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Happy Birthday Manako - THE ENCORE

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Smith's birthday next.

When is that?

26th of September

I agree, but here's some Tio


>it's not him

Where do I direct my REEEEE energy?

I feel like I missed something new in regards to that Tio...


Making some new ogres.

Things and stuff 4 webm

No effect layer on Doppel.
90/255 or 35% alpha on effect layer on Tio.

Thanks if and when you can.


meant for

Here's some wallpapers


Too much chest.

Did the crawling chaos get a boob job?


As she can shape-shift, her boobs changing cup size is kind of vanilla. She could be a giant bouncing boob if she wanted to be.

Small chest best chest.

She should know that.

I'm going to get a band of red snake skin around my upper arm with the skin being the same style. And then the D on top of it

I never said it would be of her specifically

>Dmm gave her some meat on her bones
>Sitting on a bed with thigh 95% exposed

Update when? I NEED it!

get both sneks doing pic related on your whole back.
Their tails wrapped together and making a heart at the tip.
Show it to any potential human mate on the first date.

>those tits
>those thighs
Dear god, this is why she's 2nd best.

>dating 3d
>dating humans
>dating 3d humans

Threw up a little bit user, Miia's the only one for me

Here, from android

Claim your bundle 'o fuzz here.

That's not a C cup.
That's most certainly not a D cup.

I'm a phoneposter, but it's only till my new PC fan arrives.

Oh muh dick
New scenes from the game?

God damn

It's just me or are the scenes from the game getting lewder

Can't wait.

>all that trash laying around everywhere

Absolutely disgusting, her house has to smell terrible

Tio's pomfs could probably level houses.

Fuzz claimed. I wonder if the black fuzz feels different to the orange fuzz.

Doppel is the Superior Girl

Maybe, I'm surprised she can endure it.

One causes hives, other causes rashes

You mean cuddle bumps, and rosy red love marks.

Big Brown Beefy Bovine

I have bags of trash stacked to the ceiling, eventually you stop noticing the smell so it's no big deal

Been there.

It's nice once you clean it. I promise user.

It's not getting cleaned lad, I have already permanently shut the door on two rooms because there is so much trash in them

I'm calling TLC

I'm glad to see you know your technical terms, fellow Tarafag.

Never say never user. I've been in worse. Literally Horders tier mess. I cleaned it all.

Have a cute birb in a cute sundress.

I'm going to marry Draco!

I want to console the shroom

>ywn eat Kino and grow twice your height and then bully Tio about being short

Not if I marry her brother first

Black fuzz?

I need it.

It's on her butt and upper legs.

Asterio or Tio?

Indeed. It was bit hard though, I don't get them anymore ever since I completed my immunity. It feels so good to have soft spooder embraces.

I salute your devotion to the fuzz.


>tfw those are her most ticklish areas

>blushing Tara

>A connisieur of big girls

>mobile trip

If you've got nothing of value to say then take off the trip. Or do you just want the attention?


Is there any explanation as to what's up with Doppel in this frame?

She's asleep.

Thats cheating, but also pic

An user posed that she was scared by Zombina's driving.

Just found out about the latest chapter translation. Thank you, TF.

Bait? Or just stupid

I'm not a clever man and I don't check for updates often.

TF is dead.
She got in a car crash and a peice of guard rail went right through her chest. If her boobs were a bit bigger it might have missed her heart. Damn shame.

Now there's TTF. The biggest Polt waifufag in the world


Thank you based TTF.

No no no. Like this.

No! I'm going to marry Draco!

A Trump supporting snek is best waifu.

>ywn attend a Trump rally with your waifu

user, I will fight you for Draco

As an afterthought, what does TTF stand for?

Fight me!

I'll fight both of you.

You don't know?

How would she react to a bunch of guys fighting over her?

I'm not a clever man.

I'll straight up kill you both if you even think about making a move on my Draco

I will destroy you all.

>my Draco
That's funny.


I'll spoonfeed you once.
Armored war vehicle designed for multiple terrains, at the apex, bundle of sticks


As much as I love Miia, actually have something to say when posting pictures. Image dumps are normally looked down upon

Tanktop faggot? Wouldn't have been my first guess but it makes sense, thanks.

