Love Live Sunshine

It's Ruby's birthday. Can you out-dote Dia today?

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Good girl

Rubest thread.

Happy Birthday, cutie.



Happy birthday cutest girl.


aquours a shit
muse forever

Why does she wear thigh highs? Is she trying to be seductive?

this is going to make its way onto Cred Forums, isn't it. you degenerates


Maru has a present for Ruby on her birthday.

She isn't trying
she just is



ruby-chan i want to fug you(r sister)

Riko is love.

Seductively training

Two can play that game
>Maru needing a new phone and visiting IT stores episode
>Ruby getting scouted for modelling session episode
>Yohane trying out new chuuni stuff in a comedic fashion (eg messing up shuffling tarot, or attempting to tasseography while can't brewing shit) episode
>Chika getting drafted to work at home, asked others to help out too episode
>You need extra money to get her dad some birthday gift, take up some part-time job episode
>Riko flashback of her Otonoki days episode
>Dia having too much fun and being herself a tad bit much in an amusement park episode
>Mari tried living like commoner episode
>Kanan practicing and acting as delinquent for the local stage show

Fuck, I now really need dedicated SoL series and no idol bullshit at all

Ruby is magic.

Thumbnails line up pretty well if Ruby was long.


Spoil Ruby lots today.

I know Yoshiko is, but thigh highs seem like a fashion choice that Ruby wouldn't come up with on her own. I dunno.


Too slow fagit

Wild sex with Riko-chan

Ruby asking Dia to help tie her side-tie panties because the other side keeps falling down when she tries on her own

She is going to get brain damage

She also wears them as little demon #4 and in Mijuku Dreamer. It's probably intended as part of her appeal.


Does the Fallen Angel otaku listen to stuff like this?

>offer to trade Maru snacks for her skirt
>still make her beg for it


When is Ruby going to let her hair down?
When is You going to mess her hair up some more?
When is Maru going to tie a ponytail?
When is Dia going to part her bang?


It's too late to prevent that.

When is Chika going to wash her hair?

These are all of the finest noises on known record, in an amazing coincidence all spoken by Ruby.

That's the sound of dry anal with Riko!

Next cour
Next cour



Happy birthday tworst girl


Fuck off.

Ruby is annoying

Loli Dia looks like an alien

The truth is she refuses to fight because she doesn't know how to hold back.

That explains why she can speak Alienese in the AZALEA drama

I love how this picture captures her shy delight to have her hair styled like Onee-chan's.

Happy birthday, Ruby-tan!

Losing my manliness

is ruby retarded or pretend retarded?

i feel like she would make a great Cred Forums poster
Be strong for Ruby, user

Sisters or childhood friends, what's best?

Do you even need to ask?

Someone post the audio webm of Ruby getting headpatted

The fuck are Nico and Maki doing here?

Impregnating eachother with their stare

What does "Die Skee" mean, exactly?





She's going to look under her dress


Who wouldn't?


Ruby should be the big sister



which of these girls are for impregnating and which arent?


Who's taking the pic?




Celebrate Ruby's birthday, or else.

Dia is for baby making
Ruby is not yet

All cute girls are for impregnating unless they have some congenital disorder or are sterile.


I want to make little demons with Yohane

I wouldn't mind Riko, Dia, or Mari too joining in.

Why do think I'm dumping all this shit from twitter?

Chika. She's really fast.

>Mari's prominent love handles
Stop this

>circling Ruby's almost panty shot
Don't embarrass her

Ruby is a giant baby

She would pop kids out like a machine gun

I'm glad an artist addressed Chika's lightning speed in that scene, she's insane.

There's nothing embarrassing about it. Sometimes that just happens with a skirt. No one would think lewd thoughts about this


Chika vs Honoka when?

>Sometimes that just happens with a skirt
If you're a slut with no sitting etiquette I guess.




Gyaru raibus when?



Love Live is like LWA or the Tamako Market ED where pantsu are impossible to observe. Light bends if you try to see them.

Hopefully never

Damm the good 'ol DBZ...

Why is that Dia's hair red?
Red Dia?!



Any good Dia/Ruby doujin out yet?

