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first for /JJBAG/ being the best threads on Cred Forums!

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just realized what i was looking at here, this is awesome. imagine some scene like the end of SBR when Valentine and D4C are both aging simultaneously, but instead, Josuke and S&W are both being separated into their original components simultaneously

So 2 dead bodies.

>Don't bully us pls

Cred Forums has better things to do, my friend.

Reading through VA right now, gotta say the gang isn't really too interesting. The fights are great, but the characters haven't clicked with me like the Crusaders or Josuke's crew

I'm at Baby Face right now. Anybody tell me if it gets better?

I fixed the tier list.
While I disagree with ranking the villains based on this tier list, the old one needed to be fixed because some of the things bothered me.

The problem with tiering the villains like this is that it doesn't account for their personality, coolness, power, etc., only their goal.


that's how they'll end up if he doesn't come up with some way to stop the enemy's stand

it gets worse honestly,only 1 good fight left

Is part 7's ending the worst in the series?

>diego and hot pants job in the most forgettable way possible, especially the latter
>mwahaha i got the super villain powerup! You can't stop me now!
>ridiculous 'moving the earth' power that's never brought up
>gyro randomly gets a stand with stupid randumb xD effects
>johnny activates the 'super protagonist powerup' out of nowhere and everyone loves it, unlike GER
>that stupidly long begging scene where we all know valentines lying
>all of high voltage
>alt diegos death
Like jesus, people say 5 and 6 have bad endings?

I loved the crew by that point, so I think Part 5 crew just aren't for you. The fights only get better, though.

>johnny activates the 'super protagonist powerup' out of nowhere and everyone loves it, unlike GER
this fucking infuriates me to know end
watch SBRfags defend this because "they foreshadowed it by saying that the golden ratio was powerful!"

I can agree with this completely.

I don't get why you even bothered when you clearly realize yourself that it was inherently flawed and thus unfixable.

no end*

I'm surprised you didn't like it by Kraftwerk, and if you don't like it now by Grateful Dead, you're not going to period.

There are plenty of good fights left, but if you don't enjoy the crew, you're not going to understand the bigger themes of the part and you'll end up hating the bit when they finally get to the boss all the way to the end. you might as well skip to 6

At least Diego dies twice.

>you might as well skip to 6
stick your dick in a garbage disposal thx

I Honestly cant tell if this is bait but.
>gyro randomly gets a stand with stupid randumb xD effects
In SBRverse the spin is a gateway to obtaining a stand and Gyro used the Golden Rotation to obtaining his Ball Breaker which is just a manifestation of The Golden Rotation.
>all of high voltage
This was supposed to be a means to an end for JOhnny's rivalry with Diego.
>ridiculous 'moving the earth' power that's never brought up
This was when Love Train was activating before Valentine combined it with D4C

I was halfway done and I thought it looked neat. I knew someone was going to ask.

Giorny makes me horny

Nigga 5 is my favorite part, but there's no reason to force yourself through. Hell I only really enjoyed 5 after a reread.


Diavolo, pucci, valentine and kira should all be god tier because of the themes and ideals they represent and how it comes out in the story, not due to some shitty goal ranking system.

I love the fights and how creative they are. Also Sex Pistols are probably my favorite characters out of the whole crew

I just want to be able to judge it as fairly as I possibly can in comparison to previous parts. This really feels like Stardust Crusaders 2 more than Diamond was so it's not like it's painfully bad. Currently Not Crash is my favorite Part, but I can see why Araki handled the story like this so far

>but there's no reason to force yourself through.
He only said he didn't like the crew.

>spin is the gateway to obtaining a stand
No? Only jesus and the power of the devil's palm does that, gyro just had to do something to valentine before jobbing

>end to johnny's rivalry
Cool, then why do diego and HP job to valentine so we can have the actual rivalry between diego and johnny? Why even include the HP/diego fight if its useless?

>love train activating
I understand why it happened, retard, it doesnt make sense considering love train's real power is just 'impenetrable defense'

fucked up the quotation marks on valentine's quote

>That fugly gradient in Valentine's text

This tier list is so shitty that it can't be fixed, only re-done from a scratch.

It's a bad tier list because it sympathizes villains outside of being written as good characters, only focusing on their roles in the story and what they're doing in the first place. I have a feeling it's a shitty, American sensibility of some sorts

Because if we were to go by that tier list a character with zero personality can be Elder God Tier just because he's doing a good thing while a colorful, fun, expressive and energetic villain is shit tier just because he wants to take over the world

It's the most basic attempt at 2deep4u

huh, i might as well just join the JJCA team

What did he mean by this?

Ah, whoops speedread through the post.

Regardless, a lot of the establishment of the attitudes and relations did get done before where you're at now, so I still doubt you'll like them. But no, the fights do get better, and they're much better than anything in SC bar maybe Darby, and there's less filler.

>The Corpse parts were a quick way of obtaining a stand, or a tool for it. There was a specific chapter that gave an explanation on the Stone mask/arrows/corpse parts/ and how they can obtain a stand for someone and the rules of stands. Johnny kept his Tusk even after he got his Corpse part stolen from him, same with Diego.

Diego and HP die to Valentine because their motives were different from Gyro and Johnny's. Diego wanted power to claim Manhattan Island and HP wanted to Secure Jesus' Corpse. They wanted to eliminate Valentine and secure the corpse but fell victim to His D4C power and Love Train activating hence HP's death.

>No? Only jesus and the power of the devil's palm does that,
i'm on mobile someone post the image that outright states that spin is a half-step on the evolution to stands


Even still, pucci is not 'reacting to misdeeds done to him', valentine still tries raping a kid, diavolo's intentions are pretty clear, the pillar men and kira do not need to kill to survive, and dio arguably had pretty good intentions if he made up the heaven plan for pucci to enact

Its a shitty list, even by the standards it sets for itself

This whole thing you've created here is a lot less readable than the original chart.


I really, really like this image

What pose should I put my S&W and Gappy SAS into?

I know it's asking a lot, but I'd like serious suggestions only pls.

>valentine still tries raping a kid
she's actively disguising herself as an adult, and whether or not you agree that spousal rape is a crime in the modern age, it was most certainly not a crime in the 19th century when this took place

>arguably had pretty good intentions if he made up the heaven plan for pucci to enact
if i think life is suffering so i decide to erase the entire earth from existence, that's not "arguably good intentions," that's being a fucking dick

First for Jojos Bizarre Kart Race

What if instead of killing Dio at the end of part 3, Jotaro instead befriends him? Wouldn't it have been cool for Jotaro and Dio to bro it out during part 4?

Gappy "I've won COMPLETELY"
S&W pic related

>Holly ends up dying
>befriending the guy who just spent 45 days hiring people from across the planet just to kill you

That's hamon. Even still, gyro gets ball breaker because his steel balls start smashing into other dimensions or something, really badly explained

Ok, i wasnt being very clear. By the start of the HP and diego fight, we already know d4c's power and that it's super strong. Now, from a writer's standpoint, HP and diego fighting valentine could end in numerous ways. They could kill valentine and get the parts, with diego becoming the main villain, they could both flee, etc.

Araki chose the worst way possible. Not only do they both die to valentine, and nothing they do amounts to anything or really satisfies their character arc, but he brings in alt diego later to satisfy johnny's rivalry arc. That is piss poor writing. There was no reason to write in the Diego/HP fight, and because of it araki had to write in a bullshit deus ex machina with the fucking World of all things to tie up an arc and give people fanservice so he wouldn'y be criticised for it. That shit made me go from loving 7 to making it one of my least favorite parts.

DIO was actively killing his mother, which pissed off Jotaro

We could've had Giorno team up with a Jo for Part 5 but that would require Giorno's story being relevant to the Joestars

Gappy makes S&W happy

Who cares about Holly, what if Dio became a marine biologist too?

But which JoJo girl has the fattest ass?

Gappy makes me happy

I think the tier list was never meant to be taken seriously although I personally like villains who goals are hard to find fault in.

Did't he know, by then she wast his wife and did not care? Its 1 of 2 actions Funny does that are rather fucked up. Second being not taken Johnnys offer. I still wanted him to win. Fuck you Europe.

