.
Pick a book and read.


>このPayPalアカウントを追加できません。 しばらくしてからもう一度お試しください。
Damn, seems like it. I tried doing it on their website as well.
Well, fuck this then, if they don't want my money it's fine by me.


What are the top two characters here?
Pretty sure the rest is くすぐったい, but I can't figure out what those two are.

違うw その意味じゃなくて


ひげ you blind nigger.

Thanks guys, I don't read handwriting much.


We forgive you bro

Japan's population is plummeting because the guys there are too beta to do anything.
Do you have what it takes to move to Japan, impregnate all the girls there and save Japan? Well, do you?

Put your Japanese to good use. I believe in you.
Only YOU can save Japan!

>Do you have what it takes to move to Japan, impregnate all the girls there and save Japan? Well, do you?
no because im lazy and just as beta

No because I'm unemployed and am unemployable.

>The population of this ridiculously overcrowded country is plummeting

Oh noooo

>tfw finished reading my first untranslated VN today
It took forever to read and it was just some nukige I already had downloaded, but it's something I'm proud of. I think I learned a lot from reading it.

I hope I can try reading a VN like Subahibi or Muramasa someday with ease.

Sorry for the blog.

Which VN was it and how long did it take you

>¥10.18 has been deposited into your account

>implying they're not overpopulated as it is
>implying lowering the population in any 1st world country is bad
>implying Abe wants filthy gaijin fucking nip qties

took me about a month by reading bits of it every day

The length is always what puts me off reading VNs
Kind of ridiculous how long they are even when you know the language let alone when you're using it to study with

I would. I'd totally do it.

Actually their brithrate has been increasing recently.

It's only overcrowded in Tokyo and some regional centers.
But yeah, the population problem is vastly overstated by the populist politicians and internet memesters.

I'm using that Kana Teacher thing to test Kana knowledge. Only a few days in and have Hiragana memorized enough to read the sounds, if not write well. Should I first learn the additional sounds you make with the tick marks, and how you can combine sounds to make new sounds, like ka and i becoming kai like in English, or should I learn Katakana first and then learn the additional sounds and combinations for both Hiragana and Katakana at the same time? Will it make a difference?

damm japan really has pedo heaven

Me too actually, but I haven't unlocked the final scene where the mom watches you fuck her daughter.

it's this: vndb.org/v16580

>mom watches you fuck her daughter.
Why doesn't she join the fun?

How would you rate the difficulty of reading Umineko/Higurashi untranslated? I heard the vocabulary in Umineko is actually not too bad.

Does anyone here know from experience?

Vocabulary doesn't matter if you hook it.
Umineko can be hard to follow because of mental gymnastics and shit, Higurashi is retard tier.

Do whatever is more fun for you at the moment, bro.

Oh, and one of the big puzzles of the game uses kanji play and expects you to know Taiwanese geography so don't ever hope to solve it by yourself.

I would love to actually, but I think I've been enough of a disappointment to my parents already that I can't just abandon them.

I think a son traveling into foreign land to impregnate women would be far less disappointing that one that stays home.

This. It's kind of a family tradition in mine.

If I came back though. If I just stayed in Japan they'd probably be like
>well fuck we took care of him then he grew up and ran off to anime land, can't even take care of us in our old age, what a waste of space

>anime land
Most normies view Japan as this advanced place with supertoilets and beautiful nature.
Hell, I bet they'd even be proud of you.

>how you can combine sounds to make new sounds, like ka and i becoming kai like in English

These are mostly obvious and you'll learn them just by listening to the Core audio.

>Most normies view Japan as this advanced place with supertoilets and beautiful nature.

more like weirdos with ぬるぬる触手責め





Don't forget the セックスロボット.


Speaking of Higurashi, is there a script anywhere? I'd like to play it on my Vita, which is obviously unhookable.

nihongo noob test in image for those with enough balls to accept (its from p5)

good luck weebs


3 but I know it because I'm playing it right now.

What's the point of playing it on vita if you still have to be glued to your PC with the script open?

thats the answer to what directly follows why are you fucking it up for me god dang it boy

Holy fuck this was the exact same episode I mined 逆上がり from.

noob test part 2 only apply if you successfully challenged part 1

Oh well, Morgana spoonfeeds the answer to you anyway so whatever.

Because iirc the Vita/PS3 version is the most complete. Also, I would only refer to the script when needed, which hopefully wouldn't be all that often.

