What do you think Rem's fetish is?

What do you think Rem's fetish is?



Being a cuck.



There are two types of people in this world.

Cucks and Cuckolds.

Decapitating harmless teenage boys


Smelly socks

It was all a dream

Best fetish.


Holding hands

Smelly boi.

Smelly dicks


Fucking checked

Normie love it so much even after cuck scene, and the cucked girl fans shitpost everywhere. In my churc, facebook shares, my group chat and /d2g/. Basically It's 2016's SAO. And I know that much without even watching it or visit its thread in Cred Forums. That how worse it spread. If you go to your local animecon, you should be guaranteed seeing its cosplay

Pleasing the man she loves.

it's called cuckqueaning when it's a girl

aren't they the same thing

None. A fetish presupposes a personality.

Light femdom

Normal Rem: hand holding missionary with lots of kissing.

Horned Rem: reverse cowgirl or hugging cowgirl.

Don't be so hard on your imouto Banter Queen
Rem a best and you are a cute


Rem is definitely the lewdest girl in Re:zero

NTR and killing useless NEETs

>If you go to your local animecon, you should be guaranteed seeing its cosplay
I don't see the problem with this.

She sure is the most slut along with her sister.

Fuck off back to or >normie
Fuck off and kill yourself.

shutup bitch

you're gay dude


At least her fetish is not clown cocks.

Please be a girl.

This, and claiming she's doing it for the safety of Emilia

Who is Rem?

>wanting a big dick is a fetish

my dik

When I normalfagged it up back in the day, I would get free lad dances from strippers that noticed my huge bulge. Shit turns whores into kittens.

Loving, fun consensual sex for the sole purpose of recreation

Should be Intel's mascot, Amada Kokoro is AMD-tan

Taiga is AMD's mascot and Ami is Intel's.

Trash since she loves Toyota.

Rem should be intel