Danganronpa 3

TFW u spot fresh gamer cadaver

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Kaede and Jotaro will die.

Enough with the Mikan, I claim this thread for Mahiru and the high-test males who want to start a family with her.

Don't make me press the good night button

From Hope's Peak Academy, two Izurus were born...

Hell yeah brother.

You realize this is not real life, but you're trapped in New World Program too, just like SDR2's cast. Junko AI appears in front of you, and she gives you two choices:
1) Wake up from the simulation and return to your normal life, in your house with Nanako-chan;
2) Enjoy the full DR3's ride, which comprends Hajimemes, Chiakifriends, Mikanfags, Izurufags, Junkofags, Juzoboys, Kirigiribros, Hopemans, Chisafags, MunakatAAAAAAAAHHHHHs (you know why), crappy theories like Bandai being the mastermind while he's clearly not, gun battles, waifu wars shitposting... You'll enjoy all of this once again, and once it's over you'll enjoy it another time from the beginning, and again and again for all the eternity. Keep in mind that Junko AI will prank you and will delete your memory everytime, so every ride will be like the first one.
So? What do you choose? Take your time. And remember: a bed shouldn't jump on the dying


Excellent taste!


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


2, my friend.

We all know it's happening by Mirai 12, so we might as well start placing our bets now.
How will Junko come back?

It's really amazing how so much discussion came true over the lifespan of these thread.
These thread are and ode to humanity's brainstorming abilities

Does Cred Forums like explosive boats?

Dont get my hopes up. Though I wonder what Tengan said in that he didnt want it to go to waste.


Choice 2 is the only correct choice

Don't worry Robros, i got this.

DOn't worry friend!
Munakata has Seiko's regeneration pills! Juzo still has a 30% chance for a happy ending!!


>get to spend eternity watching the JUZOBOYS, seeing dumb theories like Ryota is Nagito, fanart, and more
>get to spend eternity with best girl shooting shit and pulling deadly pranks on each other
>get to discuss my favorite series without cancerous cunts on /vg/ forever

amazing. why would anyone pick 1?


but who was camera?

A red herring can't be the MC Kaede!
So hand over the MC spot right now!

So how many memes will come from TWO IZURUS?

There is a 0% chance Kirigiri is dead. Forget Cure W and all that. Just remember that:
>Chiaki got a 20-minute torture gauntlet dedicated to her with a touching reunion at the end
>Juzo had Munakata running through the hallway with a dramatic jpop soundtrack and a touching reunion at the end
>Kirigiri got barely more mourn time than Asahina's fake death, and Naegi flashback gives Sayaka as much time as Kirigiri
It's just not enough, it's too underwhelming for Kirigiri to have died the way she did. She's not dead and she will be coming back, maybe in a coma or as the mastermind.

Which character archetype would you be if you were put in a killing game?

99 and hopebot dies

Thank you, my friend! Glad there's always a weedman to secure the insecure with his predictions and his magical powers. God bless you.

Exactly, my friend! I don't want this to end, honestly. I lurked /vg/ for a few days during this anime and it's a whole nother world. It's as if it's not even Cred Forums.

>yfw this was all an anime/VR

>message from tengan
>"C has come to"


Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute? Nobody there saw him until he decided to show himself. The same thing happened later, with Nanami and Komaeda.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game? Just watching everybody act like a moron, slaughtering one another with impunity, with anybody unwilling to do that either killed via NG codes or by suicide via brainwashing, and doing nothing to stop it themselves even when they have all the power in the world?

Mikanfriends report in!

Where in the world is Tengan? Maybe he's on the boat with the RoD? Or did he somehow fake his death and is still in the FF building?

It is your God given right to post Mahiru, but we will still be here.

I'd be happy.


9 and Kaede turn Robohope into chicken in a can.

So was Tengan the person who informed Junko about Izuru and bring her to Hope Peak Academy in the first place?

Probably the most accurate Dangan Ronpa MBTI I've seen

I can't believe the creator listened to my suggestions and put Komaeda in ENFP and Fukawa in INFP

Who will tell her to tell them?

How about option 3: forced Hinanami ending?



So love can apply again?


yes, the first thing I did after coming home from work is add subs to a gay ass AMV

Now that the dust has settled

obviously hopebot


If it does happen - and honestly, regardless of whether it's Nanami herself or not, at this point I'm positive that Izuru 2.0 is there, there are way too many hints scattered throughout post Mirai and Zetsubou to ignore it - we can expect a lot more fanart like this at minimum.


Pfft Mahiru

Goatee really is going to be Weedman's son.

A lot of people try to pass Komaeda off as an INFP out of the misconception that Extroverts can't be quiet or contemplative, but he's definitely not an introvert. He's completely at ease in social situations, gets energy/inspiration from social interaction and his group of friends and mostly conducts himself based on influencing or supporting them.

On the other hand, people think Toko is a Thinker because she's not nice/socially inclined, but I think she's obviously just an unhealthy and stifled INFP. It's especially apparent in UDG when she starts opening up to Komaru and becomes more emotionally expressive and supportive.

Love was the one thing that kept him going, my friend. He died for love after all!

Wonderful, my friend! I hope you don't mind if I save it!

>You will never have a strong, happy, nuclear family with Mahiru, having 4+ kids

Kill me.

You can expect people to talk about Nail Polish.

I would never trust Kodaka again.
But the cast deserves to have their efforts rewarded. If the SDR2 cast has their miracle and wakes up, then maybe there's HOPE.

The DR1 cast remains fucked, though.

This kaede is literally perfect, fuck


All these kirijunko cure W fags are fucking desperate god damn.

I'm a kirigirifag and I've already accepted her death.

If you love your waifu you should, too.

Reporting in!


Ugh, don't remind me user

SHL heroine
So is Juzo being Miria-hen's heroine the jap's new meme?


I'm actually really getting some bad feels now that this is ending. I haven't had as much fun on Cred Forums since like 4 years ago. I'm gonna miss it so much.

>Monaeda with that smug-ass pose
I don't trust him

Kaede will die, you cannot change fate.

I want to impregnate Kotoko!

It was always love.

Likewise, my friend. Cheer up thought! No point in getting sad now, just stay strong as there's still time left!

>people think Toko is a Thinker because she's not nice/socially inclined
What, how. She's textbook INFP, down to the part where she's a romance writer.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

That ship won't float, friend.
It's full of holes.

