Mob Psycho 100

Mob's flashback was so heartwarming, it should be a crime to be this cute.

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Wasn't this flashback later on in the manga?

I want to protect this smile

I thought this was season 2

No this is season 100

Does Bancho ever get better?

Ritsu fucked him over bad, and I like Banchos.

Find out the conclusion to that fiasco next week.

He's a BIC member now, ain't that 100% better?

Why is this allowed?

Because we need a second season

After rewatching the episode for the 100th time I saw this and wondered if Ritsu was actually afraid of Mob getting upset. It'd be a nice touch.

To be honest i am satisfied with what we got. Last Episode made me feel things while watching anime, that i thoguht i couldnt anymore. The flashback was part of the reason.

I assumed that was the case. Shota Ritsu a cute.

We don't know if that scene happened after the ???% incident though.

That scene is probably when Mob threw up on Ritsu's hood.

Could be depending on when that scene took place in the timeline. Ritsu did say he learned it in school i think.

Do we know when the accident happened? It was shortly before he went to Reigen's office.

He is too good for this world.

Oh fuck, if we ever get a season 2 that arc is going to break my heart. Fuck.

>his little nods
My heart can't take it.
I really want to see this scene from Reigen's point of view with his internal monologue and such. Also, that face he makes when he asks Mob if he someone told him to play a prank on him hurts too much. Fuck it, I just want to hug them both. ;_;

God damn it you guys. Now in all the scenes Ritsu is worried about his nii-san, I keep thinking it's only because he's scared of him and not because he actually cares about his big brother.

It's both man, he cares a lot about Mob but he was also scared of ???

I tried drawing fanart for the first time
What do you guys think?

But that's what I said. I said that he was scared of him getting upset because he was scared of triggering ???%

Besides that, I don't know what you're talking about. Of course Ritsu cares about him. Where do you think the brocon meme comes from?

But wasn't the point of Ritsu's arc that it wasn't because he was scared of him that he was nice to him, at least, that wasn't the full reason, the fact was that Ritsu did still love him as a brother, he just thought fear was the only reason he was kind to him.

>That detailed Dimple

meant to write ???%

Yes. Ritsu loves Mob and cares about him as his brother. It's just that he was being overly nice to him because he was trying to be on his good side all the time. Now that he's not afraid of him anymore, he obvoiusly still loves him, but he doesn't force that "good brother" act anymore. He's just being himself.


Best fatheru indeed

I like it.

Bets on how they handle the opening of next episode?

Where will the OP break in? Or will they have no OP at all, or start it immediately?

Don't worry. Reigen will make sure his smiles are protected.

Thank god Ritsu can't drive yet

>Reigen will never feed you with his milk

I cry everytime.

> All those Claw underlings qts

It'd be a good idea to skip it if they're going to include the omake after all, but I'd rather have OP + Gratitude + wrapping up + Shou calling his dad

>that smile
W-what is this feeling?

I don't even know anymore man.

>That handmotion

Omake is only 8 pages and doesn't even have that much dialogue. It's literally just a 2 minutes scene.

Shou calling his dad might just be foreshadowing for something that won't be shown, I doubt they could fit the mogami arc + Reigen arc + claw boss arc in 12 eps.



I can see the doujins already

Are there any cases in which 12-episode anime have gotten a 24-episode second season? I don't remember any right now.


>casually browsing the pixiv tags
>user posts this
>back to pixiv
>find TeruMob porn with Mob wearing that school uniform

What does this mean?

Link of course

How accurate is this?

Full of memes and not as accurate as this one.


user please

Needs more Reigen, otherwise this is pretty spot on.

***,*60位/***,*55位 (**1,682 pt) [*,*44予約] 16/09/28 16/07 モブサイコ100 vol.001【Blu-ray】
***,129位/***,117位 ○ (**1,667 pt) [*,*31予約] 16/09/28 16/07 モブサイコ100 vol.001【DVD】

how do i read this

Why is Reigen so foolish in his life philosophy? Having power inherently gives you the right to use it over others if you desire, others with power in turn can use theirs to use it over others. Whether your power be economic, physical, or psychic.

Reigen is saving the show

The anime sold 44 Blu ray and 31 DVD.

Flop Psycho < 100 sales

Of course you can. He's just saying it's wrong.


This type of thinking is why you're on Cred Forums in the first place. Please reconsider your views, user.

Anime is fucking saved.

He even said it's ok to be confident with your powers but using it on bad things is bad.

Now go repent and change yourself if you think using powers to take advantage of other people is normal.

I hope they skip the opening and have it play during gratitude.

Is defending yourself and others a bad thing? If only they replaced Reigen with an American.

Minors aren't allowed on this board, Ishiguro-chan.

I think his stance is less "don't fight back ever" and more that Mob's a kid so he shouldn't have to fight back, and to let the adults handle their adult things(which is exactly what happened)

See Touichiro, this is why your wife left and your son hates you.

Shouldn't he have realized that the enemy was something that he couldn't handle? Not wanting him to have to fight is one thing, but if doing so means he has to see you get hurt/die........

Of course you're allowed to defend yourself. He's just saying a kid shouldn't be defending himself from an adult in the first place, much less feel forced to feel an emotion like "murderous intent", let alone act on it.

