Is K-on! The comfiest anime of all time

Is K-on! The comfiest anime of all time
Not the best, but the comfiest?
Is there some subliminal comfy conditioning?

It's like audio-visual Valium

Also Mio a best

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It's up there, but I think Non Non Biyori wins by combining cute girls and idyllic rural scenery.

I felt pretty stressed out by how stupid Yui was

I personally think Cromartie high High was comfier.

Yui is probably smarter than you.

I did relax more watching Hidamari Sketch or Ichigo Mashimaro.

It's not the comfiest. It is the best though.

>learns perfect rhythm, muting, bending, barring and other techniques in ridiculously short time out of pure dedication
>manages to finish her exams on a perfect score on last-week cramming despite not paying any attention to her studies throuhout the entire term

>yui is dumb and lazy guys

Nah it's shit

Yui is a savant and the fact that her actions and mentality are unpredictable make her a perfect lead character for K-on!
It's easy to understand how Mio, Mugi, Ritsu and Azusa would react to certain situations but Yui is mostly a mystery

Non Non Biyori is no doubt a fantastically comfy show, but it didn't make me feel as warm and fuzzy inside as K-on did.

Are Japanese high schoolers really as childish as the girls in K-ON?

No, cartoons and real life are not the same.

K-On! made me feel like I did with my friends, it made me feel happy. I wouldn't say that in that way it's the most comfy anime out there, in my opinion, that would go to Non Non. K-On is something above comfy, above being simply cuddly and fuzzy, it's special in the feelings that it creates. Something like nostalgia, friendship, cuteness, all tied up in a nice warm, comfy blanket ready for you to cuddle with.
As far as the broad term of "comfy" goes, I rewind and chill out the most while watching Non Non Biyori, which achieves a near perfect balance of chill and cuteness, thus resulting in comfy. Not too chill that it makes you want to sleep, not too cute that it makes you excited. K-On would be higher in the "cute" spectrum than it would be in "chill", at least that's what it gives me. Watching K-On makes me want to pick up a guitar or play some keyboard, do a semi-dance in my office chair to their songs, and try to sing along to their songs even though I know no Japanese.
However, upon consideration, the movie was a much cleaner mix of the cute and chill factors of comfy anime, though still not perfect.
I love K-On!, it is one of my favorite anime of all time, but I would not put it on top of the comfy charts.

And thus I end my shit post.

I'd say what makes K-on cute is that the characters are all likeable and realistic, the pace is rather slow, the music is cute and catchy, and obviously the girls are really cute.

Hence the reason why I would say it is more cute than chill, and thus not a very "comfy" show. I agree that it is cute.


I finally found most of the second set of Ura-On!! shorts online, and I'm now having to come to terms for the third time with the idea of no more K-On [having previously been unable to find the season 1 OVA for a while after viewing the rest of the show]

It hurts in a dulled, uncomfortable way

For me it is less of an issue of her being bad or dumb, but rather that she never had her shit together and relied on her sister to function as a human being.

Being unreliable isn't cute

on how comfy the show actually was i think gochuu and nnb beat k-on

Ui disagrees

Its my favorite anime ever but I think there are comfier anime out there. K-On! is pretty high paced at times.

Not even in the top 100 comfiest shows, get out of here with that shit.

I declare this a Junposting thread, post your best/rarest Juns

She's a boring doormat, of course she would

A cute girl feels the urge to do cute things with a cute girl.

Unable to do cute things, she is gifted with by cute ex machina with the cute girl's thing. Never minding the strange thing, she immediately does cute things, and is overjoyed to find out that cute girl wants to do cute things as well.

But, the next day, when she recounts the previous day's cute things done with the cute girl, she only looks at her with a uncute expression. After some investigation, she finds out that the cute girl she did cute things with is not the same cute girl she originally wanted to do cute things with. In fact, she doesn't want to do cute things in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who wants to do cute things with the MC's own alternate universe cute self, who too is blissfully unaware of her desire to do cute things.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their cutest, most private things in order to equip the other with cute things they need to do cute things with their other cute selves. While the two do cute things with their alternate universe cute girls, NOTHING ensues as they begin to feel desire to do cute things with each other instead and question the NATURE of MOE.


Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子

>the mods' faces when


K-ON is my favorite anime.

Not the best, but my favorite. It just hits all the right points for me.

>Not the best, but my favorite.
That's not how opinions work. If you think something is better, then obviously it would be your favorite. If you have a favorite it obviously implies you think it's the best. Stop striving for objectivity (you can't reach it) and just like what you like.

Not really. It's more about feeling than objectivity.

There are other objectively better anime. Either with better plots or better animation, but K-ON still makes me feel the best when I watch it.

It's my favorite and it's a solid 8/10 IMO.

no. not even close.

