What's a good way to die?

What's a good way to die?

Dying so MC can survive and live happily ever after with his waifu. And then come back to haunt him.

facesit smothering to death

heroin overdose

dying in your sleep


Seconding this.

Drug fueled sex heart attack.




Pretty good if you ask me.

signing up as a grunt for usa

Doing what you love.

Meant to post this one.

How the fuck can Mizukami make so many amazing series. Haven't read anything by him that I vehemently disliked. Pretty much everything he's done has been 10/10.


And Spirit Circle is like, 7 shorts stories in one really, and they are all amazing, a genius really.


When it makes you immediately go from most-hated to most-beloved character in your series.

ikr, I thought Biscuit Hammer was going to be his best work. Turns out I liked Spirit Circle even more and sengoku Yoku was really good too.

A buddy of mine tried that.
Of course I had no way of knowing his opinion but at least that got his job done.
It's also a decent investment and a more modern way to go on.

Bless ya, my dear friend. May our travels go on and let's cross paths again in another realm.

surrounded by all your friends

Without regrets

After you accomplish the goal of your life.
something I will never manage to do

Only kids die without regrets man.

To be finally at peace with yourself and the world, maybe in In a company of a same-fated individual.

Did you spoil me just now

In your own bed, with a belly full of wine and a maiden's mouth around your cock, at the age of eighty.

Reminds me of this fucking bullshit ending.

I died attempting this

In bed, of old age, surrounded by your loved ones.

Protecting your waifu.

So alone then?

Die smiling.