Rules, Regulations and Moderation for Cred Forums

Official New Rules (See & & & ):
1. Generals to be regulated.
2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
5. Auto sage + Manuel age
6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.
7. Removed post numbers.
Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.
Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one ongoing thread up about this. This means you Janitor!

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Welcome to the shitposting general - /spg/!
OP is a faggot edition

Last threads:

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>>>/random biased polls/

Thread pastebin: (read this before posting)


To the mods:
This thread is allowed, here's proof

- OP is still forcing this thread
- weebs

Check' em

>took a break from Cred Forums for five days
>come back and this is still going

What the fuck are the mods doing? What the fuck is going on?

8. check these dubs

Once this post hits 88 (You)s you're all gonna see some serious shit.

>Removed post numbers.
I could suggest you another website with that feature


Nothing. These threads will change nothing.

no fuck no no no no fucking no and no

Please allow frogposting again, it's unfair that every board gets to do it besides Cred Forums. The frog did nothing wrong.

okay then


This is the moderation staff's way to show Hiroyuki that they won't give a shit about his dumb orders.
They simply won't do their job, unless somebody posts something really egregious, like guro, or a story depicting the real-life murderrape abuse of that one girl in Japan.

thirteenth for dubs

How many god damn threads do you need?

A couple retards keep making this thread in hopes that whenever Hiro wakes up he'll think that these rules are actually a good idea. Last word from Hiro was for the mods to let the threads be, unfortunately.

nice dubs rebel-kun

Alright, what should we do now?
Did the user from yesterday dump the Shin Gendai collection?


is this the shitposting general

What "orders" though?

Anime fags have yet to prove this wrong.

>or a story depicting the real-life murderrape abuse of that one girl in Japan
That's fake though. She was raped several times and then buried, she wasn't abused in the same way they showed in the doujin.

yes hello?

Thank god none of this shit is actually going to happen. Also check em.


Yes, check' em

Looks like we already merged with [s4s]!

Somebody would need to bite the bullets and make 25 threads of this shit at once instead of just one at a time.

I have an idea:
To make these threads more productive, why not just use them to highjack shit like Naruto threads?

hello to you as well fellow Cred Forums Cred Forums poster
how was your day?

>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.
Who the fuck voted for this? This is actually retarded. /l/ is fine, but we need anime and manga because they're often so closely linked

>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.
Get out, cancer.


My waifu is the best just the best

Read the real new rules here


Fuck off cancer


>prevent all cellphones from using the site at all, lurking included
>categorically permaban any ip address also sending requests to reddit, tumblr, or facebook
>bring back the old noko behavior
>bring back the old b& behavior (no lurking)
>give us /lts/ - loli, traps, and shota
>make Cred Forums guro again OR give us a sanctuary board /gf/ - free software

No one voted for it. Cred Forums has consistently voted not to split up the board.

/ma/ will be deader than /lit/. So you'll have two boards where you can't discuss manga, rather than one board where you can now.

i didn't get the job, but I'll have some hot sake tonight and try again tomorrow!


if hiro isn't going to do something why this threads are not deleted

NEW Official New Rules:
1. Cred Forums will be run by Loli.
2. Loli (with proper sleepwear) are allowed to stay up late on Cred Forums.
3. Loli need pancakes with lots of syrup.
4. Loli want up. Loli WANT UP!
5. Mustache Loli are called Gentlemen Loli
6. Headpats are mandatory - NO EXCEPTIONS
7. Oppai loli posting will result in death sentence
Hiro feeds me pancakes and pats my head regularly. You can take this as gospel as no one has ever posted a false or misleading post on Cred Forums, ever.

Remember: Hiro speaks to us directly only through dubs and all other forms of communication are moot.

>Cred Forums split
>no post numers
Remove your body and mind from existence

Just perman ban everyone who visits this site from monday to friday. There, the quality rises by 100%

Fine let's do this again OP.
1. Generals to be regulated.
Define "regulated".
2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums.
Anime related LNs have always been allowed here you retard. Gookshit can fuck off for all I care.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
Don't forget pepes and /r9k/ regular faggotry.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
I think competent mods should be enough.
5. Auto sage + Manuel age
What the fuck does that even mean.
6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.
No. Fuck off.
7. Removed post numbers.
Remove yourself.

Not sure, but I could do it if the thread feels like it's slowing down.



dubs pls

stop trying to suggest bad rules. noone liked them last thread, so why would this one be different desu~


I'll ask Hiro personally if he really said that.

