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Have you wished Yui Horie a happy birthday yet?

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Happy birthday old woman.

Minori was best girl, so yes

>not liking MILFs
Get a load of this faggot.


I didn't know she has children.

Hey Cred Forums your favorite idol seiyuu circle jerk fixation kind of doesn't look as hot during impromptu subway appearances

Cute seiyuu

How old is she now? 41?
>she voiced Kisara
Well shit, I only just found out.

Sumire is a butterface to begin with, most of her cute pics are edited.

Older seiyuu are the best for fucking.

Born in 1976

I hope you all pray for Risa Taneda's health every day.

Ayaneru is my seiyuufu. Those gravure photos are pretty nice. I'm glad they aren't too lewd.

Also, happy birthday Hocchan!

Close. 39.

>Aoi had a role in both Kimi no Na wa and Koe no Katachi
I am glad for her.

You posted this thread when her birthday had been over in Japan for a few hours, though.

happy birthday oba-chan

>short haired marina inoue showing off legs

>tfw all those people probably didn't even notice Sumire

voice of a goddess
please don't keep slowly disappearing

Watch Qualidea Code Maifag.

Wow, she looks much better without long hair.

>I will never be that P from Taiwan that took Ayappe's picture for her
I wish random seiyuu came up to me and asked me to take pictures for them

Just keep waiting and you'll get your time, senpai.

I do bro... I do everyday.

just wait nine months

A. Yuki is fat

>all the hormones in her body are probably making her sound super deep

her deeper and normal actual voice are better than her "moe/kawaii" voice

Who is this guy on the left


Persona 5 talk-show at TGS was fun the other day.
>Sugita was in fanboy mode, rejoicing over voicing a party member on Persona. He said his first impression of Yusuke was that he was really cool and how could he live up to him.
>Hoshi jokingly complaining about how he couldn't even say much about his character because of spoilers.
>Aoi was just happy that the cast was full of senpai that she is on good terms/friends with (e.g Nana and Sugita). She also wants to play the game when she has some spare time.

Every also drew a sketch of Morgana.
When Aoi moved closer to sketch Morgana, Mafia pointed out that she was aiming her butt at the camera. That was an awkward comment.

I just want her to return and have a chance to see her in person once in my life.

Pic little bit related, I am awaiting for her return as well.

And here are the Morgana sketches.
Aoi Yuuki, Soichiro Hoshi, Sugita, Ikue Otani, Jun Fukuyama, in that order.

Would be nice if I didn't forget the picture.

Any Mareitaso fans here? She got a whooping 10 songs at the live at AFAID.

Don't know if there are many Indonesian seiyuufags here DESU.

>I'm glad you don't hate me anymore user!

Need some more Idolmiya really

>sent from my iphone
What did they mean by this?

I believe it was referencing

I also believe the sender of that flowerboard knew the guy from Scotland.

When did this become a thing? Maaya deserves better fans.

>not Maaya Uchida

Ayaneru looks so mature here.

Happy birthday Hocchan
What, you don't even have UGUU in that picture?



MaiMai is certainly cute.

What is a Mareitaso anyway?

marei = alternate reading of the characters 真礼, does not necessarily mean anything nor is it a real word in common usage

tan = a corrupted (babytalked) spelling of suffix -chan

taso(タソ) = a misreading of the katakana for tan(タン)

Oh, so that's where the -taso part came from. I always knew Marei was a different reading of Maaya in kanji, but I was always curious as to where to -taso part came from although I call her Marei myself. Thanks for the explanation though.

post your top 5 and your favorite role from each seiyuu:

1. Yukarin - Amane
2. Arai Satomi - Beatrice
3. Nana - Ange
4. Ami Koshimizu - Ryuuko
5. Itou Shizuka - Frolaytia

Happy Birthday YUI H.

I haven't seen RE: Zero, but I just skimmed to hear her play Felix

Now I'm really confused about the whole trap thing

There's no way a male could have that fucking voice

I thought she'd at least bring it down an octave

What are the nips thinking?

1) Sakura Ayane - Really hard choice. I like a lot of her roles like Iroha, Natsumi, Marii, and Levi.
2) Yuuki Aoi - Madoka is still easily my favourite performance from her
3) Ohashi Ayaka - Uzuki. She's probably the first seiyuu for me where I completely liked her for her personality first. Everyone else on this list, I liked the seiyuu's voice before I really looked into their personalities on radios or events, but Hasshi was the other way around.
4) Taneda Risa - Himeragi just because she was almost half the reason I enjoyed the StB anime as much as I did.
5) Ozawa Ari - Toss up between Chiyo and Aoba.

have any seiyuu done asmr? who would you hire for asmr?

Happy 22nd 17th birthday Hocchan!

Holy shit.


I thought she's 40

Pure slut where at

Please take your 3DPD to /jp/ already.

>Tomato-kun is voiced by Yui Horie
the fuck

I love you Amamiya-san! Please marry me!


Wait, her hair isn't actually black?

Cutest 2016 rising star.


What do people around here think of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka? The Kirito guy.

He sucks Jin Aketagawa's cock.

Great in event and radio, since he's so easy to be bullied and made fun of.

The Yurus sure have changed

>tfw don't know these young seiyuu names
Haven't paid attention to the seiyuu industry as much as I did back then. I'm so far behind

au au..!

I want to spend these cloudy days with Hanazawa

What are you talking about. She's only 17. She's forever 17.

I read somwhere that she was a pillow seiyu. Please tell me it isn't true.

10 songs? goddamnit now I regret for not coming
Last year's venue was so awful that I decided to skip AFA ID this year

It's black

Can anybody guess Lillie's VA

People say it's Hisako Kanemoto

My favorite part was sugita comparing his height to Aoi's when they were doing introductions.

Haruka Tomatsu - Asuna
Aya Hirano - Haruhi
Aoi Yuuki - Madoka
Houko Kuwashima - Tomoyo
Rie Kugimiya - Shana

It could be a no-name seiyuu like they did with Serena. Who knows.

Aoi Yuuki - Hibiki
Mika Kanai - Mio
Mamiko Noto - Oichi
Yuko Minaguchi - Hotaru
Kikuko Inoue - Lobelia

Akira Ishida - Xellos
Hikaru Midorikawa - Judas
Takehiro Koyasu - Snufkin
Yoshimasa Hosoya - IV
Nobuyuki Hiyama - Gai

Narrowing it down to just 5 is hard for me. Besides Aoi being first in the female list.

Hanazawa Kana - Nadeko
Ookubo Rumi - Chinatsu
Uesaka Sumire - Tama from GJ-bu
Asumi Kana - Yuno/Popura/Komari
Omigawa Chiaki - Hotori

1. Hana Kana - Tenshi
2. Hayamin - Ayase
3. Inori Minase - Chino
4. Ayaneru - Nattsun
5. Kana Asumi - Yuno

In preparation for Halloween, Ayane Sakura (Moa) and Eri Inagawa (Cyan) will hold a retrospective of episode 1-4 of the second season of Show By Rock!! at the Marunouchi Piccadilly cinema.