Post hanzi grids

>highest scoring kanji is 僕
wew lad

I translated two H-manga. Might do a couple more next holiday period, typesetting is a painful process for a beginner.

If it's not going to be often you might as well use a normal dictionary.
The original is written in Nscripter or something so you could probably google a tool to unpack the script fairly easily.






I guess you're right, Rikai would be nice because it can parse verb conjugations and such, but a regular dictionary will probably do.






How did you guys go about reading in jap for the first time?

Did you take notes as you read and checked your translation? Just try to glean via context/manga panels?

You're most likely right. I'll try to push myself more.

Additionally, what is everyone's daily schedule?



I didn't overthink shit and just read.

It was Yotsubato, and I had done learned about 1000 words from Core2k and finished Tae Kim. I just read it normally, referring to the reading guide whenever I didn't understand a word or grammar usage. Whatever you do, though, I would strongly advise against translating as you read.

>Advise against translating

Why? How else am I supposed to understand?

>what is everyone's daily schedule?

>do reps
>play deresute
>try to not shitpost on djt
>shitpost a lot


You have to understand to translate, not the other way around. Translating is superfluous step of rewording whatever information you got from a phrase to work in another language and all it does is take time you could use reading.

I dunno. In my head I usually look at isolated parts of a sentence and go "okay, what do these words mean?" Then, I peice it together based on the words. Not like english where I don't think about the definitions per se.

Gatcha is only a problem if you're one of those guys who absolutely needs a shiny SSR of their waifu.
I just get by using whatever SRs Chihiro gives me for effort bux and as event rewards and didn't spend a cent.
All the content that matters, i.e. songs and commus, you get for free.

Translating is entirely separate from parsing and comprehending Japanese, instead of viewing Japanese words as their English equivalents you should treat it like an entirely distinct language (which it obviously is). Furthermore, Japanese is so dissimilar to most Western languages that accurate translations for anything but very basic language are virtually unfeasible. Translating as you read might work if your mother tongue is something supposedly similar to Japanese, like Korean, but that's probably not the case, and if you make the mistake of falling into that habit, you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed as you progress to intermediate reading material.

Well then how do I stop translating in my head?

You just feel it and understand it as it is without turning it into English in your head.

Do you automatically translate いただきます to "I shall accept this food" every time you see it?

>Do you automatically translate いただきます to "I shall accept this food" every time you see it?
I read it as "rub a dub dub thanks for the grub", actually

No, because it's more a colloquialism. More just a "Let's eat" in my eat.

I really don't know what to tell you, how can you translate in your head in the first place when so many elementary Japanese words and grammar points have no English equivalent?

Not that guy, but in my experience you don't need to try, it will happen automatically as you read more. There's plenty of occasions where translating in your head can help you work out the meaning of a sentence above your level.

I read Yotsuba and pretended to understand it but really didn't. Good thing there are pictures to tell the story.

Particles for example, I just make the context.

私はX "About X...", "On the topic of X"... or just start the sentence in my head with "X", whatever works best.

See, that's what I don't want to happen. I want to be able to udnerstand, not just get by based on pictures.

The same way you can translate outside your head. Anything you can express in Japanese can be expressed in English.

Alright. I'm just kind of thrown for a loop because I thought it was super common. How else would you understand something if you don't "think" in that language?


Listen more, and then read more.

By listening a lot you get a better "feel" for how sentences are put together with the right pauses and intonation that comes with certain patterns. You start to emulate those yourself in your mind as you read once you've heard them enough times.

At least that was my experience. My grammar comprehension improved a lot after I started (actively) listening, which helped me break free from that state where you try to break a sentence into chunks of grammar and trying to translate them to English before putting it back together.

What would you advise for active listening? Just anime RAWs? Subtitled with Japanese? Any podcasts in particular or?

>I want to be able to udnerstand
And eventually you will, as long as you start. A common beginner mistake is to stay within the comfort of their beginner learner materials and never actually reading real things.

The beginning is really hard and you will have to skip over lot. Your first thing or two should be some "disposable" material that you don't care about misunderstanding or getting frustrated with.

Even English subbed anime is fine for listening practice, as long as you are actually listening

Subtitled with Japanese, but pick really easy titles (e.g. Sakura Kiss, GochiUsa) and try not to look at the subs unless you can't understand a sentence on the first try.

