So, they released short previews for episodes 5 and 6 (episode 5 next week)
Episode 5
Episode 6

can't wait

>Yui's formal wear in the cockpit

Fuck yes

How is this? I thought about watching it.

Do you see how active this thread is?
This is your answer.


It has great hand-drawn mecha fights and cute girls.

Great hand drawn mecha action ruined but almost all cast loli cast... disgusting

>dead threads means the show is shit
Kill yourself. ConRevo was one of the best things this year and threads were only active when a new episode aired (and they weren't very active by Cred Forums standards)

Is the sound direction any better now that they hopefully have gotten their shit together

>All the characters are lolis
This is how I know you don't watch the show

>same sound director as WIxoss
I'm fine with it. Hoping that they'd redo sound was silly.

Anyone has the sound webm of that roaring kick pls?

Finally green. And a bath episode. Noice.

It's good if you like cute girls and hand drawn mecha.

Is there a mecha show that isn't an homosexual shitfest? Not even the sakuga mecha could prevent me from dropping this.


Vulva rape was bad for other reasons though.

It had ERUERUFU. MC was extremely gay for him.

Can't have it all

Getter Robo
Everything Mazinger
Super Robot Wars OG
Dai Guard

Just because theres two males doesn't mean they are gay.

L-Elf literally offered his own body to Haruto . And MC accepted his proposal and refused to have sex with a cute girl.