This series would've been at least three times more popular if it focused more on mecha action and girls

This series would've been at least three times more popular if it focused more on mecha action and girls.

It would have been three times more shit

Miguel and Tulip Join the Army is the best premise I ever heard, the only thing that held ot back was too many scenes focused on T&A.

Best chapters in the novels focus on characters that are not the two fags.

Putana and Mariydi are so much better than them.

Are you going to keep spamming this until someone agrees with you? I don't even feel like making a point because you'll just be in the next thread regurgitating the same points while ignoring or deflecting anything people say.

>anime that focus on the generic MC instead of girls/mecha its shit.

I dream of a world when japs can make likeables MCs.

It would have been better if the cast wasn't insulting bad really. I don't know what it is with Light Novels having annoying characters and otherwise at least passable concepts.

But there is three very likeable MC archetypes to chose from.
1. Dens/idiot.
2. Pussy.
3. self insert.
I do not understand what you're complaining about.

Ass and titties ruined it, sad to say. There is nothing wrong with Lethal Weapon Anime Mech Edition. More bantz more explosions

stop making daily threads for this shit

To be completely honest the mech designs in this anime are kind of meh. I don't really like apocalypse onions spewing lazors

Much better than generic as shit and 100% unrealistic humanoid mechas.

That's rather intentional, the focus is more on the two guys blowing their shit up rather than the machines themselves. OP's argument is stupid because if you take the duo away, they'd have to redo the mecha to make them humanoid and appealing and it stops being Heavy Object at that point.

These were the most unrealistic mechs I've ever seen.

>Hurr they can survive a nuke and are super tough but also super fast.

The show would have been at least 3 times better if it didn't devolve into generic LN "all the girls are dickriding the MC all the time" bullshit in the second half. The suicide buddy team dynamic was the only thing keeping it from turning into by-the-numbers LN schlock.

>and 100% unrealistic humanoid mechas.
Don't fucking kid yourself. The "tactics" worked for the audience because the writing and dialogue was clever, not because it actually made any sense.

Maybe more popular, but it would have been generic garbage

The duo fucking shit up is the best thing about the show

I liked it, but soundwork was awful.

It drops the girls falling for the MC stuff f9 the most part starting from Vol 6 on, coincidentally, that's when it gets to be its best

I thought the soundtrack was fine, but damn if JC Staff wasn't trying to deafen me with those sound effects.

Just the fact that they use electromagnetic drive to float makes them more realistic than anything with legs.

There are two girls in the series who want the guy. It's not even enough to qualify as harem.

Most of the girls he meets want him dead.

>Tits commander
This series would've been three times worse without Dumb&Dumber

You forgot the inconsequential childhood acquaintance.

They never even meet

Thinking on it, Heivia complains a lot but has more girls interested in him, including a maybe that Kamachi has been fucking with us about through multiple series with the official cutest girl.

>Tits commander

She's not in love with him nor ever wants to fuck him.

>has more girls interested in him
There is only one and she's his fiance

She's still dickriding him even when he's off-screen. It's like the ultimate form of annoyance.

The joke is Hevia always ends up doing missions with dudes while blondie usually ends up running around with a girl.

She literally only mentions him once.

She literally never talks about him again.

They even do one mission together but she's in a powered suit and never even recognizes him.

Wasn't Heivia working with a girl in volumes 2, 3, 6 and 9 when he's not with Quenser?

He was. He's really just obsessed about girls to the point he complains every time Quenser is with one when he's not.

He spent entire volume working with a big tits commander in bikini.

Maybe it would have been more popular, but it wouldn't have been better.

That reporter girl was a diva but damn she was a top semen demon. I'd go for that instead of the snoozefest known as Hime, but I have no idea what she did to make Quenser avoid her like the plague.

That'd a different idol. Apparently there's a magazine side story where he's stuck with the childhood friend in the safe country, but we don't have any other information on it.

Aside from obvious hyperbole about "all the time" this hardly acts as a counter to my point. There's a point in the second cour where it gets unbearably bogged down with girl characters taking about how great Quenser is. I merely pointed out that she was among them.

It would have been more popular if it just had a certain singer do the OPs.

Heivia has a ship full of battlemaids that get turned on by him giving them orders.

>implying Azureyfear wasn't dripping wet at the end of volume 11
I almost was and I'm a man.

You know what, you're right. Nanamin would've done wonders to that OP.

Maybe if the series had any animation budget it could have focused on that stuff. There was barely anyhing more than the main few cast standing around talking. Objects are low poly and cheap to animate.

I don't know, I grew to love the first OP a lot.


Kamachi just needs to finally start releasing the spin-off novels he supposedly already wrote.

Ice Girl and Putana would be great leads if they ever got their own series.


I'm not referring to that person. I'm referring to the Index singer. But now she retired that ain't happening anymore.

Azureyfear did nothing wrong.

Shit, when did Maon retire?

Stop the bullying!

>the faggot that shot her wasn't publicly executed
Step it up, Kamachi.

Not that singer, the other one. You know, the one who sang No buts?

Well, he was shot in front of everybody else the moment he did that if it counts.


I need more of best girl animated.
Season 2 never.

Doujins never.

fucking sausage fest, 2 faggots talking during the whole episode.
what a piece of shit.

Go away Nagai.

The MCs were likable, though. It was just pretty dull storywise and Objects aren't fun to watch.

Fight with Ohoho was good though.

The main problem was not enough focus on object fights.

Thinking on volume 6 being adapted if the absurd happened and HO got an 2nd season I was wondering; would the nips even be able to do a good job animating a breach and clear?

Why not?

They can't even get something as basic as water right (of which there will be plenty of for volume 6) so I'd say no.

The entire series was the narative equivalent of a shitpost.

And it pulled it off excellently.