Not to mention Mob might just kill them and then carry that burden for the rest of his life.


Leave please.

He wants Mob to run the fuck away from there, which would be the less traumatic solution for everyone involved, especially a shy, sensitive kid who is afraid of hurting others.

Those threads are full of shitposting, let them die.

Yeah and the Scar members coming back and being allies later while praising Reigen for changing their worldview just rectifies that. Mob had Murderous Intent, they would've died. Reigen just wants to see Mob grow up into a good person.

What do you mean, they were a bunch of chuunis bullying a kid. He can handle a few chuunis.

Sure he can
>Gets his back cut open by a plastic sword

What do you anons think ???% is?
An evil spirit inside Mob? A manifestation of Mob's true powers? God?

Yeah man, it's just plastic. What's the worry?

Fujos done ruined legit threads too. There is no difference anymore with shitposter-kun's.

I'd kind of find it cute if it was some all powerful godlike entity in the body of a cute, kind, and pacifist kid like Mob.
The fuck is wrong with this thread?

You're a complete idiot if you actually believe that.

That's why he's trying to get everyone to dip, user.

Hi closeted home and shitposter kun

>Onigawara in short shorts

Way better

It's not stopping.

>manga gave us Reigen in short shorts
>anime gave us Mob, Onigawara and the BIC in short shorts
bONEs are too good to us

OK, something that has been bugging me for a while: how common are psychic powers in the Mob Psycho universe and do people actually know about them?

The Kageyama household seems to be very chill about Mob and Ritsu's powers, as if it was just a random trait. That psychic club member mentioned that Mob used to be popular because he could make things levitate in elementary school, but then the club members are treated like weirdos for believing in that stuff. When Ritsu was fighting those gangs, neither of them said something like "he's got psychic powers, we can't fight him". And then there's Reigen, who honestly believed Mob was the only esper there was.

So how does this work?

This caught me way off guard

This is the greatest hashtag ever

I don't want it to end, ever.

here's mine, way more accurate.

The telepathy club member is the only one who believed in Mob's power in their club because he saw it firsthand.

Espers are hidden from the world be it the government espers or Claw.

Psychics are known(Mogami, psychic association) but they don't have ESP and can only defeat ghosts via salt, chant, rituals, etc...

How can Reigen make such an ugly suit look good?

I agree with you Juzo

>and can only defeat ghosts via salt, chant, rituals, etc...

I don't think we've seen a single one of those things actually defeat a ghost.

That's because Reigen isn't a psychic at all, and the actual psychics we see in the series are too weak to deal with the kind of ghosts Mob deals with (like Shinra trying to fight the Kuchisake Onna, for example, or all those psychics trying to fight Mogami during the Mogami arc).

Where's the super saiyan feel one? That's the most accurate.

Waist/hip ratio

They failed against Mogami because he's too strong but against average ghosts, the psychics can handle it just fine.

Mogami is only a psychic but he can defeat ghosts that are Dimple level.

Probably because most people's experience with ESP powers are children able to bend spoons or people like the Awakening Lab kids. Powerhouses like Mob or even Teru are rarities and even then, it's not like those rarities show off their abilities to everyone (Teru was mostly using them to cheat his way through life and his ability to blow people away could have -and indeed was- easily passed off as him being strong as fuck/super athletic).

The Kageyama parents probably aren't aware of the ridiculous extent of their elder son's power and how much trouble it has caused him, either, otherwise they wouldn't be so nonchalant about it.

I guess psychics just have a special "sixth sense" or some sort of affinity with the supernatural, while espers are straight up supernatural.

They're really rare. Mobs family and the club members are just chill about it. Otherwise they tend to keep a low profile and the government often covers it up (We get a little more on this in the later claw arc). The big group of low level espers we see at claw are regular people granted psychic powers artificially although the part about them being granted the powers by a machine/process is a lie. The Claw boss is like Mob and can take and grant psychic energy to others and just spread a small amount of power among his subordinates. Only a handful of Claw members are actual espers and they are one of the biggest organizations of psychics in the setting.

>no second season

I guess I should start reading the manga then

There is still another episode in the season

>The Kageyama parents probably aren't aware of the ridiculous extent of their elder son's power and how much trouble it has caused him, either, otherwise they wouldn't be so nonchalant about it.

I never thought about that. I wonder what type of explanation the police gave them after that freak accident.

>>no second season
how did you come to that conclusion?

I thought someone had mentioned that earlier in the thread

maybe it was just shitposting


Why didn't Bones just make episode 1 both the first and second chapter instead of randomly adding the omake and leaving the club stuff to episode 2? That way we could get to the smile cult faster and not as much stuff needed to be rushed during episode 6 and 7. We could even be at the same spot exactly if they just did this.
The idea of adding random and unnecessary omake chapters in the beginning that only postponed the actual plot really was what I think made most people disinterested or disappointed initially.

It was shitposting based on moving the flashback to this past episode when it's originally in a Reigen focused arc in later chapters.

> setting expectations as high as yuasa
There is your problem you dip shit

I guess they wanted Gratitude foreshadowing

What's his personality archetype? I can't really peg it, it's pretty refreshing how unique he is.

I know that you hate youtuber user, but this guy explained why it had to be done.

around 08:00

Pure charisma.


Jerk with a heart of gold?