Was anybody else expecting to hate Ruby before the anime aired, only for her to end up being one of your favorites?

No-pan > white panties


what's wrong with nico-chan?

Yohane is for fap and fug


and another wincest doujin but that one i haven't found yet
it has smol Ruby

How would you guys feel if Sunrise announced a 2nd season of Sunshine, but it was going to be mostly SoL with very little drama and plot progression in favor of better character development?

I did, I thought she would be the useless crybaby. Turns out she is a shybaby who never quits and is pretty respectable

Very fashionable Ruby

Fucking elated

Nope, always been my favorite ever since the characters were first shown, she only grew on me more

If we got a third season after that, I'd love it.

The drama seems like the only time the characters get any development. They begin to devolve into memes during comedy SOL portions. Think of how Hanayo's S2 episode was botched by comedy shenanigans and now people can't forgive the rice.

I think those are just vaginal bones.

It can't be helped

>can't forgive the rice


I thought Hanayo's episode was funny though. The silent jogging in place outside the restaurant gag had me laughing buckets.

I thought that was pretty much guaranteed?

Perfect body for breeding.

So Ruby and Dia are the only ones without an episode? I see some sisterly bonding in the future

Ruby's episode was the same as Hanamaru's.
Why does it sound so lewd

No, that was Hanamaru's episode even if it was about Ruby

Extremely happy.
Character development is overrated, there's nothing wrong with some situational comedy with relatively static characters. If there was more time for that they could actually develop interesting situations instead of just some brief memespouting to give characters screentime.
And the anime isn't the only material. In SIF Hanayo literally can't shut up about rice.

>They win LL next episode.
>Fuck pacing.
>We see that 0 turn into thousands upon thousands of new fans and applicants to the school.
>All is well.
>Season 2 announced.
>Just them dealing with their new popularity and doing random SOL shit and shenanigans.


Neither Ruby nor Dia deserve an episode solely about them.


Dia is based as fuck and deserves one

>sisterly bonding
>Ruby and Dia
Do they really need it?

Yeah I want them sleeping together and doing sister stuff, maybe Dia showing a bit of weakness and relying on her imouto

I'd take an episode with Ruby trying to prove Dia she's a big girl now.

Why is Yohane touching Riko's ass?

She went from least to most favorite after the anime transferred her helpless moeblob quality over to Maru. The magazine claimed she protects Maru from bullies but never really portrays her as capable of that. I also couldn't adjust to the voice until I accepted the character and now I love it.


She's transferring mana

If her ass was within arm's reach you'd grab it too

The magazine also claimed that she just ends up crying when trying to protect her.

How the hell is tiny Ruby holding up that fatso?

This is can't deny

Damn Ruby is strong.

>Yeah I want them sleeping together and doing sister stuff
They already doing that. Chika's sisters are more interesting in this regard.

Why does she say "piggy" so much?


I want to bully Maru and blame it on Ruby

I don't fucking care about Chika or her sisters

>If there was more time for that they could actually develop interesting situations instead of just some brief memespouting to give characters screentime.
That's true. Nico's S2 episode was well received and that was a comedy episode. It also managed to add character development without dwelling on drama much. I'd take any episodes like that gladly.

I don't care about Chika's sisters, I want more Dia and Ruby

They are sex friends.

Who wants to see more of Chika's ugly relatives?

I tought she was You's sex friend

downloaded that the audio is what made me a Ruby fan

I'm glad they aren't semen demons like Yukiho or else I'd just be upset about their lack of screentime again.

I'd gladly welcome it. It would be great for fans and the brand. The more intimate the fans become with their best girl the more likely they are to support the brand. I think Aqours really need it to successfully carry the torch passed to them by μ's.

Dia needs an episode about her mole

>using a scenery shot for the OP

...No zura??

Now that the show is almost done, which characters rose and dropped the most for you? Mine are Mari and Hanamaru.

>Chika's ugly relatives
Wrong, Chika has good sisters

Actually, I can pretty much agree with this. I love them all, though

Dia and Riko

Mari and Dia rose from rock bottom to my favorites 3rd and 2nd to Ruby
The rest remained the same for me

Dia and Maru easily. Still hoping zura gets better treatment next season.

