So is this the ultimate Evangelion image?

So is this the ultimate Evangelion image?

Swap middle and bottom

Otherwise correct

What the hell is a NOR-MAL???

Shit yourself.


This is correct.

>including rebuild meme girl

>excluding misato (AKA best girl)

Asukafags shamelessly reject the main series. What's new?

You seem to have made an error. I fixed it for you.
No need to thank me.

Normal people don't watch the rebuilds

normal people post on Cred Forums

See you tomorrow.


rei > asuka

Wasn't Rei's character design based off of a toilet or something?

This, Misato-san is just objectively the best in everyway.


Asuka's original concept was a man and we got a man.

asuka is just a whiny, little, entitled brat though

Still best girl with development over emotionless and boring, development doll. Also, OTP.


It would be if you would add "shit" before "taste".



>people with taste
>angry tranny

You are shit.

Merry Christmas to you too