I've always seen K-On as an all-in-one type of SoL.

There are genki SoLs like Yuru Yuri, comedy SoLs like Azumanga Daioh, comfy SoLs like Non Non Biyori, light drama SoLs like Hanasaku Iroha. But K-On seems to have all those characteristics.

Not that user, but I have to respectfully disagree here;

It's one thing to like something, and another to think its better or in some cases even good. K-On is a rather good anime, but objectively speaking its not the best, it doesn't do much in the way of plot or character development etc, it's just a cutesy, comfy, relaxing deal. It's like the cute girl version of an explosion-fest action flick. It's not the best anime just like Bad Boys 2 isn't the best movie, but god fucking damn if it isn't fun to watch.

K-On is my favourite anime ever, but I can recognise other anime making better and more varied/new uses of the medium, and even having better animation or character or whatever like that, but K-On remains the most enjoyable of all to me

You really don't get it.
>There are other objectively better anime.
Tell me what the "objectively good" qualities of anime are, who created them, and why they're qualified to make that distinction.
>K-ON still makes me feel the best when I watch it.
This is literally all that matters.


What is sex with Yui like?

What a retard.

I guess I don't get it.

I think there are better anime out there. Better produced, better animated, better plots.

K-ON is still my favorite though. None of those have the same impact to me.

Like I said, it's an emotional/feeling thing, not a objective thing.

Sorry if I can't explain it well but that's my opinion.

You should think about it. Question yourself. If in rating an anime "good" or "bad" you're not measuring your own opinion or how much impact it's had on you, what exactly are you measuring?
What you're saying still sounds extremely conflicting to me. Like you want to appease other people by saying "these other plot driven or well animated shows are technically better, just not my favorite." That's just nonsense.

That's your opinion and that's fine, but in my opinion K-On! is the best produced, has some of the best animation, and has the best narrative in all of anime.

Who's the THICC'est Keion?
I vote Ui.

Ui may be thiccest but Jun is funnest

>Not the best, but the comfiest?

I don't know, I'd put it up there as one of my favorites. Hell, one of my favorite shows period.

I hold it lockstep with The Sopranos, Moral Orel, and Babylon 5.

fite me

>what is Aria

Do you at least acknowledge that there are multiple different metrics possible for judging something?
The very premise of this OP is for it to be the comfiest without being the best. Surely a show could also be the most visually pleasing without being the best, or the most fun? Is it not possible for something to be the most enjoyable without being the best?
"Best" is subjective, yes, but even for a single person there is more than one way to decide what "best" means.


An anime about nothing

It wouldn't. Ui would do it for her.


You win this round

>Do you at least acknowledge that there are multiple different metrics possible for judging something?
The reason I didn't take issue with the OP is because "comfiest" isn't synonymous with "best" while "favorite" is. At least when it comes to entertainment.
>Is it not possible for something to be the most enjoyable without being the best?
That's rough to answer. The question is whether another show offers something other than enjoyment that you valued more than enjoyment. Problem is that "enjoyment" is also subjective and essentially boils down to a word that indicates you like something.
I guess the test would be is there anything that you've dreaded watching, but wound up valuing the experience of afterwards (moreso than watching things that you looked forward to watching). I can't think of anything myself.


I could get into Hibike Euphonium but not K-ON. I dunno, something about it's artstyle displeases me.

But user, she gets her shit together during the course of the show, more exactly, it is one of the main themes of the series.
About her relationship with Ui, there you have s2 ep 17, when Ui gets sick and can't take care of her older sister, thus Yui realizes that yes, she indeed depends too much on Ui for basically everything. So, in an act of gratitude and self-improvement, she decides to take care of Ui, trying her best even if her efforts may end being futile. We can't forget U&I too, the song that is inspired by her relationship with Ui and also by "those things you don't know you have until they're gone". I think this is a fairly mature realization for someone who is as carefree as Yui.

Also, if you compare the Yui of the first episode of the series with the last episode's Yui, you can observe that, while keeping the same airhead personality, she has developed goals and interests, and is slightly more focused on taking care of her appearance. It's just those changes are so gradual that they're hard to notice, I guess, but this is one of the main reasons I love K-ON! so much.

>being unreliable isn't cute
Maybe not cute, or maybe not for you, but it certainly is a moe factor since having to depend on other people for taking care of yourself can activate paternal or protective instincts in viewers.

Someone just update this with Hibikek

forget that, it's there

It's extremely comfy. K-On is definitely my mostest favorite anime series of all time. Nothing else comes before it for me. I've watched all the episodes so many times I lost count already, I don't even need to play them any more, I can just close my eyes, and watch them in my head in HD, and hear the sound as clear as if it was happening live. All the episodes are burnt permanently into my mind. Mind you, what got me into anime was Gundam and Berserk, so I'm not even supposed to like moe anime, due to being hardwired to that hardcore shit from the get-go. I should be praising stuff like Attack on Titan, I suppose?, but I will always

No this

I think she comes a close second.