Mari went up, Riko dropped off.

Remember when we thought coelacanth or frogs would be the new alpacas? I miss them, bros.

Dia from the lowest bottom to presumibly the top
Yoshiko was the top... and she has descended. She's just there, as a mascost.

Also, Mari went fo "generic Eli #2" to "adorable engrish hammy queen".

Post your rankings

Wooby stronk

She's actually calling out to Biggie cuz she an OG gangsta

Yoshiko is not a mascot

Dia and Mari went way up and Hanamaru dropped the most.

why did they put riko's and ruby's birthdays so close together

I wonder what their thought process is for birthdays in general.



I want to BE Mari!

Making starsign match personality.

That's called appreciating a good wood


I wonder if Kanan still had her old attitude towards Mari they wouldn't be all over each other


>No December Birthdays
I don't know but would have killed them to give any of the 18 girls a December birthday?

Good taste user but I'd put You lower

>yohane and nico


No May birthday either

Riko shot up like a rocket in my heart, where Dia's character kinda dropped for me.

>You will never father girls as precious as these two

Don't really know how to do a HQ screenshot

>Me and my favorite raibus are cancer

Can we all agree:

High Tier: You, Dia, Yoshiko, Mari

Mid Tier: Ruby, Riko, Hanamaru

Low Tier: Chika, Kanan

I don't understand, I'm legitimately curious on what your reasoning for this is. Dia has turned a lot funnier since the drama ended, while Riko hasn't really done much save for the first 3-4 episodes.

>Zurabot and ganbarubybot
>Higher that anyone

>Youtards in charge of taste

Switch Kanan and You and I agree

>Can we all agree
The answer is always no



uhhh.. t-this is my fetish...

>Kananfags hating on You
Fuck you, I thought we were bros

As long as You is in the top tier, I'll accept it

>bros with anyone

Move Chika to Mid, drop Riko/Hanamaru to low and you're good.

What's your fetish?

You know what? I said that because she didn't seem to add something to the group, but I've just remember this scene: Does she edits videos? is that her function?

Patrician taste right here.

Her function is being Maru's caretaker

She adds fun to the group, that's more than enough

Seeing as though she's a veteran camwhore I'd assume she's in charge of their videos.

Seems like whoever has Kanan high has Ruby low, and vice-versa.

Is there a similar scenario for muse?

You got that backwards.

Maybe cause I have weird tastes, or cause I've been following the story selectively from Riko's PoV since the start, but I've just liked how Riko, for lack of a better word, shined more as it went on to the point of getting over her lack of self confidence.
Dia on the other hand, while being a fucking riot with how crazy she got after the drama, just feels like she kinda just lost her edge to an extent, and not the Kanan type of edge just her serious edge. I get her character type, but it just kinda falls off on me.

Let's just say they are each other caretakers then

>I thought we were bros
>indirectly calls Kanan shit
Why are Youshits so motherfucking idiotic?

Change Ruby with Kanan and you're correct.

Its this seman demons birthday? Is she legal yet?


Ruby belongs to her sister and wife Dia.

How can ANYONE like this character?


>you will never marry Mari
Death can't come soon enough.

You are sperging nonsense

Shit taste, that's all there is to it. Post-episode 4 Hanamaru was a mistake.

You forgot MIRAI

>shitting on any character
>shitting on other anons for liking a character you don't like
Why is Cred Forums literally filled with antisocial autists? Can't we just let each other rabu our raibus like bros?

This user very right!

>"Riko is a cityslut dogfucker that needs to go back to Tokyo. She thinks we like her but we really don't. I would tell her myself but I just don't have the heart to do it. Hopefully she gets a clue so that I can have Chi- I mean, peace for myself and my group"

I like her voice.

Autist your mom!!

Remember that some people here literally start arguments out of boredom shitposting for both sides and some just think it's hilarious to rile other people up.

Hanayo why are you being so mean

I kind of agree, but I like to believe it's all in good fun.

If you don't like it you can fuck off to reddit you fucking baby

The average Ruby fan.