Don't go around making baseless claims. You've already lost.

>wanting a nagging wife


Tengan died to Munakata but his consciousness lives on somewhere else.

I do need a good woman to keep me in line

thanks, juzoboy. I can always count on you guys

If you love your wife you would never give up on her. Accepting her death only leads to pic related.

Baseless claims?! The ahoge proves everything!

Pls Kodaka, make him a love interest of Kaede. Just imagine weedman tier character getting a major focus.

eh, its probably a brooding type who gets that spot like probably cap boy or robo-naegi

Who else began to like Munakata after last 2 episodes? Makoto and him having almost normal conversations feels so warm for some reason.

Robo doesn't associate with sluts.

No problem, my friend. The present is what counts, not the thoughts of tomorrow.

>falseflag Sayakafag
Fuck off, Naegi and Kirigiri are getting a happy ending.

You cannot fight the Ultimate MC Robohope. You're but a machine, built to emulate what real human can feel.
My MC spot is growing stronger, and you're too weak to take it. Face it and give up in grace. It is pitiful to see someone fighting a hopeless battle

I want her to dominate any conversation

>akane and nekomaru wouldnt let him play sports because he inherited nekomarus heart condition
>he catches bugs instead
is the whole v3 cast children of previous characters?

I liked Munakata ever since he achieved memehood

It's not a meme, friend. Juzo is definitely officially the heroine.

Proof: Chisa was a waste, also doesn't have a figure, unlike our boy Juzo.

>I'm a kirigirifag and I've already accepted her death.
Blasphemer! You are no longer one of us!

Get back to believing in our Goddess!

Reminder that everyone else was crying when the despair hit them, and Makoto was fucking grinning

He's really the Ultimate Despair


>ywn be wake up in the morning to find Mahiru snapping a picture of your "cute sleeping face"
>ywn get ready for work as Mahiru makes your favourite breakfast in the kitchen and hurries the kids out the door
>ywn do a bad job of doing up your tie, eliciting a "GEEEEEEEZ" from Mahiru as she fixes it for you
>ywn rush out the door before giving Mahiru "her kiss", prompting her to pull you back in.
>ywn open up your lunch to find a loving note from Mahiru scribbled on the back of the photo she took of you sleeping that morning
>ywn come home after a long day of work to play games and have dinner with Mahiru and your kids
>ywn read your daughter bedtime stories while Mahiru tucks in your son in the other room
>ywn climb into bed with Mahiru and tenderly cuddle with her
>Mahiru will never tell you that today is a safe day, so it's okay if you want to fool around now that the kids are asleep

Even that dream had more impact than Kirigiri's "death".
I just don't want her to come back with half a veiny face.

It's not a meme. Japs actually believe that and so do a lot around here.

Some people just don't look deeply enough, really.

This seems plausible
>They're in prison not because they did anything wrong, but because they're the children of the UD

This is established in the first game after beating Enoshima. He's playing the "extremely" long con.

Reporting! Seem the other waifufags are getting riled up let's keep it cool.

>Not wanting a strong, devoted wife who cares so much about your well-being she constantly tries to improve you
>Wanting an emotionally aloof wife who texts other people while you're lying together in bed and doesn't talk to you except to ask where you put the car keys

>Kirigirifag here
>She was totally shit I swear she's dead as fuck as well
>We should have loved the Junko from the start she's obviously superior

Everybody's talking about it. Kyouko is Makoto's heroine, Chiaki is Hajimes, and Juzo is Kyousukes.

Onee-chan pls.

The memes made me like him

>I'm a kirigirifag and I've already accepted her death.
You're not a real fan then pal

It's still a surprise to me that he was the first Mirai hen character to get a figure when everyone was still hating him

The Metal Gear jokes will literally never end

That's a big ahoge

she'll come back looking like shirokuma

Sort of confirms Robo Guy is survivors till Chapter 3 buuuttt thry have been misleading before

Weedman is probably the son of Hagakure and Nakajima and that why he has some traits from Leon.

This shit too sweet. Just fucking kill me already

For you.

>blonde/green hair fuccboi looking smug with the posture

He's gonna scheme something big isn't he?

>ywn do a bad job of doing up your tie, eliciting a "GEEEEEEEZ" from Mahiru as she fixes it for you
Well damn

He's going to make Kaede tell him he's the best.

>people actually wanting another female protag after Komaru

Give me someone interesting you fuck

Who else could be the heroine?

If Kirigiri is dead then i bet Twintails is Mikan/Hajime son

Me. Juzo as well.

Thank fucking god I won't. Blandest character since fucking Sakura

God fucking damn it dude

>level 01
>chapter 03

wait doesn't that confirm that you play as hopebot? The player character is the one in that corner. We see it with Kaede at the start. it shows the player's reaction.

Just passing by to say that: yall'been warned

Don't you have Mikan pictures to be spamming or something?

I began to like him when he started bolting towards Juzo and looked like shit when he saw his corpse.


Cure W wasn't for the poison. It was for the sleeping agent.
Kirigiri woke up the same time Ruruka did, and figured out everything, faked her death by taking sleeping pills.
Since she didn't wake up, she didn't "pass the time limit", and the bracelet didn't poison her.
Kirigiri's NG-tune is the only one we didn't hear on screen, we only heard three: Bandai, Izayoi and Kizakura.
And in the last episode, the bracelets removed themselves, so Kirigiri is safe.


Don't be sad my friend. Surely fate will find a way to pull us together again.

>being this delusional


>not listening to kobayuu's only good role in the past 5 years.

Nope. Cutscenes/Character interactions are manga-style now.

>Cure W
>SHSL medic
>Regeneration pills from Seiko



But Kaede is a bossy Ojou. Think Karin Kanzuki as a protag

I used to be a big Izuru fan, but this anime really made me like him a lot less.

Well, at least the 74th trio exists now.

So ur with ur animator and yur ending the killing game wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the vioce is "wut r u doing wit my animator?" U tell ur animator n he say "the chairman is ded".


Coming from someone who isn't that fond of any of the DR protags individually, Komaru > Hajime > Makoto as far as MCs go in my opinion

Well yes I have

>tfw Danganronpa will NEVER EVER get a worldwide release
>tfw you will be spoiled for months

>scripted gets

Juzo couldnt sniff Kyouko and Chiaki's shit.

>had an entire episode of Naegi mourning her with flashbacks
>had a whole episode of Kirigiri pouring out how she felt about the manlet and placing her trust in him and hope for his survival

somebody using the chairman's phone?