I want him to be my dad

They're not particularly random: the one from first episode is direct and major foreshadowing for how Gratitude works and also allowed the animation team to showcase their talent and give the viewers a taste of how good the action would be, on top of being exclusively focusing on Mob and Reigen: it helps the viewer get familiar with them and see how their relationship (which is definitely one of the most important parts of the show) works, thus acting as a nice parallel to the latest episodes which shift the focus back to these two characters.

The second omake was also a pretty obvious and fitting example of his struggle as a socially awkward and uninspired middle schooler, which was what the Club choice mini-arc was all about.

Pure Shou. We had just found a place for him in the fandom as meme boy and now he's replaced by Reigen.

I meant poor*. He's not pure at all.

Just goes to remind you that anything you can do, Reigen can do better. Except if it's using psychic powers.

Reigen has always been the golden boy of this general, though.

Just noticed the Claw boss looks just like the boogieman from Gorillaz

The structure of the show is a mess, they introduced too many characters and started too many routes to be able to properly develop or finish any
> telepathy club
> body improvement club
> spirit agency business
> awakening Lab
> student council
> mob planning to seduce his crush
> claw

I guess it's meant to be a tl;dr/promo of the manga. Fortunately, we still got some good animation in the process.

It's alright, I've got (a few) other reasons to like him aside from the memes.

Do you guys don't even know Psycho Mantis exists?
Both are even psychics.

The only time I like Ritsu x Shou is shit like Shou asking Ritsu for his phone number and Ritsu just says "I don't have a phone" while visibly texting

All of these are sides to and contribute to the main theme of growing up. You don't need to have backstory arcs for every little fucking thing in your universe.

Are you gonna say the same thing if we get a season 2, user?

>pure Shou

There are no routes. It's a slice of life. You just follow Mob's story.

>reigen twitter meme
>seeing shit like "i dont even know mob psycho but i like this meme"

you're just salt that the show didn't follow the structure you expected. subverting those expectations is why everyone one else here think it's great.

What's wrong with that? It's legitimately funny. Maybe it's getting people into it.

>even people who don't know shit about Mob Psycho appreciate Reigen
Has there ever been a better boy?

What reigen twitter meme?

All of this is just part of Mob's life.
> telepathy club
> body improvement club
His friends.
> spirit agency business
His job.
>student council
A part of his brother's life.
> mob planning to seduce his crush
The reason he wants to better himself.
the main conflict of this season and maybe the next one.

> awakening Lab
Okay this really does go nowhere aside from giving Teru something to do offscreen. They did helpt a bit in the Claw Boss arc but it would have been the same without them.

>All the animeonlys think Ishiguro is a loli
>All the animeonlys think Mob is going to go 100% and deal with the problem

Next week is going to be GLORIOUS

>pic related
I'm sure there's already a Reigen version

>implying there's anything wrong with a reigen meme

Have you been living under a rock?

Reigen is so handsome even the wiki can't stay objective.

People have been shitposting it for the past few threads, how can you miss it? It's basically taking a funny picture and redrawing it with Reigen on it.

If not, then someone should do it.

You just wake up?

There is but I can't find it

>rather handsome

Why is the wiki tsundere?

I presume they're both loosely based of Psycho mantis, but the cloak and red eyes are identical to the Gorillaz character.

I thought that was just fanart. I didn't realize it was some big meme, people do it all the time with other characters, pic related for example.

I don't have a twitter.

But Mob thinks he's handsome.

>implying it isn't objective

People do it all the time but this got pretty big, even ONE has seen it. Check out #RedrawReigen on twitter.

Dude, even ONE saw it. It's on Crunchyroll and Kotaku too.

Well Mob hangs around with handsome men

I know I'm a filthy pleb but, could anybody make a gif of this scene please?

Again, just thought it was fanart. I'll have to check it out, though, love me some Reigen. I wonder why people who haven't watched MP are into it, though? It shouldn't be noteworthy if they haven't seen the show and what kind of person Reigen is.

I hope this tumblr gif will suffice

>Reigen is handsome
>Mob is handsome
>Teru is handsome
>Ritsu is handsome

Shou confirmed for the ugly one.

I guess it's because they're all funny pictures and people think he's a goofy type just from that(and he is). I'm glad it's getting people into the show/manga.

Quick question, Ritsu calls Shou by his first name and vice versa, right?

>implying any member of the Fuccboi Four™ could possibly be ugly
user pls

>Check out #RedrawReigen on twitter
What have you done to me.

Oh nevermind, I found a page in the manga where he calls him "Suzuki". Now that just seems weird.

I think Ritsu calls him Suzuki.

>TFW checking out the tag

Good shit.

Shou calls him Ritsu, at least.

Shou is handsome. It's just that he doesn't have anyone to tell him that.

Ritsu calls him Suzuki, but I'm pretty sure Shou calls him Ritsu (since he calls Mob "Ritsu's brother").

How do I save twitter images? Having to lightshot them is a pain.


Yeah, I found the page. Ritsu stop being so cold

He's just tsundere

Drag them into a new tab

Ritsu is just probably more formal, Teru still calls Mob Kageyama-kun.

>I'll shou you


>the tiny dimple

I love this

holy shit




My favorite so far.

I just want Ritsu to call Mob Nii-chan

Holy shit.