I don't mind shitting on but I feel bad when people call my favorite raibu a slut or post porn of her.


>"Th-They're saying mean things about my waifu!"

>Why is Cred Forums literally filled with antisocial autists?
Do you seriously have to ask that question?
"Why is an anonymous internet imageboard community centered around children's cartoons from Japan so autistic"
Seriously, guy. What's in your head?
And where do you even start calling other people autistic while being a crybaby that some stranger on the web doesn't have nice things to say about your favourite fictional teenage girl in a children's cartoon from Japan? Glass houses, bud.

Not sure if this is intentional

But I like both of them.

Heh Aqours plebs. Make some room for a real aidoru

I'm just the reverse, lewd raibus are the best and if you call her a slut, whatever, the show obviously doesn't support that. But I do get unhappy when people shit on her.

You were saying?

My nigga.

Semen demons

>Finish watching the movie and having to come to terms with the lack of μ's

There's no more of this adorable retard. Why even go on ;_;


No matter the complaints, all girls are amazing and lovely in their own way. The real best girl is always the one closest to your heart.

Second best ship after HonoMaki.

Loving anime girls is suffering

Back to the basement, Nico.

Fuck off

Umifriends unite

>this will never be scanned

I've been waiting for this

Nico deserves to sit on a throne!
Dude what the fuck is your problem?

>hagfags shitposting hour


I also love pointy chin artist

At least we will get the Ooshima Tomo incest doujin, right?

Umi > Honk > Maki > Nico
The rest of µ's is absolutely irrelevant.

Still I do not want to watch the movie yet

Shit it'll happen to Sunshine someday. What do we have left, 1 more season?? How much time will take a fictional year?

What's wrong with Nico?

Three more seasons and a movie and then a reunion movie with µ's introducing the third Love Live group please god

Absolutely nothing, even though I put her at the end those 4 are still close.

You sir.
Umifriends unite


I've got it.
>ChikaRiko = HonoMaki
>YoshiRiko = NikoMaki
>Sunrise is trying to correct mistakes
>The autistic fanbase can't let it go


I really didn't think I'd miss her this much. She was always top tier, but then the movie just drove it home.

>Still I do not want to watch the movie yet
I thought it sounded like kind of a faggot thing to do but I put it off for ages because I didn't want it to end.
I really hope sunshine lasts a while from now. Like at least another season and an OVA and a μ's cameo or something



Umifags vs Nicofags, my favourite weebo war.

I stand with Umi


It's literally only you guys being hostile to my Nico every time I post, so annoying!

does she speak ruski fluently?


It's everyone because Nico is trash.

That's not even a choice, user.

Dude I'm just here to have a good time, stop being such a jerk all the time.

Maris existence gets me hard.

Oh yeah NicoUmi


Just ignore them and post more Nico.
Respect others opinions and pretend the shitters don't exist.


Sure thing man.


Probably, she had a hard time reading japanese and she occasionally does horosho some times.

Maki can't stop being a tsundereshit even on Nico's birthday



It's not really a weeb war. It's just one Nicofag being autistic.


Doggy style

Dumb tripfag

I think Reddit may be better for you if you seek a safespace.

I want her to grab on to my Shiny


Dia rose the most, everyone else just kind of moved one place down to accommodate.

Nico-chan a cute

That sentence doesn't make any sense

Only correct ranking coming through.

That's a tiny hand

What did you expect fom a hetshit?

For you.


Alt hair time?

Glad to see another person who appreciates Ruby

How come Zuramaru is so low?


I can't stop saving Honoka/Maki and Umi/Nico images. What's wrong with me? Why do I like it so much?

No one rose that much but I'd say Chika did the most. I had her at the bottom but she's done some fun stuff.

You fell the most because she has just been a doormat and her drama was terrible.

How is Kanan loving Mari het?

Rampant shit taste, I fear it's deadly.


>Kanan not in the bottom 3

Kanan is top 3 though.


I can't get over how perfect Nico is.
Why can't be real for just a day?