I thought about that, it's most likely just there to be misleading (or there actually are multiple protagonists)


I like him now because he's moe as fuck to be honest.

Are we going to see Chisa in the theater again?

What made you dislike him?

I don't know man, him stepping on Junko made me like him much more.

But I live for Mahiru's "GEEEEEZ"

>Coming from someone who isn't that fond of any of the DR protags individually, Komaru > Hajime > Makoto as far as MCs go in my opinion

How? Not fond of the others as much but she's a big baby literally all the time even if it's understandable.

All this Kaede and Robot posting..
I think.. I could write a book about this.
Some random small bits to start...

>After many heated accusations and discussions with Kaede.
>Hopebot could feel his circuits more and more overheating for reasons he could not explain in a logical way... aside from being with her

>Kaede knew discussions with hopebot about being MC were pointless...
>Yet. She always came back for more...
>More of him...


Somebody make one for Juzo and Munakata

Glad to see Mahiru reclaimed from the cuckposters.

The SDR2 dub is good, though and English Mahiru is a qt

Him saving Junko was better

Anyone have Despair Naegi?

This is my hope!

Komaru annoyed the hell out of me at the beginning but she somehow became endearing by the end for me. Part of it definitely is how she and Touko bring out the best in each other though.

Don't jinx it man.

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

>"damn, this anime was shit"

so checkered boy is going to be as delusional as Gundham is and thinking he's some villain I see

This is tripping me out. What's this supposed to mean?

>ywn do a bad job of doing up your tie, eliciting a "Leave it to me!" from Juzo as he fixes it for you
>it ends up even worse

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending!

I don't dislike him. He's still somewhere among my favorites, he's just kind of... boring.

This. SDR2 has Gundham and Monokuma, two of the best, most fitting and fun voices I've heard in a game dub

Likely Togami.

The movie theater shit is the only hope Chisafags have that she's still alive.

Post Hopeman.

>He punches you in the tie and breaks two of your ribs


>tfw i was so fucking hoping Naegi would kill himself

>fucking Juzo ruined eveything

My guess is it's just a difference in presentation from previous titles, like how we can sometimes see the MC outside trials.

The blood stain is the focus in the first and Mnokuma is the focus and talking in the second, my guess is, rather than remove them from the screen completely, characters are just pushed to the sides since they're still present.


I want to fuck both Toko and Komaru in the ass!
I want Toko to lick me clean after I finish in Komaru's ass then stick it in Toko's followed by Komaru licking it clean. Then the process repeats itself.



I honestly don't think any of the SDR2 dub voices were bad. They ranged from adequate to great.

I even liked Nagito, even though people bitch about him a lot especially.

Naegi fell into Despair for a grand total of 10 seconds before returning back to normal while the chumps from class 77 were converted for life



Ok guys im a kirigiri fag but lets seriously just lower our expectations alright. Ita very unlikley shes alive, possible, but unlikley. I want her back but if we keep banking on this cure w theory or that juzo counted as dead cause of his arm getting sliced off we are going to wind up far more hurt once they reveal shes dead next ep.


along with everyone else who's died because the HPA story was Mitarai's anime inspired to bring hope to everyone!

>Chisa's face when she saw Chiakizuru right before she died
Come to think of it, would the sight of Chiaki be enough to shock Chisa and interrupt her final glorious despairgasm? That's the only person I can think of that would elicit that kind of reaction from her, as we know that even in her final moments she had a smile on her face.

>Juzo being the ultimate cock blocker



10 seconds were almost enough for him to sudoku though.

No Danganwaifu can surpass this

I actually hated Juzo for stopping him. I wish he had killed himself and stop ruining this anime

what the fuck man


Unless he is faking it and is in full despair mode right now.

Shut the fuck up, you hopeless bastard.


>the tie is now fixed though

Only because they didn't have Juzo to bust them out of their trance.

>when you stick your dick in her she starts ranting about hope until you lose your erection

You can't hate Juzo for it. Naegi has the SHSL PLOT ARMOR DEVICE. If it wasn't Juzo, Kodaka would've written some other miracle in which he suddenly snapped out of it.


They were different brain washing methods. This one was a simple "kill yourself my man" command and could probably be easily broken.

Hopeman is for hoping not slamming


I'd a Nagiko

How inane.

Reverse course students are so full of themselves.

I'm not a Kirigiri fan, but for whatever reason, I don't think she's dead.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nanami survived in some fashion, too.

Bet Juzo stays dead, though. ;__;

Well, I wouldn't say she was bad, just not as good as some others. Again, I'd say she fell under adequate.

>same lowercase lettering
>same "give up hope guys" speech

I can't tell which choice is more in character



I kind of want tengan to turn chiaki into izuru 2.0 this despair episode.

They're all dead. Fanfics is all we have now

>I want to fuck both Toko and Komaru
You're not the only one

>implying he won't just go back to DUDE STEPPING STONE LMAO

I love Hopeman.

True hope.

Mukuro's Job last episode

What are we even going to see this Despair episode? Hints of Tengan being the real mastermind without telling it because that's for Monday?

>you will never save Nanami Chiaki when she's on the brink of death
>you will never tend to her
>you will never see the light resurge in her eyes as her wounds heal and she regains her former physical condition
>you will never force her to sleep for extended periods of time "For the sake of her recovery" while you secretly operate on her body, pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
>you will never see the smile on her face slowly die as she realizes what you're doing to her, too helpless to fight back, assuming the absolute worst intentions of you
>you will never continue adding in more and more talents to her, doing it ever so carefully so that her personality doesn't end up suppressed, ensuring that she can continue to enjoy talents
>you will never see her regain her smile as she realizes she was wrong to doubt you but asks you if she can be let go anyway
>you will never promise her that you will let her go soon and see her smile and give you a hug, letting you feel up those soft, squishy Nanamis right against your chest
>you will never discreetly hook her up to a personality rewriting machine when she's sleeping one night and force her awake just as it turns on
>you will never explain to her that you're going to overwrite her personality with your own, so that you can enjoy her body, and see the light in her eyes flare up one last time as she struggles to resist
>you will never listen with delight in the cries and moans she makes as she helplessly attempts to resist your assault, her mind in utter shambles as you force her personality to the back of her own mind and allow a superior personality, one of your own choosing, to take its place
>you will never let 'Chiaki', the full, complete, Kamukura Izuru 2.0, out of the brainwashing machine and see her give you a big smile for helping her out so much all this time

What is there even to HOPE for anymore?