Yes. My Draco. She and I were meant to be together and I'll be damned if I let some chump take her

she would join in because she only loves Miia

Draco is mine!
Not yours! Mine!

>She and I were meant to be together
Come on now user, surely you jest.
It's obvious Draco and I were meant to be.

>all these Dracofags not realizing she will never love any of them because she's a man-hating lesbian that only likes reptiles

We can dream user.

Why not get along and enter a polyandrous Marriage with Draco

Does Rachnera have a normal pussy or an epigyne? Some user claimed Crab said she had an epigyne but didn't post proof.

Shut up, it's all an act she's put up to fool herself into believing she hasn't completely fallen for her homestay

And share her with those jerks? no way

I'm not sure, I'm still struggling to figure out if Miia has a vagina with an anus at the end of her tail, or a cloaca.

steal her pantsu and find out

Draco, after all, is the king of beasts and would be able to control all her men in her personal harem.

I will not share Draco. We'll have a happy life together with our brood of dragonchildren

I wouldn't mind if she was like the girl in lamia cafe, but since it's confirmed she has a human vag I'm going with the human vag + cloaca near the end of her tail design until crab confirms otherwise

I want to protect this woman.

I mean I'm like 99% certain she has a normal vagina based on the card that said arachne use their pedipalps to hold their mate in place.

Yes, protect Suu from the awful horse woman

Yeah I'll just go with that.
childhood ruined
Its pretty clear from both the manga and anime that Miia has a human like vagina at least. Her anus's location on the other hand is anybody's guess.

While the gesture is nice, I humbly disagree with the idea.
I'd rather not share my waifu.

Then you are not a true dracofag that can put aside his differences with other dracofags to love and cherish Draco as the king of beasts she is.

No! Because Draco is mine!

I will make her happy!

Shame on all of you with your selfish attitude towards Draco. No wonder why she tries to stay away from men.

>he would let inferior men lay hands on Draco
Does she look like a centaur to you?


I wanna make this girl happy.
But that can never happen for many reasons.

I disagree. I am the truest Dracofag because I would make her my treasure and treat her like the beautiful princess she is. Other, lesser dracofags will look upon our happiness and despair

She does not look like a centaur, however, you do at least, hoofy.

Come on now user. While we all rather not share our waifu at least we can all agree she's the best.

I just want Crab to end the story in a satisfying way.
And by that I mean Miia winning, because it's fucking obvious

Well, It seems like Draco will never be happy with you if you treat her like an mere object on a pedestal with that whole princess line.

Just that alone makes you a false Dracofag.

There's no way that necklace won't be brought up again in a later chapter.
I bet she wears it every day.

Reminder that Zombina is for loving tenderly, and to have fun with.

>tfw no undead waifu to go to the range with

I want to propose to that spinster.

>streetsweeper shotguns
Zombina confirmed for shit taste

>tfw no undead waifu to go to the nearest children's hospice to adopt with.

Are you talking shit about my ability to please Draco? Them's dueling words, motherfucker

I'll gladly take fractured ribs and dislocated shoulders for this woman.

Zombina is the Superior Girl

It reminds me of Alice's black ribbon

Honestly I'm firmly in the human only camp.
Why would she wear her loin cloth, skirts, and bikini bottoms if she didnt.
I'd honestly buy that she has both, over just a spiders parts.

>Why would she wear her loin cloth, skirts, and bikini bottoms if she didnt.
Because she's just a dumb bitch sitting on an ugly chair

you take that back right now

Then where's her vagina you dumb nigger

Pls, user. It not about whether you can please Draco or not. It's that the type of affection you seem to proffer to Draco would do nothing but cage her and treat her as nothing more than a thing to bestow your affection on to.
Draco more than likely wants to be treated just as a normal person whose wants and desires are can be reciprocated by her partner's own wants and desires. Draco would love to actually have a 2 way relationship instead of mere worship and 1 way affection to which you are to bestow.


snek in a lovely dress.


Miia is only good for paizuri and sloppy deepthroating

Just acknowledge, that the internal anatomy of Rachnera is a utter total mystery. She has the most anatomical and developmental problems of all the non-slime monster girls.

>implying she isn't good at other sexual things
>implying she isn't good at other nonsexual things

I know this is heresy but, I'd cuddle with her.

