You will never be stepped on by chuchu

>you will never be stepped on by chuchu

show by rock thread

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Selfie By Rock!!

Gonna be late for school, nya.

He looks down upon you.

Coming soon, in 11 days.

A classic band story.

Which involves time-traveling robot ninjas.

And demons.

Plus sensually running foxy sluts.

Searching for the ultimate ninpo scroll.

Because that is all part of your classical band story.

Hi-school fun.

That is where non-stop youth happens.

Can I be stepped on by Rosia?

Only if you're a bad student.


She's truly a cutefu.

the wait is killing me

This shall be the new queen of darkness.

Apparently, she's damedame

Chuchu is a backstabbing bitch.

Chuchu is a great leader.

Any good foot art of her then? Or that ninjin boi

She's more an elegant honor student-oneesama.

>those elegant feet and armpits

Ninjinboi will never be taken seriously.

Shuri shura rai.

My dick takes him seriously at least.

I haven't watched this but why is so lewd even though it's Sanrio?

Sanrio wants the otakubux because otaku lewd everything anyway. Even Hello Kitty-sama.

If otaku make porn of everything, then Sanrio will give them something they can turn into porn willingly.

Sanrio has always been lewd.


>tfw that face will never tremble beneath Rom's massive cock again

It's for the best.

D-Don't say that... How could he ever learn to live without it?

He sucks as a partner.

But who else could take the power of a man with a full-time job?

She could.



Don't do that to her. She'd be cleft in two.


Is this canon?

Nah. But it's cute though.

I just found this show today. It is so bad I can't stop watching. It is like an endless highway of car wrecks, and the wrecks just keep getting worse and worse. I can't wait to see how bad it ends up.

Cyan-Crow shipping is mostly because they're both the mascot characters of Show By Rock!!

As long as you watch it and have fun with it, everything's alright.

Words of advice. The way the first season ends is because everyone at Bones thought this wouldn't sell at all and it wouldn't get a second season anyway.

SB69 is one of those rare cases where the good sales of the anime itself did convince Sanrio to order a second season.
Plus of course lots of downloads for the mobage and good merchandise sales.

All in all, the anime did its job very well.

Sure thing.

But it is great.



I just love those vibrant contrasting colors.
Totally a feast for the eyes.

i want to cuddle them and feel their butts


>SB69 thread
>starting thread with girls
You're doing it wrong by default

The show is really beautiful.

yeah they did a good job

It looks like crap 90% of the time, sp please shut up.

What? The show really is not famous for its girls so to say, and certainly the fanservice is hardly existent of them.
Don't even understand what they were thinking with some of those lewd illustrations, like for who?

No you.

>posting another screencap of that one good episode

The show is famous for being a music rhythm game adaptation that took everyone by surprise with its high production value.

New(?) PV.
Reminder that there will be a nico stream about season 2 on Thursday.

Holy snap.

What does this show have against lolis?

Cover for the first upcoming volume of Criticrista Legends.

And of course, here's a bromide with the first print.

Comes with a campaign-exclusive code to win Rosia's ingame guitar for your myumon avatar.

Ingame Strawberry Heart when?

Here are the Arcarefags.

And here's the Bad Virgin Lolis.

Unicorn's horn looks off.

We Independence Day now.

Posting close ups.



Goth lolis you mean.
You know, loli has another meaning that could get confusing if you just say that much.



It's a play on their name Bud Virgin Logic, LRD-san.



>Ah, I wanna suck some small dicks

I'd rather be Cyan and have Retoree go doggystyle on my pussy.

>Bud Virgin Logic
I don't get either of these references or what they are a play on, elaborate please.
Or is it just replacing Logic with Lolis for some reason that is supposed to be smart?

I can't fucking wait.

They better use more of their animal forms than in the first season, I was promised them, not the regular bullshit.

You look like crap.

I'm still mad there were not Dark Criticristas in first season.

>focusing on middle school girls
Yeah, no.

Indeed, and that episode in particular was storyboarded by the brilliant Takuya Igarashi who has a penchant for sunsets so it was particularly outstanding.

It's a shame we won't get to see any episodes by him in season 2 since he's unfortunately directing Bungou Stray Dogs which is airing alongside it. There's still some great Bones staff we could see show up though.

At least he story-boarded the best episodes of BSD. I think BSD has already wrapped production up since it's was delayed by a season.

Guess I shouldn't even be surprised fujoshi lurks these threads.

Ikezoe worked together with Igarashi on Bungou Stray Dogs. Perhaps Igarashi might do so again for one episode. Bungou Stray Dogs was apparently originally supposed to air during Winter season, before they pulled it back after seeing that Osomatsu-san would murder everything with its popularity.
He might thus still have plenty of time to direct an episode again.

It's not fujoshi though. The main male cast are canon straight, non of those ambiguous sexuality nonsense.

Yeah, the series Bungou Stray Dogs is certainly not fujoshi orientated. Right.
Feed that shit to someone else.
While we're at that, 70% of SBR fandom is also fujoshi.

SB69 has more fujobait than Bungou and it also has yuribait to go with it.

Igarashi's work on the show is stellar no doubt, but I didn't really like the material as much as I wish I did.

Well it's not if you've seen it. Not saying that it doesn't have a high female fanbase but the show/manga itself is quite free from any fujobait.

>70% of SBR fandom is also fujoshi
It's true. Probably more.

Bless the last short, I loved the high school AU and I'm loving all this art of it.

Yep, the source material is shit. I wish another studio instead of Bones got to adapt it. Oh well as least they were paid and the BDs sold decently.