Hopeman probably would of been in love with Junko anyway. Those tits.

he also deserve this title as hes probably the junkofag

Perfect role for someone as ugly and smelly as her

No im actually a big waifufag for kirigiri and think her and naegi are one of the most adorable ships. I just genuinly feel like things arent looking too great for us and that we should at least prepare for the worst than wind up like this dude

Maybe Munakata taught him how to do his tie in high school because he "didn't want one of his associates looking sloppy in a suit"

Chiaki's HOPE-filled tits more than make up for the 2cm difference between them.

Why does Junko like Izuru so much? He's so boring.

>be juzo
>be so much of a pussy he literally the world go to shit just so his crush wouldn't get find out
>people stilll treat him like a hero

sacrificing himself is the least he could do.


She's so fucking cute.


so juzo is going to wake up and him and munakata are going to kiss and get married riiiiiiight?

Chiaki's is nothing compared to Junko's

Will smell even worse after that

But Junko comes with Izuru's talent dick.

Ryoko Cameo
Junkuro Cameo
Warriror of Hope Cameo
77th class being Despair
Chisa as monokuma maid
RC Sucide

The very fact he sacrificed himself to make up for the mistakes he made in life makes him worthy of being treated as a hero.

I believe he is a Kirigirifriend. Don't be such jerks people. Give me a chance.

Anyone have more Despair Makoto pics?

I still remember when most people thought he was just going to be the kung fu guy from that shot in the opening and that would be it.

What we actually got:
Ultimate Bantz Master
Ultimate Hajime Advisor
Ultimate Savage
Ultimate Juzo Controller
Ultimate Mastermind

He's the best

There are no happy endings in Danganronpa

>Chapter 3
>Level 1

I told you to keep your mouth shut.

So who was your favourite character in Despair? Who was your favourite character in Future?
Hopemanfag here.

She's just like him.
SHSL Analyst makes everything boring to her.

>Chiaki's is nothing compared to Junko's
Junko's bust size is 90cm.
Chiaki's is 88cm.

So does Chiaki.

'I'm already a demon, Kyoko.'

Robot confirmed to live at least until Ch 3

Because he's bored with everything just like she is but then she found despair so wants to personally share that with the one person she relates to the most

Plus he's hot


>Toko got famous for writing smut
DR world is a cool place

All he had to do to prevent the end of the world is pretend to go along with Junko, and then man up and go tell Munakata everything after she leaves.

When you fuck up that bad, you need to to do more than save one measly manlet to make up for it.

we got makato actively hating Junko (just see how much anger he put behind junko's name when he said it in episode 3) The Monitor video being a reference to a song about killing ya self cause your waifu died.
Makato Seeing his dead waifus in his despair dream.

This whole Killing game has shown that ultimate hope can despair.

He despair's at his waifu's death just wait until he finds out that his waifu is a vessel for ultimate despair.

its either going to break him or make him Nagito level of a hopefag

And still hers is nothing to Junko's. No wonder Izuru stuck with the latter longer


t. Junko

>DR world is a cool place

I love how smug she looks in this.

In a just world.

But this world isn't just.

There is also a very likely possibility that robot is Naegis son. His height along with ahoge is a big indication.
I think this MIGHT be the story about their offspring rather than something not related to previous Danganronpas. Basically Kodaka might have lied about it not having any connection.

None of those screenshots really confirm anything, although powersuit dude seems too important to die until at least chap 4

he's with the bloodstain in chapter 3, meaning the murder has happened. He'll live until Chapter 4.

50 Shades of Togami

I just want him to kill himself so he can join his trash waifus and friends and stop ruining this franchise

>powersuit dude


It wouldn't have prevented the end of the world.
Chisa was already despaired, and would've told Munakata that Junko was trustworthy.
Not to mention Junko already had most of the pieces she needed to set her plan into motion. What was Munakata going to do to that?
Juzo was just a part of the fuckup.

Though I don't think any of these side characters deserve that much blame when it's all Junko's fault anyway.

Will Mitarai survive till the end?

Junko pls.

Love will always go on, my friends!


Not enough crotch shots in this anime

That's what he is though, don't tell me you thought he is an actual cyborg or shit like that

Some of you are pretty cool.
Don't go to HPA tomorrow

Bad Fukawa, do not lewd the Togami

I think I like the student council killing game class designs better than the class in NDRV3.

Screenshots and videos confirm literally nothing, because they've made fakes and misdirection in the past already.

Mukuro's smell is meant to be bullied by Junko

Why would anyone prefer Junko's ugly fake Junkos that she casually puts on display every time to Chiaki's nice, natural, hope-filled Chiakers?

>Robot was actually a human but lost his parents and a functioning lower body in an accident

Sad. ;_;


>50 Shades of Togami
>just 50
Come now

Yes, Munakata will put regen pills into his mouth via kiss

What do you think Despair 11 is going to be about?

RoD wacky adventures?
Junko having an orgasm at normie suicide?
Izuru telling us the next step of his master plan?
Tengan backstory?

The fuck is this pose?

Fuck off fujoshit.

Exposition on Tengan's plans.

Wacky murder fun times with RoD

Izuru and Naegi meeting each other

Tengan humming the ED theme as he jabs needles into a corpse

All of those things at once

Because she relates to him with being SHSL Analysts bored with the whole world and want to find a way to enterain themselves. It's why she personally wanted to show Izuru despair instead of just brainwashing him like she did with the 77th class fodders, Chisa and the irrelevant normies.

Having him become another her as they stand together to turn the whole world to despair is what made her so excited. It's why she couldn't believe that he would betray her in 2-6 at the end. She didn't even think it could be Izuru in the first place. No wonder she got mad.

He can be as much a robot as Monokuma is.

>He will never hit me with a friendly bro-punch that ends up accidentally splitting my chest into two
Sometimes life feels so empty.

>Izuru and Naegi meeting each other
happens way after DR1, pal

Or turn him into Ultimate Super Duper Ultra Hyper Mega Despair God-King


Put the gun down friend

She fucked with his waifu. You dont do that.

>Fujoshits still heavily in denial that Munakata already picked Naegi as his True Bro, not Juzo.

She was the one being rude. She never, not even once, called him by his real name.

maybe we'll see a quick scene of the despairs kidnapping Komaru and co and lock them away

So, can we all agree that Juzo and Seiko were the best characters in Future?


