What an unsatisfactory ending

What an unsatisfactory ending.

>Expected Mikado to kill himself
>Expected Izaya or Shizuo to die


I can't wait for an anime adaption of SH. Btw, Mikado is the biggest faggot MC in a show ever.

He's pretty good after he embraces his inner sociopath.

>Expect people to die at all
>On a Narita work
>Hating on mootkado
You were doing a lot of things wrong. Like, there's a character in Baccano who literally had his throat sliced open and he's still alive and just fine in prison a few volumes later, and he wasn't even close to being relevant.

Convince me to pick up the first anime again. I dropped it after the Slasher killed those three skanks. I wasn't really feeling it. I was also watching SAO at the time and if that was any sign of an omen, then I don't want to see how far that perverted teacher is gonna go with Anri (unless he gets killed in the most ridiculous way too).

You have to be willing to invest yourself in the characters, because they all get fleshed out.
I didn't fucking understand it. He knew he was being played by Izaya, he didn't care. He was just fucking bored. And he shot Masaomi in the fucking leg for no real reason whatsoever.
Would you recommend Baccano? I really dug Durarara!!

For starters, Izaya wasn't actually actively manipulating him, he was just inciting the insanity that was always inside Mikoto (whose hints got toned down on the first season and made it seem like it came out of nowhere in the second season, pic related). But anyway, that's kind of the point, he was just real fucking bored. He came into the city looking for excitement that only something truly extraordinary could brnig out, got that with Celty and the color gangs, but as time passed he just started getting bored out of it and began to go deeper and do crazier things for the sake of his own entertainment while making excuses along the way. He shot Kida because Kida was threatening to drag him back to the boring normal life he tried to so hard to escape from.

And yes, I love DRRR, but Baccano is personally my favorite Narita work, even if the anime twisted things a bit harder than it should have from the LN.


I'm spending too much time in Raildex threads. I'm sorry.

I will say, when Mikado stabbed Aoba in the hand with that pen I thought it was his most bad ass moment.

Izaya fucked off of Ikebukuro, has his own spin off novels.
There's a sequel with three new kids, Mikado has cameos.

Yeah, but does Shizuo get the Varona? Also, was Izaya just gay for Shizuo?

The pervy teacher gets his ass handed to him by the reporter's daughter basically. She was pretending to be submissive to him or some shit because she knew it turned him on. He ran away with his tail behind his legs when he found out his saika had no control over hers.

I'm pretty sure that's what OP meant by SH...

Also Mikado's a Saika.
The last few episodes (specifically the scenes where Manami and Shinra talk about Izaya) of the anime pretty much spell it out for you why was Izaya doing all that shit.
Vorona got deported and Shizuo is now chilling and enjoying his life in a Izaya-free Ikebukuro while Aoba, Shijima and the Dragon Zombies are just starting to fuck shit up.

Durarara is the definition of a story where every side character or "side" character is more interesting and entertaining to watch than the main one(s).
Luckily, it's not that terrible and the good ones get a lot of screentime too, but the series would have been much better if the three school kids appeared much less on the screen or, perhaps, weren't even there at all.
Baccano handles the no-main-character plot structure much better. And it has Isaac and Miria.

I was waiting every fucking episode for the lesbian sisters and wannabe-Izaya storyline/relationship to go anywhere, and it never did. And the sisters themselves became irrelevant very quickly. Still fucking mad.

And the last OP is absolute fucking garbage.

Not a bad show overall, though.

More like gay for Shinra.

So I take it Anri cut Mikado as a declaration of love? And Aoba did say Izaya and him were cut from the same cloth so that doesn't surprise me. Is the Yakuza after Mikado since he used the gun?

I thought Mikado, Masaomi, and Anri's development was pretty good actually. There's some glaring flaws, such as the Izaya/Shizuo storyline, and Mikado's ultimate ambition, but still really great.

I miss her

We all do, user. We all do..

>I thought Mikado, Masaomi, and Anri's development was pretty good actually
I might have overstated things by saying "weren't there at all", but it could have been handled in much less time and would have been much better this way.

When you actually think about it it's more like Shinra was the mastermind and planted all that shit in Izaya's head back when they were in school.

Mikado got stabbed multiple times by a Saika at the end of the anime, user, come on.
The yakuza isn't after Mikado since they don't know he used the gun, they make a point of that in the anime near the end. They gave him a gun so he'd be stupid enough to use it and the yakuza could get rid of him with a proper reason, but Mikado shot them with the other gun he got from Shijima, so the yakuza is under the impression he never used that gun they gave him at all.

Shit you're right. I forgot about pervy teacher being a saika for a second there.

When will SH get an anime adaption dammit?

I miss these two much more.

And someone, please give me a continuation of the Ruri/Shizuo's brother relationship.

Don't count on it. And the first two volumes, especially the first one, are boring as hell so everyone would drop it before it gets good anyway.