He's busy rolling himself on my sofa to dry off from playing in a pee pool (long story) I'll, ask him later, you lying liar.

i believe in you user, go get that damn job and show the world how capable you are.

>categorically permaban any ip address also sending requests to reddit, tumblr, or facebook



The how the fuck did this get on the new rules list?

It was already dumped two threads ago, we need something else. Something better. Like dump an episode as screenshot without subs. That'd be funny. I can link you some shit.



this is dumb

They're all okay but 6.
The word cuck looks fine, it's a nice insult

Also, please keep doing these threads, thanks


>What the fuck does that even mean.
Nobody wants your input newfag.




>not including saturday and sunday too
I'm dissapointed user.
I thought you wanted 100% quality

No way dude

>No one voted for it. Cred Forums has consistently voted not to split up the board.


Fuck off nigger.

Check my 9.


Reply to this post if you think mods should ban these threads and OP for at least a month.

Cuck was originally a shitty meme from Cred Forums so I wouldn't miss it. Honestly, unless someone is being obviously new, I wouldn't really mind the occasional shitty typing.


time 4 ranch



It's been like this forever go to r/anime if you don't like it


post senrans

oh shit

I was just warned for reporting this thread. Wow.

I tried


No matter how much you spam and shitpost this thread isn't going away. The same things happened the last threads and the mods just deleted the dubs posters.

epic, i like it

Eh, with this rate of dubs posters it doesn't seem really necessary.
We could always draw every frame of End of Eva like we were planing when BDs came out but dropped the idea.

I will get dubs
They will be number 7


Why do you disobey your king?

Fuck off

Check em faggot

please I just wanted to view the gif.
>mods just deleted the dubs posters.
not true


i bet thousand island did this

le millenom girl


delete Cred Forums

>manuel age
good one OP now stop being a faggot and answer

I want to discuss RBWY and babyfur here since it has a manga therefore it belongs on Cred Forums and was allowed by the mod but MUH BOARD CULTURE fags are always derailing the threads instead of hiding it or filtering it.

>implying they have positive IQ values
they are just using Hiro's one post as an excuse for these shitposting theads


>all other forms of communication are moot
>are moot
Mm..sounds familiar
What was that, now



A ring ding ding ding d-ding baa aramba baa baa barooumba

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Ding ding

Lets do the crazy froogg

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Wh-Whats Going On?

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ding ding

Br-Br-Break It

Please come back accel spammer.


Nobody but you wants that shit here faggot






sheldon you motherfucker

It's going to become 24/7 dubs thread.


Really, you're gonna appropriate my thread here, you greasy little faggot?

Fine. See if any loli will let you pick them up or let you give them headpats, fucker.

q8 bere




I seem to have misplaced my 7.


I'm taking it back to its roots. A serious thread for discussion about Cred Forums's future.

nice digits
it's a nice place to vent my shitposting urges

5 like the king of games


Is this the shitposting general of Cred Forums?
Yesterdays thread was full of shit too.


so i hurd u tk m 2 d bar|

Oh boy another shitposting general.

Yes, check' em dubs.

This is the only thread you're allowed to be behave like on Cred Forums. But no guro.


It's just general fags who are spamming because they know Hiro is gonna kick them off Cred Forums.



What are the mods trying to accomplish here?

>I'm seweeous!

No you aren't. You are an attention whore extreme. This is a shit post and you have nice shoes.

jojos bizarre salad dressing


Reported so hard my reporting hand (right, fyi) gained a life of its own, clicking my mouse rapidly for 3 hours straight with such a tenacity it became clear arthiritis was the least of my worries, so clear was it that I could lose MY ENTIRE HAND to this bizarre possession. Suddenly my mouse smashed through my floor, pulling down my report hand as a hapless hostage. Smoke filled my bedroom and I woke up god knows how many hours later in a small village south of Aokigahara.

The people of this modest commune emerged slowly from their shacks, all of them viewing me with what I can
only describe as suspicion mixed with awe. Suddenly they began throwing spears into the air and running towards me. I SHAT BRICKS, but then they GRABBED ME and LUNGED ME INTO THE AIR, praising my name and kissing me. The chieftan came down later and over a feast-for-one explained I was to be crowned The Chosen One, the Kamisama of Reporting foretold in Nihonese folklore to appear in the year 2012. At this moment an old Japanese woman - she must've been 85 years old at least - began doing some kind of dance, spinning around in circles whilst singing "Sorairo Days" and throwing confetti into the air. I was DOWN with this state of affairs, let me tell you.