Hibike is the juggernaut of anime eye candy perfection. It truly is a testament at how good Kyoani are at animation.

That said...

The story is uninteresting, the setting and music band theme is garbage, the music is so bad they have to cut the music scenes halfway through to avoid putting people to sleep, the characters are easily forgettable, and their interaction is shit. The only reason you're getting a second season is because Kyoani was dumb enough to buy the IP, thinking all they had to do was draw as pretty as they could, and people would love it as much as K-On, so they're squeezing the most out of their investment, but in all honesty, Hibike is a flop, and a disaster of an anime series.

I'm going to go as far as to call Hibike, the biggest blunder Kyoani ever made and a waste of their time and talent.

You know how people complain about Michael Bay using too much CGI instead of paying more attention to the quality of the story instead? Ok, Euphonium is exactly the same way, the artwork is breath-taking but everything else is garbage

Sawako is actually quite slender.


What did she mean by this?

Why is Jun so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

Wow this is the opposite of all my opinions

I have this weird thing for Jun since I saw this image. Now every time I see her and her puffy pigtails I get instant boner

Them tits and booty are thick in all the right places.

I've never seen this anime but have been wanting to, where can I go to see it online?

By buying a subscription to Hulu. What, do you think people on Cred Forums would violate the law?

Go go gadget anime dot com is a website that people peruse.

Minus the spoiler.

K-On!! made me sad as fuck about the transience of all happiness and everything that exists. Even when you meet people you really care about you can't be with them forever.

Wow weird opinion.

Just read the manga, it's better.

I also like Mio the best.

Also, Mugi is best girl and my beautiful wife. Pic related.

This man is a liar.

No reason to be upset, because you are correct.

I just want to say Ritsu is best girl.

*teleports behind you*

Mugi-Mio are HIGH TEST waifus


I wish there was fan art of HTT cosplaying as Big Bang. Imagine Ritsu with Taeyang's hairstyle.

>someone drew this

Too shiny

how much of a fucking faggot is this guy?

i get it now. they named her yamakana because she won't stop yammering

>A bunch of moefags trying to justify their trash taste

You guys are just adorable.

She seems easy going and happy to please, provided it's not too much effort.

This is pretty accurate.

But that's Aria, user. No contest, seriously

I guess the character developments and themes of the show are just too subtle for some people and they need to be hit over the head with them instead.

Reminder that the London Tourism Board funded the K-ON! movie.

Princess child and Strawberry are cutes!
Two of my favorite background Keions.

Well, what else did you expect from 10 year-old kids?

I don't get it. K-ON!'s artstyle wasn't that brown.

>Hibike is a flop, and a disaster of an anime series.
While I agree with most of your opinions, this just isn't true.


neither of them are thick in this image

Non Non Biyori

K-on made me depressed and suicidal after the graduation episode so no OP




I slept watching non non

Way too fucking slow, and renge only above average char on the whole cast ( maybe with the older brother, he is underrated as fuck just because he is male )

>I guess the character developments and themes of the show are just too subtle for some people
This is so true. My latest obsession is observing everything Mugi-chan does in detail. You know how she'd never been to a fast food restaurant until she went there with Mio and Ritsu for the first time? I was thinking that maybe when she was little she didn't have too many friends, because she was too overprotected, so she had "tea parties" often with her dolls, that's why she came up with the whole "tea party" idea and brought her own tea set, and snacks from home to feel more comfy around the other girls, since that's what she was used to while "playing along with her friends". I'm most likely wrong, but it makes me chuckle to think that's the reason. She manipulates everyone around her with sweet snacks all the time, and it works so well too!

Nice observation. Yui doesn't get enough respect. She's also the one who recognized Sawa-chan and Cristina right away just from their old school photos even when they dressed and did their makeup like crazy rockers and had wild haircuts. She also figured out Ritsu had an inferiority complex about her height just from watching her drink milk at the public bath, and many other little details. Yui is very perceptive and picks up on minute things other people ignore

more comfy because the characters aren't frustrating to watch

k-on end is a fucking blood ocean!
WHY?! why it has to end this way?

Technically the last episode is the Keions visiting Sawako's apartment.

>didn't watch the episodes in chronological order

This also. Season 2 made me realize how subtly but brilliantly developed Mugi was.

She is my wife.

Why almost all K-ON! threads end up being depressing? I'm trying to get over it, dammit.

Wrong KyoAni show to argue about watch order.

(also, watch Haruhi in broadcast order like a real man)

>we will never get a season 3 with a happy ending

what are some comfy shows?