The bust measurement isn't really a good indicative of breast size.
You need to know the band to have a more accurate measure of what was what when the bust was measured.
Other than inconsistent art it's probably the reason why Aoi and Mikan tend to appear bigger than Chiaki in official art despite having very similar measurements

I love Chiaki in this shot
>you don't aim like that you moron
>that's a trigger not a finger resting spot
>did you seriously not bring a silencer

A recap episode

He didn't give a shit about Chiaki. That was all the subconscious Hajime memories

He just grew bored of Junko is the most likely scenario to the point where he just felt she was using him.

If you shoot Hopeman I'll shoot you two Hopeman

I wonder how everyone who replied to the suicide theory saying Seiko couldn't have done this feel now

I'm banking mostly on inconsistent art.

If Based Grandpa really is the mastermind instead of Junko I'll buy V3 on release day


If either of you move a muscle, It will be the last thing you ever do.

>Juzo never got to see Munakata after he wasn't all evil and creepy looking.
>STILL believed in him.

No, they were both pretty bad. And that's saying something, given that the general quality of the characterization in DR3 as a whole has been nothing short of awful.

Naegi's just barely winning at the moment.

No, I think I'll stay.

He wouldn't give a shit about that. His new name was what he was identifying with anyway until he used his old name to trick Naegi and friends


Izuru fell to the SHSL waifubait. That talent is able to overpower Izuru.

I mean magazine that featured v3 literally said that he's a dude in a powersuit, it's not like I'm pulling this shit out of my arse.

You made me remember DR:Togami.

It's not your fault user, but curse you!

DR3 is going to end with Makoto, Izuru and Munakata standing on the pier looking at the sky with an internal monologue from Makoto as their waifus look at them from the sky. That includes both Chisa and Juzo.
Screencap this.

>You know I know how

>To make em stop and stare as I zone out

>The club can't even handle me right now

>nurse Junko
my fucking dick

>"i love you.... juzo"
>"i... love you... too"
>munakata feeds him seikos deus ex machina pills and they live happily ever after
pic related is munakatas face as hes nutting in juzos brown bara cheeks

>Bad Fukawa, do not lewd the Togami
lewd roles are the only attention Master gets nowadays.
Not that anyone minds

Has he referred to himself as Izuru once?

Who said anything about bros?
They're gonna be boyfriends.

Let's all just talk this out like rational adults

But Naegi was never a superhuman.

And even before Naegi became Ultimate Hope, he already stated in the game dialogue how he tasted despair when he saw Sayaka's corpse.

I don't know why people in this thread seem to treat Naegi as someone unable to feel negative emotions like Despair, Depression, or Sadness.

Are people under the mistaken impression that Ultimate Hope are only allowed to feel positive emotions?

Even if you weren't Ultimate Hope, the current world isn't exactly a glamorous place to live right now.

Humanity going extinct, all that lost knowledge of science and technology, all those dead farmers too, etc

Of course that video affected Naegi.

So, Brotherhood of S̶t̶e̶e̶l̶ Hope?

What exactly is the difference between pre-brainwash and post-brainwash Hopeman?

Remember that the head of the Togamis canonically has a harem


That screenshot is just a mockup from when the game was first announced. It's at least a year old.

>You need to be a fujoshit to want to see Juzo happy.

2-2 was a really good trial

Oh shit hope police here, everything's alright officer

They do seem to be the top favorites.
Most of the other characters were pretty bad, though.

That's what happens when you don't have FTEs to let us get to know them.

Meanwhile Aoi laughs evilly while she scoops the husbando she got by survival rights.

No one is going to stop donuts from bearing the hopelet's children, NO ONE.

>sees all the current love for class 74

Well they did something right

No its not user. Let's leave the headcanons out of this.

He hasn't but he would recognize it's the name he goes by seeing how he recognizes that Hajime was his previous self meaning it's an identity he cast aside.

He literally uses his old name just so Naegi and friends didn't find out he was Izuru.

You fujoshits were never able to tell the difference between friendship and lust in the first place.

Subarashi yo~

I feel cheated because the Seiko in that gif is still a muscle monster with claws somehow while when she went to sleep she had clearly gone back to normal, pic related.

And don't tell me she took the fucking pills again, where are they then? Ruruka's candy was everywhere when she ate it. Did Seiko calmly avoid littering while violently committing suicide?

Forgot Ultimate NTR connoiseur

Not to mention that video amounts to brainwashing, user, I don't think willpower is a factor there

It's just the shock factor getting to people. The episode's barely been out for 30 hours. It's not an adequate replacement for good characterization.

I get that the video would make them feel suicidal, but why did they all kill themselves in a manner that looks specifically like a murder?

>No one is going to stop donuts from bearing the hopelet's children, NO ONE.
Implying donuts likes Naegi that way.

Well she didn't want to share the hopedick so it's Chiaki's fault for not fucking off

>ywn be woken up in the morning to find yourself tangled in the sheets on the floor while Juzo is snoring loudly on the bed
>ywn get ready for work as Juzo fucks up your breakfast
>ywn do a bad job of doing up your tie, eliciting a "leave it to me, man" from Juzo as he fucks it up even more
>ywn rush out the door before giving Juzo "his kiss", prompting him to pull you back in and accidentally headbutting you in the process
>ywn open up your lunch bought at the convenience store by Juzo to find a loving note from him scribbled on a piece on paper
>ywn come home after a long day of work to watch Juzo working out, breathing heavily as sweat is dripping down his muscular body
>ywn take a long hot shower with Juzo, while he massages your tensed shoulders from sitting at work for so long
>ywn climb into bed with Juzo and tenderly bury your face in his massive pecs
>Juzo will never tell you that he prepared himself, so it's okay if you want to go bareback today

Chisa is sent to a therapist.

Are you pretending otherwise as your circlejerk keep posting Juzo x Munakata fanfictions and bad fanart?

You know Bandai deserved to be happy too but you Juzofags seems to forget how you caused the Black Guy to die first in this anime.

meh, Izuru is going to be bothered enough that he started to cry over Chiaki.

She didn't mind having them in DR1

saved many AE screencaps but no full convo of that one..
Anyway. That Fukawa. To think it started with her getting tied up in school, I believe

Hopeman is cute!

>Ruining this anime

He actually has been pretty great in it



This is super gay

FTEs are noncanon.