In the 19th century there were laws that stated a woman was her husband's property, and that trying to own her as your own was punishable. President's breaking his own rules.

>erase the earth
But that's not what happened in Pucci's case.

Happy birthday Mr. President

Well, trips confirm 7 is the worst ending

>That's hamon
well, it's about both Hamon and Spin

>all these fucking Duwang memes being made by people who have most likely never read it

>But that's not what happened in Pucci's case.
Pucci made a decision of massive philosophical impact to every single person on the planet solely based on his personal dissatisfaction with 1 element of life (unsureness). if that's not fucked up, idk what is

Lisa Lisa or Miu Miu

I guess I can't argue with the author, but I can say that no character in any part got a stand because they practiced hamon or spin with the one exception of joseph.

That also doesn't excuse ball breaker as a shitty plot device anyway.

>There was no reason to write in the Diego/HP fight.
The fight established that Valentine would not go down Easy in a fight with his D4C Ability. Diego with his Scary Monsters struggled because Valentine in a closed off area could just swap with Another Valentine and be semi-invincible.

>no character in any part got a stand because they practiced hamon or spin with the one exception of joseph
no, but both Rohan and Tonio are said to have gotten their stands merely by practicing their craft so much that they became excellent at it

What said, also that horridly grating voice

Spin and Hamon are steps to gaining a stand but are not he ONLY way of getting one. Natural born ones like Polnareff who had it since birth, or Jolyne who had hers activate After getting pricked with the Pendant. There are also 2 parts that REVOLVE around the arrow giving people stands.

Happy birthday to best president.

Gappy makes me happy

Why didn't eyes of heaven end with infinite hamon powered spin?

johnny tried but then dio just smacked it away

because jotaro doesn't know spin

At least she has a Dio pillow.

Because Hamon and Spin are shit

This. The corpse's parts also awaken stands (maybe even different stands), or special locations like the Devil's Palm from SBR or the Wall Eyes from JJL. Dio from part 7 got his stand from another dude and a fossil or something.


Happy 169th birthday, President Valentine

The issue with having DIO as the main antagonist at all is because he's already lost to Jotaro, and we already know why he loses too. Since the focus was on DIO again, whose Stand is already canonically the same as Star Platinum, it really couldn't end any other way

If it were a different villain they would probably go down to their respective JoJo. If it were a new villain entirely, maybe it wouldn't matter

Jobin confirmed for Great tier villian

>Could've ended with Jonathan turning Dio himself into sponges by sacrifice because he's still technically got his body

Joubin is meh tier for now

>DIO would just be a head Over Heaven and use his veins to run around while JOtaro and Co. chase after it while dodging Space Ripper Stingy Stars

Pucci is too high. Therefore, this list is shit.

Also, Dio is retaliating against his misfortunes. Didn't that retard read part 1? Dio in part 7 and his alternate were also outcasts that wanted to rise above society, and their ambitions got too big.

so just to be clear about the plot of JoJolion
>Rockmen have cornered the market on a very rare and valuable item
>all their activities are either completely legal (selling a fruit which afaik has no legal restrictions on it), or mostly legal (intimidating people who they consider a threat to their legitimate business)
>Kira decides he should be able to get a fruit to cure his mom for free because he wants one and doesn't feel like paying for it
>Josefumi and Kira team up to rob the Rockmen of products valued in the 10s of millions of dollars range
>after disguising their identities and becoming Josuke, he proceeds to kill every person who attempts to regain their stolen goods from him

why do people keep saying we don't know who the big bad of JJL is? we've known who it is from page 1, it's Josuke

>could have ended by Jonathan putting on the Stone Mask with the Red Stone of Aja as well as stabbing himself with the Beetle arrow to become the Perfect Lifeform + Stand

>Imagining Dio's veins galloping away like a horse while Johnny pursues him on Slow Dancer

>ridiculous 'moving the earth' power that's never brought up
>gyro randomly gets a stand with stupid randumb xD effects

I agree with these. I still don't know wat the fuck was going on

Move Diavolo to mid Tier and Jobin to Meh tier

Jobin is only doing what he has to because he's been put in a situation where his child will be cursed, surely that qualifies as "Great" and not "Mid"

We still don't know what Jobin's up to, for all we know he could be Elder God or Shit by the end

Hoping he's anywhere between mid and great by the end though
>This plays while DIO is effortlessly dodging all the JoJo's
>This isnt only an actual cutscene but a Boss battle
>After each dodge a MUDA MUDA is heard

I you are the one we "fixed" the list just add him their for the memes

I need this.

I. Know. That. We already established d4c was crazy powerful, why did we need to kill HP and diego to prove it further?

Look, we can argue all we want about how stands come about. The point is that Gyro got Ball Breaker from the balls interacting with other dimensions (which is retarded) and Ball Breaker's very existence is a bad plot device to make Gyro actually do something against Valentine before his very obvious death.

>No? Only jesus and the power of the devil's palm does that, gyro just had to do something to valentine before jobbing

Objectively wrong. Read the extra chapter again when they explain stands. Hamon and spin can be a means of obtaining a stand.

can you please read the entire thread next time before posting shit that ha already been posted

Why though? Johnny's stand had been powering up slowly throughout the whole part and his upgrades were actually tied to his character development.

GER is just pulled out of Giorno's ass because Araki made King Crimson too powerful to beat normally

>GER is just pulled out of Giorno's ass because Araki made King Crimson too powerful to beat normally
you're right, in the very beginning of part 5 when the villain had a stand arrow before Diavolo had been introduced whatsoever, Araki had already realized that the villain would be too strong, which is why he made "acquiring the arrow" the entire fucking plot of part 5

speedreaders please leave

No that would be part 6, 7 is actually the best ending

>his upgrades were actually tied to his character development
Do you mind explaining how
>oh shit what if I do my stand while riding my horse tho
is character development?

>oh shit what if I do my stand while riding my horse tho
Did.... did you read ANY of part 7?

>The point is that Gyro got Ball Breaker from the balls interacting with other dimensions
Where in the hell that happens? Isn't Ball Breaker just Gyro's evolution of the spin?

Is that Lucy?

>ridiculous 'moving the earth' power that's never brought up

Speed readers are sometimes almost as bad as wikifags.

>alt diegos death
Fuck you mate that was hilarious

yeah, but the argument that Johnny's use of Act 4 coincides with some sort of character growth is bullshit

Lemme correct you.

GER was built up over the course of several chapters starting from when Pol called Buccellati to tell him the arrow could be used to kill Diavolo. Green Day and Oasis show diavolo would pull out all stops to get to it, SCR was to get a taste of requiem's power, and GER itself tied up (albeit imperfectly) part 5's themes about fate and accepting it.

With valentine, araki knew he created a villain that would require an asspull to beat because he was so inhumanly strong, but knew that since spin's powers are so vague, asspully, and pseudoscientific to begin with he could really do anything. So we get ball jobber, and then insta win with Act 4. There's no real buildup to it, spin just magically is able to counter valentine's ability, and johnny finds this new ability just in the nick of time. Unlike part 5's imperfect but logical progression act 4 is just araki throwing random shit at the page but making it tediously long.

>but I can say that no character in any part got a stand because they practiced hamon or spin with the one exception of joseph.

And Gyro.

So, NO, you can't say that "no character in any part got a stand because they practiced hamon or spin" when two characters have done that. "Exceptions" are a fail in logic. First you say you are sure, then there is two examples when that happens.

I do agree that Ball Breaker's power is a deus ex though. Wtf it makes people old because of gravity and rotational energies? But only if he throws the ball right? ok

>which is why he made "acquiring the arrow" the entire fucking plot of part 5
That's a ridiculous exaggeration.

Yes it is.

A few days ago some user was saying that those dues are funny's children. Considering how Scarlet was barren as fuck I doubt it.

Nigga thats like saying Koichi's Echoes upgrading to act 3 as character growth is bullshit.
The stand evoles only because of the users growth. During Johnny's troubles Gyro usually gives him a lesson to learn with sometimes end up evolving his stand. (See Civil war fight and In a Silent Way)

>Johnny's stand power up from act 1 to act 4 throughout the course of the entire story
>somehow less of an asspull as GER

steel ball run haters are not welcome


I want to hug /JoJo/


It does. If memory serves right he gets Act 4 only after he learns Gyro's final lesson, masters the golden ratio and is filled with determination to spin Valentine to death.