For 300 years I trained with the chieftan in his private dojo, reporting shitty threads, every day becoming quicker. At first I could report 10 threads per minute. After only 2 weeks I was up to 5 threads per second. After a century my KTPM (kuso thread per minute) rate rose to and stalled at 200 per second.

On the last day he graced our planet, my sensei bestowed one last task to me: the reporting of this thread, the shittest of all shit threads.

I did not respond with words. Rather, through our eyes he knew I would obey.

This one's for you, Otousan.

>Please wait

you better deliver because my pants are down

>tfw no dubs


what a shame

ching chong to you too


Are the mods mocking us?

I created an imaginary loli today. She shines in a silver light, has black hair and wears a long white dress. I imagine her sitting on my back or in my lap all day, giving me advice on what to do and how to feel good about myself. It's so nice desu. You should try it. I'm sill thinking of a name for her, I think I'll ask her about it tomorrow, she's about to sleep now.

Post yfw you get dubs.

If you get an 8 after this post your waifu becomes real.

take your meds and don't do anything stupid


I will get dubs and they will be 9s

Can't deny those trips.



I haven't been on Cred Forums since December, but have the rules regarding NSFW stuff changed? Since every time I go on the catalog, there's always hentai/doujins posted, not censored.

I'm not complaining, just curious. Also, I don't mean ecchi stuff, like actual nude.

Seriously she's real. I almost told my female friend about her, but then my loli told me to shut up for my own good because she only exists for me. I dodged a bullet there.

Nice already up to almost 150 posts in a little under half an hour. Keep on contributing to the death of Cred Forums there Cred Forums

I waited and there was a fucking naked banana

that tfw feelio when you will never ever ever ever get trips


>taking the medical jew
Sheeple like you are the reason we don't all have glowing loli Stands

>I'm sill thinking of a name for her
How about [Mirage]?


Meta threads deserve nothing but shit posting, especially when OP/false flag shitposters make 35 threads in a few days.


>All those balete posts
Holy shit! just deletes this thread already MODS!

That's the perfect name. Thanks. She's gonna love it. She does shimmer like a mirage.

Nothing changed, It's just an Cred Forumsnon that wants to bully his New Rules (and 'Hiro' is my friend) on everybody.

If no dubs Ill kill myself tonight

They never will, because this is funny for them.

>Cred Forums wants to get rid of generals
>accidentally creates a shitpost general in the process
Good job, faggots. Anyway, check em.


You survive.

Not only do you get to live, your waifu will become real.


Congratulations user!


You live to see another day, Cred Forumsnon!


Worse part is, these threads are made by crossboarders who are desperate to be moderators so they try to suck Hiro's dick.

great thread guize

What a shame.


Not a single one of those is a bag suggestion.
It would cull basically all of the scourge, bring the site down to a manageable size, eliminate the huge financial burden of keeping it up, and allow the few of us here worth talking to to have fun again.

The only difficult one was pointed out by It could perhaps be done with some key placed [fake] advertising and cookies.
Anyone who's not completely inept at using a computer might easily get at first, but that might be ok.
They too will eventually be blocked when they have to or accidentally unblock scripts/cookies/ads.







haha look at her


This is unhealthy, user.

>Not a single one of those is a bag suggestion.

They are all BAG suggestions

...and you should FEEL BAG for supporting them

Over a GB of naked funny bananas
tinyurl com/nakedbanana

Reply to this post or your mother dies in her sleep tonight.



Please save and repost my dubs image ;_;

I'm the gayest


Dubs compel me, please spare her.


And I just ran out of cigs too

Do you have one with her twin brother (male?)


Let him dream, his life is worthless anyways.

Why would it be unhealthy?
Anyway she looks like this but shines very bright. And she loves me unconditionally

This had better no be dolphin porn again. I hate filtering out duplicates




that pube stubble

Start rolling, faggots.

Kyon-kun, dubs

Animefags and mangafags cannot live together in harmony. The mangafags must be purged.

it's legit.

Unfortunately not

check my 5




She has the same voice actress like Tsumugi from Sweetness and Lightning, right?

Kill yourself animeshitter.

Should I quit smoking even though it's one of the few things that take away my depression for a few minutes

>it's legit.

That's just what the last Dolphin said to me!


Will I ever get dubs?

Will this shitposting ever end?