She used the injector instead of the pills, I think it's there in her right hand unless that's the monokuma knife.

>two big boobed babes and a crazy madman fighting it out for you

And they say Hajime becoming Izuru was a bad thing....

>He hasn't but he would recognize it's the name he goes by seeing how he recognizes that Hajime was his previous self meaning it's an identity he cast aside.
>He literally uses his old name just so Naegi and friends didn't find out he was Izuru.
Makes me think of the cheesiest scene possible, with Naegi asking for his name before the conversation really starting, Izuru just has a flashback where Chiaki goes
And says Hajime Hinata


Imagine a double paizuri from Junko and Chiaki.
Don't question the scenario.
Surrender yourself, and let that thought into your mind.

So, question: why are people speculating that there are two Izurus? Did I miss something from the last episode?


That was Hajime crying in his suppressed subconscious. Not actually Izuru.

Thanks for confirming.

A female spending her whole life together with 3 guys which honestly aren't even bad looking in a closed space will eventually lead to something.

>did you know 11 year old mothers exist?

Perhaps Naegi & Co. never even asked his name.

>Oh, you must be leader of the despairs.
>Come enter this cool machine we built.


It's okay. It doesn't bother me anymore. I realize now that the extravagant poses of the corpses were just misdirection all along.

Meh maybe. Despair has been full of pandering so I wouldn't be surprised

I want komaeda to be my friend

>willpower is not a factor here
>SHSL Luck and SHSL Hope can't resist brainwashing/mind control
Come on man, he's just disappointing, if he was the real deal he would have rolled a 20 on the dice plus all the will bonuses he has allowing him to pass the saving throw

I've seen reports of younger.

WAY younger.

Read through this thread, at a minimum. There is evidence that suggests the existence of a separate Izuru.

We were all Juzo Boys all along, we just didn't notice

The BIGGEST PLOTHOLE is Togami somehow managing to give his own son, new glasses, even though there isn't any Eye Doctor anywhere in the school much less Lens Laboratory.

Where the fuck did they find new glasses.

>nagito blue in the face too

if anything, he'd be cumming in his pants from swapping saliva with talented people

>You made me remember DR:Togami.
>It's not your fault user, but curse you!
Sorry. Like many. I never cared for it

I assume that's DR:Togami stuff? Being canon is debatable then

Between his luck and his hope-scheming, you'd be dead in a month.

But his luck rolled in, he's still alive because Juzo happened to find him in time, and didn't hesitate from stopping him.

I assure you Juzo and Persona boy will remain popular after it ends if only because of the huge fujo fanbase in DR

Maybe Chisa too

I know that. My point being, would you give Monaka the HOPEdick like Hopeman did and make her a MILF before her twelfth bithday?

what are those stains

How can an angry punching asshole be so moe?

Anyone who even slightly tolerated Nagito died horribly.

Just look at his parents, his dog and Chiaki.

Anons.... now you're making me hate Izuru even more for not pounding both Chiaki and Junko in that room when he had the chance. Nobody could or would stop him.

>disgracing the saliva of talented people with his own

What are their talents?
Look like Maid is good with fencing weapons, little guy with a tennis rocket, brown girl with sculpting and Purple guy sit like Weedman in his original DR1 stance and also wear his clothes the same way.

Oh sweet jesus. You're a godsend, user.

Why would hopeman be your friend you talentless trash?

Remember, Tengan doesn't like extremes

Remember, Tengan said he truly believed Naegi was Ultimate Hope


Makoto luckily found them, or the ultimate botanist made a plant that craps eyeglasses.

so Steampunk Junko might be a inventor and may have Created Robohope so this might be even more proof to the theory that she's actually monaca in disguise

I'm pretty sure Naegi, Kirigiri and Togami would ask for a pretty fucking shady looking guy's name.

Be madder still that a doujin of such a wondrous event will not take place.


>I assume that's DR:Togami stuff? Being canon is debatable then
No, it's from DR1 he said in his FTE that his father has a lot of wifes.

Fuck off tumblr. You think anyone here cares?

>I'm so sorry Hajime, but it seems I've just drawn Exodia!
>See you in the shadow realm!

Steam punk junko is an inventor

Nagito's luck is actual luck, literally rolling 20 on the dice and getting quads whenever he posts kind of luck, with a DM that likes to fuck with him and made crazy scenarios happen
Makoto instead is a very unlucky guy who the DM feels sorry for and he helps him out though bullshit plot convenience

She's Souda's daughter. Everything going to connect with the past games

Reminder that Tengan speaks in cryptic truths.

Junko wouldn't mind but Chiaki would hate him forever for it.

Is that what you want?

Why not?

I probably wouldn't have a choice in the matter though.

So that means my sailor boy husbando will be crazy and related to this faggot?

/r/ing Swiss Cheesaki with Cure Wew

>created Robohope
Kodaka said that it's just a dude in a powersuit

Tengan already liked Naegi in Naegi's prequel and yes, Tengan is the old man in Naegi's prequel story.

Who else would you trust with an admission letter to Hope Academy?

Also, the Old Man in Naegi's prequel story was not phased when the Thief mentioned he was highly skilled in judo.

Tengan is a confirmed martial arts master so it makes sense that he won't be scared of a Thief that knows judo.

>Souda's daughter
>Blonde hair


I was going to say why would she look like junko then i realized she would take after Sonia looks wise

Ironic when you fujoshits are tumblr in the first place.

Take your cancerous selves out of here back to your containment site.

Please. Both of those girls would be too busy having heart pupils in their eyes and panting, begging, pleading for him to fuck them even more to worry about that.

I see. completely forgot about that.
I wonder if our Togami would follow that example and how Fukawa would deal with that...

Yeah Izuru pretty much dropped the fucking ball for not fucking those two right there and then especially since they mostly Junko were wet for him when be shot Nagito in style.

Nagito couldn't join in sadly because he had to be the stepping stone for Izuru to get his threesome.

Who is best girl and why is it Junko?

Oh shit, do you think Gundam got cucked in the end?

Gundham and Sonia were just good pals.

>same seiyuu as Season 0 Yugi

the boxart has the word robot on it

>he fucks it up worse because he only has one hand now and munakata doesn't have the heart to keep him from trying

I'm pretty sure Izuru wouldn't give a fuck and Chiaki in her subconscious probably wouldn't either.