>funny's children
They're just government agents. Curly hairstyles like those are a status symbol of sorts in this series's America. We saw several of them in SBR too, such as the winter catfish dude.

Its just meant to be the manifestation of energy the ball picks up as the damage it causes damage across dimensions, or something like that.

Its not brought up again. And it makes no sense in the first place. What, you thought it was good writing?


regardless, the insinuation that the entire plot of the last quarter of the part was made up solely because "whoops KC is too powerful lol" is absurd

>The stand evoles only because of the users growth
for Acts 1-3, sure, i'll give you that. Civil War was a notable character development stop for Johnny, and his behavior and personality are noticeably different after Civil War than before, which ties into how his philosophical outlook on life was what led to him developing Act 3 by shooting himself in the head in the first place. Act 4 is not that. Act 4 is "what if i use my stand, but on a horse!" and Johnny is no different after Act 4 than before. if you want to point to actual character growth for Johnny, let's talk about how he reconciles his troubled childhood and damaged relationship with his father, and that results in no change to his stand whatsoever

There are people that think that Karera is hot

Come on, even the /trash/ jojofags like SBR.
Myself included.

New op this week?

This makes no sense.

A fucking master of the spin who has a family that practices it for generations does not learn the 'Super Spin' that's able to kill Valentine, but some horse jockey is able to do it in a few months.

its not brought up again because funny died? Thats the power of the corpse buddy.

No, there are going to use Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town EDM Version until episode 39

Mu 「BONER」 proves that she is.

Names of them all? Or at least the last 10?

I've seen one exceptionally good Karera by a western cosplayer who looked just like her and even got the hair curls right. I really wish I didn't forget to save it.

The Super Spin on the horse was a sort of myth in the Zeppeli family taken from Gladiators who rode Horses in Medieval times. Gyro and Johnny were the first to try it in modern day.

Nigga I liked SBR, hell I liked the early fights no one remembers like boku no rhythm and tomb of the boom, Civil War, mandom, and 11 nameless men are all in my top 10 fights and stands from the series, d4c is one of my favorite major villain stands and the characters are all great.

So when I rank it as one of my least favorite parts purely because of the ending, that should say something.

Do you prefer the spelling Kars, Cars or Kaazu?

Why not read the manga and find out?

Do you remember how much of a Hamon Chosen One the original Jonathan was? Will spend his entire life knowing he was gonna die, spent a couple days training Jon, then jobbed to Tarkus

JoJos have a habit of being instant experts at shit

Why I believe people like it more:
>Gyro legit implies an alternative method to obtaining a full movement with the Golden Rotation through Lesson 5, and Johnny realizes this after his death
>Tusk legitimately is evolving with Johnny's mastery of the Spin and his growth, so it's a little more expected (not justifying it, but it doesn't feel so out of left field)
>Valentine doesn't immediately get rekt and there's still a final, emotionally-charged showdown instead of "fuck you King Crimson have infinite deaths"
>The ability is genuinely cool (infinite spinning), and ends with the series' trademark Stand Rush (which didn't exist throughout the entire part), instead of just the power of Nope
>they're both asspulls but one is in the guise of utilizing a new form of an existing technique, instead of pricking yourself with a plot artifact

I thought GER was pretty great, for the record.

Gyro masters it and gets Ball Breaker. And almost gets him with it. Johnny not only knew the spin, but also had a stand on top of it. For all we know, Johnny could be less versed in the spin than Gyro, but he already had a stand to rely on, whereas Gyro only got his in his last moments.

Lisa Lisa
Suzy Q
Annasui F
Miu Miu
Hot Pants

Don't forget about Aya.

Despite calling Stands by their original names like Crazy Diamond and Gold Experience, I kind of prefer the names Wamuu, Esidisi and Kars

Something about it feels more exotic about those names. I prefer Santana though

The ?? ones are Shinobu, Pearla, and Sugar Mountain.

First ?? is kira's wife

Besides that I knew all others and the ones I didn't you also didn't know so yeah


Same. They have a nice sound to them and fit well the characters.

ah thx user

>Kars or Cars

what's the difference

I did. Didn't recognize. Some are minor. Someone already answered too so fuck off

They are the exact same names, just romanized

3D Karera is shit, 2D Karera is perfection.

Kars, Wamuu, and Esidisi simply because they sound like actual names.

They are, but the change in letters from something super English-sounding like Wham or ACDC comes off as easier to take seriously

Kars a little less-so

>Someone already answered too so fuck off
The funny thing here is that is me too.

Kars is exactly the same.
Wham to Whamuu and ACDC to Esidisi have noticeable different sounds.

These lists are always kind of shitty but reminding me of Pucci's spiel about destiny makes me sad.

>Pucci wanted a world where everyone knew what was going to happen because he hadn't expected his sister to die and still can't come to terms with it

Araki himself actually already intentionally wrote their names differently from the way the band names are written in Japanese so it makes sense the English ones wouldn't match either, especially for those two.

That makes sense.

COuld all the trouble of Heaven be avoided if Pucci told Weather he was his brother earlier and DIDNT pay the KKK?

Its not sad, its frightening.

Pucci doesn't blame anything that happens to his brother or sister on himself, and just blames fate instead. His vision of heaven is to give people power over fate by seeing it directly, but all this would do is just have everybody in the world unable to come to terms with it since it wouldn't change anyway. It'd be hell.

If dio wanted to stand above fate, kira thought fate favoured him, and diavolo wanted to control fate, then pucci wanted to fight it directly, and fucked over literally everybody in the process.

>sounds like an actual name
u wot

You must find it!

>he hadn't expected his sister to die and still can't come to terms with it
this doesn't justify the desire to change the fundamental nature of living for every single person on the planet

>He hasnt met he boy who was named after a Car itself
C'mon now.

>Ticket To Ride's "moving the earth"
The assembled Holy Corpse removes bad luck from an area by flinging it somewhere else, and the dimensional gap that Lucy formed (Love Train) is a more physical version of the Corpse's ability. It's warping the land because the gap is contorting space and gravitating all the "bad luck" towards Lucy (which is also why Hot Pants got killed by the window frame as she was close to Lucy)

The Stand itself is simply the physical representation of Gyro's mastery in the Spin. He threw with a perfect rotation which broke the barrier, Ball Breaker is just a cool visualization for what he was already going to do. The perfect spin basically causes your very cells to spin so they start deteriorating, thus aging.

I thought these were kind of obvious but hey.

As opposed to Cars or ACDC, I mean.

Would SBR ending be better if:

>no alt Diego
>Johnny isn't suddenly able to walk again
>Final battle with Valentine ties into the SBR race
>Johnny wins the SBR race

If you don't immediatelly associate it with an automobile, it kinda does.

>several chapters about the arrow being the only way to defeat Diavolo
>Giorno gets the arrow

SBRfags are pathetic.

Jobin isn't the main villain it would be too obvious.

Honestly, both of them are asspulls. The difference is ACT 4 was cooler and the entire fight was very climactic to begin with. That's about it.

Alt Diego was just there for fanservice anyways, but nobody gives a fuck about the race, Johnny only wanted to walk again

Honestly that sounds empty as fuck and misses the point of the story

Yes, but this is true of most of the endings, but part 5 always gets dumpstered on because it's the hip meme to dislike anything part 5.

>Kars sounds like an actual name as opposed to Cars
perhaps "sounds" isn't the word you mean?

>a couple chapters thrown in near the end
>equivalent to Johnny's power and character growing for the whole 6 years of steel ball run

I thought the hip meme around her was that you cant shit on part 5 for MUH TANSLATIONS and anyone who says part 2 is the best is a filhty memer?

I'm pretty sure the main villain is Norisuke, I'm just waiting excitedly on how Araki will reveal and explain it.

wait what the flying fuck Steel Ball Run was a 6 year race?! Where are the timeskips?

Finding his situation sad doesn't always have to be someone trying to justify his actions.