Thanks gg

Will I ever get dubs?


check my 2

I know you're lurking and laughing at his mess, mods. When are you going to put an end to this circus?



now its my turn

Why couldn't you have made this post yesterday?

>I once got banned on Cred Forums for making a meta thread
>mfw this shitposting meta general has been going for almost a week now

Give me mod power for 3 days for bullying me, mods.




Should I actually try out that manga idea thats been running in my head for a while?


>tfw when Kino mod is dead
Why did you kill our only hope of salvation, Jewroshima? WHY?


No, because Cred Forums is ded.


Daily reminder that Re Zero is AOTD and Pete is best boy

Good luck with that.

Cred Forums got worst when Komeji left.

You know im right.

Oh god Yoshinoya is hot


Check' em

pm if you wanna ss

Give me mod power just for having to share the same image board with all you cucks.
I'll ban everyone except for shounentards let's see how an even bigger cancer i can make this shithole.

Rip in pieces ;_;

Ha ha



Hey Cred Forums what is the secret to repeating digits?

This thread is just proof as to why generals have to go.

When they're kids they're called voice actlets.

>Cred Forums
Not being a faggot.


Ironically, I think the board would not become worse at all, because the shounentards are just keeping within their own generals.








Just ask HIRO like OP did

..and by ask, I mean pretend that you asked and then tell everyone that you really did talk to him and he make you a mod, but he forgot after you made him breakfast.


Can you please please Jibun woo in these threads?




Guys I just got a fax from Hiro and he wants OP to suck a dick.


I love you Cred Forums!




Are mods rebeling againt Hiro?

Olev you too buddy

That's funny, Hiro just texted me that he enjoys the OPs penis, too


>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.
>7. Removed post numbers.


>mods banning random "shitposters"

Because he can't get dubs

no it's like this

You are the scourge cancer and should remove yourself.
I find it terribly depressing that you think otherwise, that you think you belong here.

Yes they ca


Fuck off. No one on Cred Forums voted for a manga board. We don't want it and never will.

I can't hear girls cry


t. anime fag

Shitposters shitpost because they know that a ban doesn't mean shit.

you guys i need help getting some dubs


I wonder if OP has a MOD in his pocket?

t. actual retard

>Nothing! I said nothing!
As if I believe you, doctor Pavel.


Check em

tfw you don't always get dubs
just fuck my shit up senpai


Suwako hijack?
Or no?

And that shitpost generals are often full of non anime pictures.


Reminder that this is Swaglord because he hates Cred Forums community and Hiro and enjoys ruining other boards with [s4s] tier post spam.

Did anyone notice something weird about number of posts lately? I'm pretty certain that until recently number of posts on Cred Forums were above 1 billion but now I'm seeing that it's only 140+ million. It can't be just me who noticed this right? What the fuck is actually happening?

So I haven't frequently browsed Cred Forums in about a year but how come there are more shitty h-manga meme threads and I remember seeing some UMARU ON FRONT PAGE shit too. I'm all for a bigger community but sadpanda threads exist and shitty meme posts should just cleaned immediately. Also the "rules" this thread is making are fucking garbage. Cred Forums has deteriorated a bit but it just seems that's because mods are slacking/more lenient. We don't need all this shit.

Nice trips

Are you sure you're not getting post numbers and unix timestamps crossed?


The archives would have had issues if that would be true


Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Fuck off
>Fuck off
Also gook shit isn't allowed by the definition of the board retard.


you timeslipped dude

When did you first come here?

>not 555x555/55kb
Doesn't count




He finally got one today

this is your boi tonight



Hello, is this shitposting central?


Move /kancolle/ to /jp/.
Real fucking pure cancer with avatarfag and shit.

Here it is:

Just ban this fucking OP for at least a month and we can all go back to deriding Oppai Loli posters

Yes. Swaglord and troid and other boogeymen-mods are protecting it, apparently.

also checked

>Diaz has finally killed Cred Forums
I fucking warned you

then gets some dubs.


I'm going to sleep now, and if dubs I'll meet my inner loli in my dreams and we'll hold hands and play on the swings and pick flowers together.


I'll take your trips instead.



I can't give up so fast. Nooo.


Who else /comfy/ here?

Again. This time I'll make it. Please!!!. My loli will be lonely all night if I can't make it.


Are Cirno and Yugi OTP?

Was that the MAL mod fag?

You simply cannot.

if dubs you're allowed to bring friends

Hello Jebus, this is Hiro. I approved this thread because I really and truly spoke to the OP over tea and crumpets about the state of things.

