Anyone else disappointed with the gay ass ending ? I honestly thought there some potential and the ending really pissed me off
also [/spoiler]crusch is best girl if you disagree you have shit taste

Ending was pretty underwhelming yeah, but what's worse is the "lol no s2 read the ln/wn" announcement which feels like I just wasted my time trying to get immersed into this universe.


Nice spoiler faggot.

I'm more dissapointed with ''no season 2''.
LN and WN can't express the emotions that good to me.

Yes I'm one of those faggots that was sad when Rem confessed her love after being brutalised by meme man.

But yes the ending was extremely dissapointing.

I wish they ended it with the cliffhanger from the LN. Watching the waifufags commit ritual suicide would have been hilarious.

I want to vow my unyielding fealty to Crusch-sama and become her obedient servant

Yeah as an anime only I feel kinda cheated if I'm really not getting more from this barely understood world that I just got briefly introduced to

what's the cliffhanger?

The main heroine is forgotten by everyone besides subaru and beatrice, even her sister forgets her, because of the bishop of gluttony.

Basically the main point after is saving her with some side quests in between.

thank you

Main heroine.... Haha... Nice joke!

Meme man saved the anime.

Did I miss the no season 2 announcement?

Post Ferri !

Not really. Essentially there was an ad that reads roughly "The story doesn't end, it continues in the LN, coming soon!"

People are taking this to mean that the LN is the final continuation and that no S2 will be made.

They would need the LN to get ahead enough to try for S2 anyway, it makes more sense for them to say 'Go read the LNs' and then announce a S2 later once the LNs have gotten far enough than to say 'We're doing a S2, no need to buy the LNs' right after the anime ended.

>dumb newfags surprised of the "fuck off read the LN" announcement like this doesn't even happy every season

Who's to blame for watching a fucking adaption of an ongoing series?

What are you, fucking gay?
That's a man.

Well yeah can't adapt a LN, which hasn't been released.

True that. He deserved to be in a better show.

With the way the anime ended and didn't adapt the cliffhanger part they clearly have no intentions of a new season.

>Implying there wouldn't be a web novel.
>Implying they wouldn't work together with the creater of the series.
Yeah sure.

>gay ass ending
>not aware that they could have left us on a much, MUCH worse cliffhanger that would cause mass panic,and even some to commit suicide
>this slothful

I'm pretty grateful to be honest. Perhaps they didn't leave us on a satisfying note, but at least they left us on a happy note.

Gotta first make cash with the LN and then you can boost the sales with a S2

That's rare as fuck delusional boy, they want to promote LN sales, not the friking online free draft that isn't even edited.

Pretty sure the creator would rather make money.

>End S1 with "Who's Rem" " fade to black"
>Advertise the continuation with the LN
People would storming fo the LN's, or am i the only one who thinks that leading a despairing open ending would people lead to buy the LN?

She trusts no one. Everyone knows that Rem is basically best girl ep 18 is my proof.

Its a gamble. Its been shown to work in the past to basically have something dramatic that boosts interest, but if they don't have S2 set in stone then it probably weakens the show as a stand alone product to end on the downer ending.

I would've liked them to do it, if only to give Rem's character some closure in the show, because as it stands she got put on a bus hard.

It's their damn fault for wasting so much great effort and skill adapting a god damn ongoing series.

Why are all the fucking good Anime adaptations? Why are they never the original stories? Why must we live in this unfair world where the best Anime are just disguised advertising for other inferior mediums?

It would be a cool way to open up a potential season 2. A big what the fuck reveal would hook a lot of people.

That's what I think. It would be a cool and emotionally powerful scene if they do it right, especially since it opens with her and Crusch having a nice chat before everything goes to absolute shit.

Audience would be like "Oh, so that's what they're up to, glad we can see best girls aga--"

"Oh fuck"