>Having power inherently gives you the right to use it over others if you desire, others with power in turn can use theirs to use it over others.
Sure thing, kid.

>you will never protect their smiles because they're not real
kill me senpai-tachi


100% Lust

Holy shit, they're gay alright

this hit me with confusingly powerful and utterly unexpected feeligns


Same artist?

Surely season 2 would be confirmed in the last episode?

What's Shou's idea of "befriending" someone?

can't wait till episode 12 and they don't shou Shou calling his dad.

mobfags shitstorm is happening.

>although the part about them being granted the powers by a machine/process is a lie
Dimple claims it isn't, though. In Episode 10, when he's looking at the machines, he says "Well, they got part of it right." The machines are designed to bring out psychic power through intense pain, but everything we know about psychic powers tells us that they truly come about through powerful emotion (which, as Dimple's remark is consistent with, could be caused by intense pain). Mob's % meter and Ritsu's awakening as the result of mental stress caused by his actions as part of the Student Government crackdown are all consistent with this hypothesis.

>we really connected
The fuck did he even mean by this? As far as we know he only beat Ritsu unconscious, right?


More like he beat off Ritsu until he lost consciousness


it even fits with his standard introduction as the greatest psychic of the twenty-first century

>Your dad has gone crazy. Only you can stop him. I want to witness that. That's my reason.

You can tell Ritsu loves those human dramas. I wonder what he wrote in his diary that day.

True love

Suddenly I'm very nervous. Time to lower my expectations. Can't handle a Re:Zero 2.0.

Was that in the manga? I can't remember right now and I'm too lazy to check.

How has Reigen influenced your life, Cred Forums? Reigen-sama cured my cancer and exorcised the demon that caused my shit taste. I used to like Sword Art Online until Reigen-sama showed me the way.

>yfw BONES does an original ending where Reigen dies




>ONE: I'd rather have the anime staff do their own thing than be a slave to the source material.

A year ago, he made me remember the all I needed was to be was a good person. So I started talking to people in my class and I stopped being lonely loner /blog

Now we have 2 versions

Truly, the power of Reigen-sama even transcends the dimensions!

backstories aren't always necessary, but finishing what you started is.
> telepathy club, girlfriend, body improvement
Each of these seem to be goal in its own, yet none is even close to get started
> the lab and student council characters
utterly useless

a more competently written 2nd season would solve these problems, sure.

Good SOL focus on the fewer and more important aspects of a MC's life (Shirobako), or on a MC living a peaceful and mundane life (barakamon). Not on characters involved in so many personal struggles and stories none of which is developed.

It's the authors giving false promises and not knowing where to go, not the viewer's misplaced expectations. Example : the show's stated goal in the beginning was self improvement and getting the chick. Where are we now a season later?

no one said that the events in the series aren't part of Mob's life. that would be stupid. Just that they showed glimpses of every part of that life without having the time and the ability to continue any.


You should get better reaction pics user

Man, he made me realize the people who want to pick fights in life are just children who haven't grown up. Life's too short for needless conflict.

Fujo haters BTFO. Reigen says so.



>crossdressing Mob topping Teru
What does it mean?


It's not needed anymore now.

Damn, just realized my commas were inconsistent. Why is that every time after I think I'm done, there's always something still incomplete?


Doing God's work, user

Thanks for typesetting, user!

>all these meme reigens
I now have enough to last me years

Is RedrawReigen a new form of art?

>ONE: I want anime to have it's own character and charm that will differentiate it from the manga.
>user: He wants an anime original ending.
Stop posting anytime.

>not the one with four heads

It's meant to fix all the reaction pictures.

You know what, i am kinda tired of arguing those very same points every week in every thread. Like for what?

>Is an actual psycho, but acts like a dork and likes teasing Ritsu
>likes to act tsun and edgy on the surface, but is actually kind and good-hearted

This is such a good pairing.

What is wrong with wanting an anime original ending/scenes?

It's way better and will even surprise manga readers.

stop making me want to bully Ritsu sexually

>Is an actual psycho, but acts like a dork and likes teasing Ritsu
Okay, just because he burned someone's house down and made them believe that their family was murdered, does not make Shou a psycho.

Real life is sort of like that. You meet a ton of people and interact with them even if you're an introvert. You have a crush on this girl(or boy) and you know she doesn't care/know about you. You join a club and start being friendly with everyone and you eventually make some friends. You get caught up in some bullshit and meet even more people. And you might not even care about any of those people in 5 years but they still influence you and shape your character. You learn from them, they learn from you.

So yeah, there are a shitton of characters and possibilities but that's the same with real life. Or are you going to argue that you didn't interact with least a thousand in your life?

>wanting Reigen to die for real

I think that's enough evidence though

It's just a fictional character and you still have the manga Reigen alive and kicking.

>It's the authors giving false promises and not knowing where to go, not the viewer's misplaced expectations. Example : the show's stated goal in the beginning was self improvement and getting the chick. Where are we now a season later?

yeah, that's the point. it's playing on the narrative meta that should be obvious to anyone who watches a decent amount of anime and giving it fresh perspective. the only reason you see a string of events as a "promise" is because people do the same story over and over and now you're shitting on it because someone dares try something different.