Hiro is gently dipping a biscuit into a teacup next to me. Honest!

RIP Tsuchimikado, you were a top bro and I'll check those dubs for you.






Fuck off and kill yourself cuck lol.


Is this a YrYr thread now?

Found pic of OP.


It's been like this my entire life. I always have to try countless times instead of doing it on my first try.

Ah, good to see you Hiroshima. I see your crumpets and I raise you a biscuit. How much am I worth in british pounds?

new thread

Mike is best captain.


>Kuroko and this bitch are alive, but tsucimikado was gone
The world is really unfair.

Right has hax characters, no contest

Now it'll work.


>99 KB

>everyone's getting dubs



>calling Saten a bitch
Neck yourself my friend.

B-But Hiro said you have to like me! Can't you worthless faggots read?

HIRO HAS SPOKEN (to me personally)

>. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.
Based Hiro is bringing /l/ back?!
Also, has a request to stop those assholes that keep spamming threads starting with "why is X character better than Y?" making the same thread over and over eith even the same image?

Reminder to treasure your waifu and always protect her smile

You too.

This time.

Please refer to


hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me _… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!

No u!

So, you're wondering how best to fix Cred Forums? That one's simple.

Have Interpol track down the autistic, Canadian pedophile that created the bot, that spams pictures of young anime girls relentlessly on Cred Forums. Believe it or not, he probably has one or more such threads active right now. He will post it every day until you like it.

Then, murder him. I'm not just talking any "murder", either. I'm talking about horrendous, brutal, gruesome, inexplicably-torturous murder. Make that fat, greasy fuck suffer until his very last breath.

Then, we get a mod to make a sticky for precisely one year. That sticky will feature high-resolution photographs of the fat, greasy, autistic, Canadian pedophile's mutilated corpse. Other people will find themselves drawn to the sticky, see the photographs in lurid detail and think, "oh shit. If I don't get my head out of my ass and stop shitposting here, I could be next."

For bonus points and a little humor to ease the mood, have the very-first picture feature a plank of wood with blood stains on it next to the corpse, and the words (USER WAS BANGED WITH THIS POST).

THAT is how you fix Cred Forums.

Reminder that this is the last thread

>a bitch got owned
hahaha sluten a shit




Hiro is a newfag, no one cares.




loli forever

>This shit is still going on


Check my 9



>Manuel age

>changing Cred Forums
You either adapt or fuck off, this is no safe space

It really is the mods just having a laugh at the community. I mean, they're deleting some of the posts here, but not the entire thread.

If you had choice, what anime end of the world scenario would you pick?

Can we have an Elf general?

It's fun.

This is a safe general thread

Sounds like someone needs to adapt to these threads.

>No love for Hiro

You should because he's standing next to me trying to look over my shoulder. If he saw what you said, he'll give OP mod status!

You are so fucking lucky that I'm covering the screen with my hand...

Why do you not want me to be able to use my phone to browse you fucking Faggot?

tang me

Looks like the stupid jap doesn't understand that people looking to change the boards are the people that doesn't enjoy these boards.
If you don't enjoy Cred Forums then fuck off.

infinite tsukuyomi

End of Evangelion

Just tang my shit and end this

Why the fuck would you split into anime and manga? The board already moves slowly enough, now we need to segregate anime and manga talk of the same series into separate threads?


Light Yamagi's new world.

You don't.

OP is a shit and not a very good one that that.

>The board already moves slowly enough
>literally top 5 fastest board on Cred Forums

his special manga that nobody cares about is not getting enough attention

Miss moot yet?

Please tell me /i/ is real


is in your mouth.

>literally top 5 fastest board on Cred Forums
That doesn't mean shit.

i am law

ban original post

Not anymore and hasn't be top 5 for quite a while.



Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /vg/, /pol, ....

Cred Forums

You either adapt or fuck off, this is no safe space

>objective measures of board speed don't mean shit
You realize neo-Cred Forums is good bit faster than golden age Cred Forums?


Damn I'm an idiot. But is the loli board real?


I told you he was dick. But no one listens to me.

Is this real?

>You either adapt or fuck off, this is no safe space
>s-stop posting on my board frog posters!!!


>top 5 meaning anything
Please give me a new thread per hour metric if you want objective, top five just mean somewhere between the fastest and fifth fastest.