I would do Kanan in the bottom

At this point my bottom 3 is pretty much set in stone. My top 3-6 fluctuates a lot though.

what kind of guy do I need to be to have a gf like nozomi?

one with huge mantits to washi washi


Can't believe I was retarded enough to reply to myself. Grow a pair of bouncy tits.

Dia's hair like this is too cute.

The Rubyfag demographic has the highest average age. Feel free to check my sources on that.

This is serious tenshi

A Russian one


Top kek, Rubyfags confirmed for hags.

You need to have boobs.

and what is the average age of Rubyfags?

She just doesn't appeal to me in anyway outside of her voice.

I wanted to see some Honk alt hair in the anime but it never happened

Canon ship


One that's in shape.

No matter the hairstyle she's always the ugliest. Impressive feat.

Oh, i see. fair enough

King did wonders to Hanamaru.

Why are there testicles on that banner?

Not surprising that this slut and her act appeals to old men.


Delet this

user please
I'm a Rubyfag and the same age as Aiai

I thought they were butt cheeks or tits

Shittiest taste in this thread, what a feat



This. Second years are always worst. Although You went from 7 to 9.

>best and worst girl in the same image

Chika, Rin and Hanayo are uglier.


I wouldn't say Ruby is best girl though.


Is You still Cred Forums's favorite? She seems to be losing popularity.

Don't be mean to the birthday girl.

Will Love Live ever come up with a girl that can match or surpass Honk's cuteness? Aqours failed miserably and I'm not sure if there will be a third wave of idols.

She's boring as fuck and her fans are fucking obnoxious.

Cred Forums isn't one person. The only thing I can say is we like Mari a lot more than Japan does.

I like her enough.


Will Shittake ever be able to show Riko his love like the alpaca did?

>The only thing I can say is we like Mari a lot more than Japan does
Don't remind me.

Why is Yoshiko so different from Nico? don't they want her to be useful? her good girl just plain stupid.

Why zura so lwed

She has more shitposters now. She's not as high for me anymore but that's mostly because other members have gotten better,

I think Dia/Mari/Yoshiko are the new holy trinity

One day.
Once she's done with her kabedon and chin in hand doujinshi

Can't be done. She's too perfect.

So who is the boy in this relationship? Zura?

Same goes for all the idols


>her good girl just plain stupid.

Are you alright?

>Everyone thought the third years would be swept aside like before
>instead they just get better and better each episode

Except for Kanan

There are no boys in yuri.

She's an angel, not a Satan. Go back to your midget shit.

Especially Kanan

Kanan is a waste of space.

Yoshiko, even though she likes skirts.

Third years > First years > Second years
If you disagree you have shit taste

Well she went from literal nothing to an actual character who exists, so I guess that's a pretty big leap.

>Ebin meme girls > actual characters

Best loli

I agree. Before the anime I liked first and third about the same but the anime has helped the third years a lot.

Yoshiko, she's the one doing silly antics which is typical for a boy.

Yeah gotta agree there
i don't dislike Kanan at all but she's still just there, with some fanservice once in a while.
If it weren't for Mari's sexual harassment i could've forgotten about her.

>First years above anything

She went from Big Boss to Solid Snake.

Let's check.


She haven't shown interesting work even becoming nico which she isn't saddens me.

Second years are irredeemable garbage

Her moment with the fan was pretty cute.

Your taste is irredeemable garbage. The first years are meme spouting background characters.

At least they don't have a Chika equivalent.

Why would she?

I went from Yoshiko to Maru to You to finally settle on Mari over the course of this season.

Only Chika's hair is irredeemable garbage.

The second years have an ugly retard, a bland doormat, and the most boring character in all of Love Live.

Much better than muh wall doujins and YOUSORO right?


I like how you have nothing good to say about the first years instead

What do you want me to say? The second years are so shit they're below the first years?

They're not boring, both 1st years and 3rd years are cool.

>forced meme, forced meme and forced meme
Yep. That's memegirls fag.

>3rd year drama revolved around Mari leaving, Kanan being edgy, and Dia being a punching bag
>2nd year drama revolved around Chika being a bad friend, You being a cuck, and Riko being a thieving slut

Predict the inevitable 1st year drama

I'm not disagreeing about them being meme spouting background characters, I'm saying that even that is better than the blandness and shittiness of the second years.