Just because the show itself is free from it, they can still target fujos, as with most sports titles.
Also SBR's yuribait is the reason it even has a male fanbase, even if small compared to females.

There are other kind of female otaku besides fujoshits you know. BSD used popular seiyuu for event bait too.

I wish to fuck this sheep alien~pyuru

Don't bother with that shitposter. He ranted about fujos last year in the SB69-threads, he'll continue ranting about them now.

When did SBR have yuribait though?

Oh, I see it's him again. Will do.


New opening sure is no Have a nice MUSIC!! but the show looks nice.

Katagai Fumihiro tweeted often how he couldn't wait for everyone to see what he's done in SB69 season 2.
Now I see.

He animated orbital kill-sats to destroy the cities of little furry people.

I wish he would die of cancer honestly.

The time travelling ninjas will turn back time and reset everything.

B.R.R Future's Live
>everything gets destroyed
No more lives, I guess.

Reminder that this is a classic band story.

Why can't they retcon human Cyan?

Because that's the way season 1 was written.

Reminder that クリティクリスタ a shit!

Have Cyan wake up and say that all the human and magical girl shit was just a recurring dream that she confused for real events.

Bad onii-chan.


I like human Cyan. Show By Rock!! is actually one of the few modern examples of a good title in the isekai genre, and it reminds me of more classic takes on it.

From the PVs I feel like Cyan being summoned back will be well done, but I'm worried about Season 2's ending. Ideally it wouldn't feel like a retread of Season 1's, and her staying in Midi City wouldn't feel right. Maybe it ends with Cyan gaining the ability to come and go as she pleases?

Whatever BVL will do would probably result in Cyan being brought back to Sound World. Then she goes back at the end, again.

That would be most ideal. After the unexpected success of season 1, it would be foolish to make another conclusive ending that would bar her from returning to Sound World.
However, it would be wise to not necessarily count on another big sales hit, nice though it would be.
Making an open ending that basically shows that the adventure continues would be best.

If we can't get a Season 3, I think I'd like a movie. Sanrio likes making those, right?

Human Cyan a cute.
Best BVL song.

Sure. Although according to Wikipedia, the last Sanrio-movie was in 2012, and the next movie they're planning to do is the Hello Kitty-movie that is supposed to come out around 2019 with its fuck-huge insane budget of 160-240 million dollars. Though most of that budget could of course be about setting up the animation studio for other future movie projects like Mr. Men and My Melody.

>Bud Virgin Logic
What did they mean by this?

>Bud Virgin Logic

~1. A womans clitorus, the small protrusion. 'to suck on the "bud" gives a woman great delight'

Virgin and logic are understandable.

user, I know what they mean individually, but...

To be honest I totally frgot she even came form the human world. After the first couple of episodes it seems like she never mentions it again until the final couple of episodes.

I guess it's decent because it doesn't deal with the typical problems a kid trapped in another world would have? But still it worried me that she didn't seem to miss home at all.

The logic of a virgin who has never experienced cunnilingus.

Time probably works differently in Sound Cosmos.
>Hijirikawa-san, where were you all this time?
>>Sensei, I was in an alternate dimension fighting giant skeleton demons as a catgirl with the help of my talking pink guitar
>you were daydreaming again
>Hijrikawa-san, please don't forget to take your meds the next time

I could see that as banter from CriCri-Pink.

All Plasmagica songs sound the fucking same.
Fire this song writer.

hai hai
hee hee
hoo hoo
1, 2, 3

More scans when?

>series that's supposed to appeal to guys via cute female musicians
>best characters in the show are a fujobait band
>also, only good songs

Doing it wrong!

Whenever scanbro comes back. Probably the first episode of S2.

>disliking plasmagica's songs.
I spy a homosexual.

There is nothing gay about wanting to ravage Rom's cock with your tongue!

Shuzo please

Look at that face, He's so thrilled just to hear Rom's name.

He's a sad piece of shit with no friends and even dumped his best/boy friend for fame.

That's the face of a cock hungry slut.


I like Forbidden more than Oyasumi Paranoia.

>22 posters itt
Why western shitters don't like this show?

He's learned his lesson, user. He's done his time. I just hope Rom can find a little ember of that old flame still burning.

Post more of Rosia's legs.

Because its ugly, stupid shit and the music is crap

That's some nice pantsu.

Painted Crow

They dislike the CG-myumons, because it's too little-girlish for them. Real men don't like little girl-crap. Rawr.

The drawfag who did that gif in the weekend waifu-thread really did a great job.

feels like that got painted real fast

They're dangerous weapons.


Damn, they're just too fucking cute.


Forever cute.

I'm sure Rom has better things to do these days.

Yaiba looks thirsty.

What do myumons shitpost about?

About who has the cutest flower on the head.

Myumons do nothing but talk about who is the cutest all day. They are mentally incapable of angrily shitposting at each another.

The worst thing they could write is how they think that someone is only cute, instead of supermegacute.

I want the furry forms to be dominant this season.
Cat form Cyan > regualr Cyan.

Will season 2 have any spooky coincidences between Cred Forums and 69ch too?


We can only hope. I liked futaba-oneesan's visit to our board.


DAIruDAIyu, ike!

Please don't remind me, the ending of the show was so horrible that they have a lot to make up for, if they want to get out of that lazy, shit writing.

Fuck off with your negativity, and start learning how to have fun.

I can't, when they did to Cyan's character what they did, throwing any and every kind of characterization she might have had to that point out of the window.

Valentine's wife had the hots for Lucy.