Official New Rules (See → # & → # & → # & → #
1. Generals to be regulated.
2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums.
3. Underage Bait like loli, kys, cuck and so on will >NOT result in a ban, it will be seen as banter.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced>, because we cant have another nipple mod" incident.
5. Auto sage + Manuel sage
>6. Cred Forums will remain the same- Anime and Manga. It is NOT to split into separate boards, i.e. Cred Forums - Anime and /ma/ - Manga
>7. Post numbers will NOT be removed.
. Trip-Fags will stay, and the name slot will remain.
. Posts or threads pertaining to "x BTFO, y FTW" will result in a ban if and when the series comes to a close.
>>NSFW loli will be removed, no ban for first offense, repeated offense will result in a perma ban. NSFW is not to be posted on Cred Forums and should be redirected to /h/ or Cred Forums
Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.
Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one ongoing thread up about this. This means you Janitor!

I got your dubs, Yuuko.


that was a relative measure

Will I get the super multi battle trophy in Pokemon X's battle Maison?


give them back, you bully

A relative measure can be objective.
Too many LNs rotted your brain?

Thats what i came up with Banning loli and banter such as kys or cuck is just insanity. What is wrong with you.
Sorry, i took the dubs for myself friend


I said thread per hour, post per second doesn't matter since it doesn't take into account sage.

>5. Auto sage + Manuel age
>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.
Both of these ideas are fucking awful

Nobody uses sage anymore lol.


Should I just end my life already

Reminder that moeshit will be banned in the new manga boards.

please stay in school, brainlet


>Nobody use sage
Nobody advertise it because it's a rule violation.

>of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.
Cred Forums's relative board speed is a fact.

That's when you need to lurk more to understand what is Cred Forums and what is not Cred Forums

Mods are enjoying this, aren't they?

Mmm. No. I use sage. a lot. On . I think you can connect the dots here user.



because you are scum and don't belong here

>Cred Forums is only things I like!

>Oh shit nigga! You got that brand new nokia 3310 right? That shit fire!

I bet you think /djt/ is Cred Forums.

>Cred Forums will be split into Cred Forums and /ma/

check em

>shitposter not belonging in a shitposting thread

So ma failed dubs this thread.

Are the mods doing this on purpose? Hiro seriously needs to start some discipline, they don't take him seriously at all. Granted, they have no reason to at the moment.


This thread shows that always having one thread up 24/7 for funposting is the best thing to ever happen to Cred Forums

Ban all the aussies.

Alright, who is the retard who spammed the google stat doc with the votes for /ma/?



Ban all the canadians.

ban all the bongs



There is no way Cred Forums can be salvaged. Been browsing for several years and its gets consistently worse year after year.

Ban everyone.



>inb4 Cred Forumsnons deny this while claiming Cred Forums is perfect board


Is blue text a thing?

sup Cred Forums
Cred Forums here
add this new rule pls
>one who has ever posted on Cred Forums will be prohibited posting on any other boards on Cred Forums

In order to ban all crossboarder scums

would Cred Forums go to a moe bar?

Fuck off faggot.
Just ban metashitposting.


But you're a crossboarder scum.

fuck off i'm putting anime everywhere

>the great wall of Cred Forums
>With border checkpoint where you agree to leave your dank meme or get banned
Fund it, Make Cred Forums great again.


>ban all crossboarder scums
Why are you still here then ?

Cred Forums will be split into
/shounen manga/
/shoujo manga/


user that's manga please take it to /ma/

Haven't been on Cred Forums in a few days. Got nervous.

kys faggot

My luck is running out.

>including ( You )

>Rome will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga
A board is not destroyed from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

where is the new thread?

Fuck off back to facebook normalfag.

Better check yourselves before you shrek yourselves

No 500000 get here, what a shame.

It's not even at the limit yet.

That's not a get you retard

We need Lelouch to rule us and turn this place in the promised land. LELOUCH VULT!

Once it has reached page 5.

>being busy for two days = facebook normalfag
Are you retarded?

More like LeDouche you fucking nerd
God Cred Forumstards make me sick.

Czech 'em

Word filters will suffice.


Absolutely not.

It's just the same autist spamming threads over and over. That's not going to happen.

put your trip back on ledouche

And for what reason?


Why don't you fuck off and kill yourself cancer?

please stop

those trap hentai fuccboi threads are killing us

Dunno. That's just when the shitposting mod makes that thread.

What has Hiroyuki actually done since he came in other than introduce some pointless new boards?

Ad on 404.

become a meme


kys dude, not even your waifu loves you

is a good board though.

Who is the best tripfag on Cred Forums?

