Best supporting character thread

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Pino is the main character

No love for our boy Vince?



Trips confirm. Pino SoL spin-off when?

That series was fantastic, sad that I haven't found similar stuff.

I imagine this anime would have been something akin to Texhnolyze without Pino.

What exactly did you like about it?
I'm sure there are certain elements in there that other anime posses.

Nobody love can love someone who has a hole in their sock and an unkempt beard hair.


Vince along with the rest of the cast were absolute trash. Iggy and Pino were the only interesting characters.

Looking pass the grim looks, the story of finding the right answers and giving only questions and at the end it all comes clear. I like the feeling that I can speculate what is happening next.

The Eden series had it also.

Eden of the east?

Yes that.

Thanks user. Now I have something else to look forward to.

Best supporting character and best girl.

Take with a grain of salt, but I liked it.

I wonder if Pino was placed in a bunnysuit to save budget money not animating her long hair.

I doubt it because she keeps switching in and out of it throughout the show. But who knows?

It does add to her adorableness.

She's probably the one character I hope to never see r34 of.