But I want a season 2

And 100% killing intent would just ruin Mob's character

>inb4 you jinxed it and Reigen dies at the of Broccoli arc too

>It's just a fictional character

That would be an interesting discussion. He's definitely got disregard for other people's feelings and doesn't know social etiquette. I wonder if he's ever killed anyone while working in the HQ (even if he felt forced to do it).

>! and ? were switched
fuck it, i'm done

As much as a character death being something that could drive the characters to some uncharted waters, I just want everyone to be happy and stop doing bad things.

Reigen cured a ghost in my computer. I went to use it one day and all of a sudden it was all full of nasty you-know-what. I thought it was my son at first because he had been using it even though I know he would never like something like that, especially not with boys in it, but he said it must have been a spirit that saved those pictures so I took it to Mr. Arataka because my son read about him in the papers.

Mr. Arataka said that this kind of thing happens all the time so I paid for his most thorough course and he exorcised the computer overnight, I was so relieved, Mr. Arataka is a great psychic and he was very handsome too.

>tfe we will never see her again

Fuck, why is that so cute?

it still bothers me that reigen would rather have mob die along with his friends just so we wouldn't use his esper powers, while he would rather fucking using mob like a tool and wanted to fake he had psychic powers on tv.

You should be in bed right now, Ricchan.

He told him to run away not to fucking die.

>telepathy club
He never joined, they're comic relief
He's still working on it, more important things are happening.
He never stopped working on it. He is in there every day after school.

You don't seem to understand that not every element needs to have their own dedicated arcs. It's only manga stretched incredibly thin for ideas that go the "Everything I mention gets an in depth, exclusive arc" route

because that would of worked, even then some when his little brother was in danger.

I hope espers rape her with their giant psycho-cocks.


He told them to run away because Mob would've killed them

He doesn't want a kid fighting a life or death battle.

He could defend himself and others by raising a barrier while running away from that location.

Reigen stopped him because of his murderous intent.

Reigen doesn't like Ritsu

>It's only manga stretched incredibly thin for ideas that go the "Everything I mention gets an in depth, exclusive arc" route
I'd unironically watch an anime about that.

>MC is woken up by his alarm clock
>"This alarm clock... I've had it ever since I was a child. My mother bought it for me when [flashback]"
>He gets up and checks his text message
>"This phone... my mom also bought it for me. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was my first day in college. I told my mother I didn't need a phone but she... [flashback]"
>MC trips
>"Ah, this uneven floorboard! It's been in my house ever since I rented it a year ago. I remember my first day living in this house when... [flashback]"
And every flashback takes an entire episode. It takes an entire season for the MC to stand up, have breakfast, wash his face, brush his teeth and leave for work.

Mob does anyway.

How would you know that? unless you read the manga?

Mob hasn't fought against anyone trying to outright murder him up until this point.

I mean, my spoiler would support the claim that I read the manga.

That was because Reigen wasn't there. If he asked for Reigen's help, Reigen would call the police and solve the problem just like he did on the main CLAW HQ. He called the police on them and the government esper took care of it.


His entire workday takes 4 cours, and him trying to get a girlfriend - 10 cours
proposal arc - 8 cours. the wedding takes 2 cours and every thrust of his dick on the wedding night takes an quarter of an episode.

Reminder that this is (not) canon.

Can't Reigen drive?


I wish someone would go clothes shopping with me

o shit niggas

I don't think he owns a car, I don't remember seeing one.

Why is there so much Mob Psycho fan art? And why is it so good?

I want to FUCK Mob


>and not because he actually cares about his big brother.

Fujo power man. Complain all you want about the gay going on in this threads, but the fujos are the most dedicated drawfags you'll find in a fandom.

>wanting to fuck a 14 year old
>when this exists

Wrong. Look at Touhou.
Even the most dedicated fujoshi's pale against the power of solid autism.

Reigen telling Mob to run away only means Reigen is not always right. This was even addressed later by Mob. Like Mogami said it's ok to be kind but sometimes you have to be strict against stubborn opponents.

Later in the manga, Mob would be able to make decision by himself whether he wants to run away or fight.

Do fujo fags fuck themselves with toys ?

>14 year old
Too old.


>Looks like it got away...

>Sorry Ritsu
>I didn't actually intend to hit y-FUOOO
Ritsu (same panel)
>Oh, a mosquitoe

>Don't use rock against a mosquitoe, goddamit... (scissors, neither)

>What I don't quite understand is people who think using a (karate) chop on a mosquitoe is fine, though...


How the fuck did Bones manage to make this guy one of the most badass in the show, like damn. His fight with Terier was amazingly well done.


Again with this?

He's swinging a toy sword my man.

Every time, goddamn. But yes, I agree; anime Sakurai is awesome. Probably high tier husbando material even, chuuniness and all.


>Reigen telling Mob to run away only means Reigen is not always right.
Reigen is right in that giving into "KILLING INTENT" would ruin Mob's life. If it weren't for Reigen's objection, Mob's entire life would be changed by the murder of the Claw people at his hands, and not for the better. Reigen's entire argument is hinged on the fact that Mob is a child who must not be forced to take responsibility for protecting himself -- that's an adult's job. Running away would have surely gotten them killed, but Mob was able to find a third way -- abdicating his power to Reigen, who solved the problem as an adult should.