>watching leafy

You need to be 18+ to post here kid.

what is with that ad?



it was called moot

No, it was scoot

Yet many foreign things invaded Cred Forums in the past years, mostly in the past 2 years. Why do you not want them removed?

Who is the worst namefag on Cred Forums?


turn the robot on

check 'em

We need more cute feminine dicks.

Dumb reality-ignoring lesbian.

Stop deleting post mods.

*physics-ignoring lesbian

where da loli @

Unrelated question, but what's with the photos he keeps posting on the front page?


Make this thread a sticky.

Official New Rules (See & & & & ):
1. Generals to be regulated.
2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
5. Auto sage + Manuel age
6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.
7. Removed post numbers.
8. Cute feminine dicks are allowed and encouraged. Complaining about cute feminine dicks will result in a ban.

Any feedback on my next OP?

DO NOT SPLIT Cred Forums
I don't want to browse multiple boards and have discussions split up because an anime thread suddenly turns into a manga thread.

>You need to be 18+ to post here kid.
Stop projecting and just stop breathing you waste of air

the fuck is this bullshit still here?

Say nice things about my waifu, Cred Forums.

Lurk more before posting your garbage normalfag meme on Cred Forums.

>wanting strict rules on Cred Forums
Is this the faggiest OP ever?

Would eat her ass.

The only f/a/gs who claim Cred Forums is perfect are either underage, or summer fags that somehow managed to stick around.

Either Jebus or Bear. Maybe Sakurafish.
Definitely Daiz or HS Leader.

sheldon but only when he does not post

I've been here since 2009 bruh. Does that rustle your jimmies?



A nigger too? Disgusting.

nice character design

He hates change of any kind.

I'll admit it, I laughed.


Man, mods just deleted another 60 posts again, just so that they can spit on Cred Forums.

You have been here since 2009 and you don't know that ''kys'' is banned on Cred Forums?

Lurk more.


I hate to be that guy who admits he browses Cred Forums but I feel like this will tear Cred Forums up.

Remember the fucking shitstorm that came after Cred Forums split into /vg/?

Why do mods not respect hiro?

HOX and js06.

Thats what im saying.

Make this a rolling sticky already.

No. I didn't and still don't really browse Cred Forums.

All I know is that apparently, Cred Forums was already utter shit back then, and it's still considered utter shit now.

not really, I just went to /vg/ when monmusu quest threads were banned on Cred Forums


dump slut.


>Fuck General Threads General

I remember the shitstorm that came when Cred Forums mods decided to ban lolis and some anons actually took refuge on Cred Forums. What a year.

t. Jojo


Why do we allow this?

NO he has a fucking point
how could you possibly bitch about generals and then make one?

i will be serious for a moment

1.force threadly tripcode to all posters like Cred Forums
2.force ISP unique code to all posters like 2ch the number of posts by any unique posters

these three are must have things

Who the fuck took the time to report all of those?

>Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.

This is pathetic. Cred Forums has used wordfilters on multiple occasions and they NEVER worked. Mods used to understand that you can't hide content, but the increasingly retarded and underage userbase of this site has never been told otherwise. These same people keep asking for filters and now you've given it to them.

>MODS-kun don't want this thread to hit bump limit, preventing us to make a new thread.

The mods and janitors are in this thread right now dumbfuck.

>all these deleted dubs

But the filters killed baka desu senpai, now we're just waiting for the word cuck to disappear.


t. mod

t. crossie


Except they didn't. Words can't disappear and you're a fool for thinking otherwise.


>I bet you think /djt/ is Cred Forums.
First OP thread says nothing about removing foreign things in fact he just wants more foreign things added to Cred Forums.
Second this is not a problem about change vs no change it is a problem about what is anime and manga.


Sure, if you want a reddit clone.

t. dubs

If Cred Forums is anime and manga why it not /am/?
Manga is second class citizen.


The OP is just for shitposting. You haven't raised your voice, however. How should Hiro know that we want the foreign influences gone? He doesn't even know what they are.

Number 2 is retarded because /jp/ was literally created for the reasons posted

Number 3 is subjective and everyone should already know how to use 4chanX to filter and hide stuff.

number 4 breeds "muh board culture" which is cancer.

Number 5 no one gives a shit about because this is not reddit, sage is not downvoting age is not upvoting.

Number 6 is stupid because splitting off traffic is almost never a good idea.

Number 7 is just you being fucking stupif.