No, the popular meme is hate on parts 5, 3, and 6, and jerk off to parts 4 and 7.

The race was only three months, retard

I love how you fags all pretend like the speech Valentine gives and the whole shit with him almost tricking Johnny to save him doesn't exist, and part 7 is completely ruined from the act 4 asspull.

At least it's not anticlimactic like GER, since GER was literally "fuck you I win", since there was tension from other things happening too.

>a couple chapters thrown in near the end
we might as well end this stupid conversation if these are the type of reductive arguments you're going to make

I think he meant the publishing of SBR itself. the race itself took a couple of months didnt it?

nobody in this thread is saying SBR is bad, people are saying "SBR suffers from the same issues that people give other parts shit for, but people like SBR in spite of those flaws, so they should stop shitting on other parts using those same flaws as justification"

part 4 was never good, it only appealed to the shounenfags who grew up to and became addicted to shounen anime set in high school

SBR ending would have been fine with
>no HP/diego fight
>the concept of act 4 was brought up much earlier
>ball breaker didn't hop out of gyro's ass last minute and he either doesn't get it or gets it much early on, like after mandom
>valentine fight takes place AFTER race is over, so we can tie up the johnny and diego rivalry
>hot pants and diego get satisfying ends to their character arcs

I understand why both of those things were brought up. I'm saying it's bad writing how they were utilized.

Bites the Dust, for instance, comes out of nowhere, but it doesn't feel like a dumb asspull like ball breaker and isn't stupid like ticket to ride since it ties into the whole 'fate protects kira' thing and makes sense thematically with kira's character. Plus the btd arc was done very well and didn't drag on forever

>At least it's not anticlimactic like GER, since GER was literally "fuck you I win", since there was tension from other things happening too.
i found GER perfectly climactic, but i read the final quarter of VA over the course of like a month, so i found the building towards the climax to be really engaging. i guess i can see how it would be anticlimactic if you read the whole climax in like an hour though, like how people who are just catching up to JJL think that damo is overrated

>ball breaker didn't hop out of gyro's ass last minute and he either doesn't get it or gets it much early on, like after mandom
my dude. if Gyro didn't get BallBreaker, he'd just go "this is my super super duper spin ball move" and do the same thing. at least BallBreaker looks cool

>misses the point of the story
>point of the story

Araki gave no fuck about the ending of SBR he later died of a cold

>Araki gave no fuck about the ending of SBR he later died of a cold
ah the ol' HURR DURR I'M A DAFT FOOL routine, classic funposting

>Pocoloco won the race
>By having the most optimism in himself

is "stardust man" the worst forced SC meme?

We have no non-forced memes here.

I'd almost be fine with that, because it was established the only way to get a stand was through jesus or some other power, except for that one panel that says you can use spin (like, why didn't get wekapipo get a stand?)

The only purpose of gyro's final attack was because gyro had to do something against valentine because it was obvious he would die and let johnny win. It was dumb back in part 1, it was dumb in part 2, it didn't need to be replicated in 7, which is a hundred times better than those parts combined

Ultimate lifeform Jonathon would be so fucking cool to see

Nigga i just use it to organized my Folder of every Jotaro image. He also has a song in OST called "Stardust man" so take it as you will.

that just sounds like an issue with the "mentor dies and student succeeds" trope moreso than with part 7 itself though?

what are you talking about, "KIRA LOOKS LIKE SEINFELD LOL" isn't forced at all

>what are you talking about, "KIRA LOOKS LIKE SEINFELD LOL" isn't forced at all
Is that an actual meme? I made the original image for fun and I haven't seen it aroudn since.


it's dead now that kosaku kira is on the jojo website instead of yoshikage kira thankfully

I guess. I don't know why araki decided to use the trope again in part 7 after he had written much better endings in the previous parts, it's just a very predictable and uninteresting way for the MC to get his final powerup. I'll even take the 'ancient artifact of power' trope in 5 over it.


Who the hell is that? I havent seen her before...

did it really get that bad

Best girl

You sure? I feel like i wouldve remember her if she was the best...

>Johnny is mastering his stand/spinning technique for the whole fucking arc
>herp derp why he suddenly gets his act 4 at final bossfight so asspull

>entire arc about the arrow
>「DIO」's son has gay shitstand that doesn't even control time
>all this obscure ayylmay requiem madness
>hurr durr GER is so asspull ruined the moment

Post underrated heroes

You've come under the effect of her stand

desu some of the Stone ocean girls look pretty damn fine. Gwess,FF, Miu Miu is aight (Its the clothes and that insane hairstyle that a putoff)

it literally wasn't his fault tho. It was "caused" by him but it's not his fault. there's a difference.

What the fuck is Araki's problem? Why aren't they all JoJo like I was told?


Fuck Kirafags, Shigechi deserved a much better life.


by that logic jotaro is JoKu

Damm, I forgot how really fucking shitty Shigechi looked in the manga. The anime at least made him look normal barring the spiky head

Actually by that logic Jotaro is JoCu too. They've got the same surname.

Act 4 is fine but alt diego is a total asspull

>oh fuck this hole keeps sucking me
>hey 「DIO」 I never liked you and killed you three chapters ago but go ザーワアルド & fuck up Johnny for me plz

Where am I? What thread is this? Hey, something is written on my arm...
>Jolyne is the best girl
>FF is second best girl
>Miu Miu belongs in the trash

fuck anybody who says the jojo threads dont actually discuss the series

I've been having fun debating about GER and Tusk Act 4

No baitanon, it's

>GioGio (pronounced JoJo)

They're all JoJo.


>Little miss daddy issues

FF is good though

You're a moron. They're both 空条.

I agree. Despite the shitflinging the discussion was pretty good.

Too bad we've gone back to this shit again

How is part 8 Jojo?

KuJO JOtaro is JoJo. JOlyne CUjoh is not.

We have our ups and downs.

You're literally making shit up. Josuke Higashikata only has one "Jo" in it.

When I read part 4 I interpreted Shigeki as a fat sniveling retard and I didn't feel bad for him when he made his exit.

Putting a voice to the face humanized him a lot. He was just a snotty kid who had this cool power and wanted to have friends. His death in that episode left me fucking gutted.

Jolyne is Kujo too. Cujoh is just a result of Araki not giving a shit about consistent romanizations, just like how Joseph is also Josef, Bruno is also Blono, Jyosefumi is also Josephmi, and the list goes on.

Do either of them beat "SAMU STANDO"?

Josuke's full name is Jojo Toho

Sorry, you've been lied to

The kanji used for the "suke" can also be read as "jo". It's this way for both hair Josuke and hat Josuke

It's wordplay based on spelling of Jousuke's first name. It gets lost in translation in English. But Jousuke does in fact abbreviate to Jojo.

It's literally written exactly like that in the manga. You're saying you know better than Araki?


"suke" can be read as "jo", and even then, he's Joseph's son.

Technically, Josuke Hiagshikata could be Jojo Joestar.

>It's literally written exactly like that in the manga.
You're reading a fan translation. They're both 空条.

>Jojojo's Bizarre Adventure

Truly Araki is the greatest writer our generation

>3 times the jojo


I'm fine with Jotaro being able to stop time, I thought that was pretty cool. But Dio being done in by that one kick was fucking retarded. The World is supposed to be stronger than Star Platinum, and Dio was also powered up by Joestar blood. I was in such utter disbelief by that end to the fight that I seriously thought Dio was going to come back somehow in the ambulance because I could not believe that Araki would kill him off in such a lame way


I respect your opinion [/spoler]

So wait, just finished part 5.

Is there any character from any work of fiction that could legitimately beat GER? If it can move outside the boundaries of time and space, activate even after the user and itself dies or gets destroyed, and can negate anything it wishes, then what could conceivably beat it?


I respect your opinion

The World Over Heaven.

That's just a single shot and there is another in one of the artbooks that calls her a Kujo. See once more what I said about Joseph and Josef.

Canonically no. It might even be the reason Araki decided to reboot after Part 6 because then he would have to ignore Giorno's OPness completely

Even Tusk Act 4 has nothing on GER

So which stand users could actually survive the Hell Climb Pillar?

How did you come to that conclusion?


