So from the perspective of people who aren't big fans, Is Jojo's Bizarre Adventures one of the best shonen series?

So from the perspective of people who aren't big fans, Is Jojo's Bizarre Adventures one of the best shonen series?

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Jojo is honestly one of the best manga series I've ever read. All of the cancerous haters can fuck off.

Dropped it at episode 8. No

it would be great if we were in the late 80s/ 90s. Watching it in 2016 you'll notice all the flaws it has and miss how groundbreaking it was for its time.

A man with good taste

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OP said jojofags aren't allowed in this thread


It's on the same level as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. Battle shounen cancer for new fags.

>moeshitters who don't like jojo


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ok I'll be sure to take your opinion seriously

Wasn't interesting enough to keep me interested is all.

It's boring as fuck and I don't like watching burly men beat the shit out of each other with supernatural powers because I'm not gay

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You're proving my point here

I read Jojo up until part four like six years ago and I'm not really a fan of it. I might just be biased against shounen or something, but I even tried watching the most recent series since I figured I've already read up to that point and it really didn't capture me.

As far as "shounen" go, Monthly girls is way batter. If you're talking about Shounen battleshit I loved the Yozakura Quartet remakes, but they had better animation and the best sound design I've seen in one of those shows. I'd love if they got more seasons or even short OVAs.

Proving you have shit taste?


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The manga does have a good world and concept, but I still don't like it.

Part 1 is exposition. It establishes the Joestar bloodline and who Dio is. Ep 11 is when most people get hooked.

part 1 is godawful

part 2 has a good MC and the characters are so dumb and over the top that it's funny.

part 3 is monster of the week crap with a boring MC.

part 4 is SoL mixed with monster of the week crap. Basically araki didn't know what the fuck he was doing with the plot unitl he introduced kira.

part 5 is basically part 3 egypt arc with extra gayness and asspulls.

I dropped it at part 6.

I like moe and jojo c:

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like clockwork

From the perspective of someone who used to be super into Jojo as no longer is, it's severely overhyped.
It's a fun series, don't get me wrong. Araki is definitely good at entertaining the readers, the art is flashy and so are the fights and comedy.
Once you actually take a closer look at it though, plot holes become more obvious. Araki really isn't good at remembering the canon he's already established, and characterizations fluctuate massively.
So all in all. It's a good series, but is it the best shonen ever? That's stretching it

How do I even get started in JoJo?

The first chapter/The first episode.

watch the anime from episode 1/read the manga from chapter 1

Out of all 30? Must be a real accomplishment.

>one of the best shonen series
parts 4 and 8 aren't really shonen

Started watching it a few weeks ago. It's fun but it looks pretty fucking bad.

Fuck off if you don't know what shounen is.

I like it, I read all 7 parts a couple of years ago, the animated series is solid and only has minor flaws, the fanbase on Cred Forums is annoying though.
I'll probably marathon part 4 once it finishes.
Fuck off
The guy is a complete fucking retard, but what's so bad about Undertale? I liked that game.

nothing, it just has cancerous fans

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To me its like eve online, it sounds great and the crazy things that happen sound cool as shit, but I want nothing to do with it

>mfw JoJo is normieshit now

I like seeing it animated but the normies it's pulled in and all their hilarious "it was me dio xDDD" memery was not at all worth it

It's the only manga I've had even the slightest amount of interest in and knowing we have such a bad rap makes me want to die


Look like its the perfect garbage for you.

You are what you despise, newfag.

Don't worry, they'll stop watching it after Part 5 and we'll have Part 6 and 7 to ourselves.

>they'll stop watching it after Part 5


All new characters apart from Koichi in the beginning.
Confusing stand powers that will make them think the series is going downhill.
Not many potential memes until King Crimson.
Not as "manly" as Battle Tendency.
No Hamon.

You do realize that it's huge in Japan, right? And that it's been in the Louvre?

*and Polnareff, but that's not for a long while

Yeah because so many people jumped ship on the way to Part 3.

What retarded logic.

You forgot Jotaro, Enya, and DIO. The last two are kinda pushing it, though, I suppose.

That's from the garbage part though, not 5.

Back to your containment thread, cancer.

Jotaro is in what, two phone conversations with Koichi?

Huh? All three of those are in Part 5.

I had little interest until I read some of Part 4, specifically when Kira is introduced

I was finally interested and then I loved I Am an Alien! and Highway Star, what a great ride

Some parts of it are stupid, other parts of it are genius

What the fuck is this shit?

Jojo should have stayed an influential series that no one outside of Japan knew much about. Youtube, twitter, tumblr, and reddit have ruined the fun.

The worst case of having an anime adaptation fuck everything up.

What? Jotaro only appears at the very start for like one chapter. Dio and Pucci shenanigans is part 6. Last visual of Enya I remember is the part 4 photo. Forums-10th-anniversary/
Get ready to get cancer.

If by shounen you mean "shounen shows that focus around people with powers fighting each other", then sure I could see it on a top 10 list.

DIO and Enya are barely in Part 5, both of them are mentioned like twice throughout the whole part, but they're still familiar faces.

And Jotaro is still in the part and basically kickstarts the plot. I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

I dropped it a couple of times cause I couldn't get past episode 3-5
Once I finally got to part two it all became worth it to me though

I assume you're referring to the multiple different series?

>Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
>Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
>Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc
>Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

Part 6 and 7 are masterpieces. The latter specially is the culmination of all the previous parts' main themes (destiny, fate, free will, the nature of evil and of good, etc)

>one of the best shonen series?
no, fuck off gays

6 is garbage
4 > 5 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 6

I remember seeing WRYYYY memes on /tg/ in 2009.

It is a pretty damn good series overall.
One of the points that drew me to it was the artstyle. It has a very different visual from many mangas, and I surely can appreciate that. The concept of stands is also very interesting, it allows for a lot of creativity when you make a non-human entity to be a character of it's own, and hold unique powers.
It's a very fun and creative series, it explores fun, but well-known themes, knows when to be serious or silly and it has some rad visuals.
Araki also really nails character presentation.

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Well, I skimmed through it until a testimony caught my eye.

is eureka seven a shounen? note that it's a studio-original.

>not reading part 7
What are you gay?

Jojo is stoicism and poses.
Big 3 are for people who think crying is acceptable behavior for men.

The fights in part 5 are cool enough to keep people around.

>influential series that no one outside of Japan knew much about.
Won't be very influential if no one knew what JoJo was.

Definitely, though it's in a seinen magazine now so the lines are a bit blurred. If I'm a 'big fan' of a battle shounen series it's gonna be HxH, but I find Araki to be clever and creative in a similar way to Togashi, so he's probably my second favourite.

I like that Jojo is basically pure, undiluted, batshit creativity poured onto pages, how full of iconic moments it is, and how smart the generational structure is in keeping it fresh even over 100 volumes in. It's not my top battle shounen because it tends to be too straightforward, non stop fights and pursuit get a bit tiring. Part 4 is my favourite because it's a bit more SoL.

From the perspective of people who aren't big fans, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures is one of the best comedy series.

Why would something have to be known outside of J-pan to influence anime?

Lazy writing
Lazy story telling
Lazy battles (most)
Lazy characters
Lazy mangaka

It's shit overall, part 4 is good, part 7 started good but went to shit, the rest is medicore

Actually accurate.