You reduce things to their idea instead of being tied to the nomenclature.
A small step towards this is like this:
Just as you see "horse" and think of pic related (and vice versa), you should see "馬" and do the same. The terms are the vehicles through which in this case the image is caused to be inside your mind. Even the picture itself is just another symbol that represents the same general idea as "horse" and "馬", but it is still categorically different and can be used as a convenient proxy.

I used this: erin.ne.jp/en/

From my experience, you'll start by understandign things as a "blur". You won't get much nuance, you'll be able to understand what's happening and get what's superficial. As time goes on the blur starts to turn more solid and that's when you'll start actually "getting" the language. But don't rush the process nor try to do it any other way, or else you'll actually be causing more trouble instead of helping yourself.

Instead of translating, you should learn the meaning/relation implied by these particles. For example, instead of thinking of は as "speaking of X", you should think of it as something that indicates the topic of a sentence. The "translations" ("about X", "as for X", etc.) are only meant to illustrate its meaning and usage, and not serve as actual translations (not to mention that they obviously sound unnatural). The same for words: don't think of 亀 as the English word "turtle", but as the animal turtle.
Not true. Language is a social construct meant to translate individual thought into an intelligible format for speakers of the same language. Every language is therefore inherently flawed, but not in the same manner; each one has a different set of limitations, and thus it's not always the case that two languages are mutually translatable. Spanish and Portuguese, for instance, certainly are, but Japanese and English are not.

>subbed with Japanese

The problem is, a new learner can't tell when the subs are desynced most of the time, and good luck finding a series torrent with native subs.

>a new learner can't tell when the subs are desynced
You have to be retarded to not notice it

A new learner probably has a hard time distinguishing sounds, not to mention a limited kanji library, so it's not suprising.

>a new learner can't tell when the subs are desynced most of the time
It's easy to find some stock Japanese cliche phrase in the episode like あの..., お兄ちゃんのバカ, てめえ, まさか, etc and figure out how to time it from there.

bros how do I get over fuckin flight anxiety?

>The "translations" ("about X", "as for X", etc.) are only meant to illustrate its meaning and usage, and not serve as actual translations (not to mention that they obviously sound unnatural). The same for words: don't think of 亀 as the English word "turtle", but as the animal turtle.

Or you can just read more and the problem will solve itself with no effort.

You stop blogging.

You don't. There could be a bomber on board.

What I described was already effortless to me in the first place. If anything, translating as you read is unnecessary and pointless effort, and the problem itself.

If you read a sentence and don't immediately understand the meaning, but are able to deduce it by translating it in your head, the effort was not pointless.

>Sakura Kiss
Do you mean Sakura Trick?

You're right, I always mistake the title thanks to that amazing OP song.

What do you mean by translating? If I read "思う" and autmoatically think to myself "think" is that something I should avoid?

Maybe this is because Japanese is my fourth (well, third-and-a-half, or third-and-a-quarter) language, but I legitimately don't understand how this is possible, or if we're even talking about the same thing. When I translate things in my head, it's just individual words or grammar constructs, and not entire sentences, and it's always spontaneous and unnoticeable. How can you not understand a whole sentence at first, but be able to deduce its meaning by translating it? If you can translate it at all, then surely you must at least partially comprehend it, no?

if i have trouble thinking about what i want to say on lang-8, is it better to write something out in english then try to say the gist of that in jap? or is that a bad habit

I don't know how to explain it. I don't think of any English word, just what the Japanese word means.

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.
The man whistling tunes pianos

By examining the words and their grammatical function, you can deduce the meaning of sentences you don't immediately understand.

Again, I'm not sure what your point is. I see what you're getting at with these sentences, but how does any of this involve translation?

Unless you learned by immersion, you certainly did translate 思う to "think" the first few times. That stops after you read it a few times in context.

There's a "Japanese Language and Culture Center" a few blocks away from my house. It's in a nondescript building lacking any obvious signage. The only indicator that the "Japanese Language and Culture Center" resides there is a tiny Japanese flag in the window. There's no website, so I'm not really sure what its function is, but I will find out tomorrow morning.

I like to imagine it's run by a FOB Japanese family who are awkwardly trying to make a living teaching Americans about their homeland. We'll establish a mutually beneficial relationship where I help naturalize them into American society and they supplement my Japanese studies.

It's very likely a japanese community centre. Basically a place for jap only speaking people to hang out and meet other jap only speaking people.