With a tongue like her's, it would be otherworldly.

Who'd win in a fight? Zombina or Draco?

The very concept of Monster Musume brings up many questions, biological, social, economic, and political.
And most of those questions will never be answered.

isn't obvious, user?
Zombina has weapon training and combat training.
Draco just her her innate abilities.
Zombina would end up as a draconewt slayer.

It is especially acute with Rachnera and other arachnes subspecies.

How do small breeds rape humans?

they hurl themselves at their dicks at ballistic speed

with their Hypnotic Smug Smiles and make Men drop into submission. Small Breed Cuteness is extremely dangerous for the untrained eye.

I want to spank this newt and then gently caress her butt!

>Hypnotic Smug Smiles

You're not alone user.

They start at the top, then work their damp and slightly sticky way down.

If Rachnee weights like 80 kilos being 198cm plus her general dimensions, how much would a small breed weight?

I'd be afraid a strong wind might send her flying.

you better believe it. 420,594 men whom seen this image fell under the Small Breed's sway.

Miia IRL.
This is basically what I'd expect her to look like, sans missing face scales.

>double wielding
>tactics based entirely on lol i wasn't ded i was merely pretending
Pickle is a scrub

I am sure she knows other tactics and does use other weapons.

Sucks at cooking tho.

I'll buy her a damn cook book for beginners if I had to.
No way I wouldn't want to come home to this.

>you will never be breastfed by Cathyl

That just encourages them to hang on more tightly.
>you will never stand there transfixed despite her shouts of "Duck!," as a ballooning small breed babe crashes crotch first into your face.

Feels bad man.

>crab will never let her improve because of a running gag that got old twenty chapters ago
This makes me a little mad

Asterio is best milk, but cathyl okay

Same thing with Draco never having anything good happen to her. Crab is a hack

Did you even read chapter 45?

>walk into room and find snek tied up on your bed.
>wat do?

I just did earlier, no skin was shown. Impressed.

Informed atributes don't count. Besides, it's a perfectly good plot for a miia chapter, I hate seeing it go to waste by mentioning her progress by the side

unwrap snek


Make babies.

The last translated chapter had Darling say her cooking has somewhat improved and now can be eaten.
Anyway, wasn't this a thread about Manako's birthday?

Manako a Cute!!!!

Worst Ending
Alice a cute.

looks like they liked this 4koma

>Crab will never right a chapter about Miia's improved cooking skills
>Crab will instead have more chapters where Cerea is a bitch

I really hate this crap

I also really hate that someone was translating the Sei Monmusu VN before MGQ2: The Search for More Money was announced and he abandoned it

at least she died standing up with dignity.
a lot better then most of luka's deaths...

>thread about Manako's birthday?
I'm sure that she'd appreciate your remembering it.

she's sleeping


this isn't mgq2, its mgqp, apperently mgq2 is going to be something diffrent entirely.

>all this dracoposting and talking about marrying her
please, don't be delusional, people
she's a lesbian and so far nothing will change that

I do not like these feels


Her lack of tastebuds shouldn't matter because her jacobson's organ should be sensitive enough to let her know what the dish she's preparing tastes like

>ywn have Miia in the bath


That's just Miia cheating on Darling with Kurusuu.

But they're the same person?

>Wake up cold winter morning
>Set warm bath for Miia
>Lay back down while she bathes
>Surprised by warm snek cuddles a few minutes later

trust nobody

what if I become an alp?

according tho who? Headcanon?


so, if Suu becomes darling, Miia (and Cerea) is ok to suck his(her) dick?

Reread or rewatch that bit.

Fuck, I'm an idiot. I need to rewatch the show again

what if the broker is Zombina's ex-boyfriend that he's trying to forcet her back? I mean, he could have send the dangerous extraspecies against darling, forcing MON (and obviously Zombina) to get out the headquarters to somwhere else with less security. And could say to the vampire girl to capture her and take her with him, but the vampire girl is a bit stupid so she bite her?

No, that's probably not it

That's honestly a really dumb idea, user

I think its a good idea

Everyone is the Superior Girl


It's a really fucking bad idea

And people say that Crab's a hack.

If I had to roll a dice with all the current named characters on it and whoever I rolled becomes real, I can't think of any option id be genuinely upset about

>Trashbag Suu


well thats just your opinion man.