>yfw V3 is set in an alternate universe

>Nagito's luck is actual luck
Nagito's luck is extreme luck. Both in terms of good and bad.
Bad enough that his plane gets hijacked,
Good enough that a meteor hits the plane and kills the hijackers,
Bad enough that it also kills his parents,
Good enough that he inherits huge amount of money as a result...
etc. etc.

Because of junko's monokuma grins

>Implyng Mask-kun isn't their son
He is a chunni with a military suit.
Which other character is chunni with a waifu that is the princces of a military country?

Being into robotics is a talent you know

And Yoda is a Sith

What's your point?

Not him, but what if I'm a Juzoboy but don't give a shit about the fujoshit?

Luck is luck, is anything, I consider Makoto luckier, since his luck doesn't screw him hard so then he can taste the miracles of LUCK, his luck is ALWAYS there to protect him, whereas Nagito's luck can fail him to bring him to greater glory and pain later.

So she pityfucked Soda only to become pregnant? Hot.

Not even a juzofag but you can't honestly blame Juzo for not knowing his code was gonna be something as retarded as 'don't witness violence'.

I really liked how Naegi himself had zero hestitation in killing himself, was outright grinned like a madman. He didn't even cry like any of the other victims.

That's right, Naegi is more despairful than Chisa was.

Too would argue that he's already in harem cause she's two people

It turns out that Sonia liked him cause she reminded her of her younger brother.
Plus Souda had a lot of time to warm Sonia toward him when Gundam was in a coma. Maybe she fell for him when he was spending night and day to bring him back to life?

No, Nagito only gets 1s or 20s, never anything in between.
Makoto will be lucky to get a 20 ever, but he'll do really well on the random encounter table.

I honestly don't think Tengan's words hinted at a second Izuru.

The conversationg goes something like this:

"I realized you can't create hope just by killing the Despairs, that's why we started project. To do that." (suggests this project was started after the despairpocalypse already happened, and how would a second Izuru help create hope after what happened to the previous one?)

"You mean the Kamukura project?"

"Well, there was also that too." (Suggesting he was talking about a completely different thing)


For over 20 episodes I thought Makoto and Hajime are the same person
No picture can describe how dumb I'm feeling right now

lmao youtu.be/A4hkx7pXKH0

Nigga that would just make me harder

>Nagito couldn't join in sadly because he had to be the stepping stone for Izuru to get his threesome.


>yfw chisa comes back and munakata forgets juzo

>Tell people that V3 isn't original universe related with exception of talents and monokuma
>haha Mikan and Junko child looks so cute
>Tell people that "RoboNaegi" is actually a human in power suit
>Who do you think created hopebot?
>Make VA specifically state that character she's voicing is indeed the protag
>no way that's possible because there're other ahoges in cast

What? How?
I mean, both manlets are similar but they clearly have differences.

You're reading the subs and not listening to what he said in Japanese, which has a bit more nuance than that. Please, I implore you, read the previous threads so I don't have to retread this ground.

Your parents must be ashamed of themselves to make you this dumb.


This guy knows it! They make her look so perky


Because she's a superb villain and very entertaining.

Maybe you should have played the goddamn games, you retarded secondary.

So it's more or less confirmed that this whole FF killing game is just one big experiment to show that Hope can be as destructive as Despair, right?

>caring about what that faggot thinks in the first place
I love it when people pretend to care about a character so they can shit on another one

Cred Forums is full of retards.

This one good enough?

fuck off tumblr shit kohacka lies and plays tricks as much as junko does

>and how would a second Izuru help create hope after what happened to the previous one?
Desperate times require desperate measures. The new hope's purpose could have been to stop Izuru, and you can't do that without creating another demigod or hoping that he'll somehow hand himself in like he did.

Every man shorter than Juzo is a manlet.

Uh, Chisa? Fuck off, Juzoboys.


Where did "Hopeman is in love with Chiaki" come from?

That'd make Juzo happy.

Don't worry. When I was still a passive fan of the series, I thought Makoto and Chiaki were the same person because he forgot he was actually a girl in DR1.

Were you at least aware that you didn't play as Naegi in DR2?

Didnt he also say he wanted to protect the Kamukura project?

>Kyouko is Makoto's heroine
But that's backwards.

Any happy Junko is a good Junko

I wouldn't touch that shit with a ten foot pole
this is Cred Forums, not Cred Forums

No I was genuinely curious as to why he's so irked. There's no reason to be mad over a couple of guys posting some art. Sure, they might be fujoshits but there's plenty Juzoboys who don't guve a damn. Also
I don't get how people keep bringing this up. If it wasn't Juzo then it would've been Munakata.


even so. That's two people that share body and feelings. the other stuff would be quite a bit different.

She is the hope of their clas and Nagito is confirmed Hopesexual.
The ending of Despair arc is Nagito having a Hopeboner whit a Chiaki's mosaic

The SA translator who did the first game says that he is implying another Kamakura

Also, for an example of what I mean when I say "I really don't want to retread this argument because I just got done talking about it earlier", that isn't even what he said in funisubs. He said
>Yes, there's that
>I won't let it go to waste
He's being ambiguous about whether he's actually referring to Hinata or not.

>watching a Cred Forums anime
>b-but it's okay even if I have no idea what's going on because I didn't touch those filthy games!

Give Chisa an amazing redemption like Juzo. It's such a standard cliche to make people love a character by making them an asshole first and then give them one glorious moment in the end with them sacrificing their life, and suddenly everyone forgets the misgivings they've done because the average person's memory goes only 1 week back. And people fall for it every time, hook line & sinker.

I want to protect Weedman and his Purple sons smile.

Irrelevant since Izuru has a bigger bust size than the both of them anyway

That only happens in ero doujins.

Chiaki would never want sex from this weird dude that her bf became like a wanton slut.

post your faces when the entire future arc is meant to create izuru 2.0 and it's going to be naegi

>Give Chisa an amazing redemption like Juzo
She's dead, it's over.
She was literally there to misdirect genre savvy niggers that play the meta game and you fell for it, get over it.

SHSL Male Escort.
Did you already forget her smile when she saw his hair? She would've been DTF right then and there.