>Later in the manga, Mob would be able to make decision by himself whether he wants to run away or fight.
Which is why, when that happens Reigen tells him "You have grown up."

Terier is in love with Mop and wants to suck his dick.

>dimple died...

It's getting out of hands

I love how Sakurai man IS both badass and a loser. He's a manchild who's using a plastic sword to attack middleschooler and wants to take over the world. But he's also so powerful and badass he could kill you without a second thought.

Why is there so much art of Ritsu with guns?


I don't know but it fits somehow


>Sunday umbrella

timy is best girl


Because of pic related.


Thats why its so insane, after he said that in the manga i couldnt really take him serious anymore, but the anime took this to a whole another level and made him menacing as fuck.

There's never been a fujo Touhou, has there?


Because maids and guns go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and Ritsu and maid outfits go together like peanut butter and jelly. Even in the example of "art of Ritsu with guns" you posted, he's wearing a maid outfit. Why is that?

Are there any examples of art of Ritsu with guns in which he is not wearing a maid outfit? How many of those are there compared to the number in which he is? That's an important question.



Because his mind powers suck so he has to use guns instead.

Can someone post the album that had the shou edits?

my sides

He still looks precious, what the fuck.

when pimple possess people they just get a face full of zits

Osomatsu got close.

This isn't an alien concept, from time to time you see this kind of stuff. If you go to the draw thread (any, on any board) there will be a fuckton of those "redraw [funny pic] with [x character]".

Does this just happens to be the first time a lot of normies (get triggered) saw this and just became well known?
Seeing something common but that is fucking incredible to some individual that haven't seen it and it just happens that it was shared a lot of times?

It's notable because it's a bunch of people doing it with the same character for a twitter hashtag

And those things get closure in the manga.

The meme was that Reigen would be redrawn over a bunch of stock photos and he looked in-character everytime. It's not funny now that they're doing it with every random images.

We should write a story with those names and call it Mop Psycho 10


>this implication that he's ignorant of the source material while not being blatant about it
Excellent shitpost, kouhai. Most people would buy it.

Mop Bsycho 10*

>and he looked in-character everytime

This. It wouldn't have worked with any other character. It also started with office stock photos, and Reigen is always wearing a suit and works in an office, so that made it even easier.

T-thanks I guess, senpai.

He's not even a jerk though? He's pretty nice to everyone, unless they're bad people.

whow ould win in a fight
Tome, or the qt esper grunt?

The best thing about RedrawReigen is Dimple's role in the pictures. That poor thing.

>While borrowing Shishou's bike the brakes broke and I rode straight into bushes.

>I'm home... Eeh...It hurts...

>Niisan!!! Who did this to you?!

>(Errr... I need to explain this to Ritsu! I got Shishou's bike damaged...)

>Ritsu armed himself and left.

When was the last time the Author, staff and audiences noticed something like that and blogs made news about it. Stop talking out of your ass, shit like this doesnt get viral often.

This is going to be so ebin

Not wanting to suck Mop's dick is an indicator of mental issues.

I don't know how, but most of them capture the essence of the relationship between Reigen and Dimple perfectly.

You are too kind translator-user-kun.

It just started with a girl uploading the first pic and telling people to top it. It doesnt matter what context just use washed out memes and draw reigen over it. If they are funny or not is completely subjective and up to you.


1. Right click, open image in new tab
2. Add ":orig" at the end of the url to get highest resolution (for smaller images that don't have a lot of detail this isn't important)

>Shou will never molest you while you're unconscious
why live?

It might just be me having low standards but I can't stop laughing while scrolling the hashtag's page : Reigen really just makes about everything hilarious

But it's Reigen. And it doesn't matter what Reigen is doing because if it's Reigen, what he does will always look awesome.

>wanting to fuck an old man
>when 14-year-olds exist

I'd make Reigen feel 10 years younger if you know what I mean

That's what I'm saying skinflute choker, that something so common has so much spotlight.

How did a cut that went deep into concrete not cut Reigen in half?

Terier's love for Mop is pure! Pure!

Someone should make a redraw Reigen with that memeguy who is siting in a bench looking all depresed.

>Reigen is perfection so its not gay
words to live by

How is he supposed to live if he were cut in half and not merely conveniently, dramatically injured?

SPOILERS: It was just a toy sword and those damages you see in the environment are just special effects like in the movies.

The better question is why the fuck did he drop from a plastic sword?

And shop Shou right next to him

the only person Reigen belongs with is the Scar mook girl
prove me wrong

it's psychic power i ain't gonna explain shit

I am having a lot of fun with it, but its more that feeling of everyone seems to enjoy Mob and its characters that kinda warms my cold heart.

Reigen is overdramatic.

>implying anyone is good enough for Reigen

You are wrong because that's fucking retarded and you have shit taste in everything


serious answer: The force was too strong and it blow him away just like how Mob got blown back by Ritsu.

Amazing taste

Wow, that was quick.

It's already been made. I saw it earlier but I can't find it now.

Did you just compare Ritsu's powers to a plastic sword?

So Real Talk now, is Bones gonna deliver next Week? Gratitude and all that. Will they put more filler in there too cause the fight wasnt all that long in the manga. Also are we gonna get a second season anouncment at the end of the event or do we have to live our lives waiting for it till the day we die.