I stand by my opinion that Zombina's titties are marvelous and things of beauty.

no Lala no buy

I prefer Miia's breasts.

I gotchu


Her tits jesus christ
Muh dick

Miia has perfect tits. Not too large, but not too small.

Head girl. You know, head just come right off

Last meme before fucking back off to lurk mode
Can't help but milk Doppel when I get the chance

they're p good

Any 2nd October birthdays?



>le every cerea fag is a horsefucker meme
>le every cerea fag is /mlp/ meme
>le every cerea fag wants to fuck actual horses in real life meme
when is this shit going to stop?
because im tired of it being true

When does Darling's childhood friend appear?

When shitposters disappear from Cred Forums.

In other words, never.

>implying anyone leaves

it wasn't my choice to be attracted to horses, it just happened. but now im an /mlp/ horsefucker who wants to fuck horses in real life and so im automatically attracted to the horse pussy.

with that rape smile, god help me
I hope at least that she won't turn into something horrible

After his parents come back from overseas

Nobody brought it up. You're calling it to attention.

also, you did this one too, right?

>implying people dont shit on cerea all thread every thread for her horsepussy


>Darlings parents return from overseas.
Kimihito, what the fuck happened to the house!? Why is it so big!? Who paid for it!? Why are their liminals in the house!? Why does it smell like a barn in here!? Why is that slime trying to rape your mother!?
You have SO MUCH to answer for young man!

too bad we won't see her like that in the manga

I'm sorry a majority of Cereafags shit up threads. There's a reason people don't like them. It's irresponsible to blame everyone else.

>You can do /whatever/ you want to me
>doppel will never let you fuck her after a day of high jinx


I understand why people like Ceara's top half. Totally get that. What I don't get is the horse half.
Then again, I'm into snake women, so I don't have much room to criticize others with this fucked up Japanese fetish show.

t. shitposting spiderfag

there's a difference between shitting on her and memeing. Most people have no problem with HORSE PUSSY and just do it for laughs. Some other people a few horsefags and normies haven't caught up to the joke

t. never seen horsepussy

I'm exactly the same.

Incorrect. Spider is #2

I've seen plenty of it on Derpibooru.
Not that great

I dont remember Cred Forums monster girl lovers being this squeamish 4 years ago.

This is a much tamer series, a lot less degenerate.

>Don't shit in the sauna, don't shit in the sauna...
>Oh god, I'm not going to make it.

Not him but I've been taking care of 2 females horses all my life and I still don't get the appeal.
But I guess that's the thing - it's all appeal, everyone likes their own stuff. So I won't judge until there's shitposting involved

does your dad know you are gay?
and pony porn horsepussy is the best, its perfect. if you dont like that you must just be homo.

>If you don't want to fuck horses, you're gay
You're baiting, right?

Cerea's personality is as bland as her cooking

See now, this is the shit people don't like about horsefags. I like Miia, but I'm not attracted to snakes.

you are just teeth away from one if her actual expressions.

Or maybe it's becuase I want to be able to slip my dick into something relativly the same size as it, rather then needing a bucket to stand on while it feels like I'm sticking it into a cavern far too large for it.
Also it's not human pussy.

horsepussy>human pussy in every way
try to prove me wrong.

>i like this girl
>just not 50% of her
thats shit waifuing, i love every part of my waifu.

Doppel will never whip some F-cups out of her hair-of-holding and try to reward you for all your hard work.

No, I love Miia 100 percent. I'm not attracted to animals though which is what you misunderstand.

I've never owned a snake in my life, but I imagine having one as large as Miia wrap around your whole body without the intent to kill you would probably feel nice in a strange way.

>i love my waifu 100%
>but if she doesn't have a perfect human pussy im dumping her instantly

Fukkin saved
Speaking of which, did one more edit for her eyes because blue is the superior color

Buy the Daki, I have.

nice strawman horsefag

it brought in a lot of killjoys though

I could never buy one of those. Not while living under the same roof as my parents, or on my own when trying to find an actual gf.
I've got plenty of pics of Miia to make up for it.
Speaking of which, I'll take THAT one thank you.