>I help naturalize them into American society
please dont shoot anybody

>he still subvocalizes

What do you mean by immersion? When I first learned the word 思う, I learned it as the Japanese equivalent to the English verb "to think". That's it. After that, I internalized it not as the Japanese equivalent to an English word, but as an abstract concept. I really don't know how to put it into words (because, again, language is imperfect), sorry if this comes across as overly cryptic.

The understanding of a sentence can sometimes only become clear when you think about it for awhile.

In English (or whatever your native tongue is), we know, generally, the speech patterns and how a sentence is normally laid out. Even slang that breaks grammar rules usually breaks it in a consistent way.

If you don't know these rules or shapes, sometimes you need to really think about the sentence, and mull over the possibilities of combining those words. Esp if you don't have a solid theory of english grammar (ex, you don't know what a direct object is, so wtf does wo do?)

>not handing them a hand gun and telling them not to come back until they capped a niggah
>not giving them a tear drop tat under their eye when they do.

The old couple have their anime daughter teach you japanese and you fall in love.
Probably this. I imagine old men smoking playing go or reading newspapers.

How many words should I get through in core before I start a mining deck? I've been reading for a while and I already have a huge list of words, but not sure if I should start a deck. I'm only 500 words in core.

Start one as soon as you want to. You can always delete cards from your deck if they are covered in the core deck. Sooner better than later because eventually your mining deck will replace the core deck as your source of study.

I agree, but that brings me back to my initial point: Japanese and English sentence structures have very little to do with each other. To me, what you're talking about is an entirely different matter from translation. The ambiguities in the two sentences you posted stem from points that are particular to the English language, namely, fly (verb) vs fly (noun) and whistle (transitive) vs whistle (intransitive). An initially confused native Japanese speaker could clear that up by translating them into Japanese, but to do that, he would have to be aware of these things in the first place.

Gee I wonder why they don't advertise their establishment.

>fruit flies like a banana
Fuck, English is my first language and this still tripped me up.

I have a Japanese language center in my city, they run JLPT related shit and mahjong tournaments.
Most days it's just a library with nip books, though.

I don't think it's different at all. Translating the sentence directly in your head, lit word for word or as close as possible in Japanese, usually helps remove ambiguities for new learners, because they see all the pieces laid out.


Price (identify) high/tall resturant (this is the subject), not very, didn't like

Even if you have no grammar knowledge in japanese, having these words literally translated, you can sort of see what it means.

Oh there's tonnes of sentences like these.

The cotton clothing is usually made of grows in Mississippi.
Until the police arrest the drug dealers control the street.
The man who hunts ducks out on weekends.
The horse raced past the barn fell.

I fucking daisuki sensei Tim Cook and his Irasshai series. They're so comfy. The cheesy skits at the start always make me smile at the very least, if not laugh out loud. Plus it's got the same four students and you learn at about the same pace as them.

Probably no good for most of you here since lots of you are intermediate but I started with him basically in my first week. Perhaps it's not the most effective class either but I use it as supplemental teaching.

arigatou for reading my blog post


Why aren't かあ and とお listed as readings for 母 and 父?






I'm very close to 2k now but will wait till I actually break 2k to post mine

Need help real quick, what is this kanji?



copy paste it into a dictionary



Apparently you cant copy in snapchat

Newfruit here, why did this thread end up on Cred Forums and not /jp/? I'm fairly certain not everyone there can speak Japanese so surely it wasn't a case of being forced out due to elitism or anythign of the sort, right?

Maybe try doing Core2k for more than 3 days before trying to talk to nips online

Because /jp/ is big and scary and mean and hurts your feelings if you ask stupid questions. It also has higher exposure here and if you take the initial premise of the thread for granted (more people knowing Japanese = more trranslations) then more exposure helps anime and manga more

I was going to ask about this earlier but I forgot. Looks like hiro is letting users discuss board rules and policy, so I was wondering: if DJT gets banned from Cred Forums for whatever reason, what are we going to do? Move to /jp/?

>go on a two week vacation, no access to computer
>come back
>see this
What do?

user what's the difference between :

>he fell for the vacation meme
you're not supposed to skip a day, EVER, until you become fluent, let alone two fucking weeks
you brought this upon yourself

Makes sense
Dunno, I just saw
>8. /djt/ -> /jp/, /kancolle/ -> /vg/, /buyfag/ -> /jp/
On the thread which is why I asked



>the tread
Ignore it, it's just one guy shitposting over and over hoping to bait Hiro into thinking that's what the majority of Cred Forums wants

. /djt/ -> /jp/
Wait, what? This is not actually real, right?