Oh and i still want a ReigenxOnizuka crossover.

You're right, that's an offense to the sword.


Well, it is, effectively, a REAL sword.

I want to FUCK Neet-kun.

>ywn be good enough for Reigen even if he exists ;_;

Fucking Saved, thats what i am talking about.

If they don't deliver, I'm gonna sudoku.

NEET-kun is NOT for lewd.

Not with that attitude

forgot my fucking pic

That Teru has patrician taste

I want to teach NEET-kun how to love.

I'd rather the whole body improvement club

Look at the flick of the wrist

I want to teach NEET-kun how to fuck

Please be gentle. NEET-kun is pure.

Do they have what it takes to top Episode 5 and 8 in terms of animation and deliver a spectacular boner inducing sakuga fest? I dont know but i do hope they do.

Mr. Suzuki taught him that a long time ago.

Is there a way to see how many tweets Redraw Reigen has without having a twitter ?
Does anyone know how popular it has gotten ?

Stop that, Serizawa is pure!
You're probably right, actually.

How can ONE be so based of a manga-ka? How did both studios adapting his works fucking nail it this well?

>How can ONE be so based of a manga-ka?
because he clearly loves what he does
just look at his art; he's not a very good drawer. yet, the amount of passion he has for both illustration and writing shines through. it's not god because it's "good", it's good because it's Good.

>ywn have a loyal NEET underling who sucks your cock on command

>it's not god because it's "good", it's good because it's Good.

Put that on ONE's tombstone

Don't talk nonsense user, ONE is going to live forever.

When is ONE going to do his own #RedrawReigen?

ONE is going to be those 50+ year old men who don't look a year over 30.

Just look at this episode and compare it with the corresponding manga chapters: they clearly have more than what it takes to deliver on the animation front at any time.

It's really a matter of how they'll go about adpating Gratitude, and I wouldn't be too worried about it since they have yet to disappoint.

I just woke back up and scrolled through these last two threads. I haven't had this much fun on Cred Forums in quite some time

Are we going to ignore that Teru was blocking it with rebar from the very building he'd just sliced up?

I imagine there will be a ton of sakuga with Scar going all out on Reigen. But Reigen just nonchalantly deflects everything

I knew Reigen would get popular and best character of the Year mentions, but i didnt think it would happen that early. Thought we would need a pinch of Gratitude for that to happen. Me Happy I am.

Thats how i imagined it since the beginning, like a mini Saitama vs Boris fight.

Soon I hope

I really love this though

Look at this autist with the toy sword lel


>Mob being the jealous overprotective brother
We need more of this.

Is translator user in this thread

So why aren't you chilling with your bros in the body improvement club?

Is he actually cutting when the flashes happen, or is he just using his powers to make it look like it?

Because I'm chilling with my bros in the automotive club

He said something along the lines of using it for so long his powers soaked into it so I'm guessing that's either his power boosted by the sword or focused by it

Someone call Atomic Samurai we got a toy sword user here.

I actually have no idea, i only know it looks awesome as fuck. One of my favourite scenes. The bolders seem to split the moment he taps his swordgrip.

If you could have one power that the Scar in 7th Branch have, which one would it be? Personally, I'd have Sakurai's powers.

RIP Shou

I'd have to go with Sakurai too. They made him so cool in the anime.

I'm 10 or 12 years too late to be hanging out with middle schoolers and working out.

You just save it.

I'm happy they drew Shou shorter than Ritsu. Accurate heights in fanart is my fetish.

Fuck is that funny, people are so done with this world. Everyone looks so dead in the eyes after the last scene of Episode 11. I hate reactions but man do they come in handy when you need some anime-only reactions.

Sakurai's are pretty cool, but gravity control seems like it'd be more useful for taking over the world.

Obviously Sakurai, he has a lot of style for a manchild.

Judging from what they did with Teru vs Sakurai, Gratitude will be mindblowing.

>fujos ruined legit threads
Fujos and homos scare the OPM-tier cancer off, so they're a'ight with me.

>taking over the world

What are you, a manchild?

You mean you dont want to? Look at it now, the ones doing it clearly suck.


>cancer scares cancer away
Still cancer.

To be honest i would do some shady shit and use my powers to get rich, bitches and fame but taking over the world sound too stressful and is not really worth it. You could just open up a church and let people praise you dimple-style, that would be much easier.

>Things i dont like are cancer
Okay cancer.

>implying it's scared sales away
Like you could buy it with your mom's money anyway

Western fujos are irrelevant.

this meme is incredible

Yeah but he lived in a hole in the ground, sounds pretty shitty, even if it did look nice. Which from the little we saw it didnt.

I'd probably just try to use the powers to leverage change that i want to see. And people are shallow like that, i could probably run for office and win just by showing off my powers. I know i'd feel more safe and secure if my president had crazy psychic abilities.

If you're here translator user, thanks for everything you do. Also this whole entire pixiv log is hilarious, wish I could understand it.

>complaining that fujos ruin threads
>says it scares sales away
>turns around and say western fujos and irrelevant

Is this how Reigen dies?

Fujos are a blessing, their fujobucks will grant us a season two you just have to believe it.

when will Tome finally contact the extraterrestrials?