Everything you've said is fucking stupid, Cred Forums doesn't need more rules you dumbfucks why are we even having this discussion? Stop bothering NipponMoot.

that's like renaming /qa/ into /bm/ because all they do is bitch and moan

he likes the frog

Lurk more, you disgusting newfag.

check this out

Why are these shitposting generals allowed?

Dude, don't take this thread ever seriously. Everything in this thread is now purely shitposting.

I mean, look at that fucking edition.

>you need to lurk for 10 years before posting xdd

>Number 3 is subjective and everyone should already know how to use 4chanX to filter and hide stuff
HIding from problems never solved anything. Soon enough, you will have 90% of the thread hidden.
This stuff falls under global 3, which has always been enforced here.
>number 4 breeds "muh board culture" which is cancer.
Oh, I see you're not from here. Why do you post in this thread then?

We don't need Hiro to fight foreign influences, in fact this thread is stupid and welcomes foreign influences. We just need self regulation starting by OP because he is a faggot openly looking for foreign influences.

>Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.
How new are you senpai? Loli already existed and got deleted twice.

You will not solve generals by saying "use self-regulation". They ignore board rules and the mods won't let us interfere with their threads. Believe me, I would gladly spam them the fuck out of Cred Forums.

OP wants us to conform to his delicate r/anime standards.

Delete all the other boards, we only need Cred Forums.

fucking Cred Forums is so out of touch with reality.

Mods love generals. Keeps everything contained.

I'm not gonna lie, these shitpost threads have been pretty comfy.

We about to reach bump limit. Delete more post.

>5. Auto sage + Manuel age
Might as well give a like/dislike button and force everyone to have usernames as well
get back to redcuckit faggot

>Oh, I see you're not from here. Why do you post in this thread then?

Shut the fuck up, Ive been here for ten fucking years you snotty presumptuous piece of shit, don't get uppity with me. "Muh board culture" was the same logic gorespammer used to make this place a cancer. We don't need any self-appointed guardians of muh culture policing the board. This isn't narutoforums cunt.

The problem with generals is the fact that mods participate in them and often protects them.
Asking for more moderation to Hiro is not going to fix this, mods will just try to redefine what is a general to their needs.
Trying to remove generals is pretty much impossible.

>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.
No splitting the boards is a fucking terrible idea

>tfw no one remembers not4chan anymore

>Trying to remove generals is pretty much impossible.
It is with that attitude. It worked in 2010, it will work now. Especially since now we have a board speicifcally for generals, which was not the case then. Just send all the faggots to /vg/.

Hiro said he permit one thread per board, and OP have made like 20 threads already, so this thread is against the rules.

Why the fuck are there 4 separate Arc-V threads right now?

this. other boards have become breeding ground for normalfags. people are constantly complaining about anime on Cred Forums outside of Cred Forums.

>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, /l/ - Loli and /ma/ - Manga.

Don't you get it? Mods are part of the generals.

Anime is normalfags shit just so you know.

One thread up at a time.

>delete your thread

Somebody should an hero willingly for the sake of Cred Forums and make 20 Rules, Regulations and Moderation generals at the same time.

Time for a new thread lads.

Please no.

Anyone making a new thread will be banned.

You're not my dad, Anonymous.
Are you?

>Cred Forums loves to be obsessive with sales number
>Cred Forums always loved normalfag pieces like ghibli, jojo, berserk
>Cred Forums has long despised haremshit, LNshit, idolshit, shounenshit, other otaku pandering shits

come on
Cred Forums is one of the most normalfag board on this website


Fuck off.


Lurko more


Official new thread

Cred Forums is actually just full of normalfags playing pretend.

Kill yourself already.

>two threads at once
Is bad enough with just one. Why are mods ignoring this shit?

Let's make a few more threads

We still need 18 more. Only two is too few to force the mods to stop pretending.

We bullied the mods too much, now they're sitting back and letting the board burn for our sins.


Need more threads


Maybe more threads may make the mods actually dome something.

Praise the multipliers.


>now six meta shitpost threads alive
Cred Forums is in great shape and has very active mods it seems.


Please split Cred Forums into /l/ Cred Forums and /ma/ everything else I don't care about but this really need to happen


You forgot the /ag/ and /aa/ while you are in the splitting mood.

and /moeshit/

Also /ar/ for all the people complaining they can't talk about anything before 2000.

>before 2000.
You mean 2010

I like the yuri one the best to be quite honest.

>What the fuck is going on?
Mods realize that containment board is not enough, they need containment thread on each board.