Is this really what the Japanese version looked like?

Also, that ugly as shit font.

Yeah, knowing Hiro nothing will really change
It's the "consensus" the thread came to but it's not official

>go on a two week vacation
>take phone with ankidroid with me because I'm not fucking retarded
>proceed smoothly

Read the thread, it's bullshit.
>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.
>9. Spoonfeeding is encouraged in OTP threads
Yeah, totally real.
It's not even stickied.

There's no good looking Japanese fonts on sufami. If you plan to play old games get used to eye cancer.

>Because /jp/ is big and scary and mean and hurts your feelings if you ask stupid questions.
I wonder where people get that impression.
/jp/ is usually more chill and accepting than Cred Forums.

there's a reason why most sfc games were kana-only you know

>Hiroyuki will never implement kana captcha on Cred Forums and /jp/


I'd prefer kanji captcha though, kana is too easy.


Japanese captcha would kill the boards, if you don't want to talk to EOPs go to 2ch.

Should I use the Mincho font on the Kana Teacher? What are the more popular fonts for Japanese text on computers?


I agree with this. I'm part of a general over /jp/ and sometimes browse the board casually and I must say people over there are more chill than Cred Forums, and if I had to be honest, there are also a bunch of newfags as well. The board itself is kind of in a anarchy/circlejerk state, nothing is taken really seriously.

If it comes to the worst I don't think moving there would really be a problem. Of course there would be some against it who'd be vocal, but you could say the same about anywhere else as well, hell even here on Cred Forums we have a few vocal autists who like to stir shit up about how DJT should be abolished (look at them bite to my post).

Good idea for 2chan, but Cred Forums is an English-speaking website. If you don't want to talk to EOPs, there's a whole Japanese web that you can visit. If you just want a community for English speakers who've acquired a high level of comprehension in Japanese, that sounds like a circlejerk for the eternally mediocre and insecure (can't bring themselves to hang around Japanese websites because they're embarrassed about their Japanese) if ever there was such a thing.

>I'd prefer kanji captcha though, kana is too easy.

Yeah, anyone who wanted to get around kana captcha could do so after a few hours of study. Kanji captcha would basically require them to learn Japanese.

>Kanji captcha would basically require them to learn Japanese
Or use the handwriting function of google translate, since it can recognize even the scribbles of a 6-year-old.

Post your favorite kanji.



It's pretty cute.


delete this

Honestly man, you're either just really brilliant at language, or full of shit.

You only build those connections through massive exposure/recognition and production. I live in Japan, so there are times I think of things (primarily nouns) in terms of the language I've used more recently (子猫 instead of kitten, for instance), but to say that you're able to take abstract thoughts and assign meaning to them without the use of your primary language means you're either not learning difficult enough words, or you're an incredible polyglot who shouldn't even be in this thread. Or, you know, vastly over-rating your ability.

There does come a point where you can learn language that you're unaware of its equivalent in your native language, but that's only through immersion.

I'm not saying let's all rely on 1:1 translations for everything, pseudo-immersion to enjoy native Jap content is the end goal for everyone ITT, but what you're talking about is steps above anything a beginner can manage.


Why is it 思った時 and not 思う時 considering it's describing what's to come?

When asked this question 優 comes to mind, I like the "story" I made for it and like the signification it holds.

It's a pretty simple one and I'm still intermediate so surely I'll find others I like. 瞬 is a good one too. I'll try to ask myself this question more from now on.

This is not Japanese, though. It's barely even Chinese.

>search DJT on the catalog
>2 threads, because one other one mentioned DJT
>for the first time in fucking years there is an actual mod-approved, user-oriented metathread up about discussing the board's future

Damn. About time. God knows how long this is overdue. I stopped browsing Cred Forums over a year ago though so I don't have much to contribute to that other thread.

What are your thoughts about a possible move to /jp/? I don't really care but I feel bad for /jp/ since they are basically getting used as a dumping ground for everyone's shit.

I don't think anything will change, as far as I know DJT is mostly crossboarders anyway.