I am pretty sure Jolyne calls herself ''Cujoh'' because she despises Jotaro.

I don't even get how TWOH works.

It's powers are just that it can manipulating time and space through its hands. What does that even mean? Why doesn't he just erase people from history when he punches them? Did the writers of EoH also forget that GER could negate the fact that Heaven Dio blocks or attacks, or that GER by being able to move in the deleted time effectively means it's above time and space entirely?

But in Eyes of Heaven she's called Jolyne Cujoh as well, while Jotaro is still a Kujo.

I wouldn't take game translations seriously. They're rather bad.

Jolyne is murrican while Jotaro is a nip. Maybe Jotaro is just shitty at english and wrote his surname wrong on Jolyne birth certificate.

I always thought it was just a feminine connotation of "Kujo". I don't think male/female connotations of spelling work on surnames though.

That scene in EoH existed solely to prevent Giorno from ending the story then and there. In reality they should've gone Jotaro, Johnny, Giorno instead of reverse to show how powerful Over Heaven truly was

It's a fanservice game and not even canon anyways. The ending shows all the dead characters in the final battle as a final, happy end for all the characters after all they've suffered

I think the Araki logic is just that "Cujoh" is a more American romanization of "Kujo", so that's what Jolyne and her mother use.

All these little signs that have been flashed in the story.

Like that room under the earthquake-damaged patio area which mysteriously has a pair of clothes just like Josuke's which is in the same underground area where Norisuke stores his fruits and other business supplies.


Is there going to be ghosts after part 4?

>DIO did that whole fucking insane Heaven plan to get TWOH
>Jotaro just up and gets it like nothing



Same Stand meme


jojo sucks ass

Limp Bizkit



Better than Screaming: The Anime.

Koichi what happened to all your hair?

Where is third Jo from?

Does Diavolo keep dying in the universe reset?

>tfw you want to make jojo fan theories but the plot makes no sense and facts about characters can change at random

someone please save Diavolo he was mentally ill and doesn't deserve that kind of pain

>Josuke Joestar
suke can be read as jo in japanese, so he will be Jojo Joestar aka Jojojo.

That just makes it easier really. Just pick a character and headcanon away

Like Lisa Lisa regularly eats shota dicks to help accentuate her hamon capabilities

But he is Higashikata.

>he's Joseph's son.
>Technically, Josuke Hiagshikata could be Jojo Joestar
Can you even read user?

But he isn't Joestar.

>Part 8 ends with Josuke living with Holly as Josuke Joestar

Not really, no. I actually take it seriously, which means I gather evidence before making a claim.

No evidence, no theory. and since any evidence in jojo can disappear in the blink of an eye I can't work on this. One piece is much easier but the fandom is so goddamn stupid half of them still think a minor character who got stabbed multiple times directly in the heart (not the chest, the heart) is still alive

Re-reading Gyro's death in color hurts.



>could be
So, you really can't read

He can't be Joestar, he is fucking bastard.


Does act 3 only freeze things? thats a bit shit compared to act 2, no? Can he pull out act 2 instead of 3?

yes he can pull out act 1, 2, or 3 depending on the situation

What was the point of Kak?

Nah, the dumbest thing araki ever did was introduce alt diego with za warudo

"the best stand" always gets defeated apparently


Why the fuck wouldn't you just pull out act 2 and slap 'heavy' on them? or 'gravity x 100' on them?

you know it pal

memes and to set up the "badass who dies/is a memester" standard

Do Diavolo and Doppio flirt over the phone?

The decisions comes down to whether Joseph wants to give Josuke his last name

echoes is one of those super overpowered stands that could probably defeat every villain in the part if he knew how to use it.

>puts a bunch of kanji on josuke or jotaro or even himself that make him essentially invulnerable
>puts kanji on okuyasu to make the hand faster
>could probably use sounds to trick or disorient ratt
>could freeze enigma boy
>could put kanji for 'off' on cheap trick to force him off
or he could abuse the fact that three freeze literally comes about because it rhymes with three. just think, he could have three breeze, three cease, three seas, three trees, whatever

Because ko-1 is dumb and has no dignity.


>funny valentine will never give you a funny valentine

for as much as I like diavolo, I really hate that doppio turns into him fujo bait

I mean, the only reason I like doppio because the contrast between his ditziness and when diavolo comes out like with the fortune teller or the cab driver is great

Yummy in Funny's Tummy

Delete this

>No porn of doppio and diavolo having phone sex with doppio jerking himself off and diavolo calling him a slut

kill yourself


And he not want it. shhhh

He could also set someone as a positive magnetic pole, and set stuff as negative poles, to make a possibly broken ability.

Why not? Josuke proved himself to be worthy of the name

Better question

Which Stand isn't incredibly broken?

if koichi got instantly fucked by kira, I doubt he would be able to pull off half the shit you guys are saying.

remember act 2 does need to be somewhat stealthy to pull off its epic kanji ruses, something koichi only successfully did against yukako because she was seething and couldn't focus

several...? what do you mean?

Suzi Q

> Araki is gonna end JoJo on part 8.

how come every time araki draws a child i'm creeped out

Idk it seems like past part 6, every time he needs to draw a little kid it looks really uncanny valley. Tsurugi looks okay in some shots (especially the close-ups) but all the far shots he looks real jarring compared to the others.

Sex Pistols.
Sure, it is useful as hell, but in the end it is pretty balance.

>tfw Tsurugi goes on to help the part 9 protagonist
>part 9 protagonist is some sort of descendant from part 8's main villain
>goes back to the travel around the world to find the main villain formula from part 3 and part 5
>Overpowered stands everywhere

Crazy Diamond because is unbreakable

is rps kid the strongest stand user in the series?

>just by absorbing even a little bit of heaven's door, he can undo its effect on him
>if he absorbs a little bit of tusk act 4, he can use super spin on himself
>if he absorbs some of GER, he can undo GER's negation
>if he absorbs some of The World, he can move in the stopped time
>if he absorbs some of King Crimson, he can override Diavolo's deletion and predict beyond it
>if he absorbs Made in Heaven, he can survive his soul getting replaced in the new universe and he himself can become joint god of the new world along with pucci
>if he absorbs TWOH, he can use SAMU STANDO to negate whatever TWOH negates
>if he absorbs D4C, he can travel to several more universes without ever worrying about turning into sponges or getting fucked over by valentines and absorb even more stands
>if he absorbs Silver Chariot Requiem, he can be safe from the biological manipulation and spirit swap and proceed to get an upgrade to Boy II Man
not to mention he can absorb all of these stands, plus an infinite number of them if he absorbs even a little bit of D4C. All it requires is literally just winning one game of rock paper scissors and he's pretty good at the game to begin with and only loses because rohan is a cheating asshurt faggot.

Pocoloco would always beat him though
Pocoloco strongest

Too bad he'd just get PUNCHED in the face regardless of his stand's ability !

> Tsurugi ends up as a super buff dude, and calls out the protagonist on his faggotry.

>art slowly shifts back to ultra-buff part 3 style

no because literally every villain would have killed him after the first game, he is just a little kid after all. Also Silver chariot requiem doesn't have an user so he can't get any part of it by any means.

true, but cheating's not out of the question. if he manages to successfully cheat and win even one game against poco and get even a little bit of Hey Ya, he'd be stronger than Saitama, TOAA, the entire kami tenchi universe, the entire dbz universe, and every other massive power levelling faggot combined

Last night I was thinking about something...
Human flesh, you know...
If eaten, would it be tasty? Or would it insipid?

he could always just play SCR in rock paper scissors. I'm sure requiem would probably be pretty bored floating on a meteor for some million number of years

and if he absorbs a bit of their stands, he can use the third against them to prevent his own death.



automatic stands are simple, they do what thay are supposed to do, Requiem will never play any game with anyone, it never get bored of its task. When RPS kid can get almost every stand he can't get any of Requiem by any means.


if rps kid beat the person who drew this in rock paper scissors, would he suck out a third of the faggotry?


He was the voice o reason in the group after Avdol got nerfed

Explain me please "Gappy makes me happy" meme please.