Considering the sales of Durarara's second season, never. It's more hopeless than waiting for Baccano S2.

He really didn't do anything though. Izaya just went kinda crazy trying to figure him out.

When the flashbacks initially started, Izaya didn't seem as sinister as he inevitably became. Just a bit of a punk ass. It was because of Shinra's influence that made Izaya question shit. And Shinra definitely said some things Izaya ended up quoting himself.

That makes me sad ;_;

When Simon pretty much stated Izaya was transparent at the end of season 1 it was obvious to anyone Izaya just had a raging hard on for Shizuo.

Izaya spinoff novels are more likely to get an anime which I'm fine with. SH doesn't really look like it's going anywhere right now.

Can you read moon? I thought SH3 was considerably better than the first two and actually felt like DRRR, so when I'm finally excited for a new volume, the translator decides to take a long break before doing anything on SH4.

>SH doesn't look like it's going anywhere right now

You pretty much all of Durarara until each ending arc. DRRR!! is clearly the creators love-child and I don't doubt we'll get an anime adaption for SH. It's just a matter of when. It's really well thought out. I'm just wondering what Izaya ended up using his own gun for.

>Ruri/Shizuo's brother
They were really cute. I would both of them desu senpai.

BDs out yet? I heard TV broadcast had tons of quality.

Izaya isn't as much fun if he isn't raising hell in Ikebukuro. He's got to be the coolest, calculated villain I've ever had the pleasure to watch, and he has too many connections in Ikebukuro it would just be wasted potential to have him start off completely fresh elsewhere.

They've been out for a while now. All the OVAs are out too.

I remember people talking about S1 a ton, but after the halfway point it just dropped hard as fuck

DRRR!! is definitely underrated, it's great. Just an underwhelming ending. But that's because Narita just either doesn't know how to end it, or doesn't want to. He keeps making loose ends that have to be tied up in some continuity. The franchise is definitely a ride of sorts, and if you can invest yourself into it it's worth it.

>coolest, calculated
He was just starting shit and claiming he planned the results because for him every result was good, since he just loves humans so much.
I think it was Celty that said this at some point in SH.

I wish he'd just take a break from all that DRRR and Fate/strange fake and just go wrap up Baccano (one volume in the past 3 years) and Vamp (no volume at all in the past 6 years) already.

>And yes, I love DRRR, but Baccano is personally my favorite Narita work
Have you read Etsusa Bridge? If so, how was it?

"man it'd suck if Izaya got in the way of my pure love towards my corpse wife - oh, I know! I'll make him fall in love with this dumb giant lol that'll be a laugh"

what a memester!

Probably my least favorite. I enjoy the supernatural stuff on Narita's works a lot, so the complete lack of it was somewhat disappointing. Plus, it felt much more serious and "heavy" to me compared to his other stuff.
Some of the characters are great and there are still a bunch of amazing scenes thoroughout the series, and as per usual for Narita, every character is completely fucked up in the head in a way or another.
It's short and definitely enjoyable to some extent, so if you plan on reading it, go ahead.

He was jealous of Shizuo because in his mind, they were both monsters and he couldn't understand how Shizuo could make friends while he had none.

Well, Izaya loves humans, man. Shinra's master plan was to protect his corpse waifu, so he influenced Izaya's bias for humans, and considering Shizuo's inhuman characteristics despite being human, it's natural Izaya would become obsessed with that shit and gravitate towards Shizuo. So when you really think about it, to protect Celty, Shinra knew all along that Izaya and Shizuo were threats. So he decided to smoke them the fuck out through killing each other.

>tfw Shinra was the biggest sociopath in the show.

Theories aside, I thought that was obvious. Shinra is fucking crazy, probably the craziest in the entire series and the world is lucky that Celty is such a good person.

EVEN THOUGH, the anime seems to be in favor of Shinra genuinely seeing Izaya and Shizuo as friends, he was always looking out only for Celty.

He had Shinra. You could tell they both cared about one another genuinely at some point.

>implying you wouldn't have done the same in his position.

I hate this Japanese Chad.

Well the LN says too that he actually does value their friendship and he wishes they could hang out together like they did in high school. Of course their friendship doesn't amount to much when compared to his Celty.

How does a Dullahan suck dick without a head?

I would have considered trying to get both the Saika cake and the cute headless girl if I was in his position.

>needing a head when you have shadow tentacles
She could probably make a mouth out of that

I felt like Mikado could have done so much more. I wanted him to learn to fight with fists, not be a gun wielding pussy.

Oh my

I would buy the fuck out of a DRRR!! fighting or adventure game. Has that come out yet? Please tell me it has.

Ok, thanks.

No but you can play Celty, Shizuo and Izaya in DeSu. Also Shizuo in Dengeki Bunko FC!


One Piece general is over there m8

You're welcome.

Tf you talking about? Practically every honorable character in Durarara!! fights with their fists.