>ok Nagito your plane is hijacked what do you do?
>let's see, I summon meteor
>"laughs" what?
>you heard me, I summon meteor
>ok dude, roll the d20, let's see where this leads us
>"20 on the dice"
>I-I guess a meteor hits the plane, but oh no, your parents are now in danger, what do you do?
>I roll to jump to them and save them
>roll the d20 again then
>1 on the dice
>they blow up in a million pieces

>Monaca failed to turn Komaru into Junko 2.0
>partners up with someone who will turn her brother into Izuru 2.0 instead
>knows all the inside information but gets bored because Naegi is lame and realizes Hope vs. Despair is dumb
>fucks off to space

How likely is this?


How's she going to get a redemption when she's fucking dead? I like her, but she's fucking dead mate. She's the opposite instead, a good character (morally) turned into a bad character (morally). There's going to be no redemption as she's both dead and the opposite already happened.

And if it wasn't Munakata it'd have been Seiko, Yoi, Tengan, Gozu or really anyone.

He really got the shittiest luck with that NG code.

>the anime does a poor job at exposition
>apparently this is my fault

Why does Chisa need to be redeemed? She was brainwashed and before that she was perfectly likable.

Thanks for posting your Enneagram version a while back

>She would've been DTF right then and there.
Nanami's a pure virgin. She would be too embarrassed to do any of that.

Not saying she wouldn't get together with Hajizuru but he would have to take it slow.

He apparently said that he didn't want it to go to waste.
As far as we know, Hajizuru isn't involved with the FF or Tengan at all at this point so what exactly did he mean by that?

>Needing to be spoonfed
A few google searches would bring you up to speed.

>anime has '3' in the title
>expects to get spoonfed about events from the games
Stay mad, secondary.

The only thing I find in previous threads at a glance are people shitposting non-stop about that one Izuru image merch that probably means nothing, nothing about muh Japanese nuance, and I'm not going to do a thorough research through 10 old threads for this shit. I'm sorry I don't waste my entire life here tracking every thread for every dumb theory.

New thread

>implying I didn't already like juzo when he was an asshole

Hmmm, with many of the cast looking similar to previous cast members, i wonder if that's just the "same face" quality of the animation team or perhaps actual story about their descendant. The new weedman is looking TOO much like a rebooted od Weedman with his look and fact that he's probably related to occult stuff as he has planet constellation on the back of his cloak/jacket


Please. That girl was thirsty as fuck for him, you know she would've been fine with whatever he wanted.

Stop making these at page 1 retard, wait for us to hit page 9.



>damage control

Do it at 490 replies next time. I want to see the rage when that happens.

But he build up over time to be a good character. He had development, same with Chisa. It's just that both went tk the other side of the spectrum. One became the evil they detested and killed herself and the other died saving what he loved. I do think Chisa dying first was cheap but nothing to do about it.

Then you're a moron who can't even search up key words in the archive. But then again, considering you weren't even able to recall what the Funi subs said and jumped to insulting me, I don't think you're worth my time.

>Chisa was already despaired, and would've told Munakata that Junko was trustworthy.
How can she vouch for that? This is a lame excuse Juzoboys are using.

Let's say you have two friends investigating someone for you. Friend 1 says, yeah I didn't find anything. Friend 2 says, yeah I found a proof they're a psychopath and murderer. This isn't an issue of who does Munakata trust more. It's more of, well, Chisa, you tried your best but seems your investigation didn't bring up anything. Meanwhile Juzo got a solid lead with proof/confirmation, so I'll check it out for myself. There. There's absolutely nothing despair Chisa could have said to prevent Munakata investigating himself. What is she going to say? N-no, don't go after Junko! She's a sweetheart, I swear on my honor. Suspicious.

I'd laugh.

Such wonderful despair!

A decend number of us liked Juzo well before the last ep happened, though. Hardly anybody liked him to begin with, sure, but he's been gradually becoming more likable for a while now.


I already did it at 495 a few days ago
a few people complained that I was a nagitofag, nothing much

Did she ever do anything heroic?

Not him and I agree with your previous argument, but you're not doing yourself much of a service by being this senselessly lazy and condescending. Literally all it takes is one link to the precise post. All you're doing is making people doubt you.

> jumped to insulting me
>Please retard I implore you to waste time searching through several threads when I could just ctrl + v my autistic theory that I probably spent all day reposting
Kill yourself

She brought 77th class together.

This would have been hot as fuck.
Look at those fucking tits.
>That FUCKING sag

found it

Most people using that argument aren't even Juzoboys you retard. I've been in these several times and I just post my Hajimemes and Hopemans and even then you fucks still call me some shit to fit your vision. That said I'm not the user you're talking with, just wanna call you out on your bullshit.

If he's just going to spout memes, he doesn't mean much to me.



I prepared myself psychologically but it still wasn't enough.

What were they thinking?

>Chisa fucking Juzo while taunting him the whole time that this is the closest he'll ever get to Munakata

I think we're on to something



Take the DR1 cast. Rearrange it so that the murderers, victims and survivor for each chapter are different (try to keep it in character). However a character cannot be in the same outcome as they originally were (Leon could be a survivor or victim but not a killer for example, Sakura is a wildcard and Hifumi is considered victim for this instance, Mukuro must still die). Also the murders have to take the "same" results as the chapter they are in so your hypothetical chapter 3 has to have 2 deaths, Chapter 1 a murder gone awry, 6 survivors in the end.

that..would even make Mukuro doubt her siscon ways..



That was fuckin atrocious what were funimation thinking?

My sides, I'm crying

Cant have English people upupupupuing

I didn't know Curly Howard was ultimate Gyaru.

What talents would Moe and Larry have?

So, we all agree that Kaede will die early on making Robo-boy the MC, right?

And that the game will definitely be related to the rest of the games even if they say it won't.

She's gonna die early alright.
She's gonna die right now if I don't get the MC spot

I was thinking the exact same thing.
FGC is poverty after all

Probably. Kaede is in the same slot as Twogami - proactive, tries to lead and maintain solidarity with the whole and prevent murders before they actually happen.

Her personality just reads 'FIRST CHAPTER FODDER' to me. At the same time, if she survives, I think she'd turn out to be our best protagonist yet.

Her being killed would be too similar to Maizono. I'm hoping she's the killer and as a player we have to defend her (knowing or not whether she truly did it).

In fact, I was thinking that how this game is about immates a good way to refresh the franchise would be to have you be the murderer and try to cover up your tracks and defend yourself while incriminating someone else.

Theme of the new game is "lies". Of course Kaede is the first case murderer.
Though Hopebot doesn't look like a protagonist too, he looks like a cunt. And I'm totally not conditioned by roleplaying in these threads.