Yoshiko is the only decent part of the 1st years. Ruby's cute act is annoying and Maru is self-explanatory.

There won't be any. 1st years didn't have any drama in the original LL either.

Why are you even watching this?


I really liked the Maru from her centric episode. Too bad she died and was replaced with a body double.

Because I like the third years and Yoshiko.

I need to know that the characters I scout for in LLSIF aren't shit.

who names their kid after their hair color?

SIF stories often retcon the anime you dumb nigger. Stick to /vg/.

Americans name their kids Dick so why not.

Is AiAi for hugs or fugs?

No one names their kid Dick, it's a nickname from Richard

She cures cancer. No one just cures cancer

I need to see the characters in motion.

Fugs. I wonder what kind of sounds she makes she's getting drilled by rich 70 yr old japanese cock


>best written character arcs in the entire franchise
>boring! give me more memes
Fuck this shit.

For hugs.
she's perfect.
Still laughing at the fact her little brother often caught her looking at gravure idols their butts on her pc

I speak for South Americans: The name "Dick" doesn't exists here.

That would turned off Yoshiko easily.

>best written character arcs in the entire franchise
But no one was talking about Nico.

Who? All the drama is terrible. We just look past it.

There was no "third year drama" in the original Love Live either. There was one plot about broken Nico and another separate plot about broken Eli. There was nothing connecting the two except maybe Nozomi trying to fix them both.

>Mari winning

>3rd most popular name in South America
>It doesn't exist
Sure it doesn't Dick

This is how to bully You in every episode.

Just wait for the proxyfag.

>Riko must have done this!

I'd rather watch You NTRs Riko from Chika.

>preemptive damage control
No need to be scared user, I think Mari might actually be more popular right now.

That would be impossible because Riko likes Chika more.

Alright, you had your fun, Pinto.

Now, pipe it down a bit.

I know but they'd make a hotter couple.

They're like sisters like rin and umi , so no.

>Zura eating even in her sleep

I prefer YouChika but sure, i guess

I want to hug Ruby

OH MY GOD! Mari is sexy!

I can't believe Yoshiko didn't try to snatch the food or bully zura wtf is wrong with her?

>You'll never bury yourself deep in her shiny

Same, user.

go back to bed, nicotard.

Can someone explain me all this chikahate? You may dislike the design, but she's an amazing character. Do people just skip over her scenes or something?

What does that even have to do with Nico?

>amazing character

>but she's an amazing character
Nice b8 m8. I'll never forget that she ruined the only SOL episode of this season so far by bringing about unnecessary drama.

Yoshiko really seems like the submissive type so I'm gonna go with Zura

I don't get it either. Maybe they're trolling Chikafag or maybe it's just plain dumb hatred of the main character because she gets more screentime.


Annoying and the ugliest Love Live member.


Is there any raibu that wasn't called that before?

Do you think the reason nips dislike Mari is because she's a full-blooded gaijin? She's one of the most likeable characters and definetly doesn't deserve last place



Did they hate Eli too?

I think it's just yet another display of shit taste from nips.

I hear that LLS will only be 1 cour

Isn't Eli like a quarter?

Pretty sure Hanayo was the least liked by Nips, which is suprising in retrospect considering Maru's popularity right now.

That's the only possible reason i can think of.
Altho it's probably not that they dislike her but more that she's almost nobody's favorite in japan.

Who did you hear if from?

In japan that doesn't matter, you leave the country for any reason you get called a gaijin

Maru has zura and a better character design. I would also argue that she's less bland.

Hanamaru has a better design and isn't an insecure fuck most of the time

I hear it will be 3 seasons with the last one being 2 cours.

I hear that user is a faggot

Maru is like another Kotori clone that's why people like her.

But she's half Japanese.
The real question is why she has a Japanese last name if her father is Italian.

Maybe her father is a beta that took his wife's name.

Oh I tought she was full-blood, the non jap father must be why

Isn't she half italian half american?