>explaining a meme
I can be happy with Gappy

>it never got bored
you don't know that, dude. requiem may be some alien eldritch god thing, but it probably has feelings of its own. what if instead of wanting to turn everything on earth into some freakish mutation it really just wanted to play rock paper scissors?

it was looking for a master anyway, and if ken beat it in RPS he'd suck it in anyway

Fuck off testa di cazzo

Who has best ass, Johnny or Jolyne?

RPS kid played RPS with this board and sucked out a third of its actually good memes, so all we have left is 'gap is hap'.


Why? Someone already explained me fitting in meme, now i want this.

Better than FF and Guess, worse than Hermes IMO

Few more days to go

Will Vento Aureo's anime adaptation surpass the manga?

Inconceivable, Inconceivable, Inconceivable, Inconceivable!

> it's going to be cut


>gangstar dance animated
>the whole kraftwerk, black sabbath, white album, grateful dead, first KC, notorious BIG, metallica, and green day fights animated
>diavolo's reveal will be done a billion times better
>seeing the whole cast in color consistently with good translations
>seeing moments like giorno's "path of light" speech or buccellati's death animated
it will be god tier, and I guarantee most people on this board will like part 5 after it.

too bad RPS kid played RPS with the koreans and now the budget for the episode is 2/3rds of the original

I'm being memed?

I am member of Higashikata family, ask your replies.

I am member of Yoshikage family, ask your replies.

If RPS kid plays rock paper scissors with all members of your family and wins, what happens?

>these people can draw but i cant


Everyone can draw, you just have to dedicate your free time over a year to get decent at it.


Need a larger/updated version

>it doesn't account for their personality, coolness, power, etc., only their goal.

Then why did you even attempt to fix it ? You managed to make it somehow even worse by cherrypicking arbitrary quotes to try and prove the points made. If anything, you further proved how terrible it is.
Here, let me do it. Look at this terrible list I just made and try to prove my list is wrong and yours isn't.

Reading through VA right now and I agree. Things about this Part would be handled better animated, given a proper tweaking in the translation or rewritten completely to make more sense

The anime adaptions have been nothing but great so far


>over a year
see there's the problem
i dont care enough


Shes NEAR to being blind.


This is actually correct

it's a deep breathing exercise video you don't need eyes to listen to the guy's narrations. I have yet to hear a deep breathing video with no narrating audio. Enough with this user


white album, sticky fingers, purple haze reverb( I heard it launched Fuego into orbit or some shit), nut king call, stone free, soft and wet and all of pucci's stands just off the top of my head.

But you might actually be good at it, you never know unless you try, user!
Don't you want to be a rich immortal God of art like Araki-senpai?

>no trish
>no doppio
>no diavolo
>no updated polnareff
>no sale or zucchero
for what purpose


.... yes

Is araki actually rich? i got the impression that all mangakas were paid like shit and were subjected to slave labor


All users with humanoid Stands since Stands can't be affected by the oil (only Stands can attack Stands).



[Made in Happy]

Gappy is my pappy.

oil is a lipid, it doesn't 'freeze' in a conventional way

sticky fingers just makes zippers, it can't move through oil

fugo did not use purple haze, he used some weird stand that makes your thoughts reality

nut king call wouldn't work

soft and wet couldn't do shit, neither could pucci's stands unless he somehow flipped gravity upside down

Even if the oil wasn't there there is no abberation or crack in the pillar (besides the one that triggers the super-fast jet of oil) for most stands to climb on

Can we get a sequel image where we can see the effects of more tit fat on her?



What change(s), big or small, would you make to JoJo?

>Jonathan survives the ship, trains with Joseph, and is killed by Kars
>Avdol stays dead and Hol Horse joins the team, sacrifices himself to save Polnareff
>PHF becomes officially canon, and is stuck onto the end of Part 5

Gosh the style change was so stark

He could have at least waited to finish sbr and start JJL with the new form

There's nothing stopping Stands like Star Platinum, Crazy Diamond, Spice Girl, whatever from just making cracks on the wall by punching it. It's not like their hands would even get hurt because, again, they can only be hurt by other Stands.
If Dio and Joseph could punch/kick cracks in wallls there's no reason why the Stands can't.

You'll have to ask natsumemetalsonic for that one. Or commission another artist

He didn't cherry pick quotes, you did. The quote he picked were spot on for each villain's goal.

If Jonathan survived, he couldn't have helped Dio become DIO for Stardust Crusaders, which meant the Joestars would've have gotten Stands

As sad as Jon's death is, it's the catalyst for the entire series


He's drawn shit for Gucci and the Louvre, my man. He's fucking loaded and is highly respected. He just lives humbly and saves his cash for traveling and supporting his family because that's the kind of guy he is.

Mangakas are paid poorly if they're just assistants or have unpopular series, but otherwise they're paid per release and how much they get paid depends on how badly the magazine wants the series to bolster their sales (it's all negotiable). Plus with anime adaptations, video games and shit-tons of merch, Araki gets royalties from all of it.


>Its a how happy can gappy get chapter

I disagree. The reason I dislike the anime is because I feel Araki's jokes are much better delivered in a panel to panel format. He constantly praises and says he's hankful for "black-and-white manga", in his own words, and I feel he's fully aware of the medium he's working with. The gansgter dance works the way it is because it's short and unexpected, you have four panels for it, and each panel adds someone else dancing and changes the current dance pose. Seeing they simply get up and dance is just not as funny.
I will enjoy some action scenes because I'm always curious about what sounds effects they'll add though.

either way the only reason id want to draw is porn so i dont really feel that that's a worthwhile hobby
besides im a pretty good writer so i can just do that if need be

And so were mine. How are his quotes any better than mine ?
Do you not see the point I'm trying to make here in that both lists are trash because this method of gauging villains is completely wrong ?

Heavy Weather!

Porn can make money too m8, have you seen the kind of cash idiots throw at Patreon for monthly porn?

nah, I disagree. JJBA doesn't have as many jokes as one would think and the ones it does have in VA can be well adapted to anime.

the reason the gangstar dance is funny is because mista is almost done torturing zucccero by frying his eyeballs and then fugo, narancia, and mista just start dancing this retarded dance for no reason.

or the giorno and mista blowjob scene, that can also be easily adapted, or most of the talking heads fight.

This Gappy makes me extremely Unhappy.

actually Magakas get paid like shit by the magazines, but if your work is popular you can get a shit-ton of money from selling the rights for anime/movies/games and merchandise.


>People spend $1000 of dollars for sparkedog OC's with glowing cocks getting fucked wit han extremely shitty background

It depends on how they handle the pacing. Some jokes might miss, but the dance could still work if they give some more time between each member joining in. Not overplayed, but just long enough to see Narancia getting the others to join in on the fun after some visual convincing

They are different mediums, the series might never have been as good had Araki directed the anime himself. The point is faithful adaptions but still entertaining enough so it doesn't fall flat

just read part 5 ending.

is there any villain in any series ever that got a worse fate than diavolo? holy shit is that brutal

id like to be able to talk to people about my job



is there any JoJo creepypasta?

What, you think "I sell porn to morons" wouldn't be a nice icebreaker?


A pP
Ha P

We /gap/ now?

Did you say Jesus?

we're doc now

sticky fingers to make openings in the pillar with zippers, judging from how he escaped from the trolly, he can hold onto the edges of the zipper just fine, nut king would dismantle the pillar or parts of it, it could even get your hands stuck to the pillar, soft and wet just has to take the right quality from the pillar.

as you said, pucci will distort gravity, things that got near him where turned inside out


That's because Diavolo will at some point or another experience every villain's fate from every series ever, and eventually experience those over and over again.