Thought I might as well mediocrely edit this one too

tell me about the good days when you weeb fucks actually embraced non-human pussy

>or on my own when trying to find an actual gf

The most I'd buy is a Miia statuette.
Have another picture, by the way

you're right, but some people draw parallels to real life animals and say it's normal

back in the day there was an Cred Forumsnon that made an onahole out of fox hair as an experiment.

That's just a retarded shitposter.

>TFW you talk about trying to find a gf and anons are doubtful.

That sucks my dude, I'm considering giving up on 3d (I realize this makes me a punchline).
I also bought the statuette . The pics are very much appreciated.

I'm mocking you for being interested at all.

Thank you very much!

I don't think I'd ever get a gf, but that's mainly because of a certain friend of mine.
But I won't blogpost again

this any better?

If I had money to throw away, and wouldn't get judged for it, I'd get me one of those Miia statuettes.
But I don't and I will so I can't.

It's cool. I'll love you.

You are inferior to her, sadly. But I appreciate it, user.

I've got a career and a constant amount of income. So I don't mind if people judge me very much.

In what way?

Happy Birthday to best Moneye!

I'll be honest, reality as a whole isn't fair.
Fuck this boring universe, where is the interesting element?

Find the pickles type. Pickles types are the best to make your SO


Self-discovery, go traveling.

Yea no I got you guys a big as fuck pool and hot tub room and shit for free, that's right overreact and get upset now

how did it turn out? i think /mlp/ has you beat, there are ingredient lists of how to make mare pussy juice for each of the mane6, along with instructions on how to make a marshamllow butthole fleshlight out of a cup, corn starch, and marshmallows. because everyone wants to fuck rarity the whorse's asshole

Such a lovely dress.

And I forgot the picture. Damn it

>how did it turn out? i
not so good

anyone know where I can find the lil comic with papi and her tail feathers?

This, I'm gonna explode with anger if when we finally do meet his parents they bitch about the house. He quadrupled the size of that place at minimum, they better be grateful

nah, I prefer the original one
is more unique

I wish the sun would just explode and end this farce

>Not investing all your time and money into trying to make 2D waifus real

thats why i have all my bad-dragon fleshlights made in a factory, then i get to fuck the perfectly-made silicoln and cum inside pony and dog pussies all i want.

me too

>I wish the sun would just explode
me too, different reason though

The only apology I will accept is your deleting this.

You do realize the sun is constantly exploding, right?

Of course, user. I sometimes get carried away

>taller than me
might as well kill yourself

I wont get gf until monmusu are real

no it is not.

I'm the one responsible for eliciting a response from get mad at me not him.

>tfw 5'3"
>tfw like taller women
Is this a blessing or a curse?

Manlet alert

TTF pls. No kobold would ever love a midget

Nah, it's fine, user. I replied to you, after all


That's not even manlet level, that's child tier

We're all manlets here. I doubt anyone is taller than 6'6

that's way too tall. 5'10 reporting in.

Good luck finding a midget gf

>that's way too tall
For a manlet.

But I like taller women

5'9 here
at least I'm way more taller than my waifu
even more for her body

My condolences

I've had plenty of women say I was tall but ok at least I'm on the chart.

I have it as the V4 omake, but I don't remember where I found it.

>Move to China
Y-you too!



never realized that one of her breasts slips off


VERY fast naked harpy travelling at incredibly hihg speeds


I want a cute Papi to seductively tell me she's not wearing any panties.

That's all folks.

post bina lewds

I'd prefer Miia lewds

Anybody knows if the Cici-Draco-Zombina omake is uploaded in the translator group page?

I'm 5'11''.
It kills me that I'm 1 fucking inch off from being 6 foot.

Remember, these are official nips. They're just someone else's.

I'm 5'3 and I contemplate suicide every day

You get the title of "king of the manlets"
Embrace your destiny

Get swole and grow a beard

It's your only hope

Runic tats wont hurt either

Damn, you're even shorter than me

well at least you guys can enjoy common things in life like a normal pair of shoes, a normal bedroom or at least enter in a car or a bike (6'2 here)

Are we blogging about height now?