In /jp/ it's gonna be a lot slower, less shitposters but more circlejerk, and a lot less newfriends.
I don't mind, I guess.

I don't think should be taken seriously. It's just someone trying to feel important by proposing unneeded changes and raising non-problems.

>an actual mod-approved, user-oriented metathread up about discussing the board's future
Are you dumb? The OP is shit and the whole thread is shitposting, dubs and loli pics. What Hiro said isn't going to get anything anywhere, as he wants us to agree with each other (something that isn't happening).
It's just shitposting.

ill post in djt no matter where it is till you boys learn japanese

>till you boys learn japanese
Better stock up on 仙丹.


Was it just a typo maybe?

I don't think I have an answer for you but I'd like to know as well.

My pleb answer would be : is it because it modifies 時?

Are japanese CERO B (12 and up) games easy to read if I'm sitll learning japanese?

Just pirate some and find out for yourself.

A 12 year old likely knows more Japanese than you if you're just learning.

Does the age rating have anything to do with difficulty of reading in Japan?

I don't know but I figured it's ag appropriate and I don't see any CERO A with hard kanji

From experience it's dumb to think you should read kid stuff simply because you're a beginner. They won't necessarily be easy or interesting to read and more than that it won't teach you shit. Avoid Hiragana only games like the plague, trust me.

ぞ like が under old japanese

If you define "easy" as "able to read with very few or no breaks, and without guessing at anything", "easy" is basically non-existent for people who can't pass the N1, at least in regards to text-heavy works.

When you're getting to a point where things become easy, you won't have to ask us. You'll know. Until then, read with a text hooker handy and keep doing your reps.

Not expecting hiragana only games, just thinking they'll only have kanji that a 12 year old would know

Well anything interesting you is good to do in my opinion then.

Just ponder on it, "am I just trying to find a way to procrastinate by doing something easy rather than doing something hard (i.e. reading a VN etc) that /would/ make me progress?"

You are an adult, there is no need to lower yourself to the level of a 12y old. Your brain isn't 12y old. Your goal is to become fluent. That's my 2cents at the very least.


I suppose that makes sense "whenever the time arises that I have done-the-action-of-thinking I want to fuck you, we will fuck"

Not very natural in English but maybe that's how Eleven brains work.

Yeah indeed, that's why said that, since there's やりたいと before.

Can't see it in any other way at least. Should probably not think too much of it either way.

I bought the game anyway, I know I'll bump into stuff that's very hard I just want to set the game-for-12-year-old as a starting point not an end game

i remember when i played a game in the 90s it was actually my first fully japanese game and i didnt know alot of words but i knew more words than i thought and it was sick when id see some kanji and guess what they were without even knowing them really just based on the context and finger through my kanji dictionary to confirm them and then get stoked and fist pump and say "w00t" loudly so much so in fact my mother would come in to tell me to pipe down

noone says w00t out loud and you mother would still quietly whisper できない子

that still happens now actually

reading these will destroy your sense of japanese grammar


What game is it? After all the stuff I said might not apply, I was just speaking in general.

higurashi was written and drawn by a very genki boy and you shant have much to fear

the vocabulary in umineko isnt that bad because half of the game is the same shit copy and pasted over and over again and thne theres a kanji puzzle or w/e its not a big deal the guy just really likes romeo tanaka so much so in fact that his make a wish foundation wish came true and he got to work with him not once but twice


gust nuff said your life is over

Well you can pretty much disregard anything I said then, looks like there was a misunderstanding.

Have fun!

i mean ive been studying japanese day and night for 25 years and i cant read this

i think you bit off more than you can chew here

The book is...! The book is talking!?

I know you're joking but game is pretty much standard VN-tier so there was no need to worry over whether it's too easy or too hard in the first place.

thats the joke i cant read the book because its flying around talking to me thanks for noticing

i've been studying hiragana for 10 years and i think i can finally recognize that top row as "a"

The user is...! The user is talking!?

actually i think its just a bunch of weird żs or something

If you look two buttons left of the right shift key, you will see a key that you should really learn to use. Perhaps you might learn to use the shift key while you're at it.

Also, sitting there with a paper dictionary is kind of stupid in 2016. Programs like chiitrans lite and kanjitomo let you look things up in an instant without having to remove yourself from immersion. It's true that they're easy to abuse, and that abuse can result in a possibly eternal delay in learning the language (people who've fallen into this trap definitely exist), but you're also not obligated to abuse them. If you can't bring yourself to look away from the text parser, you can minimize it until you need it.