The fact that he's mentally unstable to begin with makes it worse.

post gappy

Part 3
>Justice and Strength happen exactly the way they happened in the OVA (Steely Dan doesn't get to kill Enya as a result)
>the fights are divided more evenly between the 5 Crusaders (not counting Iggy)
>Kakyoin has a fight in the hospital and he gets out before the Daniel D'Arby fight happens
>Kakyoin is the one to defeat Terence D'Arby. Jotaro is the one who goes first and gets turned into a doll because Kakyoin hides the fact that he can play videogames until after Jotaro has been turned into a doll so he could observe D'Arby and figure out a cheat with Joseph
>we get some additional scenes of Shadow DIO going after followers or exploring the new world



The problem is they should adapt the jokes to work better in an animated format. Something like the guy being tortured seeing Naracia dancing, then we cut to him shocked, then we cut back to Narancia and they're all dancing now (or something else I'm sure they could think of something much better).
But David is too faithful. It'll just be "the manga but digitally animated" and it won't be as funny because it worked in manga, but not on tv. Like the Polnareff/Kakyoin handshake that went on for too long.
Giorno and Mista blowjob is something that can work well animated, because what's funny about it is the concept of what's happening and not the execution (like you feel about the dance, although I feel the opposite and think the execution's what made it funny. I guess it just comes down to personal taste in humor).

>all that cal fulfill me


I need this

I like large fries


Gyro DID master the Spin, and he got a different type of Infinite Rotation in Ball Breaker.
The reason Gyro's Perfect Spin wasn't as good as Johnny's is because the Steel Ball had a piece that got chipped off, making it just short of perfect.



All will kneel before the dark lord Gappy.

"I'm an artist. Here's my portfolio - that first one there is an obese black woman getting rammed by dog dick."



>part 3 cuts a few fights, divides up more fights (gives stuff like yellow temperance to kakyoin, gives stuff like high priestess to avdol, give d'arby brothers to joseph, iggy is more sympathetic instead of becoming a real badass after pet shop
>part 4 also divides up fights more, kira kills koichi, okuyasu actually wins a few fights, maybe like enigma boy
>part 5 has more emphasis on giorno and makes him keep the smug asshole personality throughout the part, diavolo is introduced early on and KC's power is hinted at, diavolo gets KC Requiem at the end and Giorno outsmarts him and THEN gets GER
>part 6 I would just make dragon's dream and yo-yo ma shorter, possibly make giorno and josuke appear somehow in the finale, make it so the last thing pucci sees is the ghost of his brother
>part 7 would probably give some of the other racers stands, make pocoloco relevant, make sandman more relevant, not introduce ball breaker and have the original diego fight johnny at the end
>part 8 would fucking establish joubin is the main villain to shut the kaato memers up

Went on too long? I thought that was the joke. They obviously didn't give a flying fuck about the situation and were having a broment and Joseph brings them back down to reality

I can see how that kind of scene is extremely different in the manga, but it landed quite well with me

I'd change several things in Part 2
>more screentime for the Pillar Men and more even amounts of screentime for all three of them
>more interactions between Joseph and Caesar
>not having Joseph handle every single fight

In particular the ACDC fight
>Messina and Loggins do not exist, period. Lisa Lisa is the only one who trains Joseph and Caesar on the brief montage
>instead of fighting Messina, Caesar instead fights Lisa Lisa, and throughout the fight it's clear she has complete control but is still having difficulties, and Caesar ends up passing the test
>Joseph fights ACDC but he starts to lose. Badly. ACDC is completely crushing him and figuring out every single plan he comes up with
>vampires start to invade the island as well
>Lisa Lisa leaves to handle the vampires and Caesar drops down to the spiked arena by doing a crude version of the magnetic leaf trick Zeppeli and Jonathan did
>Caesar and Joseph start to fight ACDC together
>they both win by the skin of their teeth and this is how we see their friendship actually amount to something
>the brain parts still happen but the brain attaches itself to Caesar's back instead


>Kira kills koichi
>Not cutting Yo-Yo ma entirely
>cutting out ball breaker
>making Jobin the villian
Well atleast you fixed part 3


Why does paisly park have lips. It makes me uncomfortable

and 5, since you didn't complain there either.

koichi did jack after SHA, yo-yo ma was funny at least for anasui's gags, ball breaker was dumb and pointless, and joubin is the villain

>That Karera and Kyo are pretty ugh
>Joshuu and Yasuho are not bad actually
>Josuke is pretty weird but I guess it works
>Jesus Christ that Chiyo...


Been a long day today. Happy to just post some narancia.

Anyone notice last few threads have been kind of good as far as discussion goes?


Yo-yo ma felt felt more like a time keeper for Pucci to arrive, so i guess it did its Job.
OKuyasu did jack shit after RHCP and is just around for gags and shit (not complaining about that tho) Koichi last relevance was Highway star and the final arc.
Jobin is most likely not the Villian but a key for setting the villian up.



Yeah let's post some more narancia to celebrate.

>Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe

Some of the dialogue made no fucking sense
Especially Gyro's Lessons

Already did. See one post before it.

I don't know what changed but I'm glad it did.

Part 6
>trim down severely on several worthless fights like Yo-Yo Ma
>divide the action more evenly between the characters
>not retire Hermes during the part where Foo dies and Pucci reveals himself
>have Donatello be taken out in a fight with Hermes
>have the person who drove the car that distracted Weather enough for Pucci to kill him just be a useless bystander turned into a snail
>keep the focus on Jolyne and Pucci but have some actual interaction and chemistry between the crew
>have minor scenes at the ending showing the Passione and the Morioh crews dealing with the end of the fucking world
>the Part 4 characters hubbled together in the center of the city as Josuke keeps trying to punch things and heal them but they keep falling apart and he desperately doesn't know what to do
>Giorno tries to reach for the arrow so he can attain Requiem but the arrow decays and turns to dust in his hands
>and, after everything happens, we see these same crews in very brief cameos as Irene's car passes by and we see these happier counterparts living happy lives and carrying their spirits.

yo-yo ma was also so anasui could get a fight under its belt before the final series of fights outside the prison, as DD got FF a fight before she died.

oku was relevant for small things and comedic relief after RHCP, but he really did deserve to fully win a fight, something koichi got to do. also, koichi didn't really do much in highway star and the final arc

I dunno, man, joubin has been pretty threatening since his introduction and speed king looks and feels like a main villain's stand, plus he's been built up more than any other villainous character. just not getting that vibe from kaato

>>have minor scenes at the ending showing the Passione and the Morioh crews dealing with the end of the fucking world
>>the Part 4 characters hubbled together in the center of the city as Josuke keeps trying to punch things and heal them but they keep falling apart and he desperately doesn't know what to do
>>Giorno tries to reach for the arrow so he can attain Requiem but the arrow decays and turns to dust in his hands
>>and, after everything happens, we see these same crews in very brief cameos as Irene's car passes by and we see these happier counterparts living happy lives and carrying their spirits.
Holy shit, I never knew how much I wanted this. This would've been incredible.

Jobins stand has alot of mystery too it but dont fall for Araki's ruse to make you think hes the final villian. Kaato has just been introduced and is already taking no shit from anybody.

Are there any jojofags here capable of coming up with stand powers as autistic and awesome as Araki

Joshuu makes ME happy

Part 2
>Joseph awakes his stand in the last moments of his fight with Kars and uses it instead of his chopped hand
Part 3
>Kakyoin doesn't get killed by DIO
>DIO actually try to use their old vampire powers, but Joseph ghost use the ripple on his blood to stop him
Part 4
>Rohan uses heaven's door on the ambulance to kill Kira
>Jolyne visits Morio
Part 5
>Fugo comes back for the last fight but get killed by Diavolo
Part 6
>Remove Snails

Stop asking, posting OC stands in the thread isn't generally accepted.
We've got a thread over on /tg/ to contain it.

I've decided for a while that my stand makes people disappointed with life the more they get to know me.
Because that's what actually happens. I must be a stand user.

Is This your stand, user?

My stand is [Oh Lonesome Me] but instead of just normal rope it's tied in a noose.

Hot Pants had a shitty death, but Diego's wasn't bad. I wish he coulda interacted with anyone else, though. He was a really fun character.

> Remove Snails
Rods too.

Sounds a lot like my stand 「 Melancholy Man」

Gappy makes me want to fappy.

Yall need a pickme up. Sad frogposters.

No no, that's the Moody Blues song I have on my playlist for Abbacchio, pick another name.

Is Gappy the most memtic JoJo?

SBR is my favorite part but I'll always think there should've been more interaction with the supporting cast. HP, Diego, Wekapipo, and Sandman were all cool characters, they deserved some more personal focus.