5'6 manlet here

Tall girls fetishist so i'm actually ok with this

>tfw no oni gf

this is on topic

I know your feels
>tfw no minotaur gf

Damn it, user, I just wanted to tell that other user why I find it hard to love people. I didn't want to talk about how we are all manlets.

how tall are you big boy

I've tried getting swole on multiple attempts.
Depression fucking kills my enthusiasm for sweat, pain, and don't get that "workout high" everyone tells me about because my serotonin levels are so fucking low.


yikes, I've dated women that height. the sex was ok.

>Bet these faggots couldn't even crusade

Jesus fuck, I AM king of the manlets here.

5'4'' here too

>ywn return home from the crusades to see your wife and children again

Best kind of lewds.

Ok please inform me.
What is ywn? Couldn't find it in a search engine.

Is TTF 5'6 or shorter?
I am, at least
Anyone have the monmusu height charts?

I'm 5'10, I'm coming for your title. Be prepared

are you all japs, or something?
im like 5'11", thats about normal, tall is 6'2"+

If anyone spoonfeeds this motherfucker I swear

I'm mongolian 5'6 so kinda


it's why i dream to be a space marine, get killed and be put in a dreadnought

i do not deserve love or pleasures of the flesh, maybe everlasting service is my fate

I'm Filipino

I believe the average height in America is 5'9.''
Which makes me taller then average.
>don't feel that way though.

I'm 6'1, im almost tall.

pls don't make my waifu taller than me crab

I'm one inch taller than the average? feels good

your worst nightmare

they all are womanlets, except Cerea, Rachnee and Smith (Tio is more like an ogrelet, she's small for an ogre)

>he doesn't like tall girls

I was getting Young Wild Niggers as my search result.
I knew that couldn't be right. Thanks senpai.
Have a snek hug.

>6'2 here
Pushing it

V11 omake? That was TTF and user.
Credits are on the last page, 4.

>Lala, and all of MON besides Tio
Holy fuck they make manletsme look like giants

I feel bad now, it's you will never


Now that makes a lot more sense.

Can I just say how much I love Miia's eyes?


Cici and Draco are best girls, any other opinion is wrgon

>eye to eye with draco

m-maybe she'd like me, r-right?
maybe she would not mind?

>misspelled wrong


I want to marry this snake.

thanks you


I will still hold on to the memory of TF

I don't know, can you?

Get in line, you're not the only one.



She is just beautiful


Objectively best eyes

All the girls are beautiful.

horse is alright

Draco's perfect butt wearing a thong gets me hard every time.

>anybody's guess.
Is it her mouth? She's certainly good at the shit-talking. :^)

>the webm isnt of her on the bed

It may be half an ass, but it's still the best ass.

So Doppel straight up has no nipples?
Is something out of sync?

>Lala is 5' 2"

Why do I always fall for the chuuni girls?

She a great

she moves her nipples along with her hair

Delicious plump snake rump

Her back is covered in nipples, user. Do try to remember what she's like.

>all these womanlets and lolis
My dick approves.

>Is something out of sync?
Shouldn't be. That's just how it is.

What color are they?


maybe grey and hairy
who knows, she can change her nipples' colors however she wants

she's perfect for cuddling
I love short girls who's well endowed


>Doppel makes her nipples + and -
She just got better

That's a nice tuckjob.

Cred Forums needs to be deleted

Election night in a single image.

What user wouldn't want to cause this?

Orc rape.

That ass is out of control


I see our resident boor is back.

Are elfs this slutty in the monster musume universe?

The only one we saw was wearing a respectable dress shirt and tie as far as I remember.

>I will never pound Draco in the mating press position so hard I drive her to a leg-twitching, toe-curling, back-scratching orgasm

Not with a defeatist attitude like that you won't.

What I want to know is, out of everything our world governments disagree on, the one thing they all could agree on was cover up the existence of liminals from humans.
How did no one discover their villages, towns, homes ect? How many billions or even trillions of dollars were wasted to cover up their existence?
Monster Musume as a story is cool, but look any deeper then the surface level and there is SO many holes.

I require more elfkin.

>You will never be reverse mating pressed by Rachnera

Yeah I'd like that too, but elves are a bit vanilla for a monstergirl series.

Besides, if an elf character pops up she'll probably be the stereotypical nip orc-obsessed elf virginslut, and I don't like those kind of elves.

That's why it's called fiction and suspense of disbelief.

>ywn marry a beautiful lamia woman and raise a wonderful daughter together.

