I still can't believe that it's over

How did it capture our hearts so?

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>How did it capture our hearts so?

It's called 'being 13'.


>How did it capture our hearts so?
You know how...

To be honest, I was 14 when I first started watching Bleach

But now I'm 25, and it only started really growing on me after reaching adulthood



Bleach is pretty mediocre when you compete it to OP.

oda wishes he could write an entertaining battle manga

When you grow up you'll realize that Bleach is for mature people and OP is for kids and manchildren.

I just want to see her again

But she's gone

Then why doesn't he write more battles?

because the series strength is adventures and drama that leads to emotional conclusions, not big dick shit talking battle manga

the point is comparing bleach to one piece is stupid because they do different things

I didn't start watching anime before I was 17, and I only got into Bleach a year or so later once the fever hit.

that being said, the first ~70 episodes were the series' best.

Will the final volume have an extra chapter?

reminder IchiHime won

You have shit taste. I'm sorry.

It sucked for a long time.

Bleach was truly over in my heart when Ichigo and Rukia said goodbye after Aizen was defeated. Everything that came after felt cheap, hollow, and/or underwhelming.

None of the Bankais resonated with me like they did back in Soul Society or even Mexico.
None of the returning characters lived up to the hype.
None of the speculations and loose ends were tied up, addressed, or otherwise resolved.

I only finished Bleach because Rukia was for a while my favorite female character out of WSJ. She was the first anime/manga character that I felt attracted to. To be perfectly honest, I didn't see her or Ichigo ending up with anyone and thought Bleach would have a non-romantic conclusion. I never would have dreamed she would marry Renji, much less have a daughter with him.

Bleach ended as a very different manga from the one I picked up all those years ago. I don't miss it. Fuck the live action movie. You should all move on.

Kubo's sexy-ass female designs.

You'll understand when you grow up.

>How did it capture our hearts so?

All according to keikaku




>How did it capture our hearts so?
It didn't



>How did it capture our hearts so?
That never happened. Everyone read/watched it ironically.

Bleach taught me that there's a loli inside me that loves me unconditionally and would die for me.

my loli > your loli

My loli can walk through walls, yours can't.

>How did it capture our hearts so?
Rukia was my favourite manga character.
I continued to read Bleach, despite how bad it became, assuming she'd play a significant role in the ending.

She did not.

Well played Kubo Tite.

Bleach taught me there's a little girl inside me who I can swing around and hurt people with.

If she is your favorite manga character then I can only guess you haven't read much manga.

But yeah, after SS she stopped mattering and faded more and more into the background. Only reason she even appeared in the ending was so Kubo could further stick it to Rukiafags.

>Only reason she even appeared in the ending was so Kubo could further stick it to Rukiafags.

For the last time, Kubo didn't write the ending the way he did because he had an agenda against anyone. The reason he ended it the way he did is because he had a terrible sense of priorities.

Bleach lives on... as a collaboration to a mobile game.

Your hair still looks stupid Renji

It's what kept me coming back.



Hitsugaya is always included in things and always seems out of place.
I wonder if Kubo's ever been told to do a Hitsugaya spinoff.

I wonder if he lets Ichika braid it sometimes.

Nemu certainly captured my dick

He had his own movie.

I'm on chapter 874 and haven't had much time to catch up and finish but this sounds incredibly disappointing. Is it actually as bad as reading and watching it for all these years only to have it end in the shittiest way possible level of disappointing or does it somehow mellow out and make you lose any expectations by the time it ends? Were the threads for the last chapter anything special or just ship shit posting?

>no rukia

>only girl is Orihime
>possibly the least viable girl in combat
I guess she really is the only Bleach girl that will ever be relevant again.

It started out really cool, like small-town Japanese Ghostbusters. And most of us started watching/reading when we were in like middle school.

Then by the time it became fucking DBZ with swords and the major issues started manifesting themselves, we had been with Bleach too long, invested too much of our time and feelings into it to just give it up.

At least that's why I stayed till the bitter, disappointing, riddled-with-holes end.

He's the most popular character, it's not surprising that he gets a lot of attention.

Bleach is dead. Long live Bleach (being dead.)

The only good thing about Bleach was Rukia's bankai. The worst thing about Bleach was Orihime and Chad being useless. Oh, and the Final Boss devolving into "you can't kill me lol" and then being destroyed by an infant.

Good Bleach has died after 52nd episode (end of Soul Society ark).

Everything else was just a scam job by Kubo, all of potential character development - failed, all dramatic side stories - failed, he could even kill off the characters properly.

A shame, it started so well.

*couldnt kill the characters

>How did it capture our hearts so?
I honestly can't even remember.

With Naruto I can remember enjoying key story points from early on (Sakura cutting her hair, Gaara's backstory and Naruto reaching out to him, Lee's determination, Naruto and Neji's clash of ideals etc.).

With Bleach it's mostly just a vague feeling of "I think a few Soul Society fights were probably cool."

>complaining about Kubo when talking about the anime

Kubo writes the manga, user. Blame Pierrot for the filler.