Is there a list of Cred Forums predictions that came true?

Since fucking when does steam do anime?

Also, this raises an interesting question: If some sort of anti-torrent deathray is developed, and you have to pay for it, who would you rather buy from, steam or CR?

Steam since I will maybe "own" it

of course it wasn't. that image was made by some autistic shitter who just wants every scene to look like someone vomited rainbows all over the screen constantly and anime bitches with purple eyes

This is true. Ritsu is the river from which all kaions flow. Without her there wouldn't have been a new light music club, Mio would be some shitter at the literature club, Yui would've become a neet loser, Mugi would still be overprotected and not having fun, Sawa-chan would've settled in a life of boredom out of guilt, and become a crazy cat lady, and Asuza would've become a "no fun allowed" jerk at the shitty jazz club, and never become friends with Ui and Jun. Everything and everyone would've stayed in bleakness and darkness, and we wouldn't have the Kaions to love if it wasn't for this one little lady

I want the keions to strip me naked and take turns spanking me and squeezing my genitals

>how subtly but brilliantly developed Mugi was.
They're all like that, you just need to focus on each one to see it. Like paying attention at all the little hints that Mio's mom treats her like a little girl at home.

There's nonstop easter-eggs from the get-go as well. You remember the first few minutes of the first episode when Yui falls on her ass and she rushes to school not realizing she's an hour early?

She actually runs by Mugi getting off the train, and then runs by Mio and Ritsu while they're window shopping, but it happens so fast it's easy to miss

>this just isn't true.
I disagree with your opinion that it isn't so, but you have a right to your opinion. A couple of years from now we'll see if anyone even cares to talk about Hibike at all, then we'll know who was right

This scene is fun
"she's always been like this!"

good post

>implying it's possible

I just cried while laughing to this picture... Thanks user.

K-on is definitely my favorite anime. You can rewatch it the number of times you want and you still find details, reaction and a few precious moments with the keions.

Btw there is no best girl. They are all perfect


The world and this thread needs more Jun

But why? While not inherently bad, she is inferior to all other girls in the show.

Its possible to have one or two picks above the rest in K-On, but at the end of the days all the girls are at least equally great in their own ways, thats the magic of the show

but Jun a best

I love all the Keions but I love my wife the most.

Yui is best girl. Prove me wrong.

Yui lacks god-tier bedhead

Ui > Yui

>you'll never eat Mugi's eyebrows
Why even live

You're now hearing that wacky sound in your head when Jun was trying to squeeze toothpaste out

The best part about K-on is the slow relationship you build with the characters as it goes on. Everyone grows as a person by being in the light music club, and by the end they're very different from who they were back in episode one.

Azusa is the best girl

Eh I thought love live was comfier and that's not even top tier comfy

Jun's oddly more attractive with her hair like that than up in tails

Ui has one less letter than Yui
That means there's one less letter you have to pronounce.

more like kotoBOOTY am i right?

azusa is sooo cute. doesn't it make you want to snap her neck? this is normal, right?


Jun is always attractive, my boy

OP here, I never thought my thread would actually get this many replies

I'm on episode 8, I don't wan't it to end
I'm actually getting anxious about it

You still have plenty to watch. You haven't even gotten close to some of the best episodes.

Have you repented of your sins and accepted Mugi as best girl yet?

The new girl is great
Mio patting her head was a series highlight

Wait, if you mean you're on episode 8 of season 1, you know there's a second season that's twice as long, right? Not to mention two OVAs (one after the first season, one after the second season) and a full-length movie.

It's still a hard tie between Mugi and Mio
Mugi is loaded and demure but prudish
Mio is fragile, and soft and shy, the kind of person you want to hold.

Best girl is still up in the air


Season 1 had two OVAs and season 2 had three.

>he didn't know about season 2 or the OVAs

We might've just made his life

Do you know about Ura-On?

What merciful fate is this
Never had I expected such good fortune
God is smiling upon me on this day

Yui a best, Mio a degenerate bait.

Welcome to K-On, good buddy

Keep us updated, at least when you finish it. We'll be here waiting for you to accept that Jun is a best

That's a 10-4 Kemosabe

Cozy-rider checking in

I'll go back to IRC or newsgroups

The one thing I never managed to get was the season 1 Ura-ons.
I can't find them.

Found them.

Ranking the best girl is truly futile as collectively the Keions are an indivisible Deleuzian body and Ui is Jesus Christ who has died for our sins.

We did it Reddit.

> Jun posting

How did I miss this thread? I want to hang out with Jun.

this was the best way to watch k-on. you can't prove me wrong

>streaming or any sort
>best way
kill yourself.

not an argument. please try to be more mature

Seriously, advocating for streaming of any kind is utterly repulsive. It is just as bad as suggesting that the use of VLC is tolerable.