They wanted to keep all the monster girls to themselves the selfish pricks

>ywn raise your lamia daughter to only have her fight in a racewar against Nagas. Nagas and Lamias are mortal enemies.

The average isn't entirely accurate, they count everyone including the almost dead, tiny, WW2 era people as well. I think the "average" back then was like 5'6". I'm 5'10" and the shortest male in my family. All of my friends are over 6', we got the short stick and it's going to show in the coming years.

I already have enough reason to hate the political establishment.
Now they want to hide all the monster girls from us too.

I'm a real manlet, not a Cred Forums one, and it feels good since I actually have a real excuse on why I'll never have children or a girlfriend or anything like that.

people see me and just understand, they don't ask

>ywn voltron with your snek daughters to fight your snek wife who is wearing her villainess outfit


>ywn be "kidnapped" by your villain snake wife after your snek daughters to be "interrogated" in bed


I'm not bad looking, I'm just incredibly awkward around women. I manage to have a date with one and I try to act as natural as I can. But I never hear back from them afterwards.
>23yo and never had a gf

Nothing! I said nothing!

Well congratulations! You're coiled around me, now what's the next step of your master plan?

This hurts.

Sloppy snek kisses. Mouth rape.

dam son

Little did evil Miia know, this was a clever plan by our snek daughters, by which I allowed myself to get caught so that she would lead us to her lair. Cue surprise sneklet attack

If I kissed you in the mouth, would you die?

It would be extremely HOT

You're a lewd snake


But just for you

Can't rape the willing


Neither could convincigly pretend to not be willing

She'll bully you for being so perverted.

This is my fetish

I have no issues with this.

Thanks, as always.



>ywn have a threesome with Miia and Alice

My dick is going to explode

You would not survive. All the snex would break your pelvis.

Nice quads, baka.

Just watch me!

Damn perverts.

There's no way I'd survive that.
>much internal bleeding
>such organ failure
>death by snu snu


You forgot to add in Mama Miia

Oh Mama, you can have me be a part of your snek orgies any time.


Are there any drawfriends who come by/used to come by these threads?

Planning for a project related to monmusu


Now that you mention it, I've never requested an image before, but I've got an idea for one that I'd like to see be made.

Nayaa, but he's busy with a holy task


How flustered would she get when faced with a man who would throw all his being into staying with her rather than struggling to get away?

I am GOING to marry Draco.

Too bad you're a male.

>sweet as candy
>dark skin
>gargantuan...tracts of land
>sweet tooth
>killer thighs
>astrologically compatible

My heart already belongs to another. Why couldn't she have shown up sooner.

She'd probably get all flustered and nervous. Seems like an easy trope that they could do with her.

>you will never show Mama Miia what real love is

Links plz

She just needs a virile man in her life.

No, she has no trouble getting one. What she needs is a man who'll love her and fill the hole Indiana left in her heart when he ran away

Best game girl coming through

That's not Youko, though Iormu is pretty great too. Shame her stats aren't so good.

use the archive nigga

I guess it wouldn't be too played out for me to say that there's an app for that?

Yuu Asakawa is olev

>Left threads for a while
>Came back the day this was posted

Fate beckoned me.

She's a fucking goddess.

...or is it the other way around?

Flighty Fedora-tipping Faggots.

She's still hurting

Help a bro out, mang

>Miia's Mom

Anything over 6'4" is pretty much a genetic freak, probably with dietary hormones.

they are both in the selection of girls DMM has in the 'vote for da best girl' thing in the game right now. Be still my torn heart.

t. angry manlet

>ywn learn what ywn means

Since we only get one vote a day I gotta vote for Youko. Yuu Asakawa is my seiyuufu.

Last I checked she, Ran, and Komachi were all around the same vote count.

Manlet detected.

One day she'll realize that wanting a little Darling was premature, since there's no point in trying to fill any other holes without first finding someone of her own to fix the one in her heart.

5'8" in SEA. Around these parts that's just over manlet king height. Maybe 0.5% of the local female population even comes close.

Any webms for Iormu?

I guess it did

A bit late but here's belated birthday girl

Yep. I've made one for almost all the game girls so far.

