Anyone else don't like how they skipped pretty much everything that isn't Teko-related and character introductions? It would have been much better if it was 2 cour and they adapted the chapters in correct order, including the episodic stuff.

It's such a waste because everything else is great, the art, pacing, voice acting

Teko is a massive shit. She doomed Amanchu.

I don't know, I really like Teko, haven't had time to read the manga though.

It does what it is supposed to do, it makes you want to check out the source material.
Also, damn, what a great OP.

Don't get me wrong, I like Teko in the manga. But she's getting annoying in the anime

I don't understand, what's so bad about her? The fact that she's anxious about literally anything?

Manga: Teko is anxious every 10 chapters
Anime: Teko is anxios literally every episode

So basically, they condensed all of her big scenes into one cour?

Yeah that's what I'm trying to say

Teko ruined it for me, there's a limit to how autistic can one character be

season 2 nigga, they did the same with aria

>trashtalking teko

It better not be another Teko wankfest then

It's not even the same studio.

Are they ever going to go diving?

the director is

How did I miss that?
I swear I looked it up for parallels like this.

>tfw no akane in izu chapter

Probably not, there is only one episode left.
I feel cheated.

i love pikari, how do i make my life constantly abot pikari

It started so well, then after first 3-4 episodes they decided to go full life lessons for kids.

>OP shows them all diving
>no diving

No wonder it's flopping.

To be precise, the amount of diving has dropped sharply.
They did dive at the beginning.

It went to fucking nothing. I watched this show for diving, instead I got a bunch of people playing red light green light.

read the manga

I intend to, which is pretty rare for me.

I don't entirely like it, but it makes sense if we assume they don't know if a S2 will be made. What would you prefer, 13 episodes that end abruptly mid-story or 13 episodes that goes to a satisfying conclusion?