It's cosmopolitan western upper class to not take your husband's last name desu wa


Half Japanese, half Italian-American

Don't they take the wife's last name if her family is more powerful

That doesn't make sense. Even 3 years old knows only a guy could give the last name to his wife

In my country the parents decide together which of their last names their offspring will take.

>liked Mari from the start
>now she's Cred Forums's favorite

because Cred Forums is into english

this is one of these cases where the cropped porn is better than the original porn


What am I looking at here? What does yellow mean?

Every fucking time.

>What do you mean 100,000 yen is too much for a meal?


"Other" i guess
as in people who don't want to tell their gender

>Trannies for Nozomi

>Last episode of S1
>Skips to Aqours winning Love Live and epilogue
>Sunrise announces there will not be a season 2
>Aqours is to be disbanded at the end of 2017 with a few more concerts and songs
>Sunrise announces brand new idol anime franchise, Kogane no shoujo-tachi

Also: Will you be watching Sunrise's new idol anime?

So girls have better taste than boys.

Special snowflake

Dumb seaposter

We agreed that this poll was useless

>People with mental problems liking the chuuni
It checks out

>blonde gaijin's name is more japanese than the yamato nadeshiko's

That's a reddit poll, you know.

is your favorite raibu the raibu u wud like to fugg?

What if I'm homosex and don't want to fug any of them?

Which means it can be trusted since they have infinitely better taste than Cred Forums does

Will Kanan's fan ever show up again? She was the cutest.

Why are you here then?

>Mari is a gaijin
>nips hate her
>Dia is a pure-blooded traditional yamato nadeshiko
>nips hate her too

Umi, Eli or Hanamaru.

Ruby's too innocent and cute for that
Dia for fugg

Reddit, please.

Then why the fuck are you watching this? You should be watching fujoshit like Free or something

She's still on top 3 unlike You, though.

So I can make fun of of no-life losers with shit taste like you

They don't like moles.


Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I don't wish to be the little girl, sweetie.

>posts sexy You images
>Janny gets mad, removes it immediately
>posts sexy You again
>Janny removes it again
>the Mari one doesn't get touched at all

But you can't.

>Ranking Hanayo as their third favorite girl
>Better taste

Janny confirmed Bro.

>beach episode has the lowest animation quality

Tone down the projecting you sack of shit.

Janitors are Youfags who likely only likes her because everyone else on Cred Forums does too.

I wonder if this image will get removed by the mods

Calm down

They hate neither.
They're just the favorite character of less people than the others, that's all.
there's no "i dislike this raibu" in the JP polls


It should be just for being terrible. You isn't that big anywhere.

I have the same taste as "others", should I be worried?

>That THICC Ruby in the back

>You isn't that big anywhere
She is in my head

It's okay, Cred Forums respects all otherkin.

>You isn't that big anywhere.
She is in my heart

The Mari image is infinitely more lewd than the You one was. It's fucking hilarious.

>Cred Forums
Choose one

>You isn't that big anywhere.
She is in my dick

Speak for yourself, I only tolerate fellow transnigger helicopterkin.

>riko fourth for everyone

Did they play it too safe with her?

Yeah, she's boring and not as cute as Umi.

I'm surprised Riko is so high considering how fucking boring she is

Which You image was deleted? When?


Do they even watch the anime?

Riko looks like she's got downs.

Maybe because the nipple's showing a bit.

Two cropped images from a doujin. It was even spoilered, unlike the Mari one. It was a thread from awhile ago though, it's probably still sitting in the archive.

Character rankings are bullshit because it makes the least popular characters look like the most hated. Just because Chika is 9th on my ranking doesn't mean I dislike her, I just like all the others more.

No, it wasn't that one. The one I posted had censored everything.

Are we playing "Poke the Mods"? I wanna play too

The Mari picture I posted doesn't have anything showing, that You has a nipple showing.

You poked too hard

Oh look, the best subunits from their respective parts.

Some user was sperging out about not lewding his wife, so I posted sexy You which had a bunch of white box edits so nothing was showing. Mods still came and deleted it.


New thread

Kek, it got deleted again and Mari photo is still up. 10/10 Mods

Cute small animal.

W-What happened? I just got back