Is getting stabbed by a seventh grader considered an exotic death?

There's still /fit/ for that.

>Teru is Naruto
>Ritsu is Sasuke
What does it mean?

I just saved and renamed everything.


>>says it scares sales away
How the fuck did you even come to this absurd conclusion that I ever claimed this?

In the hidden final arc of the manga.


Now I can react to everything with Reigen.

The Arc after the current one will be about her getting abducted by Space pirates lead by ma boi Moris.

You most certainly can.

anime fags don't know what's comin

>what's comin
me, probably


>ugly ginger hair
>daddy issues
>barely repressed homosexuality
>memeboi status stolen by Reigen
Is there even a single good thing about Shou?

Here's what.

>barely repressed homosexuality
And this is a bad thing how? God knows Ritsu could use some stress relief.


How many Reigen pics do you have

>Are there any cases in which 12-episode anime have gotten a 24-episode second season? I don't remember any right now.


1123 and growing but I think I got some doubles.

So around 1100.

I'm worried about you, user.


Getting a dick up your ass does not seem relaxing.

Share that shit.

>13 year old can be a manlet
user pls. Also he's cute, I can't believe you don't like his hair.

I'm pretty sure you have more Reigen pictures than there are currently existing

I now want to see someone do AAFES Hot Dog Guy

I agree with Share them please. I'd like all my reaction pictures to be Reigen from now on.

Sorting and stuff.

Tell people to stop it.

Give me a picture and I'll turn it into whatever mp100 related thing you want it to be

Your pic is probably already reigenfied or will be in the next hour.

>getting molested by a hamster in human form
>stress relief

Clearly you've never tried it.

This is one of Reigen's special techniques, where he endears himself to the audience to the point where they create meme edits of him en masse.


Is it like pooping, but in reverse?

Surprised no one did this yet with Mob and Reigen.

I know there is already one but I'd like to see it again in better quality if possible.

What do you want this to be? Reigen trying to feed dimple?

Perhaps Reigen trying to feed Dimple some takoyaki.

This with Reigen

This but with the Fuccboi Four™.

Try Mob TKing an octopus ball into Reigen's mouth.

I wouldnt know. But if it wasnt relaxing i dont know why it would be done.

Okay there are way too many suggestions and I'm afraid of disappointing too many people so how about we vote on it

user we're all just happy with more redraws.

Take your time, user, there's no rush. You're great for offering this in the first place.

Almost cried when I saw this panel, even with his simplistic artwork the artist can really convey true emotion through his drawings. This is one of the saddest faces I've ever seen, fuck.

holy shit you guys are sweet

anyway, here are the results

I still haven't gotten over how good that one panel is in the Reigen Arc.
You have grown up.

this one is my favorite

Yeah, it's really good. Bully-chan still a shit, though.

Uploading like shit to mega, be patient, thanks.

I can't take much more of this

This is perfect to use against that shitposter.
Thank you user.


>daddy issues
>barely repressed homosexuality
But those are good things.

Around 30 min to wait for 150 Mo.

Have some barely contained 100% animosity


I feel like he'd get along with Teru, considering blondie's casual attitude towards torture. They could team up and wreak havoc everywhere. That might actually be more dangerous than going up against Mob, because he tries not to hurt people.


Have better subs come out yet?
I've been focusing on DangitRonPaul and I wanna start Mob if it has better non-Crunchyroll subs

>spend 3 hours on dimple
>draw the rest in 10 minutes

>Ritsu butt

high charisma and luck stats

Are there any doujins of Mogami giving Minori the psychic D from beyond the grave?

It's illegal for 13 year olds to be so plump.

>chibi butts

Reigen bless you, typesetter-user.

I want to commit a crime.

Ritsu is looking at Mob's butt. Brocon confirmed.

You're the best, thanks

How long did Shou spend squeezing those delicious ass-cheeks?

You say that as if there was ever any doubt.

Going to need a new thread soon.

That's illegal

What about even younger?

But Ritsu was made for rape.

There are still people here who think Ritsu only shows brotherly affection even though he never had the time to develop any brotherly instinct after ???% because he kept his distance all the time so he gets sexually frustrated and lusts over his older bro.

>ywn "go exploring" with shota Ricchan


How can he be fixed? Being a brocon is bad for his health.!pwZGHaqA!CyD5uLcnwy5dB95gx6Fa-x-iPbnJBHEHlREfeOw81J8


Less exposure to Mob. They live in the same house, eat together, shower together. Some time away would do him some good.

someone asked for this in a previous thread

Incest tendencies usually happen because both siblings don't interact with eachother for too long and they aren't violently tearing away at eachother and fighting like normal siblings. Ritsu can be fixed by getting mad at Mob and realizing that his pure nii-san could also be annoying and ruin his life like real siblings

Shou needs to kidnap him again.

How can you get mad at Mob, though? Is it possible?

I am not that person but you are the best, thank you.

Perhaps if he's embarrassed somehow?

>he made me remember the all I needed was to be was a good person. So I started talking to people in my class and I stopped being lonely loner

>he made me realize the people who want to pick fights in life are just children who haven't grown up. Life's too short for needless conflict.

That's beautiful, user. I'm sure Reigen will be glad to hear that.

The Reigen one? Yeah. The Ritsu one I can't remember desu