Why haven't we've gotten a "cute loli convicts doing cute prison things" anime yet?

Why haven't we've gotten a "cute loli convicts doing cute prison things" anime yet?

>criminal scum

why's her head impaled on the bar? That's some rough prison right there.
Also it's called Prison Girls.

I think lolis would get abused in prison.
They sure would if I was a guard there.

That steel bar through her head must be painful.

for you

How did she fuse with the bar man? That's fucked up

She has a big head

That's clearly a policeman

You mean cute loli max thug lyfe doing cute prison raping in prison, not my fetish.

Replace that officer immediately, he's clearly fraternizing with the inmate, that can only lead to trouble.

A nice oniichan is framed for a crime he didn't commit, and by clerical error is thrown into a prison filled with hardened loli criminals. Can he learn the ropes quickly enough to hold onto his life and his virginity?

Considering how bad prison is in Japan, it's no wonder this doesn't exist.

>that one girl who rapes everyone.

prison is a serious matter in Japan, that's why they don't put that stuff on there.

Why is Yayoi so poor?

>Show starts off all cutesy.
>Little girl is in a prison for something innocuous like stealing a balloon.
>"Oh well! I'll just have to buckle down and do my time!"
>Other inmates are all classic stereotype girls, etc.
>Warden is a soft-spoken fatherly type.
>Everybody happily enjoying dinner.
>Protagonist girl takes the spoon, and stabs it into the jugular of another inmate.
>Everything still light and jovial as the inmate screams, dying.
>Only gets nastier and more malicious from there.

Would it be kino?

I'd watch it

Would it involve copious mind breaking scenes?

It would have to, basically each episode would up the stakes to the finale where she gets out and just reoffends.

>Would it be kino?
Shock value purely for shock value is absolute schlock. Sounds absolutely terrible honestly.


So the MC is the little girl in for stealing a balloon?

>gets to jail
>bunkmate is another girl, totally shaved head
>starts sharpening her shiv as soon as the new girl arrives
>girl just looks at her pillow in silence
>next day, girl goes out to the yard
>little girls lifting and playing card games
>she just follows her cellie
>heads into a card game
>ends up winning, it's some kind of poker she hasn't played before
>wins a ton of cigs and some IOU for protection
>after the game, one of the players gets up and is jumped by like 3 other girls who were just playing cards with her
>the MC just sits there and stares as the girl is beaten to a pulp
>next day
>MC heads to the showers with cellie
>cellie drops her soap
>some huge girl jumps on her as she bends down
>horrible bloody rape in the shower, obscured by the steam
>MC just lets the water run on her head as she stands there in silence

What would it be called?

>cute girls making other cute girls their bitch never


does cute criminals in school count?

Will watch but little girl has to be the protagonist