I wanna take you home.
I won't do you no harm.

those inner thighs gotta be heavenly soft


I've made up my mind,
I'm tired of wasting all my precious time
You've got to be all mine, all mine

>All this manlet talk
>tfw 6'6
>tio is the only girl who would fit the taller than me fetish

Like that's a bad thing.

>tfw 6'(if I wear combat boots and spike out my hair)

It's pretty bad because Tio isn't real and the tallest girl I have ever known only clocked in at 6'3

So I've been mulling things around lately, and while Polt is all fine and good, what I really want is a girl who will be able to participate in all my hobbies

I know someone mentioned before that a cyclops would be good due to my propensity for loving metalwork. I do think manako looks cute as fuck, but are there any species that are... taller?

Hey friend. 3rd from the left. One eyed monk seems your style.


Sorry meant cyclops.
They're already smiths.

>you would not survive

Someone's gotta do it user. Someone's gotta sacrifice themselves to the Lamias so that others may live.

I'll make that sacrifice.

Cyclops pretty much are ogre/Tio height

Backbeard is also one of the best. She's the closest thing to a Monmusu Gazer.

One eyed monk does look kind of interesting, but if I were to fall into a religious category, it would be christianity rather than buddhism

Just imagine have a cyclops as a smithing buddy. That's like my dream come true

>Just imagine have a cyclops as a smithing buddy.
God knows that I'd be pounding away day and night.

No, I'll make that sacrifice.

No user. You've got a life to live and people that care about you or something.

>ywn be encouraged by your cyclops gf because she sees your potential, even though you're having trouble seeing it yourself
>ywn have her take care of you and rub healing ointment into your hands after you pick up a still-hot piece of metal without realizing it
>ywn experience your cyclops gf praising your work after you finally get it right, 50 tries down the line
>ywn be taught how to make weaponry by a sexy cyclops master smith

But I'm older than you.

Anyone know of some good heartwarming stories that are MonMusu related? I almost fell for 3D and need to cleanse myself with the superior alternative

They're closer to Kinu height, I think:

>and I'm a lamia
>and my lower body is that of a snake

Eh I started writing a story about a Dragonnewt and one of my blank-slate self inserts, but I stalled out on that due to college, and just how caustic Cred Forums is to any non-canon writing

I might pick it up again some time in the future, but I don't know

He said they're a little shorter than Tio maybe around 6'7" (2m)

Listen to me, kid. I'll be the sacrifice.

>a bunch of guys fighting over who gets to sacrifice their life to a den of monsters

Truly strange times

Someone has to do it.

I want to kidnap one of them and go on an adventure

These are quotes from one. Searching for "Monster Girl Cafe" should do it.

A bunch of guys fighting over who gets to sacrifice their life to a den of horny, smoking hot monster girls.

Like a traditional RPG adventure?

Thanks, I've read it before and it's great!

I just need something written out. Any non autistic or cancerous fanfics?

You guys thrash this out among yourselves. I'll just nip in for a minute and let the lamias know that there will be a short delay.

Kinu is 190+. Tio is 230. So Cyclops would be in the Rach/Kinu range of "just under 2m."

Doubtful, but you could skim through the /jp/ monster girl threads.

Are you the said short the lay?

Suu has the most beautiful eyes. Other things as well, but the eyes have it.

You don't really think that some one would try to pull a fast one in this situation, do you user?

I just enjoy word play. They call me Fran K. Asshole, aka the Pun-is-her.

I hardly know 'er!


>hit 5'11" at 13
>stay that way till 20
>suddenly growth spurt
>6'1" one year later

Feels gud

>nigger tries not very hard to hide his amused grin.webm

See you all when Ch. 46 gets posted.


So apparently some replies got trimmed or something, and the smut I posted get taken away, probably because "Doesn't relate to anime"

Anyways, yes I do like boats. Musashi and Tenryuu are my favorites

Wait, do you have the one about the tall monster breeds?

2017 might be alright ano

The ogres?

Fuck yeah bro, Tenryuu is great


would you host a Gigantes?

>ywn rest your head on a large breed's soft and thicc pedipalps

Hell yeah she is. Though I can't help but love Musashi because of her attitude, and the whole taller-than-me fetish

I definitely would. If I get my ranch in Wyoming like I plan to, there would be tons of room for her to move around without hurting anyone