Because that's how Japanese works.

Same reason why it's 日本に来る前.. even when you're already in Japan.






It's funny, because I went on a two week vacation and did just that, got my reps done easily just by doing a few whenever I felt a little bored. But then I got home and instantly fell out of it.

Computers are too distracting.


Is there a funnier sounding sentence than this shit? It always cracks me up when it shows up in Anki.

the reading and the meaning always gets me


What's funny about it?

Isn't that incorrect?

The sound of paatii, junbi and totonoeru all in one place.

Throw in some pokapoka and kyukyusha and we'll have the most funny sounding sentence ever written.

I'm not sure, I'm just an ankidrone.

I am new to learning Japanese and was wondering that if I just study kunyomi and not onyomi can I still speak and learn Japanese fluently?

you can study neither and become fluent
even RtK fags don't study readings

Study vocabulary instead of memorizing isolated readings, you will thank yourself later, when you're able to fully fathom how messy readings are.


That doesn't mean you need to focus on them, or even that you should learn that way (as said, learning in isolation is just silly). But to just outright say "fuck it" is a misconception that's going to lead you to falter later on.

There are no shortcuts in learning a language - there are just easier and harder ways of learning.

Where the fuck did you get an idea this retarded



watch me




Don't use かしら when you're not a girl.




What word would you use to describe a show as clever?


Why would anyone even learn Japanese is they couldn't say かしら?




Damn can't believe I didn't think of that, have it in my mining deck and everything


You're an ankidrone, obviously you won't think up much yourself when you're used only to passive learning.

Well I only do anki for 1 hour a day and read for 6 hours a day but I guess that must still count

Reading is still passive.

Focusing more on reading and listening than production doesn't make you an ankidrone

I doubt many people in here focus more on production than "passive learning" anyway, the entire foundation of /djt/ is "read more"



I don't read at all nowadays, yet I knew the word when you needed it.


Well that's cool, I'm sure I would have been able to think of 奥深い if I was thinking I wanted the word "deep", but I was thinking of "clever", to which I could think of many words but was unsure if any of them applied to stories


You need to overcome that reliance on English. Think about the idea you want to express and what Japanese word fits, not the English words it could correspond to.

Just study it the same way you learnt English. How did you teach yourself the different readings of "ough" and "ive""?

be a man and use japanese-japanese dictionaries

Well yeah, I know, I'm just bad at production, something I'm trying to work on at the moment as per your previous advice

I'm still not an ankidrone though

For what reason are you learning Japanese?
If it's to read manga, VNs, LNs and watch anime, then you can completely ignore production as it is irrelevant.

if you dont say and write japanese you are in fact a drone face it

use of your hands and your voice help your brain to make connections with language isnt it sugoi

No need to get hwabyung'd :-) about it, "ankidrone" is surely just a meme after all.

Yeah I am pretty much just learning for manga, LNs and anime, but I would still very much like to improve my production, it feels lackluster without it, and I feel like it helps a lot with retention and understanding grammar, which I could definitely do with

fuck off khatz not everyone gets a boner at the idea of writing kanji 10000 times






How long can someone remain an anki drone? You get through Core 10k, RTK, and DoJG... then what? And you'll be done with all of those faster than you realize, especially if you're putting several hours per day into them. With anything past those, you'll have to go through material to get mined words. The only people for whom this wouldn't be a strawman are beginners in their early months and ridiculously slow people.

I have to disagree with that.

Production highlights the holes in your knowledge so that you can plug them. Also, if you want to discuss the untranslated shit that you consume, sooner or later, you're going to want to head over to the Japanese web.

>y gaize look I shat a new meymey!

You have autism.



oh dang you gotta go bro thats a no no in this zone

what, "kiss your sister" is no good here?

I'm watching the Tae Kim videos and am at the y-vowel part, about how if you stick a y sound after another sound you get sounds like gya or kyo. Then he shows a bunch of "example" words, all of which end with や, and yet none of them seem to have a y at the end. They just sound like they end with an ordinary あ. Are my ears just not picking up something very subtle or is this just some Japanese rule? If my ears aren't deceiving me, why not just end with あ?

the vowel part of the syllable starts with a y not ends in a y

Why does the line at the bottom of 芝 quite obviously look like it's two strokes when it's only one

cuz when you write it you back that ass up

I mean even at the start of the syllable. I'm not hearing the y. Is it just me not being able to hear it through the accent?