No that's Joshuu

>tfw you realize Moody Blues would be the perfect stand for a police officer/detective.
>tfw you can't go back

Cred Forums here. Stop messing with our stuff.

Abbacchio's gonna carry that weight.

Part 2
>Caesar joins Joseph in the fight with AC/DC and they defeat him together
Part 3
>Kakyoin is the one who defeats Terence D'arby
>Enya is defeated by iether Kaks doing a 20 meter radious emerald splash or how they did it in the OVA
>Change the order of fights in the first half so Handged Man comes after Wheel of Fortune,Empress and Death 13, and after Hanged Man go straigh into Justice
Part 5
>Fugo fights Ghaccio along with Girono and Mista
Part 7
>Stromheim and Oyecomova attack at the same time and Tim,Gyro and Johhny are trapped in the crossed fire


My stand is 「Must Not Fap」

Part 1: Honestly I think Part 1 is almost perfect the way it is considering what it's supposed to be. I'd just add more scenes of Zeppeli and Speedwagon interacting.
Like a scene that explains how Zeppeli came to know about Jonathan and lets the mystery of Zeppeli build up.

>Speedwagon goes to a tavern on Ogre Street, giving us exposition on how he brought JoJo to the hospital and he kept banging at the door until a certain nurse appeared before him with a cold look in her face, but, upon seeing JoJo, took him in really quickly and locked Speedwagon out
>Speedwagon enters the tavern and he sees only his companions Asian Guy and Tattoo drinking. He sees the bartender looking angry. We see a gentleman dressed in a white coat with a top hat fallen over his table, supposedly sleeping.
>Speedwagon asks the bartender what happened and he says the guy in the hat came in just a few hours ago and then he started drinking too much and throwing tons of money around and got into a fight with some guys, kicked their asses and now he's just sleeping "
>Speedwagon thinks it's weird but he doesn't press further. He starts talking with his friends about what happened. He talks about how Dio stabbed JoJo's father and then put on a mask and it pierced him in the head and suddenly became a inhuman demon.
>The moment he mentions the mask, we see the wine bottle that Zeppeli is holding break a bit under the pressure of his fingers, but no one notices
>Tattoo thinks Speedwagon is bullshitting him but Asian Guy is a bit more superstitious so he kinda believes him.
>Speedwagon, Tattoo and Asian Guy are leaving when the bartender goes to them and asks if they can help him remove the weird gentleman from his table. They look at Zeppeli's direction, and he's vanished. They walk out without paying too much attention.
>Then it cuts to Zeppeli in a distance, all covered in shadows and with the "MENACING" sound effects covering him. He says "The mask...we finally meet again..."

>Abbachio death scene in anime
> plays
>That part in the song where shit gets heavy, you know the part, when The partner says "You cant go back"
>"Leone Abbachio... is Dead"
>To be Continued

Kill yourself

What happened?

There is gap between us.

>Part 8 is deleted

>diego and hot pants job
This was perfect, Diego was previously the primary threat, seeing him go all-out against the main villain and fail helped hype the final fight even more. We also got to see Dirty Deeds pushed to its limits so that its inevitable power-up felt justified. (Similar to this: we got to see Kira go all-out halfway through Part 4, which meant his climax battle in which he got a cheap power-up was still satisfying.)

>jonny activates the 'super protagonist powerup' out of nowhere'
Foreshadowed by Gyro's lessons, giving it not just a plot-based reason to exist, but also a thematic, emotional resonance.

>everyone loves it, unlike GER
People dislike GER because it's seemingly unstoppable and the series ends on GER peaking in ability. What's beautiful about SBR is that it shows the protagonist 'unlock' the 'perfect' ability, and then that same protagonist is crushed utterly one battle later by an ability three arcs old.

Not till you stop messing with our stuff you dingus


Cred Forums here.
Stop fucking with my favourite franchise.

>Buccellati's mom is reveleaded as a Zepelli
The only thing I really want

What do you think Jesus Christ's stand looked like? What were it's abilities? Is this how he managed to turn water into wine?

Abbachio and Moody Blues were my favorites, honestly. I wish he didn't get killed so early.

Abbachio's death hit me really hard for some reason.
Even though he was a dick, he gave his best for the team.

>anyone who doesn't like Part 8 is baiting

Part 8 is the meme part for meme heads.

I personally feel like Kakyoin being the great nephew of Caesar could be super poetic. Mario had like 5 kids, didn't he?

>Abbachio death scene
>Melancholy Man is playing
>When it starts singing "And you'll remember what's been said, by all the good men this world's ever known." it shows Abbachio's body on the rocks.
>When it goes "Another man is what you'll see, who looks like you and looks like me, and yet somehow he will not feel the same. His life caught up in misery, he doesn't think like you and me, 'cause he can't see what you and I can see." it shows Diavolo's face on the rock.
>by the end of the song ("All the world astounds me and I think I understand.") it shows Abbacchio's shillouette on the sky
>"Leone Abacchio... Dead"

>part 7 would probably give some of the other racers stands, make pocoloco relevant, make sandman more relevant, not introduce ball breaker and have the original diego fight johnny at the end
>missing the point of pocoloco and diego
>hating ball breaker for some reason
ill give you sa(ou)ndman though

>can walk on water
>turn water to wine
>multiply fishes
>Longinus lance actually have the beetle arrow at its peak
>He can resurrect 3 days after his dead
>He can go to heaven

Sandman seems like he was dropped completely in terms of importance. Like, he introduced the entire arc.

Don't you mean Soundman?

Holy fuck ive never listen to Moody Blues but this fucking hurts.

Is AVE MARIA his sub-stand? Kinda like Sheer Heart Attack? I assume it's an automatic stand that activates upon the user's death, like Notorious B.I.G.

It's his requiem stand after he and his stand got stabbed by longinus lance.


「Pussy Riot」

Sounds hype and OP. Good, that's probably why the corpse parts are as powerful as they are... an after effect of his requiem stand.

They got more focus and story than the three characters in Stardust Crusaders who were around for 90% of the part so I'm pretty content. Sandman probably got it the worst, but I believe HP, Diego, and Wekapipo had enough time to shine.

Diego felt a little weird though, he shows up a bunch until Scary Monsters, vanishes, appears in Catch The Rainbow again, and then doesn't really interact with Johnny and Gyro at all up until D4C, which is his death. It upsets me that Johnny was never able to truly settle his score with Diego since Valentine killed him and then AU Diego was killed by Lucy of all people, and he died thinking he killed Johnny.

I got the point of pocoloco the minute I realized what his stand actually did. It pissed me off, cause I liked the character and kind of wanted him to join johnny and gyro for a while, even if that would make no sense.

>point of diego
I also got his 'point', I just wished he didn't job to Valentine because at that point we had already seen D4C's power, and we could get the real Diego versus Johnny in the finale.

>Ball Breaker
We had a discussion earlier on this, if you want to scroll up. I agree with the dude that says ball breaker is completely unnecessary and is just there for gyro to actually damage valentine but not actually kill him, so we could get the obligatory johnny maturation scene.

Part 8 spoilers sorta

But, am I the only one that thinks Kaato in no way is a villain? She mentioned how she had to kill the baby to protect her family. I assume that baby is the one Yasuho back before she is kidnapped by Tsurugi. The one that appears after Johnny's Death.

I would love to see that importance of that baby later, my guess is that he is the reason behind most of the weridness in part 8, and Kaato was just trying to save the city.

Kaato and Joubin are probably allies and not villains, and the real villain is yet to be revealed.

>there's a kid that was born before Jobin that died instead

Try us cunt


anyone seen arcadefag?

I really doubt joubin is an ally in any way. He just seems way too shady.

My guess is that there's some sort of massive power underneath Morioh born from the Corpse's power that'll fuck up the entire town and probably the world if the curse on the Higashikatas isn't fulfilled with more sacrifices from the Higashikatas, and Kato by sacrificing some random kid angered it, making it responsible for the weird occurences. Rock humans and rokkaka are probably working against it, joubin is manipulating the higashikatas, the town, and the rock humans to either pacify it or to release it onto the world, most likely the latter

That kid was found in 1901, Kaato and Jobin are too young to be involved.