Can someone explain to me why America was given the rice kanji?

Because it's onyomi is ア

So as of now, does /djt/ belong on /jp/?

亜 あ
米 まい
利 り
加 か


No. Mod is being retarded.

No. Never did. DJT is a raw manga thread.

Look up って in the A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, if you or anyone else are stuck on this, for a good explanation.

Useful word:


Actually instantly recognized it because a VN I've been reading spammed it for a while

Additional useful 明晰 word for improved association


Or I guess Hapymaher? Perhaps Subahibi, it comes once or twice there.

Useful word 2:


Yes, as it always did.

The bit about pictures earlier in the thread really makes me wonder why nobody's made a picture pack full of anime and manga references to replace the stock image pack you can download for the core deck. Even if it's not terribly helpful it'd be more pleasant to look at.


Thanks for confirming

>as it always did.
People saying that it should go is the more recent development

>tfw passed N1 in 2 1/2 years with 100 reps of self-mined vocab on surusu every day

kek 1+ hour of anki a day? don't make me laugh

No, I've created the first djt thread so I'd know better.

There was no first djt thread.



Yeah sure, I made it myself and somehow there wasn't one.
die ugly jap

>Yeah sure, I made it myself and somehow there wasn't one.
Yes, you totally made something that never existed.

How can something not exist if I've made it?


It can't, so you didn't make it.

wew couldn't read that one could you bring it down a little?
I did though, that's the major flaw in your logic.

>I did though, that's the major flaw in your logic.
But you didn't. There was no first thread, and therefore, you cannot have made it. Therefore, you're a liar.


Now there's only one possibility left, you're legitimately retarded.

Nope, just you being a compulsive liar trying to play with lurkers.

Why is this stupid gook smiling like that?

The only useless words are ones that are never used. From a language learner's perspective, of course.



Go back. We don't need your kind around here.


But I'm already in an overseas territory of /jp/ which will be integrated pretty soon.

Nope. This thread is property of Cred Forums, official heir to the title of Cred Forums's Most Generic Board. Extradite yourself to your containment forum,

this is the first thread of the rest of your life

だいじょうぶ きみは たいようだから

I feel like a carer working in a retard house whenever the autistic shitposters come out of the woodwork in this thread

i feel that way when you post but nonetheless ill change your pissy poopy bedpans when you need help with the difference between は and が

Actually this thread is my private property. You can have your reddit tier titles all you want, but don't try to claim shit.

you wish it was yours but we know whos dick djt is a slave to (私の)

No, this thread is in fact my private property. Here, I'm showing you papers that prove my ownership of this territory

i cant read japanese so these dont prove shit to me

by the way make sure you post the next thread with haste or else ほほほ

DJT would be better off on /jp/

You mean it own site.

If you made the first DJT, what was the image in the OP?

I have it, and you should know too.


Why would I want to do that myself? I've hired multiple slaves who already do the work for me.
That's not your call though. I've already arranged for this thread to be integrated into /jp/

It didn't have an image and you just exposed yourself as a liar.

OPs are required to have images. Your move.

>I've already arranged for this thread to be integrated into /jp/
How about a subreddit

congrats on outing yourself

can someone translate this i dont speak slobbering idiot

hiring slaves lol nice one

lol XDDD

Not really. Seems like you are new here. Why don't you go back to where you came from?
This thread is to be merged with /jp/ within this week.

Kyan enibadeli hulainndo meii sannbadeli tuu rabu

>Not really. Seems like you are new here. Why don't you go back to where you came from?
I don't have anywhere to go back to, since, you know, I come from here.

The "first" DJT thread certainly does have an image. But it's not the "first" DJT thread. And the "first" DJT thread is the second DJT thread. The zeroth is the first and the first is the second. There is no one.

I'm not making this up. If you actually knew anything about the inception of DJT you would know this.

Yeah, I thought so. I'm the first one to create these threads though and the first thread certainly didn't have an image, I would know.

joke's on you


This wasn't the first thread though. You seem mentally challenged.

yeah it was the zeroth

then the next was the second

clearly you can't have made the first thread if there wasnt one

There was no zeroth thread and there was the first, which I created. You seem to be making this shit up as you go.




the threads were shit garbage till i swooped to the rescue so who cares